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As I am still recuperating from a major op, there are no October 2016 monthly horoscopes. I'll be back...just takes time and the weeklies are still happening.

SCORPIO Horoscope

August 2016 ...

If you think the outside world is very invasive, spare a thought for the pristine tribal existence of the shrinking Brazilian rainforest. After centuries of seclusion, today modern aircraft are buzzing overhead. The all seeing eye of the world continually critiques and categorizes. And as much as we may try to avoid it, the world also categorizes us.

We are defined, not so much by who we are on the inside, as by what we do on the outside. All of us wear a public mask. At the minute, mine is the astrological analyst and advisor. But let’s discuss yours for a minute. For although most Scorpios value their privacy, this month can be anything but.

This New Moon, of August 3, stimulates your house of status, career and public recognition. Over the last month you have also had contemplative Mercury, along with accommodating Venus, igniting this area of public involvement and career objectives. Even for the less ambitious, or retired Scorpio it can tend to bring you out of the shell.

Whenever the planets ride high in your solar chart the agenda is to take control, especially in areas where you have given other people too much leeway. The commanding Sun is encouraging you to show some authority or play a decisive leading role.

It’s a time of upward mobility, which can assist your career objectives or allow acknowledgment for your talents or past efforts. If you’re eyeing professional change, a potential promotion, or return to the workforce, this can be an important month to pursue these goals. You should receive willing support.

From the 6th onward Venus, your solar partnership ruler, is improving your relationships on the personal and professional levels. Scorpios born late in the sign, around mid November and later, will pick up on this expansive energy quite powerfully. It can help put you in the right place at the right time especially around the 22nd and 28th. of the month. Take particular note of contacts made and opportunities appearing across the final week.

Saturn’s forward momentum from August 13, ends its retrograde motion, spanning the previous four months. The ringed planet has been affecting the financial area of your life, directly impacting on assets and possessions. The plus factor here is that you’re becoming a lot more realistic and practical where expenditure and budgets are concerned.

Your traditional ruler Mars also enters your money house from the 3rd onward. It should bring increased motivation regarding important purchases and even long-term investments. Perhaps funds that have been held back can now be accessed, or new financial opportunities manifest.

The month’s Lunar Eclipse, due on the 18th, may bring some tests for Scorpios born around the same date in November. Perhaps some crossroads concerning home and family are coming to a decision point, coincident with this eclipse. And for those who were instituting change in the professional areas or important engagements, that week should supply some clear directions or results.

The Water Moon is an emotional wellspring for you lasting (AEST) from the 1st until midday of the 2nd, the mid afternoon of the 9th until the early hours of the 12th, the 19th until the dawn of the 21st and the early afternoon of the 27th until the evening of the 29th.

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Disclaimer - The information and astrological interpretations at this site are purely for recreational reading. They are not meant to replace intelligent decision making on behalf of the reader, nor assume responsibility for the reader's life choices. All website information is offered entirely free, and purely under that common understanding.

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