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March 2017 ...

Under the prevailing eclipse cycle, continuing for much of March, no news isn't good news. There is a connective energy surrounding this cycle, bent on putting you in touch, updating information and gaining new understandings. The keyword is communication and keeping all channels open.

You may be dealing with an increase of correspondence, important meetings or conversations. Keep a flexible outlook, as things can be changing daily. Education, particularly short course and workshops, are in season. Technology has a role to play here.

From March 4 Venus will retrace its steps through the foundational area of your solar chart. This is intimately connected to your inner world – your home family and private life. And when we think foundations (Venus is actually at the base of your sun-sign chart) we think security.

The retro timing may reflect on you reviewing living conditions, support and dealing more with family, or those in your inner clique. There may be a repeat reality regarding the events of 2009. Sometimes looking back can better prepare you to move forward.

There may also be ramifications regarding your career, especially if you’re starting a new one, or planning to. The dates of March 18 when Venus unites with messenger Mercury, or the 25th, when it meets the expressive Sun offer added insight.

It’s not only about modifying the home, changing a parental situation or family here. It’s involved with where and how you feel at home in the world. A different sense of belonging will often accompany Venus moving through the underside of your chart. There is more forward momentum from next April 15.

The Full Moon of the 12th illuminates your ninth house of expansive plans, self-improvement and long distance associations or travel. People at a distance may have a greater impact here. There is an educational feel about his mid month period. It opens your eyes on future possibilities. Consider opportunity carefully. It may involve taking a chance but then that's what progress is about. Going somewhere that you've already been won't cut it, unless you do it in an entirely different manner.

The Earth Moon sustains your emotional world (AEDT) from the evening of the 2nd until the late evening of the 4th and from the mid-morn of the 11th until the late afternoon of the 13th, the 21st until early afternoon of the 23rd and from the 30th onward.

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