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GEMINI Horoscope

November 2015 ...

Constancy is the key to creating effective and lasting change in your life. No amount of enthusiastic affirmations can replace the diligence of sticking to the plan – day in day out. November is the month where you discover not only that any journey begins with a single step, but also that it will only advance by repeating the steps. There are some real tortoise and hare lessons to be absorbed over the next few weeks.

Nothing is by chance. The universe works to a pattern. There is an established order. Keep this in mind as this is your organizational month. Wherever matters have slipped into a chaotic uncertainty you will work harder to restore balance and assurance. Your ruler, mindful Mercury, is now figuratively putting your shoulder to the wheel in a work orientated fashion. The stitch in time literally saves nine. It does no harm to be critical when your attention to detail is actually your savior.

Routine is great when it works and playing to the proven game plan usually ensures a fair percentage of success. But still seasons change and not every game is the same. That’s where you must find the healthy balance between the predictable and the spontaneous. Too many rules or controls can kill the fun, or undermine your motivation. The New Moon of the 12th provides the platform for the perfect planner. Changing habitual behavior, or how you've handled a situation, or even your line of work is easier now than before.

The overall benefits of your actions will be see in time but health is one obvious area of positive influence. Good health is something easily taken for granted until it goes missing. And often that can be traced to a cumulative effect. There is even the argument that inherited conditions have their behavioral component. The vitality of the Sun coming to the messenger Mercury around the 18th can bring breakthroughs for you regarding your health and well-being.

The final week of November features a Full Moon in your sign, right across the relationship axis of your solar chart. This one is about expelling some illusions around others. Its opposition to realistic Saturn brings greater clarity and draws a clear dividing line between the true and the superficial. Take note especially if your birthday falls around the end of May.

The Air Moon acts as an emotional booster (AEDT) from the early hours of the 8th until the mid-afternoon of the 10th, from the evening of the 17th until near midnight of the 19th, and from the early hours of the 26th until the dawn of the 28th.

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Disclaimer - The information and astrological interpretations at this site are purely for recreational reading. They are not meant to replace intelligent decision making on behalf of the reader, nor assume responsibility for the reader's life choices. All website information is offered entirely free, and purely under that common understanding.

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