2020 Predictions About World Economy and Politics by Edtamplin

2020 Predictions About World Economy and Politics by Edtamplin

Entering the year 2020 we are faced with various disasters and also events – events that are very detrimental to humans.

2020 Predictions About World Economy and Politics by Edtamplin

It is the same as the prediction I wrote in 2019 which I am currently writing about the difficulties of living in 2020 because a disaster will come to overcome human life in the World.

And now we already know about some of the events that have happened. One of the most important that has ever happened is the Covid-19 corona virus. We have learned all about viruses that attack the entire world.

Of course the presence of this virus makes the World economy achieve poor results with economic growth of -3% worldwide. That will have an impact on all sectors of life.

However, in the United States, one of the other countries that is discussing other countries, the unilaterally restricted work is everywhere, until the closure of various sectors that will improve the country’s economy.

With this, the world economy and politics are very interesting to be presented in the future. To represent I want economic and political predictions going forward after the Covid-19 virus is present.

Economic Sector Predictions for 2020

For the economic sector in the future, with the existence of Pandemic Covid-19, of course it will be difficult in various sectors, but it is also not related to sectors that have increased significantly, such as online trading.

Many of the same questions come in with the phrase “When will the economy divert to slump and when will the economy rise?”

The answer is how covid-19 virus is recovering, the faster it is resolved, the faster the economy heals, of course, with the discovery of highly effective vaccines.

And I predict that the economy in 2020 will affect order in all sectors and will return to normal by the end of 2021 after all countries have received a vaccine that will make the world normal again.

Political Sector Predictions for 2020

For predictions on the political sector in 2020 Especially in the United States, of course, will be a very tight election this year. If before the American election succeeded in making or making covid-19 vaccine, then President Trump will return as a presidential candidate.

And before the American election in September – October has not been able to find a vaccine or cope with this co-19 well then can the big trump will lose in the American presidential election.

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