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Welcome to a brand New Year. But the last time that I opened my ‘Idiots Guide to 2012’ it looked rather ominous. Firstly the Mayan calendar was ending. So, would I have to buy a new one? And apparently solar max activity could deep-fry my motherboard, not to mention the solar powered garden lights, and satellite communications. So what price a 2012 survival kit – especially in the current economic climate?

Luckily though, as a committed astrologer, I don’t buy into the 2012 hysteria. Apart from encountering a rogue comet, not seen since the Jurassic period, life will go on, admittedly remorselessly at times. Planetary cycles will synch with terrestrial events, as they inevitably do.

Last year this article featured forecasts of a major nuclear incident prior to Fukushima, of Australia’s economic challenges through flood, and the increasing US-Oz military commitment. It talked of the change in Egyptian leadership, of a crisis between the US and Pakistan, and Palestinian recognition. This is my take on how it will play out over the coming year. Enjoy!


The uprisings across the Arab world have arrived as the planet of independence and rebellion, Uranus, squares off to that of underground eruption in Pluto. The current Uranus Pluto cycle began in the mid-60’s, a time of youth rebellion, and civil rights movements in the USA and South Africa. As the cycle reaches its square formation the US now has a colored President, and South Africa’s rainbow revolution is part of history.

In Arab dictatorships however, a new revolution is taking place. Most of these lands host youthful populations, seeking new opportunities and a voice in the way their country is run. Just as the 60’s western youth rebelled against issues of racial oppression, or senseless wars like Vietnam, so the Arab youth are railing against homeland political oppression.


The tone of the year can often be found by looking at the seasonal marker horoscopes – these are the ancient equinox and solstice dates. For example, such dates from 2008 concentrated on the money planet Pluto and coincided with economic crises. From 2011 that focus moved to Uranus the planet of youth and rebellion. It continues strong over the first quarter of 2012, and especially around the northern spring. Countries like Pakistan will be ones to watch for more independence movements.

However there are other astrological pointers that show why the Middle East is experiencing such rapid and enormous change. Pluto, the planet of underground uprisings, has now reached the opposition point to where it stood at the fall of the Ottoman Empire.


The dawn of the 1920’s witnessed decisive political change engulfing the Middle East, that would have enormous ramifications for the future, stretching to today. Pluto, the purgative planet of deep regeneration, had moved into the tribal sign of Cancer at the onset of World War One. International boundaries were being revised and homelands forever changed.

By the end of 1922 the Ottoman Empire had been abolished, and the League of Nations was reforming political power blocs in the Middle East. It was the ending of empires and the beginning of new power conglomerates.

Dominant countries didn’t occupy, they bought influence, and governed by stealth. The schism between the Arab world and western hegemony was in its infancy. Kings were granted thrones in Egypt and Iraq, but often the real rulers lay thousands of miles away.

The key to the future is not hard to unravel if we use Pluto as a guide. It is now moving to the opposition point that it occupied during the early 1920’s. As it does it will also receive an agitating square from insurrectionist Uranus.

The change that we are looking at will involve countries that experienced major political reformation in the 1920’s, and as a result of WW1. We can already witness this in places such as Egypt and Iraq. As Pluto, the planet of the plutocracy, moves through it opposition phase, the Arab world reshuffles leaderships and alliances, and the May to September period of 2012 accelerates this.


On March 23 1928, during the early days of colonial rule in Egypt, the organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood was born. Initially they assisted with social services, education and health, but eventually became a political force. The Brotherhood became a uniting cause, expanding considerably during the Arab Uprisings of the mid 1930’s.

The Muslim Brotherhood fell from favor with strong-arm leaders. They were barred from running in Egyptian elections under past President Hosni Mubarak, but now have returned a dominant force.

The horoscope of the Muslim Brotherhood pits the powerful Aries Sun with defiant Uranus. This blue gas giant has an 84-year orbital period of the Sun, meaning that for 2012 Uranus has returned to the position it was when the Brotherhood was formed. This coincides with the resurfacing of the Brotherhood as a viable voice of independence and revolution.

