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VIRGO Horoscope

December 2014 ...

The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all moving through the house of home and hearth. They focus on emotional security, deep attachments and where we feel connected to the earth. This is the foundational area. It’s where you’re coming from rather then where you’re going. Career might take a backseat as you concentrate more on family, closest friends, the home life or finding your place in the world. And yes, it’s a good time to investigate the family tree.

It’s the inner world rather than the outer one where you are most effective now. December is ideal for creating positive change to your own living space. For some that may even mean renovations, moving, or in rare cases a property purchase. The promising alignment of the Sun with Uranus in your house of shared finances around the 5th assists in these areas.

This is also a time for concentrating on family, where there can be new additions or changes unfolding. The combination of the Sun and Mercury around the 8th improves the lines of communication and is encouraging for those who operate a home business. The more private Virgos may simply appreciate enjoying some of their own space, way from the madding crowd mid month.

Your ruling planet Mercury’s accommodating alignment with your solar partnership ruler Jupiter from the 12th and the Sun repeating the aspect on the 16th is a plus for relationships. It’s also a good time to schedule meetings or negotiations. Venus in your house of romance and pleasures is also linking in with the eternal flame of Vesta on the 16th and depthy Pluto on the 21st.

For Virgos born in the first half of the sign this can take relationships to another level. It may also bring distant connections, perhaps from overseas. Allowing for all of this there can be some confusion or unclear issues right at the beginning of the month, and probably overhanging from late November, that you’re better sitting tight on.

Saturn moves into your home house around Christmas. This can have you thinking seriously about where you want to be. For some it will mean the end of a journey, or a finalization of something regarding home or family. There can be new commitments around the New Year. Saturn is also a reappraisal of your working life. If you have been looking at doing something new, especially something involving greater security than before, the next year may offer that opportunity.

The Earth Moon is nurturing your emotional life (AEDT) from the afternoon of the 3rd to the late evening of the 5th, the 13th and 14th, from midday on the 22nd until the early afternoon of the 24th and from the evening of the 30th onward.

To obtain your own detailed personal horoscope, look at your longer term prospects or organize a personal consultation with astrologer Ed Tamplin click here for details.Your free monthly December horoscopes are based on the general Virgo sun sign.

Disclaimer - The information and astrological interpretations at this site are purely for recreational reading. They are not meant to replace intelligent decision making on behalf of the reader, nor assume responsibility for the reader's life choices. All website information is offered entirely free, and purely under that common understanding.

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