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LEO Horoscope

January 2015 ...

Last year should have been one that opened some new doors as the planet of personal expansion – Jupiter – began moving through Leo. It will be doing the same until mid August 2015. This can be a good time to reflect on your life in the 2002-03 period, noting what important shifts were made then, especially those that coincided with a changing philosophy on your life. Jupiter often coincides with an educational overhaul and is certainly delivering up options and opportunity again. Some of those options will become a lot clearer by April.

Meanwhile, closer to home you’re trying to map out a game plan. The late December and even early January period can represent a very busy time. You can be clearing up a lot of loose ends here and balancing diverse responsibilities. There’s the chance that you can be so tied up with these tasks or implied duties that you have little time for yourself. For our own well-being, and better health, you will need to chunk it down – one thing at a time. If you haven’t already done that you certainly will next time around.

There’s a genuine reason for de-stress rather than distress. The planetary emphasis is also highlighting your health zone and that means getting your life back into balance. The Full Moon around the 4th and 5th is the time to concentrate on your own inner peace, rather than getting caught up in the dramas of others. A refreshing break or getaway would be ideal. Venus moves into your relationship zone after the 4th and remains all month with the 15th and 20th the standout dates. Partners, friends and allies can be playing a more supportive role as the month progresses.

Communicative Mercury is spending an extensive time in your partnership zone, turning retro on the 22nd and meeting your ruler the Sun on the 31st. This may lead to extended dialogue or preface important meetings, appointments, discussions and information exchange. Mercury’s retro motion in your house of relationship signifies getting something right and two heads can be better than one.

Saturn’s long-term movement into your house of innovation combines discipline with your own creativity. You may also find yourself acting a teacher for others, especially younger people and there could be increased responsibility attached to children. Exercise some patience with any of these endeavors as Saturn’s return into Scorpio mid year means that some things may not work out first time around. However, they will if you stay the course.

The Fire Moon ignites your passions (AEDT) from the late evening of the 6th until the mid-morning of the 9th, from the evening of the 16th and throughout the 17th and 18th and 25th and 26th.

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