In February of 1982 thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters were killed during the Hama massacre in Syria, under the orders of then President Hafez al-Assad. Today the al-Assad rule has passed onto son Bashar, who faces uprisings in his homeland. The Muslim Brotherhood will continue to power the ‘Arab Spring’, especially around the Northern Hemisphere Spring Equinox of 2012 in both Egypt and Syria.


2012 is USA Election year, with the incumbent Democrat President Barack Obama favored to retain office, and the Republican Party yet to determine their candidate. But astrologically things are not as they seem. The historical timeline of the ‘jack in the box’ planet of radical reversals Uranus is proof of that. The USA could easily have a different President between now and the end of 2013, or at the very least a major overhaul of government and the Constitution.

From late 2011 and through to late 2013 the USA’s progressed Sun (indicative of the leader) has moved into a difficult formation with Uranus. An examination of times past shows a recurring pattern of bombshell events around the US leadership whenever Uranus is involved by hard aspect.


The first testing formation came in 1787. Following civil uprisings (Shay’s Rebellion), and economic paralysis, the Philadelphian Convention created the US Constitution of September 17 1787, replacing the original Articles of Confederation of the founding fathers. Thus was created the position of President of the USA – Commander in Chief.

The second occurred between 1835-37 when the then US President Andrew Jackson survived the first presidential assassination attempt, and was also censured by Congress in his ongoing battle with the Bank of the United States. Again the US was gripped by financial panic.

The third occurrence saw US President James Garfield die in office at 10:35 p.m. on Monday, September 19, 1881 - succeeded by Chester Arthur. Then, just prior to the next Sun Uranus connection of 1924, Calvin Coolidge was rapidly sworn in, upon the sudden demise of President Warren G Harding.

The last Sun Uranus progressed connection for the horoscope of the USA occurred between 1967 and 1969. This period was renowned for the President Democrat Lyndon Johnson surprisingly pulling out of the electoral race on March 31 1968 after earlier winning the New Hampshire primary.

Then followed the shock assassination of leading Democrat candidate Robert Kennedy, and a mass anti Vietnam War protest leading to many arrests outside the New York Democratic Convention. Victory went to Republican Richard Nixon. So while it all may look reasonably smooth sailing now, Uranus may be about to prove the old truism, ‘a day is a long time in politics’.


President Barack Obama was born August 4 1961 @ 19.24 hours in Honolulu, Hawaii. His horoscope has had many testing transits since the beginning of his tenure, mirrored in the US economic crisis occurring immediately prior to the 2008 election. Although his swearing in horoscopes (yes there were two) showed great promise, and reflected the hope of the public, this was not shown in the future indications of his own birth chart.

Obama’s personal horoscope shows the planet of Uranus, suggesting a different approach, in square to his Midheaven, the indicator of his professional positioning. The Uranus is progressing closer now, which can signify sudden change to his position. Simultaneously, the current position of Uranus in Aries opposes his progressed Sun in early Libra, adding to instability, and a need to act independently.

It’s an ancient astrological tradition to erect a birthday chart (called a solar return) for the year ahead. From August 2011 until his August 2012 birthday Obama’s solar return shows warlike Mars rising, with intense and focused Pluto in opposition and the surprise packet Uranus between them both. The overall effect is greater involvement with military affairs, and the propensity for making powerful enemies through reformist ideologies.

The military Mars effect is predominating early this year, firing up Obama’s birth Mars through mid-January to early February. As Obama’s Mars is also tightly angled to the United States Mars this may play out in a January stand off, possibly with Iran over sanctions and presumed oil threats.

The challenging dates for Obama appear around the equinox dates such as end of March, early April, and right throughout May and further by mid August when the testing combination of Mars and Saturn oppose his progressing Ascendant. This may also effect as troubles through close ones.


In 93% of cases in the year before a presidential election, the DJIA returns a 15% rise. Not so in 2011! The economic malaise of the capitalist world was evidenced by the Dow Jones Industrial Average posting a mere 5% increase and the S&P essentially flat for the past year. The London FTSE fell 6%, whilst Germany’s DX and Australia’s All Ords lost over 15%. Meantime the Nikkei and Hong Kong Hang Seng plummeted around 20%.

