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SCORPIO Horoscope

July 2014 ...

This month the creative Sun highlights your house of expansive potential. It’s where having a vision, and the faith to follow it, makes all the difference. This cycle began from the New Moon late last month and should be reaping rewards from the 9th when the Sun aligns with Saturn in your sign, and from the Full Moon period after the 12th. The planet of communication Mercury and self-esteem Venus, are also supporting your belief from the 13th and 19th respectively. As a result adventurous plans connected with travel, education, law or publishing may be falling into place.

But perhaps the most welcome change of all is coming via Jupiter, the opportunistic giant of the solar system, which from the 16th reaches the zenith of your chart. Expansive Jupiter here can coincide with fortunate career breakthroughs, successful ventures, and greater recognition. All of this doesn’t happen without effort, but that has been already unfolding. Your life has undergone great change over the last couple of years via Jupiter’s sizable neighbor Saturn.

Way back in October 2012 a celestial shift occurred, changing Scorpio’s life priorities. Saturn, the brick of reality, was moving through your sign for the first time since late 1982 through to 1985. All that was not solid would be put to the acid test. All that was not enduring would eventually pass away. If your birthday lies between the 9th and 16th of November you’ve probably been feeling very ‘Saturnized’ this year.

At times this can seem like an endurance test, as you work through obstacles to achieve greater security and self-reliance. Saturn’s retrograde motion is akin to driving with the brakes on while simultaneously redrawing the roadmap. The good news is that from the 21st of July Saturn will begin to move forward again, and the tests are moving out of the way.

There are advantages to Saturn. It means dealing with realities rather than avoiding them - building on the rock rather than the shifting sands. You know where you stand. You gain strength through experience. You learn to better structure and organize your affairs. But July is emphasizing expansionary Jupiter, and the Sun is spotlighting opportunity. The New Moon of the 27th occurs at the zenith of your chart. It is time to shoot for a new goal, and aim high.

The Water Moon is your emotional spring tide (AEST) from the 7th until midday of the 9th, midday of the 15th until early afternoon of the 17th, and from midday of the 24th and throughout the 25th and 26th inclusive.

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