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LIBRA Horoscope

April 2016 ...

April is the month opposing that of your sign. It’s as far around the zodiacal circle that you can go before you start returning back again. Therefore it will involve opposites. Some that will follow the universal law of attraction and some which you will seek to separate yourself from. It’s a month of balance and judgment, although rebalance is probably the better word.

The New Moon of the 7th will hold particular relevance and especially for birthdays around October 11. The principle of polarity is something you can’t ignore. There is a yin and a yang to everything. To take purely one side is to ignore the realities that the other provides. You may simultaneously seek wholeness yet feel divided. Realize that each of the actors in this play have a definitive role to play for a reason. If relationships assume greater importance now it’s for a reason.

There is often a connection to people from vastly different backgrounds or age groups. There is also an element of surprise – it is re-aligning your opinion on people who may be quite different than what you had previously assumed, or expected. That’s a Uranus pattern – it helps re-arrange the existing order. Relationships patterns are open to change, sometimes through relocation or modifying roles. Stifling situations that have become to prefabricated and predictable are most open to disruption.

One easy answer to Uranus is to be open and flexible. Don’t arrive with too many expectations. Uranus is the impromptu dialogue - it is never the script. Be open to delightful surprises, especially when the distant blue planet links with communicative Mercury on the 1st, the expressive Sun on the 10th or vivacious Venus by the 23rd. Deep down you’re bored by the mundane, so alternative people and ideas keep you much more alive and in the moment.

Forceful Mars reverses direction in your house of information, conversation and ideas from the 17th. It can put some dealings on hold. You may have been making headway on something that requires a rethink. Responsible Saturn is also moving retrograde here. It’s a call to review your communication methods or dialogue with someone. Are you being assertive enough, or too much so? The plus is that both Mars and Saturn are well angled to your sign and so the final outcome is productive.

The Full Moon of the 22nd falls in your house of life values, assets and earning capacity. This defines how you pull resources toward you and what you consider lasting and real. It’s a call for taking a purely practical line on something here. Look for proof or consolidation rather than taking solely on trust. There may be important financial implications associated, especially for the September born.

The Air Moon supports your emotional expression (AEST) from the midday of the 2nd until the mid-afternoon of the 4th, from the mid-afternoon of the 10th until the evening of the 12th, plus the late evening of the 19th until the mid morning of the 22nd and the evening of the 29th onward.

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Disclaimer - The information and astrological interpretations at this site are purely for recreational reading. They are not meant to replace intelligent decision making on behalf of the reader, nor assume responsibility for the reader's life choices. All website information is offered entirely free, and purely under that common understanding.

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