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SCORPIO Horoscope

March 2015 ...

There is an apt adage that goes success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. That mightn’t apply if you’re courageously exploring the Antarctic, but for most of us it is pretty much on the money. The creative Sun begins March in your house of inspiration, and the Solar Eclipse of the 20th empowers it. You also have imaginative and dreamy Neptune there. That’s great for the creative arts, photography, music and film. Even if you’re not standing before an easel, the inspiration of others may take you to new heights. It’s great for enjoying some genius, but also exploring your own.

But the real trick to the magic is that there is no trick. In the end it’s what you do that counts. Masters have talent but mastery comes from application. Why am I stressing this? During March you have the planets in the right place to apply yourself to any job in hand. Blissful Venus and hands on Mars are in the area of your solar chart connected to perfection through practice. You don’t have to be learning the piano or trying triple somersaults to benefit. Between the 3rd to 6th and 9th to 12th helps the inspiration turn to reality, even if it consists of creatively renovating the bathroom.

The passionate duo of Venus and Mars, along with groundbreaking Uranus also spotlight your house of health and well-being. Mars may provide the motivation here, and Venus the pleasure in a new fitness or nutritional program. The magnetic duo also assist in finding friends through sporting or health based activities, be they yoga classes or bushwalking. The message of the month is that preventative maintenance is better than the cure. And you can really start to enjoy this stuff!

Opportunity magnet Jupiter has been moving backward and squaring your sign since December. When Jupiter is both in retro and square, some opportunities can get put on hold. The promise of something greater to come, especially around career or public projects, can be delayed. Only when Jupiter receives some positive aspects from other planets is the inherent potential reinforced. This begins in March. Even through the giant planet does not move forward until early April, the supportive connections of rewarding Venus, between the 3rd and 6th and gear shifting Mars from the 9th to 12th can brighten your prospects.

The Water Moon provides emotional boosts (AEDT) on the 1st until the mid morning of the 2nd, from the 10th until the mid-morning of the 12th, from the evening of the 18th until the late evening of the 20th, and from the morning of the 27th until the late afternoon of the 29th.

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