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SCORPIO Horoscope

May 2017 ...

The current soli-lunar cycle enhances the relationship axis of your chart. It helps transport you from the subjective into the objective. How you're connecting with those around you is important. The end of April and early May represents the most stimulating time of the year concerning those around. New relationships formed, or agreements forged at this time hold a greater relevance.

Mercury resumes forward momentum, from the 4th, in the areas affecting your overall health and day to day functioning. During its three week retro period you've hopefully learned how to work smarter rather than harder. You also discover how habitual routine impacts on your general well being. All of which can provide a rethink about your quality of life and health. Whatever you have been mulling over, you can now acting upon. And as Mercury is linking with unique Uranus, doing it differently is a must.

The Full Moon, waxing into the 11th, occurs in your home sign. It has a particular relevance for birthdays on, or near, November 12. Just as a Full Moon wholly reflects the light of the Sun, so too it provides you with greater exposure. You see things with greater transperancy. You are wiser for an experience...meaning you totally 'get it'. This is especially effective where your relationships are concerned, as it helps in establishing and clarifying your position.

Conversational Mercury is empowering your relationships from the 16th onward. The lines of communication are open wide. Networking connections and exchanging ideas is vital. This period may coincide with important appointments, teaching and learning, or touching base with mentally stimulating and often younger company. There can be special benefits coming through for the mid November born.

Financially, the lesson of the last couple of years has been to plan long term. It suits being frugal with your possessions and thinking more minimalist, rather than splurging on emotionally driven expediture. You've been reminded of that wherever you've strayed outside the practical. Stick solidly to the path and don't let others tempt off it on, or around, the 17th or 29th.

The New Moon of the 26th is impacting upon joint expenditure and areas of credit and financial liabilities. It can also deal with legacies, sales and the finalisation of fiscal matters. Astutely navigated, the latter part of the month can deliver genuine benefits, if you have an eye for a bargain. The buy, swap and sell emphasis of this lunar period makes it a promising trading cycle and extremely encouraging for Internet related activities.

The Water Moon buoys your emotional connections (AEST) from the 1st until the mid afternoon of the 2nd, from the mid-afternoon of the 9th until the early afternoon of the 12th, from the early afternoon of the 19th until the mid evening of the 21st and again from the late evening of the 27th until the late evening of the 29th.

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Disclaimer - The information and astrological interpretations at this site are purely for recreational reading. They are not meant to replace intelligent decision making on behalf of the reader, nor assume responsibility for the reader's life choices. All website information is offered entirely free, and purely under that common understanding.

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