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It's all here... the 2016 Yearly  Predictions plus Pluto In Capricorn

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May 21


The year 1776 is best remembered for the Declaration of Independence giving birth to the USA. The Declaration was written, signed and proclaimed by the forefathers of the new nation. Most of whom were wealthy businessmen. Since then United States has progressed to become the wealthiest nation of all and the home of modern capitalism.

Something else happened in 1776, but not on July 4. On March 9 a work appeared that would influence financial thinking for centuries after - Adam Smith's classic 'Wealth Of Nations'. Smith was a Scottish philosopher and economist. His magnum opus, appeared at the start of the Industrial Revolution. Thomas Jefferson considered it the best book on economics ever written.

The book traces history from the Fall of Rome to the feudal societies to the mercantile age. Smith argued successfully that wealth was not created by hoarding precious metals, but rather through increasing production and expanding trade. His ideas made gross domestic product, a measure of a country's productive output, part of the fiscal vernacular. Smith also contended that an economy and markets were naturally self-regulating.

At the birth of the 'Wealth of Nations' and the 'Declaration of Independence' Pluto was positioned in the 28th degree of Capricorn. Pluto is the ancient Roman wealth ruler. In the earliest horoscope of the USA, timed for 17.10 hours July 4 1776, Pluto falls in the second house of assets and earning capacity. It also semisquares their ambitions Sagittarian Ascendant, tying it into the national narrative. The US will project their wealth internationally.

Wealth also equates to power – especially where Pluto is involved - and in today’s world the US dollar has a global hegemony. Whenever that power has been threatened – by Muammar Gaddafi wanting to create the 'dinar' a new currency for African trade – or Saddam Hussein refusing to trade Iraqi oil in US dollars – regime change follows.

So when I am asked what do I think will happen when the US has its Pluto return, I think not only in terms of a nation transforming itself, but also factor in changes to capitalism via this Pluto connection to Smith's seminal work. If you research deeper, to when Pluto formed hard aspects, such as squares or oppositions to the 27-28 Capricorn the reasoning becomes even clearer.


Pluto's first square came at 28 Aries in 1848. It was a tumultuous year bringing revolutions throughout Europe, affecting fifty countries from Sicily, through Germany, Italy, and the Austrian Empire. It even forced the French King Louis Philippe I, into exile and ushered in the Second Republic. There was also brutal repression of these multiple uprisings but they were the prelude for a more democratic society and the eventual fall of many European monarchies.

Karl Marx's 'Communist Manifesto' was released in London on February 21 1848. It was another book that would influence economic and social thinking in a powerful but different way. Although the revolutions were not directly caused by the book, it was a reflection of the time, and just as revolutionary as 1776. Unions and organised labor movements would evolve from this. Curiously it also represented gold rushes in the USA and Australia.


The opposition point of Pluto occurred in 1936/37 as the world geared for a war that would again throw Europe into turmoil. It was a war that would change the balance of power, not only in the western world, bit also Russia, Japan, China and precede the breakup of the British Empire. What came out of this was a polarity of capitalism and communism, a divided Europe and Asia, and Cold War – a face-off between the ideas of Smith and Marx.

Indeed it was in February of 1936 that a book was released that challenged classical economic theory. It was “The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money”, written by the English economist John Maynard Keynes. It is the work that is the acknowledged source of the terminology of modern macroeconomics. So confident was Keynes of his work that he wrote to his good friend, George Bernard Shaw.

"I believe myself to be writing a book on economic theory which will largely revolutionize—not I suppose, at once but in the course of the next ten years—the way the world thinks about its economic problems. I can't expect you, or anyone else, to believe this at the present stage. But for myself I don't merely hope what I say,--in my own mind, I'm quite sure."

Keynes work was well received during the Great Depression – the US slipped back into recession in 1937 with the Dow losing around 50%. These years also represented government intervention into the economy with Roosevelt’s New Deal legislations. After the war years the western economies were reformed following the Bretton Woods agreement and the formation of the World Bank and associated International Monetary Federation.

The last square of Pluto to itself came in the years 1982/83 at 28 of Libra. These were important years in laissez-faire economics, privatisation and deregulation, often referred to as Reaganomics and Thatcherism. It heralded a period of selling off of national assets and essential services. These were also the years of the 'yuppie', obsessed with material success. The devolution of the Soviet states started with their first independent trade union 'Solidarity'. In 1983, the Polish leader of that movement, Lech Walesa, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Each time that Pluto heads into a hard aspect with the 1776 position of 28 Capricorn there are new revolutions, political unrest and a change in economic values and philosophy. It's as if the ideas prevalent at the turning points are useful, until the crunch comes at the next evolutionary point. This pattern should continue at the Pluto return. We are not simply looking at a Pluto return for the USA, but a total transformation of the global economy. And the unrest we are currently witnessing in the developed economies, is a sure sign of that inevitability.

May 14


On Tuesday afternoon May 9 2017, reality TV hit the White House. Donald Trump sacked James Comey. The President claimed Comey wasn't doing his job all that well and the FBI were in chaos. It was a claim the FBI quickly refuted, adding that Comey was extremely well thought of by the organisation and his colleagues within.

For Trump, always anxious to appear before the press when he needs them, it was yet another justification of an autocratic act by an impetuous man. Sacking the man who'd virtually leapfrogged him into the White House was nothing new. Trump's allegiances are purely to himself and family, something that even to his most gullible followers must be blindingly obvious.

His chief strategist, Steve Bannon, found that one out. Trump not only removed Bannon from a top security role. He also claimed to hardly have known Bannon prior to July last year. That claim, like so many others, was a barefaced lie. The kind Trump is becoming globally famous for. So what is happening in his horoscope that elicits such a removal from reality?


Well for one, the planet of impulse and agitation, Mars is moving through Trump's career focussed tenth house. It's moving closer to erratic Uranus and will be getting right there this week. Expect the fireworks to continue from Monday May 15. The pattern will continue right through the next fortnight, with Mars due to join Trump's SP Sun around May 23 and 24. His progressed Uranus is already conjunct his birth sun.

Trump will soon begin to learn that what goes around comes around. Transiting Uranus is also opposing his Secondary Progressed Ascendant. He'll find some of his own allies dropping off fast too. In fact carrying out his 'Art Of The Deal' will become increasingly difficult. Over the past week Mercury and Uranus have been together in opposition to Trump's SP Ascendant. It's one reason why allegiances are suddenly shifting.

The sacking of an FBI chief by a US President is a test of Trump's power. The timing of it is perfect for what's coming up by August this year. It's then that a total Solar Eclipse, which blacks out mainland USA, will do the same to Trump's Ascendant. It's one of the many difficult transits he faces from the July/August period. That's when the man who thought that being the President of the USA wasn't as hard as running a real estate business will experience the ultimate wake up call.


Usually eclipses show their hand three months prior to the event. In Trump's case, that makes May the month to watch. Comey, for his part was just doing his job. He is a patriot who inadvertently gave Trump the inside running for the White House. Comey's confession, that his act of possibly swinging an election made him nauseous, signalled his immediate demise. Trump would have none of that. He sacked Comey.

Then the Trump PR team went into damage control. They got the White House to say that it was an action taken on the advice of his administration. They organised his television interview. Trump then contradicted that statement claiming he'd always wanted Comey gone. Trump branded Comey a grandstander. But the truth with Trump is always in the timing. Comey's honesty couldn't be tolerated.

The waning international influence of Trump was witnessed with the recent French election. His endorsement of Marine Le pen, proved the ultimate kiss of death. I thought as much and wrote about it in my election summary. I considered Trump her greatest liability. He is fast becoming the same for his homeland.

May 7

There is no more awe-inspiring event in nature than the majesty of a total solar eclipse. In those brief enchanting minutes, the natural becomes the supernatural. Day shifts to night, the temperature dramatically drops and stars magically glow in a rapidly darkened sky. The ancients marvelled at this miracle of the Sun being swallowed in the heavens. Its mystery and appeal are timeless.

Some are calling 2017 the year of the great American eclipse. On August 21 at 18.30 UT (Universal Time), a total solar eclipse will move right across the US, from west to east. It will attract as much publicity as the great eclipse of August 1999, which it is related to. Earlier in the year, on February 26 at 14.58 UT, an annular solar eclipse, when the Moon moves across the Sun yet the rim of the solar disk is still visible, will cross the southern tips of South America and move into central Africa.

Historically, the recording of eclipses is a cross-cultural phenomenon. They were feared not only by the ordinary people but by kings and emperors too. The triple alignment of the two celestial lights, the Sun and Moon, with the plane of the earth was deemed a harbinger of potent change. In Babylon, the stargazing capital of the arcane world, a commoner was appointed king prior to an eclipse. But the honour was short lived, with both the individual and his title sacrificed to appease the celestial gods and protect the king.

Astrologers who failed to predict an eclipse could expect a similar fate. Such is recorded in the annals of Chinese astronomers, who kept meticulous records dating back to 2400BCE. The Sun represented the emperor and the earliest Chinese word for an eclipse was shih, meaning to eat or consume. The Sun being devoured by Rahu, the famed dragon’s head of Hindu mythology, or the Sun Dogs of Viking and Korean legends, are part of cultural eclipse traditions.

