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Kevin Rudd Alternatvie leader

by Ed Tamplin*

* The article below was written on Kevin Rudd, prior to his challenge for the leadershp of the Labor Party, and immediately published on the website as a commentary on the leadership challenge. Although primarily constructed for astrological students working on horoscopes without birth times, it bears interesting relevence to the upcoming election. The article appears to have picked the timing, and a probable outcome on the election before Kevin Rudd had even assumed the opposition leadership position.

By 10 am December 4 the Australian Labor caucus will have voted on their party leadership platform. The showdown between the Kim Beazley/Jenny Macklin tag-team, against the challengers Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard was prompted by political polling that showed the challengers well ahead as the people's choice.

Labor leader Kim Beazley, whose broad appeal began with his physique, ended abruptly with political gaffes like confusing Australian comedians with President Bush's political advisors...and not the ones named Howard either. Kim has probably forgotten more about politics than Kevin has ever learnt. The problem was that it was now showing!

This is a crucial test for contestants like Julia Gillard born September 29 1961, whose whole chart is currently semisquaring itself by solar arc direction putting her career on the line. This article is an exercise in speculation, that may well be consigned to the dustbin of reality. But it is written as I was examining the outcome sifting through available evidence and matching it to the astrological information.

A politician’s birth-time can be difficult to trace, and often the information released about them is not entirely accurate. That’s because in these days of media spin, every positive bit helps. US Presidential candidate John Kerry was the perfect example and several birth times were issued. The last of these gave a very promising 2004 election result for Kerry, which never transpired at the polls. But in times where most public opinion polls show people believe there really is something to astrology, an astrologer’s prediction can be taken seriously – and every bit of positive publicity helps.

Kevin Rudd was born at Nambour Queensland on September 21 1957 - time unknown. I think one of the keys to Kevin’s time is the family’s permanent displacement from a share farm to roadside accommodation, and then staying with friends at age eleven. There is also the rise from a hinterland farm boy to federal politician. He was born to parents, neither of whom completed their education, to become a university graduate, who mastered the difficult Mandarin language and excelled at foreign affairs.

Kevin’s father Bert died of septicaemia, as a result of a car accident, when Kevin was 11 years of age. He recalls the death having been February 1969 prefacing with the words, ‘I think’ which implies some memory block of the trauma. He didn’t seem sure of the month, which may also mean his dad passed on very late January or very late February.

Kevin has a strong Christian faith, and his ‘oriental connection’ began at age ten when his mother gave him a book on Ancient Civilisations.
This and his realisation of his inherent potential through higher education and cultural expansion would imply a powerful ninth house or strong Jupiter.

He also showed an artistic bent in theatrical improvisation at college, and loves classical music implied by his Venus/Neptune conjunction. His idea of Nirvana is sitting on the veranda of his country cottage. Yet there is a strange dichotomy here. He is obsessive when it comes to work.

Reporter Ben Doherty of the Age newspaper wrote, “Mr Rudd is known in Labor Party circles as a workaholic, and pedantic to the point of obsession.” He is also respected as a phenomenal organiser, and described by his brother as someone who loves to examine ‘how things work’. That’s all emblematic Virgo behaviour.

In juggling with a natal chart to fit such descriptions, I put a speculative ninth house Virgo Sun/Mars conjunction trine to a Capricorn Ascendant. The Capricorn Ascendant would supply the practicality, and it also transfers the Ascendant ruler, (the organisational Saturn), to the eleventh house of common collectives trine Uranus in the seventh. The horoscope has all the planets above the horizon indicative of the public figure. Despite Rudd’s comments to the contrary it is obvious he possesses more than a modicum of ambition.

I played with some of this using Cosmobiology and solar-arcing events to arrive at a rectified birth-time with Rudd. At age eleven Sun/Mars is solar arced to Jupiter, which may describe the father’s accident. But it would need to be backed up by prominent aspects to the Moon and also the angles. That’s because the whole family were suddenly displaced from their share farm, forced to spend a night roadside in a VW Kombi, before being relocated with friends. He then went to a Catholic Boarding school for two years before moving onto Nambour High.

These are the dynamic astrological factors prominent at the death of his father. Remembering Kevin’s father Bert, was hospitalised following a motor car accident in late 1968 and subsequently died from septicaemia, around six weeks later supposedly in February of 1969.

SA Moon to natal Pluto in 8th house
SA Midheaven to natal Neptune
SA Jupiter to natal Midheaven
SA Sun/Mars to natal Jupiter
Transiting Jupiter to natal Sun/Mars
Transiting Saturn stationary on the Ic through November to February.
It also shows the secondary progressed Moon would pass over his late Capricorn Ascendant soon after his 11th birthday. And Moon to Ascendant could also fit a removal from home or relocation.

