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Jan 08 2012


Over the next few weeks I wish to preview the US presidential race of 2012. The USA has had four Piscean Presidents, beginning with George Washington, and also including James Madison, Andrew Jackson and Grover Cleveland. Republican front-runner Mitt Romney is aiming to be the fifth, in what promises to be a year of political surprises ahead.

Mitt Romney is a Pisces. He was born March 12 1947 at 10 am in the motor town of Detroit, according to a public notice posted by his father George. In choosing a political career, Romney has followed the footsteps of his dad, a former Governor of Michigan.

The rounded 10 am time seems reasonable, especially when taking a life-changing event into consideration. On June 16 1968 a car shot a bend and careered into the Citroen Romney was driving near Bazas, France. One of his passengers was killed and Mitt was badly injured. He was initially assumed dead. The brush with death forced a fast maturation for the twenty one year old.

The accident occurred as transiting Pluto, ruler of the underworld and a planet of mortality, closely opposed his birth Sun. But also a quadruple combination of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars also threw a testing square to Romney’s Sun, whilst surprise packet Uranus was in its opposition phase to the Sun as well. And for the more advanced astrologers reading this, the quadruple combination above sat on the solar arc directed Ascendant.


His political career took off by January 2003 when he was installed as the Governor of Massachusetts. On the morn of 13th February 2007 he announced candidacy for the 2008 presidential race, subsequently losing to John McCain. Romney revived his presidential hopes on June 2 2011. He is now widely regarded as the favorite for Republican Party nomination for the November 2012 Presidential election.

Romney’s overall public acceptance may be measured by popular Venus positioned atop his horoscope in the universal brotherhood sign of Aquarius. The same Venus is aligned with idealistic Neptune, and both are well positioned with his communicative Gemini Ascendant and North Node. The Neptune emphasis may help explain his evangelical background. The probing Scorpio Moon sitting with philosophical Jupiter would also lean toward a religious upbringing.


The 10 am time, although probably reasonably accurate, also sounds like a rounded figure. So we have to be a little cautious with forecasts. However in the positive sense he does have the solar arc directed Midheaven closing on a productive trine to powerbroker Pluto toward the years end. It doesn’t fully complete the aspect however until the last quarter of 2013. But it is still a plus.

The secondary progressed Moon also angles nicely to the Midheaven and Pluto during September and October. The transiting planets do not add too much to the picture peaking somewhat in mid-July, which could represent a successful polling period. In fact the year of 2013 looks much more promising than 2012 in the career sense.

On January 20 2013 at midday in Washington, the traditional swearing in time, Romney’s transits are much better. Expansive Jupiter is at his Ascendant and nicely trine the Midheaven along with Uranus moving into an improved position with the status bearing Midheaven.

I would prefer these planets a little closer. But with an earlier time of birth they would be, and then he would not be out of the race. I'll be updating this as more information comes to hand.


DEC 25


Finding a national date for North Korea means analyzing several possibilities. Korea was under Japanese rule from the early part of the last century and a Provisional Government for the Republic of Korea was initially formed on April 13 1919 – but actually based in Shanghai China.

Liberation was finally achieved via the Allies WWII victory of August 15 1945 over Japan. This day is recognized as Liberation Day, yet it still found Korea under temporal colonial adminsitration. The division of Korea at the 38th parallel was finally agreed to by the USA and USSR following WWII.

By February of 1946 the North Korean Provisional People's Committee, designed to succeed Soviet authority, was created under Kim Il-sung. He had trained with the Soviet army in Manchuria, and this family still govern North Korea. The new independent government known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was proclaimed on September 9, 1948, which now celebrated as a national holiday.

The formation of the DPRK effectively dissolved the interim government, allowing Soviet forces to be scaled back from 1948. This can be considered their independence day, although no time is recorded. This government was formed around the Saturn return – a highly significant timing in astrology - of the 1919 government of Shanghai.

My take is that the first date can be used as the spiritual or foundation chart for North Korea and the latter 1948 date for the ruling party and current dynasty.


The original Kim Il-sung led North Korea from September 1945 when he was installed by the Soviets. On September 9 1948 he became premier of the new republic and remained leader for over 45 years until July 8 1994. He was succeeded by his son Kim Jong iL. Kim Jong was born in the battle of WWII, on February 16 1941 near Khabarovsk according to Russian records. But his official biography states a 1942 February 16 birth in Korea.

Either way the undisputed February 16 would place his birth Sun at the 28th degree of Aquarius, which has been experiencing a long transit of Neptune over the last year. Whilst the charismatic Neptune is linked to legendary and/or mythical figures, it can also spell weakening or debilitating illnesses, and the Sun represents the heart and energy levels in a health sense.

Kim Jong il passed away on December 17 2011 of a reported heart attack. He had suffered two strokes earlier in 2008, and so by June 2 2009 it was known that son Kim Jong-un was the intended successor.


The world watches the North Korean succession plan with great interest. The country and its leadership are shrouded in mystery. They have developed advanced nuclear technology and boast the 4th largest standing army in the world. Relationships with the west have been frosty at best, and they maintain a certain privacy even with traditional friends and communist sympathizers China.

The September 9 1948 horoscope for North Korea is promising with regards to the nation’s technology, but indicates an economy that could be under strain. Warlike Mars, moving into alignment with Jupiter by progression implies successful military development. The 1919 original horoscope has the progressed Sun squaring the birth Sun and whilst certainly signaling a transfer of power (the Sun is one of the principal indicators of the leader in a national horoscope), also suggests a crisis of leadership.


One man expected to centrally figure in the day to day running of North Korea is the deceased leader’s brother in law Jang Sung-taek. He was born February 2 1946. This date gives him a popular Sun Venus combination in the universal brotherhood sign of Aquarius. He was born around a very focused New Moon and the planet of technology Uranus, and social idealism Neptune, figure strongly into the mix.

Jang Sung-taek is also born with powerful Pluto opposing his Sun. This suits a person highly connected, but additionally aware of the power struggles within individual relationships and the collective. At the moment Jang’s progressed Sun is square the planet of greater responsibility and challenge in Saturn.

The new leader Kim Jong-un was born January 8, although like his enigmatic father his birth year lies in question being either 1983 or 1984. Western intelligence sources quote 1984 and let’s hope they’re right. If not, and it is 1983, the combination of rebellious Uranus with extreme Pluto on Kim Jong-un’s warlike Mars would spell real trouble by the middle of 2012. Perhaps it’s the portents of the future that will best answer his genuine birthdate.


From assisting in the leadership of North Korea to fronting the pop culture of Australia is a far cry – yet two people currently in the news have similar birth charts, and there is only three days difference in their horoscopes. But in astrology three days can be very different depending upon birthtimes and lunar placements. It isn’t only Jang Sung-taek making headlines but the Australian pop icon Ian ‘Molly” Meldrum.

From his teenage fan days of fainting at a Beatles concert, to his pioneering of 60’s pop culture publications such as Go-Set, or hosting of glam rock Countdown, Meldrum has been a media celeb. So it was front-page news when his life lay in the balance following an accidental fall, whilst erecting Christmas decorations at his home. Although still critically ill, he is reportedly stabilizing, and on the long road to recovery.

‘Molly’ was born January 29 1946 in Orbost, Victoria. His horoscope shows a popular Sun Venus combination in the universal sign of Aquarius – Oprah Winfrey has the same combination and is also a January 29 birthday. Meldrum’s Sun Venus then nicely angles to show biz Neptune, a planet often linked to the arts and glamour professions. The individualistic Uranus also supports the Sun-Venus and Meldrum’s eccentric individualism has endeared him to many.

All of these planets in communicative and cerebral air bodes well for a media based profession. Overall his horoscope is an apt example of somebody doing what their chart supports, and benefiting as a result. Another overriding factor is his Sun Venus in opposition to powerful Pluto. Despite his public popularity his private life would have a greater intensity. Close relationships would have an all or nothing commitment. It also shows that he has had to force his way through sometimes powerful opposition in pursuits of his goals.

Retraining the neuro-muscular system after a serious accident has a mercurial connection astrologically. From mid January until the end of February transiting Saturn is opposed to Meldrum’s Mercury. This may prove a difficult period of rehabilitation, as the medical ramifications are assessed and fully processed. Saturn will then ease off, returning again in early October. The process of Saturn entails working patiently through difficulties in re-educating movement and/or communication patterns. And there are plenty of supporters willing Molly Meldrum toward recovery from his life threatening ordeal.


The Dow has continued its steady rise, although it did drop back down early in the week just prior to the Moon passing through the Jupiter Saturn opposition. The drop happened Monday and the aspect perfected Tuesday. But after that the gains were consistent rising just of 3%.

As we near the end of the year the Dow has rallied strongly posting a 13% gain over the last three months from the Libran Ingress to the Capricorn one. Last year between the Libran and Capricorn ingresses it rose just over 8%. Although the year to date figure of the DJIA is only a tad above 4% reflecting the financial uncertainty of the year, it is at least in the black.

This week the Moon, along with trading planet Mercury, highlights the Jupiter Saturn opposition, often a negative swing point, effecting Monday and Tuesday. But this has to be read in combination with an index that has risen 8% across the last month. The question is whether the Christmas cheer will continue, and even if there was a slight hiccup or slowing, it shouldn't dampen the current enthusiasm greatly.

DEC 18


The land that is Iraq represents the cradle of civilization. Here between the ancient Tigris and Euphrates came the dawn of writing, the wheel, the study of the heavens, and associated mathematics.

It boasted the Hanging Gardens of Babylon surrounding the Big Apple of the antediluvian world. Here merchants came from near and far and astrologers meticulously recorded commodity prices in the same manner that we analyze the Dow today.

Modern day Iraq was once part of the enduring Ottoman Empire, before falling into British hands at the end of WWI. After the war, oil rich Iraq and Iran, along with other manufactured Middle Eastern states, were part of the energy carve up - the spoils of war.

The situation has hardly changed today. Under the guise of an enforced democratization Iraq is again under business interests and western control.

The modern state of Iraq was created on August 23 1921 at 6 am, a monarchy under King Faisal, a British appointment. Click here for the Iraq horoscope. The British still held a mandate over Iraq until October 3 1932.


Shortly after this in July 1933 King Faisal made an urgent trip to London during which he expressed alarm at the ongoing Arab-Jewish conflicts. He requested that Jewish immigration and land sales into Palestine be limited. Shortly after that trip Faisal died of a heart attack on September 8, 1933, while he was staying in Bern, Switzerland.

The late King Faisal was replaced by his son Ghazi, who held sympathies with the Nazis and also supported a military coup in Iraq – the first in the Arab world. He died in a sports car accident on April 4 1939.

Both royal deaths can be noted from analyzing the dynamic planetary aspects to the national horoscope’s Sun/Mercury in late Leo conjunct the fixed Royal Star of Regulus.

In Faisal’s case the Leo Sun-Mercury-Regulus was opposed by conservative Saturn earlier in 1935 indicating a fallout with the establishment. In the month of his death Saturn opposed the Iraq Ascendant and transiting Mars also squared the Sun.

For the successor Ghazi the solar arc directed Mars had reached the Iraq Sun. So perhaps an accidental death is not so unusual after all, particularly involved a motor vehicle. Accidents and motor vehicles have a Mars connection.

The Sun is one of the main indicators of the leader in a national horoscope. This goes a long way to explaining why an eclipse of the Sun was such an evil omen going back to ancient Babylonian times. Hard planetary connections to the Sun can also indicate leadership change. Such was due in 2003.


In 2003, the planet of Uranus, indicative of sudden change, greater freedom and independence and rebellion moved to oppose the Iraqi Sun. This would indicate a change of leadership, and from July 16 1979 the Presidency had belonged to strong-arm leader Saddam Hussein.

Saddam had challenged US domination of Middle East oil by refusing to trade in US dollars, and moving over to the Euro. Maintaining the greenback as world currency is vital to US hegemony.

Hussein’s sovereignty was therefore timed to end with the US aerial bombardment of Baghdad from 5.25 a.m. local time March 19 2003. By the end of the year the Iraqi President had been captured and was subsequently hung – something the compliant western press took a gruesome delight in displaying.


Is it more than chance that an outer planet such as Uranus would oppose the Sun-Mercury-Regulus at the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, and Saddam’s capture. Then the next outer planet, Neptune, would come to oppose the same Leo Sun-Mercury-Regulus by the end of the war, December 2011.

Neptune represents cloak and dagger subterfuge in the political sense, and also has a connection to oil, gas and liquids. It is a difficult planetary omen of instability in the land that gave birth to astrology. That and the fact that the progressed Sun (the leader) squaring the Iraqi birth Sun, plus progressed Mars moving to also square underground Pluto suggests further sectarian violence and power changes.


Four and half thousand US deaths and over one hundred thousand Iraq fatalities later the curtain is drawn on the conflict. Unlike the official government estimates and compliant media hype at the onset, it has been a long and expensive exercise.

Operation Iraqi Liberation, ironically the acronym for OIL, became a war that well outspanned either WWI or WWII. Liberation came not with the replacement of Saddam Hussein, who was captured as early as December 13 2003. Local insurgencies lengthened the script considerably.

It was a war fought on the basis of thinly disguised lie. Weapons of mass destruction, regularly produced on a mass scale by the invaders – were not found in Iraq.

It was a war that saw US President George W Bush depart from office with one of the lowest ratings in history, British leader Tony Blair was moved aside by his own party. A war that saw the Australian Prime Minister John Howard lose his own seat when his government fell.

It was a war about energy resources, power and control. It was a war that found a much larger coalition of the unwilling than willing. It was a war in which polling showed two out of three Americans opposed. It was a war which the then US Senator from Illinois Barack Obama spoke vehemently against, but is now effusive in praise. And it was a war that exposed both the manipulation of the media and prejudice of the press.


Today as Saddam Hussein’s dinnerware is ironically found at a New York City restaurant, Iraq remains in a mire of political uncertainty and with an obstinate enduring insurgency. They have a security force of 900,000 people – all within a population of only 30 million.

The invasion horoscope, click here to see the chart, suggests that far from a peaceful democracy, 2012 will be further destabilizing for Iraq. Today it is the neighboring Iran who from 9.30 am local time on February 18 2008 decided to take the US dollar out of the equation when trading oil. And the war rhetoric stemming from western interests has grown louder.


While the Dow dropped 1.68% right across the last week, it was not a major spiral. This week welcomes the cardinal Capricorn Ingress. The cardinal ingresses, or seasonal markers are important factors in astro-economic forecasting.

Last years Capricorn ingress produced positive gain, but not all work so well. The Aries Ingress of Sunday March 21 produced a 1.5% rise. The Cancer Ingress of June 21 was essentially flat, but the September 23rd Libra one swung that Dow down 3.5%.

The wild card in the current ingress charts is Uranus, as each time the Sun reaches a seasonal marker point it currently activates Uranus, which can accompany rapid swings – and the ingress happens Thursday. But earlier on, from Tuesday morning, the Moon passing through a Jupiter Saturn opposition, and also including Venus may also prove challenging.

DEC 11


Between the focused light of a solar and lunar eclipse, the European Union have concluded one of their most important summits. A lunar eclipse, and we have one this weekend, can place people right in the spotlight, providing it highlights a key area of their horoscope.

Such is the case for the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkl. According to AstroDatbank Merkl was born July 17 1954 at 18.00 (CET) hours in Hamburg, Germany. Click here to view her horoscope.

Angela Merkl has been named by Forbes magazine as the most powerful woman in the world. Few would doubt it. And she is now brought to greater prominence as this weeks lunar eclipse highlights her rising sign or Ascendant degree area, which governs her worldly self-projection.

Angela’s clannish Cancerian Sun forms a close union with autonomous and original Uranus. This planet is prominent in the horoscopes of free thinkers and scientists, which suits her physics background. The Sun and Uranus then link in with the very inclusive Neptune.

Neptune also has a spiritual, or other worldly perspective, and her father (the Sun) was a Lutherian man of the cloth. Although her politics are definitely center right, the idealism of Neptune is normally attached to a more socialistic agenda, and her early upbringing mirrored this.

Merkl has the combination of Cancer Sun and Aquarian Moon, providing a universal awareness and a desire to nurture. The well-loved Princess Diana was another with this combination. Yet Merkly doesn’t necessarily display such outward warmth. In fact she is more often compared politically with Margaret Thatcher.


The ‘Iron Frau’ image probably stems from the self-willed Sun Uranus combination, and the planet of hard calls, Saturn, in her career zone. Saturn represents not only responsibility and control, but also austerity. Saturn is bare bones stuff, dealing only with the ‘essentials’. So with Angela Merkl we have a combination of the pragmatic, yet progressive idealist. A cruel to be kind, ‘tough love’ character.

Saturn in the career zone is beneficial for attaining positions of leadership. It was prominent in the charts of previous German leaders Helmut Kohl, and even Adolf Hitler. US Presidents John F Kennedy and Bill Clinton had Saturn elevated into the career zone.

As Saturn is a planet of longevity and administration, ongoing political careers like the late stalwart Senator Edward Kennedy, or long time French politician and former President Francois Mitterand also had this placement. Pope John Paul, Catholic leader for twenty-six years was another.


Currently Saturn is moving through Angela Merkl’s career house, and throwing a testing square to her Sun Uranus. It will return here again during May and June 2012, when we can expect an important restructuring of the Eurozone. This is indicative of the trade offs she has to make at this point, and again next year.

There was little doubt that 2011 would be the year that Merkl displayed powerful command. Her birthday horoscope (solar return) for the year places the authoritative Sun right at the zenith of her chart. Literally it’s her year in the Sun.

Her power base is supported by one of the strongest progressions available in astrology, a progressed Jupiter (indicator of expansion, success and judicial matters) to her birth Sun.

Yet during 2012 Pluto, another indicator of powerful forces and plutocrats, will oppose Merkl’s communicative Mercury. She will have to fight hard against strong opposition, especially during the late March period of 2012.

During the same time frame her own progressed Mercury will come into a testing square with combative Mars. This shows heated discussion, argument, pushing strong and aggressive points of view.

By the back half of the year her 2012 her popularity may suffer through the hard decisions taken. Eventually that can lead to a drop in public acceptance, although this looks more 2013 based. By then her ideas of reformation and transformation will be stronger still.

There is no doubt Merkl is a reformer at heart, rather than a conservative. Her strong will (Sun/Uranus) make her determined to see it through. But the domestic backlash may toll the death knell on her leadership at the next national elections, not due until the 2013/14 period.


The December EU summit was a conference that also showed the political divide between Europe and the UK, as PM David Cameron vetoed a move allowing greater control of national budgets and expenditure. The Eurozone will face enormous pressures next year for reformation and modernization - it has to take those difficult decisions, or face disintegration.

Two positive indicators came out of last weeks summit. One was the $500bn to the International Monetary Fund to assist countries in trouble. The other was the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) and the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), both to be managed by the European Central Bank.

I’ll elaborate more on this next week. Briefly most agree that the concept of the European Union began with the Treaty of Rome signed on March 25 1957. There have been subsequent revision treaties to follow, notably at Maastricht signed Feb 7 1993 and in force November 1 1993, which led to the Euro.

The early 90's was a period of an important outer conjunction of Uranus and Neptune – a once in a 172 year occurrence. It would reason then that people who play a major role in the concept would have planets that mirror this Capricorn Uranus Neptune conjunction.

German Chancellor Angela Merkl hooks right in here as her Cancer Sun Uranus is exactly opposite the 1993 Uranus Neptune conjunction and her own Neptune exactly squares it. Plus she was born most strongly influenced by those two outer gas giants – Uranus and Neptune.


The Dow continued its gradual rise rising another 1.4%, in an up and down week overall. There was a hiccup leading into the Venus Neptune semisquare as predicted early Wednesday when the market dropped back.

In my initial post I called this square early Tuesday, which I later corrected. But Thursday’s drop was bigger, the Dow fell 200 points, and coincident with a Mercury (trading) Pluto (Money) 30 degree aspect (semi-sextile), but that alone would not constitute such a fall.

More interesting was the Moon passing over the trading planet, Mercury, (and Sun position), of the New York Stock Exchange horoscope. This is also the same placement of the commercial planet, Mercury, of the European Central Bank.

Over the last few months this Moon positioning has occurred on weekend dates, but the DJIA has consistently shown a fall the first trading day after. The Moon would also square Neptune at the same time so it’s reasonable to assume that the next occasion, being January 5, may also see market jitters.

This week fields a lunar eclipse. Plus Mercury switches direction (in forward motion) from midweek, since retroing through the heavens from the 25th of November, the date of the last solar eclipse. The 25th represented a low of 11232.

Since then the Dow has risen or 9% reversing its prior two-week dangerous downward spiral, where it shed the same percentage. So will the Mercury switch also affect prices, or can we look to a more positive investment scenario? Not really! There are not enough hard planetary alignments to suggest that a major downward spiral would continue.



Burma/Myanmar is a country of over 60 million people bordering India, China, Laos and Thailand. Last year as I was analyzing countries that I thought would make headlines in 2011 Burma was one that stood out.

The country had political rumblings in September 2007 with the renowned Saffron Uprising leading to the systematic slaughter of protesting Buddhist monks. That rebellion saw hundreds of thousands take to the streets of the capital Rangoon, all marching for a more democratic government.

In this years World Predictions article of 2011 I wrote initially of brewing changes in Myanmar, as here was a country (like Tunisia) that felt the full brunt of the Capricorn Solar Eclipse early this year.

“Countries with their birth Suns near the eclipse degree are increasingly open to changes at the top. Burma (Burma/Myanmar Republic) is one. Independence was achieved on January 4 1948, but the military have run the show from 1962. Changes were promised for this year following the November elections of 2010.

They have started with the release of political activist Aung San Suu Kyi. The eclipse may bring further civil unrest and crackdowns, in the wake of that change. Burma/Myanmar is another country rumored to be on the verge of nuclear weaponry.”


It is the potential for nuclear weaponry, and China’s increasing influence over Asian economies, that prompted last weeks visit to Burma by US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. It was the first by a US Secretary of State in fifty years. And it was despite heavy US sanctions imposed on the host country's isolationist military regime.

The current President of Burma is Thein Sein, born April 20 1945 in Kyounko, Burma. His birth Aries Sun is now progressing through Cancer and heading for authoritarian Saturn. This planet often has a rise to fall agenda. It will bring future difficulty, as much needed change is gradually unfolding throughout this ancient kingdom.

Burma's leaders pledged political reform to SOS Clinton, and a re-engagement with the rest of the world. Therefore the western press highlight of the diplomatic visit was Clinton’s meeting with pro-democracy opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.


Aung San Suu Kyi was born June 19 1945 in Rangoon. Her unrestrained Gemini Sun blends well with her scales of justice Libran Moon – both in the communicative element of air. As a spokesperson for the democratic process, she was awarded the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize. However she has spent the majority of the past twenty years under house arrest.

In 2011 her horoscope sprung to life with the authority planet Saturn well angled to her Gemini birth Sun, and boundless Neptune likewise. Also Suu Kyi’s fighter planet Mars receives a positive boost from the planet of justice Jupiter and the power factor of Pluto. It brings her back to world prominence.


Buddhism has played a role in Burmese political resistance. During Myanmar’s colonial era, a Buddhist monk was given life imprisonment for attempted murder when a group of monks attempted to oust British temple visitors who wouldn’t remove their shoes. The shoe issue had been brewing for some time as the British refused to bend to local religious custom.

Burma received its independence on January 4 1948, but from 1962 came under military rule. August 8 1988 saw the famous 8888 Uprising, which brought tremendous civil unrest. It was during this time that Aung San Suu Kyi initially became an inspirational figure for the protest movement. Later in 1991 she received her Nobel award.

If you take into account that this was only a year before the famous Tiananmen Square protests of China, you can see the political implications present today between the west and the east. The US, aware of the rise and rise of China, is trying to maintain authority in the Pacific. And even countries that are not considered US allies are suddenly becoming important ports of call.


The horoscope of Burma – January 4 1948 @ 4.20 am Rangoon, shows military Mars as its most elevated planet. As powerful Pluto comes to a supportive angle to Mars, and expansive Jupiter joins the mix, Burma’s defensive abilities would seem to be taking a giant leap forward. Military defectors have claimed they are fast improving their nuclear capability.

Hillary Clinton sought assurances from Burma that they were not receiving missile technology from North Korea. During May 2011 the US Navy intercepted a North Korean ship Burma bound and believed to be carrying missile parts. The horoscopic evidence would support this.

In the international diplomacy stakes, the frontier of Burma is an important part of the military chess game. China outnumbers India ten to one in nuclear warheads, and Pakistan is also a nuclear nation. Add Burma to that list and we have an interesting power game playing out in Asia.

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is one of the limiting agreements for global disarmament. The main signitaries comprise the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council - USA, Great Britain, France, Russia and China. Altogther 190 nations have signed the agreement. But there are some states who refuse to play ball. India and Pakistan are two, along with North Korea and Israel.


The Dow experienced a rapid overnight rise of 4% to begin December, last Wednesday. It came as a result of the European Central Bank, formed June 1 1998, taking a more aggressive approach to the mounting debt crisis. However this rise was as the result of more financial manipulation of cheaper dollar loans to other struggling European banks. So let’s look at the longer prognosis.

It’s a crisis that I feel will implode during the middle months of 2012. And there may be doubts around the ECB’s tactics from as early as January next year, when illusory Neptune begins to square mercenary Mercury of their birth horoscope – and they simultaneously experience their first Saturn opposition. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, solidity and surety. The opposition is a real tester.

I expected the DJIA to fall by the Friday last week, and it did dip, but only slightly. The Dow’s midweek impressive gains held well enough to make the week a very strong one for investors.

The week ahead sees little planetary action on the markets, bar a harder aspect early Wednesday from value Venus to escapist Neptune. The planet Neptune is often involved in inflationary financial strategy. This may throw a rock on the recovery pond and handbrake rises early in the week.

NOV 27


Continued uprisings in Egypt, paint a frustrated populace anxious for genuine political change. The Arab Spring is moving through autumn. Replacing the repressive Mubarak regime with an equally oppressive military supported by western financial aid was not exactly a revolution. But there will be no NATO intervention into Egypt.

Revolution however may be impossible to prevent, as behind it is Egypt’s most powerful movement, with renewed support. The Muslim Brotherhood was formed in Egypt on March 23 1928, in response to colonialist domination.

The Brotherhood grew immensely during the Arab wars, fueled by western intervention into Arabic affairs. The situation reached boiling point when the west engineered the State of Israel, and threw their vast military resources and financial support behind it.

The Muslim Brotherhood was a also threat to Middle East dictatorships, and has been progressively banned from the political debate. Members were massacred in Syria under the Assad regime. Former Egyptian President Mubarak barred them from elections. The replacement of Mubarak has changed the playing field.

Today the Muslim Brotherhood is experiencing their Uranus return. Uranus is the planet of rebellion and insurrection against authoritarian rule. And the Brotherhood is experiencing grass roots resurgence across Arab lands. It’s an impetus that, according to the planetary indications, may be impossible to resist.


As the celebrated linguist and intellectual Noam Chomsky constantly maintains, the last thing the West really want in the Middle East is authentic democracy – meaning majority rule. If the anti-western feeling amongst the general populace were given a political stage it would be problematical. It’s much easier to deal with dutiful dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia, or the military of Egypt, than risk the wrath of the real populace.


One of the best examples of outside intervention was the CIA orchestrated overthrow of the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, in August 1953. Mosaddegh’s major crime was to nationalize the Iranian oil industry to enrich the country.

The CIA and M16 pressured the Iranian Shah on behalf of their national and financial interests. Prime Minister Mossadegh was arrested, tried and sentenced to death for treason, although this was later commuted to a life sentence. The coup was the first time the US had explicitly ousted an elected, civilian government. Click here for the CIA file link for that operation.

Everything has its eventual price and these actions served as a catalyst that propelled the eventual Iranian Revolution. One of the dissident supporters of Mossadegh was the Ayatollah Khomeini, who eventually fled the country. On February 1 1979 Khomeini triumphantly returned to Iran to a hero’s welcome, as the iconic leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Following the revolution the US Embassy was captured by Islamic students. US nationals were held captive for 444 days, from November 4 1979 until the inaugaration of US President Ronald Reagan on January 20 1981. During Reagan's second term an Iranian airbus with 290 civilians aboard was shot out of the skies by a US missile launched from the carrier USS Vincennes.


Recently twelve CIA operatives were arrested in Iran. They are accused of working in tandem with the Mossad in targeting Iranian military and energy operations. Today it’s nuclear power that is the issue. Iran claims they are entitled to an energy technology available to the rest of the world. The US and Israel claim that Iranian scientists are enriching uranium for nuclear weapons.

Adding to the tensions are recent assassinations of such scientists, and an explosion at a military base that killed the architect of Iran’s missile program. Iran has provided series of secret documents given to the United Nations which they claim proves state sponsored terrorism is being carried out against their nationals.

It is generally accepted that the Stuxnet computer worm was developed specifically to target Iranian nuclear facilities. The complexity of the worm suggests that only a nation sponsored effort would have the resources for its development. Leading virus firm Symantec estimated Stuxnet would have required a team of five to thirty people at least six months to perfect.


The Supreme Leader of Iran is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, born July 15 1939 in Masshad. Khamanei’s horoscope has a dynamic Grand Cross featuring warrior planet Mars, intense Pluto and controlling Saturn, aligned with the nodal or eclipse points.

He’s been no stranger to violence, and was a key figure in the Islamic Revolution. In July 1981 as transiting Pluto squared his Cancerian Sun, a would be assassin’s bomb, hidden in a tape recorder at a press conference, exploded destroying his right hand. This endeared him even more with the public as a martyr for the cause.

Khamanei’s horoscope looks extra active in mid December and again in February of 2012. Iran's long awaited Bushehr nuclear power plant is expected to be launched early February 2012. It was announced that either Russian PM Vladimir Putin or President Dmitry Medvedev will participate in the ceremony.

The diplomatic game is heating up. China and Russia have warned off the US and Israel regarding pre-emptive strikes on Iran. Khamanei, who rarely gets too involved, has recently added his voice to the cause.

This all comes as the USA move troops out of neighboring Iraq by Christmas. There, the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s Sunni government has left an uncertain future, for a Shi-ite dominated country. Will they ever amalgamate with their old foe Iran?

Many see these issues as the powderkegs that could light up WWIII. When it comes to weaponry most of the world prefer a nuclear free Middle East. But with Israel already armed to the teeth, other countries are sure to follow.


Modern Iran has two popular horoscopes, each representing the more recent turning points in the country’s evolution. The Islamic Republic came into being on April 1 1979. It features a warrior self-determining Aries Sun in the 9th house of religion and internationalism.

This horoscope is not due for major planetary action until 2013, when the volatile square of Uranus and Pluto will cross over their leadership Sun.

The other chart is cast for the moment Ayatollah Rohulla Khomeini set foot on Iranian soil for the first time since his exile in 1963. That was on February 01 1979 at 9.33 am, (IT) where over five million people came to welcome. Click here for the chart taken from Nick Campion's World Horoscopes research publication.

This horoscope is extremely active now with the same two planets, rebellious Uranus and focused Pluto impacting upon it. They will increasingly hook in with the early Arian Moon in this horoscope by mid 2012. All of which looks like bringing Iran, and the nuclear issue increasingly into the world political spotlight.

In light of Iranian international sanctions and controversy over its nuclear program I found this advertisement from the 70's rather ironic. And it is real ! Click here for the image, and a good chuckle.


Technical analysts may wonder just what it is about the Dow falling in late October. It’s a time when the two greatest crashes have occurred – Black Thursday triggering the Great Depression occurred October 24 1929. Black Monday, of October 19 1987, saw the Dow fall 23% in a single day. That was following 60% wiped off the Hong Kong stock market, and countries like Australia losing over 40% of market value. Each occurred following a crest of investment.

Of the twenty largest percentage drops in the history of the DJIA, nine have occurred in October. That’s hovering on 50%, or six times the expected average. Of the ten largest intra-day swings seven occurred during the 2008 market collapse, again during October.

And so it was that this year on October 28 the Dow topped at 12231, quickly plunging 5% to 11658. Following that on November 11 2011 it began a slippery slide on the back of Eurozone concerns to be hovering just above 11200 – an overall loss of 100 points. When will it end?

The medium term answer to that is not in a hurry. The Eurozone has plenty of bloodletting, mostly in 2012 mind you, before global markets assume any sense of reality. Meantime this coming week, from late Thursday into Friday a square angle between the Sun and Moon will also impact on volatile Mars and the usually contracting Saturn. As a result we may see more turmoil unfold.

NOV 20


Some weeks ago I wrote on the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement and its global ramifications. My astrological opinion was that the movement would not be easily contained. Its origins were legitimate, its cause just, and humanity as a whole embraces its principles. In a true democracy how can the 1% call the shots for the other 99%? That’s the fundamental question of inequality being addressed here. Such can only happen under an inherently corrupt system.

The capitalist system is now critically unbalanced. Corporations run governments, bankers buy countries and set national political agendas. So-called ‘economic rationalism’ destroys indigenous cultures. Individual’s life choices are dictated more by the dollar than ever before in our history. As a result revolution is taking to the streets.


Leaders like President Barack Obama, who promised to change Washington, sit ineffectively on the sidelines, while the people who voted for him are forced to take up the cudgel for change. And it is all unfolding whilst the radical Uranus is moving into square with the transformational Pluto. This powerful Uranus Pluto cycle began amidst the civil rights movements and lifestyle revolutions of the mid-60s’s.

This is the first time since those heady days that the two planets have aligned so dynamically. We only have to go back to the anti-government movements of the 60’s, and the social disconnect and youth revolution, to witness such global change. Mass protests shook and challenged the establishment in the USA and Australia over unpopular Asian wars. Racially oppressed people, in so-called democracies, demanded equality.

The philosophical difference of the generations born before and after WWII set new political platforms. Today we stand on the precipice of a similar paradigm shift. Occupy Wall Street will not simply go away because the snow falls. It will grow in strength, as the impact of the global meltdown and the inequality that continues to propel it bites down on the populace. And that shows in the original horoscope of the movement.


On September 17 2011 at 3 pm in New York, protestors gathered to begin something that would spread around the world. This powerful horoscope shows the enormous potential for change inherent. Click here for the horoscope.

The ancient Roman wealth ruler Pluto is rising in the corporate sign of Capricorn. This is about transforming (Pluto) the commercial world (Capricorn). It is also about uncovering (Pluto) the corruption of power blocs and international cabals.

The transformational Pluto is locked in a pro-active square to rebellious and insurrectionist Uranus in self-regulating Aries. Opposing the Uranus and squaring the Pluto is the values planet of Venus placed in the scales of justice sign of Libra.

Further the Taurean Moon (a symbol of the Wall St bull and the people’s movement) is at the 23rd degree of Taurus. This is the precise position of Mercury in the horoscope of the original New York Stock Exchange from 7.52 a.m. May 17 1792 in New York. On that day 24 stockbrokers pledged allegiance under a buttonwood tree on Wall St. The ‘Buttonwood Agreement’ marked the beginning of New York eventually becoming the financial capital of the world.”

When a horoscope, such as that of Occupy Wall Street, corresponds so much with what it is meant to address it is a powerful sign that it will force some eventual change.


On March 23 1956 Pakistan moved from being the Dominion of Pakistan to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This weeks Solar Eclipse in the third degree of Sagittarius will fall upon the ‘establishment’ planet Saturn in the Pakistan Republic horoscope. This is a celebrated national holiday and the date of March 23 is also an important one in the relatively new nation’s history.

In 1940 on March 23 at Lahore there was a resolution passed by the All India Muslim League toward the creation of an independent Muslim state. This was to be in the north of India and would be "wholly autonomous and sovereign". The Lahore Resolution frameworked Pakistan's first constitution.