Mid year political wrangling from Capitol Hill, and the prospect of the US defaulting on its debts, saw the worst September quarter since the 2008 meltdown. The USA lost its prized AAA credit rating. The Eurozone struggled with sovereign debt mounting.

A full three years following the Lehman collapse an effective solution to the global economy remains elusive. Clearly something’s got to give! Enter Uranus and Pluto!


Over the last two centuries every ‘square aspect’ from Uranus to Pluto, without exception, has dealt with major economic restructuring. The father of Cosmobiology, Reinhold Ebertin, described Uranus Pluto as ‘the collapse of the old order of things, the construction of the new, and the creation of new conditions of living’.

Back in the July August of 2011 both planets came to within a degree and a half of the precise square. This close approach provided early indication of how the aspect would play out in the future. In July 2011 the US Congress was locked in a paralyzing stand-off on fiscal policy.

As a result worldwide markets plummeted and the September quarter produced the worst trading figures since the last quarter of 2008 and the original global meltdown. When these two reformative planets meet again, between June and September of 2012, decisive action will be unavoidable.

This will most likely come as currencies, and properties, are devalued by the ‘kicking the can further down the road’ approach adopted so far. It will also come amid accelerated political and social unrest. But we will begin to see new regulations enacted.


An examination of the previous Uranus Pluto squares over the last two centuries produces recurring patterns. The approaching square of 1820 came in the midst of the USA’s first economic crash – the ‘Panic of 1819’. This financial breakdown followed a boom in the US economy in the wake of the European War of 1812. The eventual collapse led to fresh financial regulations for future US economic development.

The departing Uranus Pluto square of 1876-1877 came on the end of the Long Depression of 1873-1877, featuring multiple railroad and bank failures. Again this crash followed a boom period. The outer planetary aspects of this recessionary period were much the same to what we have been experiencing since the 2008 global economic crash.

The approaching Uranus Pluto square of 1932 through to 1934 was synonymous with the Great Depression, the worst financial calamity of modern history. That period also featured the Uranus Pluto square perfecting, as new rules and regulations were eventually instituted, that ultimately paved a path out of the crisis.


The European Union with over 500 million inhabitants, spread over 37 nations, generates just over 25% of the world’s economy. It is the world’s single most powerful financial entity, and it is right in the firing line for this Uranus and Pluto reformatory action.

Here’s one important reason why! The frequent “entry date” for most countries into the European Union is January 1 – equating to a 10-degree Capricorn Sun position. And that’s exactly where the Uranus Pluto square will impact over the next couple of years.

For example Greece joined the European Union on January 1 1981. This midnight Greek EU entry horoscope reveals a tight Sun Mercury at ten degrees of Capricorn, closely square to a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 9 degrees of Libra. So the Greek joining chart cannot escape the reformative power of the Uranus Pluto impact.

Other countries that joined the EEC on January 1 over the years are
1973 – Denmark, Ireland and the UK.
1981 – Greece
1986 – Spain and Portugal

Consider too that the currency of the EURO was born from midnight January 1 1999. Immediately you can see how important that Uranus Pluto square will be, and exactly where it will effect, over this year and beyond.

So to repeat Ebertin’s descriptive analysis, written back in the days of WWII, and apply it to the current European Union, ‘the collapse of the old order of things, the construction of the new, and the creation of new conditions of living’.


The Greek national horoscope, is dated to their March 25 1821 revolution – a day annually observed for their independence from the Ottoman Empire. This horoscope features a triple conjunction of the autonomous Aries Sun with Mercury and Jupiter, appropriately squaring the rebel planet Uranus, which is joined to spiritual Neptune. The revolution was officially begun by Bishop Germanos of Patras, supporting the religious rebellion (Uranus and Neptune) connection.

During 2012 Uranus, will again transit through the early degrees of Aries to join the 1821 Greek Revolution horoscope Sun and highlight the radical Uranian energies. This will first occur immediately after the Aries Ingress of 2012 on March 20. The astrological time-clock points to late March and early April as being particularly eventful for Europe.