A change to the order

Eclipses upset the natural order. They interrupt the regularity of the two most important hands on the celestial clock. In earlier times, the Sun and Moon determined the annual calendar of hunting and harvest, both of which were essential for early survival. This disturbance to the cycle was, not surprisingly, interpreted as a heavenly sign of change or displeasure. Any change to the established order was the last thing a power-obsessed ruler would want. More recently, in Australia, folklore became fact with eclipses literally eclipsing leaders.

Eclipses have long been known to change the political order.

England’s foremost royal historian, William of Malmesbury, wrote on the death of Henry I: “The elements manifested their sorrow at this great man’s departure from England. For the Sun on that day at the sixth hour shrouded his glorious face, in hideous darkness, agitating the hearts of men by an eclipse; and on the sixth day of the week early in the morning there was so great an earthquake that the ground appeared absolutely to sink down.” The legendary eclipse of Henry’s passing plunged England into a civil war of 19 years, equating to one full eclipse cycle.

Eclipses and royalty

To the ancients, eclipse visibility was considered a vital factor in its power. This is evident in RC Thompson’s translations of The Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers of Nineveh and Babylon, written on tablets which are stored in the British Museum. He writes, “The great gods wherein the king dwells have obscured the heavens and will not show the eclipse; so let the king know that this eclipse is not directed against the king, my lord or his country. Let the king rejoice.”

Some eclipses were actually beneficial. Thompson writes of an eclipse occurring with Jupiter, which would grant the king great honour and further exalt his status.

Astrologically, Jupiter is recognised as the royal planet of good fortune. The kingmaker planet Jupiter helped the British astrologer Charles Harvey successfully predict the birth time of Prince William for around 9pm on June 21, 1982. William was born at 9.03pm, as Jupiter reached the top of the skies on the day of a solar eclipse.

The Columbus eclipse

Eclipses have also coincided with saving lives. Christopher Columbus, credited with opening the gateway of trade to the New World of the Americas, owes his life to one. It happened when Columbus was forced to beach his ships in Jamaica in February 1504. As he and his crew awaited rescue, they lived off the generosity and food supply of the indigenous people.

In 2017, scientists, eclipse hunters and amateur astronomers will, like Columbus, head for the Americas. Location is essential for viewing the totality of a solar eclipse, which occurs in a relatively narrow path or band approximately 100 kilometres wide. Cities such as Idaho Falls, Lincoln, Nashville, Columbia and Charleston will all experience eclipse totality on August 21, 2017, with Kansas City and St Louis at the edge.

The August 21, 2017, solar eclipse is associated with Saros series number 145. This extremely important family of eclipses started in 1639, but this family didn’t produce a total eclipse until 1927. Since then, each one has been associated with breakthroughs in aeronautics, television and satellite communications and the political division known as the Cold War.

Saros series 145 accompanied some of the biggest news stories of the 20th century. Expect it to do so again in 2017.

It last appeared on August 11, 1999, producing a frenzy of eclipse watchers from the UK, right across Europe, the Middle East and into India. The 1999 Saros series 145 eclipse was widely regarded as being the one that Nostradamus was referring to when he wrote the controversial quatrain 72 in Century 10 of The Prophecies:

“The year 1999 and seven month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois (the Mongols),
Before after Mars to reign by good fortune”

Earlier in 1999, NATO’s aerial bombardment of Serbia had brought war to Europe for the first time since WWII. But perhaps it was a little-known event two days prior to the eclipse that holds more importance for today. Vladimir Putin was appointed the new Prime Minister of Russia and, by the end of that year, would be president.

Therefore this eclipse is important to President Putin and the fragile US-Russia relationship, especially regarding nuclear matters. The Caucus area of Europe could also be a key one to watch for political unrest. Based on past evidence, the August 2017 eclipse should present significant achievement in the field of aeronautics and space flight. Also expect technological breakthroughs affecting television and global communications.

Geographically, the August 2017 eclipse will be the first total eclipse that moves across the entire continent of the US since June 8, 1918. It will stress the importance of quickly containing any contagious outbreaks, as this was also the time that the Spanish Flu pandemic was first detected at Fort Riley in Texas. But, with cyber warfare ever present, we must look at a new kind of bug: the computer virus.

Last, this eclipse occurs near the fixed star Regulus, one of the four royal ancient stars of Persia. The fall of important leaders or statesmen must be factored in with this star near the eclipse. For Australia, it will oppose the Venus (vales) and Saturn (land) of our First Settlement horoscope, and have a downward effect on mining and property values. As this is the only total solar eclipse of the year, it holds dominance over all others.

April 30


Emanuel Macron is an unlikely candidate for the French presidency. He will not turn 40 until December 21 this year, is married to a woman 24 years his senior and heads a party barely a year old. Macron's transpartisan En March! movement is breaking with the traditional left and right political polarity that characterises western democracies.

Originally a Socialist from 2006, he went independent in 2009, forming En March on April 6 2016. The organisation was born with the Sun in a testing tight square to Pluto, representing the plutocracy, and conjunct revolutionary Uranus. It rode the anti-establishment wave prevalent during the Uranus Pluto square.

These planets lock in with the national psyche. The First French Republic birthed at 15.30 hours on September 21 1792, under the auspices of an exact Uranus opposition to Pluto. At the April launch of En March!, Macron promised to totally transform the political system via a 'democratic revolution'. He even released a book titled 'Revolution' timed to the month of his candidacy.


Macron's birth chart has an uncanny connection with the First Republic of France. His Sun and Mercury, in the final degree of visionary Sagittarius, neatly square the Virgo Sun of the Republic. It's the kind of synastry suited to promote change (or appear to) as it locks in with probably the most defining moment of national history.

Click here for larger image

Macron's law and order planets of Jupiter and Saturn blend promisingly with the same in the First Republic horoscope. His Jupiter in early Cancer is almost in exact trine to the Republic's early Scorpio Jupiter. His Saturn at the start if Virgo runs a positive trine to the Republic Saturn at the beginning of Taurus. His Nodal axis falls across the Republic's Venus – planet of popularity.

It's these planetary connections that explain what has suddenly propelled a man, considered by some colleagues as a political lightweight, to victory in the first round of voting. There is also a standout pattern in his birth horoscope that shows why he is a fast achiever. It's attached to the successful combination of expansive Jupiter with innovative Uranus.


Macron's Sun/Mercury and Moon are each configured in opposition to Jupiter and Uranus respectively. The Moon positions helps explain the age disparity of his marriage partner. Uranus walks it own path and the Moon relates to emotions, family and females. His Sun/Mercury to Jupiter opposition describes his eminent father, Jean-Michel, a professor of neurology.

Macron's wife, Brigette, born April 13 1953 @ 15.00 hours in Amiens, is an Aries with Sun opposite Saturn. Macron has the ruling planet of Aries, Mars, in his seventh house of marriage partner, along with Saturn. The latter often signifies an older or senior partner. His horoscope is a good fit, suggesting the AA rated time is on the money.

The Sun/Mercury and Moon, both configured with Jupiter and Uranus, form an aspect pattern known as the Hard Rectangle. Don't let the name confuse here. When Jupiter and Uranus are involved in this planetary picture, it usually brings enormous luck. That's why cosmobiologists call this this dynamic duo the 'thank the lord' combo. Click here to see this pattern in his birth chart.

So, not only is Macron's Sun and Mercury locking in with the First French Republic horoscope, but also his Moon, Jupiter and Uranus are aspected to that same Republic Sun. That serendipitous sequence helps explain his rapid rise in the political arena. He is seen as a fresh hope of systematic change. But how real is that perception?


Comparisons being made between Macron and Barack Obama, whilst his opponent Marine Le Pen is likened to Donald Trump. Considering Trump elicited only 15% of support in France at election time, whereas Obama's popularity in France exceeded 80%, Macron is in no hurry to dispute this analogy.

There are similarities. Le Pen plays upon the us and them fear factor and past glories, whereas Macron looks to systematic change with an uncertain future. Macron's globalist thinking can also be an Achilles heel as Le Pen hones in on voter dissatisfaction and a yearning for yesteryear.

Macron announced his run for the French presidency on November 16 2016. The Jupiter return of this campaign launch takes place on May 14 2017, the anticipated inauguration date of the new president. It will also be the Sun's opposition to his campaign launch.

While a Jupiter return is generally be a timely signal for success, bear in mind that Jupiter will be returning in retrograde motion. It may still deliver its promise, but with conditions attached. Judicial Jupiter also represents legislature and there is another round of legislative elections due on the 11th and 18th of June to elect the 577 members of the 15th National Assembly.


Political pundits predicting a Le Pen upset, point to the Brexit and Trump. Certainly the French election will come down to popular vote, as did Brexit. The Trump comparison belies the fact that in referendums or French elections, where popular vote decides the winner – Trump would have finished runner up.

