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ARIES Horoscope

November 2015 ...

This is the time of discovering both the strength and weakness of your support systems – the people and the organizations around you. No-one is an island. In various ways we are dependent upon others, be it via emotional involvement, financial dealings or other co-operative collaborations. You’re becoming more aware of not only the benefits, but also the liabilities or extent, of your dependencies. November is about achieving the healthy balance.

A strong work ethic is a must for November. Utilize this time for getting things done - taking care of the essentials. It also suits a new approach to health and fitness. Your ruling planet, energetic Mars, moves through service orientated Virgo and along with with Venus it can even invoke a labor of love. The first week is a positive time for implementing work and routine changes. Having your relationship rulers together by sign should promote harmony on the job, or even romance on the workfront or from the workout.

The deep understanding that loved ones never truly leave us may come through in unusual ways early in the second week. A time of bonding, developing trust and finding who you genuinely connect with. New relationships take the next step and uncertain alliances face crisis points, as Venus opposes your sign. The New Moon of the 12th in transformative Scorpio hardly does things by half measures. It’s ideal for reviewing financial decisions, loans, legacies or debt consolidation. Look to clarify agreements or business decisions around the 18th, as mercenary Mercury meets the Sun in your money zone.

From the mid-month period your ruling planet Mars is spicing up your house of allies and enemies. The pro-active red planet is bound to evoke the competitor in you as well as deliver added motivation via contacts. Mars stirs fiery passion subliminally and it’s what you’re looking for in others. Throw magnetic Venus into the mix and relationships can get rather interesting across the second half of the month. Especially around the 24th with the love planet meets eccentric Uranus. That’s when meeting people and doing things ‘with a difference’ counts.

Mercury the winged messenger ignites your travel house from the 21st and the Sun moves in from the 23rd. It’s not just holidaymakers that benefit through this, but also those with business travel in mind. Both have booked a date with serious Saturn before the month is out. That Full Moon of the 26th will throw further light on those arrangements as well as help with favors from people in positions of authority. November is other people orientated for you, but with an objective purpose in mind.

The Fire Moon adds welcome warmth to your emotional life (AEDT) from the 2nd until the early afternoon of the 5th, from the 13th until midday of the 15th, throughout the 22nd and 23rd and from midday of the 30th onward.

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Your free monthly November horoscopes are based on the general Aries sun or rising sign.

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