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2011 will feature four solar eclipses – double the annual average. It opens with a Partial Solar Eclipse on January 4 – coincident with when the earth makes its closest annual approach to the Sun.

The January eclipse may have financial ramifications, as it will fall upon the Sun and Moon of the FTSE 100, formed back in 1984. The FTSE index represents over 80% of market capitalization of the London Stock Exchange. The eclipse path is also over Europe.

The January Eclipse has an explosive effect as it falls on the Mars degree of Ivy Mike - the first hydrogen bomb, Chernobyl, and the US invasion of Afghanistan. It also activates the Sun position of the 1608 Jamestown fire, the Jupiter of the Bhopal gas explosion and Saturn of the Great Fire of London.

This fiery eclipse may accompany an increase in explosions and fires, either planned or accidental, in the early part of the year. The February 3 New Moon aligned to Mars also supports this.


The eclipse also brings the nuclear topic to the table with the Chernobyl, and ‘Ivy Mike’, link. As we enter 2011 the stand off between North and South Korea is endemic of this concern over nuclear weaponry.

We are also at the tail end of a Jupiter-Uranus cycle that has previously seen the world avert the threat of nuclear war. On September 6 1983 when shortly after midnight Moscow time, Soviet Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov luckily refused to act on a malfunctioning of a warning system, signaling five intercontinental ballistic missiles bound for the USSR.

The Jupiter Uranus union was also evident when FD Roosevelt initially funded the atomic Manhattan Project. So it’s not unusual under such cycles that we are again confronting these concerns.


The February New Moon conjunct the martial Mars will fall close to the Sun position in the horoscope of modern Iran. That horoscope is timed at 9.33 a.m. February 1 1979, for the triumphant return on home soil of the exiled cleric Ayatollah Khomeini. Iran then became a theocracy, forever changing their international relations, especially in regard to the US. Iran quickly revealed their hand by capturing the American Embassy and holding US hostages for 444 days.


You will find the number 4 very symbolic in actions against the west. Consider the four international planes hijacked in a single day back on September 6 1970 to highlight the plight of the Palestinians. Or the four airliners involved with the September 11 2001 attacks on US home soil. This glaring connection was conveniently overlooked by the popular press.

The Madrid train bombings featured four bombs, the London bombings four bombs. The symbolic list goes on. Four being the number of form, building and the material is connected to financial control - the New York Stock Exchange has four pillars, as do many renowned banking institutions.

IRAN 2011

Current Iranian Prime Minister Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Oct 28 1966) is renowned for his inflammatory political speeches. He parallels Israel with western colonialism and the subjugation of indigenous people. The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatolla Khameini (July 15 1939) supports his controversial PM, whilst also decrying western influence in Middle Eastern politics.

Iran's independent stance, and open opposition to Israel, has put their nuclear development program under global scrutiny. Iran claim they are being singled out in the quest for a nuclear free Middle East. The duplicity of world politics is starting to show with the US and Eurozone showing their hand against Iran, and China less than enthusiastic.

The Iranian horoscope with Uranus about to reach their Arian Ascendant shows their fiercely independent outlook for 2011. Jupiter also here supports a push for expansion, and technical mastery. Saturn, in the international relations seventh house denotes the restrictions of the international community. And Pluto at their Midheaven the governmental control.

Ahmadinejad's progressing Sun into Capricorn for 2011 point to his push for greater control. Yet his transits for the year suggest outside attempts to undermine and remove the Prime Minister. The Ayatollah's horoscope with an intense combination of warrior Mars, traditional Saturn and zealous Pluto is one absolutely committed to the cause. This chart is most active mid-year, toward the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012.


Countries with their birth Sun’s near the eclipse degree are increasingly open to changes at the top. Burma (Myanmar Republic) is one. Independence was achieved on January 4 1948, but the military have run the show from 1962. Changes were promised for this year following the November elections of 2010. They have started with the release of political activist Aung San Suu Kyi. The eclipse may bring further civil unrest and crackdowns, in the wake of that change. Myanmar is another country rumoured to be on the verge of nuclear weaponry.


Neptune is the mythical King of the Seas. Astrologically it also relates not only to water, but also liquids, chemicals and oils. Little wonder that as the planet returns to the same spot in the skies it occupied at is discovery that we are regularly inundated with Neptune news, such as the devastating Australian floods covering a landmass bigger than German and France combined. And 2011 will be honoured as the International Year of Chemistry.

