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SCORPIO Horoscope

May 2016 ...

The New Moon of the 7th empowers relationships around you and is especially relevant for the mid November born. In this area of your life you may feel a sense of renewal or a need to fast track necessary change and progress. There can be a sense of rejuvenation attached to your associations, as well as the potential of new and important connections to being formed. In short, May has the potential to be your strongest relationship month this year.

Conversational Mercury is heading backward over the first three weeks. This places an emphasis on communications within partnerships, extended negotiations, contracts and agreements. The 10th and 14th can be very important when it comes to exchanging important information, making significant decisions or contacts and reaching mutual understandings. The latter date may bring welcome news as the starry messenger Mercury meets affectionate Venus.

The Sun and Mercury both productively angle to cathartic Pluto over the opening fortnight. Probing Pluto digs deep and is appearing in an area representing siblings and neighbors. These promising aspects suggest that you can form powerful unions here. If there has been family fallout perhaps this would also favor a positive reunion. Pluto also suits investigative studies such as psychology, criminology and research work.

The relationship focus of May suits instituting change where needed. This works both ways. If a relationship is not meeting expectations and you see no potential for improvement, then calling it a day may be the logical choice. There can be comings and goings as other people tend to have more impact and influence with you than usual.

Another area of focus will be your assets and earning capacity. This is more a long term thing as your classical ruler Mars and also Saturn are heading retro through your house of finance and material security. Saturn suggests taking more responsibility in the fiscal field and structuring a tight budget. It insists on getting right down to the essentials and you may be surprised at what you can actually do without. Cutting back unnecessary expenses is a Saturn function.

It is important now to take control of your financial affairs and to look at expenditure and investment from a longer-term perspective. Mars and Saturn will tend to motivate more by the fear of not having enough, which can be a good thing to cut wastefulness. The Full Moon of the 22nd can be an important time for throwing a new light on your financial status and how to best manage your investments.

The Water Moon reflects your emotions nicely (AEST) on the 2nd and 3rd, the 10th until the early morning of the 12th, the late afternoon of the 19th until early hours of the 22nd and the morning of the 29th until midday of the 31st.

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