The zodiacal degree is about 2 degrees of Aries, meaning that is where the leadership Sun was on both the day of the occasions of the Lahore Resolution and also the Pakistan Republic formation. The rebellious and revolutionary Uranus is also close to that degree, and will certainly impact on it when Pakistan next celebrates the Republic.

But before that happens the current Solar Eclipse, by activating Saturn, planet of structure seniority and solidarity, and impacting also on the Arian Sun position by a fast acting trine is setting the wheels in motion.


The Sagittarian Solar Eclipse will occur on November 25. This potent fusion of the solar and lunar power will energise the horoscope of Pakistan politician Imran Khan, also born November 25 in 1952. His early Sagittarian Sun was at birth aligned with the autonomous Uranus. Khan is a great exposer of government corruption, and independent in his political philosophy.

Khan originally carved out a career as one of the finest fast bowlers ever to play Test cricket. He was also a champion batsman and considered by many to be the finest all rounder to come out of the subcontinent. He was a national hero long before he entered the political fray.

In 1996 Imran Khan has fronted the Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice) in Pakistan. He has been the representative for Mianwali in the member of the National Assembly from November 2002. During his cricketing career, (much of which was spent in England), he attended Oxford, studying politics and economics. Khan is renowned for his anti-corruption stance. He has also undertaken much charity work, and is a vocal opponent of US influence in Pakistan politics.

Khan publicly accused former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf of licking George W Bush’s shoes. He has also been highly critical of US drone air strikes. Khan was subsequently arrested as a dissident during the period of martial law at the end of 2007.


Despite his high profile media image, most considered Imran Khan lightweight in overall effect. That was until a rally in Lahore that attracted around 150,000 people last October. Khan stirred the masses and called for a political u-turn and a New Pakistan. His message to America was that he would accept friendship, but not slavery. And he has recently been on a diplomatic mission to China.

The Solar Eclipse period may hold important clues to his real influence on Pakistan’s future. Pakistan’s mid term Senate elections are due next March when the revolutionary Uranus effect will be strong. Imran Khan, the incorruptible, is sure to be at the heart of the street level youth rebellion that sweeps Pakistan. Astrologically his moment has arrived.


The Wednesday reversal that I thought would happen did just that. The Dow, which had risen to 12164 just before closing Tuesday, closed at 11900 – dropping 2% over the trading day. And that was about the story of the week in a nutshell.

Overall the Dow opened at 12132 and fell back to 11800 or around 3% across the whole week. The challenging square between the Sun and Neptune added enough confusion factor at the weeks end to prevent any substantial recovery, as happened the week before. Despite the loss the Dow is trading slightly up for the year – a whole 1% - but at least in the black. And it’s up 5% for the same time last year.

This week we have a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, in the early morning hours of Friday the 25th New York time. Exactly one day before Mercury, a planet aligned with trading and deal making will begin to turn retrograde, reversing direction in the heavens. This places a lot of cosmic energy from the midweek onwards. Again we may see some instability and reversals as a result.

Nov 13


Texas Governor Rick Perry was the unexpected highlight of last weeks CNBC Republican presidential debate. The presidential hopeful had trouble counting to three, when asked about the three Federal agencies he would like to close. Fittingly the first one was education. The next one was commerce – but embarrassingly he kept forgetting the third. Critics are saying that he can also forget about ever being President.

Comedian Jimmy Fallon mused, "Big news from last night’s Republican debate, you guys. It turns out George Bush was actually the smart Texas governor."

Perry was born March 4 1950 @ 10.40 am. in Haskell Texas according to AstroDatabank sources. He’s a Pisces born under a very public Full Moon, with 28 degrees of Taurus rising. The planet of communication and newsworthiness is Mercury. Perry’s progressed Mercury now sits right at his Taurus Ascendant, but it is in backward motion. The Ascendant describes how we interface with our world.

Last week there was an important planetary opposition between forthright combative Mars and vague and imprecise Neptune. That’s the kind of energy that throws a confusing smokescreen over the best-laid plans of mice and men. The opposition was in a difficult, and in an exact and testing angle, to Perry’s regressive communications planet Mercury, and also to his relating Ascendant. Neptune is aligned to vagueness or forgetfulness, like misplacing the car keys.

If you were born late in one of the fixed signs, or have your Mercury positioned there, the same kind of confusion might have impacted on your life. In Perry’s case his absentmindedness happened at the worst possible time. Perry's problem is usually that he has too much to say, but this time he was literally lost for words.


Long term Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s third richest man, has announced his resignation. His career has been a long and controversial one. Back in 1981 when a political crisis broke over the existence of P2 a clandestine Masonic Lodge aiming to move Italy toward a more authoritarian rule, he was found to be a member. Ongoing sex scandals have clouded his career. It is claimed that he initially entered politics to save his business. Yet he has been a great survivor, initially becoming Italian PM back in 1994.

Born September 29 1936 in Milan, he is a suave Libran, with its ruling planet Venus nicely positioned to passionate Mars and opposite independent Uranus. The planet of accountability has been moving through Libra since 2009 and casting greater focus on Berlusconi’s authority.

Amid weeks of recent market turmoil and a failing Italian economy he has come under even greater scrutiny. Three years ago he was able to survive a parliamentary reshuffle as his progressed Sun moved across successful Jupiter. But now with his Moon cycle reaching its ending phase the road ahead narrows. The great conservative survivor of Italian politics has lost his parliamentary majority.


When a US President visits Australia the reason is inevitably to ratchet up defense spending and military alliance. The first US President to make the trip Down Under was Lyndon B. Johnson in 1966 to shore up support for US involvement in Vietnam.

It was a war deeply unpopular with the average Australian, that divided the nation, as it did in homeland USA. Australia had introduced conscription and Prime Minister Harold Holt was renowned for his sycophantic phrase, ‘All the way with LBJ'.

In December of 1991 George Bush Snr paid a visit as a result of Australia’s support in the Desert Storm Gulf War. His son George W addressed the Australian parliament in October of 2003, to promote the ongoing war on terror, and the invasion of Iraq.

This week Barack Obama is due to touch down in Australia, with an expected announcement of a massive US military rotation from Darwin. It follows Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s concern about increasing Chinese naval strength in the Pacific.

Australia and the US forged an allegiance in WWII to prevent the Japanese push southward through the Coral Sea. More than half a million servicemen were based in Australia, which was a launching pad for US offensives. The leader of the US military command, General Douglas Macarthur, was coincidentally born on Australia Day, January 26.


Australia is the piggy in the middle of its major trading and military allies. China is Australia’s chief trading partner, easily outstripping every other country. Australia exports seven times to China what it does to the USA. The Australian horoscope (January 26 1788 @ 5.23 am Sydney) aligned with the USA July 4 1776 @ 17.10 hours Philadelphia) and China (October 1 1949 @ 15.15 Beijing) shows the obvious connections.

The Australia US connection is dominated by Mars the planet of war. Click here for Australia USA charts overlaid. The Cancerian USA Sun is joined to the Cancerian Australian Mars, and the Australian Sun forms a sesquisquare to the USA Mars. This aligns the leadership Sun of both nations with the other nations war planet. I have written here before that this allegiance would strengthen with a large military buildup over the next few years. This is just the beginning.

Australia also has very powerful connections with the Chinese People’s Republic chart. Indeed future PM Gough Whitlam was the first western politician to officially recognize and visit Mao Zedong, well before the famous visit of US President Richard Nixon. Click here for Australia China overlaid horscopes. Australia’s Aquarian Sun is in a supportive trine relationship with the Chinese Libran Sun. The Chinese Aquarian Moon also sits at the Australian Ascendant and Sun position.

The relationships with either country are very different. The benefits of the Sino-Australian relations are obvious even when looking at the commerce planet, Mercury, in the Australian horoscope, benefitting by China’s Jupiter alignment, a signal of great growth and expansion. This has shielded Australia from the effects of the global meltdown and assured Australia of one of the best living standards in the world.


Investors were entitled to get vertigo from last weeks fluctuating Dow. After hitting up around 12180 by Tuesday’s close, Wednesday’s open dropped 3% and by close the DJIA was down to 11784. Thursday offered little relief, but Friday saw a sharp reversal of the downward trend with a 2% jump. That kind of volatility was till playing off the harder aspects of the inner planets astrologically speaking.

This week is largely free of challenging planetary aspects. As a result the markets may be steadier than they have been. The Moon will pass through he Uranus Pluto square Monday but this square is easing, so it may not effect too much. The Wednesday trading may show some reversals around the midday period, and Friday the Sun will be moving to square the planet of rumor and spin in Neptune. This is where the newspaper headlines and fear factors will affect the market confidence.

Nov 6


On November 2 1917 the British conservative Foreign Secretary, Lord Arthur Balfour, wrote a letter to the powerful international financier Baron Walter Rothschild. It was a note that eventually would fracture the Middle East, and is at the heart of global political division today.

As the celebrated author Arthur Koestler so aptly wrote of Balfour’s curious letter, “Here, was one nation promising another nation the land of a third nation.” It was the story Britain promising Israel that they could have Palestine.


In 1915 the British Empire, battling the Ottoman Empire, secured the support of the Palestinians, with the victory restoration promise of homeland sovereignty. By 1917 on November 2 Balfour, later to write an introduction for a Zionist history, was double-dealing for the Zionist interests of the world’s richest family, the Rothschilds.

Thus began the subjugation of the Palestinians, as more and more European Jews moved to resettle in the new homeland of Palestine. This immigration increasing markedly following the atrocities suffered at the hands of the Nazis in WWII.


Arab Israeli relations deteriorated rapidly with the establishment of the State of Israel on May 14 1948. From the following day, and the ensuing Arab Israel war, over 700,000 Palestinians fled their homes in a mass exodus, today known as ‘Nakba’, or the great catastrophe. Since then there has been no real ‘Palestine’.

The world remained largely ignorant to the plight of the dispossessed Palestinians. Against the moneyed interests of international financiers, and powerful government lobbyists, they stood little chance of balanced media coverage.

Various land solutions were offered, from the original United Nations two state Israel-Palestine partition plan of November 29 1947, to ongoing but fruitless peace talks under various US administrations.


For over sixty years later the Palestinians have been watching their homes bulldozed to make way for ever increasing Jewish settlements, and witnessing their homeland being swallowed up. They have finally found support from the vast majority of countries within the United Nations. But there are still those countries of criminal negligence who ignore the ongoing human rights violations taking place in Israel.

On the 31st of October 2011 in Paris at 1.30 p.m. local time to a cheering UNESCO audience, Palestinian statehood, which Israel has vigorously opposed, was finally recognized. The above time was supplied by Adelaide astrological student and researcher, Vicky Rose.


As an immediate result of the long awaited vote the USA is planning to withdraw all of its UNESCO funding. They are also withdrawing Palestinian aid. The US devotes the largest amount of all its foreign aid, one-fifth in total, to Israel.

Australia inexplicably voted against Palestinian independence, despite the foreign minister Kevin Rudd advising PM Julia Gillard to abstain. Recent independent surveys have shown 74% of Australians support Palestinian statehood. This may also have long term adverse ramifications for Australia's international image.

Israel PM Ben Netanyahu has reacted by withholding tax receipts to the Palestinians, and approved yet more settlements – all illegal under international law. In a clear case of ‘minority rules’ the USA has vowed to veto any Palestinian attempt to join the United Nations as a full member. In total 107 countries of UNESCO voted for Palestinian statehood, with a mere 14 against.


If you erect a horoscope for the moment the vote was decided at UNESCO click here for the horoscope you will find that the Sun position of the Palestinian horoscope taken from their original independence proclamation of November 15 1988 of 22 degrees Scorpio is right at the peak of the UNESCO horoscope.

You will also find that the Sun of the Israel horoscope of May 14 1948 is right at the bottom. I found this astrological correspondence quite extraordinary – but perfectly fitting.

I am reprinting further comment below written some weeks ago on this very issue, and linking the developments to the prodigious Jupiter Saturn cycle, which had its beginning in May 2000 at 23 Taurus, right on the birth Sun of Israel - May 14 1948 at 1600 hours Tel Aviv. This is also on the birth Sun of the "Nakba" the Palestinian Exodus.


The turning points in the Jupiter Saturn cycle can be cut into angles of increasing complexity. Suffice to say that at most of the key cycle points Israel have been in the news, whether it be the Israel Lebanon war, commandos storming flotillas or war in Gaza. Change has been incrementally taking place since May 2000. Palestine has also become increasingly pro-active in seeking statehood.

The current Jupiter Saturn cycle is at the half way phase, where things reach fruition. The much-publicized Arab Spring, occurred coincident with the opposition phase, and is re-arranging the political playing fields. Modern Israel, originally proposed by Britain, and heavily supported militarily and economically by the US is bound up in the reformation.

From September 20 2011 the Jupiter Saturn cycle reaches another critical point. Palestine, like Israel, seeks statehood within the United Nations. Already 120 countries have recognized Palestine’s wish. Earlier this year US President Obama declared ‘The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state.’


But the President’s lofty words now sound like empty rhetoric, returning to haunt him. Obama, the ‘messiah’ who vowed to change Washington and its lobbyists, has reversed gear. When it comes to Palestine Obama’s ‘yes we can’ mantra has become ‘no we can’t.’

Israel continuing to build on occupied territories, in defiance of international law and opinion, have also clearly signaled their position. And all of which pits the USA on a collision course with tomorrow’s realities. As Hillary Clinton frantically tries to engage the leaders in the fruitless charade of renewed peace talks, averting the Palestinian push, time marches on.

An international community that asked ‘what is wrong with an Egyptian revolution?’ now ask ‘what is wrong with Palestinian statehood?’ Is there a problem in a people wanting to call their own home – home! Planetary cycles unfold - and the impossible becomes the inevitable. Jupiter and Saturn are busy changing the checkerboard of caliphs and kings.


Last week in this column I commented that the rising market would reverse from Tuesday November 1 writing, “the rise could face a temporary short circuit, as both Mercury and Venus will soon square dissipating Neptune by Tuesday the 1st, and the Jupiter Pluto trine will ease slightly.”

Neptune tends to cloud issues, or place doubts in the minds of investors. So it proved as the Dow dropped 2.5% on opening Tuesday November 1. It finished the week below 12,000. The Australian market, which normally rises around Melbourne Cup time, also took a hammering.

A lot of the doubt came from the embattled Greek PM, George Papandreou, proposing a referendum on the Eurozone bail out package. He is now striving to form a temporary coalition government.

This week the promising Mercury Venus combination will run smack bang into contracting Saturn Tuesday the 8th, as the Sun simultaneously forms a difficult relationship with unpredictable Uranus. So expect a rocky market to continue early this week.

October 31


On February 15 2011 an uprising against the strong-arm dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi began in the northern Libyan oil port of Benghazi. Hundreds of people hurtled rocks at police stations, and burnt vehicles in an angry anti-government rage.

It was pioneered by human rights lawyer, Fathi Terbil. He was representing the relatives of 1269 prisoners allegedly massacred by government forces in Abu Salim jail, after an escape attempt from 4.40 p.m. on June 28 1996. The chart is here. The massacre took place from 11 am the next day, with the prisoners purportedly buried in a mass grave.

After the massacre report Amnesty International pursued an investigation. The Libyan government also released a statement reporting that two hundred guards had been killed, but further international action stalled, reputedly due to oil interests. But the legend of Abu Salim spread over years, and the government hatred grew.

The Abu-Salim carnage was used as a prime catalyst to foster a revolution, on a regime that had ruled for much too long. The renowned mass grave has never been found, although its discovery was announced by the BBC, and other news sources on September 15 this year. But it was a breaking story that was later retracted.

The horoscope of the initial moment however is useful in tracing the rise of the independence movement and the ultimate overthrow of the Gaddafi regime. At 4.40 pm on June 28 1996 the early Cancerian Sun (representing the national leader) was in square to suppressive Saturn.

That Sun Saturn cosmic clock set an alarm to be activated in 2011. By February the deep and cathartic Pluto would come to meet the original Sun Saturn position. Pluto tends to dredge out old and festering wounds. It deals with deep and dark undercurrents, intense emotions and power struggles.

While this was taking place Neptune, the planet of sacrifice, and also legend, came to the very base of the Abu Salim horoscope. There it would be met by the planet of war and aggression, Mars, precisely in mid February. Not only Mars, but also the transiting Sun with Mercury the messenger – or newsmaker.

The violence of the Benghazi protests received world coverage. Was this a chink in Gaddafi ’s armour? The time had come, and it was described with the planetary movement with an eerie exactness.


The Libyan Transitional Council formed from the beginning of the revolution. That date is recognized throughout Libya, and the west, as February 17 2011. Wikipedia quotes that date, Facebook has a Libyan Revolution Feb 17 page, and there is even a website named libyafeb17.com.

There are other vital dates in the ongoing development, including the United Nations No-Fly resolution of March 17, the first attack on Libya by NATO two days later, and Colonel Gaddafi’s capture and slaughter by October 20. But the birth moment is what astrologers study.

In examining the February 17 2011 horoscope, the standout feature is the quadruple combination of the collective Aquarian Sun and newsmaking Mercury, aligned with war planet Mars and nefarious Neptune.

The latter is also the planet of gas, chemicals and oil. Neptune is also about camouflage and subterfuge. So the connection between government and Libya having the greatest oil reserves in Africa is obviously prominent.

The Transitional Council had their first executive meeting on March 5 2011 following a Piscean New Moon near the combative planet Mars again. The Council then officially requested United Nations assistance which led to the Libyan No-Fly proposal starting at 6.30 New York time on March 17 2001, just as war planet Mars was exactly setting in the seventh house of allies and enemies. The resolution was passed four minutes later. Chart is here with the original Libyan independence horoscope.

The Transitional National Council announced the establishment of the “Libyan Oil Company” to supervise all oil production on March 19. They also declared a Central Bank of Benghazi as the national monetary authority, and appointed a governor on March 19. And right on March 19 NATO began their attack on the Libyan government forces launching 110 Tomahawk missiles on the first day.

On March 19 the Sun was coming to meet Uranus – the planet of rebellions and revolutions. This Sun and Uranus were exactly opposed to the position of the activist Uranus when Colonel Gaddafi had originally taken power 42 years before at 5 am on September 1 1969. His government faced their Uranus opposition. The chart is here. The rest is as they say, history – a very predictable one.


In searching for planetary reasons as to why there would be a 2% upsurge toward the end of last week, the principle reason would be the New Moon highlighting expansive growth planet Jupiter by opposition. Jupiter is now sitting on the Venus of the New York Stock Exchange birth horoscope, and Pluto (wealth ruler) is supportively trining the same.

Each time the Pluto from Capricorn trine to the NYSE Venus has been activated by additional planets stocks have risen. Jupiter last joined in early July, which led to the last peak of 12719. When Venus added its weight on August 25 the Dow was pulling sharply back from a slump.

The recent Jupiter Pluto trine became exact on the 27th and 28th. There is also a union between the trading planet Mercury and the values planet Venus operational now. However the rise could face a temporary short circuit, as both Mercury and Venus will soon square dissipating Neptune by Tuesday the 1st, and the Jupiter Pluto trine will ease slightly.

Australian markets are famous for heading on an upward trend around Melbourne Cup time – the richest horse race in the southern hemisphere. But the Venus square Neptune aspects will test the market strength.

The inclination to take a chance becomes a national addiction as the nation reserves just over three minutes of silence as the horses pound the Flemington track. Me – I gave up trying to do astrology on 22 horses, jockeys and trainers a long while ago. I’ll be sipping on a cold one and probably having a look at Drunken Sailor at wide odds indeed. And that’s not an astro tip either – just a fun interest bet at longshot prices.

October 23


Regular readers will know that I regard the Australian horoscope to stem from the morning of January 26 1788. That’s when white settlers, at the end of a marathon maritime journey, began clearing the trees and undergrowth for a new settlement. It’s when the technology of the north came to the great southland. In constructing the 5.23 a.m. horoscope I poured through First Fleet diaries and also utilized around 65 key events in the national history.

Yet often when I am examining the Australian national political scene I will use the Australian Federation horoscope. This was researched meticulously, by a dear friend, the late Gwen Stoney. She spent countless hours at the Mitchell Library examining microfilm records of the day in reaching her conclusion of 1.35 pm Centennial Park Sydney on January 1 1901. This event was the swearing in of the first national government.


In the early hours of Thursday morning this week, October 27, we will have a New Moon in Scorpio. It is in fact a Supermoon – one of the rarer ones that passes closer to the earth. It occurs at 3 degrees of Scorpio, which puts it in a testing square to the Australian Midheaven of Gwen’s chart. The Midheaven represents the ruling party of a national horoscope, and significant transits to the Australian Midheaven have consistently shown changing leaders, including monarchs.

1903 – Saturn conjunct - change of government, Alfred Deakin PM
1910 – Jupiter/Saturn both square - death of King Edward
1916/17 – Neptune Saturn opposite – WWI – Govt defeated on conscription
1933 – Saturn conjunct - Western Australia votes 2/1 in favour of secession from Commonwealth
1941 – Pluto opposite – Japanese invasion – US assumes military command
1969 – Jupiter/Saturn square – largest recorded electoral swing against government.
1975 – Jupiter opposition, Uranus square – Whitlam govt dismissed by Governor General.
1991 – Saturn conjunct – Keating rolls Hawke to become new Labor PM.
1996 - Uranus conjunct – John Howard defeats Keating.
1999 – Neptune conjunct – Howard loses popular vote but remains leader.

The coming New Moon may place an added focus on leadership aspirations in Australian politics, with both sides of the House due to sit from the 31st. The New Moon at 3 of Scorpio will fall upon former PM Kevin Rudd’s pro-active and progressed Mars. Speculation has been rife that with Julia Gillard’s abysmal poll ratings Rudd may be a chance of doing a Howard like Lazarus.

I use a horoscope for Rudd that was erected before he even became leader of Labor, which showed that he would win an election around the end of 2007, yet only last one term. Here’s the link to that article written back in 2006.

The next New Moon (also a solar eclipse) will fall on Julia Gillard’s progressed Mars. Could this set the scene for the battle of Labor leadership, considering the rumour mill rife with stories of a Labor numbers game being played out in Canberra. But it also describes Australia’s future military role in the Pacific and the PM’s and Foreign Minister’s involvement.

Kevin Rudd’s secondary progressed Mars is with Neptune king of the seas in planetary terminology, and Mars of course is the god of war. The Gillard government plans an overhaul of our naval defense and a doubling of our submarine fleet. The Australian horoscope shows an inevitable military build up, moreso in 2013, when it will probably be involved in another major conflict. Meantime leadership ambitions may also be on show.


Last week I analyzed Barack Obama’s horoscope, with particular reference to the prominent role that Mars currently plays. Obama has been the commander in chief at the assassinations of Osama bin Laden and now Mahmoud Gaddafi, by a NATO backed offensive. It was noted that this week Obama's Mars was again extremely active.

The fact that Libya was due for leadership change was mirrored conclusively in their horoscope of September 1 1969 at 5 am in Tripoli. Click here for the Libyan horoscope. Gaddafi’s hold on power had reached its Uranus opposition and the change would be sudden and violent.

The reasons for NATO’s invasion, to all but the most politically naïve, had as much to do with the global economic crisis and Libya’s enormous national resources than anything else. Gaddafi ruled over a country with no debt, 17% of the world’s oil resources with the highest living index in Africa.

But there were elements within his own government who wished for his own overthrow, as power had been centralized for so long. And the west were only too willing to back them. And Gaddafi's rambling UN speech virtually sealed his fate. What the Libyans must now try and accomplish is a fair deal on their numerous oil and gas resources.

Next week I will deal with the Libyan Transitional Council horoscope. It is quite a disturbing chart.

Possibly the most lamentable element of his capture, regardless of opinion of the man himself, was the media repeatedly showing the bloodied corpse. This was on a parallel with western newspapers showing the noose around Saddam Hussein’s neck, or his son’s gruesome death. They would not dream of doing the same with one of their own of course.

The transitional council's own military commanders have refused to conduct an autopsy on Gaddafis body, presumably to avoid the war crimes act. Putting someone in a freezer and then on display for curious onlookers is not exactly an encouraging sign for the incoming government. UN human rights chief Navi Pillay has called for an investigation. It will of course never take place.

This is reflecting a disturbing trend of media violence and the common western acceptance of it now. We can see this in video games, movies, and across the entire media spectrum. Humanity seems to be losing its humanity, when it really needs it more than ever. And those that oppose the status quo, like this weeks Melbourne 'Occupy Wall St' protest are feeling the effects of such mentality.


The DJIA performed exactly as the planets suggested last week, posting an overall gain of just under 2%. The week finished extremely strong with a Friday rise of 2.3% just breaking 11,800. The most volatile date was Tuesday, which dipped to 11302 before finishing at around 11625. Below is what was written for Market watch last week.

“This week’s most volatile swing date looks to be Tuesday as fast acting Mars interacts with sudden surprise Uranus. Yet the overall pattern is reasonably strong toward the weekend coming, as there are no major disruptive aspects in the play.”

The Dow has finally edged into the black again in year to date figures, after a disappointing third quarter, the worst since the global meltdown. This week still has some very yo-yo aspects to begin the week, so all is not settled leading into the Scorpio New Moon.

October 16


On July 13 2011, with the US Congress locked into a partisan paralysis on fiscal policy an advertisement appeared in Adbusters. It was asking for 20,000 people to descend on Lower Manhattan to occupy Wall St.

The ad was to trigger a grass roots revolution, spreading interstate and now worldwide. The protest is against the obscene wealth concentration in the hands of an elite minority who have created the global recession. Dissatisfied with inept government, people power has been mobilized to force action.


The initial meeting was called for 3 pm on September 17 2011 in New York, and this depicts the defining horoscope for the movement. This powerful horoscope shows the enormous potential for change the movement will possess. Click here for the horoscope.

The ancient Roman wealth ruler Pluto is rising in the corporate sign of Capricorn. This is about transforming (Pluto) the commercial world (Capricorn). Occupy Wall Street is about changing the status quo.

The transformational Pluto is locked in a pro-active square to rebellious and insurrectionist Uranus in self-regulating Aries. Opposing the Uranus and squaring the Pluto is the values planet of Venus placed in the scales of justice sign of Libra. This tense unresolved T-Square aptly describes archetypal energies of the protest movement.

Further the Taurean Moon (a symbol of the Wall St bull and the people’s movement) is at the 23rd degree of Taurus. This is the precise position of Mercury in the horoscope of the original New York Stock Exchange from 7.52 a.m. May 17 1792 in New York. On that day 24 stockbrokers pledged allegiance under a buttonwood tree on Wall St. The ‘Buttonwood Agreement’ marked the beginning of New York eventually becoming the financial capital of the world.


The year of 1792 featured a Solar Eclipse on September 16. That date has figured prominently in the history of the New York Stock Exchange ever since. Using the astrological predictive technique of one day equaling one year, or secondary progressions, September 16 would equal the year of 1914 from the original NYSE horoscope. It was in 1914 that the NYSE was virtually eclipsed, after closing its doors for four and a half months.

On September 16 1920 a bomb exploded outside the exchange killing 33 people and injuring hundreds of others. In 2001 between September 11 and 17 the exchange was closed due to the terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon. On September 15 2008 Lehman Bros collapsed triggering a global recession. On September 17 at 3 pm the Occupy Wall Street movement officially began.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is finding supporters across the globe. Pluto also represents the masses, along with irresistible forces that harness the power to create deep and lasting change. As Uranus and Pluto meet in their exact square formation by mid-2012 the results of Occupy Wall Street will begin to take a more lasting and permanent effect.


In the coming weeks US President Barack Obama will face one of the most testing times of his Presidency, and possibly his life. Why? Both his secondary progressed horoscope and the current positioning of the planets are impacting in an extremely challenging manner to his birth horoscope.

Firstly Obama’s progressed Ascendant, signaling his connection with others, is opposing progressed Mars, the planet of aggression, anger and war like activities. The progressed Mars also squares his birth Saturn, indicating blockages, restrictions and difficulties moving forward. Between the 18th and 20th the transiting Sun will further highlight all of this.

Currently Obama’s Midheaven, an indicator of his professional rank and current status, is stuck in a challenging square to transiting Neptune. Neptune is he planet of covert activities, subterfuge and confusion. Simultaneously progressed Uranus, a signal of sudden turns, unexpected events, and lack of constancy is closing on the same Midheaven.

At the moment transiting Uranus in Aries is opposed to his progressed Sun in early Libra – suggesting unreliable allies. On the positive it may signal possible meetings with inventive associates, as well, but will always emphasize the element of surprise. Lastly the transiting Mars, a marker of competition and aggression is moving into his house of friends and enemies.
Mars will spend an inordinately long time here, stationing on his birth degree Mars.


These kind of aspects can mean one of two things. Either the President is dealing with a major conflict, perhaps escalating military involvement etc. Or the President has attracted many forceful enemies who seek to damage him. The current Rasmussen poll ratings for Obama’s Presidential performance are running well below 50%. With these aspects it is little wonder.

It’s generally conceived that the incumbent seeks re-election and that Barack Obama will be the Democrats leader for years to come. Yet Obama has had to battle through a virtual cosmic conspiracy as well as his terrestrial troubles. Regular readers will remember me writing here many years back that should Obama win the Democratic nomination he would ultimately fail to live up to the hype surrounding his election.

That conclusion was not so much based on his birth horoscope, but on the dynamics of that horoscope projected through time. And it was written before the economic collapse, or even his eventual nomination. The worldly aspects showed the Messiah like tendencies evident in voter consciousness. Obama was the perfect candidate for both a cleansing of the collective psyche, and a desperate need for some intelligent leadership and restoration of national image, following the Bush years.

There are elements of abrupt change that echo through the US national horoscope at this time as its progressed Sun squares Uranus. We can see this is in the people's dissatisfaction with both sides of government.

A leader is either with the inevitable forces of renewal and change, or sadly clinging onto past strategies that hold little hope for the future. Barack can either be caught in the time warp of the system, or ride the wave of revolution that now the populace are propelling. It is really the choice of being relevant or suddenly obsolete.


The Dow posted a very good week, trading up 3% from 11290 to start the week and finishing on a high of 11638. The Full Moon on Saturn did produce a handbrake effect midweek, with Thursday falling 200 points and dipping back to below 11,400. I feel the figure of 12250 represents the markets resistance point.

The midway figure between the late 2007 market highs and the severe dip into March of 2009 is around 10500. This years dips reached perilously close to that at 10655 only weeks ago at the start of October. The upward trend figure on all of this however should be somewhere around 12250. And this seems to be a figure that is rarely surpassed and on evidence quickly bounces below whenever it is reached.

This week’s most volatile swing date looks to be Tuesday as fast acting Mars interacts with sudden surprise Uranus. Yet the overall pattern is reasonably strong toward the weekend coming, as there are no major disruptive aspects in the play.



Last week China launched their most ambitious space project to date. The Heavenly Palace, an experimental module preceding their first space station, was fired up on Thursday September 29 at 9.16.03 pm (CCT) from the Gobi desert location of Jiuquan. China plan to launch an unmanned spacecraft to perfect docking maneuvers with the module within weeks.

The horoscope of the launch shows military Mars at the base of the chart in square to successful Jupiter with the intense Scorpio Moon completing a T-Square. Such aspects are significant as they mirror the perception, and perhaps intent, of the actions. Mars and Jupiter combinations are notable in the horoscopes of successful military men.

China’s military modernization, and space ventures are rapidly expanding. This new and rising superpower is a far cry from the China that was historically dominated by foreign forces, from Britain to USA, USSR and Japan. Mao Zedong’s People’s Revolution was proclaimed October 1 1949 at 3.15 pm, with a rousing national speech vowing to throw off the shackles of colonial domination.


China’s booming economy is boosting their national security. This year saw the launch of their first aircraft carrier on the morning of August 10 2011. The planetary alignment of the launch showed martial Mars in square with technological Uranus and opposition to the power planet Pluto. On the morning of the sea trials the Moon also joined the Pluto. This is a most auspicious planetary arrangement for security enforcement and/or war.

An examination of the horoscope of the People’s Republic click here shows the importance of Mars and Pluto in the seventh house of allies and enemies. The Mars/Pluto, equating to extreme force, is well angled to the legendary sea king planet of Neptune. This shows the future potential of China developing into a naval superpower.


China’s economic boom has reversed the recent western recession trend, which makes China’s rise even more dramatic. They are the banker to the west. Australia has been one country riding on the shirttails of the superpower’s commodity hunger. A comparison of the Australian Settlement horoscope of January 26 1788 at 5.23 a.m. Sydney shows the inevitable tie in with China.

The horoscopes click here show the same Aquarian Ascendant, and China’s Moon sits right on Australia’s Sun. This is something one often sees in marriage horoscopes, so it is perhaps not unusual to also find it in major trading partners. Yet China’s aggressive Mars-Pluto and Australia’s Pluto lie opposite, which indicates different military thinking.

Chinese immigration to Australia began not long after the initial settlement; indeed one of the first publicans in the country was a Chinese immigrant. The 1850’s gold rush brought thousands more Chinese settlers to the great south land. Since those days Australia has been host to a growing Asian community, and her major trading partners have been from this region.

Australia was the first of the western countries to send a political delegation, headed by future PM Gough Whitlam that recognized the People’s Republic and Mao Zedong. It wasn’t long after that, that they were admitted to the United Nations in 1971. The following year President Nixon became the first US President to visit China.


The rise and rise of China is presenting strategic military problems to the USA, long dominant in Asian waters. The horoscope of the USA – July 4 1776 @ 17.10 hours Philadelphia, and Australia also shows many connections. However they seem to be military based – Australia’s Cancerian Mars for example is joined to the US Sun. Click here for USA Australia horoscopes overlaid.

The military connection of Australia and the US extends from WWII when over half a million US troops settled in the southern oceans, and were mostly Australian based. The commander of those forces was General Douglas MacArthur, who happened to be born on Australia Day January 26. The US presence was vital in protecting Australia from the Japanese moving south.

Since those days, and the subsequent ANZUS treaty, Australia has been beside the US in most military campaigns from Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq. The US also supplies the vast majority of Australia’s weaponry.


Australia is divided between their commercial reliance on the emerging superpower of China, and their military and cultural allegiance to the USA. This will make things very interesting by the years 2014 and 2015 when the Chinese horoscope shows signs of great military advancement, as modernizing Uranus and the growth planet Jupiter come to join the Chinese Mars-Pluto military connection.

The recent New Moon of September 27 at 4 degrees of Libra, in opposition to unstable Uranus and squaring the controlling Pluto fell on the Midheaven of the horoscope of the USA, and also close to China's Libran Sun already square Uranus.

The same New Moon fell on the inflammatory Mars position (also square the Sun and Uranus) of the Korean War beginning June 25 1950. It's a war which has never officially ended. It's combatants, and the divided Korean peninsula are a mirror of the political chasm that still separate the USA and China. And in a way the situation between North and South Korea is also a barometer of the tensions between US and it's banker.


With the recent Libran New Moon opposing revolutionary Uranus and squaring the ancient money ruler Pluto the ‘Occupy Wall St’ people’s rebellion has been growing in strength. And it’s not only growing among street protestors in New York, but also spreading fast across the social networking pages of Facebook for example.

The September 27 Libran New Moon occurred on the USA Midheaven, representing US administration and authority. Rebellion at grass roots level will be a predominate theme from a dissatisfied populace opposing financial disparity and government and corporate corruption. The astrological signals of this unrest show not only in the transiting planets to the American birthchart but also in the secondary progressions.

At the moment the SP Sun is in square to the rebellious Uranus. Add to that the current SP Moon in Libra in difficult inojnct with the Sun. The inconjunct is an aspect that involves two planets with nothing in common by element (fire, earth etc) or modality (cardinal, fixed etc). This is so accurate to the genuine disconnect between the government and the people it is supposed to represent.


Just about to watch the NRL Grand Final. Aries rising (sign of war) above Sydney with Uranus (upsets) on the horizon now. Does this mean an upset and the longshot Warriors win? Soon see.