Neptune first re-appeared at is discovery point on April 16 2010 – four days later the cap blew off the Deepwater Horizon undersea oil well creating the biggest environmental disaster in the history of the USA. The classic Neptunian elements of the sea, oil and chemicals were all present in this scenario. Due to outer planets retrogressing over the same point, Neptune returned again on July 17 within two days of the date the Deepwater well was sealed.

This year Neptune makes three further passes across the discovery point on February 12, October 27 and November 23. These are dates to keep in mind when it involves maritime headlines, floods or water pollution headlines. Incidents on luxury liners, such as QMII, may capture the headlines


The key money planets in a national horoscope are Venus, governing value, and Jupiter, the planet of growth. China experienced the expansive conjunction of Venus to natal Jupiter in their progressed horoscope from 1999, and it’s a cycle that is due to play out through to 2017, when the progressed Venus will meet the progressed Jupiter. The Chinese economy grew by 10% last year, and is planned for 9% this year.

This financial expansion also creates geo-political instability, primarily for the USA. No longer the lone player, US ballooning national debt coupled with China’s enormous bank of US reserves are acting as a catalyst for a challenge to the long held US naval supremacy of the Asian Pacific region.

Just before the initial Venus Jupiter conjunction Hong Kong was ceded back to China. They have since made no secret that Taiwan is also on the radar. And also against this background the North-South Korea war games are being played out.


The June 2010 Grand Cross lunar eclipse fell next to the anniversary date of the 1950 Korean War. Precisely three months before (Sun square to the eclipse degree) on March 26 at 21.22 local time, an alleged North Korean missile sent a South Korean navy vessel and 46 sailors to a watery grave.

Following on November 23rd the North shelled a South Korean island. Despite world condemnation China refused to join the chorus. It seemed that China could be using North Korea in the Pacific, as the US use Israel in the Middle East.

The Korean War chart (June 25 1950 at sunrise) is a particularly volatile horoscope that is currently under activation. It’s Cancerian Sun degree is fixed into unpredictable Uranus and in a testing square to military Mars. The mid Feb. and late March periods bear watching again, as do the June and August months.

The Chinese horoscope (October 1 1949 @ 3.15 p.m. Beijing) is also very active over the next couple of years. From late November last year – the day of the second North Korean attack – Saturn landed on their planet of commerce, Mercury, and will retrograde back across in late March this year. Saturn will make a third and final pass in August 2011.

It points to the year ahead as being one of critical and difficult trade negotiations between China and the US. We may get an initial idea of the direction they will take around the end of March period, as that seems to be a crux time in international affairs.


The United States was born with the Declaration of Independence of July 4 1776 @ 5.10 p.m. according to the oldest existing national horoscope. In my planetary cycles article Saturn In Libra, I alluded to the pressure this placement brings upon the Presidential administration. America was born with Saturn in Libra in square to her Cancerian Sun.

The last time that Saturn moved through Libra was 1981 when President Ronald Reagan was shot. It's approaching square in August 1974 saw the resignation of Nixon. As Saturn retrograded back over the same degree again in early 1975 the Watergate scandal led to the US Attorney General, and two White House aides jailed. The US State Dept in Washington was also bombed, luckily without causalities.

When Saturn activates the US Sun Saturn square we get incidents like the Lewinsky scandal, or Abu Ghraib - it's always a challenge to the US administrations.

Fast-forward to the end of November 2010 and the US experiences their Saturn return. It comes in November-December. The website Wikileaks releases a compilation of more than 250,000 American diplomatic cables, of which around 100,000 are classified "secret" or "confidential”.

Shades of Watergate in a different world? Keep an eye on the end of March and early April, along with August 2011, as Saturn impacts on the US leadership.

Saturn's recent arrival saw Barack Obama’s Democrats take a hammering at the mid-term elections, and Ben Bernanke activating another stimulus package to a sluggish economy. This is not a good cycle for Presidents, nor their minions.

Look for changes at the very top in Washington this year.We may see surprising changes to crucial positions in the Obama administration over the next twelve months. It will surely test the Obama-Clinton alliance.

Also look for international incidents connected to the Navy or maritime affairs. The fact that this year begins with a January Solar Eclipse opposite the US Sun, followed by a June solar eclipse on their international relations Gemini Descendant adds to the likelihood of a major international crisis, and re-alignment for 2011.


