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TAURUS   Horoscope

April 2015 ...

The big mover is pro-active Mars heading into your sign April , and staying until mid-May. As the fiery red planet presses accelerators rather than brakes, it’s bound to find you increasingly motivated in finally getting things done. If you’ve been frustrated with the inertia around you, especially regarding any home or family situations, things are about to change, especially around by the middle of April, when assertive Mars and ambitious Jupiter square off.

A lot of your energy expended over the next few three weeks will involve ‘clearing’. April is a time when you decide just what you want to keep and what you wish to dispense with. So out will come all those hidden issues, elements, secrets and self-undoing strategies. Time to let go and release. The lunar eclipse of April 4 aptly supports eclipsing all of that by the following New Moon of the 19th. You learn the truth in the adage that you can’t move forward if one foot is firmly planted in the past.

April is also the time for planting those fresh seeds and the sudden realization that you cannot turn the hands of the clock backward. To do so would only mean you going through the whole process again. You have moved on from that. Jupiter’s forward momentum from the 9th may expedite matters concerning home, the domestic scene or family. You may even receive news on this, or reach some agreements, a few days earlier. In these areas it can move you out of a holding pattern since late last year.

If you need to take time out to achieve your objectives, then acknowledge this need. There can be times required to clear your own space or attend to things that also involve a certain amount of privacy. Financially this is not a time to over extend, but instead be willing to compromise. The mid month period should help you work within realistic limitations. Rather than take advice, also take the time to check it out thoroughly. Relationships may also involve work changes.

Finally, listen to your inner voice and take note of your feelings on that which concerns you. There can be sudden breakthroughs here when no other answer seems to be coming through. The unexpected 'epiphany' between the 4th and 10th is easily possible. Something you have been overlooking may be increasingly evident then.

The Earth Moon provides greater emotional sustenance and solidifies relationships (AEST) from the 1st through to the late afternoon of the 3rd, from the late evening of the 10th throughout the 11th and 12th from the morning of the 19th to the mid morn of the 21st and from midday of the 28th onward.

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