Ah well not so lucky - but great effort to even get there. What a game!!!


The news that we didn’t want to hear is the world’s worst kept secret. With US wages falling backward, prices going up, and global stock markets posting their worst quarterly returns in three years, another recession is unavoidable.

The Dow has dropped 13% for the September quarter and the All Ords, which acts like a mirror, has dropped 12.5%. The previous worst quarter was the October to December of 2009, which dropped 19%.

Last weeks New Moon opposite the wild card planet Uranus set the recent market roller coaster in action. The Dow Jones Industrial Index started the week around 10,770 and bounded up to 11365 (up 5.5%) by early Tuesday afternoon. By Wednesday’s close it had gone down another 3% to 11000. Thursday it shot up another 250 or 2% in early trades and finished the week slightly above 10900.

In last weeks column I used a 79-year Babylonian commodity cycle to illustrate the similarity between 2008’s crash and the 1929 Black Monday. We haven’t hit that kind of bedrock, largely because of global co-operation. But it’s also interesting to note that the 1929 crash started with a New Moon opposite Uranus. Last Tuesday’s New Moon was also opposite Uranus in Aries – just as it was in 1929.

The biggest deterrent to investment is uncertainty. Uranus being the jack in the box of surprise encourages ambiguity and indecision. Fluctuations are rife. And that’s why the market is in for a wild ride. This weeks swing dates look to be Tuesday with the squaring Moon, and late Thursday, as the Sun and indecisive Neptune interact, along with trading Mercury and contracting Saturn.

SEP 25


We are heading for a new SuperMoon opposing eruptive Uranus and powerful Pluto. It all happens September 27. Look for wild weather patterns, increased earthquake and volcanic activity and powerful economic changes as a result.

Right now the globe is riding the rapids, and that will affect all of us in a different area of life. This week I want to show the similarities in planetary cycles between now and the Great Depression years, using an unusual and ancient Babylonian recurrence cycle.


It’s more than a case of jitters in the economic community, it’s genuine horror that another recession is on the doorstep. First of all a couple of astro-facts. The ancient Babylonians measured commodity prices against planetary indices from two thousand five hundred years ago. There must have been something to it, or they wouldn’t have kept five hundred years worth of records, much still available today.

The same peoples were aware of synodic recurrence cycles between planets such as the fact that mercenary Mercury and stormy Mars met in the same place every 79 years. That’s probably not going to inspire a lot of investors who would deduce that
1929 = 2008
1930 = 2009
1931 = 2010

According to this parallel we’re now up to 1932 in terms of recovery.


But there’s a little more to it than one cycle. There are a lot of similarities, which made it so easy for the astute analytical astrologer to pick this coming well ahead of time. You can check back through my archives to the 2008 World Predictions written on the eve of that year. Similar planetary patterns are traced by this analysis.

Jupiter and Saturn opposition – notable in 1930-31. We’re still coming out of it this one, which comes close again in December 2011 and January 2012.

Saturn Uranus square precise from April 1930 (the double dip) until end of 1931. We got it from October 2008 until the end of 2010.

Saturn Pluto opposition – prominent through 1931. We experienced the square also a negative configuration through 2009 and 2010.

Uranus Pluto square dominant in 1932 through to the end of 1933. We’re just getting this one. It came close during the Congressional crisis and European panic and will return by mid next year for an extended stay leaving early 2015.

This is not an exact repeat and we’re probably lucky that the Uranus Pluto square will operate without the others overlaying, or things would be incredibly worse. Nations are working together in a much greater support network than happened in the 1930’s when nationalism exacerbated the crash.

There was also another powerful eclipse cycle coincident with this recession. This cycle locked in with the fall of the Soviet Union due to the corrupt oligarchies, and inept financial management of that communist empire. Today we witness the corruption of capitalism and the resultant chaos resonating globally. Underneath all of this the system needs an urgent overhaul, and the world needs a leader of vision. At the moment the cupboard is bare, on either side of the Atlantic.


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has it coming at her from all angles. Her approval rating is barely above one in four, and her government is ranking the lowest in the pop-polls for forty years. If reality isn’t bad enough, she is also being spoofed in a comedy series on the ABC - a government funded network. Meantime the conservative Murdoch press, who laughably control 70% of Australian newspapers, is having a field day.

With Gillard languishing, rumors are rife that predecessor Kevin Rudd could mount a comeback. Julia’s greatest stumbling block has been the perception that she ‘knifed’ elected PM Rudd, to leapfrog into leadership. This followed Rudd proposing increased tax on Australia’s mining moguls - a sensible option for the national future. But it led to the mining moguls manipulating a gullible public through a compliant media. The Labor party duly buckled under the pressure. Exit Rudd - enter Gillard, who gave them the mining magnates new deal.


The Australian public has been divided ever since, and the obstructionist politics that hounds the USA is eminently evident Down Under. Consistent negativism from opposition leader Tony Abbott, and indisputable financial incompetence from the opposition treasurer Joe Hockey, leaves little hope for salvation. Narrow-minded issues like asylum seekers dominate political debate. But despite this lack of global or futuristic vision, the opposition would win in a landslide if an election were held today.

Against this backdrop Rudd’s resurrection by Labor has been bandied around the media, and the ex-PM is probably delighting in it. The pressure on Gillard clearly shows, via the power player planet Pluto constantly squaring her Sun all year. This weeks New Moon, close to her birthday, and opposing the erratic Uranus, will lead to a sudden re-alignment around her close allies and partners. It is a case of watches this space over the next six weeks. Here’s Julia’s chart according to information supplied by South Australian astrologer Jill Amery.


Last week I was off the pace. I thought the Dow would hold until the Libran New Moon, yet it fell a few days earlier right before equinox. These pivotal seasonal dates – March 21, June 22, September 22 and December 22 are all interesting turn dates with markets. An early turn is not surprising when we look at the multiple factors now in operation.

What we now see is the DJIA level pegging at virtually the same figure it held on this date last year. The year before the September – September saw a 12% rise. So there is little doubt about the economy slowing – you can’t argue with statistic like that, especially considering the market was outperforming the general economy.

This week is a biggie. The Sun moves to oppose wildcard Uranus from Monday, which also hosts a hard aspect between the value planet Venus and dissipating Neptune. Then flows the eruptive Libran New Moon by Wednesday. This also squares the power planet Pluto in corporate Capricorn effective through Thursday as well. This may well signal one of the most volatile weeks of the year.

SEP 18


The ancients utilized the Jupiter Saturn cycle as a reliable forecaster of caliphs and kings. The twenty-year meeting of the two gas giants was a potent timer of political and social change. And the third conjunction, marking a 60-year period and occurring in a similar section of the sky, was especially significant. This sexagenary structure is the basis of early Sumerian mathematics and astronomy, also extending to oriental astrology.

This 60-year elapse connected the last 2000 Jupiter Saturn conjunction to the one of World War Two – both occurring in the sign of Taurus. The 2000 Jupiter Saturn conjunction occurred above New York, home of the United Nations, at 04.04 UT on May 29 2000. It arrived with a simultaneous square to rebellious Uranus in the group-orientated sign of Aquarius. Somehow New York was going to be an important stage for change.

Jupiter and Saturn met at 23 degrees of Taurus, a significant degree for Middle East politics. The Sun occupied this degree on May 14 1948 at 4 pm in Tel Aviv, when the state of Israel was proclaimed. This had come on the back of the mass Jewish immigration from Europe following World War II. It was a state vehemently opposed by the native Arab population who declared war on it the following day. Clearly Israel was going to be a centerpiece country of any political and social reform linked to the Jupiter Saturn cycle from May 2000.


The turning points in the Jupiter Saturn cycle can be cut into angles of increasing complexity. Suffice to say that at most of the key cycle points Israel have been in the news, whether it be the Israel Lebanon war, commandos storming flotillas or war in Gaza. Change has been incrementally taking place since May 2000. Palestine has also become increasingly pro-active in seeking statehood.

The current Jupiter Saturn cycle is at the half way phase, where things reach fruition. The much-publicized Arab Spring, occurred coincident with the opposition phase, and is re-arranging the political playing fields. Modern Israel, originally proposed by Britain, and heavily supported militarily and economically by the US is bound up in the reformation.

From September 20 2011 the Jupiter Saturn cycle reaches another critical point. Palestine, like Israel, seeks statehood within the United Nations. Already 120 countries have recognized Palestine’s wish. Earlier this year US President Obama declared ‘The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state.’


But the President’s lofty words now sound like empty rhetoric, returning to haunt him. Obama, the ‘messiah’ who vowed to change Washington and its lobbyists, has reversed gear. When it comes to Palestine Obama’s ‘yes we can’ mantra has become ‘no we can’t.’ Threats include the cutting off of Palestinian aid. In contrast Israel receives one fifth of all US foreign aid.

Israel continuing to build on occupied territories, in defiance of international law and opinion, have also clearly signaled their position. And all of which pits the USA on a collision course with tomorrow’s realities. As Hillary Clinton frantically tries to engage the leaders in the fruitless charade of renewed peace talks, averting the Palestinian push, time marches on.

An international community that asked ‘what is wrong with an Egyptian revolution?’ now ask ‘what is wrong with Palestinian statehood?’ Is there a problem in a people wanting to call their own home – home! Planetary cycles unfold - and the impossible becomes the inevitable. Jupiter and Saturn are busy changing the checkerboard of caliphs and kings.


You know you’ve made it when tourists visit your birthplace and they name a planet after you. That and plenty more has happened for composer and performer Paul McCartney. He stands as the most successful singer/songwriter in the history of pop music, with an accumulated worth around 750 million USD. Click here for Paul's horoscope.

McCartney’s horoscope sings recognition from its public tenth house Sun in communicative Gemini, joined to success planet Jupiter exalted in the same area of acclaim and involvement. They both square the charismatic and arty Neptune, rising when he was born. Virtually all of his planets are bundled high in the horoscope showing the ability for an intense focus on achievement.

At 3.30 pm July 6 1957 McCartney had a chance meeting with another young Liverpool musician - John Lennon – as opportunistic Jupiter joined Neptune whilst crossing his Ascendant. He began writing in his mid teens. The hit ‘When I’m Sixty Four’ was originally penned at sixteen, although not released until a decade later.


During the mid 60’s, some phenomenal and generational outer planet transits to his birthchart (Uranus/Pluto collectively trine his Venus was just one) propelled McCartney to worldwide success with the Beatles. Just as his greatest musical achievements were within the Lennon-McCartney partnership, so relationship has been a feature of his life.

McCartney’s first marriage to photographer and fellow artist Linda Eastman produced four children, plus a new band, much inspiration and lasted 29 years. This is significant astrologically as it is the period of both a Saturn and Sun-Moon phase return. Linda died of breast cancer as Paul’s progressed Ascendant squared life and death Pluto, and his progressed Midheaven met the matronly Moon, whilst squaring relationship Venus.


He next wed Heather Mills, and they had one child together. But as exposing Pluto opposed Paul’s late Gemini Sun and threw a testing square to idealistic Neptune, it was a liaison that ended in controversy and acrimony. The charts were a bad fit – and so was the marriage. Now at 69, he is back in the headlines with news of impending nuptials to New Yorker Nancy Shevell.

McCartney’s horoscope favors association. His empathetic Piscean seventh house has its classical ruler of Jupiter tied to his expressive Sun. The modern ruler Neptune lies at his relating Ascendant. There is also a need for warmth with the Leo Moon squaring a sensual Taurean Venus in this chart. Paul is a born romantic.

Over the last year the dreamy Neptune, modern ruler of his marriage house, has been in a supportive trine to McCartney’s late Gemini Sun. Toward the end of the year the more formal Saturn will complete a Grand Trine from the partnership sign of Libra. More importantly, from eight months ago, Paul reached his progressed Full Moon phase, quite often a sign of significant partnership or marriage. In two months from now the same progressed Moon will trine his progressed relating Ascendant. It’s a combination that echoes the time is right.


Last week was a good one for the Dow. It pulled up from 10872 to 11501, a five-day consistent rise of 5.78%. The most active day planetwise was Wednesday and it was also the biggest rise. There are no major signatures at the moment as Venus actually passed through the disruptive Uranus Pluto square over the weekend. This should lead to a smoother week ahead even if the start is rocky. The Dow should hold its gains, but things will get interesting the following New Moon. But more on that next week.

SEP 11

This week I want to show how an outer planetary cycle allows an intimate insight into the US Middle-East ideological differences, and key terrorist events.


September 11 2001 is now infamous as the day that changed the world. We would hope for the better - but the jury is out on that. It's a time of paying respects and reflecting on what we can take out of it. Nothing justifies civilian sacrifice. Not then and not now. But nothing happens by accident. There are root causes, and unless the causes are removed the potential always remains. Astrology helps to anticipate the timings and the common theme.

It looked like an apocalyptic Nostradamus documentary. Those of us watching imagined we were witnessing the start of WWIII. New York was burning, America was shell-shocked, and the President was in lockdown

Nineteen men, incensed by constant western intervention into their homeland politics, had embarked on a fanatical martyrdom. Their targets were the western symbols of wealth - the World Trade Towers, and power - the Pentagon. They were armed with mere box cutters, a terminal zeal, and patient planning. Enough to throw the global superpower into panic mode.

The tragedy of 9/11 was the innocent victims, drawn into a war not of their making - the sacrificed civilians, the rescuers, and their families. Close to 3000 deaths would eventually multiply to many more across the globe.


9/11 followed a familiar Middle-East theme – the hijacking of western passenger planes. Back on September 6 1970 the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijacked four international airliners bound for New York. They landed them in the Jordanian desert.

US President Nixon wanted to go in with bombs, but British PM Edward Heath preferred to negotiate a hostage release. On September 11 the majority of the passengers were freed. The hijackers demanded the freedom of political prisoners in exchange for the remainder, and this successfully negotiated. Then the planes were torched.

The symbolic similarities of September 11 and four planes cannot be overlooked, and yet it was completely disregarded by the western press. The fact that little had changed in over thirty years, and that tensions remained unresolved throughout a Lebanese civil war, an eight year Iran-Iraq War, and 1991 Desert Storm probably would lead to the inescapable conclusion that a further invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq would follow.



In the July, prior to September 11 2001, I gave a talk to the Sydney Astrological Research Society, pointing to a potential impending disaster in the USA from August onward. At that time I wasn’t sure of how it would play out. I had a clearer idea when Canada, the US and Israel walked out on the United Nations Racism Conference in Durban South Africa, after Zionism was linked to racism.

Astrologically I based my reasoning on the transit of destructive Pluto across the US Ascendant, whilst being opposed by challenging Saturn at the Descendant. I was using the Sibley USA horoscope of July 4 1776 at 17.10 hours LMT Philadelphia.

The Saturn Pluto cycle coming to a climax in 2001, had begun with the November conjunction of 1982. It coincided with the Lebanese Civil War, and the Israeli invasion of Lebanon supported by multinational troops. More importantly the beginning of the Saturn Pluto cycle marked the beginning of Islamic attacks on US targets.

With the Saturn Pluto conjunction still in effect, on April 18 1983 at 1.03 pm the US Embassy was blown up, occasioning the loss of 60 lives. Following this on October 23 1983 at 6.20 am, the Multinational Army Barracks was bombed at Beirut Airport, killing 241 US servicemen. The Islamic jihad claimed responsibility for both attacks.



The next major development in the Saturn Pluto cycle arrived with the planets squaring each other from early March 1993. On February 26 1993 at 12.18 pm, a massive truck bomb was detonated beneath the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The attacks followed letters from confessed terrorist Ramzi Yousef urging the US to withdraw from interior involvement with Middle Eastern affairs. The initial bombing of the WTC had taken seven lives, but injured hundreds more.

It would reason that when Saturn Pluto next moved to their opposition point of the cycle, that another terrorist act may be perpetuated against the USA. And more so, if this opposition fell right across their Ascendant/Descendant axis. Especially so, when historically the last time these two planets formed an opposition on the same USA Ascendant Descendant, the first alleged international terrorist act on the USA occurred.

That terrorist act was the bombing of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor at 21.40 on February 15 1898, with the loss of 266 sailors lives. It led to the USA’s first imperial war with Spain and her colonies. In the second half of 2001 the same planets were returning – and the US was about to again engage in an off shore war. Check the chart of the USA with the USS Maine explosion here - note the reverse similarity of Saturn Pluto to 9/11 on the next link below.



From August 2001 Pluto crossed the USA Ascendant and Saturn crossed the Descendant. They remained in that formation toward 8.46 am on the morning September 11 2001. By that date the planet of war, Mars, had moved to square the US Midheaven along with the eclipsing Nodes. Click here for the USA horoscope and the WTC attack. It all coincided with a concerted attack on the WTC and Pentagon with far greater ramifications. The root cause (Middle Eastern involvement) remained the same. And it would lead to US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq – all during the Saturn Pluto opposition phase.

There is a saving grace to the opposition aspect. It creates a greater objectivity, usually in a black and white manner. The phrase ‘with us or against us’ was frequently used as war rhetoric following 9/11.

This also led to vastly increased security leading into the Saturn Pluto square, which was due back around Christmas 2009. On Christmas Day 2009 a major terrorist attack was diverted when a bomb failed to detonate on a flight bound for Detroit. For once the aspect was nullified, although more by chance than good planning.



The World Trade Center was also vulnerable to the Saturn Pluto cycle. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the World Trade Center occurred on April 4 1973. Saturn was positioned midway through the “twin” sign of Gemini. The christening came a day after a New Moon, meaning that 28 years later – by 2001 – it would experience a progressed New Moon again. The relevance of this is endings and new starts. Additionally the World Trade Center would experience its Saturn return from the second half of 2001.

Saturn is the planet of structure, rocks and mortar. The WTC’s Saturn return would also arrive with a purgative Pluto opposition to the same Saturn. Pluto the planet that tears down before rebuilding, and structural Saturn became a deadly combination.


Over the next few days the world will be brought face to face with the fallout from 9/11. We pray that change leads to greater understanding - that these lives are not in vain. The events that propelled 9/11 were built from division. They are part of our past – and hopefully part of a more understanding and inclusive future.
Next week I’ll be looking at the Jupiter/Saturn cycle, and its role in world politics.


The Dow is currently like a cork on the ocean, emphasizing the lack of market direction for investors. Tuesday’s opening was well down on Friday’s close, until it shot up 2 ½ % to a high of 11,465 before noon on Thursday. Friday dropped 2 ½% overall to finish the week around 11,000. From the Tuesday opening the week ended on a flat finish.

Running the astrographs through next week the midweek period, Wednesday, looks to be the most testing, with Sun/Neptune and Mars Pluto in harder aspect. Again there are no “major signatures” either way. Following the Full Moon the lunar cycle is in a downward waning phase, however that alone isn’t a major factor. The Sun now being midway between eclipses (usually a negative factor) has also contributed toward the market struggle.

At these times intervention is usually called for. In the long term markets cannot be manipulated per see, but they can be spared some of the larger tidal waves, with prudent management. The ball is in Obama’s court, in the pre-election year. Traditionally these have been boon years for the Dow, but 2011 is proving a tough nut to crack economically.


I did mention the Bank of America last week, writing “The Bank of America’s progressed horoscope may be doing it tough for some time to come, as their progressed Ascendant moves to meet their financial second house Saturn, and the progressed Moon moves across nebulous Neptune over the next two months.”

News came out after that article that the Bank of America plans one of the biggest job culls in history – 10% of the workforce, or 40,000 employees. They would do well to get this rumor either confirmed or denied ASAP. My take is that with the Ascendant coming to the planet of curt and cull, Saturn, the knife is out. I also mentioned Warren Buffett buying into the Bank of America big time. I will be taking a look at Warren’s horoscope in the next week or two.



On August 26 at 11 am in Abuja, Nigeria, a car bomb explosion in the foyer of the United Nation’s headquarters killed 21 people and injured 73 others. The group suspected of the attack is named Boko Harum, words that mean 'western education is forbidden'. Boko is western or non Islamic and Harum equals sin. However the group has also targeted Islamic clerics and politicians, assassinating some who are viewed as too attached to the west.

In charting a horoscope for Nigeria an understanding of their history is essential. Nigeria, with over 155 million people, is one of the most populous countries in Africa. Its area is around twice the size of California.

Nigeria’s oldest kingdom was called Nri, the foundation of the Igbo people’s culture. Theirs’ was a peaceful kingdom, ruled not by military force, but rather a religious devotion. Earth cults dominated their creed, believing the Sun offered light (Anyanwu) and fertility (Agbala). They understood the light to be the symbol of perfection that all must seek.


The Atlantic slave trade destroyed the Igbo paradise. Tens of millions of natives, across the African continent, were captured to turn the economic wheels of Western Europe and the developing Americas. As their labor was building the plantation wealth of the New World, European invaders began exploiting the natural resources of their homelands.

By 1855 the Niger Company was formed under the stewardship of George Taubman Goldie. This has become the model of the modern Nigerian state. German and French interest in Nigeria guaranteed local civil wars. On January 1 1901 Nigeria became a British ‘protectorate’. Even so there was another uprising in 1901-02, which was eventually put down by British military.


As African colonialism gave way to independence, on October 1 1960 Nigeria gained self-rule. Click here for Nigerian Independence horoscope. Queen Elizabeth made then Prime Minister Abubakar Tafawa Balewa a knight commander of the British Empire. The first Republic of Nigeria was declared from midnight October 1 1963. But rebellion erupted following PM Balewa’s assassination, during the coup of January 15 1966, that ended Nigeria’s First Republic. Click here for Nigerian coup horoscope - both horoscopes are courtesy of astrologer Nick Campion.


By the late 60's the east, which also had considerable oil reserves, voted to secede from Nigeria. This led to the Nigerian Civil War, led by the Igbo people, hoping to establish their own home state of Biafra. Independence was declared on May 30 1967, leading to a two and half year war. Over a million lives were lost through fighting and famine, when on January 12 1970 a ceasefire was called. On the 15th Biafra was reabsorbed into Nigeria.

British, US and Soviet support of the Nigerian military was crucial in the suppression of the uprising. The truth of an army fighting on its stomach was a cruel reality for the rebels, who did not have the resources to win the war.

This wasn’t the end of Nigerian power plays, as the oil boom of the 70’s was about to reveal. Dependence upon fluctuating oil revenues created economic uncertainty, and saw the overthrow of democratic governments, whilst military regimes killed off national unity.

Excluding a brief Second Republic from Oct 1979 to December 31 1983, for 33 years between 1966 and 1999 the military ran the show, and meantime the country went into debt to the IMF. A drop in oil prices saw the Nigerian government owing billions. In 2006 they had repaid 30 billion of loans to the Paris Club.

In effect Nigeria was never a united country – it was created as a company, to control the vast resources of the territory. The modern history of Nigeria is one of exploitation. Religion also divides the land. Based on 2009 census figures Nigeria is split into roughly half Muslim (50.4%) and half Christian (48.2%). The vast majority of the Muslims live in the north, and Christians the south.


Astrologically the date of October 1 keeps cropping up in Nigerian history, dating its independence, and both republics. The first independence horoscope can still be used as one of the base charts in determining the country’s future.

This horoscope has the homeland sign of Cancer, but with military and warlike Mars ascending. From mid August Mars returned to the sign of Cancer and Nigeria experienced their Mars return coinciding with greater unrest.

The Libran Sun of the independence horoscope throws a testing square to Mars, and also to controlling Saturn in their seventh house of international allies and enemies.

The scales of Libra represent the need for the leaders careful balance in a nation divided almost equally by religious difference and wealth disparity. Yet the same Sun fields a difficult semisquare from the radical Uranus, which has spelt instability virtually since independence.

Saturn, often a planet of structure and administration is positioned in the traditional, corporate sign of Capricorn. It’s seventh house (international relations) placement shows that this order comes from outside, from other powerful nations.

Returning to the Cancerian Mars (fight over homelands) we see that this is supported by a trine from both Venus (money, valuables) and Neptune (chemicals, oil).

Having the Venus with Neptune invariably links the economy to the oil. Petroleum accounts for 80% of government revenue, and 40% of GDP. Nigeria has the 10th largest proven oil reserves, and is the 8th largest exporter.

With so much at stake from foreign investment, there are bound to be internal problems. At the time of the United Nations bombing, Pluto had regressed through Capricorn to square the Nigerian Mars. The same Mars is active around the September New Moon of the 28th, and again late October.

Rebellious Uranus often fanning the flames of insurrection is squaring the Nigerian Ascendant. It will eventually oppose the balance of the Libran Sun in the middle of 2012. Additionally powerbroker Pluto, which moved into their international relations house from the global meltdown of 2008, will square the same Sun mid year 2012.

All this suggests further leadership changes in Nigeria within the next twelve months. The same planets imply a fast restructuring of Nigeria’s infrastructures, modernization and need for renewal.


I mentioned earlier that the constantly recurring date in modern Nigerian history was October 1. Superpower China also became the People’s Republic of China on October 1 1949 @ 15.15 Beijing. There is a synastry between Nigeria and China. Apart from having their national Suns conjunct in the same degree of Libra, they also both have Aquarian Moons.

China’s Uranus (rebellion – but also technology) falls right on the Nigerian Mars. The Nigerian military may benefit from this connection. At the moment the biggest foreign investor in Nigeria is the USA - Nigeria is also a major source of US oil imports. But the horoscopes of China and Nigeria suggest a growing unity in the future.


The Dow steadied nicely Monday through Wednesday, until Friday’s flat employment figures proved another rattlesnake under the rock. Overall the week recorded a loss of just under 2%, after pulling back to above 11,700, a clear 1000 points above the August 10 low of 10,720.

Remember I mentioned here weeks before that the August 8 to 10 would be the genuine concern. So the current figure of 11240 is tentatively holding.

The latest drop was on the back of the nil job growth further fuelling recession concerns. In the longer term there is no doubt that the economy still has a rodeo ride ahead. But for the immediate week ahead there are no great cosmic storm clouds erupting, as there were in that aforementioned August period.

But I do want to take a quick look at the Bank of America. Outside the oil monoliths, the Bank of America is the next biggest corporation after Walmart in the USA.

According the NYSE the Bank of America first listed on June 5 1979. Bank of America shares traded a yearly high on January 14 at $15.31.

This January high occurred as the lucky combination of Uranus (sudden) and Jupiter (growth)aspected the trading horoscope’s Ascendant. They remained around the $15 mark in the early part of the year, but started a slippery dip from March onward, as first Neptune and then Saturn (contraction) aspected the Moon (the public).

The August market mayhem was disastrous with the Bank Of America one of the worst affected corporations dropping below $10 per share. Saturn was back aspecting the Moon again. By the end of August, Warren Buffett, one of the shrewdest investors of all, made front-page news when he declared plans to invest $5 billion into the Bank Of America.

This news shored up bank industry shares, beleaguered by regulatory indecision and legal liabilities. The Bank of America’s progressed horoscope may be doing it tough for some time to come, as their progressed Ascendant moves to meet their financial second house Saturn, and the progressed Moon moves across nebulous Neptune over the next two months.



On March 17 2011 the planets of Saturn and Neptune came into hard aspect with each other. They would return to the same degrees and same aspect by August 25. This was the most powerful astrological alignment of the year. The nature of predictive astrology is to look at such recurrence cycles, as they can often produce events of a common nature.

At 18.25 hours in New York on March 17 2011 the United Nations met to pass a 'no fly' resolution over Libya. By August 25 the NATO intervention had succeeded in overturning the Libyan government. It is the most important political, economic and military development of 2011.

The NATO ‘liberation’ of Libya will now unfold, as the real spoils of war are becoming increasingly evident. Already there are claims that China should not have equal access to Libya’s vast oil reserves, as they did not actively support the NATO intervention. Meanwhile French, USA, UK and Italian companies are readying themselves for fresh negotiations with the transitional government.

As the atrocities of Gaddafi's vengeance are now revealed, Libya undergoes one of its most important transitional periods. The two Libyans horoscopes that perfectly underline this are shown later in this article. Meanwhile the western economies count their blessings.


Further opening Libya’s wealth and commodities to the west will come as a massive boost during a time of European economic uncertainty. Unlike the western powers, Libya is a country that ran a surplus budget, possessed over 144 tonnes of gold, (a full 5.6% of the world’s gold reserves), and more importantly holds 17% of the world’s oil reserves.

Additionally over $100 billion of Libyan currency has been frozen since the war began. Of that $37bn remains in the US, $20bn is in Britain and about $7bn is in Germany. And Libya is conveniently situated on the Mediterranean, easily accessible to the Eurozone, and away from politically volatile areas such as the Suez, or Persian Gulf.

This war was never about morals. What war is? It was about wealth and resources. NATO do not waste billions of dollars in Tomahawk and Tornado missiles, unless there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. War repatriations come first and renegotiated contracts later.

Reorganizing Libya should be not be as difficult as expected, provided the people get behind the new transitional government. Libya also has the highest Human Development Index in Africa. The Human Development Index (HDI) is a relative assessment of life expectancy, education and literacy and general standard of living. The Nordic countries have the highest globally, followed by Australia and New Zealand.

The rush for control of dwindling oil supplies, in a time of greater demand, has seen the fall of strong arm leaders such as Saddam Hussein, and now Gaddafi changing the playing field of world economics. The first impact will be seen on world stock markets and dwindling oil prices.

I will be writing more about the recent Nigerian bombing, in light of Libyan developlments and oil next week. Nigeria is the largest oil exporter from Africa, and the second largest exporter behind Saudi Arabia. The attack on the United Nations headquarters in Nigeria seems more than coincidental. I am including the comments below from last week re the Libyan horoscopes.


The fall of Gaddafi comes as no great surprise after a six month concentrated NATO aerial bombardment destroyed much of the government infrastructure and weakened Gaddafi’s army supply lines and morale.

I wrote in this subject extensively earlier in the year, all available here, but briefly recapping,
“My take on the Gaddafi led LIBYAN REVOLUTION horoscope of September 1 1969 at 5 am (click here for chart) is that its Uranus opposition has to support the rebellious uprising…The progressed horoscope is also at a New Moon phase (fresh beginnings) and everything is pointing to eventual regime change.” His day had ended. He would have been better off negotiating a peaceful transfer.

The timing of the takeover would seem almost too coincidental as the Sun now moves into Virgo, and within days will return to the same position that it held when Gaddafi came to power 42 years ago. The 2011 birthday horoscope for the Libyan Revolution is obviously pointing to a new government with transformational Pluto at the base of the chart and insurrectionist Uranus setting. Click here for the birthday chart.

Astrologically inclined readers will also realize that a 42-year span also represents a Uranus (rebellion) opposition, often synchronistic with unexpected reversals and a turning of the tide. Gaddafi came to power under the signature of an opportunistic Jupiter Uranus conjunction in early Libra. The rebellion began under a Jupiter Uranus conjunction in early Aries – exactly opposite the original formation.

There is another important horosocope pertaining to these events, being that of Libyan independence from Italy, secured on December 24 1951. This horoscope with an early Capricorn Sun has been suggesting major reformation, even allowing for the fact that Pluto (the rumblings of internal discontent) has moved slightly past the ruler’s Sun position.

This horoscope also features the control and administration planet, Saturn, in the middle degrees of Libra. Meaning that it is now experiencing a Saturn return - further testimony of change. That change was assured when Saturn first came back to its birth position earlier this year.

It was during that time that the UN No Fly resolution over Libya was announced on March 17 this year. It was announced at 18.25 hours in New York and voted on at 18.34 hours. After this time Saturn turned retrograde in the skies, and is only just returning to the position it held when the UN decided upon interventention. Here is the biwheel of the Independence horoscope and the UN no fly resolution.


I think that for the moment the worst is over for Wall St. Last week I wrote that if the market hadn’t already bottomed, then by Thursday the 25th it would find the base line. The market rose 4% across the week. But on Thursday the DJIA dropped 2 ½%, from 11,385 down to open Friday at 11,085. It was the only major drop.

In the upcoming week we have hardly any disruptive planetary activity. There are further encouraging signs, with Mercury, the planet of commerce and trading, finally moving forward again.

When Mercury began a backward cycle through the skies on September 2, the Dow stood at 12,133. During the retrograde period the index has dropped 7%.

Technology stocks were hit worst by the retrograde Mercury cycle with the NASDAQ actually recording a drop of over 9%. However it responded well to Mercury stationing, posting a gain of 2.65% Friday just past.



The breaking news across the weekend has been the taking of Tripoli by the Libyan rebel army supported by NATO forces. This represents the fall of the strong-arm leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, and over the coming days should lead to a new controlling regime.

It comes as no great surprise after a six month concentrated NATO aerial bombardment destroyed much of the government infrastructure and weakened Gaddafi’s army supply lines and morale.

I wrote in this subject extensively earlier in the year, all available here, but briefly recapping,
“My take on the Gaddafi led LIBYAN REVOLUTION horoscope of September 1 1969 at 5 am (click here for chart) is that its Uranus opposition has to support the rebellious uprising…The progressed horoscope is also at a New Moon phase (fresh beginnings) and everything is pointing to eventual regime change.”

The timing of the takeover would seem almost too coincidental as the Sun now moves into Virgo, and within days will return to the same position that it held when Gaddafi came to power 42 years ago. The 2011 birthday horoscope for the Libyan Revolution is obviously pointing to a new government with transformational Pluto at the base of the chart and insurrectionist Uranus setting. Click here for the birthday chart.

Astrologically inclined readers will also realize that a 42-year span also represents a Uranus (rebellion) opposition, often synchronistic with unexpected reversals and a turning of the tide. Gaddafi came to power under the signature of an opportunistic Jupiter Uranus conjunction in early Libra. The rebellion began under a Jupiter Uranus conjunction in early Aries – exactly opposite the original formation.

There is another important horosocope pertaining to these events, being that of Libyan independence from Italy, secured on December 24 1951. This horoscope with an early Capricorn Sun has been suggesting major reformation, even allowing for the fact that Pluto (the rumblings of internal discontent) has moved slightly past the ruler’s Sun position.

This horoscope also features the control and administration planet, Saturn, in the middle degrees of Libra. Meaning that it is now experiencing a Saturn return - further testimony of change. That change was assured when Saturn first came back to its birth position earlier this year.

It was during that time that the UN No Fly resolution over Libya was announced on March 17 this year. It was announced at 18.25 hours in New York and voted on at 18.34 hours. After this time Saturn turned retrograde in the skies, and is only just returning to the position it held when the UN decided upon interventention. Here is the biwheel of the Independence horoscope and the UN no fly resolution.


We are coming up to the third anniversary of the global financial meltdown, and yet little closer to an answer. Instead we read clichés about kicking the can farther down the road. Avoidance seems to be the only answer on most of the hard political questions, whether they be over population, climate change, or rewriting the ground rules of a failing economic system.

What has become of the collective enthusiasm through Europe when the Berlin Wall fell, and the Soviet Union crumbled? And did they eventually see a writing on the wall that we have now closed our eyes too?

Twenty years ago the Soviet Union had deteriorated into an elitist minority, no longer representing the collective will. Wealth disparity, a 9-year war in Afghanistan, and militaristic outlook had distanced the government from its people. Perhaps you're already asking - what's new in today's world?


The development of communism was precisely measurable through the 35 year Saturn Neptune recurrence cycle. We can trace this back to 1846 and the publication of ‘The Communist Manifesto’ by Karl Marx challenging social equality across Europe. Following the cycle leads to the important turning points in socialistic politics.

This includes the abdication of the Tsar of Russia, and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 as Saturn and Neptune came together in the royal sign of Leo. The next Saturn Neptune conjunction of 1952/53 witnessed the death of Soviet strongman Josef Stalin and ushered in a new phase of communism, just as McCarthyism flourished in the US.

The same period (early 50’s) pitted the US and USSR at war over the Korean peninsula. The last Saturn Neptune conjunction fell in 1989 along with the Berlin wall, Eastern bloc and eventually the Soviet Union. It will not be until 2026 and a further conjunction at the very start of Aries that the world witnesses a new evolution in the politics of socialism.