Mars was the Sumerian planet of discord, wars, tempests and fever. As Mars reaches the beginning degree of Cancer, and also that of Capricorn these contacts seem to increase its hostile clout. Mars was at the beginning of Cancer when the cataclysmic Krakatoa eruption, (multiply the Hiroshima bomb by a thousand), sent seismic shockwaves and volcanic ash around world.

The warrior symbol of Mars at the beginning of Cancer/Capricorn is markedly evident in US history. It was at the opening of Cancer for the launching of their first warship back in 1796, as it was for the launching of the USS Enterprise the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Mars was at the start of Cancer during the fateful 1961 inauguration of JFK - the President at the center of the most publicized political assassination since Julius Caesar.

It was here at the entry of Cancer for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing, or the exposure of the Abu Ghraib torture scandal that disgraced the Iraq War. And Mars occupied the beginning of Capricorn for the September 11 WTC terrorist attacks.

The last Cancer ingress of Mars coincided with the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and triggered the replacement of Pakistan President Musharraf. The importance of this is that the Pakistan national horoscope cast for 9.30 am August 14 1947 in Karachi, has Mars at zero degrees of Cancer.

In early August 2011, Mars will return to the start of Cancer. But it will also trigger a revolutionary planetary combination of insurrectionist Uranus and underground Pluto. This has obvious ramifications for the USA and Pakistan.

Allowing for the fact that North Korea and South Korea have re-entered the brink of open warfare, Pakistan remains one of the utmost concerns in world security. Terrorist bombings wrack the country, accounting for thousands of deaths in recent years. Apart from the threat of civil war, the concern is that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal could fall into the hands of groups such as Al-Quaeda, with a devastating aftermath.

The other Pakistan horoscope to consider is the chart of the Republic timed at 7.05 a.m. on March 23 1956 for Karachi. This horoscope features an early Arian Sun, and that’s precisely where the insurgent planet Uranus is heading this year. Such may promote greater instability. The end of March early April period bears watching here, along with the aforementioned August period.


The Iraqi Kingdom Horoscope of August 23 1921 @ 6 am Baghdad time has reliably responded to planetary transits and progressions throughout this ancient lands modern history. The fact that the Sun is positioned with Regulus, one of the Royal Stars of Persia, inclines me to believe that the original swearing in date and time was astrologically selected.

It may be no coincidence that Saddam Hussein dubbed himself the ‘Lion of Arabia’. We’re talking of the land representing the genesis of predictive astrology. The overthrow of Saddam Hussein occurred as revolutionary Uranus opposed the Iraq royal Sun position.

From March last year the planet lacking clarity but high on obfuscation - Neptune – moved to oppose the Sun/Mercury/Regulus position of the Iraq horoscope. That was around election time, and the result was predictably unclear. Neptune in opposition to the leadership Sun is known to undermine and weaken the government, often through clandestine factors. The legitimacy of government is in question.

We’ll see the Neptune very strongly at work by the third week of February, and recurring throughout 2011, in March, August and September. The late March period may see changes around Iraqi PM Nouri Al-Maliki. It’s doubtful that the instability will resolve itself this year.


The Israel/Palestine crucible was created by the United Nations on November 29 1947, when the non-Jewish population was around 67%. From that came the declaration of modern Israel on May 14 1948 @ 4 p.m. local time in Tel Aviv. Israel is now 75% Jewish occupied. The displacement of the Palestinians, with no acknowledged homeland state has inspired terrorist groups like Al Queda around the world, propelling attacks like 911.

Currently the Israel-Palestine peace talks remain on hold as Israel continues West Bank settlements, whilst restricting materials to imported into the Gaza. But some countries are pushing the issue.

Recently Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay took the preliminary steps of internationally recognizing a Palestinian state. The astrological signals are potent to put this further on the front burner for 2011. They stem from the last Jupiter Saturn conjunction at 23 degrees of Taurus.


The birth Sun of modern Israel is located at of 23 degrees of Taurus (see horoscope here). The Palestine Liberation birth Sun (see horoscope here) is positioned at 23 degrees of Scorpio. Their Sun’s are diametrically opposed. The eighth house Taurean Sun depicts Israel preoccupied with land and possession. Palestine meantime is in a state of Scorpionic transformation – for decades caught in a life and death struggle for survival, tunneling underground for supplies in true scorpion fashion.

