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2013 World Predictions Last year this article forecast a bumper year for the Dow, based on a repeat cycle of 1954. The Dow rose 23% and the S&P 500 26%. It also looked at the remilitarization of Japan and further stand-offs with China, along with China's space mastery. They completed the first soft landing on the Moonin 37 years, the third since the USA and USSR. Tony Abbott's rise to PM, Julia Gillard's demise and Bill Shorten's succession were all forecast before the year began, along with Chavez's passing of the torch in Venezuela.

2012 World Predictions This article featured forecasts of a major nuclear incident prior to Fukushima, of Australia’s economic challenges through flood, and the increasing US-Oz military commitment. It talked of the change in Egyptian leadership, of a crisis between the US and Pakistan, and Palestinian recognition. This is my take on how it will play out over the coming year. Enjoy!

2011 World Predictions Explosive conditions early in the year of 2011, with the nuclear degrees activated. Headlines around floods, water, and maritime incidents. US-Australia military ties grow. Egypt due for groundbreaking governmental change, and revolutionary thrust in Pakistan. Obama Clinton alliance under pressure, Middle East divides climaxing. March financial markets crisis, plus Prince William and Kate's synastry.

2010 World Predictions USA and the escalation of war, dealing with a rise in terrorism, significant technolgical breakthroughs in medical and energy fields, economic slowdown, Middle-East heats up again, Rudd's popularity takes a's all in the 2010 World Prediction file.

2009 World Predictions

Changing power structures in the Middle-East, India and Pakistan at the brink, the future of the US and global economy, Egyptian leadership challenged, earthquake activity on the increase, and even Prince William's relationhips plans. We cast the astrological eye over the year ahead to reveal what the planets are saying...

2008 World Predictions Chaos in Pakistan, the US Presidential Race, changes to the Royals, Iran and stock market fluctuations. We take a look at what the planets suggest for 2008.

2007 World Predictions
As we head into another year of the 21st millennium the key issues remain the environment, terrorism, hand in hand with globalism and cultural genocide plus.....

Kevin Rudd - next Australian Prime Minisiter? This article was written prior to his challenge for the Opposition leadership in December 2006

Is George Bush Really Rambo?
For some the question answers itself. Sylvester Stallone is one of President George W. Bush’s favourite two actors. The other is martial arts exponent Chuck Norris. And many may say that is a fitting analogy of George’s approach to world politics....

USA Assassination Cycle
One of the lynchpins of predictive astrology is the recurrence cycles of planets. Simply put, when planets return to certain areas of the sky they correspond to conditions akin on planet earth. This dates way back to when Chaldean magis spied the skies from temple towers, in search of the fates of Kings and Caliphs. Transferring this to todays political scene would place the spotlight on the world's most powerful post; that of the President of the United States

What do the planets have in store for you ??
Read Ed's words of wisdom for each sun sign by the week, month or year.

Terrorism USA
Pluto came to visit Mars in the American horoscope for the first time. It was August 24 1814, when the British torched Washington and flame towers were visible for fifty miles ......

War on Terror USA/Iraq update June 2004
This is the third in a series of articles I have written on Iraq since 2002. In April 2003, as the war neared its end I wrote, "it was never going to be short and sharp as some 'experts' had predicted ......

WAR - USA vs Iraq  PART 2
It was noted that two planets, Mars (ancient god of war) and Uranus (the sudden and unpredictable thunderbolt), were linked in both the President's and his country's horoscopes ....

WAR - USA vs Iraq
They share not only the same sign but the exact same position in the skies. So we might call this a ‘karmic’ connection between country and leader. This is a sensitive trigger.....

Hurricane Katrina -
USA and the Uranus Link with Iraq
Dateline August 2005. A shocked US counts the cost of Hurricane Katrina, the fiercest tempest to hit their shores, with a death toll topping a thousand. Across the globe, at the same time, Iraq mourns the catastrophic death of one thousand people in a bizarre human stampede....


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Earthquakes and Astrology
Our earth is in a state of constant flux, of spiralling winds, surging sea waves, and gyrations around the fireball called the Sun. Miles below the surface of the planet, the tectonic plates binding it together are rubbing up against each other, building incredible force until ....

Birth of a Nation - Australia Great Southern Land
The story of Australian colonization is one of the truly great maritime adventures. Eleven ships sailed for 252 days across the world to the Great South Land ........

Terrorism Hits Spain
The mirror date in the calendar to September 11 is March 11. It's 7.39 am. Peak hour rush in central Madrid. At Atocha station terrorist bombs planted on packed carriages explode. In a co-ordinated three minutes of horror.....

George W Bush & John Howard
Those who have read my articles and comments throughout the year would have noted that despite planetary evidence to the contrary some leaders have survived and continue to rule apparently having defied the odds.


Schapelle Corby
At 11.38 a.m.(GMT+8), May 27 2005, as Mercury, the messenger and planet most aligned to news and information, rose to it's highest position in the skies directly above Denpasar Court Bali, the judge's verdict came down on 27 year old Australian tourist, Schapelle Corby. It wouldn't be good! Astrologically, Mercury sat with Algol, considered the most malefic star in the skies......

2006 World Predictions
The year 2006 promises to be one of significant changes in Middle-East politics, the beginnings of troop withdrawal from Iraq, major breakthroughs in aerospace technology, and a race to contain the avian flu virus.....

2005 World Predictions
Ancient astrologers, and the stargazers of the Orient, used a 60-year recurrence cycle related to the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn. To give you an idea of this repetition look back to 1939 when the first shot was fired in the Second World War......

World Predictions 2004 -update into 2005
As promised at New Year I would be writing an update to the world predictions to both review and expand on some of the planetary forces at work in our world.....

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