Another cycle that runs close to the 35 year Saturn Neptune one is the eclipse cycle of 18 ½ years. This is a cycle that was so feared that back in Babylonian times a 'commoner king' was sworn in for the day and ritually sacrificed to preserve the life of the real one.

Ancient belief held that eclipses were portents of great change. That’s the last thing power hoarders want. But the eclipse cycle may hold some clues for today’s leaders.

There is something inherently wrong with a philosophy that allows a business to build through community and national support, and then relocate offshore taking jobs and national interest with it.

Yet today’s politicians seem beholding to such multi-nationalist conglomerates, despite supposedly representing their own electorates. Obviously the political answer lies not in communist oligarchies, nor in deregulated capitalist power blocs. Planetary cycles well describe the evolution of the divergent philosophies, and the rise and fall of such power blocs.


In 1989 the Berlin Wall tumbled, and the subsequent two years saw the rapid dissolution of the Soviet Union. Europe rejoiced and reunited. As it did, the eclipse cycle was moving through the socially aware sign of Aquarius, and then backward through the administrative sign of Capricorn. Incidentally, it also did this also during WWI from 1914 through to 1918.

One of the lessons we have learned from 2008, as the eclipse cycle re-entered Aquarius (and ultimately Capricorn), is that unfettered free market globalization can also rapidly bankrupt countries, and destroy governments. The only real winners seem to be the multi nationals feeding off this. We may have different countries involved - but same scenario, as the last cycle.

From 2008 we have seen the global economy falling to its knees, and across many countries authoritarian and non-productive governments have fallen in the wake. Political and economic systems that are not matched to the real needs of the populace that feeds them must ultimately fall.

Wealth disparity was the reason behind the English and French Revolutions – and both featured the looming Uranus (rebellion) and Pluto (plutocrats) cycle. It is likely that this coming cycle will feature a dramatic redistribution of wealth.


Last week multi billionaire like Warren Buffet was a sobering voice of reason, offering to pay increased taxes in the national interest. Meantime we have a US government, in massive deficit, arguing about accepting his offer. Buffett, one of the world's most successful capital managers, has even been branded socialist for his wisdom in the wilderness.

The upcoming reformative Uranus Pluto is long overdue. The trick is in negotiating change painlessly and co-operatively. At the moment the world is in need of the logic and experience of more Warren Buffetts, and can do without the polarized politics paralyzing progress.


After steadying the ship for the early part of last week the DJIA was off on a tangent come Thursday dropping another 5% over the last two days. This was on the back of the triple Sun/Venus/Mercury conjunction in hard aspect to Mars from Wednesday, and the Moon highlighting the changeable Uranus Pluto square.

It’s important to look at the big picture when analyzing the current US market movements. Last year the Dow initially hit a peak by late April into early May. This year the Dow also topped late April into early May at 12807. What has followed in both years was a steep sell off. By the start of July last year the Dow had lost 13% sliding below 10,000 points.

Then followed was a July buy back that took the Dow to 10698, and a rally of 11%, which almost, but not quite, recouped earlier losses. However by August 9 last year the slide was on again and another 7% was again wiped off the Dow index, again plunging to below 10,000 before a September rally restored normalcy.


There are some uncanny correlations here, as July this year saw a buy back to take the DJIA to above 12,700 points. The major difference between 2011 and 2010 is that the fall since July 21 has been steeper. In the comparative years to year to date top dropped 11% in 2010, whereas the current figure has shaved over 15% off this year’s high. The big worry is, where is the bottom?

The planetary synchronicity with market swings lies in the closer approach of erratic Uranus with transformative Pluto during the month of August – but by September these two will be gradually moving apart. In addition to this we have had inflammatory Mars moving across the angle lines of these two planets and also contracting Saturn.

Toss in a retrograde Mercury (remember Mercury is the commercial planet of transactions, reports and market info) and the value planet Venus opposing Neptune and there is hardly a thing going for the markets at the moment. The stabilizing effect early last week was due to a slight cosmic easing, but by the second half of the week they were active again and another 5% fell off the boards.


Confusion still reigns as both the Sun and Venus open the week in opposition to nebulous Neptune. This indicates that investors tend to act on imagination rather than fact - it’s the sort of aspect that would apply to a suckers rally, or baseless fall. However we may find the bottom as the week unfolds, and Thursday is important here.

After midday Wednesday the Moon will highlight the disruptive Uranus Pluto square again, and at market opening time (New York) on Thursday the Moon will also move across a contracting Mars Saturn square.

After the 26th the planets most associated with this disastrous market upheaval will begin to move away from their testing alignments. So from the astrological point of view, conditions should ease back accordingly.

AUGUST 14 2011


The English riots have been analyzed by the media, sociologists and psychologists combined. London’s major cities erupting into a wave of violence and chaos exposed an underbelly of economic, race and generational discord. At a time when fear of financial meltdowns has some western countries dreading revolution, the London riots did little to quell such concern.

Nobody has all the answers to such a phenomena, and I don't pretend to. However the planetary pattern operational in the skies was ominous and the larger cycles also pointed to greater social unrest.

A triple blend of Mars, Uranus and Pluto is a lethal combination. The eminent cosmo biologist, Reinhold Ebertin, dubbed this combo, ‘fanaticism, the mania of destruction, the stage of bending or breaking.’

The Mars, Uranus Pluto T-Square was unfolding during the days when London burnt, and uncontrolled youths pillaged and looted major English cities. Why England, and not other areas of the world? The longer cycles seem to connect here, starting with Saturn.


Saturn is the planet associated with societal structure, tribal tradition, command and control. It operates across a thirty-year cycle. When it enters litigious Libra, the scales of balance, imbalances become more prevalent.

We have seen a wave of political dissidence and revolution so far, although mainly connected to Arab countries with autocratic leaders. When Saturn was last in Libra, it also played out in prominent political assassinations attempts, and British riots.


1981 started in the shadow of John Lennon’s assassination from the previous December. It continued with President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II both surviving assassination attempts. Not so lucky was Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

And the underlying social unrest was evident on April 10 1981 in Brixton UK, when a concentrated stop and search police operation went horribly wrong, leading to the Brixton riots.


The roots of the Brixton riots traced back to a birthday party, and a house fire of January 18 1981, that claimed the lives of 13 black people in New Cross. The National Front was active in the area and arson was suspected. When the police investigation turned up little, and the newspaper coverage was sparse, protests marches followed and set the scene for social breakdown.

On a Friday afternoon April 10, at approximately 17.15 hours, police arrested a wounded and bleeding black youth, Michael Bailey. The surrounding crowd, seeing him in need of urgent medical attention, released him from custody, and transported him to hospital. Rumor that the youth had died led sparked massive rioting.

By 6 pm Saturday evening shops were being looted and over three hundred police officers were injured in street clashes. Bottle, bricks and improvised petrol bombs were making some areas an inferno. Then as now, the unrest was fueled by racial tension, unemployment, and recession.

It took over a force 2,500 strong to quell the rioting, which lasted for three days, and involved an estimated 5,000 people. On 13 April, PM Margaret Thatcher refuted the concept that unemployment and racism triggered the Brixton disturbances claiming, "Nothing, but nothing, justifies what happened". But Saturn is back in the dualistic sign of Libra, and it’s coincident with identical scenes.

There was a 30-year memorial held for the New Cross fire in January this year. But the seeds of dissension were sown at the end of March.


Smiley Culture, real name David Emmanuel, was black reggae star whose 1984 biggest hit ‘Police Officer” described a man arrested on drug charges. However when officers discover he is a star they release him in exchange for his autograph. That wasn’t the real life case at 7 am March 15 2011, when police arrived at Smiley’s Warlingham home with a search warrant.

What followed is bizarre and widely disputed. At 8 am, a relative claimed to have witnessed Smiley, surrounded by police, apparently okay. But at 8.30 am police rang for an ambulance. Smiley was dead, from what the coroner described as a single stab wound. Police claimed he had stabbed himself whilst making a cup of tea in his kitchen. He was due to face court on March 21 2011 on charges of cocaine trafficking.

What followed was deep suspicion and community unrest. On March 31 an organized meeting between police, the community and relatives exploded into chaos. A fortnight later on April 16 600 people marched to New Scotland Yard to demand a public inquiry into the mysterious death. The melting pot had begun to simmer, and a subsequent fatality involving police, would blow the top right off.


There must be something coincidental around the time of 5.15 pm GMT on a Friday afternoon. This time it wasn’t Michael Bailey, but Mark Duggan who became the iconic figure who sparked the hostilities. Mark Duggan was shot in the chest and bicep, in a police interception at approximately 18:15 hours BST (or 17:15 GMT), on Friday August 5. Duggan was pronounced dead at the scene at 18:41 BST. Duggan, under police surveillance for drug running, was carrying an illegal and loaded firearm during the sting, but didn't use it.

The situation escalated following a Saturday afternoon protest rally ending at Tottenham police station. As expanding Jupiter rose in Tottenham trining underworld Pluto, a gang of youths set fire to the post office at 22:15 hours. From 22.30 (BST), with Pluto directly above and warlike Mars opposing it, violence was about to go viral.

The planetary formula of hostile Mars, anarchistic Uranus and underworld Pluto lit up areas of the UK across the following nights in London, Birmingham, Manchester. The ghost of the Brixton riots had returned, and some opportunist gangs were cashing in big time. The dysfunctional disparity of the social structure was on world view.


Although the 2011 riots were simultaneously widespread – as against Brixton – the year 1981 featured numerous English riots. Another three took place in July in Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool. Common to all were ethnic minority groups and areas of high unemployment and racial tensions. The stop and search laws enacted at the time were disproportionately applied, leading to a disconnect between police and some sections of the public.

Against this was a backdrop of high inflation, rising unemployment and associated crime, leading to greater policing. Today similar conditions are afoot, following the global economic meltdown.

We can not only trace Saturn in its 30-year revolution from 2011 to 1981, bu also back to the early 50’s. It was then that Britain set up recruiting stations in the West Indies to attract labor for hard to fill lowly paid jobs in government transport and the railways. That set off a backlash from the unions and underprivileged white classes against the new immigrants, and heightened racial tensions.

The explosion of those tensions can be timed through the Saturn cycle. For now the riots should be brought under control. But there is another revolutionary cycle to perfect next year that reaches far further than England.


A longer cycle that unfolds over 127 years is that involving insurrectionist Uranus and reformist Pluto. These two slow moving planets began a fresh cycle from 1965. This was the year of the infamous Watts Riots in Los Angeles California.

The Watts Riots began as a driver was pulled over and tested for drunk driving at 7 pm August 11 1965 in Watts, Los Angeles. Twenty-three minutes later the police had arrested the entire family in the car, and had a surrounding crowd of over a hundred gathered. Such began six days of mayhem leading to 3428 arrests and 34 fatalities and the involvement of the US National Guard.

Just as the English 2011 riots eased on an socially sensitive Aquarian Full Moon so the Watts riots started under the same. At the height there were over 100 fire brigades operational, and forty million dollars in property damage ensured, mainly white businesses.

The real causes were not immediately explained, with just as many people blaming Communists and civil rights movements, as recognized the genuine racial inequality, poor schools and high unemployment. The Uranus and Pluto cycle so evident at the English and French Revolutions was a pendulum of fast change.

The Uranus and Pluto conjunction was coincident with the ‘swinging sixties’ and a youth culture that changed the world through music, art and ideology. Individuals became more aware of their international neighbors through mass media and transistor technology.

This period marked the dawn of a changing demographic with international travel more prevalent, and a growing post war baby boomer generation. But it was also notable for black emancipation movements and iconic figures of the 60’s such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks or Malcolm X.

Political ideology was radically divided between capitalism and communism worldwide. There was also a youth rebellion against the establishment, mirrored in the lyrics of musical giants such as Bob Dylan and John Lennon. The world was wising up to political realities. For the first time the youth of the western world actively protested about their countries involvement in costly wars, and gathered in numbers at venues like Woodstock.

During 21012 Uranus and Pluto will begin to form their first tension like square since the mid’60’s. Already around us we can see the seeds of change flowering forth. It first appears in the dissatisfaction of the deeply disadvantaged living in countries under heavy authoritarian rule, such as Syria or Egypt.

As western governments impose more austerity measures in the light of sovereign debt such unrest will naturally spread. We are already witnessing the political divide not only in Washington, but across the globe, as the each side bunkers down behind inflammatory rhetoric, in polarized positions.

Uranus came very close to squaring across June July August, and we witnessed the Washington divide, and the general dissatisfaction of the populace with their leaders. Just as 60’s accelerated the pace of political and technological change so will the next two years. It will not be the end of the world. But in the words of 60's icon Captain Kirk, ‘it will be the end of the world ‘as we know it’.


Yes, it is safer to go back into the water. Safer than last week anyway!The monster waves that rocked world markets over the past week have largely subsided. And it’s safe to say these massive swings were all on ‘assumption’, rather than hard evidence. Essentially a traders market. Here’s a reminder of what was said before the week unfolded.

“The spook duo of Mercury and Neptune are still active early this week. Then by Tuesday explosive Mars moves to square unstable Uranus, heading for Pluto by Thursday. Meantime the Moon crosses the same volatile duo Wednesday. So barring a miracle it looks like a tough ride, with more bloodletting due for Wall St.”

Monday opened with the worst one-day drop since 2008, as the Dow shed 5.5% of its value dropping from 11458 to 10832. By Tuesday Mars squaring Uranus became exact.

Uranus is the planet of sudden surprise, signaling a shock reversal. The Dow jumped back to 11212. And then just when logic would say that it was safe to go back into the market the Moon moved across the jarring Uranus Pluto duo on Wednesday and the Dow dropped back another 4.6% bottoming to below 10,700.

This whole roller coaster gyration translated to a 10% fall was true to the astro-script. And with the hard aspects dissipating we had a bounce back, miraculously ending the week slightly in the black. I have been writing here for months that the worst period will be the start of August and nominated the 8th to 10th as most volatile. So where to now?

There is an interim easing of the cosmic signature that has accompanied this frenetic trading. It comes as a settling influence early in the week. The hope being that this will smooth the waters. The swing dates seem Tuesday 16th when the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars combine in ‘hard aspect’. The Moon will the moves across this formation, on Wednesday afternoon, but after that there is little planetary input.

Over the last fortnight I have written about the jumping at the shadows that the Mercury Neptune opposition has produced. Mercury (think mercantile, commercial and merchant wordwise) is now “retrograde” as the financial world collectively “re-evaluates” its position.

For mine when there is little planetary input the market should move according to trend. Until the harder aspects (June eclipses, early August outer planets etc) the general trend was up.

AUGUST 7 2011


The major aspect pattern perfecting this week is aggressive Mars squaring both fast acting Uranus and intense brooding Pluto. This makes forethought golden across the week to come. It is also a signature of violent outbreaks and pent up frustrations. And it's the stellar synchronicity that is creating market carnage across the globe. That of course is not helped by 'mercenary' Mercury heading backwards either mind you.

Returning to Uranus Pluto - it was a classic signature for mining accidents and disasters in the past. This is probably also due to the mythological connections of Pluto to the underground, and Mars Uranus to accidents. What we will notice more here are global hotspots exploding(as in London), or a general increase in accidents, perhaps related to transport or technology.

Of course it doesn't have to be. If the message of the planets is one to be heeded then we raise our consciousness above the level of ther mundane. We take the time, we don't jump at shadows but turn on a light that dissolves them. That's my advice for the week ahead anyway.


Harry S Truman once claimed that, ‘It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.’ That line seems totally lost on Washington – along with the “credit”.

On August 5 - the day before Japan solemnly recalled the bombing of Hiroshima, a bombshell hit the US economy. For the first time in history, Standard and Poors downgraded the US gold plated triple AAA credit rating. It wasn’t without warning. But in spite of that advice, the government raised the debt ceiling without raising taxes – fait accompli.

The blow came on the back of a caustic Congress catfight, eventually pummeling worldwide markets. Over the last week the London FTSE has lost over 10%, the German Dax 14%, Japan Nikkei and Chinese Hang Seng 7%, similar to the Dow. And the usually solid Australian All Ords is down over 10%.

Washington political posturing led to official rebukes from China, for placing the global economy in jeopardy. Russian leader Vladimir Putin joined the chorus in demanding (something former IMF President Dominic Strauss-Khan had originally proposed) a new world reserve currency.

I mentioned last week re the US debt ceiling crisis that, “any deal done would be a temporary fix at best. Or the deal may be widely criticized or rejected by the public.” That was certainly the case, not only the homeland public, but right across the globe.


At the start of this year I wrote about a major US international crisis, based on the June 1 2011 eclipse on their relating point – the Descendant – and other challenging planetary factors culminating in August. Plus regular readers will be familiar with recent market warnings. While the economic analysts forecast the Dow surging back, following Senate approval of raising the debt ceiling, the planets played a contrasting symphony.

Here’s a few grabs of previous weeks columns from July 17, “The testing time for the Dow still seems a couple of weeks off. The period from Monday the 8th and through to Wednesday the 10th will be the real tester.”

Or last week, “the period marking the first fortnight of August has some added worrying signs. On top of the current Mercury Neptune opposition, from the early afternoon of Wednesday August 3rd the Libran Moon will create a testing T-Square with reformative Uranus Pluto. As this is still leading toward the more volatile Mars Uranus Pluto T-Square next week, it is unlikely the markets will recover their immediate losses.”

That’s probably looking like some kind of understatement now. From Thursday morning, August 4, the roller coaster started on the Dow. A single day 4.3% freefall wiped all the yearly gains off the board, and sent the DJIA below its previous 2011 low of 11613 to 11384. This was classic Mercury Neptune stuff. The world is spooked by what ‘might be’. Fear and confusion reign. Ducking for cover becomes the escapist strategy.

So how’s the outlook now? Well it’s probably a case of, ‘do you want the bad news first?’ The reformative square of Uranus and Pluto, although not exact, is being activated by the quicker moving inner planets, an astrological flow method termed, ‘translation of light’. The swifter moving bodies are supplying the conjoining factors that complete the pattern.

That’s precisely what happened last Thursday, when the Dow dropped alarmingly. The spook duo of Mercury and Neptune are still active early this week. Then by Tuesday explosive Mars moves to square unstable Uranus, heading for Pluto by Thursday. Meantime the Moon crosses the same volatile duo Wednesday. So barring a miracle it looks like a tough ride, with more bloodletting due for Wall St.


The USA horoscope of July 4 1776 @ 17.10 hours Philadelphia, is having it’s Saturn return. Solemn sculptor Saturn carves character relentlessly on the cold rock of reality. Saturn is due back for a third and final pass late August. For the record here’s a timeline of US Saturn returns from 1776.

1804 – US Senate begin an impeachment trial against Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Chase, who is later acquitted.

1834 - Congress censures President Andrew Jackson.
1835 – Assassination attempt against President Jackson fails.
Jackson is continually embroiled in a battle with the United States Bank.

1863 – Lincoln’s famed Gettysburg Address
1864 – US Civil War – the nations most costly war continues both years, but approaching end.
US Coinage Act means that all US coinage bears the inscription, “In God We Trust”.

1893 – NYSE Crashes – resultant panic leads to severe recession.

1922 – Teapot Dome scandal – the greatest political bribery and corruption outrage until Watergate.
1923 – President Warren Harding dies in office

1952 – President Harry S Truman declines re-nomination. Elected President Dwight Eisenhower immediately winds down the Korean War.

1981 – President Ronald Reagan is shot and becomes the first President to survive a shooting.
1982 – Reagan implicated in Iran Contra scandal.

So who would want to be the President during Saturn return time? Apart from Reagan they usually don’t stick around too long, to taste the fruits. And even Reagan did it the hard way. But Saturn is about taking the tough and responsible choices. It doesn’t win friends, it gets the job done instead. And it usually delivers a crisis to manage.


The Kingdom of Iraq horoscope, July 23 1921 at 6 a.m. in Baghdad, is remarkably responsive to planetary dynamics. The country's last degree Leo Sun and Mercury are joined to the Royal Star Regulus. When rebellious Uranus opposed the Sun Mercury Regulus combination in 2003, US invading forces removed and later captured Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Recently Mercury turned retrograde whilst in opposition to Neptune. It did so on its own placement degree in the Iraq horoscope. Dissipating Neptune opposing the authoritative Leo Sun puts the government at risk. It comes at a time when the US is drawing down troop numbers in Iraq.

There may be double dealing here - broken contracts or treaties. Mercury is the contractual dealmaker, and Neptune the obfuscation. Neptune also represents oils, chemicals and petroleum, along with religious sacrifice. The current retro Mercury movement could well bring Iraq, and its leadership back into the news.



This week I'm looking at the US financial showdown, Obama and Beohner's horoscopes, plus the powerful historical relevance of the planetary placements today. They are uncanny!

The pattern unfolding in the chart of the USA matches that of 175 years ago when President Andrew Jackson took on the Federal Bank. And there are parallels with the current Mercury Neptune opposition that link back to 1847-48 European revolutions and the US gold rush. Today the rush for gold is for a very different reason - gold is a measaure of fiscal fear.


You may think that the current debt crisis has nothing to do with the closest planet to the Sun. But on closer observation there seems to be innumerable connections between the smallest planet in the solar system and the fiscal chaos engulfing the US.

For ancient astronomers Mercury was the lord of language, the deity of deal making, the king of commerce, communication, and contracts. The Mercuriala was an ancient Roman festival of commercial traders. The use of words such as mercenary, merchant or commercial are a remnant of our astrological past.


Approximately three times each year Mercury heads backward through the skies, as seen from earth. It remains in reverse gear for around twenty-two days. It then moves forward again, retracing its path - the whole process taking around five weeks on average.

The astro advice around such times is to exercise caution around contracts, registrations, and important agreements. We’re advised to postpone purchases, back up our hard drives and exercise patience with dialogue and debate. The logic being that everything will return to normal once Mercury resumes its regular forward motion.


Mercury retro isn’t always so disastrous. Microsoft, the richest software company of all time, first traded on March 13 1986 with Mercury retrograde. The New York Stock Exchange, the financial hub of the western world, was formed on May 1792, with Mercury retro. But in both cases Mercury was well advanced into its retro cycle. The key to Mercury seems to center around the turning dates, when it temporarily stations and changes direction.

A fortnight ago I mentioned the last Australian election of August 20 2010. It was held on a Mercury turning retro date. The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, had it stationing on her career point - technically the Midheaven. And the result was a hung parliament.

Then followed weeks of protracted negotiations (Mercury retro) before she was able to negotiate support to form government by the narrowest of margins, being sworn in as leader when Mercury went direct.


I also mentioned that Mercury turns retro only eight minutes before midnight on August 2 Washington time, the deadline date for the USA’s first credit default. While the rest of the world scratch their collective heads in wonderment, a dysfunctional Washington is emphatically reinforcing the axiom of ‘divided we fall, united we stand’, as Mercury looms.

The fact that Mercury is headed retro on that day means that any deal done would be a temporary fix at best. Or the deal may be widely criticized or rejected by the public. The guy feeling the Mercury most here is US President Barack Obama, born August 4 1961 @ 19.24 hours in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Mercury stations square to Obama’s career point (Midheaven) as it opposes obfuscating Neptune, clouding his long term career objectives. Mercury Neptune suggests a lack of clarity, and deceptive communications increasing the possibility of taking the wrong course of action. That formation began on July 26, but strengthens by August 9 and doesn’t resolve until after September 8.

The President has enough Mars in his horoscope at the moment to be in a war zone. Transiting Mars is about to throw a testing square to his progressed Sun in Libra. Barack Obama’s August 4 birthday horoscope for 2011 shows combative Mars rising, and powerbroker Pluto opposing.

His own progressed chart signals pro-active Mars being handbraked by restrictive Saturn. All this is highly descriptive of why Barack Obama has been largely unable to act on his own reformist agenda. The man who came to change Washington has been running into constant roadblocks on the way. But now the frustration has reached boiling point.


Republican Speaker of the House, John Beohner, born November 17 1949 in Reading Ohio, has his progressed Sun linked to judicial Jupiter. That is a powerful signal of growth and success.

The same progression coincided with Beohner being propelled to third in line for the Presidency, after Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Beohner’s Jupiter is at the reformist midpoint of Uranus and Pluto, and angled to confrontational Mars.

Beohner is also in a progressed New Moon year – a self-focused initiatory, if blinkered period. At 6.20 pm on Friday Beohner managed to get his budget bill passed along Republican party lines in the US Congress. It was immediately defeated in the Senate.

Beohner’s progressing Venus (values and popularity) is also opposing Pluto, meaning his relationships are changing considerably as a result of the unfolding events. But you can hardly underestimate his very strong horoscope at the moment.


The first horoscope of the USA was published by astrologer Ebenezer Sibley, and timed to 17.10 hours Philadelphia local time on July 4 1776. This time stands up well for crucial historical events such as Pearl Harbour, the US Moon landing, or the September 11 terrorist attacks. It is also very effective with the fate of US Presidents.

At the moment the horoscope of the USA has its progressed Sun squaring progressed Uranus – an extremely rare phenomena. This Sun Uranus progressed square last occurred in 1836.

Then President Andrew Jackson, locked in a bitter struggle against the banking moguls of the day, removed the charter of the Bank of the United States. Jackson was a firm believer in hard currency, and not a fiat economy, having personally experienced the pains of inequitable repossession from the moneyed elite.

Today the Federal Reserve is the central bank, and the President again is locked in a battle against the powerbrokers. The US horoscope is also experiencing a Saturn return which I explained in my 2011 World Predictions article would bring great trials and tribulations to the US administration, with August being a stand out month.


Whilst the Mercury Neptune cycle certainly is impacting on President Obama’s horoscope, it is useful to examine when the Mercury Neptune opposition started appearing in the same zodiacal area. That was from late 1847 into 1848 revealing eerie parallels with today in the commercial and political sense.

1848 is renowned as the Year of Revolutions as a wave of uprisings, based on inequality swept across the kingdoms of Europe. It marked the rise of worker's power and the publication of the Communist Manifesto. Meantime in the USA the Gold Rush rearranged national demographics. In Ireland a great famine led to revolts against English rule.

Today we witness European revolts against financial inequality. Ireland is virtually bankrupt. And the rush for gold is a barometer of economic fear. It's a safe haven from the falling fiat currencies of western democracies.

Mercury went retro opposite Neptune in the reverse zodiacal positions in August of 1932 and had stationed close by in September of 1931. This was right in the heart of the Great Depression. So it may come as no surprise that we’ve come to this important turning point in the evolution of global finance. The test is what have we learned from it?


For the last twenty years Alan Jones has been the top rating radio announcer in Australia’s largest radio market. He is also the highest paid, taking home the average Australian annual professional salary in one week. Despite his obvious relationship with the big end of town, station promos constantly endorse Jones as the champion of Struggle Street, the Ozzie battler and democracy.

In contrast Jones’ right wing political message is hammered out each morning in line with a station policy. Whatever lacks in objective balance, it makes up for in opinionated agenda. Jones’ defense is that he is not a journalist but a broadcaster, and after all the show bears his name.

Former Sydney radio king John Laws used the 'entertainer not reporter' defense when he was revealed receiving payments from financial institutions in return for favorable commentary. Laws public credibility and ratings took a batterring and never fully recovered.

Now Alan Jones is under investigation by the Australian Communications and Media Authority over misleading comments on climate change, and an alleged lack of balanced commentary. What does his chart have to say about these allegations?

Jones’ birth year has always been a mystery, but fellow personality Angela Bishop blurted out the secret in a news report covering his prostate surgery in 2008. She described him as 67, which would equate to 1941 - with a birth date of April 13. It certainly fits the rambunctious announcer to have a fiery Aries Sun, and brooding Scorpio Moon – both ruled by combative Mars. And his Sun Venus close conjunction would assist his popularity.

The same horoscope makes the period between September 7 and mid November, extremely challenging for Alan. Authority is attributed to Saturn (the celestial judge) and his solar arc directed horoscope has plenty of Saturn, with it squaring his birth Sun by the first week of November.

At the same time transiting Saturn joins in to oppose his birth Sun. While this may play out in an increased workload, it also can suggest restrictions, controls and possibly some embarrassing retractions.


Last week exceeded my estimation in market drop, driven by the US political stalemate. So saying the drop did come from Wednesday when the planets suggested the turn. Allowing that the DJIA remains up 4% from the start of the year, it has significantly dropped back over 5% from the April high of above 12,800, or the July top of 12724. And just as in the Mercury Neptune cycle of 1847-48, the resultant loss of faith and rush for gold is on in earnest.

I do feel that the period marking the first fortnight of August has some added worrying signs. On top of the current Mercury Neptune opposition, from the early afternoon of Wednesday August 3rd the Libran Moon will create a testing T-Square with reformative Uranus Pluto.

As this is still leading toward the more volatile Mars Uranus Pluto T-Square next week, it is unlikely the markets will recover their immediate losses. This challenging time around leaders and leadership (worldwide) even extends to royal family members.

JULY 24 2011

AMY WINEHOUSE was an exceptional talent, but troubled soul. She was born September 14 1983 in Southgate, London. Amy sported a purist Virgo Sun linked to the communicative planet Mercury. Both squared her emotional Moon and inspirational Neptune. A Sun Moon square can drive one to greater heights but has the potential to put expression (Sun) and feelings (Moon) at odds. If that was true of her personal life, it could have been further from the truth with her art. The Neptune provides the key. For her chart click here.

Her Sun square Neptune led her to music as an expression of the sensitivity that this aspect conjures. Yet in a worldly sense Neptune could not be more out of place. Amy’s child like Moon was also linked to Neptune via conjunction, and well describes her early musical influences, as the Moon is indicative of our infant life. Neptune may also describe a lack of grounding, but her dynamic Venus (arts) and Mars (motivation) in expressive Leo supported the receptive Moon Neptune.

All of Amy’s planets were contained within one third of the horoscope. This can point to a very directed life, often with a great focus on one thing, but little objectivity outside of that. She has a most unusual pattern in that “all of her planets” are involved in conjunctions with another. This adds to the ability to obsess but speaks of a life of different compartments.

Sun Mercury – exceptional communicative ability.
Moon Neptune – emotional sensitivity and vivid dream world.
Venus Mars – sensuality, magnetic attraction, acts on desires.
Jupiter Uranus – rapid success, sudden release, loves independence.
Saturn Pluto – relentless efforts, intense realities.

Having both of the lights (Sun-Moon) square to Neptune, as well as being a key to her extraordinary interpretative musical talent, can also point to the need for escapism, usually through recreational drugs or alcohol. But in Amy’s case Mercury (the lungs) was also involved in this line up design. She had limited lung functioning following constant substance abuse. At 3.54 pm July 23 ambulances were called to her London home and she was pronounced dead minutes later.

A time of 4.30 am was supplied from the files of professional astrologer colleague Linda Reid. Although she mentions it is dirty data, and can't specifically recall the source, she thinks it may have come from a televised interview with the parents. Another time is quoted at 22.25 hours via astrologer Margaret Zelinski from a fried of Amy's mother.

If Linda's supplied time is correct, transiting Neptune has been opposing Amy's Ascendant, with newsworthy Mercury now right upon it. Mars and the eclipsing nodal cycle has been aspecting her sensitive Moon. In her solar arc directed horoscope Saturn was squaring her Ascendant and her Ascendant squaring natal Neptune. They are the aspects of illness. Whatever the time used, and I have been careful to exclude it from analysis apart from the above paragraph some things are obvious.

Amy was in her 27th year. This is the year of her Moon return to the planet Neptune, and Amy like an operatic phantom has left the stage. She leaves a brilliant legacy of phenomenal work, and like so many stars we will always be waiting for the encore. Yet just as Neptune may be linked to the world of spirit rather than material world, it is also linked to legends and mysteries. Amy qualifies as both. Hers is a sad loss for all those who loved her, and loved her work. She will not be forgotten.


Guitar legend Jimi Hendrix died at twenty seven from substance abuse, when his progressed Sun moved to square Neptune. Janis Joplin also the baton at twenty seven as transiting Neptune opposed her secondary progressed Sun. Kurt Cobain expired at twenty seven with his progressed Moon in a hard sesquisquare aspect to Neptune.

Jim Morrison died of heart failure in a bathtub after snorting heroin in his twenty seventh year. It was shortly after his progressed lunar return. Morrison had a Moon in hard aspect to somber Saturn and dark Pluto. As might be expected with a drug overdose Neptune was also afflicting his progressed Venus.


At 3.26 pm Friday July 22 2011, a series of car bombs ripped through downtown Olso. The explosions claimed seven lives, and seriously wounding many others, and blowing the fronts of buildings. An hour and a half later at nearby Utoeya island a lone gunman launched a terror attack on Labour’s Youth League. The summer camp was housing around 700 teenagers, and the Prime Minster of Norway was due for a presentation that day.

The self confessed murderer Anders Behring Breivik, gained access to the island by posing as a policeman with a fake terror alert. He summoned youths to gather around, only to pepper them with bullets. The death toll from the dual attacks is reported at 98 at the time of writing, and likely to rise. It is Europe’s deadliest terrorist act since the 2004 Madrid train bombings, and Norway’s worst since World War Two. As it unfolded the karmic nodal cycle moved across the war planet Mars

Anders Behring Breivik is described as a Christian fundamentalist and right wing extremist, dissatisfied with Norway’s central left government. He carefully planned the bombings and carnage. His murderous act has been compared with another infamous right-wing radical, the late Timothy McViegh, mastermind of the Oklahoma bombing catastrophe. For the horoscope of the first explosion click here.


The 3.26 p.m. July 22 2011 Oslo time horoscope of the initial bomb shows the birth/death sign of Scorpio rising and its classical ruler Mars in the eighth house of death. Mars is given extra power as the karmic nodal axis, indicative of the current eclipse cycle is connected to the planet of war.

At the base of this horoscope lies Neptune, a planet not only representing sacrifice, but also deception, covert action, chemicals and camouflage. The planet setting is the dogmatic, often religious Jupiter, in the fixed sign of Taurus.

At the exact time the first bomb exploded the Scorpio Ascendant of the bombing horoscope had come to the birth Mars of the modern chart of Norway. The explosion chart's Mars is also on Norway's Pluto (death and transformation). This national horoscope is set for June 7 1905 @ 11 am (CET) Oslo, and the country's secession from Sweden. Both over overlaid here.

The solar return (birthday horoscope 2011) for Norway shows an exact square between the Moon (the public) and Mars (agitation and/or violence). But the real clue to the tragedy lies in the horoscope of the perpetuator of the violence.


Anders Behring Breivik was born February 13 1979, according to a wikipedia entry, which has since been deleted. It's certainly a dynamic date astrologically. Here is the proposed chart of Brievik with no given time.

His socially involved Aquarian Sun is positioned between a crafty Mercury and aggressive Mars. This forceful trio forms an unrestrained trine to the ‘will to power’ in Pluto. This could be a positive indicator of social change, except for one factor. The Sun/Mercury/Mars combination run square to the rebellious and insurgent Uranus. Such is a troubling indication of a sudden violence.

Ander's Moon, in critical Virgo, is also joined to dark somber Saturn. Coupled with the inflammatory Sun Mars square Uranus, the propensity for depressive withdrawal and violence is increased. Critically in 2011 Breivik's solar return (a predictive horoscope for the year ahead), displays the Sun again with aggressive Mars, the planet of war.

Currently the radical transiting Uranus semisquares Breivik’s aggressive Mars, and the intense Pluto does the same. Transiting Mars supportively trines his Sun, perhaps indicating why he was so successful in inflicting so much carnage. This is the worst single handed killing of all.

The initial fears that the bombings were the work of an Islamic terrorist organization such as Al-Queda were far off the mark. They're instead the product of one right wing Christian fundamentalist's infernal hatred of his fellow humans.


Rather than being the man behind the headlines, media mogul Rupert Murdoch as been the man making them. I have extensively covered his horoscope on this site, now accessed through the accompanying political astrology page. Murdoch has been but one of many media proprietors who has attempted to impose his will on the national agenda.