Last week I examined Marine Le Pen's promising planetary dynamics coming together at the right time. Here's that link. It explains how fortunate Jupiter lies stationary at her Ascendant. How rebellious Uranus favourably trines her Venus, delivering unexpected support. How Mercury joins it on election day. And how even a close run race would exceed her personal best and be grounds for a future victory.

MAY 7 2017

It's a day that favours upsets as Mercury and Uranus unite in feisty Aries. Both are semisquared by agitating Mars. The mood is one of impulse. There's a volatile energy around the election, with potential high for anger, danger and disputes.

Macron's prominence has hinged on opportune Jupiter solar arcing to meet his Scorpio Midheaven ruler Mars, active from January this year. An accommodating trine between his secondary progressed Moon and Sun in February followed, before the Moon trined his progressed Venus in April. All this guaranteed a dream run.

But the golden egg aspect of solar arc Jupiter uniting with his career ruler Mars, is now moving away. It remains within a half degree and therefore still imparts an effect but the influence is waning. The presidency may soon turn to a hollow victory. Assuming Le Pen is beaten here, there will be a bounce back in the June legislative elections. She has a very strong chart at this time.

This reminds me of a horse race where the young colt has opened up a sizable break on the opposition. But coming into the straight the experienced and battle hardy mare is closing. Can the colt can hold off the fast finishing challenger before the line. And does her improving form make her a good bet next start? One would think so. That's my take. Macron.


There are two cycles reminding me of a division between the President and the government. One is the Saturn cycle in Sagittarius. Last time it transited this sign Frances Mitterand had to cohabit with Jacques Chirac – meaning that the party of the President and Prime Minister were different.

Secondly there is the Metonic Eclipse cycle which also correlated with different parties cohabiting via the President Jacques Chirac's conservative Rally For the Republic Party and Prime Minister Lionel Jospin's Socialists. It may be another reason why the country is again divided.


The last time I forecast a French presidential race was back in 2012, in my World Predictions article. That was when Frances Hollande narrowly won over Nicolas Sarozy. I utilised the same techniques as here in the last fortnight, including the First Republic horoscope comparisons. I have found that the synastry of long term Presidents such as Charles De Gaulle or Jacques Chirac for example, resonate very powerfully with this original horoscope of France.



The adage that timing is everything isn’t reserved solely for comedy. It works just as effectively for tragedy - especially on the eve of an election. The killing of a French policeman and the wounding of two of his colleagues happened three days prior to the first round of the first French presidential vote. A timing that could be crucial.

The terrorist bombings on the Madrid rail network, on the 912th day after 911, swung the voters away from their US aligned Prime Minister. It handed the 2004 election to the opposition, who opposed the Iraq war. Yet the government was comfortably polling 5% ahead before the tragedy occurred.

The US Republicans didn’t make the same mistake. A coincidental video of Osama bin Laden, urging Americans not to re-elect George W Bush, surfaced in late October 2004. It effectively demolished John Kerry’s presidential dream. No surprise then that George W never did get around to capturing the Al Qaeda mastermind.

James Comey’s revelation that the FBI was considering re-opening the Clinton email probe was another timely intervention. And most Australians remember the ‘children overboard’ affair’, when PM John Howard, trailing in the polls, falsely claimed asylum seekers threw their own children into the sea. It put the navy offside but swung an election. So how about France?


A glance at the leading French candidates indicates this is one of the most open of all elections. Eleven candidates and four rated a chance of winning. If the old battle maxim ‘ divide and conquer’ applies to politics, then France is currently a very divided country.

The date of the final run off, May 7, falls exactly between Europe Day celebrated on May 5 and European Union Day of May 9. These dates are symbolic of peace, integration and co-operation in Europe.

European Union day was inspired a Frenchman, foreign minister Robert Schumann. On May 9 1950 the Schumann deal placed French and German steel and coal production under one higher authority. It was the original seedling of today’s European Union.

This strong amalgamation, with a common currency, matches the trading power and financial clout of the USA. But some of France’s presidential candidates are threatening to leave. One is Marine Le Pen – Donald Trump’s choice as the strongest candidate. His endorsement could be her biggest liability.


According to AstroDatabank, Marine Le Pen was born at 5 August 1968 at 11:20 am (CET) August 5 1968 in Neuilly sur Seine, France. This places her career orientated Midheaven in nationalistic Cancer. Combative Mars lies in the final degree of this sign and she also has a flamboyantly communicative Sun Mercury Leo conjunction posited in the ambitious tenth house.

Marine has spent much of her life in the public spotlight, initially as the daughter of Jean Le Pen, the founder of the far right National Front Party. Jean’s divisive policies ensured he never became president. Her practical Capricorn Moon compliments her tenth house focus and runs trine to a supportive seventh house Saturn in late Aries. She has worked to soften her party's public image.


The first round of the French Presidential Election commences Sunday April 23. Providing there is no clear majority, a run-off election will take place on May 7. Assuming Le Pen’s birth time is correct, this time frame would place opportune Jupiter stationary and turning direct on her Libran Ascendant by June 10.

Le Pen will also benefit from transiting Saturn trine her natal Saturn and Uranus joining her birth Saturn. As she has an exact Venus Saturn trine in her birth chart, this double up indicates rapid changes around her alliances, personal and professional support. Venus is her Ascendant ruler and posited in her eleventh house of institutional support.

Back in August 2016, Marine progressed into her New Moon phase, favoring fresh enterprises that will shape her life direction for years into the future. Her Secondary Progressed New Moon occurred conjunct radical and right wing Uranus, emphasizing the independence of her political views, and encouraging a more radical approach.


Le Pen's New Moon with Uranus formed a triple conjunction at 29 degrees of Virgo. This degree has an extremely powerful connection with the horoscope of the First French Republic.

The defining moment in the nation’s history came at 15.30 hours on September 21 1792. The Sun position of the First Republic is 29 degrees of Virgo. Le Pen’s New Moon resonates deeply with this revolutionary energy.

Click here for larger image.

It's also interesting that the man rated her main rival, odds on favourite Emmanuel Macron, was born December 21 1977 @ 10.40 am in Amiens, France. His Sun and Mercury - at 29 of Sagittarius - precisely square the Sun of France's First Republic.

Click here for larger image

The other radical hard left candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon's, Ascendant and Saturn are conjunct the First Republic's Sun. He was born August 19 1951 @ 8 20 in Tanger, Morroco. A victory for any of these politicians, outside the mainstream parties, would bring radical change to the established French political system.

In February 2017 Le Pen’s progressed Sun moved into Libra. That sign change is crucial, coming so soon after her SP New Moon. Libra’s dual nature may indicate a need to conciliate or power sharing arrangements ahead.

Marine’s SP Midheaven (Naibod in RA) is approaching her natal Jupiter, although that is still another year off; and unfortunately regarding reliable prediction; is entirely dependent upon the accuracy of her birth time.

The Paris shooting comes at an opportune time for Le Pen’s policies of expelling foreign nationals on the watch list. The problem being that the perpetrator of the shooting, which occurred during a live televised election debate, was locally born, had recently spent twelve years in jail, bore a history of violent crime, had made recent threats to kill police and had previously shot at two officers way back in 2001.

That didn’t stop Islamic State, via their propaganda media outlets, from immediately issuing a statement that he was acting on their behalf. They wrongly claimed he came from Belgium and gave his name as Abu Yusuf al-Beljiki. It was actually Karim Cheurfi and he was not on France’s terror watchlist. But a handwritten note praising ISIL group was found near his body.


The shooting occurred as retrograde Jupiter was reaching Le Pen’s Libran Ascendant. It has the obvious potential to buoy her support. And – again assuming her birth time is correct – it has the potential to influence the outcome of the election.

For the immediate future, Mercury’s current retro motion and stationary conjunction with surprise packet Uranus, will promote a much more radical mood across the coming weeks. It suggests that someone outside the traditional parties must win.

The combination of high tech Uranus with media Mercury was uniquely represented by the hard left candidate - Jean-Luc Mélenchon - appearing in multiple areas as a hologram. You can hardly get more Uranian than that!

Le Pen's candidacy was announced on April 8 2016, appropriately with the Sun conjunct rebel rouser Uranus. Macron's new political party , En Marche' was formed two days before - again with the Sun and Uranus aligned. And Uranus is the most elevated planet in Melenchon's chart. What is always guaranteed with Uranus, is a wild ride ahead. More to come.


Last week we revisited the Solar Eclipse of February the 26th, conjunct smoke and mirrors Neptune and re-igniting the horoscope of the contentious Reichstag Fire. The implication being that we might expect similar events to act as a pretext for military action in the months to follow that eclipse.

I published those observations earlier in the year for a valid reason. The Reichstag Fire is a lesson for all, to be alert and ready. And not to fall, hook line and sinker, for the official version of events. Examine the motivations behind the rhetoric. So continuing from last week…

On April 4 2017, at sometime between 6 and 7 am, a chemical attack took place at Khan Sheykun, Syria. The official White House report claimed a time of 6.55 am, and BBC witnesses reported it as 6.30 am. But the 6.55 am is interesting anyway, as it clearly shows Mars rising at the location of the attack.