The Eurozone is an economic entity within the actual union, comprising seventeen core member states that specifically use the Euro as their sole legal tender. Erecting a single horoscope for the Eurozone is difficult, as it remains an evolving identity, however there are several seminal moments. Studying the various connections produces a web of chart link ups, and oft-repeated degree areas.

The Eurozone came about via the Treaty of Amsterdam, which was signed on October 2 1997. The Amsterdam Treaty Sun is at 9 Libra and obviously this is square the 10 Capricorn of the Euro for example. What we will witness from 2012 onward is the enormous impact the Uranus Pluto square will have on these various agreements. It prefaces a total restructuring of the Eurozone. IRAN – USA

The history of Iran and the US is one of subterfuge and power plays. The Iranian Revolution of 1978-79 took US intelligence and powerbrokers by surprise, in an oil rich land long dominated by western interests. But the Iranian populace had built a long distrust of western intervention.

One of the best examples of this outside intercession was the CIA orchestrated overthrow of the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, in August 1953. Mosaddegh’s major crime was an attempt to nationalize the Iranian oil industry.

The CIA and M16 pressured the Iranian Shah to act, on behalf of their national and financial interests. The Prime Minister was arrested, tried and sentenced to death for treason, although this was later commuted to a life sentence. The coup was the first time the US had explicitly ousted an elected, civilian government.

Everything has its eventual price, and these actions served as a catalyst that propelled the eventual Iranian Revolution. One of the supporters of Mossadegh was the Ayatollah Khomeini. The religious cleric eventually fled Iran, only to to return triumphantly from exile to a hero’s welcome, as the iconic leader of the Islamic Revolution. The horoscope for this is set as 09.33 hours Teheran time for February 1 1979.

Following the revolution the US Embassy was captured by Islamic students. US nationals were held captive for 444 days, from November 4 1979 until the inauguration of US President Ronald Reagan on January 20 1981. During Reagan's second term an Iranian airbus with 290 civilians aboard was shot out of the skies by a US missile launched from the carrier USS Vincennes.


The enmity between the two countries continues unabated. Iran refuse to use the US dollar, preferring the Euro for all oil sales. Iran’s President Mahmoud Amhadinejad is openly hostile towards Israel and its western supporters. Today it’s nuclear power that is the issue. Iran claims they are entitled to an energy technology available to the rest of the world. The US and Israel claim that Iranian scientists are enriching uranium for nuclear weapons.

Adding to the tensions are recent assassinations of such scientists, and an explosion at a military base that killed the architect of Iran’s missile program. Iran has provided series of secret documents given to the United Nations which they claim proves state sponsored terrorism is being carried out against their nationals.

It is generally accepted that the Stuxnet computer worm was developed specifically to target Iranian nuclear facilities. The complexity of the worm suggests that only a nation sponsored effort would have the resources for its development. Leading virus firm Symantec estimated Stuxnet would have required a team of five to thirty people at least six months to perfect.


The Supreme Leader of Iran is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, born July 15 1939 in Masshad. Khamanei’s horoscope has a dynamic Grand Cross featuring warrior planet Mars, intense Pluto and controlling Saturn, aligned with the nodal or eclipse points.

The Ayatollah is no stranger to violence, and was a key figure in the Islamic Revolution. In July 1981 as transiting Pluto squared his Cancerian Sun, a would be assassin’s bomb, hidden in a tape recorder at a press conference, exploded destroying his right hand. This endeared him even more with the public as a martyr for the cause.

Khamanei’s horoscope looks extra active in February of 2012. That’s when Iran's long awaited Bushehr nuclear power plant is expected to be opened. It was announced that either Russian PM Vladimir Putin or President Dmitry Medvedev will participate in the ceremony.

The diplomatic game is heating up. China and Russia have warned off the US and Israel regarding pre-emptive strikes on Iran. Khamanei, who rarely gets too involved, has recently added his voice to the cause.

Many see these issues as the powderkegs that could light up WWIII. When it comes to weaponry most of the world prefer a nuclear free Middle East. But with Israel already armed to the teeth, other countries are sure to want to come on board.


Modern Iran has two popular horoscopes, each representing the more recent turning points in the country’s evolution. The Islamic Republic came into being on April 1 1979. It features a warrior self-determining Aries Sun in the 9th house of religion and internationalism.