If newspapers simply reported the facts, they wouldn’t grow to big business empires. Instead broadsheets take poetic license with the truth – sensationalism sells! Politics becomes opinionated reporting, and editors morph into puppets of a proprietor’s political philosophy. The grave of objectivity was dug by news giants Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst a century ago. And they both had something common to Rupert Murdoch.


Joseph Pulitzer, was a successful journalist, turned newspaper proprietor. In 1883 he bought the New York World for $365,000. Pulitzer dramatically increased the papers circulation from 15,000 copies to over 600,000 using scare campaigns, sensationalizing news and pioneering what critics would dub ‘yellow journalism’. It was the forerunner of what now passes for reporting.

Pulitzer was born in Mako Hungary, on April 10 1847. His pioneering Arian Sun was aligned with mass media Pluto and innovative Uranus. Joe was capable of turning base metal into gold. His entire horoscope was contained within one third of the zodiac giving him great focus, yet with a one-eyed view on reality. Pulitzer’s control of what his journalists could and couldn’t write eventually led to a mass defection toward an even more ambitious competitor.


William Randolph Hearst and his lust for power were immortalized in the 1941 Orson Welle’s classic Citizen Kane. The movie has been consistently rated as one of the finest ever made. Hearst tried in vain to prevent it ever being released, and put pressure on theatres throughout the US greatly limiting its audience.

According to AstroDatabank William Hearst was born on April 29 1863 at 5.58 am in San Francisco. This gave him a determined Taurean Sun, attached to power player Pluto, both tied to the planet of news in Mercury. This line up occurs in Hearst's secretive twelfth house – fitting for a power behind the throne. At the turn of the 20th century Hearst hyperbole matched Pulitzer propaganda for media muscle. But it was the articles of two of his writers that eventually haunted his career.

When Governor Goebel of Kentucky was shot Hearst scribe Ambrose Peirce wrote, “The bullet that pierced Goebel's breast can not be found in all the west. Good reason, it is speeding here, to lay McKinley on his bier” Later editor Arthur Brisbane penned, “If bad institutions and bad men must be got rid of only by killing, then the killing must be done." When the President was actually shot and killed in 1901 Hearst’s reputation suffered a similar fate. People boycotted his paper.

In 1941, as the power planet Pluto came to the base of Hearst’s horoscope, the public were about to get a revealing inside scoop about his life behind the scenes. Simultaneously the new generational duo of Jupiter and Saturn arrived at Hearst’s own Sun Pluto combination. And surprising Uranus was passing over his Ascendant. There was little he could do to prevent the arrival of ‘Citizen Kane.’


The will to power is often found through a prominent Pluto placement. Both Pulitzer and Hearst, although born sixteen years apart had Pluto tied to their birth Suns. The mythology of Pluto has it revered as the ruler of wealth, and lord of the underworld.

The media is a political power tool. Digging beneath the surface, unveiling exposes, it's all part of the investigative reporters agenda. Rupert Murdoch was born with his Piscean Sun in a supportive trine to Pluto in Cancer. True to Cancer, from family beginnings he has built a formidable dynasty.

But Pluto is now in the opposing sign of Capricorn. Since January 2008 it has been moving through this corporate sign, revealing the toxic underbelly of the business and banking world. We are witnessing the ruthless side of Pluto – the unethical and obsessive focus that ultimately brings the house of cards crashing down.

More recently Pluto also came to Rupert Murdoch’s Ascendant as it emerged from his twelfth house of secrets. Newcorp stocks have slumped, as the days of reckoning unfolded. Last week Murdoch described his parliamentary hearing as the most humbling day of his life.

In that hearing Murdoch’s answer to some of the systemic corruption today was to pay politician’s more, along the Singapore model. It showed how some people think - that everybody has a price.

It would be an easy answer if upping the ante guaranteed systemic honesty and transparency. But as we have now seen in the corporate world, the more outrageous the financial remuneration gets for many CEO’s, the greater their power and the greater their corruption. The love of money, as the good book implores, is proving the root of all evil.


I don’t see a lot of action on the Dow for the week ahead. Last week I mentioned prices following the general trend line - as they usually move up in July – and that there could be some corrections late Wednesday or early Thursday.

The market improved and rose to peak Thursday at 12746. This was a July high, and the highest Dow reading since the beginning of May when the index stood at slightly over 12,800. However by the second (lunar) eclipse of June it had slid back to under 12,000.

At this time last year the Dow was just regaining its start of year reading. But in July 2011 the Dow stands 1000 points above its start of year figure. My take remains that the testing time is a couple of weeks off. The period from Monday the 8th and through to Wednesday the 10th will be the real tester.

The High Noon showdown between the US President and Republican leader John Beohner may have a lot to do with this. To look at Obama’s prospects click here and scroll down to the Obama story. I've already pointed to the mercenary Mercury opposition to dissolving Neptune as the date nears for Moody's re-evalution of the US AAA financial rating.



Mercury retrograde has become part of the language. Your computer crashes – well that just has to be Mercury retrograde, doesn’t it? Messages get mixed up, emails go missing, appointments are cancelled – Mercury retrograde! Your credit card is overdrawn – simply put it down to a mercurial misunderstanding. And hey, what the heck - eventually Mercury will turn direct and it’ll figure itself out.

Meanwhile your astrologer advises you to be early for trains, planes and automobiles, because Mercury retro is on the prowl. It seems that life stands still when the tiny bald planet decides to backtrack across its path. Now Mercury spends almost a fifth of the year in retro motion, which may explain why our transport system doesn’t run on time and our computers are constantly blue screening.


In more primitive times it might have meant windy days stuffing up smoke signals, or a pterodactyl making off with your clay tablets. But in this age of communication Mercury retro has taken on a whole new meaning.

So if you sail through this with simply taking a lift to the wrong floor, consider that it could have been much worse. As was last year for the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard, and it could be this year for the US President Barack Obama.

Julia Gillard called an election for August 21 2010, right when Mercury turned retro in the heavens. The result was left hanging in the balance for three weeks. Gillard found herself tied into endless negotiations with independents before she secured a deal to remain as leader. She was sworn in on the 14th, as Mercury was resuming forward motion.

Mercury, the planet of negotiations, contracts and commerce is going retro on August 2 2011. Heaven help us, isn’t August 2 the deadline when US Treasury will have exhausted all measures of avoiding a budget default? Is that potential catastrophe going to do a Karakatoa to the global economy? Well it certainly does impact on the horoscope of Barack Obama.


It’s bad enough when Mercury retro frazzles your modem. But when the President of the country has it in his house of status, all hell can break loose. From July 26 Obama has Mercury moving across the summit of his horoscope. This is the point pertaining to status and worldly achievement.

Unfortunately Mercury simultaneously links with the vague and imprecise Neptune as it stations. That may well signal a time of major confusion – mixed messages – deception abounding – and possibly a negotiated sacrifice. Of course this scenario is a little fatalistic. Freewill also plays a part and it’s how we handle that celestial wheel of fortune that counts. We are all entitled to play our cards the way we choose.

Suffice to say that in astro parlance Obama is sitting on a pair of two’s. So the real chances of a winning hand would depend upon a great bluff, or the opponent falling off the table inebriated. From August 2 this retro season begins, opposing nebulous Neptune on the 8th and not turning direct until the 26th.

In between times Obama will find the planet of austerity and obstruction, Saturn, joining the mix from the 10th, climaxing between the 20th and 20th when the inner planets up the ante. In these times of divisive politics killing national progress we are likely to see a pretty angry President blowing off some steam starting late next week.


The sensational revelations emanating the UK involving unscrupulous Newscorp employees, police officials and politicians, has unveiled the underbelly of the politics of populace. Marrying the media has been formality for many leaders, anxious to keep their poll figures high. And driving the agenda have been media moguls.

At the heart of the action is Newscorp CEO, rapacious Rupert Murdoch. The Murdoch empire has been instrumental in placing leaders in power. Prior to the 2007 Australian election Rupert had advised Australian PM John Howard to retire on top. Howard was incensed and following that advice, potential PM Kevin Rudd made a timely visit to Newscorp headquarters. Rudd easily defeated Howard in the November 2007 elections.


Perhaps Murdoch’s biggest about face stemmed from his 1972 support for the politics of change, and a new inspirational Australian Labor leader in Gough Whitlam. But within two years Whitlam’s ‘buy back the farm’ approach didn’t sit well with Rupert.

His papers editorials conducted a complete about face, so much so that their own journalists went on strike at what they branded ‘propaganda sheets’. Today Fox news is the network famed worldwide for ‘opinionated’ news.

Under pressure from the British political establishment Murdoch has withdrawn his bid for BskyB. He could facing even more scrutiny from the US Senate. Last Friday the CEO of Murdoch’s Dow Jones acquisition jumped ship. Hinton claimed to have “seen hundreds of news reports of both actual and alleged misconduct …and in the circumstances I feel it is proper for me to resign from News Corp.”


This is all playing out in Rupert’s progressed Ascendant in opposition to Neptune, that I wrote about last week, dissolving many professional relationships. Neptune is also the planet of covert activities, deception, the hidden and unknown. The chart is linked here.

His solar arc directed horoscope shows Uranus, the jack in the box of surprise, opposite his Ascendant. All this promotes unpredictability and fast changing circumstance attached to his alliances. Plus the planet of media, Mercury, is now arced to be square the tenuous Neptune. This is a continuing phenomena through 2011, but keep an eye especially around the beginning of November.


As written here last week there would be little action on the Dow, with a possible tightening from Wednesday onwards due to a Venus Saturn square.

For the record, the DJIA opened at 12544 moving up to 12604 by midday Wednesday. It was then that the Venus (values) and Saturn (contraction) square kicked in and Wednesday closed at at 12477, an intra day drop if 1%. And that was the way the week ended; still on 12477 marking an essentially flat week overall.

There is also sparse planetary influence this week, which should see prices follow the general trend line. We may see some corrections that affect late Wednesday or early Thursday. The testing time for the Dow still seems a couple of weeks off. The period from Monday the 8th and through to Wednesday the 10th will be the real tester.



Rupert Murdoch was born March 11 1931 at a time approaching midnight in Avonhurst Private Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. The source here is Frank Clifford in an interview. And this links to the horoscope.

He’s a Pisces, but don’t let the sun-sign fool you! So was the ‘doomsday book, author Adolf Eichman or the ‘angel of death’ Josef Mengele. Ariel Sharon was no shrinking violet when it came to combat, and you can even throw in warrior heroes such as George Washington, or Andrew Jackson into the mix.

When examining a horoscope the planetary positioning takes precedence over sun sign considerations, which is why personality stereotyping has inherent flaws. In Murdoch’s case see his Piscean Sun reasonably close to the media Mercury. Both lie at the bottom of the genealogical base of his horoscope, and he came from a newspaper family.

His Piscean Sun also forms an accommodating trine to the power and money planet of Pluto, and the aggressive Mars, in the family sign of Cancer. His media empire reaches more than two of every three people on the planet, and he is determined to keep it all in the family. And to that end he has created a media aristocracy.


It’s in the money and muscle of the business world that Murdoch is most famed. The same Sun forms an encouraging sextile to severe Saturn bordering on his money house. It’s the frugal Saturn side of Murdoch that the public see, who is a businesslike Capricorn rising. Saturn is extremely strong in its home sign of Capricorn, whilst ruling his Ascendant. Murdoch also has Venus in the money zone, and in Saturn’s other more worldly home sign of Aquarius.

Murdoch was thrust into the headlines in a most unsavory manner. His British tabloid, News of the World, with a 168-year-old legacy and readership bordering 3 million has been closed down. The move follows shameful revelations of its reporters bugging everyone from royal family aides, to politicians, media personalities, and even the families of terror victims.

Murdoch stepped in to quell the crisis. And also to clear the way for his proposed bid for control of media colossus BSkyB. The scandal has drawn in British PM David Cameron, with his former head of media, Andy Coulson, being the editor during much of the hacking. Coulson faces arrest and Cameron is frantic to wash his hands of the whole affair, promising a comprehensive inquiry. The humiliation brings the whole unsavory specter of Murdoch, media and political sway back into the spotlight.


Murdoch’s horoscope now has its progressed Ascendant opposing Neptune, and is dissolving many professional relationships. Neptune is also the planet of covert activities, deception, the hidden and unknown. His solar arc directed horoscope shows Uranus, the jack in the box of surprise, opposite his Ascendant. This too implies unpredictability and fast changing circumstance attached to his alliances. Plus the planet of media, Mercury, is now arced to be square the nebulous Neptune.

So it’s no surprise that Murdoch himself would be currently cloaked in subterfuge, facing a major reshuffle of affiliation. These two planets will not abate until the end of 2011, and we can look to further interesting developments around the beginning of November.

And yet Murdoch’s reign of power may be far from over. Pluto is not due to trine his Midheaven until 2013. And at the moment his secondary progressed horoscope has the expansive Jupiter trining his Sun and value planet Venus reaching his public Midheaven.

The sacrifice of News Of The World is another move in his media chess board game. The paper that gave him his entry into British tabloids in 1969 is a necessary surrender. Although it is a totally baseless move to actually close down a paper, when it is the actions of its reporters and editorial staff that caused the damage, Murdoch cannot afford a losing business proposition.


The broadsheet ‘News Of The World’ hit the streets first on October 1 1843. From the very beginning the paper was aimed at the lower echelon on the working class, with shock journalism replacing responsible reporting.

Even from the 19th century the News Of The World would lead with lurid stories of police busts on brothels and streetwalkers. It was a dubious appeal that worked, and the paper’s circulations soared. During the 1950’s it was the leading newspaper in the world, with sales of over 8 million. They have since dropped to just under 3 million.

The horoscope of News Of The World shows a Libran Sun conjunct pleasurable Venus and squaring coarse Mars. It’s an appropriate astro formula for a ‘sex sells’ periodical. The fate of the newspaper was probably sealed in its current solar arc directed chart, which showed the authoritarian Saturn now squaring the popular Sun Venus of the papers birth horoscope. As it does, the media planet Mercury also squares against the newspaper's birth Saturn.

Despite an alleged attempt from Rupert Murdoch to former PM Gordon Brown to back away from the scandal some years ago, the newspaper will now wind up on July 10. It’s a sad end of an institution through gross mismanagement and ongoing criminal activities.


At the beginning of July the solar eclipse opposed the Australian Federation Sun/Saturn. It prefaced a change in the Australian Senate, which the minority Green (conservationist) Party now control. The eclipse was also square the austerity planet of Saturn. This tied in with such measure being passed in Greece for example in relation to their ballooning debt. In Australia it represented another tax for the populace.

If we trace the New Moon cycle back to the same date in the year 2000 - July 1 - we witness the beginning of the goods and services tax of GST. This added another 10% on most goods and services, and guaranteed extra revenue for the Federal and State governments. If history is the judge then the recent eclipse, with Sun and Moon similarly aligned, is predicting another tax, this time geared toward new and renewable energy resources.

However the opposition to the Sun/Saturn is also a challenge to the leader's authority and power base. Australian PM Julia Gillard is experiencing record lows in polling. The same energy is affecting the British horoscope of January 1 1801 - the eclipse is opposing the Sun. It comes as British PM David Cameron finds himself under pressure to act decisively on media corruption that threatens the fabric of political independence.


Last week I wrote here, "For the week ahead there are few difficult aspects although Thursday will find value planet Venus meeting fluctuating Uranus and the leadership Sun stuck with uncertain Neptune. They are not major, but may create some ripples for Friday."

Up until Friday the Dow had recorded a nice rise of just under 3%. The aspects hit after market closing time and were certainly felt by the Friday morning when it opened over 100 points lower. However in judging the entire week the DJIA gained from 12409 to 12654 which was on line for the predicted July recovery.

This week there are fewer still difficult aspects, which one would imagine should keep fluctuations low, with Wednesday fielding a Venus Saturn square. This may be related directly to US politics and could see a tightening as a result of associated activities.


Eclipses enable us to see situations in a new light. And my how the filter has changed on the economic community over the last couple of months. In todays blog I want to discuss the astrological implications of the moving deckchairs at the IMF, and the curious twist in the incarceration of former IMF head Dominic Strauss-Khan. I also examine the horoscope of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. But first some background info.


In February of this year, the then chief of the IMF, Dominic Stauss-Khan had discussed replacing the American dollar with International Monetary Fund’s SDR’s. The logic being that the US dollar was too subject to the fluctuations of US domestic policy. According to Strauss-Khan replacing the US dollar with SDRs could ensure a more secure international economy, and correct global imbalances.

The acronym SDR refers to ‘special drawing rights’ a foreign exchange reserve asset. The weighted value of the SDR is a basket combination of four major currencies, the Euro, US dollar, Japanese yen and British pound. Strauss-Khan had also suggested adding developing currencies like the Chinese yuan to the mix.


But Strauss-Khan’s authority was stripped in sensational circumstances following his shock New York arrest and imprisonment on sexual assault charges from 4.40 pm May 14 2011. Scroll down political astrology page to May 22 update to this link to check that article under May, along with Dominic Strauss-Khan’s horoscope details.

Briefly recapping I thought that due to a progressed New Moon his life was heading in an entirely new direction, and whilst being opposed by powerful forces, (transiting Pluto opposed the New Moon) eventually Jupiter’s transits would offer him some justice late June and through July. And now we witness this sensational new twist in the saga with Strauss-Khan’s bail repaid, and him being released pending a further court appearance.

The IMF (and World bank) horoscope is dated December 27 1945. Its corporate Capricorn Sun squares the deceptive planet Neptune in the balance scales of Libra. As underworld planet Pluto reached that Sun, Strauss-Khan was forced to resign. And on the eve of the July solar eclipse, opposite the Sun, former Chicago lawyer Christine Largarde found herself in the chair.


When solar eclipses oppose your birth Sun degree, other people have a profound effect – relationships change significantly. Such was the case for Christine Lagarde born January 1 1956 in Paris at 13.40 CET. Birth certificate click here courtesy of fellow astrologer Anna-Cristal de Lyon. On June 28 she was elected as the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, replacing Dominic Strauss-Khan. Her five-year tenure begins July 5.

Lagarde has an austere Capricorn Sun in a tough sesquisquare aspect to her Leo fire Moon. The Moon lies with money planet Pluto and is square to conservative Saturn. This is a hard working, grave and ascetic Moon. The most elevated planet in her chart is the commercial and communicative Mercury, also in businesslike Capricorn. Click here for Lagarde's horoscope.


Lagarde’s progressed horoscope has reached Full Moon stage, presiding over a phase of greater recognition, public exposure and fulfillment. The planet of popularity Venus, lies in her tenth house of career, and currently the progressing Mercury joins the Venus bringing welcome news and elevation. Mercury also rules her second house of money.

Lagarde was supported by the UN heavies USA, along with Britain, Russia, China and Germany. Her opponent for the post, received backing from the fast developing Latin Americas, plus Canada, Spain and Australia. But the right wing Lagarde was the ‘establishment’ choice, in a time when European economies are adopting austerity solutions to their financial malaise. She also has no plans to replace the USD as universal currency.

The appointment is not without controversy. In 2007 she contentiously intervened in a court dispute that saw a French tycoon, Bernard Tapie, on the receiving end of a lucrative settlement. Critics suggest that this intervention was on orders from the Elysée. Further her appointment came via highly unusual circumstances, as a result of the shock arrest of the former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Khan.


Dominic Stauss-Khan had confided in an unpublished interview, a fortnight before his arrest, that he could be set up for rape. He was concerned that supporters of his political opponent, Nicolas Sarkozy, were capable of what he called ‘low blows’.

The conspiracy theories widened following a Tweet from Jonathan Pinet, a member of Sarkozy’s party. It reported Stauss-Khan’s arrest (supposedly on info from a friend in New York) at 4.57 pm New York time, only minutes after it occurred, and well before the press were alerted.


The first issue of credibility is the mainstream US media. They painted the picture of Strauss-Khan as a lecherous big shot taking advantage of an honest hard working hotel maid. That spin (yes it’s called reporting these days), has been blown out of the water. Yet there is positive evidence that a sexual encounter did take place.

The hotel maid ‘accuser’ was born January 17 1979 in Labe, Guinea. She has a potentially calculating Capricorn Sun together with pro-active Mars, and squaring underworld Pluto. This is a pretty tough combination. But what is more revealing is the degree of the progressed Sun. The Sun has reached the end of Aquarius, and is open to the current transit of deceptive Neptune.

Admittedly Neptune can sometimes represent sacrifice, but having Neptune around the Sun can suggest some real double-dealing. Neptune is the planet of hidden and covert operations. It creates mysteries rather than solves them.

According to reports filtering through from law enforcement officials the accuser was connected to underworld figures, including drug (Neptune) dealers and money launderers. She is alleged to have had phone contact with a jailed man discussing the benefits of pursuing her charge against Strauss-Khan. This call was recorded.

She is also alleged to have substantial amounts ($100,000) deposited into her account in the past from various ‘donors’. Immediately after the alleged sexual assault the maid then went on to clean the next room and returned to clean Dominic Strauss-Khan’s room before reporting anything. If all this is true then it threatens to blow the whole assault case.


The US would vehemently oppose the replacement of their dollar as standard world currency. The power of the US dollar enables the US to freeze funds worldwide of dissident rulers, or those who threaten US political hegemony. Saddam Hussein switched from selling oil in US dollars to Euros in 2002. Ditto Saddam!

Mamoud Ghaddafi has suggested replacing the US dollar and Euro with the African dinar weighted against gold reserves. The Libyan Central Bank has 144 tonnes of gold, and the country is blessed with 17% of the world’s oil reserves. But many Libyans are probably questioning the legitimacy of such a blessing at the moment. Ditto Ghaddafi!

And French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been one greatest beneficiaries of Strauss-Khan’s unusual fate. He was polling well behind the former IMF head as the prospective 2012 President of France. With Strauss-Khan remaining in the US until his July 18 court case, and applications for the Presidency due by July 13, the timing favors Sarkozy.


According to AstroDatabank Sarkozy was born January 28 1955 at 10 p.m. (CET) in Paris. It was generally conceded that Sarkozy faced an uphill battle to hold onto power in the French election due April May 2012. But as the jack in the box planet of surprise, Uranus, moves across his progressed Aries Sun extraordinary events unfolded, none greater than his opponent’s New York arrest. Click here for Sarkozy's horoscope.


Sarkozy has an emotionally volatile character via his fiery Aries Moon in conjunction with Mars, but also connected to an explosive Mercury Pluto opposition by eighth harmonic aspects. The Moon is also conjunct Eris, dwarf planet of discord. Such can also indicate a challenging relationship life if we consider the Moon to naturally signify women and the home.

Considering the Moon can also represent the public, it is interesting to study its current dynamics. Sarkozy’s Arian Moon Mars conjunction received the July 1 solar eclipse via a testing square. It came closely on the heel of the President’s security scare at being yanked off balance during a handshake meet and greet, by an angry protestor.

His socially aware Aquarian Sun lies at the powerful midpoint of successful Jupiter and powerful Pluto. Sarkozy has the ‘sudden advancement’ and ‘lucky break’ combination of Jupiter and Uranus in his tenth house of public affairs. As his progressed Sun ingressed into the forceful sign of Aries Sarkozy became President of France.


Sarkozy’s Presidency began in earnest when he received the French security codes at 11 am on May 16 2007. The defining points of this swearing in horoscope are the leadership Sun squared by conservative Saturn and illusory Neptune. Military Mars is also positioned right at the beginning of combative Aries, suggesting a presidency marked by aggression or war.

Ahead in 2012 Sarkozy’s personal secondary progressed Mars will hit the wall of Saturn. Popularity planet progressed Venus is also in opposition to mass media Pluto in the first half of 2012. His solar arc directions are also mirroring the same testing aspects that the progressed horoscope offers. But perhaps it’s the simple Uranus to Moon repositioning aspect that suggests a change of home (and job?) is on the cards.


Not surprisingly many analysts are perplexed by the inconsistencies of the whole Strauss-Khan affair. If anything has all the earmarks of a systematic setup, and major conspiracy theory this one does.


Eclipses can create exaggerated conditions and the market mirrored them this week with a spectacular 5% rise from below 12,000 to 12,580. Investors showed confidence in the Greek parliament passing austerity measures stabilizing the global economy. The Sun squaring frugal Saturn at the eclipse time mirrored such austerity measures, not only in Greece either.

I thought there would be some market relief early July and this is based on the annual cycle of the DJIA which, barring severe astro-aspects, rises throughout July and August. Positive news coming from the US, and the stabilization (albeit temporarily) of the Greek credit crisis has provided that.

For the week ahead there are few difficult aspects although Thursday will find value planet Venus meeting fluctuating Uranus and the leadership Sun stuck with uncertain Neptune. They are not major, but may create some ripples for Friday.



This Friday’s solar eclipse at 9 degrees of Cancer, is falling at the exact midpoint of the USA (July 4 1776 @ 17.10 hrs Philadelphia) leadership Sun and lawmaker planet Jupiter. It comes at a time that the country is in a perilous polarized position over the economy. Record deficits threaten to plunge the USA, the world’s greatest debtor nation, into their first ever credit default.

This week the planets loom into ‘Grand Cross’ or crisis management mode. According to White House spokesperson Jay Carney, "The president is willing to make tough choices, but he cannot ask the middle class and seniors to bear all the burden for deficit reduction and to sacrifice while millionaires and billionaires and special interests get off the hook."

Under the auspices of the solar eclipse, and as the karmic planet Saturn looms ominously toward its birth position, in the horoscope of the USA, economic frugality becomes the imperative. In looking for celestial correspondence for what has led to this precipice, the control planet of Saturn is the obvious elephant in the sky.


Saturn is the planet of ultimate reality – reminding us just where the buck stops, sometimes literally. The US is now experiencing the completion of a Saturn revolution starting back in 1981 when the ringed planet last moved through Libra. This period gave birth to an economic model dubbed “Reaganomics”.

On August 4 of 1981 US President Ronald Reagan’s “Economic Recovery Bill’ passed the Senate. It was signed into law on August 13 1981 at his California ranch. At that time both judicial Jupiter and conservative Saturn were together in Libra. Thirty years later they would both be squared by a Uranus Pluto square forecasting the collapse of this old order.

“Reaganomics” was an economic model that removed financial restraints, and government controls, toward a free market economy. The maximum tax rate in the US eventually fell from 70% down to 28% by October 22 1986, and sits now at 35%. Peacetime defense spending jumped to a quarter of the national income. The Soviet Union, the world’s other superpower, imploded in trying to match America’s 'quickening'.


During the 80's yuppie decade, the western world jumped on the “Reaganomics” credit bandwagon. It spawned films like Wall St, espousing greed is good.

In Great Britain it was branded “Thatcherism” after the iron lady PM Margaret Thatcher. She dismantled public utilities during a zealous privatization agenda. And at the time selling off the farm waved a magic wand of western economic revival and supremacy.

What this extremist approach lacked was the future projection of safety nets, and the humanitarian or ecological concernsthat characterized more balanced models, such as the Nordic economies. In the aftermath, the co-founder of “Reaganomics”, former Assistant Secretary of US Treasury Paul Roberts, regretted his political role.

By the end of Reagan’s second term the US had backslid from the world’s greatest creditor nation, to a nation in debt. Yet the President justified his economic ideals as a homecoming to the free enterprise principles that characterized America before the Great Depression. Paradoxically he looks to be right on the money.

Both Reagan and Thatcher eventually sadly succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease. But their collective motif is indelibly stamped on the global memory banks. Who would have forecast the ‘shareholder world’, and offshore tax break philosophies would indirectly provide the platform for the rise of a new superpower - the world’s greatest creditor nation of China.


Saturn is moving to square the USA birth Sun and return to its natal position during August. As it does, the radical Uranus is putting pressure on America’s self worth planet and values planet of Venus. The ancient money ruler of Pluto is likewise opposing the expansionist USA Jupiter. All will tend to handbrake future expenditure. A limit has been reached and the neo liberal ideology has hit the wall.


Greece became an effective member of the European Union from midnight January 1 1981. A horoscope drawn for this moment features a tight Sun/Mercury in corporate Capricorn but in a challenging square to the law and order duo of Jupiter and Saturn. The horoscope also has a Venus/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius. The relevance of this is that Venus represents values and Neptune tends to dissipate wealth in such a combination.

Whether Greece will stay in the European Union long term is a current conundrum. In 2009 as the extravagant duo Jupiter and Neptune together formed a tough aspect to the Sun Mercury position of Greek's admittance, they plunged into recession. More loans followed which exacerbated the situation.

For the short-term, Eurozone unity and Greek austerity strategies are invoked. However in years to come, and especially 2013, the revolutionary grouping of Uranus and Pluto will move across the Sun Mercury representing the original agreement. Further restructure is inevitable.


On June 19 2000 Greece was admitted into the Economic and Monetary Union by the European Council. This horoscope, when cast for midnight Athens, has rebellious Uranus rising and controlling Pluto at the Midheaven. It’s a good way of saying that Greece are going to be a wild card in the pack. Progress this horoscope to June 2011 and we have a Sun Mars conjunction in Cancer, descriptive of violent reaction of the populace against their leaders.

The same horoscope when projected to 2013 shows that the Sun/Mars combination will semisquare Saturn, suggesting that Greece may be ejected, or face further austerity and upheaval two years from now.


While on the July solar eclipse, it is worthwhile to mention the Great Britain Union with Ireland horoscope, of midnight January 1 1801. This Sun and Ic of this horoscope also fields the opposition of the July 1 eclipse, perhaps indicated by greater unrest in Belfast.

Canada is another country affected by the eclipse, which falls directly on their July 1 1867 Canada Dominion Sun/Uranus combination. This may bring rebel movements or anti-government factions more into the spotlight. The progressed Ascendant of this midnight horoscope is also approaching Mars which can promote more civil disorder or aggressive elements.


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has hit record lows in opinion polling. Much of this is connected with the recent anniversary of her deposing former PM Kevin Rudd. Haunted by the ghots of her foreign minister and faced with introducing an unpalatable new tax, her popularity has plummetted.

This Friday’s solar eclipse at 9 degrees of Cancer is opposing the leadership Sun of the Australian Federation horoscope of January 1 1901 @ 1.36 pm Sydney. It also squares Gillard’s Libran Sun.

Her Sun is also fielding a testing square from the relentless nemesis Pluto. Pluto can also represent the powerful plutocrats, and mining magnates who would like to see the Labor/Independent government off the scene altogether. Pluto also decribes her indefatigable and intense Scorpio opposition leader, Tony Abbott.


Unfortunately for Gillard the testing Pluto square is not about to go away until the years end, and assumes greater importance mid August, late September and at the very end of this year. However there is an upside to the potent dwarf planet – and it’s the favourable connection with her Venus.

In my yearly forecast prior to 2011 (World Predictions link) I wrote ‘the transformative Pluto will nicely trine her relating planet of Venus, which rules her partnership house. This will be empowered by Jupiter from July, October, and again in March 2012.’ I also referred to the recent June solar eclipse, firing up her feeling Moon.

Ten days after that June eclipse Julia Gillard was featured on ‘Sixty Minutes’, with partner Tim Mathieson. The segment focused on their relationship life together. Again Gillard copped criticism on what was claimed to be a frivolous PR exercise.

However the planets suggested otherwise and well before the event, with March next year a standout time for her relationship. Meanwhile in the dog pit of federal politics she has to contend with the more confronting Pluto square, and a July eclipse that brings factional differences to a head.


Recent market research in Australia has cast a new light on the pivotal Saturn return. Individuals reach this milestone between ages 29 and 30, in what is widely recognized as a time of maturation. There is little doubt that people over thirty have a different mindset than those under.

Astrologers attribute it to the cyclic return planet of personal responsibility Saturn kicking in for the first time at that age. Health Department research is showing that the preferred age of childbirth for the Australian female is now, according to 59% of women, 29 years of age.


MD 2011 sounds like a new medical drama. Instead it’s the name of an asteroid heading our way – quite closely in fact. On Monday morning at around 13.30 UT, the giant rock will pass as close as 12,000 k’s (32 times closer than the Moon) to Antarctica.

It will pass through satellites as it does, giving Australian and New Zealand astronomers the chance to glimpse it through modest telescopes. Perth time that will be 9.30 pm, Adelaide around 11 and Sydney time that about 11.30 pm.


The tough midweek economic aspects between trading Mercury and contracting Saturn, along with impulsive Mars and spooky Neptune took their toll on the DJIA by Thursday. After struggling back to a figure above 12,200 the Dow slumped Thursday and Friday to end the week with a loss of 40 points overall.

This week the Cancerian Sun negotiates its way between the reversal swings of Uranus and exaggerated Pluto. It is working its way to eclipse time of Friday July 1. This would tend toward the uncertainty continuing, with the Sun heading to square frugal Saturn by next weekend. However following that, if the Dow were to follow its usual annual cycle, then there may be some welcome relief early July.

JUNE 19 2011


Last weeks lunar eclipse in the travel sign of Sagittarius, was also reflecting the Gemini Sun, associated with commuting and computing. But firstly, true to Sagittarian form, there were numerous travel plans eclipsed with airport hold ups associated with increased volcanic ash.

A Chilean volcano eruption played the starring role in canceling flights from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, to as far away as Australian and New Zealand, leaving commuters stranded. United Airlines passengers in San Francisco, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Denver were grounded by a "network connectivity issue". Meantime AirCanada workers went on strike, and South Korea accidentally fired on its own passenger jet, mistaking it for a North Korean fighter plane.


With the current eclipse cycle moving through Gemini/Sagittarius, it’s also taking effect on communications. The organization known as LulzSec is at the forefront of Internet chaos, last week allegedly hacking into the site of the CIA. LulzSec claim it’s all for laughs and have over 150,000 Twitter followers chuckling. But there are plenty of people not quite getting the joke.

LulzSec achieved fame when they tweeted, at 11.38 pm PDT on May 6 2011, “We're releasing the X-Factor contestants database publicly tonight. Stay tuned. Wink, wink, double wink!” Say no more, as the horoscope of their first major strike reveals a quadruple combination of communicative Mercury, jovial Jupiter and pleasure seeking Venus with the newly discovered mischievous dwarf planet Eris.

Eris is bigger than Pluto and an apt association for LulzSec’s charter. Its mythological roots are connected to division and strife. Eris was the goddess of discord. On June 7 they posted a further link to celebrate a month of hacking. And just prior to midnight on May 12 they also tweeted, “I bet you guys would like to see the FBI slapped around a bit – it’s being planned.”


But it was the site of the CIA that got the slaps, as LulzSec bragged just before 6 pm (EST) on June 17. They joined 62,000 other Internet users whose id’s and passwords have been exposed. Sony, Fox and the US Senate have all succumbed to Internet vulnerability. And all in all it doesn't say a lot for general Internet security. Sony’s data was not even encrypted.

As the communication hub, Mercury, negotiates a difficult T-Square involving technological Uranus, underground Pluto and severe Saturn we may be seeing more of the same across the next week. It may be leading to more than improved security as governments clamp down on Internet flexibility. Either way the joke seems to be sadly on the consumer.


The story of the friars who died within hours of each other was one of the curios of June. They died on the June 1 Gemini (sign of the twins) solar eclipse. Julian and Adrian Riester were indeed identical twins born within seconds of each other in Buffalo, New York on March 27 1919.

The brothers were ordained just after WWII, having both been rejected from the military due to poor eyesight. One had a defective left eye, the other an imperfect right eye. They were briefly sent of separate assignments but for the majority of their lives served at the St. Bonaventure Friary in New York, where they had separate rooms, but shared the same phone line.

Julian and Adrian were known as the Fix-It twins, their services involving carpentry and physical labor. The horoscopes of the duo were virtually identical. Each had an early Arian Sun in exact square to the often religiously inclined Jupiter and the regenerative Pluto in Cancer. The Arian Sun was also precisely trine (120 angle) to the sacrificial Neptune, a planet often associated with mystics.