We all know the national narratives. The White House and western allies immediately held the Syrian government forces accountable. The Syrian government blamed the jihadist mercenaries. And the Russians claimed it was all a frame up to encourage the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad. Then Donald Trump gave the okay to bomb Syria.

The incongruity of the chemical attack, two days after the US declared no intention of overthrowing al-Assad – and during a war that he was obviously winning – didn’t add up. What did was an overlay of the chemical attack chart with the Reichstag Fire. The connections are eye-catching. Here's the overlaid charts below.

Click here for a larger image


There is another side to the Syrian civil war that rarely features in the western media or government accounts. It concerns money and pipelines. It’s the reason that Gulf allies, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are throwing millions upon millions, funding jihadist groups to overthrow the Syrian government. And creating a human catastrophe.

It’s why the Saudis biggest trading partner, the United States, was supplying support to the rebels. Bashar Al-Assad refused a gas pipeline proposal from Qatar, through Syria and into Turkey. Instead he chose to support a competitor’s offer and signed up for the Iran/Iraq/Syria deal. The multi-billion dollar gas sales would enrich these nations, and serve Russian interests.

There’s a problem there. A stronger Syria would pose a threat to Israel and they could also increase their influence in Lebanon. Iran and Iraq are growing closer and are strongholds of the Shia Muslim sect. They are the only sect to depose a puppet dictator – the Shah - and create a people’s revolution. It’s something the Gulf monarchies fear, yet may curiously be creating the conditions for.

Then there’s equally big fish to fry. Russia, a supporter of Syria and Iran, are playing hard ball with the west. Putin’s satellite exposure of ISIL’s oil convoys, onselling to G20 countries, proved an embarrassment for the war on terror. Further, Wikileaks documents revealed the US awareness of the Saudis funding to Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda in Syria.

Despite imposing sanctions upon any country supporting terrorism – George W. used this as a reason for the 2003 Iraq invasion – Saudi Arabia are supplied with extra weapons instead. This isn’t politic opinion incidentally. It’s an established fact! The rules for one, do not apply to the other.

It’s why Donald Trump – against all his electoral promises – got involved with Syria. Foget Ivanka’s anguish. The US military also has bigger fish to fry. And they’re saying the bombing of Syria may be a one off. But here's another astrological hook up. Bashar Al-Assad signed his pipeline deal with Iran, the year that his civil war began, on June 15 2011.

A comparison of the horoscope of Donald Trump with that of the Syrian pipeline deal makes multiple challenging correlations.

Click here for the larger chart.

Trump is drawn into this situation like a moth to the flame. For all his bluster and blunder re the quagmire of wasteful Middle East wars – some things stay remarkably the same.


It may be cruel irony, but Donald Trump was born on June 14 1946, the same day that the Baruch plan was presented to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission.

Named after its author, the Baruch plan was drawn up to prevent nuclear technology from being used to perpetuate weapons of war. It never got off the ground. Now a man transfixed by such technology, and born the same day, has the nuclear codes at his fingertips.

Trump - “It's so incredible. It's brilliant. It's genius. Our technology, our equipment, is better than anybody by a factor of five…nobody can even come close to competing. . . . So what happens is, I said we've just launched 59 missiles heading to Iraq and I wanted you to know this. And he was eating his cake. And he was silent.”

The interviewer interrupts what may be a Freudian slip re Iraq. She corrects, "Heading to Syria?"

Describing his dinner with the silent man – Chinese President Xi Jigping - Trump adds, “you know, the guy you just had dinner with just attacked a country.”

He seemed content to boast about it. The next day a new foreign policy statement was released...via Twitter.

@realDonaldTrump - North Korea is looking for trouble. If China decides to help, that would be great. If not, we will solve the problem without them! U.S.A. 11 Apr 2017 12.03.43 UT


On April 13 at 19.32 hours the USA drops the largest bomb since WWII – a massive ordinance air blast – over Achin, Afghanistan. Small wonder then, that the cracking sound a Taser sent commuters stampeding at Penn St Station in New York on Easter Friday. The nation is on edge. And they're not the only nation feeling that way.

But for the USA, it’s not without reason – even without the erratic Trump factor. This time of year has been notorious for hostilities, since the first shots of the Revolutionary War rang out on April 19 1775. The Baltimore Riots of April 19 1861 culminated in an even more lethal Civil War. And so it goes in the third week of April.

1906 April 18 San Francisco earthquake
1947 April 16 Texas City Explosion
1961 April 16 Bay of Pigs failure
1983 April 18 Beirut US Embassy bombed
1993 April 19 Branch Davidian Compound torched Waco
1995 April 19 Oklahoma City Bombing
1999 April 20 Columbine High shootings
2007 April 16 Virginia Tech Massacre
2010 April 20 Deepwater Horizon disaster
2015 April 15 Boston Marathon bombing

At this time every year, the transiting Sun is moving through the late degrees of Aries and squaring lethal Pluto in the July 4 1776 horoscope of the USA. Adding to that, currently the USA’s Secondary Progressing Sun is also closing on a square to Pluto and the Moon is moving to square progressing Pluto.

What does all of that astro-jargon mean? Well it’s probably not the best time of year to be issuing deadly threats or playing with weapons of war. Not when when the planet of destruction - deep and dark Pluto - is so highly active.

And it might be a good idea for Twitter to block some overworked accounts...even if only for a week or two. Maybe then we could all breathe a little easier. For one can hardly fight a war on terror, when one is so intent on creating it.


At 3.40 am EEDT on April 7 2017, 59 US Tomahawk missiles were launched at the Syrian Shayrat air base in the rebel held city of Homs. So what’s new? It was the first US direct intervention against Bashar Al-Assad’s government, enmeshed in a civil war that has made this ancient land a modern apocalypse.

Trump ordered this pre-emptive strike on his Jupiter return, as the authoritative Sun moved within a minute of opposition and with extreme Pluto also in square. He did so as the emotional Moon moved across his birth Mars, and the same planet of war came to his Ascendant.

Click here for larger image

Trump was feeling anxious, angry and agitated – compelled to act fast. Reports of a chemical attack on the town of Khan Sheikhun filled the headlines. The US military and western press blamed the Syria air force. Russia blamed the western backed rebels for the atrocity. What was missing was any serious investigation.

On the surface, it made no sense. Why would the Syrian government risk the wrath of the world in a war they were now clearly winning? Why bomb civilians instead of the actual enemy? Were they convinced he had no interest in the Syrian war? Or is the US embarking on a much wider conflict?


Trump's campaign repeatedly emphasized wasteful spending on intractable Middle East conflicts. On Syrian refugees, Trump promised, “If I win they’re going back.” He often referred to them as a Trojan horse, adding that Americans needed to build a big beautiful wall. And he cut no extra favours for children.

This is the guy when questioned, at the New Hampshire primary, on whether he could "look children aged five, eight, ten, in the face and tell them they can't go to school here", replies. "I can look in their faces and say 'You can't come'. I'll look them in the face.”

Trump’s Twitter feeds were persistently advising President Obama to stay out of Syria even after the controversial Ghouta chemical attacks of 2013. Here’s just a few of the many.

We should stay the hell out of Syria, the "rebels" are just as bad as the current regime. WHAT WILL WE GET FOR OUR LIVES AND $ BILLIONS?ZERO
00.33.43 UT 16 Jun 2013

The President must get Congressional approval before attacking Syria-big mistake if he does not!
23.02.31 UT 30 Aug 2013

The only reason President Obama wants to attack Syria is to save face over his very dumb RED LINE statement. Do NOT attack Syria, fix U.S.A.
11.13 51 UT 5 Sep 2013

Trump wasted no time in refuting his own advice when he fronted the American media last week. Perfectly defining the word hypocrisy he declared, “I think the Obama administration had a great opportunity to solve this crisis a long time ago, when he said ‘the red line in the sand.”

But perhaps it was this Tweet that gave an insight into who is the ‘real’ Donald Trump.

If we are going to continue to be stupid and go into Syria (watch Russia), as they say in the movies, SHOOT FIRST AND TALK LATER!
10:19 PM - 29 Aug 2013 12.19.42


In the week that was, Donald Trump did a military about face. Simultaneously, his chief strategist Steve Bannon was removed from the National Security Council. These events have many of Trump’s supporters now suspicious that he’s actually just another puppet of the deep state's military industrial complex.

A little over six weeks ago I wrote on the Solar Eclipse of February 26 2017. It occurred with Neptune, the planet of spin, subterfuge and bingo…chemicals. Add to that the horoscope of the 2017 Aries Ingress over Washington. It also had ambiguous Neptune rising.

My article on the eclipse concentrated on the uncanny similarity between it and the horoscope of the Reichstag Fire in Germany. This was the pretext of Hitler’s Enabling Act and a Nazi police state. The subsequent military build up led into WWII. The Reichstag Fire became famous for the term false flag attack.

The Reichstag Fire was as real as the Syrian chemical incident. The real debate lay in who was behind it. And what agenda the fire was used to advance. Many thinking people will be asking these very questions in the coming weeks. We will also have predictable knee jerk reactions from ‘debriefed’ allies.