This horoscope is not due for major planetary action until 2013, when the volatile square of Uranus and Pluto will cross over their leadership Sun.

The other chart is cast for the moment Ayatollah Rohulla Khomeini set foot on Iranian soil for the first time since his exile in 1963. That was on February 01 1979 at 9.33 am, (IT) where over five million people came to welcome.

This horoscope is extremely active now with the same two planets, rebellious Uranus and focused Pluto impacting upon it. They will increasingly hook in with the early Arian Moon in this horoscope in the middle of 2012. All of which looks like bringing Iran, and the nuclear issue increasingly into the world political spotlight.


On March 23 1956 Pakistan moved from being the Dominion of Pakistan to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Previous to that in 1940, also on March 23, at Lahore there was a resolution passed by the All India Muslim League toward the creation of an independent Muslim state. This was to be in the north of India and would be "wholly autonomous and sovereign". The Lahore Resolution frameworked Pakistan's first constitution.

The astrological implication is that the zodiacal degree corresponding to March 2 equates to about 2 degrees of Aries, meaning that is where the Sun was positioned on both the Lahore Resolution and also the Pakistan Republic formation.

The rebellious and revolutionary Uranus is also close to that degree, and will certainly impact on it in 2012 when Pakistan celebrates the Republic in March. THis can propel fast changes to the leadership of Pakistan, or more radical groups impacting on the country's future.


The November 25 Sagittarian Solar Eclipse energised the horoscope of Pakistan politician Imran Khan, who was born November 25 back in 1952. His early Sagittarian Sun was at birth aligned with the autonomous Uranus. Khan is a constant critic of government corruption, and necessarily independent in his political ideology.

Khan originally carved out a career as one of the finest all rounders ever to play Test cricket. He was a national hero long before politics. He has also undertaken much charity work, and is a vocal opponent of outside influence in Pakistan politics. Before a rally in Lahore that attracted around 150,000 people last October, Khan stirred the masses and called for a political u-turn and a New Pakistan.

Khan’s message to America was that he would accept friendship, but not slavery. Pakistan’s mid term Senate elections are due next March when the revolutionary Uranus effect will be strong. Imran Khan, the so called ‘incorruptible’, is sure to be at the heart of the street level youth rebellion that sweeps Pakistan. As his progressed Sun now comes to join his birth Mars, his warrior moment has arrived.


On November 2 1917 the British conservative Foreign Secretary, Lord Arthur Balfour, wrote a letter to the powerful international financier Baron Walter Rothschild. It was a note that eventually would fracture the Middle East, and is at the heart of global political division today.

As the celebrated author Arthur Koestler so aptly wrote of Balfour’s curious letter, “Here, was one nation promising another nation the land of a third nation.” It was the story Britain promising Israel that they could have Palestine.

Palestinians are still seeking statehood, with many living under conditions similar to the apartheid days of South Africa. But on the 31st of October 2011 in Paris at 1.30 p.m. local time, to a cheering UNESCO audience, Palestinian statehood, which Israel and the USA have unilaterally opposed, was finally recognized.

As an immediate result the USA planned to withdraw UNESCO funding and Palestinian aid. The US devotes the largest amount of all its foreign aid, one-fifth in total, to Israel. The USA has vowed to veto any Palestinian attempt to join the United Nations as a full member. But in total 107 countries of UNESCO voted for Palestinian statehood, with a mere 14 against.


Astrologically the Israel Palestine situation unfolds perfectly against the backdrop of an ancient Jupiter Saturn predictive cycle. The last conjunction of these two planets occurred in May 2000, falling at 23 degrees of Taurus. This was directly upon the Taurus Sun position in the Israel horoscope of May 14 1948 at 4 pm Tel Aviv. It also fell opposite the 23 degree Scorpio Sun of the Palestinian Independence Proclamation horoscope of 01.38 a.m. CET November 15 1988 at Algiers.

It is no coincidence that the leadership Suns of these two horoscopes are directly opposite. It is also no coincidence that the two leaderships failed to come to a peaceful settlement regarding territorial division at their Camp David meetings of 2000. This led to a Palestinian uprising when the former Israeli defense minister Ariel Sharon controversially visited the Temple Mount later that year.

