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LIBRA Horoscope

May 2016 ...

The vital Sun, aesthetic Venus and mindful Mercury all now move through an area that medieval astrologers referred to as the house of death and transmutation. This represents the bridge between different worlds, like the eagle leaving its nest. It’s bringing you to the crossroads of a situation where choosing one way leads to the metaphorical death of the other.

In ancient cultures there were elaborate ceremonies and rituals dedicated to the coming of age, or ascending through the orders of the tribe. They involved implicit trust on both sides, the taking of oaths and the creation of lifelong bonds. In some ways this can be an analogy of your life in May.

The New Moon of the 7th spotlights this transformational area of your solar chart. It will simultaneously occurs in a supportive angle to the lord of the underworld in Pluto. In your relationship life this represents commitment or absolution. It usually accompanies greater emotional intensity as your alliances go through some sort of testing of the bond.

New relationships will grow if each partner shares similar values. Alternatively they may fracture if there are abject differences in life goals or ongoing inequality within the alliance. Existing relationship will deepen, usually coming closer through some kind of challenge. How well each individual cares and shares for the other will be the ultimate litmus test.

In professional and business relationships it is asking how reliably can you call on another’s resources, when you most need them? Also what is expected of you in the partnership and what are the mutual benefits of the union? Loans and investments also come under these auspices because they bind you to others. The mid month period when transactional Mercury meets valuable Venus would be one period where benefits or legacies are more likely.

As Mercury is the planet of commerce, and backtracking through your house of shared values, May can be an important month for traders. It’s also useful for garage sales, recycling goods and buying and selling overall. With Mercury in reverse mode you may be renegotiating a sale or purchase. It’s productive too for reviewing and changing important investment portfolios. Anything really that involves making a deal.

Whilst the objective is to strengthen support bases, you may also be eliminating vulnerabilities. Sometimes leaving the nest involves cutting and moving on. So Mercury’s retro motion can also involve literally divorcing yourself from situations that are draining, emotionally or financially. The mercurial one moving direct from the 22nd with an accompanying Full Moon can expedite any of this.

Mars and Saturn are the black hat planets involving what we would prefer not to deal with, but cannot ignore. They currently affect sibling relationships and neighbors. There may be some delays or difficulties involving either. But the good news is that these events are leading to a better outcome eventually, so be patient.

The Air Moon aligns thought and feeling beautifully for you (AEST) on the 1st, additionally on the 8th and 9th, from the 17th until the late afternoon of the 19th and from the 27th through to the morning of the 29th.

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