In November 1988 the United Nations General Assembly heard an address by Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat and passed a resolution, "acknowledging the proclamation of the State of Palestine by the Palestine National Council on 15 November 1988’. One hundred and four states voted on the resolution, and it passed with forty-four abstaining and two in opposition – Israel and the USA. That may help explain the lack of results on the Palestinian issue.


The Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions are renowned for bringing potent change to the political landscape. They were noted from ancient times to predict change in territory and heads of state. The last cycle began from May 2000, and the conjunction occurred directly over New York. In May 2000 Israeli troops began to vacate southern Lebanon. But within months Israel and Palestinian peace talks broke down over the division of Jerusalem.

The unfolding Jupiter Saturn cycle then powerfully and accurately depicted ongoing developments. The ensuing square occurred coincident within days of the outbreak of the Israel/Lebanon War from late June 2006.


The Jupiter Saturn cycle is now at the revelatory halfway point. The current opposition phase began in May 2010, and will not ease until well after April 2011. The halfway point brings the polarity of opposition into a more public phase. The differences become more obvious and the need for resolution more urgent.

Examine what occurred when the opposition aspect initially came into exactness. It was late May 2010. At 4.30 am on May 31st Israeli commandos raided a Gaza supply ship flotilla killing nine activists. Global condemnation followed, with Washington noticeably and predictably reserved. But the three-year-long Gaza blockade by Israel and Egypt was back on front-page, and subject of world focus.

Further into 2011 Saturn will reach the Israel Libran Ascendant. When it last did that in 1982 Israel launched a full-scale invasion upon Lebanon. It’s useless to repeat the mistakes of the past. The conditions are primed for reaching some sort of meaningful solution, as the alternative does not bear contemplation.



As the nation welcomes 2011 much of Australia’s valuable farmland, as well as coastal cities of the north-east are a disaster area. Massive flooding has left populations homeless and ruined resources, livestock and crops. The damage bill will be in the billions. It happens as Neptune (water) moves into the second house of wealth, and across Australia’s Venus (value) and Saturn (land-agriculture-mining) conjunction on the second house cusp.

Neptune last moved across Australia’s Venus/Saturn conjunction during 1847-48. Back in those roaring days of 1848 Australia supported 479 manufacturing businesses – 220 of which were flour mills. But new and important industries were forming. Neptune initially passing across Australia’s Venus/Saturn initially gave birth to the Australian wine industry.

The vineyard imagery reeks of the fluid Neptune and pleasurable Venus, with the earthy Saturn underfoot. Every fine wine has a maturation period – and that’s very much a Saturnian process, but Venus and Neptune are the result.

Today winegrowers, as well as the more Saturnian farmers face the Neptunian subject of water allocation across the Murray/Darling basin. It’s about to affect their earning capacity and (Venus/Saturn) property values. This re-allocation of water supplies will affect a region that produces one third of Australia's food.

Agricultural irrigation accounts for over 90% of the water from the river systems, with controversy over the comparatively high content used by rice and cotton farming. As transiting Neptune first hit the Venus/Saturn of the Australian horoscope in October 2010, the Murray/Darling Basin Authority released its plans for the ecological development and future health of the waterways.

The plan has met with expected opposition from rural communities, and will come at an immediate cost affecting export and local employment. The period from mid February 2011 will witness transiting Sun/Mercury/Mars joining the outer planet Neptune upon the Venus/Saturn of the Australian horoscope. It could prove instrumental concerning our immediate export future, and affairs concerned with agriculture, mining, and even water allocation. So mark the first quarter of 2011 to address those issues.


As it heads into 2011 Australia finds itself pulled between its military allegiance to the USA, and a trade co-dependence with China. Just how the growing country walks this delicate tightrope will determine its future over the next decade, and beyond. The Chinese trade buffer has helped Australia to avoid the global recession, emanating from the USA. But as the US struggles to pull itself out of the financial doldrums, a trade war threatens. How will this tug-o-war affect Australia’s future?

Since the Second World War, when the presence of half a million US military personnel prevented a full scale Japanese invasion of Australia (as transiting Pluto sat on our Leo Descendant), Australian and the USA have been inextricably linked. Australia has supported the US in all of its overseas military engagements, from the current Afghanistan war, stretching back to Vietnam, and Korea. Vital US defence tracking stations and missile installations are based in Australia.