Has Trump truly had an epiphany regarding as he emphasized, 'children of God?' If so, it is a selective conscience. He exhibited no signs of compassion when told of the senseless slaughter of Yemeni children carried out in a botched operation by his own army mere weeks before.

Instead, Trump made the tribute to a fallen Navy Seal the emotional centerpiece of his State of the Union address. Would he be willing to accomodate the increasing tide of refugees that escalated war would most certainly produce?


My astro-analysis on Trump is well known. He is part of the military machine. His fast acting Sun/Uranus at birth is aligned to the USA’s birth Mars and square the country’s spin planet of Neptune. Trump’s campaign began on a New Moon with Mars, also bang on America’s Mars. Nothing could be more obvious. Click here for the biwheel

His style is, and will continue to be, consistently confrontational. His upping of the military budget by a whopping $54 billion – almost 10% increase - made no financial, but perfect astrological, sense. He will involve the country in war. There are political pay-offs.

When American presidents fire off the first salvo, regrettably, up goes their polling. Coincidentally, in an eye blink the Russian investigations are now off front page. And the patriotic cold war rivalry is revived. At what cost and where to from here? With a Mars transit heading for Trump's Midheaven this week, don’t expect the rhetoric to soften.

On August 21 2017, a Solar Eclipse will reactivate the Sun degree of the 2013 Ghouta chemical bombing in Syria. It will mark the fourth anniversary of an act that killed over ten times the number of the recent incident. That was the one Trump was so insistent that Obama not act upon.

The same August eclipse will occur on Trump’s Ascendant, perilously near his Mars and just prior to his Mars return. This will also be Israel’s Mars return and Netanyahu’s Mars return. The eclipse will not miss either. They are all on the same page. Need I say more. But I will because there is plenty more. Next week.

April 2


Two important events happened in 1938. Both would have an enduring effect on American media. This week we can have some fun with both. On April 18, a new comic book hero appeared on the morning news-stands. One whose appeal would surpass all other. One who would lock in with the American psyche and become a cultural icon of the 20th century.

Superman was selling over a million comics each edition as early as 1940. The concept was years in the planning. He was the brainchild Jerry Siegel. Superman was true to the psychological axiom that every writer's character contains something of themselves. Siegel was the son of Russian Jew immigrants.

Siegel’s character first appeared via a story published in January 1933, entitled 'The Reign of Superman'. The first Superman was a far cry from the one Siegel later recast as a hero. Bill Dunn was a vagrant, granted telepathic powers by drinking a scientific potion, who planned to rule the entire world.

In a perhaps a not so strange case of life imitating art, Adolf Hitler also became the German Vice-Chancellor on January 30 1933. Hitler would thereafter wield a trance like control over the minds of the German populace, embarking on his own plan of global dominance. Hitler too had spent his twentieth year a vagrant on the streets of Vienna.


The new Superman was to resurface April 18 1938 on the cover of the June edition of Action Comics. He was now a character of impeccable moral code and super strength. His original mission, exposing corrupt political lobbyists and senators in Washington DC. His second saw him confronting arms dealers and stopping a war by making the leaders of both countries fight it out between themselves.

Little wonder that the appeal of Superman has faded into today's world where arms sales and promoting wars are a mainstay of the national budget. But those were the days of 'truth, justice and the American way'. And Superman was about to become the archetypal national hero. The astrological aspects and his synastry with the American Independence horoscope reveals why.

Click here for a larger version


Superman arrived as a refugee from Krypton. His rapid evacuation from a planet about to explode mirrored the theme of the alien escapees from the old world, finding their fortune in a new land. For a country grown through immigration, it held great appeal. Under the looming shadow of war in Europe, even greater.

Placed in a rocket as a baby, with his fate literally in the winds has parallels to the legend of Sargon the Great, master of the Akkadian Empire, or in a later millennium Moses in the bulrushes of the Nile. The hero's motif of the abandoned baby links to mythical characters such as Hercules or Achilles. Not all end up as basket cases.

Kal-El adapts to his Kansas home in Smallville and the customs of his locale. As an adult he moves to Metropolis, or Bigville. Here he scores a job as mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent. He works in a newspaper building known as the Daily Planet. A multi-story skyscraper on the outside, we only ever see one floor on the inside.


The lone floor contains an Perry White's editorial office, three other rooms for reporters Kent and his sidekicks Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. And a mysterious fourth storeroom with a window constantly open, probably to prevent frequently broken glass. You're familiar with the sign – in case of an emergency...break the glass.

Although Clark Kent and Superman look remarkably similar, the donning of a pair of glasses renders such resemblance irreconcilable to those who work with him the most – namely Lane, Olsen and White. Kent doesn't really require glasses as he his own eyes are more powerful than any telescope or microscope.

He even has X-ray vision. But his strict moral code means that nobody has to worry about wearing lead underwear. Superman's x-rays and super hearing are exclusively for seeing through the walls of his criminal foes or the contents of their briefcase.

There are a lot of unanswered questions about Superman. How he matured without ever growing a a beard or needing a haircut? How he manages to fit his Clark Kent suit into his cape and both remain uncrumpled? Indeed how his Krypton baby blanket expanded to an adult costume. And we won't even ask how or why the S was put on the front.


More important was his choice of employment. An investigative journalist solving all the cases and landing all the scoops. The American Revolution was born from the writings of Samuel Adams and the publications of Benjamin Franklin. Nowhere is the power of the press more evident. And this is where the truth justice and the American way comes in. No fake news or opinion pieces in the Daily Planet. Just the facts.

The other major media event of 1938 also came out of the skies. It was fake news. From 8 pm on October 30 it was transmitted into the radio sets of unsuspecting Americans. The radio adaptation of 'War Of The World's' was so realistically presented by Orson Wells that it was headlined as causing mass panic in newspapers across the nation.

Welles arranged his radio drama as a series of breaking news bulletins, relayed from various locations as an attack by invaders from Mars. In some areas it created hysteria, although probably not to the degree that was later reported. But enough for the police to raid the CBS studios and sufficient for network stations to assure callers this was just a radio play.


The station announcer on WGAR, Jack Paar, pleaded with his listeners, "The world is not coming to an end. Trust me. When have I ever lied to you?" But in the shadows of a looming war the audience wasn't buying into Paar's narrative. A Princeton study found 'War Of The Worlds' had an audience of around 6 million. Out of that 1.7 million bought the hoax. That's better than one in very four.

So w hat was really happening skywards when terror struck the radio waves? The emotional public Moon was closely opposed to lethal Pluto with the Sun in close square to both. The mock invasion,when compared with the horoscope of the USA, shows Mars at the Midheaven and illusory Neptune within three minutes of its return.

Click here for the larger version

Wrapping up, I could only find two charts that repeated the Sun/Moon/Pluto arrangement of War of The Worlds. They were rather ironic. One was the Affordable Care Act an ongoing battle since its launch date. The other was Wayne LaPierre - head of the National Rifle Association.

March 26


A fortnight ago I penned a piece on the Aries Ingress - the true astrological New Year. The moment that the Sun crosses the equator and the day and night are equal in time becomes the tipping point for a new revolution around the Sun.

My article analyzed the ingress over Washington, the political capital of the western world. Neptune was at the Ascendant. The simple significance is that things are never as they seem. Neptune is the symbolic smokescreen in the planetary pantheon. Washington politics is entering the Twilight Zone.

A few minutes past the exact moment of the ingress a message permeated the Twittersphere. How fitting a Donald Trump tweet would coincide with this celestial signal. Was the universe offering up a cryptic clue to its camouflage or simply revealing the grand illusionists?

Trump stated, “James Clapper and others stated that there is no evidence Potus colluded with Russia. This story is FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it!” Fake news has become a catchphrase of this President! Dependent upon whether its for him or against him. Click here for the charts.

All week long Donald Trump had posted how Barack Obama had “wiretapped” Trump Tower during the election campaign. Was he throwing out yet another red herring? Was he trying to deflect the national narrative from the genuine intelligence investigations?


Three and a half hours past the ingress, FBI Director James Comey and NSA director, Admiral Mike Rogers, appeared before a Congressional hearing. At 11.02 am Monday March 20, Comey was quizzed “Was the President's claim that Obama had his wire tapped in Trump Tower a true statement?”

Comey carefully replied, "With respect to the President's tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets." It came as the public Moon squared the leadership Sun. But Comey did have some relevant facts to deliver.

The FBI was conducting an investigation into alleged Russian interference with the 2016 election. The Aries Ingress wasn’t a good day for presidential credibility. And it would set the tone for the week to come. And probably – as ingresses go - the months to follow.

The FBI was also investigating possible links between the Russians and the Trump campaign. But Trump clearly is no fan of the intelligence community.

Back on February 15 this year he tweeted, “Information is being illegally given to the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost by the intelligence community (NSA and FBI?).Just like Russia”.

Well dreamtime Neptune is definitely associated with inexplicable phenomena such as telepathy and knowing something without knowing exactly how or why.

So government leaks are a formality. A bit like a twelve year old Trump tax return mysteriously appearing as a convenient diversion. Although Neptune can be even more attached to the concealment of the more current ones.


