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SCORPIO Horoscope

May 2018 ...

The Moon acts like an emotional spotlight. Under a Scorpio Full Moon, you may feel enormous empathy. You can become increasingly sensitive, both to what attracts and repels. It can represent the principle of projection – where you see yourself more clearly through others, especially those repressed traits of the shadow self. And it means the power of attraction is working strongly for you at the beginning of May,

Expansive Jupiter is also playing a leading role. It's been in your sign all year, remaining so until November. Jupiter's role lies in opening doors of opportunity, usually accompanying a thirst for additional education, or extensive travel, that widens your future vision and scope.

The planet of growth is vitally active between the 8th and 12th, through the Sun's opposition and an accompanying trine to powerful Pluto. Fortifying your closer alliances now will have its long term benefits. Retro Jupiter is building up energy for the future, just like pulling back the bow before firing off the arrow.

The New Moon, precise by the 15th, is occurring opposite your sign. It brings a fresh energy in partnership or via others. It can mean that relationships take precedence, whether in the form of professional appointments or more personal meet ups. What is important at this lunation is a clarifying of respective roles; the development of mutual understanding and strength through combination.

Positively, it's leading to a reconciliation of opposites and a clearer recognition of the responsibilities. The New Moons correlation with 'Father Time' Saturn suggests that some alliances have come to significant decision points, or are being taken more seriously than before. Commitments made here will tend to be binding, correlating with the 'ringed' planet's aspects.

A major mover for you, from mid-May onward, is the beginning of a long term (7 year) transit of Uranus into Taurus and opposite your sign. Keep in mind that oppositions are usually played out via your relationships, which seems to be the key focus of this month. Uranus always adds a touch of the unexpected, the different and even ingenious on occasion.

In the immediate future, Uranus is working strongest for the October born Scorpios. Uranus acts as the wake up call wherever a situation has become boringly predictable. It's purpose is to bring you back to acting in the moment - rediscovering spontaneity. It's the reminder that we all change and to acknowledge and work with that reality.

Uranus transits are only a problem where situations are taken for granted or have become resistant to any evolution and progress. Or when each partner has become a mirror image of each other and individuality has been sacrificed for an assumed security. New people coming into your life at this time will stress the principles of difference, freedom and flexibility. It may be reflected via their age, appearance or attitude.

Around the 25th expansive Jupiter's trine to ethereal Neptune is firing up the artistic imagination and/or travel prospects of all the water signs. It also enhances your psychic senses and can bring precognitive dreams into waking memory. If you're a mid sign Scorpio born around November 7, it is working powerfully for you.

The Water Moon best channels your emotions, on the 1st, from the early afternoon of the 9th until the late evening of the 11th, from the morning of the 18th until the mid morning of the 20th and throughout the 27th and 28th until the mid morning of the 29th.

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Disclaimer - The information and astrological interpretations at this site are purely for recreational reading. They are not meant to replace intelligent decision making on behalf of the reader, nor assume responsibility for the reader's life choices. All website information is offered entirely free, and purely under that common understanding.

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