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SCORPIO Horoscope

July 2015 ...

Your current lunar cycle has been dealing with bringing things to completion – the process of death and rebirth. This brings you into unfamiliar territories and if you experience this change on a deep enough level, it will also transform your worldview. The Full Moon of July 2 is opening a new awareness. It’s perfect for taking the step that follows, and defines, finally moving on from something. There is a certain freedom accompanying all of this that suits travel and provides potential for exploring new options.

The Sun and Mars are spotlighting the most adventurous area of your solar chart. Traditional astrology defines it as the part dealing with distant voyages, different cultures, religions and ways of life. The objective is to expand your knowledge and provide new meaning. Sometimes we choose these adventures and sometimes they choose us. But the underlying principle is in taking a bigger picture perspective and having faith that you’re not lost, you’re just in uncharted waters.

Both the Sun and Mars are well disposed to your sign. That’s why opportunities may arrive now. They are really saying to get on board and ideally they involve something that you’re new and alien to. That’s okay – it’s the way it’s meant to be. This isn’t about reliving past glories, it’s about creating new ones. Areas of personal growth are education, travel and law for starters, but also publishing and anything with international connections. Even your relationships may feature those of a different background or heritage. You may also meet new teachers or encounter those of a more entrepreneurial bent.

Scorpios born around November 21 may also be dealing with something re-emerging from the past. Ultimately these can be issues you’d like to finalize but for whatever reason – obviously unfinished business – they have resurfaced. This time you deal with them more thoroughly, even if it entails temporary discomfort or facing, and working through, your fears. The New Moon period around the mid month 15th – 18th can be pivotal in regard to these affairs.

The Water Moon nicely reflects your emotional moods (AEST) from the afternoon of the 6th and 7th, from the early evening of the 14th and throughout the 15th and 16th, and from midday on the 24th until the late evening of the 26th.

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