Since then at key points of the Jupiter Saturn cycle, critical Israeli developments have taken place. The Israel Lebanon war occurred at the Jupiter Saturn square of June-July 2006. During 2011 the Jupiter Saturn phase reached opposition, which corresponds to a climax in the cycle.

This showed world opinion swinging in favor of the recognition of the long overdue Palestinian statehood. Fittingly at the UNESCO vote on the 31st of October 2011 in Paris at 1.30 p.m. local time 23 degrees of Scorpio (Palestine) was at the zenith of the skies, and 23 of Taurus (Israel) at the base.


The eclipse cycle also comes into play when examining the immediate future of Israel and Palestine. This dates back to 1993 when the Solar Eclipses occurred at 0 degrees of Gemini on May 21 and 22 degrees of Scorpio on November 13 respectively. Note her too that 22 degrees of Scorpio eclipse links to the Palestinian Sun position, and eclipses promise a new beginning.

1993 was significant as it signaled the pivotal Oslo Accord, when US President Bill Clinton witnessed the handshake of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin with PLO leader Yassar Arafat at Capitol Hill. Unfortunately Rabin, was later killed by a Jewish right wing radical following the peace agreement, becoming the only Israeli Prime Minister to be assassinated in office. The conditions of the Oslo Accord remain unfulfilled.

During 2012 the eclipse cycle returns to the area of the sky it occupied during the 1993 Oslo Accord. It also re-ignites the horoscopes of Israel and Palestine. It comes at a time when the majority of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America support a new Palestine. The eclipse empowering the Palestinian Sun provides the best opportunity for positive developments.


Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, was born on September 11 1965 in Damascus. His systematic Virgo Sun is closely joined to willful Uranus and deadly Pluto via conjunction. Assad’s combative Mars is in a testing sesquisquare (135 degrees) to righteous Jupiter. And like many of those born with a close Sun Uranus connection, life has delivered many surprising turns.

In Bashar’s case this happened when heir to the Presidency, brother Basil, was suddenly killed in a car crash in 1994. Bashar was rapidly prepared for the leadership, which he eventually assumed on June 10 2000, when the royal planet Jupiter met the tribal elder Saturn in Taurus.

Immediately Assad promised greater democracy but has been slow to implement it. Part of the reason is that Syria is controlled by a powerful military arm intertwined with government ministers and security forces. On November 13 1970 Bashar’s father, Hafez, led his own military coup that replaced the civilian government with military rule.

The horoscope of al-Assad’s 1970 takeover shows a close Sun/Jupiter-Saturn opposition from Scorpio to Taurus respectively. This is where the nodal (eclipse) cycle is moving for 2012. In fact this horoscope, like Palestine's is in opposition to the horoscope the establishment of modern Israel.

But al-Assad has more than Israel to worry about. From 2 am on February 3 1982, a Muslim Brotherhood uprising was put down in an incident known as the Hama massacre. Estimates vary of between 10,000 to 20,000 dissidents killed, and many more dispossessed over 27 days of fighting. Today the Muslim Brotherhood horoscope sees the organization growing in strength.

Uprisings within Syria will surely threaten the iron like grip of Bashar. Now his progressed Mars – the war god - is squaring his whole volatile Sun/Uranus/Pluto placement. I have written before that this can hardly pass without Bashar facing his own 'High Noon' showdown. The May June period may be one to watch for Syria.


Australia has two national horoscopes. The first signifies the colonization of Sydney by Captain Arthur Phillip on the morning of January 26 1788. I researched this utilizing the First Fleet diaries, finally unveiling a horoscope of 5.23 am at the Sydney Astrological Research Society in the millennium year. This marked the beginning of European cultural dominance across the Great South Land.

The second was the formation of the resultant colonies into one federation on January 1 1901 marked by a swearing in ceremony concluding at just after midday in Centennial Park Sydney. The late Gwen Stoney timed this horoscope at 13.36 hours after extensively examining news reports from the National Library.

