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Apologies as due to an recurrence of a medical condition I cannot update the February horoscopes at this time.

January 2017 ...

There is no better time in the year to get moving on new initiatives than now, the beginning of your own personal year. The Sun, now back in Capricorn, both empowers and re-energizes you. It’s time to rediscover your central purpose. The recent December 29 New Moon had a definite intellectual flavor. Birthdays nearby can either find themselves in the news, well sought after, or interested in study courses or business projects.

2017 can be a stellar year for achievement. The king planet sits atop your solar chart. You find rewards through community related work, professional growth and expanding your vocational potential. For some this will also involve a home change or relocation. For others it can mean modernizing your work approach so that it accommodates working more from your home base.

Not all Capricorns are the same, as different birthdays can spell a unique focus. Those born around January 6 may be concentrating more on home and family and building on emotional security. You will have a concentrated focus throughout the year, enabling you to make enormous changes, but sometimes must guard against being too obsessive.

Those around the Full Moon of the 12th can be propelled into the spotlight with new group associates. Exposure and relationships will be key factors in your progress. Life can change at a moments notice here. Job, home…but it’s all expansive in the long run.

Projects considered around your last birthday are up for evaluation, especially around this mid-month period. Birthdays near the very end of the sign – January 19 – may also find this a year of career kudos, although it will be reward for a well-spent effort.

Mars continues its journey through your house of information and correspondence. Networking can get busy. It’s also likely you’re meeting new people through your social contacts and Internet communications. Some of this has a practical component; some is just pure escapist pleasure, especially around the 13th.

The New Moon of the 28th falls in your money zone. It’s here you find what the pay-off is, or demand your pound of flesh. This favors fresh business initiatives and is a time to concentrate on your assets and earning potential. It’s putting a practical spin on all your activities. Can be like – show me the money.

The Earth Moon is putting you in your emotional element (AEDT) from the morning of the 7th until the mid-morning of the 9th, from the mid afternoon of the 17th until the late afternoon of the 17th and from the morning of the 25th until the evening of the 27th.

To obtain your own detailed personal horoscope or look at the years ahead, organise a personal consultation, or report from astrologer Ed Tamplin click here for details.Your free monthly January horoscopes are based on the general Capricorn sun sign.

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