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LEO Horoscope

July 2015 ...

In a world obsessed with acquisition sometimes it helps to think of the reverse. That’s the message for you during July, starting with the Full Moon of the 2nd. Whenever we are tied to our own obsessions the solution lies in undoing them. You may be getting the call to declutter on all levels. As Venus, the planet of real worth, now joins Jupiter, the planet of abundance, you can still get what you want. But not without you making room for it.

The Venus Jupiter union is especially important for Leos born around the middle of August. Magnetic Venus has been in your sign since the first week of June. Your personal values are undergoing important evolutionary changes. This may also impact on your finances and it’s worthwhile to look back eight years – to 2006 – for further clues. You may be replaying some scenarios here and sealing unfinished business.

Although Venus temporarily exits Leo from July 18, it will turn retrograde on the 26th and then reenter the lion’s den at the very end of the month, remaining until October 8. The elongated stay of Venus is the ideal time to review relationships and how you live out your Venus. Remember this is the planet of art and aesthetics, as well as beauty and attraction. Your self-image, your self worth and how you relate are a big part of this Venus visit.

For most of the month your ruler the Sun, along with Mars will be moving through the subconscious and spiritual zone of your solarscope. Your intuition and dreams deliver breakthroughs, especially around the New Moon of the 16th. Real liberation can come from understanding your own self-undoing. You will conserve your energy and sleep more calmly by not holding onto negative or distracting thoughts.

Adopt a minimalist philosophy of quality not quantity. The message is in having the courage to change what you can and having the wisdom to let be what you can’t. Health maintenance is important now, especially where it concerns chronic conditions or those exacerbated by habitual lifestyle. Healing is helped through understanding how your thoughts create your realities and being willing to let go of unwanted habits or behavioral patterns.

The Fire Moon ignites your emotional life on (AEST) morning on the 8th and 9th, and on the 17th until the mid morning of the 19th, and from the late evening of the 26th and throughout the 27th and 28th.

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