There were plenty of clues in the Ingress horoscope pertaining to difficulties at the White House. The Moon and Saturn together in the governmental tenth house indicated administrative obstacles, frustrations arising from blockages, delays and unpopularity with the public. All were clearly evident by the Friday March 24.

Shortly after 3 pm the Republicans pulled their much-publicized and long promised health care act. It was a major defeat for a President who has already seen legislation rejected by the courts and watched personal appointees resign or stand down.

Trump reflexively blamed the Democrats, despite having a majority in both houses. It was avoiding the obvious – a Republican mutiny - and the clearest signs of a schism.
By late Friday afternoon Trump was claiming he’d personally pulled the health care bill. Instead, he'd tried to bulldoze it through.

Simultaneously the House Speaker, Paul Ryan, was saying the President acted instead on 'his' advice. As the finger pointing began, each were incongruously praising the other. Penetrating this propaganda reveals a power struggle taking place deeper within the party.

Days before the health care plan deservedly went down in flames, the Breitbart website, formerly run by senior Trump strategist Steve Bannon– ran a disparaging article on Paul Ryan. It released a recording from October 10 2016 in which the Speaker refuses to support Trump’s candidacy. The timing was hardly accidental.


The horoscopes of the Republican President, Donald Trump and the Republican House Speaker, Paul Ryan are chalk and cheese different. Ryan has shape-shifting Neptune sitting right at his Ascendant. It’s one stellar reason why the Trump supporters view Ryan as a crafty career ‘politician’ and poster boy for the establishment.

Donald Trump’s Pluto opposes Paul Ryan’s Sun with an orb of only one degree. Trump was like Darth Vader manifesting out of the darkness to extinguish Ryan’s light. The two struggle for dominance. Trump’s Pluto opposes Paul Ryan’s Venus within an orb of only four minutes. Ditto to Ryan’s values and popularity.

Donald Trump’s Saturn squares Paul Ryan’s Moon. The orb is down to twenty two minutes. Talk about an emotional dampener. Here’s cold and calculating Saturn sabotaging the public Moon. This is also a dominant square from Saturn, meaning the ringed planet binds up the Moon big time.

Donald Trump’s Uranus squares Paul Ryan’s Midheaven. Uranus is the unpredictable agitator. The Midheaven represents status and ambition. Recognition and reputation change in a blinding eye blink when these two square off. Both will tend to rain on each other's parade.

Donald Trump’s Mars and Ascendant squares Paul Ryan’s Ascendant. Think two predators vying for identical territory. They want the same prize but someone’s going to get hurt with this uncompromising angle. Mars means war! If it’s not public yet it may eventually be heading that way.

Trump’s Sun and Moon are in hard aspect to Ryan’s Sun and Venus. If you’re thinking that these two guys come from different sides of the track…that would be a colossal understatement. With all of these challenging aspects the Hatfields and McCoys would stand a better chance of working in harmony.

Only the supreme optimist would spin these planetary combinations as opportunity for growth. They're more akin to inventing a fish milkshake laced with curry and ketchup. Some things just simply don’t go together.

Click here for the two charts.

And so was the week that was. An Aries Ingress that repeats a pattern - Neptune at the Ascendant - Moon and Saturn at the Midheaven - last seen in 1945. That's when the two people filled the Presidential post.

After an inauspicious beginning, it’s something that Donald Trump is working hard to avoid. But for Ryan, the eventual removal of Trump may be essential in preserving his own political career.

March 19

Last week's column, click here for the link, explained the Aries Ingress over Washington. And how the influence of Neptune rising would throw a cloud of secrecy, confusion and possible deception over international relations. This week looks further into the history of the US, China and the Korean peninsula.


As the Chinese economy and influence grows so does the threat to US power in the Asian Pacific. Countries like South Korea and Japan are being encouraged to ramp up their military budgets. And during the week the new US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has been meeting the leaders of both, before jetting into China.

The timing of Tillerson's visit is highly auspicious. It's a far cry from the days when Richard Nixon was hailed as a visionary for becoming the first US President to visit the People's Republic.

Nixon's ambitious venture was given extensive media coverage. It culminated in the Shanghai Communique, stating that neither power should "seek hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region”. Nixon's trip proved a political master-stroke. The President played on divisions between China and the USSR, prior to negotiating the SALT Treaty with the Soviets.

Normalising relations with Communist China paved the way for economic liberalisation programs that would support global growth well into the following millennium. That was forty five years ago.

Astrologically that means that the horoscope of the US and China coming together, has now reached a forty five degree semisquare by solar arc direction. This challenging angle puts the whole relationship under a crisis point of necessary change. Tillerson's trip is potentially the most important made since Nixon's historic landing on February 21 1972.

The US China economic co-dependency has grown to where the US is China's biggest export market, outside the European Union. China, along with being the biggest holder of US securities, is the third biggest export market for the US. But there are some elephants in the room. They lie on China's northern border at the Korean peninsula.


The ancient kingdom of Korea has been a land divided since the end of World War Two. Emancipated from Japanese governance, dating back to annexation of August 22 1910, Korea ceded control of the south to the USA, whilst the Soviets took the north above the 38th parallel. The two sides became the geopolitical embodiment of the Cold War.

The North and South went to war at dawn on June 25 1950. That day featured a volatile Sun/Uranus conjunction in a tight square to the battle planet Mars. In effect it was a proxy war with China and the USSR backing the North and the USA and United Nations supporting the South. On the latest estimates it claimed over a million lives.

The conflict had no official end. Instead, after three years of fighting, an armistice was agreed upon at 10 am on July 27 1953 at Panmunjom and signed with no words spoken. In the South, they call the conflict the '625 Upheaval'. In the North it is referred to as the 'Fatherland Liberation War'. And China branded those years as 'the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea'.


Today those narratives have hardly changed. The two sides are provocatively divided by border guards and a barbed wire demilitarised zone, four kilometers wide and two hundred and fifty kilometers long. The US has never left. In January of 1958 they introduced nuclear weapons to the peninsula. They were withdrawn in December of 1991, with the hopes of reunification.

Over 28,000 US troops remain stationed in the South and joint military exercises are regularly undertaken. Meantime, the North maintains the fourth largest army in the world and have developed their own nuclear weapons program. They are believed to have between fifteen to twenty nuclear bombs.

South Korea, as one of the world's richest and technologically advanced nations, had similar plans. They were dissuaded from developing their own weapons and instead rely upon a US nuclear umbrella. South Korea have an agreement with Washington, that if the nation were attacked the US would assume military control of the peninsula.


On September 9 1948 the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea was formed, under the leadership of Kim II Sung. The title of Supreme Leader was his for almost half a century, until his death on July 8 1994. Today his birthday is commemorated as the Day of the Sun.

During the decades of the 60's and 70's, with Soviet support, the economy of the North easily outperformed the South. Today the opposite is the case. North Korea's fierce nationalism has isolated them from the generous living conditions enjoyed by their southern counterparts.

Since the formation of the DPRK, leadership has remained a one family affair. Kim Jong-il led the country through 1994 to 2011. Under his rule North Korea withdrew from the nuclear proliferation treaty and pursued nuclear weaponry. Today the baton has passed to his second son Kim Jong-un.

Despite crippling economic sanctions, North Korea maintains the world's fourth largest standing army. Kim Jong-un has accelerated his missile program and boasted about reaching the west coast of the US. The US have pressured China to act. But China fears the fallout of a possible collapse of the North Korean state.


This is where the birth horoscope of Donald Trump, the US commander in chief, becomes vitally important. The dominant planet in his horoscope is Mars, rising at his birth.

And as described in previous columns, all of his campaign successes featured the red planet prominent. Already Trump's connection to the US military is proving more than just an astrological reality.

If you relocate Trump's horoscope to Washington, DC, then Mars comes precisely to his Ascendant degree. In short he brings his Mars – the planet of military aggression and competition – right to the White House. Then if you look at where his Mars was setting at is birth, you'll find it precisely over the North Korean capital of Pyongyang and northern Chinese border.

Having a planet on an angle maximises its power in that specific location. It's what makes the ramifications of Tillerson's mission, ahead of Xi Jinping's imminent visit to the USA, so important. Potentially the most important time since 1972 for the two nations.

March 12

Before I begin this weeks analysis of the 2017 Aries Ingress keep in mind that the late February Solar Eclipse is climaxing its energies at this weekend's Full Moon. Remember it is 'dissolving' power structures and undermining leaders.

In South Korea the impeachment of deposed President Park Geun-hye
was upheld by the courts. She may even face incarceration on corruption charges. In Australia the long term Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett was swept out of power in a landslide defeat.

On New Years eve on Sydney radio station 2GB I forecast that the Australian Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull may not see out 2017 as Prime Minister. This monumental swing away from the Liberal Party must surely have Turnbull nervous for the future.

This week's column examines an ancient astrological technique for analyzing the year ahead. It is the location specific Aries Ingress and this week we look at some important ones of the past and check out this years Aries Ingress over Washington.


One of the core beliefs of astrology lies in assigning the potential of any given entity or project, to the precise moment of its beginning. Astrologers work with birth charts, preferably timed down to the minute. It works the same when examining global trends.

