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I do readings for people all over the world from my Sydney Australia base. We just have to configure a mutually agreed time. Note for my US clientele that this is usually of an evening and I am reading the next calendar date in Australia.

Why a reading - well it explains the big questions for you. A personal reading will tell you where the planets are moving over the next few years, describing developing trends. It's entirely unique - your cosmic fingerprint.

Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a proper consultation is worth a thousand computed reports. Some people can spend a lifetime getting to know themselves - but an alternative answer is to have an in depth astrology reading. Knowledge is self-empowerment, and awareness the mechanism of creating real life change.

The eminent psychologist Carl Jung described astrology as 'the sum of psychological knowledge from antiquity'. But astrology goes further - it also forecasts "where planets are headed far into the future". Astrology can also explain the nuances of relationship, through chart comparison and synastry. Relocational astrology explains the changing cosmic energies of different locations for you.

A personal reading will begin by synthesizing the main points revealing your greater potentials, as well as learning paths. It will address your concerns in the moment.

Equally importantly it can clearly explain current influences along with those planetary conditions currently unfolding. Key times at which your major life events have transpired may also be examined. This will provide a richer wholistic undersatnding.

The entire consultation is recorded for your continued future reference. It may be conducted in person, via phone link, or Skype. All consultations are necessarily conducted under the auspices that any actions taken consequent to the reading are entirely the client's responsibilities.

The cost of a reading is only $130, (phone charges may add to that slightly depending upon your location) which covers the prior preparation and the full one-hour consultation time. Paypal is slightly higher at $135. I have pegged my fees at this economical rate for the last seven years.

Birth details required are your full name at birth, place, date and time - if available. It's important to fully explore your chart, prior to the consultation.

Payment is by cheque, money order, cash or Paypal to

- accurate, detailed, comprehensive

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or Snail Mail:

Ed Tamplin

PO Box 508

Riverwood NSW 2210


Ed Tamplin is a Sydney-based astrologer of over twenty years professional experience, with a unique understanding of both the spiritual and practical message behind the planets and signs. His fascination for astrology began at age ten, and has been a lifelong study ever since. He is past Vice-President of the Astrology Association of NSW, and the Sydney Astrological Research Society.

For eleven years Ed was heard every Saturday night on 2GB's Steve Murphy Show, which quickly became Sydney's top rating program in its timeslot. Even when station ratings were low, the program was at cruising at the top of the tree, pulling one in every five listeners from 10 p.m. Ed has also appeared on Channel Nine's "A Current Affair", Seven's 'Today Tonight" and quoted in national newspapers and media outlets.

An internationally published writer, Ed has written extensively for leading astrological publications such as the International Society for Astrological Research, StarIq, Astrolog, Your Destiny and Astrological Monthly Review. He also authors a regular current affairs and predictive column for the Federation of Australian Astrologers quarterly journal.

Between consultations, Ed combines a busy media schedule with public lectures and teaching at the Sirius School of Astrology.











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