This martial bond has been a catalyst for visits by US Presidents. Australia hosted Lyndon Johnson during the Vietnam drive, George Bush in 1991 followed Desert Storm, and eventually son George W. with our Iraq/Afghanistan deployments. Recently the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, re-affirmed America’s Pacific presence in a timely November visit.

These military connections are repeatedly evidenced in the synastry of the (July 4 1776 17.10 hours Philadelphia) USA national chart and the Australian Settlement horoscope of January 26 1788 at 5.23 a.m. Sydney. They are

US Sun conjunct Australian Mars
US Mars = Australian Nodal axis
US Mars sesquisquare Australian Sun/Ascendant
US Nodal Axis = Australian Sun/Ascendant/Descendant

The Australian Settlement horoscope’s 2011 Solar Return features a Sun conjunct Mars. The last two Solar Returns that have featured a Mars conjunction on Australia Day have been in 1964 – the entry into the Vietnam War and the first Australian casualty there. And previous to that, 1900, when Australia sent its first contingent of overseas troops to assist Great Britain in the Boxer Wars. The common theme here is involvement in Asian wars.

Projecting to 2013 transiting Pluto will oppose the Australian birth Mars as Uranus squares it and Jupiter joins by conjunction – all simultaneously. All of which can lead to a build up in defense, or greater involvement in military operations. The same planets impact on the USA Sun Saturn square the following year, and China’s eighth house trading combination of Mercury/Neptune.


Julia Gillard was born September 29 1961, with a time given as ‘noon’ in Barry, Wales. She is Australia’s first female Prime Minister. She gained the post as the progressed leadership Sun of the Australian Settlement Horoscope (January 26 1788 @ 5.23 am Sydney) joined the birth Moon.

Julia’s election as Australian Prime Minister, the delayed outcome and eventual success through negotiation with independents for her swearing in by September 14 2010 was all predicted in a lecture given at the Sydney Astrological Research Society three weeks prior to the election.

Her Libran Sun links to dialogue and diplomacy. Tied to her communicative Gemini Moon it places a natural focus on education and communication. With the "duality" of both signs - Libra the balance, Gemini the twins. She is capable of playing with both sides superbly, but flip-flopping could be an issue.

This year with Pluto squaring her Sun is likely to continue to pit her into power struggles with her Scorpionic opponent Tony Abbott. Through 2011 the transformative Pluto will nicely trine her relating planet of Venus, which rules her partnership house. This will be empowered by Jupiter from July, October, and again in March 2012.

This Grand Trine formation suggests that rumours of the single Gillard marrying may not be as far fetched as thought, with the June solar eclipse also activating her ‘feeling’ Moon. At the very least there should be a popularity boost attached to the second half of 2011 onward, any further personal developments would likely take place in 2012.


In 1846 when Neptune was discovered – it has now returned to that point for the first time - the term 'Manifest Destiny' came into being to rationalize American westward expansion throughout Texas and into California. The USA and Mexico were at war. Mexican civilization was under threat, and they were losing the battle.

Today Mexico again finds itself at war, although the conflict is internal. It’s about addressing the very chemical Neptunian mind-altering escapism of the drug trade. Political and public assassinations, and drug money corruption are destroying the country’s confidence in police and government. Law and order are noticeable by their absence.

The anarchy of Mexico became world news when anti-drugs campaigner Marisela Escobedo Ortiz was shot and killed whilst protesting outside the office of the Governor. Her daughter had been murdered and yet three judges acquitted the confessed killer, who remains on the loose. The situation is so bad that witnesses do not report crime, for fear of corrupt officials, and journalists do not cover stories in fear of their lives.

The head honcho of drug operations in Mexico is said to be Joaquin Guzmán Loera, born dirt poor on April 4 1957. He was recently ranked 41st on the Forbes rich list. Joaquin’s aggressive Arian Sun lies with the charmed planet of Venus – and both in a supportive aspect to the authoritarian Saturn. This also shows how he is able to use the system to his advantage.

Guzman is considered indirectly the cause of the 1993 assassination of Roman Catholic Archbishop of Guadalajara, Juan Jesús Cardinal Posadas, in a bizarre episode of mistaken identity. But his karma is building up, and time may be running out. The planet of karma is Saturn, which opposes his Sun Venus combination from March through to August in 2011.