At the time of their death their solar arced Sun’s had reached the natal Pluto (a planet associated with the afterlife), and was precisely squaring their birth Suns. Also the transiting square between Uranus and Pluto was squaring the twin’s birth Suns. That’s a rather remarkable astrological coincidence, but no more than their synchronized passing. According to cousin Michael Reister, "If ever there is a confirmation that God favored them, this is it. They weren't even separated for 12 hours."


Last Wednesday’s lunar eclipse coincided with fast drop of the Dow to 11866. That’s less than 200 points above the years opening index of 11670. On 'terra not so firma', the Greek credit crisis has reminded bankers of the global interconnection, and evoked the demon of credit contraction. Even Alan Greenspan, former Fed Reserve chairman has noted that Greek default is ‘close to certain.’

The latest financial crisis is occurring in a 30-day period featuring two solar and one lunar eclipse. The next one is due July 1. When the Dow cut under 12,000 last week it took it back to 2006 levels. A lunar eclipse can only occur at Full Moon, which is a revelation point of the cycle.

Structural Saturn has now begun its grave movement forward, in the justice and balance sign of Libra, forcing the hard decisions. Faced with Greek default, and possible domino effect, Germany and France have agreed to a compromise. It is all contingent upon Greece agreeing to austerity measures between 2012-2015, including selling off state property, higher taxes and social cuts.

The political chaos of Greece may manifest elsewhere. The years in question 2012-2015 encompass the period of the Uranus Pluto cardinal square, bound to reform world economy. The last time these planets were square was 1932 to 1934, as the world pulled its way out of the Great Depression.

Previous squares were 1820-22 - the US endured its first major economic collapse from 1819 onwards. Or 1876-77 which saw considerable economic hardship in Europe, and coincided another American economic collapse, that had begun a little earlier.

It's all shades of today. And it wasn't until the square unraveled, such as 1878 that the economy really settled down, or from 1935 onward in the example of the Great Depression.

The 2012-15 square will impact on the Euro, and institutions founded on New Years Day, or the opposite end of the year. This brings in nations such as modern Great Britain, Australia and the USA. We are a long way from being out of the woods on this economic reconstruction.

June 12


Last week Prince Phillip celebrated his 90th birthday, evoking acerbic newspaper headlines concerning his multiple embarrassing diplomatic gaffes. In a world obsessed by political correctness, the Duke has become an amusing diversion. The word gaffe was so often mentioned that it conjured up images of gaffa tape around royal lips. And it led me to examining his horoscope for tell tale signs of foot in mouth….which then of course led to other things.

Prince Phillip was born on June 10 1921 on the island of Corfu, at 9.46 pm according to Astrodatabank. His curious and sometimes capricious Gemini Sun was square to the self sufficient Saturn. Early life was one of fractured frontiers, as ascetic Saturn sometimes delivers. Soon after Phillip’s birth the Greek monarchy was overthrown. His family fled Greece leaving the young royal in his mother’s care. His mother was committed to an asylum when Phillip was only nine.

The initial home upheaval is shown via Phillip’s royal Leo Moon in close semisquare to Pluto, positioned in the Moon’s rulership sign of Cancer. Also the Moon is with the traveling Neptune and his Sun also squares the changeable Uranus – and all this kicks in around ten to eleven. A teenage Phillip ended up in Scotland studying at Gordonstoun, under the guardianship of his uncle George Mountbatten. Here he excelled at sports making good use of his Sun Mars birth conjunction.

Phillip’s close Sun/Mars square to Saturn and wide square to Uranus has seen many changes to male figures around him since birth. They range from his overthrown father King Constantine, the death of his uncle and guardian George Mountbatten of bone cancer, and targeted assassination of fellow uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten.

It was through Louis Mountbatten that young Phillip met Elizabeth, heir to the British crown, and they corresponded from the onset of WWII. On July 9 1947 with his progressed Sun reaching his partnership seventh house cusp they announced their engagement and were married on November 20. Phillip was experiencing a progressed New Moon phase in the seventh marriage house, and his childhood promise of a royal life was now a certainty.


People who have planets closely setting at birth, and therefore energizing their relating house, are often known to the world via those planets. Muhammad Ali had both Mercury and Venus here. Although he was widely known as the ‘Louisville Lip’ courtesy of Mercury the messenger, Venus helped him become the most well known man on the planet. Bob Dylan, whose message songs gained him world recognition had the lyrical Mercury in communicative Gemini setting at birth.

Phillips too has newsworthy Mercury, but at the midpoint of an apt to be misunderstood Sun Neptune, and not so popular Venus Saturn. So when he asks Tom Jones if he gargles marbles to get that voice, or advises an overweight boy that he’d do well to lose weight if he really wanted to be an astronaut the press pounces. Racial and cultural insults incite even greater coverage.

Cutting wit, or just plain offensiveness can also be attributed to the impulsive Mars with his Sun in talkative Gemini. He is quotable, and it’s his Mercury that we know him for. He has made thousands of public speeches over close to sixty years, and is known for speaking his mind, and gaffes are par for the course.


The Gemini eclipse cycle is having its effect on communications technology. This week features a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius reflecting back the light of the Gemini Sun. It’s a follow up to the Gemini solar eclipse that had the world doing a double take on mobile phone use. More recently major organizations tested out the second generation Internet technology of IPv6 at 12 a.m. UTC on June 7. It all seemed to work out fine, except that the Mozilla site had some hiccups that were soon sorted out.

The reason for IPv6 is that the rapidly expanding Internet was running out of domain space on Ipv4. The critical dates for the beginning of the Internet are September 2 1969 and October 29 of the same year. Now at its Uranus (technology) opposition point the Internet is ripe for revolution. They have something in common with Libya, who experienced their revolution a day before on September 1 1969.


Many years ago David Williams conducted an extensive experiment based on the geometrical aspects between outer planets and the stock market. He found that over 62% of the time the harder aspects produced downturns. And he already had an advantage over many market traders. Williams was able to successfully predict market trends using that simple, yet effective, technical analysis.

There are many nuances to Williams studies, and he wasn’t the first to advance such a theory. During Great Depression years all the outer planets were in hard aspect to each other. During the recent global recession most of them repeated that pattern. That made the dowturn predictable well in advance. Although it did catch some by surprise. That’s because the hard aspects are only part of the picture, important though they may be.

Last week I talked about monthly patterns, based on the May/October oppositions and the New York Stock Exchange horoscope. This week I want to add a little about the recent mid year patterns. Back in June 2008 the DJIA dropped 9% in percentage points from 12,504 to 11,350. That was a clear sign of what was to follow. After all the market was winding down from a top of over 14,000 less than a year before.

We all know that the Dow dipped below 7,000 and then began a recovery, which, in the broader sense, continues today. But when we look at June 2009, after the recovery began, we again see a 3% fall for the month from 8721 to 8447. Look again to 2010 and a top of 10,024 drops to 9774 – a dip of 2.5%. They are not wrist slashers, but they defy the upward pattern around them. And in most cases the trending down starts in the May.

That’s way I saw the Dow having trouble staying above 12,500 and being over valued above that point. Last week I mentioned the harder aspects of inner planets as being nothing to suggest doomsday, but that we were certainly not out of the current woods.

The hard aspect between Mercury (info-data) and Saturn (contraction-blockages) from early in the week suggested bad news, or limited (Saturn) trading (Mercury). This week the Dow dropped from 12143 to 11943 or just over 1.5% . But the one positive is that the falls are coming after the aspect is formed, and that suggests that the Dow is resisting the fall initially, but giving into hard evidence later.

This week we still have a lunar eclipse to contend with. The solar one in this series produced a 2% drop on the day. But if June can play out with only a 3-4% fall, then it is simply staying true to form.



The mobile phone is a very Geminian part of modern lifestyle. Its evolution into a information databank, allowing Internet access, and on the move communications, is at the forefront of the information revolution.

This is a far cry from the first ever mobile car phone weighing eighty pounds when demonstrated on June 17 1946. The Sun was in Gemini that day too, on the degree of the upcoming mid June lunar eclipse. The car of course was a non-optional extra.

Soon after Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, claimed that he had a much improved shoe phone, but as usual he was speaking foot in mouth.

The real mobile as such had to wait until April 3 1973. It’s unveiling occurred at an innovative Arian New Moon conjunct Venus, the planet of pleasure and costly indulgence. Since then the mobile has morphed from brick to a matchbox, and now tablet, offering a variety of apps and gimmicks.

Last week's solar eclipse in the data and communications sign of Gemini did what nobody quite expected it to. It convinced us to have a rethink about global mobile phone addiction. Information from the World Health Organization on May 31, the day before the eclipse cast health doubts over carcinogenic radiation levels associated with increased mobile use.

Eclipses signify a need to rethink and change the approach. Mobile companies will have to take the hint. Look for the new healthier mobile to be part of the landscape soon.


The current eclipse cycle is impacting big time on the horoscope of the USA. The US Independence chart of July 4 1776 at 5.10 p.m. LMT Philadelphia, has consistently responded to important transits on its Sagittarian Ascendant Gemini Descendant axis.

No-one will forget the Saturn Pluto opposition of September 11 2001 across this same line. And history recorded the same planets there on the evening of Feb 15 1898 when the US Maine was sunk in Havana Harbor, triggering the US/Spanish War.

There is nothing so dramatic taking place on the chart of the USA now, except that the June 1 solar eclipse fell right at the Descendant. Add to that the upcoming lunar eclipse, June 15, taking place opposite the US Mars, and in a difficult inconjunct their eighth house Mercury, the signature to international agreements and trade.

Throw in the transiting Mars also square the USA Moon, and something is brewing that is bound to have international ramifications. And to cushion the impact, the houses of US government will have to extend the credit limit to beyond $14.3 trillion or face another recession. Just for the record, at the dawn of the new millennium, when George W was sworn in that figure was $5.6 trillion. If only we could turn back time.


Martyred thirteen-year-old Ali Hamza al-Khateeb has become the iconic symbol of the Syrian revolution - as Mohamed Bouazizi was to Tunisia. When the teenager’s body was returned to his parents, after government exile, there were alleged multiple signs of brutal torture. The boy’s crime was to join a protest against the ruling elite.

Ali was born on October 24 1997 (according to wikipedia) in the Daraa area of Syria. At his death his progressing Scorpio Sun had formed the uncomfortable inconjunct (150 degree angle) to Saturn and was also semisquare Mars. The Mars Saturn duo have been referred to as the lesser and greater malefics from the dawn of astrology. Mars, (planet of war and aggression), is consistent with being shot, and Saturn with detainment.

Additionally solar arc directed Pluto, lord of the underworld, was coming to Mars in this birth horoscope. The writings of German cosmobiologist Reinhold Ebertin taken from his ‘Combination Of Stellar Influences” about a gun being put at one’s head’ for this combo, are chillingly accurate. But the story doesn’t end there.


Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, was born on September 11 1965 in Damascus. His systematic Virgo Sun is closely joined to willful Uranus and deadly Pluto via conjunction. Assad’s combative Mars is in a testing sesquisquare (135 degrees) to righteous Jupiter. And like many of those born with a close Sun Uranus connection, life has delivered many surprising turns.

In Bashar’s case this happened when heir to the Presidency, brother Basil, was suddenly killed in a car crash in 1994. Bashar was suddenly prepared the the leadership, which he eventually assumed on June 10 2000, when the royal planet Jupiter met the tribal elder Saturn in Taurus. Immediately Assad promised greater democracy but has been slow to implement it.

Part of the reason is that Syria is controlled by a powerful military arm intertwined with government ministers and security forces. On November 13 1970 Bashar’s father, Hafez, led his own military coup that replaced the civilian government with military rule. The horoscope of al-Assad’s 1970 takeover shows a close Sun/Jupiter-Saturn opposition from Scorpio to Taurus respectively.

In fact this horoscope is in opposition to the horoscope the establishment of modern Israel. But al-Assad has more than Israel to worry about. From 2 am on February 3 1982, a Muslim Brotherhood uprising was put down in an incident known as the Hama massacre. Estimates vary of between 10,000 to 20,000 dissidents killed, and many more dispossessed over 27 days of fighting.

Today the Muslim Brotherhood horoscope sees the organization growing in strength. Uprisings within his own country threaten the iron like grip of Bashar.
Now his progressed Mars – the war god - is squaring his whole volatile Sun/Uranus/Pluto placement. I have written before here that this can “hardly pass without Bashar also facing his own 'High Noon' showdown.”

There are many upcoming windows from mid July and early August onward that suggest the action heating up around al-Assad’s command. So it’s unlikely he will back down, faced with insurgent uprisings. And as we are already witnessing in Libya, western interventionist governments prefer assassination to all out war in forcing regime changes.


Last week I expected the simultaneous hard aspects of Moon-Mercury to Saturn, and Venus to Uranus to impact from midday Tuesday New York time. Instead they had an overflow effect the following day as the Dow slid from 12557 to finish Wednesday slightly above 12,300 – a fast fall of 2%. This was approaching Wednesday last’s solar eclipse.

I did remark that the same New Moon back in 1992 resulted in the annual market high, and that the Dow seems to be having trouble breaking a resistance level around 12,500. It slid further still Friday posting an overall weekly drop of 2.3%. So the question to be asked is, "is that as good as it gets?"

Whilst the DJIA did manage a brief rise to 12,800 in early May it has been on the downslide since. And it would figure that if we have a market that once peaked above 14,000 before crashing back to below 7,000 that we can look at figures of 10,500 and 12250 as important intermediary levels. On the basis of that the current dip has to be taken as not that bad.

We are emerging from a May that is notoriously weak, into a June with little good news. The retro Saturn toward a square to Pluto continues to pressure the job market. But May drops are not so surprising from the historical perspective. The New York Stock Exchange opened on May 17 1792. That day featured a trading Mercury square to conglomerate Pluto, and the Exchange’s late Taurean Sun was inconjunct to Neptune.

What that means is that every May, when the same Sun comes back (bringing Mercury and Venus inevitably with it), we tend to witness greater fluctuation. Also when the same Sun, Mercury and Venus move toward opposition phase - and that occurs in the October, we see even greater inconsistency. Most market crashes have been around these periods. And for the record, the recent June eclipse also fell on the Mars of the NASDAQ horoscope.

Large swings can continue at the start of the week as impulsive Mars impacts on even more erratic Uranus, Venus moves on Saturn and the Sun semi squares enthusiastic Jupiter. So we’re not out of the woods on this yet, although the doomsday riders apt to be disappointed yet again.



The G8 are sponsoring the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions to the tune of $20 billion, to champion the cause of democracy in the Middle East. According to the International Monetary Fund, Egypt were major reformers of 2010, yet experienced a revolution in 2011, paradoxically powered by poverty and lack of opportunity. Tunisia had followed IMF economic reform from 1990.

Meanwhile the country that gave birth to democracy, Greece, now has an international credit classification rated as ‘junk’. This is not so much to question the principles of democracy incidentally, but to question whether it can really exist in a world based primarily on the philosophy of ‘economic rationalization’.

Greece is rapidly finding out what happens when you become a victim of the globalization. Soaring Greek debt is taking the country out of the hands of its populace, and transferring it into the hands of the moneylenders.

Economic reform and free market economy doesn’t always lead to heaven. Iceland is a prime example of that. They were championed by the free market ideologues of 2007, and declared bankrupt in 2008. Ireland - leaders in globalization, now have massive debt, with iconic industries like Waterford Crystals designated to the dustbin of history.

Even free market leaders, the USA, now have record budget blowouts, that ultimately devalue the dollar. Shouldn’t all of this be telling us that the economic model is inherently wrong? And that humanity, and cultural diversity, are the ultimate victims.


Modern Greece was formed from a rebellion overturning almost four centuries of Ottoman occupation. According to Greek tradition, on March 25 1821 (Old Style calendar - NS April April 6 1821) Bishop Germanos of Patras blessed the Greek flag at the Agia Lavra Monastery, proclaiming the revolution. # Note this has been corrected since original publication.

This date marks a national holiday in Greece when school children and elders alike celebrate their ancient heritage. But today it’s international debt, not the Ottoman Empire, that is Greek’s oppressor.

The horoscope of that Greek Independence day displays the planet of values, Venus, at the start of Aries. The same Venus is also in challenging square to fluctuating Uranus and dissipating Neptune. And that is definitely not the greatest financial combination. Today the same horoscope shows the supreme challenge to the Greek economy.

The entry of Pluto into Capricorn from 2008, coincident with the global financial crash, put this ancient planetary ruler of money and power in a testing square to the Greek Venus. Plus the Greek progressed Sun perfected the opposition aspect to its natal counterpart from 2007 onward.

All this speaks of painful and inevitable reform. Adding to this, the planet of chaos and revolt, Uranus, will pass across the Greek Venus in June and July this year. Uranus represents open market, where central control is usurped in favor of free enterprise.

Greece is a model of how in the modern world a country's fate no longer lies in the hands of its people, but instead in the pockets of foreign investors and international markets. There will be inevitable criticisms of Greece mishandling their export diversity. But they alone cannot be singled out.

Instead consider that rich tourists flock to sample the laid back Greek lifestyle, and its isles are among the treasured jewels of the Mediterranean. They are not factory floors, nor are they silicon valleys – and for humanity’s sake let’s hope they never will be.

For an excellent article by astrologer Thomas Grazis on Greek Independence, also showing the later horoscope of the Declaration of Greek Independence on January 13 1822 (New Style calendar) you can click on this offsite link.


"End of the world" preacher Harold Camping was born on July 19 1921. His birth took place just prior to a Full Moon, which can often place one in the public eye more than usual. Harold also had his communication planet, Mercury, tied to the lord of death and underworld Pluto. So it’s probably not surprising that his thoughts have tuned into the end times once or twice. Harold has predicted the apocalypse three times so far, and now looks forward to its amended date of October 21 2011.

The Mercury and Pluto union is not exactly a subtle combination. US President Harry Truman, the President had it. He gave rise to end of the world potential via nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki. George W. Bush had Mercury and Pluto combined rising at his birth, and made some great plays on the fear factor. Add to that a walking time bomb, Sylvester Stallone, who we’d never let anywhere near a nuclear bomb.

Prolonged Mercury Pluto periods can even send the shivers up collective humanity. From October 5 to November 20 1987 the commercial broker planet, Mercury, linked in with money ruler Pluto. A lot of people thought their financial world was coming to an end, as the Dow Jones lost 25% of its value, including 17% in a single day.

Harold Camping, the elder, with his progressed chart currently back at Full Moon has again found himself in the public eye. And although the apocalypse did not take place on May 21 – there were significant endings. Within a week of his prediction the Oprah Winfrey Show ceased to be. And that will have plenty awaiting the ‘Second Coming’


The recent triple conjunction of intermediary Mercury, value planet Venus and impulsive Mars has accompanied a market slide. Last week I added, “in times of uncertainty, Sun and Neptune aspects only exacerbate the angst. This weekend we have the Sun squaring Neptune as it moves into Gemini and Neptune into Pisces. But as the week progresses the aspect ease and so should the financial concerns.”

The early part of the week was down, but the intra day trading showed late rises, only to dive back overnight. But as the week unfolded some confidence returned to post a 100-point overall five day gain. Usually when there are no significant planetary aspects the Dow will continue to trend along its previous lines, which are generally up, with a resistance level around the 12,500 mark.

This week the harder aspects are evident around midday Tuesday May 31. We also have a solar eclipse due late afternoon Wednesday June 1 New York time. This eclipse degree, linked into a 19-year cycle of New Moons, represented the market high date of 1992.

May 22 2011


The current close combination of negotiating Mercury, with diplomatic Venus seemed eminently suited to peace talks – with one glaring exception. Belligerent and aggressive Mars has joined the pair, forming a triple conjunction in Taurus. Israel is a Taurus country, formed May 15 1948 at 4 pm in Tel-Aviv – and it is fitting that an Israel peace plan was the subject of media talk.

Some time ago I wrote here the negative view that hopes of the US settling the Israel Palestine dispute were akin to waiting for Abbott and Costello to pass an IQ test. That curious statement was based on political and astrological realities.

The first political reality is Israel’s zealous pursuit of self-determination. While peace talks monotonously stall, Israel builds more illegal settlements, in direct defiance of the United Nations. Palestinian desperation has led to a more pro-active Hamas government, widening the great divide. Meantime the hotbed of hatred stirred by this unresolved territorial dispute increases the international terrorist risk.


The Prime Minister of Israel, Ben Netanyahu (Oct 21 1949 @ 9.30 ) was born with his Sun sextile warrior Mars. His last progressed New Moon was placed in an activating square to progressed Mars and his progressed Sun is still in that combative aspect.

But with world opinion turning against Netanyahu’s hawkish approach, the US President Barack Obama fired his biggest cannon yet across the bows of Middle East diplomacy. He suggested that the two sides return to the boundaries of 1967, something that has long been privately on the US agenda, if not publicly proclaimed.

Netanyahu reacted as expected a man would with critical Saturn transiting across his communicative Mercury. He rejected the plan outright. But the same aspect will force him into some serious Saturn thinking about the political realities.

World opinion is for a Palestinian state. The United Nations General Assembly is overwhelmingly in favor, and only a US veto could stymie a proprosed September vote on this. Netanyahu’s uncertainty is also mirrored in both the illusory Neptune and the Sun squaring his relationship axis Ascendant. Neptune, and his concern,will not go away in a hurry.


The recent Full Moon in Scorpio fell right upon Barack Obama’s (August 4 1961 @ 7.24 pm Honolulu) status bearing Midheaven, thrusting him firmly in the public eye. Emboldened by the removal of Osama bin Laden, and rising pop polls, Obama’s controversial Middle East maneuver is sure to attract antagonists. It also follows in the wake of the sudden resignation of Washington’s US envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell.

The President currently has the warrior planet progressed Mars opposing his progressed Ascendant, and in a testing square to the establishment Saturn. Obama is acutely aware of the Jewish lobby in Washington, and the fact that he attracted 73% of that vote in the last election. So he walks a difficult diplomatic tightrope both at home and abroad.

The next few months will test whether he can rise to the level of a world-changing statesman, or is entrapped by domestic politics and the next election outcome. The Middle East cries out for change and is the rock on which many have floundered.

Are Obama’s words empty rhetoric meant to defer the intended Palestine request for statehood to the United Nations in September? Or are they a final realization that when something doesn’t work you must inevitably try something different.

So far Obama has reacted favorably to three Mars Jupiter aspects. At 1.25 pm in Denver Colorado on February 17 2009 he signed into law the most sweeping economic reform bill of history - a massive $787 billion stimulus package. At that moment Mars and Jupiter were partile conjunct in Aquarius and opposing Barack’s Leo Sun.

On December 9 2009 Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace prize. Jupiter was at his Aquarian Ascendant and Mars sat exactly upon his birth Descendant. His peace prize came nine days after he had committed an extra 30,000 troops into Afghanistan.

The next conjunction of this successful action duo, would be May 2011, when on Obama’s instruction Osama bin Laden was captured and subsequently killed sometime shortly after 1 am on May 2 in Abbotabad, Pakistan.

But Israel and Palestine puts him right in the firing line. It will take a brave man to attempt to undo what years of mutual distrust have created. But at the moment Obama has his own warrior planet Mars working for him.


Triple conjunctions of Mercury, Venus and Mars have in the past echoed the theme either rapid corrections or market tops. So are we in for a slide, or is this as good as it gets? As the three planets came closer together toward the weekend the Dow plummeted back 100 points to record an overall weekly loss. The month of May is down, as forecast, by around 300 points.

There are a few reasons for more sobering economic news. One is the retrograde Saturn, bringing it back toward the square (fortunately without perfecting) to Pluto. This is the cycle that has traditionally pressured job markets and coincided with unemployment figures rising. The lack of perfection should see the improving trend slow but only temporarily.

Additionally, in times of uncertainty, Sun and Neptune aspects only exacerbate the angst. This weekend we have the Sun squaring Neptune as it moves into Gemini and Neptune into Pisces. But as the week progresses the aspect ease and so should the financial concerns.


The arrest, and subsequent resignation, of the International Monetary Federation Managing Director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is of tremendous significance to global finance, and world politics.

The IMF has a key role in bankrolling developing countries and is a major player in political reform. Strauss Khan, a leading socialist, was the clear favorite in the run up to the French presidential elections of April/May 2012. What a difference a day makes!

According to data available at the Astrotheme website, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was born at 11.10 am (CET) on April 25 1949 at Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. His Taurean Sun joins the pleasure planet of Venus and on the other side is the planet of action and desire in Mars. He does have a nickname – the seducer!

That term coaxed Annie Sinclair, once the most popular television interviewer in France, and Strauss Khan’s spouse to reply, ‘I'm rather proud of it. It's important for a political man to be able to seduce.' But at 4.40 pm on May 14 Strauss Khan was arrested at JFK airport for allegedly raping a hotel maid shortly after midday the same day.


Since his arrest other victims have seemingly come out of the woodwork. The French writer Tristane Banon is one, planning to press charges of attempted rape dating from 2002. This has prompted Strauss-Khan’s second wife to question, ‘why is a young woman deciding to file a complaint several years after the event, the day when a 25-year prison sentence is hanging over the man she accuses?’

Opinion in France is divided with many commentators believing the political expedience of this event smacks of a setup. But reports of positive DNA evidence do not favor the embattled former finance king.

Astrologically Strauss-Khan’s birth combination Venus and Mars with earth Taurean Sun would seem to open the door to libertine excess. Being president of the IMF doesn’t exactly close that door either. But it is his progressed horoscope that offers the real key.

He is currently moving to a progressed New Moon phase, inevitably preceded by leaving things behind, and clearing the slate in what can be looked at as a general ‘release’ phase of one’s life.


Whatever we are doing coming into New Moon phase is heading for a close, as a fresh and important directional change comes into effect. Added to this is that his New Moon is around 5 degrees of Cancer. This degree is being opposed by the current transit of Pluto, the ancient Roman ruler of money, and underground forces.

His luxuriant lifestyle came crashing down into a New York holding cell as Mars (the police) entered Taurus coming to his birth Sun. More importantly the planet of sudden shock, Uranus, is now meeting his Arian Moon, the natural indicator of females, and the home.

The future movement of Jupiter (generally connected to judicial affairs) will move in easy aspect to the New Moon degree, and the same Jupiter will move across his Taurean birth Sun and Venus.

Normally we’d take this to be a plus for the former IMF President, even as one chapter of his life comes to an abrupt close. The end of June period, and early July will provide a much clearer picture.


The horoscope of the International Monetary Fund and World bank stem from December 27 1944 when twenty-nine signatories came on board. This was as a result of the Bretton Woods Agreement secured on July 22 of the same year. This was an endeavor to reconstruct countries damaged and decimated by WWII.

Since then the IMF has evolved into a global financial monolith. The planet of deep and cathartic transformation Pluto is now moving across the corporate Capricorn Sun (authority, leadership etc) of the World Bank and IMF. And it has resulted in a change at the top in the most Plutonian manner.

May 17 2011


The death toll has climbed to 79 in the recent suicide bombing of Peshawar. The Taliban attack on the paramilitary training centre has highlighted the political and religious divide of the nation. And it is also bringing matters to a climax between the establishment, the Taliban, and insurgent splinter groups.

Pakistan is a country torn between western alliance and their own political and religious ideology. They are heavily dependent upon US financial support, while opposing the same country's political agenda. Conversely the US needs Pakistan to keep troop supply routes open, for their Afghanistan military mission. Afghanistan has been a war graveyard of the Soviet union, and is also a tremendous drain on western resources.


In the wake of the 9/11 attacks Pakistan were allegedly delivered the inevitable with us or against us ultimatum. Their leader General Musharaf alleges US Secretary of State threatening to bomb them into the stone age. But there were limits to their co-operation.

For years Pakistan had been supporting the Taliban and had powerful military connections to the fundamentalist movement. And the recent killing of Osama bin Laden on Pakistan soil has revealed the holes in what many, on either side, see as an unholy alliance between the USA and Pakistan. So what can astrology unveil about Pakistan?


The nation of Pakistan came into being on August 14 1947. At approximately 9.30 a.m. Lord Mountbatten swore in Muhammad Ali Jinnah as Pakistan's first Governor-General. Today Pakistan still celebrates this as a national holiday. The horoscope drawn for the moment places the martial planet Mars at the very top of the horoscope. True to this indication Pakistan have spent much of their history under military control.

In it’s relatively short history of sixty-three years, Pakistan has had sixteen different Prime Ministers. That figure becomes more sobering when you consider that for at least twenty-five of those years the office of Prime Minister didn't exist.

There was no Prime Minster from 1958 to 1971, as the country was under martial law. The position was suspended from July 5, 1977 until March 24, 1985 again due to martial law. More recently General Pervez Musharraf took control from October of 1999, leaving the Prime Minister position vacant until November 2002.


The position of leader is normally associated with the Sun in a national horoscope, and the tenth house with the countries hierarchy and administration. Having Mars in the tenth is the clear indicator of the army’s powerful hold. Countries with a prominent Mars are usually orientated toward the military.

Restrictive Saturn, bringing tests and challenges to the leader, is gradually progressing across the Pakistan Leo Sun position. Additionally the birthday horoscope (solar return) for Pakistan in 2011 displays an aggressive volatile combination of Mars, Uranus and Pluto in a testing formation, and all angled back toward the same leadership Sun. This places the control of Pakistan in a very precarious and dangerous position.


There is a second chart to consider for the country. As of 7.05 on March 23 1956 they became an Islamic Republic. This horoscope, click on this link, has an early Aries Sun, which erratic Uranus has been transiting across. This horoscope also has the military Mars in the tenth house of administration. So either horoscope favors the armed forces being in control.

Early this year on January 4 there was a Solar Eclipse falling on the Pakistan Republic’s Mars. The Governor of the Punjab, moderate Salman Taseer, was shot and killed by his own bodyguard.

By the end of April unpredictable Uranus had reached the Sun and sobering Saturn was in the house of opposition. Shortly after America’s public enemy number one was suddenly captured and killed on Pakistan soil.

Pakistan claimed no knowledge of Osama bin Laden’s presence, nor of the US Navy Seals raid. Yet admitting knowledge of the raid would certainly put government officials in grave danger from dissidents, whilst admission of bin Laden’s presence without taking action would put powerful US support at risk. Either way the Pakistan government were in a no win situation, and compromised by a divided military.

The Republic horoscope suggests a change in the leadership of Pakistan, if not during August, or November then certainly in 2012. The solar return horoscope for the Republic in 2012 is a New Moon conjunct the radical Uranus. Additionally the upcoming Uranus Pluto square, which promises change even in countries such as Australia and Great Britain, will move across the administrative tenth house of the Pakistan Republic horoscope in 2012.


As this column forecast last week Wednesday was the turning day for the US markets. The Dow dropped right upon opening from Tuesdays close of 12757 sliding to a low of 12582 by 2.30 pm., a loss of 173 points. While there was a decent recovery Thursday it sank again on Friday to finish below 12,600.

May is again proving a difficult month down around 200 points on its open at the year to date high of 12,800. This is in keeping with the last two years where there has been an at least 800 point drop across May.

This is now a very important week coming up on the Dow. By Friday there will be a triple conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Mars continuing through the weekend. The last time these three came together was in September of 2008 – and we all know what happened then. Remember Lehman Bros?

The time before was August 25 1987. What happened then – it was the market high of 1987. The high before the October crash. So keep your eye on the weekend. I do not expect a major fallout incidentally, but it will be interesting nonetheless. This may have a lot to do with the USA reaching its debt limits.

May 8


Last week in analyzing the destructive tornadoes that swept across the southern states, I mentioned the Uranus cycle and the Mississippi flooding.

Uranus is astrologically connected with storm fronts, and is an indicator of chaos rather than control. Uranus has an 84 year cycle, which makes this unpredictable planet a lot more predictable.

For example when the USA declared independence (a Uranian thing to do) on July 4 1776 Uranus was in Gemini. What followed was a war of independence, against the mother country.

Eighty four years later by 1860 Uranus returned to Gemini. How did that affect the USA? They began a civil war in April of 1861 as Uranus passed over the same Gemini degree.

So if we go back to 1927 we see the Mississippi flooding its banks, leading to around 700,000 displaced people. This led to many southerners moving to the industrial north swelling the cities of Chicago and Detroit, and providing labor for the expansive automobile industry.

Today as Uranus returns to its 1927 position the big old Mississippi is again swelling over. And the US is experiencing similar tornados and storms as it did back in 1927/28. Sometimes there is constancy even in the sudden surprise planet of Uranus.


In December 1853 the famed library of the Assyrian King Ashurbanipal, dating back to 645 BC, was accidentally uncovered. A surveyor literally fell into this magnificent hall of learning, containing thousands of clay tablets. On them were written astrological omens, such as when Mars and Jupiter come together successful battles will be fought.

Fast-forward to shortly after midnight May 1 2011 in Abbotabad, Pakistan. Mars and Jupiter are coming together in the warrior sign of Aries. The US President and key members of his administration sit tensely before a television screen. Relaying back to them in real time, a daring raid on the hiding place of a deadly foe, Osama bin Laden, the founder of the terrorist Al-Qaeda network.

The horoscope of Barack Obama (born August 4 1961 @ 7.24 pm in Honolulu, Hawaii) had advanced to a pivotal point. His progressed Ascendant lay at 24 degrees of Aries. The conjunction of the war planet Mars and successful Jupiter were right onto it at 23 degrees of Aries.

Obama’s progressed Ascendant is also opposite his progressed Mars. These are all very aggressive aspects; with enough of combative Mars to place the President’s own well-being in danger. But Obama had taken the initiative.

Within the hour the mission is accomplished. The President’s direction has symbolically avenged the thousands of Americans killed in their darkest hour of 9/11. See Obama's progressed horoscope and the transits of the raid here. Note transiting Mars rising as progressed Mars sets.

For Barack Obama, it was right time - right action. The same transit of Mars and Jupiter was favorably aspecting the US birthchart’s Gemini Mars. It was to be an auspicious time for the American military. The raid unveiled computer hard disks and vital information on the Al-Qaeda operation.


For a long while there had been doubts about the quality of co-operation from Pakistan. Especially where it concerned the Taliban or Al-Qaeda. Prior to 9/11 elements of the Pakistan military were sympathetic to the Taliban, for starters.

There is also a strong anti-US sentiment in Pakistan, and the two governments have walked a tightrope of diplomacy amidst the war on terror. The Osama assassination was supposedly carried out without Pakistan’s knowledge.

This is something I alluded to in my article ‘World Predictions 2011’. My take referred to the Mars movement into Cancer, due this August. The last time it was here US influence triggered Benazir Bhutto to run again for office. I wrote…

“The last Cancer ingress of Mars coincided with the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and triggered the replacement of Pakistan President Musharraf. The importance of this is that the Pakistan national horoscope cast for 9.30 am August 14 1947 in Karachi, has Mars at zero degrees of Cancer.

In early August 2011, Mars will return to the start of Cancer. But it will also trigger a revolutionary planetary combination of insurrectionist Uranus and underground Pluto. This has obvious ramifications for the USA and Pakistan.”

Further to this…”The other Pakistan horoscope to consider is the chart of the Republic timed at 7.05 a.m. on March 23 1956 for Karachi. This horoscope features an early Arian Sun, and that’s precisely where the insurgent planet Uranus is heading this year. Such may promote greater instability.”

Nowhere was this more evident than on January 6, two days after a Solar Eclipse. Salmaan Taseer, the governor of Pakistan's Punjab province was assassinated by his own bodyguard. The unpredictable energies that accompany Uranus promise a more rebellious stance on the part of the leaders, or the sudden replacement of them.


If the US military did their job with ruthless efficiency, the administration officials fell on their swords. A fabricated story of fierce firefight, with bin Laden using women as human shields was elaborately spun by Counter Terrorism John Brennan. But no video appears to the public, except a brief shot of a bloodied floor and a few strewn kids’ toys. Now the story claims that out the compound had one man, not Osama, armed with an AK47.

