October 26 2005 - November 24 2006

The ancient Celtic festival that is now Halloween marked a time where the gates of the underworld opened and spirits mixed with humans in the corporeal world. It was a magical celebration of life and death. Just as the life giving Sun traveled to the netherlands on its wintry southern sojourn, so did the souls of those who had perished with it. Ahead were the days of the long nights and as increasing darkness engulfed his world, man dealt with the darkness of his soul. Ghosts and ghouls, fairies and elves frequented the woods, and hidden places. This primeval belief in the magic and mystery, makes Halloween a most enchanting time.

The celebration takes place each year with the Sun appropriately in the astrological sign of birth and death - Scorpio. And this year, just days before Halloween, the king of planets Jupiter, will enter the same sign.

Like the goblins and ghouls, those gifted with Jupiter in Scorpio, have been extremely successful at scaring others out of their wits. Horror writer Stephen King is a frightening example, selling over 100 million books, dealing with the supernatural such as Salem’s Lot, The Shining, Pet Cemetery and the more recent Dark Tower series.

Alfred Hitchcock, the acknowledged master of film suspense was another who utilised the fear factor to create a string of mystery thrillers, culminating in the cult classic Psycho. And the list goes on with Linda Blair, of Exorcist fame, to the black humor of Vincent Price, playing a collage of macabre characters ranging from undertakers to mad doctors.

But what is the underlying principle here? Scorpio is the most intense sign. It conjures up our deepest fears, as we deal with our psychological black hole of vulnerability. Only by facing these uncertainties do we gain mastery over ourselves. Scorpio, the archetypal sign of birth and death, works at the subterranean levels of survival. Fear of the dark is a childhood condition. Jupiter, the renowned guru, shows that whilst there is an innate wisdom in treating the unknown with respectful caution, only by shining a torch into our own abyss do we reveal our greater potential.

Understanding that most of our fear is a belief system, and having Jupiter, the king of wisdom, expand our knowledge beyond the fear factor, is the difference between sailing off the end of the world, and sending a rocket to, Scorpio's modern ruler, Pluto. Knowledge conquers fear, just as light evaporates darkness.

The alternative is living in ignorance. Jupiter in Scorpio wasn’t limited to celluloid psychos. Real life ones, like serial killer Ted Bundy, made darkness a reality. Instead of evolving beyond the certainty of death, he reveled in it. Charles Manson was another caught in the base chakra of a Jupiter in Scorpio placement. The key to this is transmutation, turning the base metal into the philosopher's stone.

One who varied between both worlds was the renowned occultist Aliester Crowley. Showing a developed sense of Jupiterian humor, Crowley modestly claimed to be the Devil incarnate and wore the numbers 666 across his forehead. But true to the spiritual mentor that is Jupiter, he rose to prominence as a leading esoteric teacher. Crowley was at one time head of the Golden Dawn, a gathering of occultists drawn from the European glitterati.

Like Crowley, the ‘guru’ quality of Jupiter, placed in hypnotic Scorpio, has the potential to produce the most magnetic cult leaders. Former used car salesmen, Werner Erhard, proved a true Phoenix from the ashes, as he began an obsessional crusade across the world changing others, and becoming an instant millionaire in the process. His trademarked EST self change workshops eventually led to the blatantly scorpionic business name of Transformational Technologies.

Even more influential than Erhard was metaphysician Ron L. Hubbard. Hubbard’s seminal work ‘Dianetics’ became the ‘bible’ of the new Church of Scientology. His reprogramming became a worldwide cult, with many of the rich and famous hopping aboard. More recently, Deepak Chopra is another of the newage gurus assisted by a Jupiter in Scorpio placement. These people are about change, at a deep level, and they took what Jupiter in Scorpio offered personally.

Jupiter in Scorpio over the next year will provide the same transformational energy on a universal level, that anyone can tap into. But keep in mind that Scorpio doesn't do things by half measure. This has to be an all or nothing approach. Commitment and absolution is what we're talking about.

Pick a fear…any fear. Sounds like a game doesn't it! You might call it Survivor! But it's only by changing those anxieties and vulnerabilities that we grow (Jupiter) and are reborn (Scorpio) to ourselves. Underneath every guru's success story is the fact that change is inevitable. As inevitable as the Sun rising on tomorrow. Life just doesn't exist without it.

One who was many Suns ahead was Jules Verne, the greatest science fiction writer of all. He stretched imagination to its farthest limits, with his prophetic writings of submarines, space travel, and time machines. Verne wasn't limited by the anxiety of sailing off the edge of the world. Quite the opposite. Today as Jupiter re-enters this domain we witness the beginnings of privatised space travel.

With Jupiter transiting Scorpio, a young Mary Shelley conceived the idea of an artificial human and the legend of Frankenstein was born. By 1934, again with Jupiter in Scorpio, organs were kept alive outside the body for the first time, which led to Barney Clark being the first human to live on an artificial heart in 1982, again with Jupiter in Scorpio. Death, the greatest limitation of them all, was showing its vulnerability.

When Howard Carter peered incredulously into the time capsule of Tutenkhamen's tomb, death and life met as one. Three thousand years plus met in an eyeblink. And from it we learnt much about man's deepest fears and greatest hopes. We are sure to encounter these subjects, more than most, from October 26 2005 until November 24 2006. Jupiter in Scorpio will give new meaning, to once taboo subjects, and faith and understanding will grow out of superstition and fear. And we can all learn, like Carter, that it only takes an eyeblink, just one single moment to change a life for eternity. With Jupiter in Scorpio, when do you start?

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