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CANCER Horoscope

December 2014 ...

As a Cancer you’re about as organized as how you feel. That’s not normally the greatest way to be organized. But this month you’ll need to be. Plan ahead! Otherwise you’ll find that life comes crashing in around you when you least expect it. What’s new, you’re asking? Late last month was setting the pattern. Hopefully you’re getting better at turning chaos into order. Your mission is not so impossible – as much as taking you out of your comfort zone.

There is an old axiom that extols the devil in the detail. It’s like tying shoelaces. Nothing will trip you up easier than overhanging loose ends. The things you meant to do and didn’t. They’re the stone in the shoe you don’t need right now. The work you’re putting in to correct that can have beneficial effects by the Full Moon of the 6th and across the latter part of December

The planets are overwhelmingly in the western – other people related – hemisphere of your solar chart. It suggests you’re more dependent upon the co-operation or good will of those around you. This makes you more sensitive to and affected by the nuances of relationship. Although December has a working flavor, it does favor working relationships.

Congenial Venus linking in with eternal flame Vesta brings beneficial or loving associates during the mid month period. Around the 21st and New Moon coming in by the 22nd offers more the roller coaster and the best time to make necessary changes. The end of the month represents greater connection or new initiatives involving others. For some it will bring fresh people into the picture.

Work is fine providing you’re chunking it down into manageable portions. One thing at a time! You may be more popular than you thought around the start of the month. Money can be another thing again. Maybe it’s time you changed your financial approach to foster new growth ideas. After the 9th gives you time to mull over the strategies.

Health is something most people don’t really notice until it’s gone. But for you nurturance is absolutely vital during December, and especially at the start. Paying extra attention to your well-being is the right thing to do. It can be a month of changing habits or getting the necessary fix. It’s also ideal for adopting a new health routine or discipline. For some it will mark a beneficial healing or working adjustment.

The Water Moon brings emotional rewards (AEST) from the 8th through to the early afternoon of the 10th, the 18th until the morning of the 20th and from the mid-afternoon of the 26th until the early evening of the 28th.

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