No image of bin Laden is released, (from any stage of the operation), the logic being that it will incite reprisals. As if killing him and making the assassination public wouldn’t! This was naturally perfect fodder for conspiracy theorists. The conspiracies have been put to rest with Al Qaeda's confirmation of bin Laden’s death. But why all the spin?

The answer of the fog of war begins in the USA birthchart. The military Mars is in a challenging square to the obfuscation planet Neptune. Here's the US horoscope link. And for mine it is the reason for so many conspiracy theories around US military operations, the national gun culture, and controversial political assassinations such as JFK or MLK. It's a chart that is well described by the award winning documentary 'Fog Of War' about Vietnam.


In the wake of humanities darkest chapter – World War One, US Senator Hiram Warren Johnson coined the phrase, ‘the first casualty of war is the truth’. Stories are artfully airbrushed, as in the case of US Army Private Jessica Lynch.

Three days into the invasion of Iraq, Lynch was reportedly ambushed and captured after running out of ammunition in a fierce gun battle. She was allegedly tortured and raped by the enemy. Lynch was subsequently daringly rescued from the torment of her captors. She later received the Bronze Star medallion. There followed a jingoistic film titled ‘Saving Private Lynch’.

When Jessica Lynch was injured and captured behind enemy lines her progressed Sun had arrived at newsworthy Mercury. This is the sort of progression that can get you headlines, although it was also near Algol, the most feared star in the sky.

At her capture on March 23 both powerful Pluto and also restrictive Saturn were in a challenging aspect to her Taurean birth Sun. Jessica was born in Palestine, WV on April 26 1983 at 7.45 am, her horoscope is here. Like many soldiers she was born with the military planet of Mars rising. She was a prisoner of war in more ways thatn one.

Far from being ambushed her vehicle made a wrong turn, and she sustained her injuries in a subsequent collision, which rendered her unconscious. Lynch never fired a shot as her M16 jammed. As for torture, she was actually under the medical care of Iraqi doctors when dramatically rescued from her hospital bed.

The refreshingly honest Private Lynch subsequently blew the spin on the whole Pentagon propaganda stating, ‘The bottom line is the American people are capable of determining their own ideals of heroes and they don't need to be told elaborate tales.’ Hiram Warren couldn’t have said it better. John Brennan could have, but for whatver reason, he didn't.


They're at it again - this time the astronomer Peter Vlahos with another tired article about sun signs not matching constellations. Wow - how original! If he'd read Ptolemys's Tetrabiblos, written back in 140 AD he'd find astrologers say the same thing. So if you're concerned about your sun-sign, don't be! They are not constellation based. Have a read of the facts here.


The sudden news of bin Laden’s capture, with national fervor high, was expected to ignite the the markets. That didn’t happen and the planets had other ideas. As forecast last week the markets would probably begin the week lower. I mentioned that Wednesday would be the tester and from Wednesday to Friday the Dow fell 200 points from 12,800 to 12,600. Friday recovered somewhat to finish at 12,650. This weeks fluctuation day again looks to be the Wednesday.

May 1


At 8.46 a.m. September 11 2001, the first of two jet airliners smashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. That moment marked the start of the ongoing ‘war of terror’. At the time the planets of Pluto (destroyer) and Saturn (structure) were strategically placed across north Pakistan. Nine and a half year later, that is where al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, was reportedly killed in a firefight with CIA operatives. Check astromap here.

The successful military operation occurred with combative Mars joined to judicial Jupiter and the Moon, in the warrior sign Aries at 22 degrees. All were nicely angled to the USA Mars, which lies at 22 of Gemini.

The official announcement from President Barack Obama came at 11.35 pm in Washington. The assassination has been cause for relieved celebration in the US, and Obama is riding on a wave of popularity, for achieving what his predecessors couldn’t.

Meanwhile the Pakistan horoscope is looking quite volatile for 2011, and this event will add to the unpredictable political events ahead, concerning a nation with plentiful Taliban support. More on that next week.

The birthdate of Osama bin Laden is commonly given as March 10 1957 in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia. I use a time of 19 hours and 37 minutes for that horoscope. This would mean that bin Laden’s progressed Ascendant was now opposite Mars in the eighth house of death – appropriate for a fiery end.

It would also place his progressed Midheaven with deadly Pluto, progressed Moon with military Mars and would bring transiting Pluto to his birth Ic. This also means that the next New Moon in Taurus falls on Osama's progressed Sun, in the same eighth house of death. Here is that speculative chart, keeping in mind that there are several dates doing the rounds on the net.


The catastrophic storms that swept southern USA claiming near 300 lives, and obliterating neighborhoods, have a planetary parallel. They were furious forces of destruction a mile wide powering through the southern cities, leaving little in their wake. The shock and awe planet is Uranus, and the catastrophic weather conditions are similar to what occurred in the US when Uranus last entered fiery Aries.

Between April 22 and May 1927, with Uranus identically placed in the sky, the great Mississippi floods were recognized as the greatest natural disaster of US history. Torrential storms had flooded the southern basin. Just below Memphis, the river stretched 60 mile wide, and the spreading waters displaced 700,000 people.

In November of the same year Vermont had their worst flooding ever, and major tornado’s struck East St Louis and Canada. In September of 1928 with Uranus still in early Aries the Okeechobee Hurricane came ashore at Palm Beach, Florida.

This Okeechobee Hurricane claimed over 4,000 lives and caused over $100 million dollars damage. It remains one of the fiercest storms ever to hit the USA. Just as Japan seems to be repeating its geographic history of Uranus in Aries with tsunamis and earthquakes, so do the US storm fronts throw up a similar pattern.


It was the most watched media event of 2011. And it was 11.15 am BST April 29 when Prince William and Catherine Middleton exchanged vows at Westminster Abbey in the ‘fairytale wedding’. Just for the record the words ‘let no man put asunder’ were spoken at 11.19.56 or close enough to 11.20 formalizing the union. Click here for the horoscope.

But when William and Catherine made their vows, the foundation of the horoscope had reached the commitment planet of Saturn, in the relationship sign of Libra. This signified a couple, who have been together for the best part of a decade, finally formalizing their relationship.

It is interesting to compare this horoscope with the wedding of William's father, Prince Charles to then Diana Spencer. They were wed at 11.17.30 on July 29 1981. At the time this was the most watched media event in history. This time Saturn, again in the partnership sign of Libra, was conjunct the royal planet, Jupiter and both were rising at the Libran Ascendant. Click here for the chart.

However the Jupiter and Saturn were both square combative Mars in the home sign of Cancer. Mars was also with the Cancer Moon, also square the Saturn and at the top of the horoscope. This was a very public marriage in every sense of the word. Diana, herself a Cancer and represented by the Moon was the more public (moon in 10th) of the couple. She was also the more volatile.

In the early 1990’s, as the sudden change planet of Uranus and dissolution planet Neptune, moved through Capricorn, opposing the Moon/Mars of the marriage chart, and throwing a challenging square to the Jupiter/Saturn the royal couple separated. They finally divorced four years later, when the Ascendant had solar arced to Pluto in the first house.

The new marriage horoscope will also be subject to the seven year Saturn squares, as it took place on a Venus/Saturn/Pluto T-Square. This suggests that work or the call of duty has a big role to play. Toward the end of 2013, and also early 2014, the transformative duo of Uranus and Pluto move across the Venus and Midheaven of the wedding chart. This will provide the early challenge to this wedding horoscope.


No sooner does Charlie Sheen disappear from television screens, than Donald Trump takes center stage. And with yet another understated presidential bid. And the sideshow includes the sudden appearance of an official Obama birth certificate. But now Donald wants the school report card too. Well I guess Obama is experiencing a solar eclipse on his progressed Capricorn tenth house of career and father. But what is Trump experiencing? It’s the war planet Mars!

Trump is an ideas Gemini Sun opposite an unrestrained, ever-optimistic Sagittarian Moon. The Full Moon phase often brings one before the public, and with wildcard Uranus close to his Gemini Sun, it’s Trump’s eccentricities that stand out. His planets are almost exclusively aligned to the self-orientated eastern hemisphere of his horoscope. This gives him enormous drive, but not the greatest understanding of others.

Trump’s audacious bid for President is a signal of his increased ambition. His progressed Sun now in the theatrical first house Leo is heading for a combative Mars conjunction. That puts Trump up for a fight, even allowing for the conjunction to be around a year off exactness. But sometimes obfuscation is part of the Trump spin. With his progressed Mars heading for Hollywood style Neptune, Donald will play this charade for all it is worth.


I did mention last week that there wasn’t a lot to stop the market moving forward and it peaked by the weeks end at 12809. May is traditionally a testing period though and the Dow could be a little over priced. It’s obviously no model of the real economy for the vast majority coping with rising oil and food prices. But there’s always the old axiom that the market drives (and precedes) the general economy. I mentioned that there could be a lower opening Monday, but I think we should know by the Wednesday afternoon trading any correctional pattern.

Interestingly the rising Australian dollar has impacted on the ASX posting a losing April. This may also be symptomatic of Neptune moving across the Australian Venus/Saturn in the second house of earnings. It will do this more than once this year.

April 24


With the situation in Libya showing no signs of resolution, and Colonel Qhadafi holding ground, NATO is upping the ante on the crisis. The UN no-fly resolution does not accommodate ground troops, as that would indicate foreign powers intervening in what is essentially a civil war. However there are ground operatives in Libya, as was evident when two US pilots were rescued. There are also military advisers working with the rebel forces. And it’s been obvious from the start that the west is not about quelling the war, as much as assisting and promoting the rebel cause.

This is contrary to the non-action following June 29 1996 when the government forces reportedly gunned down over 1000 prisoners at the infamous Abu Saleem prison massacre. Ironically oil trade was said to be the preventative issue back then, whereas now the same oil is presumably one of the catalysts. World oil supply has dwindled enormously over the last fifteen years and the growth of China and India are making it a commodity still.


Perhaps US presidential front-runner and property magnate Donald Trump summed it up best of all in an interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley.

TRUMP: Somebody said, what would be your theory or what would you do in terms of Libya? I'd do one thing. Either I'd go in and take the oil or I don't go in at all. We can't be the policeman for the world.
CROWLEY: You'd just take their oil?
TRUMP: Absolutely. I'd take the oil. I'd give them plenty so they can live very happily. I would take the oil. You know, in the old days…

The ‘old days’ haven’t really changed in the view of one of America’s most successful businessmen? But regardless of the western government’s motives, be they humanitarian, or mercenary, the curtains are drawing to close on Mahmoud Qhadafi’s leadership.


It is often said that a mark of a society’s development is how they treat their disadvantaged, including prisoners. But in dictatorships like Qhadafi’s, there is no brooking authority. On the day of the prison slaughter at Abu Saleem – June 29 1996, the leadership Sun at 7 degrees of Cancer was in a challenging square to restrictive and hardened Saturn at 7 degrees of Aries.

Any event will leave a celestial clock memory, to be evoked when a slow moving outer planet activates similar degrees of the sky. Currently cathartic Pluto is moving to oppose the Cancerian Sun of that day, and also square the Saturn.

Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, is setting off that celestial alarm clock, and dredging up the past hurts. In February, when the square became exact, a rebellious demonstration of deceased prisoner’s relatives, and some of the survivors, began in the Libyan oil port of Benghazi.

My take on the Qhadafi led LIBYAN REVOLUTION horoscope of September 1 1969 at 5 am is that its Uranus opposition has to support a rebellious uprising. This progressed horoscope of this chart now has the Sun in Libra and has been subject of the opposition army of planets in Aries. War planet Mars opposes this week. The progressed horoscope is also at a New Moon phase (fresh beginnings) and everything is pointing to eventual regime change.


What’s a guy to do when the love planet progressed Venus comes to meet his Cancerian birth Sun, along with a progressed New Moon in his seventh house of marriage, but get hitched. Prince William is doing so, even if that New Moon is forming a ‘finger of fate’ yod with his foggy Neptune and his birth Venus, which sits in the degree of Algol, the fixed star astrologers would rather not mention. Diana’s Venus was also on Algol. But William’s horoscope had marriage 2011 written all over it.

The bride Kate Middleton is a Capricorn, born under a Full Moon that accentuates relationships. She is now experiencing her first progressed Full Moon since birth and tying the knot. Kate’s commitment coincided with her maturing Saturn return, due later this year. What does their 11 am (BST) May 29 2011 Westminster Abbey marriage horoscope suggest?


In days of yore kings and queens had astrologers erect ‘electional’ horoscopes for propitious times regarding new initiatives. A marriage horoscope would be constructed with a strong seventh house – the house of marriage, a nicely angled Sun (male) and Moon (female), and an encouraging Venus placement.

I doubt this one (link to the horoscope) would have been astrologically selected, as it has a ‘void of course’ Moon to begin with. Such a condition generally implies nothing will come of the venture. Mind you I’m no great fan of these medieval strictures, finding many of the techniques failing the tests of actuality.

The Saturn, ruling the marriage house and longevity is reasonably placed in Libra its exaltation sign, and Venus sits on the very top of the chart – albeit in a sign of detriment in warrior sign of Aries. The Venus Saturn opposition, whilst having some connection to longevity, also squares Pluto.

The Saturn placement in hard aspect to Venus and Pluto invites a seven-year challenge cycle. It is also a working relationship - or one in which work demands figure strongly. Additionally the Moon with its first applying aspect to Uranus can suggest domestic upheaval, and in solar arcing this would also entail a period of around six to seven years.

However if we are to look at marriage from the viewpoint of producing an heir then in traditional astrology terms this horoscope is quite strong. The pro-creative Scorpio fifth house has its traditional ruler Mars in its home sign of Aries suggesting the male heir. The Mars is also connected to Jupiter, the ‘royal planet’. Pregnancy may come within the first year of marriage based on the advancing Moon.

I’m not too sure of the newly discovered Eris yet, although its mythology concerns an uninvited wedding guest whose appearance causes subsequent chaos. Strangely Eris will be together with the royal planet of Jupiter and also combative Mars. For starters it certainly may describe the enormous security presence as world heads of state descend upon London. But is there a curious event involving a wedding guest that may also grab the headlines?


The hard aspects perfecting between Mercury, Mars and Saturn early last week coincided with a 2% fall on the Dow on Monday. Despite this, as the aspects separated midweek stocks recovered strongly to post a high of 12,500 by Friday’s close.

The DJIA has appreciated just over 12% in the last six months. However to put that into further perspective it has appreciated slightly under 12% over the last twelve months. That’s because last year with the hard outer aspects it slipped back below 10,000 in June, July and August respectively.

In the late April and during May the Sun annually moves through Taurus. The Dow has not performed as well in May over the last few years and so the 12500 may become a benchmark on past evidence. This week looks reasonably smooth from the planetary perspective, with Tuesday the most volatile. There’s not a lot happening planetwise until next weekend when the markets close, and that may spell another Monday opening low for May 2.

April 17


The recent US government-funding crisis has a planetary parallel from the past. The same principle planets were involved, along with a significant planetary cluster in one sign, as is happening now. Back then the combatants were Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich, now it's Barack Obama and John Boehner.

On November 14 1995 the Democrats had a budget that the Republican dominated Congress blocked. The resultant monetary shutdown placed non-essential government workers on leave for a week. It recurred again through December 16 1995 to January 6 1996. The US suffered considerable financial loss. But that quickly reversed to a massive swing toward Clinton who was comfortably re-elected the same year.

The planetary correspondence is that at the end of November 1995 there were seven celestial bodies moving through the fire sign of Sagittarius. Fast forward to April 2011 we witness seven moving through the fellow fire sign of Aries.

Back then we had the traditional money planets of Jupiter (expansion, growth) and Saturn (cutbacks, contraction) in a difficult aspect – an exact square. Today we have the same gas giants in an exact opposition. But perhaps we have learnt something positive from the past, in that the same monetary crisis was averted - albeit literally at the eleventh hour.


An imbalance in one sign promotes increasingly fixated views. There is a difficulty reaching a balanced compromise. Rationale often takes a back seat to self-interest, and the planets involved write the astro-script.

Right now we have the war god Mars also in the battle sign of Aries. Here too is rebellious Uranus, probably the least likely planet to celebrate compromise. Even the expansive and hopeful Jupiter in Aries can be subject to excessive hubris in such a setting.

The plus side of planetary clusters is that this concentration does favour new beginnings and fresh starts. In some countries across the north of Africa we are seeing this. And if we look back to 1994 for example when seven bodies gathered in Capricorn, it signalled the end of apartheid in South Africa, with the raising of the rainbow flag on a new Republic.

In a personal sense we can utilise this focus to forge out new directions in our own lives. But we must also rise to the challenge of overcoming increased subjectivity in the process.


One of the biggest fallouts of the Fukushima meltdown was the misinformation peddled to the public, including some by members of the scientific community and the Tokyo Electric Power Company. It proved scientists fallible with their own peculiar biases.

Those employed in the nuclear industry are probably going to be loath to bite the hand that feeds them. Have a read of this, provided by a former employee of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, and widely published on the net.

“It is tempting to excoriate anti-nuclear activists for their blather about a Japanese Chernobyl occurring at Fukushima. But to do so would be like scolding a puppy for digging up the garden or chewing on your slippers. There are a large number of full-time anti-nuclear activists across the world,… who are paid to misinform us; it's just what they do.” Here's an off site link to the complete article.

This was written before Fukushima was finally graded to a scale seven nuclear disaster. This puts it right on a par with Chernobyl. In the light of the unveiling truth it’s the writer who is revealed as the real pup. At the time that this piece was concocted Russian scientists (certainly not nuclear activists by any means) had already classified Fukushima as category seven. They were subsequently proven correct.

I wrote in my 2011 forecast linked here that the nuclear issue would become a hot topic. That was based on the horoscopes of Chernobyl and other past nuclear incidents being re-activated by planetary activity early in the year. Once the disaster eventuated the further astrological evidence, based on the construction and first operating dates of the four Fukushima reactors, looked ominous enough to indicate the situation would be irretrievable.

There is a full run down and forecast pertinent to Fukushima linked here. The renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku was more scathing in his comment, "The situation at Fukushima is relatively stable now... in the same way that you are stable if you hang by your fingernails off a cliff, and your fingernails begin to break one by one."

He summed up what many of us had suspected all along. We’d all be ready to trust the nuclear industry a lot more if they were actually forthright with the facts. It’s the innumerable cover-ups and the opinion pieces that fuel an understandable public paranoia.

Meanwhile the Tokyo Electrical Power Company, founded May 1 1951, have their progressed Sun on the unexpected shock and awe planet of Uranus. Coincident with this is a massive payout to those victims, who can never return to their homes in Fukushima. The accident has brought the nuclear issue to the forefront in Europe, a continent heavily dependent upon nuclear power to offset the pollution of greenhouse gases.

If you're interested in donating to the Japanese flood victims this offsite link provides multiple options.


On the Saturn return of Australia’s biggest uranium mine, the precious rock is also becoming a hot topic down under. The Ranger Uranium mine, situated within the confines of Australia’s largest national park, world heritage listed Kakadu, is at the heart of the problem. Kakadu has been aboriginal tribal land for 40,000 years and is rich in ecological biodiversity and historical significance.

Australia’s record rainfall has meant that Ranger’s tailings dam is now at capacity. Over 10 billion litres of highly toxic water, containing radioactive deposits and heavy mineral content is trapped on the mine. Further rainfall may see this spill into the Kakadu ecosystem.

In order to prevent an environmental disaster, billions of litres of water will have to be pumped into an open cut mine, stalling further production there until July. But there are doubts whether the company has the capability to successfully manage the crisis. A Senate report last year documented over 150 leaks and license breaches at the Ranger site since it reached full production in 1981.


The company operating the Ranger mine is Energy Resources of Australia (ERA). It was first traded on the Australian Stock Exchange on November 19 1980. ERA shares have nose dived over 40% since mid January.

The first trade horoscope shows the two planets normally connected to mining – Saturn (ruling rocks and the earth) and Pluto (governing underground activities and large corporations) prominently placed. The company is experiencing their Saturn return, and Saturn is also the planet associated with regulatory bodies, responsibilities and limitations.


Last year the mining companies of Australia took on the federal government over a proposed super profits tax. Their scare campaign exposed the influence of the media on the naivety of the populace. It eventually led to the overthrow of a Prime Minister. Remarkably Australians seemed to prefer the short-term benefit of the mining conglomerates against their own long-term national interest.

As all this was unfolding Neptune, the planet associated with water, and also subterfuge and dissolution, was moving to meet the money planets Venus (values and valuables) and Saturn (mining, mineral resources) on the Australian horoscope of 5.23 am on January 26 1788 Sydney. See biwheel here of Japanese tsunami effect on Australian horoscope export.

These planets are placed together in the Australian second house of earnings.
Neptune, through record floods, was dissolving Australia’s mineral wealth. Queensland coalmines were flooded, temporarily ceasing production. Japan’s catastrophic tsunami and the Fukushima disaster also has international implications for Australia.

Australia exports over one billion dollars of uranium oxide each year, of which Japan buys about a fifth. By November this year frugal Saturn will move across the money planets (Venus and Pluto) of the Energy Resources company horoscope. The contracting planet will return May through July of 2012.

In the national horoscope both Saturn and Neptune will impact again in the second half of the year. With the Australian economy so heavily dependent upon a resources boom this is a worrying sign.


The last week was a difficult one for worldwide markets, with even the Dow leveling back to finish at 12341. Late in December 2009, as I was writing up my astrological market trends for 2010, I thought that the top of the bull would be around 12250.

It took until February 14 of this year to reach that 12250 mark. Despite a drop in March the market topped at just above 12,400 by the New Moon of April, with a line up of planets in entrepreneurial Aries.

Since then the Dow has struggled, and this week the hard planetary aspects between commercial Mercury, impulsive Mars and contracting Saturn may continue to exert downward pressure.

April 03 2011


In World Predictions for 2011 I foresaw a major crisis in the Obama administration this year - thinking end of March and also August. This was based on the birth horoscope of the USA, of July 4 1776, which features a patriotic Cancer Sun in testing square to trying Saturn in the judgmental sign of Libra.

A critical pattern is brought into play each time the ringed planet moves through a cardinal sign, as is the current case. Right now the USA is having its Saturn return.

If you look at Saturn’s gloomy record in cardinal signs you’ll find events like Watergate and the resignation of Nixon, or the attempted assassination of then President Ronald Reagan. You’ll uncover the Clinton Lewinsky scandal, and more recently the Abu Ghraib prison atrocities. Saturn in cardinal seems to be the nemesis of US administrations.

The US finds itself at the center of a crisis once again – this time in Libya. And while Hillary Clinton is returning her highest approval ratings since the Monica affair, her President Barack Obama is hitting rock bottom on the self-same scale.

In the prelude to 2011 I advised to, “Look for changes at the very top in Washington this year. We may see surprising changes to crucial positions in the Obama administration over the next twelve months. It will surely test the Obama-Clinton alliance. Also look for international incidents connected to the (US) Navy or maritime affairs..and the likelihood of a major international crisis”.

The Libyan situation looks to have shown cracks in the Obama – Clinton union. But it’s not only the US who seem to stumble around Saturn, and Colonel Qhadafi. The UK have a dismal record too.


Libyan leader Mahmoud Qhadafi has a habit of exposing the duplicity of western governments. This was best displayed in the case of the Lockerbie bombing – a terrorist attack on a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie Scotland on December 21 1988, that claimed 270 lives – 180 of them US nationals.

Lockerbie was the second major airline disaster that year. On July 3 1988 a US warship had mistakenly shot down an Iranian passenger flight killing all 290 civilians on board. But it was Libya that was linked to the Scottish tragedy, having already made deadly attacks on US targets.

The controversy over Lockerbie dragged on for many years until final investigations convicted Libyan national Abdelbaset al Megrahi to life imprisonment for murder on January 31 2001. But if the Lockerbie victims were looking for closure – it was the opposite of what they were about to get.

In exchange for the lifting of UN trade sanctions, Libya offered victim compensation. Each family was to receive up to 8 million dollars – but with surprisingly around a quarter of that swallowed up in legal fees. Some of the victims refused outright what they termed ‘blood money’. Nevertheless sanctions were lifted and western trade with Libya was back on in earnest.

But a new rock on the pond would create even greater ripples. On May 29 2007 then British PM Tony Blair visited Libya securing a prisoner transfer deal with the Libyan leader. The same day BP supremo Tony Hayward signed a $900 million contract for deep-sea oil exploration off the Libyan Coast. The Scots wanted the convicted Lockerbie bomber el-Megrahi excluded from the exchange deal. But Libya were never buying into that, and in the November of the same year the lucrative BP agreement stalled.


Leaked documents the following month reveal the British Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, writing to his Scottish counterpart, 'I have not been able to secure an explicit exclusion. 'The wider negotiations are reaching a critical stage and, in view of the overwhelming interests of the United Kingdom, I have agreed that in this instance the [prisoner transfer agreement] should be in the standard form and not mention any individual.'

The rock had hit the pond like a meteor, and the splash was front page. The convicted terrorist al Megrahi was to be released from prison on compassionate grounds. Officials cited terminal prostrate cancer and a three-month survival period. It created an uproar around the world. Especially when al Megrahi was eventually seen stepping from a plane in Libya into the arms of Mamour Qhadafi, and a hero’s welcome.

Again Qhadafi’s enormous oil and natural gas reserves had appearred to triumph, whatever the moral reasons given. Six weeks later, Libya ratified the stalled BP deal. And the faith of the common people in government representation slipped down yet another rung. Horoscopes sometimes give clues to the next move in the puzzle. And the Lockerbie horoscope was a case in point.


The Lockerbie disaster happened at 19.02:46 hours GMT on December 21 1988 over Lockerbie, Scotland. The horoscope of the moment shows the Sun moving into Capricorn and joined to the planet of flight, and also sudden shock in Uranus. Nearby is solemn Saturn and Neptune, planet of chemicals and covert activity. At the very top of this horoscope, at the moment the bomb explodes, is the war planet Mars in its own sign of Aries.

On August 20 2009, when the decision to release al Megrahi was made public, the subversive powerbroker planet, Pluto, had moved to join the Sun/Uranus of the Lockerbie disaster horoscope. Pluto was the ancient Roman money ruler – and then as now – money rules.

Now as NATO warplanes hammer Libya the Sun and Uranus have joined again to square the same Sun Uranus conjunction of the Lockerbie disaster. Uranus is rebellion – Uranus is technology and Uranus is also flight. And in Libya the rebel movement is being assisted through modern aerial warfare, as the Qhadafi regime experiences its unsettling Uranus opposition.


The crisis for the NATO and the west is plain and simple. If you get involved in playing one side against another with sovereign governments, then be prepared to do it right across the Middle East revolutions. Playing favorites with one will expose a moral hypocrisy that will severely damage the United Nations.

The press is asking some thoughtful questions. Are Libyans any more import than those of Syria, Bahrain, or Yemen who are being slaughtered for their beliefs? Or does Libya offer more in frozen assets to western banks, and is Libya richer in oil and natural resources than other lands?

The Charter of the United Nations was signed on 26 June 1945, in San Francisco, at the conclusion of the United Nations Conference on International Organization, and came into force on 24 October 1945 at 16.50 hours in Washington.

On January 4 this year there was a Solar Eclipse at 13 degrees of Capricorn. The eclipse fell on the Midheaven of the United Nation’s horoscope representing their authority and leadership eclipsed. During 2011 the secondary progressed Sun of the United Nations will square irresolute Neptune. Again this suggests a general lack of direction, confusion at the top etc, and even possible funding troubles.

Eris, the newly discovered planet, representing strife and discord has reached the Ascendant (public projection) of the United Nations. And by its October birthday this year testing Saturn will be moving into its seventh house of relationship. It’s an even tougher road ahead for the organization designed to keeping the world a peaceful place.


Markets survive, yet people get poorer. That's the way the difficult aspects of last week, and rising oil prices seem to reflect. As the petrol pump price showed the collateral damge, greater transport costs will reflect across the broader economy. The harder planetary aspects did put an opening handbrake for the Monday opening, but they quickly recovered.

They are still around at the start of this week as the Sun opposes contracting Saturn. Analysts are surprised that the Dow seems to be dodging bullets. But it is still not out of the firing gallery at the start of the week.

One definite positive from the 2011 yearly forecast article was, "the easing up of the cardinal square of Saturn and Pluto can result in improving US employment figures across the year." And that appears to be kicking in with unemployment falling to a two year low, and companies rehiring in earnest.

March 26


Yemen is situated to the south of Saudi Arabia and straddling the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea. For a country with just over 24 million people it has three times as many guns.

Yemen is one of the poorest countries of the whole Middle East. Yemen’s minimal and dwindling oil supply will probably be gone by 2017. Yemen also faces serious water supply problems in the near future.

Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh was born on March 21 1942 or 1946. Although the year is debatable, the date alone can provide a vital clue as to his future.

March 21 places his birth Sun at the start of Aries. Using the current birthday birthday chart – or the time in 2011 that the Sun returns to the position it held in the sky at his birth (technically termed the solar return) shows that the President is subject to the planet of revolution and insurrection, Uranus, sitting right on it.

On February 2 Saleh confirmed he would step down in 2013. But the planet of the unexpected, Uranus, which always accelerates situations is forcing him to consider an earlier date.

In revolt to his violent crackdowns on protestors eleven of his party resigned on February 23. Then the day before his birthday he fired his entire cabinet. This is an example of willful and independent Uranus at its most malefic. Two days prior 52 protestors were killed and another 200 injured.


The Unification Chart of Yemen (formerly split into North and South) is timed for 9 am on May 22 1990 according to Nick Campion’s scholarly reference World Horoscopes. Using the technique of secondary progressions this Yemen chart has the planet of violence and conflict, Mars, now squaring the planet of uprisings and revolutions in Uranus.

President Saleh warns his temporary government against replacing him lest the country break out into civil war. They should have no such concern, because the secessionist movement is already underway.

Yemen initially received independence from the Ottoman Empire just before the end of WWI on November 1 1918. Their independence horoscope shows Pluto, the planet of deep transformation at six degrees of Cancer. Currently Pluto lies opposite this degree at six of Capricorn. Yemen is but one of the many countries that will see major reformation coincident with the Pluto opposition following the division of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI.


Syria (named after the ancient land of Assyria) is regarded as one of the most repressive regimes of the Middle East. For over forty years Syria has been ruled by the Assad family. On February 23, 1966, members of the military instituted a coup, capturing President Hafiz, dissolving his government, and forming a civilian Ba'ath government on March 1 of that same year. Hafez al-Assad became Defense Minister in that government. But on November 13 1970 he led his own military coup that replaced the civilian government with military rule.

The horoscope of al-Assad’s 1970 takeover shows a close Sun/Jupiter-Saturn opposition from Scorpio to Taurus respectively. Eleven years after his accession al-Assad carried out one of the most brutal massacres of any Middle Eastern leader on his own people.

From 2 am on February 3 1982, a Muslim Brotherhood uprising was put down in an incident known as the Hama massacre. Estimates vary of between 10,000 to 20,000 dissidents killed, and many more dispossessed over 27 days of fighting.

In late May 2000 Jupiter and Saturn came together in Taurus, close to al-Assad’s birth Saturn. He died ten days later and the command of Syria was handed over to his son Bashar. Now entering his eleventh year of rule the son, like father, faces putting down a rebellion within his country.

Bashar al-Assad was born September 11 1965. His Virgo Sun (like Charlie Sheen’s) sits with willful Uranus and obsessive Pluto, and opposes Saturn. Bashar’s power block is interwoven between the military and ruling elite. But now his progressed Mars – the war god - is squaring his whole volatile Sun/Uranus/Pluto placement. That can hardly pass without Bashar also facing his own 'High Noon' showdown.


Newsclips of a barrage of 110 Tomahawk missiles blasting from US warships onto Middle East soil on the 8th anniversary of the Iraq invasion are a little eerie for many viewers. But the Libyan situation, despite some important standout abstentions from China, Germany, Russia, India, and Brazil, is different.

For starters it was sanctioned by the UN Security Council. The Iraq invasion was not – it flew in the face of democracy. The then United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan clearly stated in 2004, “From our point of view and the UN Charter point of view, it (the Iraq war) was illegal.”

International polls have revealed that virtually three in every four people globally disapproved of the US war operations in Iraq. Millions marched against it, and millions today condemn it. The irony of the US naming their initial invasion Operation Iraq Liberation, the capitals of which spell OIL, was probably the only piece of subliminal truth in a puritanical litany of political lies.

The western leaders behind the Iraq invasion were subsequently scorned by their own people. George W. Bush left office with one of the lowest approval ratings in Presidential history. British PM Tony Blair resigned in disgrace, and Australian PM John Howard became only the second ever to be booted out, losing his own electorate.


The Libyan no fly zone is being marketed as a deterrent against Mamour Qhadafi slaughterng his own people. But Barack Obama, seeking re-election, is aware of the ghost of Iraq. People are questioning as to why the UN Security Council stood motionless on Dafur where millions were slaughtered. Or why the US is not pushing for intervention into US friendly regimes like Yemen or Bahrain, where demonstrators are being slaughtered in these revolutionary times?

Obviously the Libyan oil reserves (and the foreign investments) will be considered by some as a pivotal reason behind western military intervention behind a protection pretext. Meanwhile western leaders are hoping that that Colonel Qhadafi backs down under the threat of annihilation, (just as he did before the Iraq invasion), and hands over leadership.

Regardless of the political background of the UN involvement in Libya, and the lack of full Arab support, the planetary patterns show that Qhadafi’s regime is facing its rebellious Uranus opposition. And that means it is destined for change. Certainly the west have leant lessons from Iraq. Because in the current revolutionary atmosphere that pervades the Middle east, authoritarianis, from either side, will be a prelude to failure.

The lessons are that 78% of Iraqis polled said they believed that the presence of US forces was "provoking more conflict than it's preventing." Four years after their so-called liberation – 88% of Iraqis polled said they found it difficult to get oil for driving and even basic cooking. The vast majority polled also said they would prefer state owned control of the oilfields rather than foreign ownership.

Even now eight years later, the latest official travel advice from the Australian Foreign Affairs website opens “We strongly advise you not to travel to Iraq because of the extremely dangerous security situation and very high threat of terrorist attack.” A sad reflection on the so called legacy of a new democracy.


Last week's SuperMoon may not have coincided with any earthquakes, but it appeared right on time for the first shot of the Libyan UN military stand off. And the horoscopes of the passing of the UN Resolution on the 17th and and the first short fired in its enforcement, on the 19th overlay perfectly. Both have the war planet Mars sitting at the Descendant, the point of allies and enemies and connected mundanely to conflict.

The initial shot was fired from a French Rafale F1 fighter plane sometime between 18.40 and 18.45 March 19 Libyan time. CNN first reported the earlier time and the French Defense Ministry spokeperson officially released the three quarter hour time.

The UN Security Council met to vote on the ‘No Fly Resolution on March 17 at 6.25 p.m. in New York, and passing the resolution at 6.33.51 barely nine minutes later. That last piece of information came courtesy of an astrological colleague Anna-Crystal de Lyon of England.

See the two charts overlaid here.


Contrary to popular opinion markets can go up in times of war. Basically it depends upon who is winning. In the case of the Iraq invasion of 2003, the Dow shot up 1,000 points from around 8,200 to 9,200 in the three months following. Before the end of that year it broke 10,000. The planets are set for a swing, as Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all line up in hard aspect from Monday. Additionally the Sun and Pluto will square from Tuesday.

In most cases I interpret such hard aspects as a downswing. It is not only the current Middle East crisis that can propel this, but also the precarious situation in Japan. In last weeks column I posted the initial dates of both the construction and operation of the four Fukushima reactors. We are now approaching the crucial fortnight concerning their danger to the environment.




This week's column deals with the continuing crisis in Japan, the UN no fly resolution over Libya, and the stock markets.

