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SCORPIO Horoscope

October 2014 ...

There are moments when the wheels are in motion, the direction is decided, and all we can do it sit back and wait. During these times it is productive to dispose of all the overhanging jobs – to figuratively clear the decks. In some instances – not all - it can also be useful to work on the preparations. But the important strategy is to sit back a little and not let expectation or anxiety rush us into premature action. So if you were planning some time out – you’ve picked the right time.

You’re not about to remake the world just yet. October has that ‘and on the seventh day the Lord rested’ feel about it. The rejuvenating Sun and agreeable Venus are extolling the virtues of non-attachment, where release and letting go can spell liberation. It may seem a strange combination. From midyear Jupiter has been presenting growth opportunities and for many a renewed career recognition. But there are times when you need to take the foot off the pedal, or pull over and take in the scenery.

October offers a rejuvenation of the spirit. It feeds your fascination in what drives events behind the scenes. You gratefully acknowledge your connection with the whole. It can be a time of inner healing as well as spiritual growth. Birthdates around November 15 are saying goodbye to a testing period that began in earnest around mid February through April this year. Relationships may also thrive in more intimate and private settings – some for obvious reasons.

If you’re born near the beginning of Scorpio – say October 25 or thereabouts – cerebral Mercury will station on your birth Sun. It may synch with a period of prolonged concentration, study or negotiation. There can be a need to think something through carefully. Take your time – get it right! The 17th and 18th may provide a positive resolution or turning point. At the outside, by November 10, when Mercury returns to this degree you can safely assume the matter or contract should be well sorted.

The Solar Eclipse of the 24th also has a powerful effect on birthdays falling right around it. This one is very close to Venus indicating that your attitude to relationships and personal values play a prominent role across the coming year. Perhaps there was a noticable shift even from late August this year.

The Water Moon best reflects your emotions (AEST) from the evening of the 5th until the late evening of the 7th, from the mid morning of the 14th until the late evening of the 16th and from the morning of the 24th until the mid afternoon of the 26th.

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Disclaimer - The information and astrological interpretations at this site are purely for recreational reading. They are not meant to replace intelligent decision making on behalf of the reader, nor assume responsibility for the reader's life choices. All website information is offered entirely free, and purely under that common understanding.

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