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December 2016 ...

It can be time to ease up on something that you've been working assiduously toward. Note the term is ease up – not give up! You could have done enough on this one for the moment. Now is the time to simply watch the wheels you've set in motion and see where those prior efforts propel you.

It’s kind of like watching a snowball roll downhill gathering own momentum. Pushing it any harder won’t help. It’s already well on its way. Some situations in your life are at a similar phase. The die has been cast and you just have to see it through, but sometimes there’s not a lot you can do to change the outcome.

That doesn’t make you powerless. It just means you can relax for a while and let it be. You may still work on things behind the scenes. In fact this is a good time for doing just that. It’s like planting seeds. You don’t expect then to surface right away. Everything is germinating of its own accord.

You may also be clearing the decks for any new starts. The clearing energy is necessary to give space for the new to be born. Determine what has run its course, or what you no longer need. Cast of the cobwebs of yesterday and yesteryear. As 2016 winds down, ensure you do the same. December, at least the first three weeks can be your time of rejuvenation.

The Sun meets your ruling planet Saturn in your house of relinquishment by the 10th and the Full Moon will illuminate exactly what you need to let go of by the 14th. It can be time to move on from that unsatisfying job, or move from an unsupportive environment. Or simply to just have a temporary break where you can.

Value planet Venus is moving into your money zone from the 8th, which can help pick up your financial situation or provide some new inspirations or opportunities. Venus hooks in nicely with rewarding Jupiter immediately after Christmas. As Jupiter is now in your career house this may be opening new professional opportunities, or indicate rewarding community involvement toward the end of the year.

Mercury heads retro in your sign from the 19th and this affects you personally. It backtracks just prior to meeting transformative Pluto. It can be that you’re just about to make a major change and then you, for whatever reason, decide to stop and go over this one carefully.

Take your time. That’s what retro periods are about. You will have a breakthrough on this around the 29th when a New Moon with Mercury occurs. You should be clear by January 9 and full speed ahead by the end of that month.

Pro-active Mars moves into your house of information and communication also on the 19th. This suits getting a lot busier with your correspondence later in the month and networking with those of like mind. Mars in this house is well disposed to your sign and will help attract motivated people around you.

Lastly keep in mind that most of the planets now occupy the eastern- self-driven side of your solar chart. A time of acting for your own sake and also one which too much dependence on others can be counter productive.

The Earth Moon is supplying emotional support and opportunity (AEDT) from the evening of the 1st until the dawn of the 4th, the 11th and 12th, from the predawn of the 19th until early afternoon of the 21st and from the 29th until noon of the 31st.

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