In my 2010 World Predictions I wrote that Egyptian leadership was due to change, reasoning that, “Saturn in Libra corresponds to changes in Egyptian government and leadership. The founder of modern Egypt, Muhammad Ali, gained power on May 17 1805 with Saturn in Libra. Egypt gained independence from Britain under this phase in 1922, and again with Saturn in Libra became a Republic in 1953.”

Egypt also lost President Anwar Sadat through assassination, under Saturn in Libra. So it would appear with Saturn heading back into the sign of balance that a new Egyptian head of state is being prepared. It is Gamal Mubarak, son of President Hosni Mubarak, in what appears a secession move. This changing of the guard will also spark increased rebel movements, and terrorist activities in the land of the Nile.

Comment added Feb - We are now seeing this change unfold due to the people's rebellion spelling the end of the Saturn thirty year Mubarak era.


The actuality that Prince William – born June 21 1982 @ 9.03 p.m. in London - was to marry in the spring of 2011 was as sure bet as you could have astrologically speaking.
Last year I wrote on this “The Prince's progressed Venus is inching closer to his Sun. He also approaches a progressed New Moon and a conjunction of his Midheaven to the sudden change planet Uranus - but all that happens in the middle of 2011.”

The signals are all over his natal and progressed horoscopes. For the astrologically minded they are as follows.

He has a life changing progressed New Moon on his progressed seventh marriage house cusp. His progressed Venus is joining his birth Sun. His status bearing progressed Midheaven is coming to meet the planet of sudden change in Uranus. His progressed New Moon also fortunately sextiles his Venus. And he’s about to experience a Saturn return.

Mind you the Saturn connection says nothing at all about marriage, but does talk about a responsible commitment to an objective. It’s the progressions that point unmistakably to the royal union. Saturn was moving across his Venus back in 2001 when he met bride to be Kate Middleton.


Catherine Elizabeth (Kate) Middleton was born January 9 1982 (no time verified) in Reading, UK. She is a Capricorn born under a Full Moon meaning her Moon is in his sun sign of Cancer. Kate’s father was also a June born (23rd) Cancer and married exactly two years before William’s birth on June 21 1980. The June Cancer theme runs strong in her heredity with her grandmother also born June 26.

The indications of impending action around her relationship status was evident from the July 2010 Solar Eclipse directly opposite her birth Sun, and her progressed Sun forming an opportunistic trine to Mars in October. From Ptolemaic times the Sun and Mars have been the traditional marriage indicators in a female horoscope.

The wedding horoscope of April 29 2011 is not so outstanding. My guess is that it was a compromise date. It suggests there may be challenges to the union in seven years. However the horoscopes of William and Kate look a strong match.


The last royal marriage to attract such attention was Charles and Diana, and it is probably no coincidence that this one occurs 30 years, or one Saturn cycle later. In another connection to the past, Kate was presented with Diana’s engagement ring. If history is anything to go by, wedding fever should dominate 2011. Look for several celebrities to tie the knot.

One who immediately comes to mind is Australian born pop star Kylie Minogue. Kylie’s stellar career has hardly been matched by her personal life, but there were a few rumours circulating last year that her boyfriend Andres Velencoso was seeking a more permanent arrangement.

With Kylie’s progressed horoscope nearing Full Moon stage by the mid year period, and her progressed Venus trining Neptune it looks like now or never. Look for an announcement soon. Mind you, these are also fine career indications for film and music.


2011 is the year before a Presidential election in the US. And according to market historian Yale Hirsch, at least since the last Depression, it always signals a boom year. Basically it is about government running out the red carpet to voters, issuing tax cuts etc, and it has returned on average a 15% upturn in the Dow - successful 95 % of the time.

In fact the ‘Stock Traders Almanac of 2008”showed that even if you go back to 1833 and the previous 44 administrations the market gain of the pre-election and election years registers 745% up as against the other two presidential years at 243%. Big difference, and one that may inspire some investor confidence in the Dow for 2011. So lets look at how some planetary cycles have been performing.


The triple combination of Jupiter and Uranus, evident from early June and mid-September 2010, and again in early January this year, has been a positive plus for technology stocks.

The last Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Aries – back in 1927 –28 saw a 12% rise in the Dow. Three of the last four Jupiter-Uranus multiple conjunction cycles have provided similar rises averaging around 15%. The current cycle appeared with the Dow at 10,255 and at the time of writing the Dow is 11,559 – a rise of 13%. So this cycle appears performing right on song, and has been a dominant influence.