Using the same time would bring his SA Midheaven to Venus at eighteen when he was dux of Nambour High, plus also Jupiter square Ascendant and Neptune square Moon where he left home and in his own words bummed around in Sydney for a year. The Midheaven of this chart exemplifies the application and need for chilling out that would be the seesaw of his life. The Midheaven is at the Saturn/Pluto midpoint (hard work and control), Jupiter/Neptune (love of culture and travel), and Venus/Mars (magnetic appeal).

Kevin’s success in parliament culminated in 1998 when he was elected Member for Griffith Qld. The same chart would give me these dynamic factors.

SA Midheaven square Pluto
SA Saturn square Midheaven
SA Jupiter square Moon
SP Ascendant opposite Pluto

So what would a 1.03 pm horoscope signify, going into a showdown with Kim Beazley for the Labor leadership on December 4 2006. It would be the most important moment to date of Kevin Rudd’s career. The dynamic aspects would be

SA Pluto conjunct Midheaven
SA Midheaven conjunct Saturn
SA Saturn conjunct Ascendant
SA Moon conjunct Jupiter
SA Venus square Sun/Mars
Transiting Pluto square Sun/Mars
Leading into
SP Jupiter conjunct Midheaven by 2008
SP Midheaven trine Uranus during 2008

The conclusion of all this is that Kevin Rudd would win the showdown with Kim Beazley with this chart and these aspects. In December of 2006 the SA Saturn connections would work for him as his rectified Ascendant runs trine to Sun/Mars and SA Saturn reaches his natal Ascendant. The SA Midheaven in conjoining his eleventh house Saturn actually trines a seventh house Uranus. Occurring in his hopes and dreams house, and that of the collective (his parliamentary colleagues in this case) it gives him the chance to take control in these areas. SA Moon to Jupiter would secure public support and popularity with female voters, as would Venus square Sun/Mars by Solar arc.

His opponent Kim Beazley was born December 14 1948 at 11 am according to Esoteric Technologies and also Australian astrologer Scott Whitters. One has to act on information supplied but when a full hour time is given I’m always a little wary. There’s just as much chance of being born on the hour, but often an hourly figure is given as a near enough estimate. Mind you at least this is a vast improvement on the Rudd time, which is nil.

My experiments with Beazley’s chart go back to conversations with the late cosmobiologist Gwen Stoney, following the 11 am suggested time. Life events would seem to suggest angles closer to 11-12 mutable and therefore a time somewhere between 11.25 am and 11.35 am. If that were true Beazley would have Uranus impacting on the angles and square his Midheaven with the Sun on the day moving to the Midheaven. While some may say that can be interpreted as a ‘surprise victory’, it is more likely a sudden change of position.

Beazley is a Sagittarian and Jupiter having entered Sagittarius heading for Kim’s Midheaven would have to be good news. In fact on December 4 Kim has a good news combination of transiting Mercury to his natal Venus and transiting Venus to his natal Sun. Additionally the Nodes (associations and associates) square the natal Sun. To most astrologers they would be winning combinations. But Beazley also has some modifying transits too, such as a transiting T-Square of Moon, Mercury, and Saturn impacting on his own Moon/Venus opposition. And in March and May of 2007 he fields the Saturn/Neptune opposition across his progressed Aquarian Sun. That’s not so good for the future.

The Labor Caucus who will ultimately call the tune on this ballot were formed at 11 am on May 8 in Melbourne prior to the first parliamentary sitting. Their progressed Ascendant is currently 28 Scorpio (squaring the progressed Leo Sun) and the last transiting New Moon conjunct both Venus and Mars was here on November 21. So one would be looking at some change on that front.

There is a further condition strongly implied by Kevin Rudd’s rectified horoscope. It is that if the time were right he would stand a good chance of becoming the Prime Minister of Australia at the next election. That is supported by his Secondary progressed Jupiter actually joining his Midheaven, as his Midheaven also moves to trine Uranus. Add to that a transiting Jupiter/Pluto precisely squaring his Sun/Mars and you have a winning combination if that election were called around the start of December 2007.

This article isn’t what I usually deal with. Miles way from it actually, and written as a commentary on the current Labor leadership battle. There are a lot of ‘ifs and buts’. The whole case rests upon what a jury would call circumstantial evidence. In astrology we call it the ‘rectified birth-time’. But often astrologers have to deal with them when black and white answers are required such as election results etc. And sometimes they are pushed to look at possible rectifications, obviously dicing with danger as they do. The often wise alternative is to say nothing. The other method – surprisingly simple - is to look at the aspects of the day. The main aspect of December 4 is the Sun’s square to Uranus – an upset, an overthrow of the status quo. Is that the easiest way to go?

Copyright © Ed Tamplin December 2006

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