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July 2015 ...

If life is about evolutionary change then perhaps you have embraced this principle better than any other sign since 2008. Pluto will be getting a lot of press this month as the spaceship New Horizons takes some revealing shot. But new horizons is precisely what you’ve had little choice but to experience as you’ve felt the impact of this game changer. It’s created the biggest paradigm shift for Capricorn since the early 90’s.

The metaphorical planet of life and death has mean saying goodbye to a major area of your life. Whether that is in relationship or retrenchment the effect is the same. It is as if you are rebuilding yourself on some level. The object is to eventually emerge stronger, more powerful and resilient to life’s vicissitudes. Pluto’s rites of passage may have stripped some things to the bare minimum. But July can bring financial rewards, or something owing to you coming through.

The area of your solar chart highlighted at the very start of July is that of relationship. You are changing now via your association to others. Events may have already triggered some of this transformation. Now, more than ever you see the extent of that change. From late June the Sun and Mars have moved into opposition with your sign. Birthdays around January 5 will feel this more than most. It will test the limits of both co-operation and competition.

There are specific dates to note, notably the Full Moon of the 2nd, and the Sun opposition to Pluto of the 7th. But perhaps it’s the New Moon of the 16th when communicative Mercury and assertive Mars oppose Pluto that allows a clearing of the air, or valuable breakthrough. The upside is coming together – where working together and mutual recognition forges much deeper relationships. The downside is enmity and separation - to see the other merely as a competitor.

Why this is so important now is that you will find out so much about yourself by your reactions and choices. What is bubbling to the surface now can be that which you’ve suppressed in the past as purgative Pluto is dispensing with the superfluous. You may also encounter those who, through their penetrating insight, or depth of emotion, can deeply transform your relationship life. Birthdays on, or near January 19, may be recommitting to something in July. Nothing is by half measures, which is why this is so effective.

The Earth Moon optimizes your emotional life (AEST) from the evening of the 1st until the late evening of the 3rd, dawn of the 10th until the mid-morning of the 12th, mid-morning of the 19th until the late evening of the 21st, and the 29th until the morning of the 31st.

To obtain your own detailed personal horoscope, or organise a personal consultation, or report from astrologer Ed Tamplin click here for details.Your free monthly July horoscopes are based on the general Capricorn sun sign.

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