The other operational outer cycle is Jupiter-Saturn opposition. Many financial astro-analysts rate this cycle adversely, yet the last three cycles have produced modest gains averaging around 5%. My studies lead me to the conclusion that the opposition period can handbrake markets a little. It is nowhere near as negative as painted, gaining much of its bad press from the Great Depression of the 30’s, but when other multi-cycles were in evidence.


The next main cycle will be the outer square of the planets Uranus and Pluto, due in 2012 - 2015. This appeared during America’s first financial crisis in 1820 for two years, and it re-appeared at the tail end of the Great Recession of 1875. The opposition phase of 1901-02 left the DJIA virtually unchanged. But the square of 1932 through to 1934 was in the heart of the Great Depression, although during the cycle the economy did pick up considerably. The conjunction of late 1965 through to mid 1966 represented a loss of around 7%. So this is’nt to be sneezed at – but it’s a little way off.

The consensus would seem that the Uranus Pluto cycle is in synch with a need for renewal and fresh and different financial direction. All of the above periods mentioned represented a period of accelerated change, a new order of economics and fiscal operations. It seems perfectly appropriate that we await a return of the Uranus and Pluto cycle during years of economic reconstruction.

We will get a taste of this cycle across the July August period of 2011, before it kicks in earnestly mid 2012. Meantime the easing up of the cardinal square of Saturn and Pluto can result in improving US employment figures across the year. Whilst this cycle has been domiating US unemployment peaked at around 10% - it did exactly the same during the last Saturn Pluto cardinal square of the early 70’s.


The finalization of the Jupiter-Saturn opposition in late March 2011, also occurs in hard aspect to perplexing Neptune. That may signal a period, which can spook the markets. I see this as reflecting upon the Australian economy, either through a crisis concerning overseas trading partners, and possible change in property trends. For the USA this will occur as a Saturn return and can bring crisis to their administrative tenth house Saturn. Also look at August, although much of this may be tied to international affairs.


I still use this German Empire Proclamation horoscope of January 18 1871 13.00 hours at Versailles for Germany. This horoscope has worked well in researching German economic recovery prior to WWII, their entry into WWII and also the reunification of Germany (progressing Sun trining birth Sun) on October 3 1990, which is another date to keep in mind, as a modern German chart.

I think the German recovery will continue strongly. The German horoscope shows their progressed Sun moving toward the planet of growth and opportunity in Jupiter, and the Moon just departing from beneficial Venus. This will be more evident in the first quarter of 2011 and throughout 2012. Mars is also well represented in the medium term future, which augurs well for German industry and engineering.


Scientists are predicting that the end of 2012 into May 2013 will be the next Solar Maximum period for planet earth. This cycle is the roughly 11-year sunspot cycle, when the Sun reverses polarity. That’s the ‘maximum’ time of increased solar activity, predicted to play havoc with communication satellites, electrical installations, power grids etc. Some science journalists are calling the coming solar cycle a tsunami of radiation for our increasingly technological world.

Read these quotes from an article entitled ‘Fire In The Sky’ by David Appell. “Batten down the hatches….Some time in the next 18 months, the Sun will turn from a relatively placid ball of hot ionised gases into a raging tempest of plasma, spitting fireballs out into the Solar System like an angry god. Should one of those plasma storms hit Earth, the impact could be devastating.”

Scary - certainly! But it was written back in 1999. Putting the fear factors into perspective, there were plenty of satellites, computer technology etc, in 2000/2001. That was the last solar max period. The world surived that and the 2YK bug. So perhaps it's time to get some perspective on what makes a good headline.

A lot of the concern is linked to the sacred perception concerning 2012 the last year of the Mayan calendar. Truth is the conquests of Herman Cortez in March 1519, and the cultural genocide that followed left little room for a continuation of Mayan tradition. And the end of a Long Count (the period represented by the calendar) simply means that it begins again. A bit like our New Years Day – it is’t the end of the world – just an almighty hangover for some. We are heading into a time of change, but perhaps it can best be described by utilizing more empirical, and less sensationalist analysis.

Thanks for your support throughout this year. The site continues to grow thanks to your interest. I wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2011. May the force be with you!

Copyright – Ed Tamplin December 31 2010

Horoscopes utilising 'The Book of World Horoscopes' by Nicholas Campion - published by The Wessex Astrologer.

































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