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AQUARIUS Horoscope

February 2016 ...

Your birthday month is always a time of personal initiative – at least from the cosmic perspective. This is the time you should really be making your New Year resolutions – during your personal new year. Dependent upon your birth date those plans will vary. Some of the influences below will tend to color the next twelve months.

Birthdays around January 24 will be brought more into the spotlight. This year the magnetic pull of the solar light and its lunar refection suggests that relationships should play a major role. People will be more aware of you, just as you are more sensitive to the attraction of new affiliations. You are seeing things more clearly and from both angles. A year of bringing things to fulfillment.

If your birthday is closer to January the 27th then mental pursuits and studies can be keeping you busy. You combine the curiosity of Mercury with the deep probing insight of Pluto. It’s hard to keep a secret from such an investigative mind. Psychology and other deep subjects may hold great appeal. Deep and honest communication will get to the heart of the matter.

Birthdays around the very beginning of February can be eyeing career change, or find fulfillment through professional ambitions. Some of your ideas will be ahead of their time, but you must also avoid a tendency to be too fixed in your opinions. But this can be a year of radical change to your own thinking and is great for scientific work or technological studies. The challenge is to stay on track with diverse interests.

Birthdays on or by February 7 have their Sun squaring assertive Mars. This brings competition to the table although you should also guard against overly impulsive moves. This can also be a year of experimentation in relationship or mixing with a new social group. This is another birth window that favors communication, studies and writing or media involvement.

If you’re born closer to February 10 then relationships should figure prominently. Commercial interests can also pay off now, and it benefits to investigate investment opportunity, as you can be turning potential into money. The important lesson is to know when to hold on and when to let go, especially where property is involved.

Birthdays around February 15 may also be concerned with property or living space, but more from the family angle. This is more about finding your place in the world.

Your journey now isn’t only about seeing the road ahead. Sometimes you’ve got to be paying attention to your rear vision mirrors. That’s an analogy that’s extremely important. It’s not so much what’s in front of you that counts, as much as what may be happening either behind the scenes. In this way you cannot be blindsided and are more aware of your position. Confidentiality may be extra important in the early part of the month, like keeping a trade secret. Relationships require extra privacy.

The Full Moon of the 23rd occurs in the area of your solar chart connected to loans, debt, and investments. This financial focus is really about balancing the red and the black, with hopefully the latter showing more promise.

Money aside it’s where you pool your skills and talents with others for mutual benefit, and ensure you are getting a reasonable return. The concentration on this interchange suits everything from buy swap and sells to recycling.

A little advice. You do have nebulous Neptune in your house of assets and earning capacity and the Sun meets it at the end of the month. There can be a tendency to be somewhat blasé regarding the fine details around money when these two combine.

There is a tendency to believe what one wants to. Or worse still believe what somebody else wants you to. That’s when your assets can do a disappearing act. To avoid the Houdini effect – exercise extra discrimination. Or, if you insist on giving something away – make it to those who are deserving of your charity.

The Air Moon is putting your heart in synch with your head (AEDT) from the evening of the 7th until the evening of the 9th, the early hours of the 16th until the dawn of the 18th and from the morning of the 25th until the late evening of the 27th.

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