The first chart of “Australian Settlement” can be used to predict events that affect all Australians. It also corresponds to the nationally observed birthday of Australian Day. The second, the Australian Federation chart, applies chiefly to the affairs of the Federal government and constitution.

The Settlement horoscope accurately forecast Australia’s first female Prime Minister as the progressed leadership Sun came to meet the female archetype Moon. It was also precise in showing last years flood damage to Australia’s economy, as watery Neptune moved across the Venus/Saturn (riches from the earth) combination in Australia’s second house of assets.

This year Saturn, a planet that often brings tests, limitations and obstructions, spends its first three months doing just that for the countries leadership, and returns in September. The last time Saturn moved across this area it foreshadowed the political demise of Liberal Prime Minister PM Malcolm Fraser.

Julia Gillard was officially announced Prime Minister of Australia at 09.35 hours June 24 2010. This controversial party room overthrow of the elected PM Kevin Rudd, occurred under a dynamic planetary alignment as the leadership Sun formed a testing Grand Cross with four outer planets.

This ‘leadership changeover’ chart feels the instability of Uranus from March 2012. Julia Gillard also will also have Uranus opposing her birth Sun then. Look for surprising announcements connected to her relationships and support base stemming from the March April period.


The horoscope of Saudi Arabia begins with the family whose name the country has adopted. The capture of Ridyah by Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud began on a moonless night, as his supporters scaled the walls of the governor’s compound and silenced the servants. When the fortress gates opened at dawn (6.45 am on January 15 1902) the conquest of Arabia by the House of Saud began. For over a century this dynasty have consolidated and widened their power base.

The horoscope for the dawn raid shows the rulership Sun rising at the horoscope Ascendant, and tied to the planet of royalty, Jupiter, in the controlling sign of Capricorn. This horoscope is also tied closely into the revolutionary Uranus Pluto cycle due to reactivate from mid 2012.

But the roots of a new revolution go back to the late 80’s and the founding of the Sunni based Al-Queda network. It marked the rise of the enigmatic Saudi rebel leader Osama bin-Laden as the planet of underground change, Pluto, moved over the desert kingdom's administrative Midheaven.

During 1994 and 1995, as insurgent Uranus and sacrificial Neptune joined the Saudi Sun Jupiter, bin Laden issued a fatwa on the US, and their supporters – including the Saud royal family. As a result bin Laden had his citizenship stripped. But in 2004/05 as Saturn opposed the Sun/Jupiter of the Kingdom, Arabia experienced homeland terrorist attacks courtesy of Al-Qaeda rebels.

The fall of the House of Saud may well occur by 2020, with revolutionary Uranus reaching the base of the Saudi Kingdom horoscope and eruptive Pluto crossing the Ascendant-Sun-Pluto. Rebel movements in the preceding years will pave the way.

In 2012 testing Saturn will again affect the Saudi Sun-Jupiter and be joined by eruptive Mars mid-August. That, combined with Neptune opposing the Kingdom’s Venus suggests that difficult economic decisions, or loss, can bring greater volatility from the second half of 2012.


The revolutionary energy of Uranus in the pioneering sign of Aries is not exclusive to the Middle East. The USA is experiencing its own mini revolution with the ‘Occupy Wall St’ movement that began on September 17 2011 at 3 pm in New York. The horoscope of that moment is extremely powerful and appropriate for forcing change. Also Londoner’s were terrorized with street rioting that spread to other English towns highlighting the disconnect between the authorities and the populace.

Uranus looks for new ways of expression and tests the boundary's of freedom. Pluto unearths simmerring discontent. Issues of inequality are about to be addressed in a similar spectacular manner as they were in the 60's. On the individual level we can utilse this to fast track positive change in your own lives, wherever stagnation and fear have stifled our own exhiliration for life.

Thanks for your support throughout this year. The site continues to grow thanks to your interest. I wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2012 . May the force be with you!

For those interested in exploring the predictive potential of political astrology even more, there is a massive page containing over 50,000 words on my weekly summations and predictions on all the events of 2011 as well right here on this website.

Copyright – Ed Tamplin December 31 2011

Horoscopes utilising 'The Book of World Horoscopes' by Nicholas Campion - published by The Wessex Astrologer.

































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