The annual astrological Big Bang happens the moment that the Sun crosses the equator in a northerly direction. It marks a fresh solar cycle around the zodiac. The birth moment is known as the Aries Ingress, and is traditionally considered the most important of the four seasonal ingress charts used to describe the annual trend.

All ingress charts are location specific. That's because the most significant factors are planets that are rising, setting, culminating or at the base of the ingress chart. In short those that are on the angles or aspected to those angles. Further considerations are given to the outstanding aspects between planets, especially those involving the Sun.


A good example of an Aries Ingress horoscope forecasting future directions involves that cast for London on March 21 1939 – the year that brought World War Two. The 1939 Aries Ingress shows a New Moon in a close and challenging square to the war planet Mars. Destructive Pluto is rising at the Ascendant. Clearly this was a war horoscope and so it proved.

Another prime illustration is the Aries Ingress, set for the location of New York for 2001, the year of the 911 attacks. This horoscope shows the natural malefic, Saturn, rising. Saturn is also in the degree of the most violent and dangerous fixed star in the heavens, Algol. The Ascendant of this chart maligned by Saturn and Algol is as bad as it gets from a worldly perspective. Click here for the larger chart.

As the Ascendant describes the outlook of the country and its people, the Saturn/Algol connection describes the public sorrow and restrictions that accompanied 911. A volatile Mars/Pluto union lies ominously in the seventh house of allies and enemies. The same patterns replicated in the following Cancer seasonal ingress.

There is a case for examining succeeding ingress charts. The logic of this involves scanning for repetitive patterns. The 2001 Cancer Ingress, for New York, also placed Neptune at the Midheaven and the aggressive Mars Pluto conjunction repeating in the seventh house, whilst Saturn remained in the first house. It reinforced the Aries pattern.


2001 changed the way Americans thought about the world. It made them more fearful and judgmental– Saturn at the Ascendant. It brought new restrictions on the public such as the Patriot Act and changed travel forever. The negativity of Saturn was exacerbated by the Algol connection. The fixed star likened to the severed head of Medusa symbolizes the multiplying terrorist threat.

Neptune in the administrative tenth house represented the government being caught asleep at the wheel, or living in a bubble. It indicates that the people believe the government may be smoke-screening some of the facts here and supports conspiracy theories. Neptune may reflect an ineffective or deceptive leadership and even the influence of 'big oil' on the administration.

Mars and Pluto in the seventh house of allies and enemies is self-explanatory. This brings military extremists or radical terrorists. There is a danger of war or acts of war inflicted. Here the anger of, Mars combines with the demolition of Pluto. Of course in hindsight this is easily interpreted. But regardless these ingress charts are obviously challenging.

A further annual forecasting technique is to cast a chart for the exact time that the Sun returns to its birth position. In the example of the USA, the original Sibly birth chart of 17.10 hours July 4 1776 Philadelphia is used. The 2001 solar return can be recast for New York or Washington. Both repeat the pattern of the ingress charts. Saturn is at the Ascendant, Neptune at the Midheaven and Mars and Pluto are in the seventh.


As in 2001, there is a replication of the Aries Ingress and the Cancer Ingress and additionally in the birth horoscope of the USA recast for 2017. This time Neptune will be at the Ascendant and Saturn in the 10th house or conjunct the Midheaven. The same two planets swapping places. Fortunately Algol is not involved and neither is there a Mars Pluto conjunction.

The Aries Ingress horoscope for Washington in 2017 occurs at 06.08.34 hours on March 20. Saturn in the governmental tenth house conjunct the public Moon is indicative of a more rigid and conservative rule. Saturn represents the establishment and the old way of doing things. The authority factor of Saturn implies greater restrictions or control.

Click here if you wish a larger chart.
Saturn is not about winning popularity contests and the public Moon's conjunction with Saturn supports this. It represents authoritarianism. It can also indicate administrative obstacles to be overcome, delays and difficulties in the White House. Neptune prominent at the Ascendant casts a cloud of uncertainty around international relationships and the national projection.

Any planet conjunct the Ascendant describes the country's immediate outlook. Neptune conjures ambiguity and uncertainty. Under these auspices conspiracy theories, concepts like fake news and deliberately misleading statements prevail. Again the influence of big oil can be playing a pivotal role. Naval power and control of water or waterways are issues central to Neptune.


There is a need for greater logic and discrimination when the planet of spin is prominent. For example, Neptune was rising in the Aries Ingress of 2003 cast for Baghdad. Iraqi's expecting a rapid liberation from dictatorial rule instead got US occupation. It can manifest as disappointment from being misled. Whenever you find Neptune at the Ascendant things are not as they seem on the surface.

Neptune's association with water and oil is already bringing environmental issues like the North Dakota pipeline increasingly to the fore. They will not go away in a hurry. Meantime Saturn in the tenth suggests government crackdowns and the adoption of a more austere approach to Neptunian concerns such as social welfare programs.

Shape shifting Neptune also correlates with covert and hidden activities. Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, was born with Neptune right on his Ascendant. Assanges's latest revelation about CIA spying techniques has brought surveillance technology back into the national narrative. But it works both ways. Government leaks should be a feature of the year.

The last time Neptune appeared at the Ascendant and the Moon was conjunct Saturn at the Midheaven was the 1945 Aries Ingress at Washington. It was the final year of WWII, which also saw a change of Presidents.

Wrapping up - do ingress charts consistently work? Personally, I don't find them infallible. I prefer eclipses and synodic cycle work. They are but one technique of many. However, when they do work, they can be incredibly effective. Which is why they have survived the millennia.

March 5

Last week I wrote about the Solar Eclipse of February 26 2017, click here for the link, and how the last time a solar eclipse had appeared in this Piscean degree, Bill Clinton had publicly lied about his affair with Monica Lewinsky and was fighting impeachment proceedings.


Within days of the current eclipse the newly appointed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, was caught lying under oath to the US Congress. As a result of that, and under increasing pressure, he recused himself from the investigation that Russian state hackers played a leading role in influencing the US election.


A feature of the February Solar Eclipse is its proximity to Neptune, the smokescreen planet of deception. As it is the Sun being eclipsed – and the Sun traditionally represents leadership – it’s casting doubts around the authenticity of Donald Trump’s presidency.

The rulers of the ancient world were very superstitious about eclipses. Eclipses represented potential change to the order. It was something that emperors and kings took very seriously. Serious enough to swear in a temporary and substitute king, often later be sacrificed to preserve the life of the leader.

Trump reacted to the threats to his command as his Mars rising chart suggests. He went on all out attack. And he does so in a way that his horoscope has a propensity for - obfuscation and aversion. Trump’s birth Mercury squares illusory Neptune. He instinctively knows how to deflect and divert.

It’s the kind of thinking that propelled his undermining the previous president with relentless birth certificate propaganda. Again Trump instinctively turned to Twitter, firing off a new counter-attack against his old nemesis. It's all happening under a current triple conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Neptune.


Trump loves Twitter for a quick and easy headline. This time Trump is accusing Obama of tapping his phone during the election. It’s deviously designed to create a different narrative and paint Trump as the Neptunian victim.

But while this eclipse persists, those headlines of covert Russian influence on the US election simply won’t go away.
The undeniable fact, in this Neptunian scenario, is that Trump’s justice advocate was caught out lying under oath.

As he is the second Trump appointee to fail the Pinocchio test, after the National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn, the President needs a different headline. A headline that matches similar conspiracy strategies put out by his chief advisor, Steve Bannon


Bannon is the puppeteer of the Trump administration. Born November 27 1953 in Norfolk, Virginia, Bannon's Gemini Jupiter sits right on Trump's Gemini Sun. It means that Bannon plays the Guru role for his president.

This is a 'success' combination - particularly as their birth Jupiters also run in a supportive trine. The difficulty comes via their lack of restraint - or excess.

It was Bannon who re branded Trump as rebel fighting the system. When financial inequality was a major election issue, Trump could hardly be portrayed as a billionaire living in a gilded tower.

Bannon sold Trump as an enemy of a so called deep state. The propagation of an evil entity shadow government is a Bannon ideology. Both Trump and Bannon ascribe to a virtual 'dystopian' view of the USA, evident in the President's conspiracy laced inaugural address.


Back on January 17 1961, then President Dwight Eisenhower, in his farewell message, warned the American public about a genuine threat to its democracy. He termed it the military industrial complex. Eisenhower claimed that the weapons industry influenced politicians at every level of government.

To maintain its power the military industrial complex must exacerbate the public's fears and insecurities. The created enemy, conspiracy theories and covert operations are all part of Neptunian subterfuge. The world must remain a dangerous place. Eternal vigilance then justifies exorbitant expenditure.

Pre-election Donald Trump made a lot of noise about cutting spending on expensive military hardware like the F-35. Last week he raised the military budget by over fifty billion, in a time of record debt. It was no suprise. When Trump announced his candidacy with a New Moon on Mars I wrote in this column that he would be militaristic President.

