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VIRGO Horoscope

March 2017 ...

The eclipse cycle highlights your house of relationship. It makes living through the lens of another's experience a lot easier. You can meet new people destined to play an important future role. There can be a focus on partnership. But if you're unsure about things bide your time.

As the eclipse occured with nebulous Neptune, it's vital to continue to exercise greater discrimination and work with the facts. Otherwise imagination can run wild. Your compassion is aroused and which can involve caring for another or a tendency toward charitable acts.

Venus will move backward through the area of your chart associated with other people’s values and possessions fromm the 4th. Some of this may relate to early February. It can be dealing with matters where you fear a loss, but also represents legacies and gains through finalisations.

As Venus is the planet of attraction, this does suit applying for loans, selling off what you no longer require, or settling things like property matters and estates. The conjunction of Venus with your ruler Mercury on the 18th and the Sun on the 25th can be important here.

The associate nature of Venus in a house of deep bonding may also have you reviewing close relationships. It’s a time when you can grow more deeply attached, especially when Venus heads forward from April 15.

Following that time you may be resolving a lot of things associated with shared values, joint finances or business dealings. You should also have greater clarity in regard to buying and selling and contractual matters and even future travel plans.

The Full Moon of March 12 falls in your sign. It's bringing you increasingly to the attention of others. The Moon also elicits a stronger emotional response and allows hidden feelings to surface. The mid-month period may bring relationship matters to a climax.

You are feeling things more acutely at this time, becoming more sensitive to the nuances of your surrounds and attachments. The later square of the Sun with Saturn may also bring older relatives or a home situation to the forefront as you analyse long term securities.

The Earth Moon sustains your emotional world (AEDT) from the evening of the 2nd until the late evening of the 4th and from the mid-morn of the 11th until the late afternoon of the 13th, the 21st until early afternoon of the 23rd and from the 30th onward.

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