Firstly our prayers continue to be with those suffering in Japan in the wake of last week's tsunami and nuclear disaster. Apart from the immense loss of life and emotional shock, 850,000 households still have no electricity in freezing conditions. And there are approximately double that number with a lack running water.

Last week I wrote about the Fuskushima Reactor and how it was commissioned on March 26 1971. That was the date that commercial operation began on reactor number one. Based on that opening date a horoscope can be constructed showing the future potential and critical dates in the plant’s history.

The horoscope showed an early Aries degree Sun opposed to technological Uranus and in a testing square to the more volatile Mars in Capricorn. Mars is the planet of accidents, violence and damage – as contained in the phrase to ‘mar’ something.

When slow moving outer planets activate this Sun Mars square - and currently the underground Pluto and unpredictable Uranus having been doing just that - sparks fly. But if it’s the horoscope of a nuclear reactor then it all becomes a much more hazardous proposition. I doubted the situation could be brought under control unless the reactor was Pluto style buried. I hope I'm wrong on this.


I was able to source the dates for the beginning of construction of the four reactors. They are

1 – July 25 1967 – operational March 26 1971
2 – June 9 1969 – operational July 18 1974
3 – December 28 1970 – operational March 27 1976
4 – February 12 1973 – operational October 12 1978

Without wading through laborious detail I was not so surprised to find that the construction on the first reactor also began on a day that the Sun squared Mars within the degree – and that deadly Pluto was linked in with the Mars by aspect as well. Such a horoscope would become very explosive around 44-46 years later. That time is now.

Reactor two began with the Sun square Pluto – currently Mars is activating that as well. Reactor 3 began with its Capricorn Sun square Pluto – and eruptive Pluto now moves across it’s Sun. And reactor 4 was built with Mars square Pluto and now has both Uranus and Pluto activating that square. Three and four are probably the most critical on that evidence.

An examination of momentous nuclear events will reveal a patterning of the same planets constantly involved – being Mars, Uranus and Pluto. The combination of this trio represents superhuman force, linked to technology.

When the Hiroshima bomb was launched on August 6 1945 Mars and Uranus were together directly above Hiroshima and the Sun just moving past Pluto. When Chernobyl began to melt down at 1.23 am on April 26 1986 Uranus was rising at that exact Ukrainian location and in a difficult geometric aspect to the Sun and Pluto.


Major nuclear accidents are thankfully rare occurrences. But they are much more prevalent than the original estimates. When nuclear power was first mooted the disaster scenarios were projected at one in a thousand years.

This unrealistic figure was amended by the Ford nuclear study which more correctly nominated one before the end of the 20th century. That's exactly what happened, except we got two.

The first notable scare was the Three Mile Island meltdown. That occurred at 4 am on March 28 1979 at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As such it becomes a starting point, and therefore acts as a root horoscope to be considered in future nuclear accidents.

When the horoscope of Three Mile Island, Harrisburg is reactivated by important transits then the safety of nuclear energy may be front page news. The Chernobyl meltdown for example had Pluto in hard aspect and Uranus squaring the Mars of the Harrisburg horoscope, along with Neptune squaring its Sun.


The recent Fukushima explosions began at 3.36 pm on March 11 with Pluto in an exact square to the Harrisburg Sun and the Sun on the Mars of the Harrisburg chart.

There are other pivotal moments in nuclear history, from the first nuclear chain reaction achieved at 3.25 pm on December 2 1952 in Chicago by Enrico Fermi. At that very moment Mars was prophetically rising over Japan. There are also certain zodiacal degrees that continue to crop up in the timeline of nuclear energy. I’ll touch on them in coming weeks.

Right now possibly the bravest men on the planet are those three hundred workers who are fighting to salvage the damaged reactors. This whole operation looks like playing out over at least a fortnight. Around the 26th and 27th can be critical dates here, along with the period between the 4th and 8th of April.


On March 17 2011 , at 6.25 pm, precisely as the war planet Mars was setting on the western horizon in New York, the United Nations Security Council began a meeting discussing a no-fly resolution over Libya. This constitutes a war horoscope with fiery Mars in the house of war. The resolution follows the Libyan leader Colonel Qadhafi's growing success at putting down a revolution in his own country via force. 

The meeting concluded at 7.20 pm exactly as the sign of balance, Libra ascended on New York. At that minute the unpredictable Uranus, the planet most associated with flight, was setting. Five countries with very healthy economies abstained. They were China, India, Germany, Brazil, and Russia.

The abstentions were chiefly around a lack of clarity about who would be taking the action, and also possible increased danger to Libyan civilians. The first reported international offensive was a French jet fighter firing on Libyan military at 6.45 pm local time Saturday the 19th.

The security council acknowledged that the globe was experiencing, "a wave of great revolutions that would change the course of history" Adding that the Libyan people's will had been "'trampled under the feet of the Qadhafi regime".

Colonel Qadhafi responded almost immediately with a cease fire. As I write however the news feed is that his troops have moved in on the rebel stronghold and oil port of Benghazi. Nevertheless Libya seems destined for change.

On the day of Qadhafi's coup - September 1 1969 - the planet of revolution, Uranus, was placed at two degrees of Libra. Now its moved into Aries and will oppose that point. All perfect for a counter revolution. Additionally Jupiter was at 8 Libra, and it is now opposing from early Aries. Sometimes astrology is that simple.

If you're interested in the full details here's a link to the UN Security Resolution.

Click here for the UN War Chart.

What may be of equal interest in the coming weeks is the horoscope of the Pakistan Republic, as it is now becoming susceptible to the same insurrectionist Uranian energy, and early April will also be feeling the aggression of Mars.

MARCH 12 2011


At 2.46 pm local Japan time (05.46.23 UT) March 11 2011, an 8.9 undersea earthquake shook northern Japan. It sent a rolling tsunami toward Sendai and surrounding farmlands. A wall of water up to ten meters high swept more than five kilometres inland, washing away houses, and even passenger trains.

As populations quickly evacuated, an oil refinery exploded and nuclear reactors were shut down. This is Japans largest quake since accurate seismological records began in the 1800s. It was among the top five worldwide, and moved the entire country some 2.4 metres.


The biggest current concern, in the wake of the deadly tsunami is the possibility of a nuclear meltdown, and the likelihood of a further earth shift. An explosion at the Fukushima reactor, and the backup power failure has interrupted vital cooling processes.

The Fukushima Reactor was commissioned on March 26 1971. The horoscope of the power plant has an early Aries Sun square Mars in Capricorn. At the moment the unpredictable Uranus is moving toward its Sun, and more importantly underground, eruptive Pluto is squaring the same Sun. And Pluto is also moving close to the reactors Mars.

Utilizing the commissioning date the danger dates around this reactor would appear to be around March 24 and leading toward its anniversary and also around April 5-6 when Mars moves back in hard aspect to the Sun/Mars of the birth horoscope. So hopefully the situation will be brought under control prior to these dates.

Regular readers will know that last year I mentioned the danger of nuclear concerns for 2011, with the Chernobyl chart re-activated by the January solar eclipse. Here’s the link and below is what I wrote for 2011.

“The January Eclipse has an explosive effect as it falls on the Mars degree of Ivy Mike - the first hydrogen bomb, Chernobyl, and the US invasion of Afghanistan. It also activates the Sun position of the 1608 Jamestown fire, the Jupiter of the Bhopal gas explosion and Saturn of the Great Fire of London. This fiery eclipse may accompany an increase in explosions and fires, either planned or accidental, in the early part of the year…The eclipse also brings the nuclear topic to the table with the Chernobyl, and ‘Ivy Mike’, link.”

For further mundane research the first ever nuclear reactor utilised for commercial purposes was commissioned on June 26 1954 in Obninsk, Russia. In this chart the cardinal Cancerian Sun is in opposition to Mars. Both are feeling the effect of the outers Uranus and Pluto, with the transiting Sun coming to concentrate that by March 24-27th.


Earthquakes are nothing new for Japan. Ten percent of the world’s largest volcanoes reside in this land. The country lies adjacent to a major fault line. It’s what made the protruding islands.

The Pacific Ring stretches the perimeter of that great ocean. The Japan trench, northern Kurile trench, and Aleutian trench that reaches right across to Alaska have been the scenes of some of the largest global quakes. This particular one occurred at the epicentre co-ordinates of 38N20 and 142E22.

This weeks column analyses the astrological earthquake correspondences, and also further examines the super moon theory, even though this quake was prior to one occurring. The last Full Moon of February 18 (UT) was close enough (358,869) to be likened to a SuperMoon. The next one at 356,667 kilometres will be closer still. In short the Christchurch and Japanese quakes have been sandwiched between.


To begin, I just want to recall the fact that a large percentage of earthquakes above 8.5 on the Richter scale seem to occur with a bunching of planets within a third of the zodiac, often with one solitary loner outside. This was the result of my study Earthquakes and Astrology linked here

If we examine the Indonesian Boxing Day tsunami of 9.1 and the current 8.9 we can immediately see the similarities of planetary bunching and Saturn by itself. Here are the two charts.

Also if you note the horoscope of one major earthquake and watch for that chart to re-activate, another one often occurs in a similar area. This is evident in the charts of Krakatoa and the Indonesian tsunami. It is also matching in the current Japanese earthquake with the Tango earthquake that rocked Japan on March 7 1927.


From a planetary perspective the Japan earthquake is linked to the entry of the planet equated to sudden shock - Uranus – moving into Aries. This happens once every 84 years.

As Uranus enters Aries it also passes over the zodiacal degree of the fixed star Scheat. This star is renowned for maritime or nautical disasters, and lies in the final degree of the water sign Pisces. Scheat is also linked to free thinkers and has a bit of a radical quality. So the Uranus combination exacerbates such energies, astrologically speaking.

So far we have had no major disasters at sea, but the Japanese tsunami and political revolution in the Middle East are current examples. Uranus into Aries in the past has coincided with the 1840’s European political revolutions affecting France, Germany, Denmark and Hungary. Little wonder we see opposition parties around the world inciting revolt – even in normally passive countries.


The current earthquake bears an amazing similarity with one that hit the island of Honshu back on March 7 1927, the last time Uranus was exiting Pisces and heading into Aries. The 1927 quake rated at 7.6, and it claimed over 3,000 lives. The planetary aspects are positively eerie for those who know how to read them.

Have a look at these two horoscopes overlaid. On the inner wheel is the current quake and on the outer that of 1927. Here we see plainly that the Sun, Mercury and Uranus are similarly aligned. But note too that Neptune is opposing its current position and Pluto doing virtually the same. This second image gives you only these points for clearer comparison. Click here to view.


What physically happens when Uranus cross the threshold of Aries is that it passes directly over the equator, and the Sun will do the same as it enters Aries. So it’s worthwhile looking back at the last time that they both did this, as we have precise historical and seismological records to compare.

Uranus moved into Aries on April 1 1927 and so it was on the fixed star Scheat and exiting the watery Pisces during March. The March 7 1927 Japanese earthquake was a forerunner to multiple disasters.

Between April 22 and May 7 the great Mississippi floods displaced 700,000 in America, destroying much of the basins crops and farmland. On May 22 a massive 8.6 earthquake in Xining China claimed 200,000 lives.

On July 11 a Palestinian earthquake took 300 lives. In the August and September of the same year mega hurricanes and tornadoes swept through Canada and St Louis. The worst floods in the states history demolished much of Vermont. All of this time with wild-card Uranus hovered at the beginning Aries. For multiple articles on the Japanese earthquake you may check the excellent Mountain Astrologer blogsite.

Australian astrologer Paolo Emma also has some good articles on this and Jamie Darkstar is running an astro blog on the explosions.


The term Supermoon has been bandied about in the media lately, describing the Moons closest approach to earth (356,667 kilometres) on Saturday the 19th of March - Universal Time. SuperMoon was a description originally used by American astrologer Richard Nolle to describe especially powerful perigees (closest approach to earth) of the Moon across the year. Nolle used it to understand unusually chaotic weather and earthquake probabilities.

In light of the Christchurch earthquake the March Full Moon has got major press via the weather analyst – alias Moon man - Ken Ring. Ken has also been the centre of some sensationalist journalism and victim of one contemptuous interviewer. The gist of his theories been known to astute astrologers and scientists for years. The most celebrated astrologer/astronomer of all time, Johannes Kepler, regularly published a weather almanac based on planetary indices.


The Moon varies its visual size growing one seventh larger in its orbit, on its closer approach. The accompanying greater gravitational effect brings king tides. Underneath the earth is also a churning mass of boiling hot liquids held in place by a relatively thin outer crust. Theoretically the joining points, called tectonic plates, become more susceptible to movement under the increased gravitational pull. That’s the underlying theory.

The precise March Full Moon will set to the west of the New Zealand coast, as the Sun rises to the east, virtually across Fiji. Additionally this Full Moon is falling slightly south of the equator. But its not too far south, and being that the Sun, about to go into Aries will be almost directly above the equator, you would think this would result in increased tropical storms.


The reason for the increased fear factor is not so much SuperMoons, as much New Zealand’s two major earthquakes in six months. If you take the time to study the SuperMoons and the main NZ earthquakes you will find little correlation. The Wellington earthquake of 8.2 in 1885 did not take place under a SuperMoon. The 1929 Murchison 7.8 earthquake happened with the Moon heading for apogee – the opposite of a SuperMoon. Meaning the Moon was moving further away and appearing relatively smaller.

The 1931 Napier earthquake of 7.9 occurred right on a Full Moon at perigee, but it wasn’t a SuperMoon. And neither of the major Christchurch September earthquakes of 1888 and 2010 occurred at SuperMoons. The more recent February 22 2011 earthquake however did occur a couple of days after the perigee Full Moon, and it was a pretty close approach. But if it was that simple, we’d all be to consistently pick the earthquakes. There’s much more to it.


If there is a concern with the coming Full Moon it is the similarity with the chart of the 2005 Boxing Day Indonesian tsunami. But already we’ve had a tsunami – albeit a week earlier. But in reading some of the tongue in cheek SuperMoon articles, it’s clear that not even the skeptics have bothered to do an ounce of homework. Although most will be wearing some egg on face at the moment.

There is a difference between rationalism and skepticism. There are doubting Thomas’s still arguing whether man has actually landed on the Moon, and probably whether the earth is really round at all. Learning requires an exploratory expansion of thought, and a willingness to do some research, rather than throw peanuts from the bleachers. Ever notice how agro those skeptics get? Moon man Ken Ring is exploring possibilities.


Summarizing - earthquakes and natural disasters are the product of multiple factors rather than one specific cause. This doesn’t rule SuperMoons out as a contributary factor. They could well operate on a concertina effect. The initial pull of the SuperMoon may play a role in loosening the plates. A bit like the first turn of the tight sauce bottle lid seeming to produce nothing, but may still have a slight release effect. Either way we have had two major earthquakes sandwiched between two close Moon approaches.


The human tectonic spots reside in the Middle East, under their own form of suppression. They too long for breakthroughs. Many astute political analysts blame the unbalanced Israel-Palestine situation to be the chief trigger for world terrorism. The unresolved North and South Korea international relations fluctuates like the weather. Is it only the earth that experiences this? Are we immune to these planetary patterns? Shall we see fractures in world alliances, and increased human agitation around the late March early April period? I think we already have those answers.


When it comes to economic investment, people get very skeptical when they’re unsure of the future. The markets are tending to reflect that shock and surprise of the Uranian roller coaster. That does start to become evident when the planet of values, Venus, makes a harder eighth harmonic aspect to Uranus on Monday. But the majority of swinging aspects occur early afternoon Thursday the 17th.

We’re moving into a period of multiple harder aspects, which should see greater fluctuations leading right into the weekend of 26th and 27th. That makes the next day Monday 28th opening a volatile one indeed. It can well be that oil supplies play a significant role here.


There has been increasing speculation about the effect of the catastrophic earthquake on the Japanese stock market. I use two horoscopes, and not having a precise time average at midday, excluding the variables. The Japan stock market began on May 15 1878, and first traded on June 1 of the same year.

If we take the first horoscope (May 15) it shows how in recent years how Japan has weathered the global economic crisis. That is signified by deceptive and dissipating Neptune squaring the Sun/Pluto and Uranus square of this chart.

Now they find the force of Pluto opposing Mars – it signals a great challenge to industries, particularly motor cars, and any iron and steel products. Plus both charts have Saturn – the planet of stability at the beginning of Aries, and subject to the roller coaster transit of Uranus throughout 2011.

If we take the June 1 1878 first trade horoscope then we note that trading begun under a New Moon at 10 degrees of Gemini. This horoscope has a Solar Eclipse on its Sun this year. The last New Moon appearing here was back in 1992.

That year Japan slipped into recession. The Nikkei started 1992 at 23,000 points, and crashed to 14,000 by mid August before finishing at 17,000. So I think the Japanese economy could be in for a tough year ahead.

MARCH 5 2011


I gather the question, ‘Will Success Spoil Charlie Sheen?’ has been already answered. A wise philosopher once said that it’s not only how we handle adversity that is our true measure, more importantly how we handle success.

Sheen, courtesy of the hugely successful TV sitcom Two and A Half Men, is the highest paid actor in the USA. Not bad for a guy who was expelled from school for low grades and truancy. He was born Sep 3 1965 in New York @ 10.48 p.m. according to AstroDatabank. But this Virgo is no chaste Virgin and positive proof that planetary positioning and angles outweigh the signs they are in.

His Virgo Sun aligns with the disruptive planet of Uranus, and the deep and brooding Pluto. His Sun is in opposition to the controlled and measured Saturn. And his Sun is in the zodiacal degree of the Fixed Star Zosma. This star, in the center of the Lion’s back, is linked to the breaking of the same – and fallen pride, excuse the pun. Fixed Star expert Vivian Robson links Zosma with immorality and a shameless egotistical nature.


The fixed stars are reputed to raise one up to great heights, the trade off being they can also precipitate the fall. It also sounds rather damning, but if astrology were built solely on determinism then it would be of little evolutionary use. Once we see some things as pitfalls to be avoided then we can rise above the temptations of the flesh. That’s the philosophy anyway.

The more organized Saturn is his career ruler, whereas the Sun/Uranus/Zosma is actually his home and family ruler. It shows it’s in this area that Charlie is challenged. Last year Sheen did a plea bargain to escape a jail sentence after allegedly putting a knife to his wife’s throat last Christmas. He escaped with thirty days rehab and an anger management course.


The anger course flunked out when he was found trashing a New York Plaza hotel room, with a prostitute supposedly hiding in the closet in fear. Sheen’s management put out a blurb about an allergic reaction to medication. The medication wasn’t exactly named. But Sheen’s wasn’t so lucky. It wasn’t long after he was rushed to hospital again with drug overdose problems.

Sheen is at a crossroads. His midlife crisis comes at a time when his progressed Libran Sun lies in a tough semi-square to its Virgo birth position – but the Sun is also hard angles to the disciplinary Saturn. Couple that with a union of the passionate Venus and Mars, also hard angles to the same progressed Saturn and we get a more complete picture of the need for control and his subsequent relationship tests.

Lastly his progressed Saturn has moved backward to align directly opposite his birth Sun. Planets act as great teachers in our lives. When the authority of Saturn progresses to oppose your Sun it’s no time to be challenging the system. Saturn is the ultimate disciplinarian.

Father Martin, a reformed drug and alcohol abuser, saw the light. It came on after suffering a heart attack whilst filming the appropriately named classic ‘Apocalypse Now’. Charlie could also have the perfect reformer’s horoscope – it just awaits a light being turned on. For his own survival, and the good of those around him he needs to activate an almighty switch. Charlie Sheen is not winning as he so claims – not by any means. He is a Fixed Star that could use some flexibility.


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is due to fly to the US this week, to meet with US President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Talks will center on Asia Pacific economic development, and her governments carbon tax initiatives.

Gillard, was born September 29 1961, in Barry Wales. According to South Australian astrologer Jill Amery Julia’s mother mentioned a birth time of around noon. Such a time would mean that Julia’s Sun was rising over Washington at the time of her birth. This gives her an important astro-cartography link with the USA. Click here for her US relocation map.

The location where the Sun rises in an astromap will concentrate on ego projection, recognition, and important connections. Currently Julia Gillard has her Libran Sun being squared by the power planet of Pluto. As well as putting in her a position of power, it also puts her under enormous pressure. Her predecessor Kevin Rudd was elected PM as Pluto squared his birth Sun.

In Gillard’s relocated Washington chart the fixed star of Diadem comes to the horizon. Bernadette Brady, a renowned speaker of fixed stars describes this star as, “The hair, which was sacrificed by Berenice to ensure her husband's safe return from war. A women's sacrifice, quiet, gentle and very much at her own expense. To sacrifice yourself for others or for the large picture.” The other star rising at this location is Scheat, a difficult star at best. It all suggests that Australia is not in the best bargaining situation with 'big brother'.


Last weeks Piscean New Moon highlighted some important degrees for Middle East politics. It fell on the forceful Mars in Iran President Mahmoud Ahminenjad’s horoscope, as he battles rebel elements within his homeland. It also falls upon the Mars of Israel Prime Minister Bin Netanyahu’s swearing in. Plus it fell on the Mars of the 1956 Egypt/Israel conflict. It can make this Moon phase (until early April) a vital one for the Middle East.

FEB 26 2011


On February 22 2011 at 12.51 pm a 6.3 earthquake shattered the city of Christchurch. As the quake occurred in close proximity to the city, and also close the earth’s surface, damage was substantial. Prime Minister John Key called it New Zealand’s darkest day with over one hundred lives lots and much of the city in ruins.

As the islands of New Zealand lie right across where the Pacific plate joins the Australian plate earthquakes are not uncommon. There are between 10 and 15 thousand recorded yearly, although they are mostly minor tremors. The largest recorded was a massive 8.2 quake on the north island at 9 p.m. on January 23 1855.

Amazingly this caused little damage to life and property, partly because NZ was not as built up as it is now, and the earthquake epicenter. The quake led to a land rupture 15 0 kilometers long and uplift of up to eighteen meters in some areas. Today it would be catastrophic Astrologically this quake was accompanied by a concentration of planets in Aquarius, and all the planets bunched within only one third of the zodiac.


This quake was one of three rated at over 7 on the Richter scale that New Zealand experienced in a 12-year period from 1843. All the early quakes featured prominent aspects to the eruptive underworld planet Pluto. The 1848 one outstandingly had the Sun closely together with Mars and both were in sharp opposition to Uranus and Pluto. The 1843 featured a T-Square between the Sun, Saturn and Pluto. And the 1855 had the Sun and Mercury together in tight square to Pluto.

Then in 1888 on September 1 at 4.10 am Christchurch experienced a 7.1 earthquake, which toppled the church spire and damaged property extensively. The Sun was squaring Pluto and the more recent dual Christchurch earthquakes have revived the Pluto connection.


At 4.35 am on September 4 2010 when the initial earthquake rumbled through the Canterbury district and Christchurch the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus were all involved in precise tight T-square with Pluto. And in the hours of the earthquake the Moon had completed a Grand Cardinal Cross, which presents a major crisis situation astrologically speaking.

At 12.51 p.m. on February 22nd Jupiter had again returned to square Pluto within the degree. And again there was a tight combination of planets drawn together with Mercury, Mars and Neptune all clustered within four single degrees with the Sun. In fact we will be experiencing an even tighter concentration of planets around the March 5 Pisces New Moon when all but one will be crunched into a quarter of the zodiac.

This lack of zodiacal balance brings situations to boiling point, and we will see that not only within the strata of the earth, but on the surface of politics as well. When the esteemed astrologer Robert Hand wrote his masterful ‘Planets In Transit’ back in the 1970’s he likened Pluto to a volcano eruption. Hand wrote about an underground force that re-arranged the landscape.

February 13 2011


At 6.02 pm on February 11 2011 in Cairo the military assumed control of Egypt. President Hosni Mubarak, who a day earlier defiantly announced that he was not standing down, was suddenly no more.

After 18 days of grass roots protests, with half of Egypt on the streets, the people had triumphed. Egyptians rejoiced with soldiers and protestors alike kissing the ground. But althought the figurehead has gone, the power block remains - Egypt is still under military control. The late March-April period may be significant now, as well as the October period.

The horoscope for the moment of Mubarak’s shock resignation shows the planet of dissolution, Neptune, opposing both the Ascendant and Royal Star of Regulus. Simultaneously the insurgent outer planet Uranus maintains a difficult inconjunct to Regulus.

This star is one of the very few that can genuinely be used in objective analysis, as unlike most others it is actually on the ecliptic, meaning that it really shares the same area of the sky and aspects as the planets.

As Neptune will be here for much of the year, Mubarak is not the only ruler in danger. Regulus also has a connection with royalty that dates way back to the earliest Babylonian omen tablets.

But Regulus is only a small part of the cosmic picture. The astrological correspondences for this have been posted on this website over year before the event in this Saturn in Libra article, and also in the World Predictions.


So where to now for Egypt? The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces have taken control. Some directional clues lie with the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Islamic political organization operational today. It took roots in Ismaïlia Egypt, from March 1928 via the Islamic scholar Hassan al-Banna. The Brotherhood asserts that the Quran and Sunnah represent the perfect social order of God for man. They are opposed to pro-western monarchies and colonialism.

During the Arab revolt of the mid 1930’s the group grew from 800 members to 200,00. But in 1948 following the Arab defeat in the Arab Israeli war the Brotherhood’s offices were raided. Documents were seized and 32 of its members arrested.


On December 28 1948 the Prime Minister of Egypt, Mahmud Fahmi Nokrashi, was assassinated by a Brotherhood member, after previously declaring the organisation illegal.

In what appearred a revenge attack the founder of the Brotherhood was also killed on February 12 1949. From that time the Brotherhood has been banned from Egyptian politics.

Even after assisting the formation of an Egyptian republic under General Nasser, the Brotherhood remained an illegal organisation. Their candidates are forced to run as independents come election time.


But now in 2011 the revolutionary planet Uranus has completed one full cycle of the zodiac and is returning to the pace it occupied at the Muslim Brotherhood’s formation. Also the theological and expansionary Jupiter is back in Aries, where it was when the group’s first meeting was held.

The combination of these two planets is fanning a flame of grass roots revolutions in Islamic countries. I wrote here last week about the coincidence of the Jupiter Uranus conjunction exact on January 4, along with the same day Solar Eclipse energised the Tunisian revolution. There is more to come. You can check the past weekly comments with this link.


The dawn of the 1920’s witnessed decisive political change engulfing the globe that would have enormous ramifications for the future, and even today. Pluto the purgative planet of deep regeneration had moved into the tribal sign of Cancer at the onset of World War One. International boundaries were being revised and homelands forever changed.

By the end of 1922 the Otterman Empire had been abolished, and the League of Nations was reforming political power blocs in the Middle East. The Soviet Union was formed. Mohandas Ghandi was inspiring Indian independence. The US, soon to be military masters of the sea and skies, built their first aircraft carrier the USS Langley. Ireland was heading for civil war. These events are pivotal to the next two years.

It was the ending of empires and the beginning of new power conglomerates. Dominant countries didn’t occupy, they bought influence and influenced by stealth. The schism between the Arab world and western hegemony was in its infancy. Kings were granted thrones in Egypt and Iraq, but the real rulers lay thousands of miles away.

The key to the future is not hard to unravel if we use Pluto as a guide. It is now moving to the opposition point that it occupied during the early 1920’s. As it does it will also receive an agitating square from insurrectionist Uranus. The change that we are looking at will involve countries that experienced major political reformation in the 1920’s, and as a result of WW1.

Egypt is one of those countries, and Iraq is another.

February 6

Check your March horoscopes, World Predictions for 2011 , or the article Uranus in Aries from here.


The battle for the land of the Pharaohs rolls on. Protestors are now opposed by “Mubarak loyalists”. Cutting the Internet slowed, but hasn’t abated the people’s revolution. As a first step toward his eventual resignation Mubarak appointed long time ally Omar Sulieman as Vice-President. Succession passing down to his own son Gamal, had reached the stage of impossibility.

The US and Israel, whilst advising the inevitable that the people must have their say and Mubarak must go, fear the consequence of a power shift. The damage control moves are being made behind the scenes. Will the people buy Sulieman– it’s a doubtful gamble to buy time.

Wikipedia claims that Omar Sulieman was born July 2 1936 in Qena, Egypt. This gives him a quadruple conjunction of Sun, Venus, Mars, South Node all in Cancer. From 1993 as the technological Uranus and covert Neptune opposed his Cancerian planets Sulieman was made the chief of the EGIS – or the equivalent of the American CIA.

As the USA also has a quadruple conjunction in Cancer of Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter it would appear Sulieman would be the choice of the United States.

But almost immediately upon ascending to the VP position an attack was made on Sulieman that has resulted in the death of two of his bodyguards. It has to be kept in mind that Omar now has stealthy Pluto opposing his Mars, and by early April Mars will square his Mars. They are dangerous aspects for a politician whose country is embroiled in a revolution.


Although the Egyptian revolution began slightly before the February New Moon on Mars in Aquarius it had a fiery escalation by the time of it. Another revolution had a distinctly Aquarian flavour. Remember Aquarius can be a rebellious sign, even though it is commonly referred to as the sign of ‘universal brotherhood’. Aquarius is the new order – as it succeeds Capricorn, the status and tradition, in the zodiacal signs.

At 9.33 am on February 1 1979 one of the defining moments of political history of the 20th century took place. Religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini stepped back upon his home soil to supplant the Shah of Iran. On that day the Sun was conjunct Mars and Mercury in Aquarius. As I write this column the Sun and Mars are together in Aquarius and Mercury has just entered the sign, and the talk of revolution by the Muslim ‘brotherhood’ is rife.


National horoscopes are erected for pivotal moments in a countries history. Usually the succession of horoscopes for a country will show the pattern of the changing political landscape. The first one to look at is the Egyptian Kingdom horoscope. This occurred on March 15 1922 at 10 am when King Fuhad took over from British rule. This horoscope can be considered one of a ruler, like a King, but possibly also in foreign hands. It’s not hard to reason why Mubarak would be painted as such by political analysts and many of his countrymen.

This horoscope has had obfuscating Neptune transiting on their communications planet of Mercury from January. It suits a shutdown of the Egyptian Internet. This chart also has restrictive Saturn now coming to its royal planet of Jupiter in Libra – Saturn will eventually transit across the Moon. Regular readers will know that I regarded Saturn in Libra as the reason that Mubarak would be overthrown over a year before these events. This chart has also has the insurrectionist Uranus moving across its leadership directional Pisces Sun – the writing has been on the wall.


But perhaps more importantly the Egyptian Kingdom horoscope is also undergoing their Pluto opposition. Pluto the planet of underground movements, power groups, and relentless inevitabilities is opposing itself. What we will see during this time is that many of the countries set up following the Allied victories in the Middle East after World War One will undergo vast political change.

The other Egyptian horoscope is the Republic horoscope of 1953 on June 18 at 11.30 pm. The Republic horoscope came into being as a result of an earlier military coup d'etat. It puts its transformational Pluto right on the foundation of the Egyptian Kingdom’s chart. It puts its bountiful and hopeful Jupiter right at the rising Ascendant of the Egyptian Kingdom’s chart.

The Republic was a nationalistic hope for Egypt. And the Republic’s horoscope put Saturn right on the Kingdom’s Moon. That’s where Saturn is headed now, and that’s why the proverbial King (Mubarak) is leaving.


For some time rebellious Uranus has also been squaring the Sun of the Republic horoscope. The same planet has progressed to the very base of the chart, meaning revolution from the ground up. And the progressed Sun of the Republic (the current directional change) has joined Pluto. This is a sign of massive change. Yet the new leadership may be very focused, ruthless, and cathartic in their approach. That’s the nature of Pluto.

I expect change to happen sooner than later in Egypt. But forced to give an ‘at the very latest time’, I would nominate the middle of October. It’s then that transiting Saturn in Libra returns to the Moon of the Kingdom horoscope, and the Saturn of the Republic horoscope. The 13th of October is also the day that the Sun comes to meet Saturn in the skies mundanely, and that’s when Mubarak’s ‘reign’ began. I would also look at the earlier period around the end of March and beginning of April, when the Sun and Saturn are in opposition.


It was the storm to end all storms. It stretched over 1000 kilometres wide, generated turbine winds of 290 kilometres per hour, and tore a trail of destruction up to 600 kilometres inland. They called it Cyclone Yasi, the largest storm ever to have hit Australian shores since white settlement. Three and a half billion dollars of destruction later and Queenlanders were still recovering, after previously being hit by record floods.

The chart that I use for Queensland is drawn from the moment explorer John Oxley returned to his boat, having designated a site for the new northern colony. Oxley’s diary entries make mention of a prolonged drought, following a fortnight exploring the surrounding waterways and countryside. The big dry helped Oxley choose a flood prone site for a city, despite his measuring of tidal risings.

Oxley writes that on the 28th of September 1824 state he finds an abundance of excellent quality water, fine valley and chain of ponds, with timber. He describes this as, "by no means an ineligible station for a first settlement up the river.”

He goes on to quote times, "At 4 o'clock, after a fatiguing row, we gained entrance to the river and stopped an hour to dine. I took several bearings from the north point of the river to determine its position and returned to the vessel about 10'o'Clock the same night, after an absence of 13 days spent in most interesting and I hope useful investigation."


A 10 p.m. horoscope has a T-Square of Libran Sun opposite Pluto and square Neptune. Inherent within the square is destructive (Pluto) and flooding (Neptune) configured with the Sun in early cardinal degrees. Transiting Pluto has now reached the Neptune of this horoscope. Back in 1974 when Queensland experienced its worst flooding until recent times, Pluto was on the Libran Sun and Square Neptune. This horoscope also gives the pastoral Taurus rising at 28 degrees, an area now squared by transiting Neptune at 28 of Aquarius – sign of the water bearer.

The second chart is drawn for the specific area most affected. These were mainly in the coastal Cardwell Shire. In January 1864 a settlement party of twenty men landed at Rockingham Bay and began clearing land for this settlement. The Cardwell Shire was to eventually contain towns such as Mission Beach and Tully, which also bore the full brunt of the category 5 cyclone.


The Cardwell Shire was settled on January 22 1864 when the Union Jack was hoisted at Rockingham Bay. However the Scottish born leader of the expedition George Dalrymple quickly decided to relocate to the eastern end of the beach, which promised easier water access. The relocation took place from sunrise on the 26th, and following that they began felling trees and building huts. This then can be considered the beginning of European culture in the area where Cyclone Yasi made landfall.

The Cardwell horoscope shows Neptune at 3 degrees of Aries, experiencing the expansive Jupiter transit, and Saturn at 18 degrees of Libra – virtually at the Saturn return. But it’s the Cardwell progressed horoscope with the storm planet of Mars opposing the structural planet of Saturn, and the secondary progressed Sun opposing the birth Mars that best display the destructive power of Yasi right on this location.

The New Moon conjunct Mars, and in a challenging semisquare to wild card, Uranus, has produced some explosive situations across the globe over the past week. This New Moon was in the collective sign of the water bearer Aquarius.


Australia – born January 26 1788 at sunrise – has a distinctly Aquarian flavour with the Sun ascending in Aquarius and purgative Pluto close by. The February New Moon aligned with the planet of storms and tempests, Mars, landed right on Australia’s destructive Pluto. And it did millions of Australians shut up shop in evacuation centers, in anticipation of the largest tropical storm to make landfall for generations.


If you've always wanted to learn astrology from the ground up, or are keen to resume studies, the Sirius astrology school will be back on track during February. Click on this link for details.

Finally, if you're still getting that old zodiac debate throw at you have a read of this. I'll be leaving the link here for a while for the open minded, as good ammunition to direct at the more closed craniums.



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Sirius School of Astrology offers comprehensive astrological education in all facets of Astrology. Students can learn for personal improvement or attain professional qualification.





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Planetary Cycles tracking the Outer Planets and their generational significance

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