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July 2014 ...

The current lunar cycle, affecting from late last month, is emphasizing the relationship area of your life. The influence or input of other people may now have a significant bearing on the decisions you are making. It may be that you have come as far as you can on something and now need mutual involvement. Possibly the changes people around you are making are also having a larger impact on your own situation. Either way it’s time to look at your principle alliances in a new light, something that will be obvious by the Full Moon of the 12th. Any new arrangements look to be set in place by the following New Moon of the 27th.

Expansive Jupiter has also been spotlighting your relationship zone over the last year. Jupiter may coincide with others becoming more ambitious, or put you in touch with people who have big ideas on the future. Jupiter is now moving into your area of shared resources. This can bring bounty through your associations and is frequently the signal of a business arrangement or travel partnership. The overall effect is that you have been learning through the enthusiasm or entrepreneurial ideas of those around you.

The emphasis involving affiliations will grow with the entry of businesslike Mercury and congenial Venus adding to the action from the 13th and 19th respectively, as they move into your relationship sector. Mercury has been backtracking and spending longer than usual in the area connected with regular routine, work schedules and health. There may be unresolved issues here, but Mercury’s direct motion from the start of this month should provide greater clarity and resolution regarding any concerns, especially from the 19th.

The early part of the month, between the 4th to 10th, is vital if you’re planning home changes. Since 2010, when unsettled Uranus landed in your domestic sector, living conditions have been subject to greater fluctuations. This suits travel, relocation or even renovation, but can be frustrating if you’ve been trying to establish regularity. Again these changes may involve other people either moving in, or moving out. Finally, the importance of July can boil down to these new arrangements in business and/or personal relationship to others.

The Earth Moon is nurturing your emotional ties (AEST) from the morning of the 2nd until the evening of the 4th, from midday of the 11th until the mid afternoon of the 13th, from the early evening of the 19th and 20th and 21st inclusive and the mid afternoon of the 29th onward.

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