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LEO Horoscope

Apologies as due to an recurrence of a medical condition I cannot update the February horoscopes at this time.

January 2017 ...

It’s endemic to human nature to look for the easy way. There are plenty of simple guides to mastering just about anything. But as anyone who has really mastered anything will tell you – there is no easy way.

When you listen to an artist perform, you’re also hearing the result of countless hours of practice. When you marvel at athletic skill, it’s not from the ‘three easy steps’ coaching manual. Mastery takes time, focus and application. And often a certain amount of self-denial. So what has that to do with you now?

Basically it’s about work and getting your affairs, home, career or whatever you’re focused on – in order. Since the December 29 New Moon cycle began this has been the focus. It means you have to get serious, lay out a game plan, set yourself a schedule and stick to it.

The joy will come in the sure and steady progress that you make. But you have to start somewhere. Wishing and hoping aren’t going to make it happen. If you find it hard getting motivated then hook in with someone who is dedicated. Get to appreciate a a perfectionist. There can be certain wisdom in their meticulous approach for you now. January has a genuine work ethic attached.

Health may be a concern if you’ve been stretching your limits. The vital Sun, along with a retro Mercury and persistent Pluto all begin the month in your house of health and well-being. They’re saying that health is attached to habit, and habit determines the way we function.

Again we reflect back to pattern and routine here. If something is not working, then it’s time for a different approach. The junction of Mercury to Pluto at the end of the month will emphasize that. But there’s also plenty to like about the current planetary pattern.

They’re a major plus for anything involving new and different interests, academic studies, travel associations and legal affairs. Also for the purchase of new technology or electronic equipment. The Full Moon around January 12 can be bringing this to fruition and increasingly so for the mid August born.

One thing you may have to watch is the tendency to be over generous with your resources. This involves creating boundaries with other people who may want to lean on you, especially in the financial sense. Competitive Mars and values planet Venus and both join hazy Neptune on the 1st and 13th respectively. Curb the credit over reach.

After the 20th, the relating side of your solar chart comes alive. It’s in these areas that the New Moon of the 29th favours increased involvement with close ones and doing something different with a partner…including finding one if you’re traveling solo.

The Fire Moon positively ignites your emotional life (AEDT) from the 5th until the morning of the 7th, midday of the 13th until early afternoon of the 15th and late evening of the 22nd until the early morning of the 25th.

To obtain your own detailed personal horoscope or look at your future years organise a personal consultationwith astrologer Ed Tamplin click here for details.Your free monthly January horoscopes are based on the general Leo sun sign.

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