There was further astro-evidence obvious in Trump's Sun and Uranus merging with the USA's July 4 1776 birth Mars. Even when Trump won Wisconsin, and secured the presidency, the Midheaven over Washington was passing over the USA's birth Mars. As Bannon's Jupiter also falls on the US Mars, theirs is a war combination.

The military budget of the USA dwarfs the next ten countries combined. It's natural to question why the country needs to spend even more on destructive weaponry, rather than improving quality of life.

The answer may again lie with Neptune - the planet that represents the petroleum industry - and Trump's colonialist mantra, 'I always said, take the oil'. But under the current eclipse, trust in Trump and governments overall, is at a dangerous low. It's not so much what they're telling us, as what they're not.


The February Annular Solar Eclipse falls on the 26th at 14.54.33 Universal Time. It casts a similar global shadow to a solar eclipse of March 24 1933, the year that Adolf Hitler came to power. And we'll get to that soon.

Eclipses can also be read as part of a repetitive 19 year Metonic pattern. That's because the soli-lunar cycle repeats over that time period. New Moons, essential for any solar eclipse, reappear in virtually the identical area of the zodiac.

The February 2017 eclipse occurs at 8 degrees of Pisces, as did the solar eclipse of March 26 1998. One month earlier, US President Bill Clinton released his erroneous claim, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky." Throughout March Clinton was front page news - battling impeachment.

The solar eclipse nineteen years prior occurred on February 26 at 7Pisces29. At the beginning of that month, the spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, returned from exile, empowering the Iranian Revolution and torpedoing Jimmy Carter's only presidential term. Both events have something in common with today?

Talk of impeaching the US President has resurfaced in America and the US/Iran relations are again at straining point. Often the eclipse series illustrate similar scenarios. However, there's much more to this February eclipse than the two subjects mentioned.


The February eclipse reactivates the zodiacal degree of the February 27 1933 Reichstag Fire. The burning of the German Houses of Parliament occurred three days after a solar eclipse opposing Neptune. True to Neptune's illusory nature, Hitler proclaimed the inferno to be a sign from God.

The Reichstag fire was the literal spark for the dictatorial Enabling Act. This allowed Adolf Hitler to bypass parliament in enacting new laws; essential to his absolute power. As the current eclipse also spotlights Neptune, history may hold some clues as to its effect.

The blaze, blamed on the Communists, provided a pretext for the future Fuehrer to ban opposition parties and jail political dissidents. Neptune, which politically relates to socialist political movements was effectively 'eclipsed'.

Controversy still reigns today over the opportune timing of the fire, which happened less than a month after Hitler's appointment to Chancellor. Evidence uncovered in recent years suggests it was a 'false flag' event, designed to discredit his political opponents.

The February 24 1933 eclipse was preceded by another solar eclipse on Neptune, six months prior. Between these eclipses a clandestine meeting took place involving Hitler and the politically powerful German General Kurt von Schleicher.

The General sought Hitler's support in a secret scheme to overthrow the government. Hitler's autocratic plans were emboldened by such military subterfuge.


Last September also witnessed a solar eclipse opposing Neptune. It may be why subversive Neptunian elements predominate today’s political narrative. Astute historians and social commentators are noting the current parallels of populism and propaganda.

Right wing nationalism is rising, eerily similar to the personality driven politics of the 1930's. Marginalization of minorities has resurfaced. Not only is the eclipse Sun in the same zodiacal degree as the Reichstag Fire. It is also very close to the Uranus return of the same event and at both the Nodal and Neptune opposition. Check the charts below or click here for larger resolution.

The current eclipse's close connection with deceptive Neptune may throw a cloud of 'unknowing' around any major political events across the next nine months. It would be wise to look beyond the surface appearances and instead toward the hidden agendas with this smoke and mirrors planet in such high focus.


The Reichstag fire is not the only major event that locks in with the March 26 eclipse. It was on February 26, back in 1993 that the first bombing attack occurred on the World Trade Center.

Like the Reichstag Fire, a chart comparison of the World Trade Center bombing of 1993 and the eclipse reveals a further Uranus connection. This time the Mars/Uranus conjunction of the eclipse runs square to the Uranus/Neptune conjunction of the WTC attack. Check the charts below or click here for a larger graphic.

We are seeing a prospective theme emerging of potential danger to a notable building or landmark. The implication, especially in today's world of western terrorist paranoia, being that a real or false flag event could be used to justify escalated military action or further erosion of civil rights and independence.


The February 26 eclipse occurs simultaneous with a volatile Mars and Uranus conjunction, between 21 and 22 degrees of fiery Aries. On the morning of April 9 2013, the ISIL organisation was publicly announced via YouTube. Mars was as 21 degrees of Aries. This eclipse is effectively a warlike Mars return for ISIL.

Mars was similarly placed for the execution of Osama bin Laden - dubbed Operation Neptune Spear - in the early hours of May 2 2011. In fact Mars and Jupiter were together - around 22/23 Aries - for this assassination.

The February eclipse, as well as spotlighting these degrees, places Mars and Jupiter currently in opposition. A clear motif connected to the shadowy world of international terrorism is being highlighted via these planetary placements associated with the eclipse.


At a meta level, the eclipse is emphasizing polarity – us and them – white hat and black hat stuff. It also mirrors the downside of subversive US engagement in Middle East politics. The Iranian Revolution and the first WTC bombing were inspired by prior CIA and military operations. So too, the rise of Bin Laden and Islamic State.

At the heart of all of these operations were energy wars, from the overthrow of Iranian PM Mohammad Mossedegh to the modern gulf states funding ISIS to destabilize Iraq's oilfields. Always with Neptune one must look beyond the veil, look for ulterior motives and follow the money trail.

And sometimes it's the wars that are conspicuously absent from the western media - such as Yemen - where the real inhumanities are effected. Media support for government propaganda in all of these excursions has made 'fake news' an unfortunate reality. The key to this eclipse may sometimes lie in reversing the roles of perpetrator and the victim.

FEB 19


Ask any astrologer to put a planet to the words radical, rebellious revolutionary and eccentric and you’ll get one answer – Uranus. So it’s no surprise that Donald Trump – born under a lunar eclipse with his Sun on Uranus with the Moon opposing - should elicit a similar description. Shock and surprise are delivered on a daily basis.

Uranus in a concentrated form is eccentricity personified. Trump’s offbeat style is witnessed via his whimsical and reactionary techno Twitter rants. Political pundits are already predicting he won’t last the distance. As the USA divides under this unconventional governance it pays to examine the July 4 1776 17.10 hours Philadelphia birth chart.

From February 2017, the Secondary Progressed Sun of the Sibly horoscope, representing the leader, is running square to the Ascendant. This Ascending point, where the ecliptic intercepts the horizon, depicts how the nation projects into the international community. It is an angle of image and association. Currently the leadership and the national image are running at cross-purposes.

As March begins, the SP Moon will join the Ascendant and also run square to the progressing Sun. This is putting the public (Moon) further at odds with the administration. The US Ascendant is also fielding a testing square from the transit of Neptune through Pisces, exact around the Aries Equinox in March and prevalent again from September onward.

Neptune’s smoke and mirrors will not dissipate until well into 2018. Casting the 2017 horoscopes of the Aries and Cancer Ingresses for the location of the White House places Neptune directly at the Ascendant for both. Hence the confusion, government leaks and mystery that surrounds Capitol Hill.


A New York Times article recently referred to Trump’s advisor and publicity aide Kelley Anne Conway as ‘sleepwalking her way…through increasingly embarrassing interviews.” Dreamtime Neptune connects with Conway’s, “alternative reality” or the Donald’s fervent claims of “fake news”. It matters little that both perpetuate the same.

The President’s exaggeration of his inauguration numbers and fallacy that he enjoyed the biggest Electoral College win since Ronald Reagan is typical Neptune grandiose delusions. When challenged that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton posted a higher electoral count, Trump retorted that he was only referring to a Republican presidents. A detail he conveniently omitted.

That ‘get out of jail’ card failed when he was confronted with the fact that George Bush took the 1988 presidency with 426 Electoral College votes compared to his 304. As Trump’s disregard for facts and self-obsession is unprecedented, so is Neptune transiting across the Secondary Progressed USA Sun whilst squaring the US Ascendant. It’s a first.


Neptune was last in departing square to the US Ascendant on January 4 1854, when Senator Stephen Douglas introduced the bill for the formation of Nebraska. It was the beginning of the Kansas-Nebraska Act that led the US down the path of civil war. It also led to the formation of the Republican Party that same year.

The war did not eventuate until 1861 when Neptune reached the very foundation of the US birth chart and dissolved national cohesion. This current period is equally important when it comes to disunity. The signs of similar political polarity are blindingly obvious.

History does not repeat absolutely, just as the solar system doesn’t fully duplicate its complex multiple patterns. Yet there are thematic similarities that would be foolish to overlook. Neptune will again reach the IC, or base of the USA chart in 2025. This ‘second coming’ will be part of a Saturn Neptune conjunction.


The study of the Saturn/Neptune planetary cycle correlates with developments in the socialistic politics. At the 1846 conjunction – the year that Neptune was discovered - Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels met. That union led to the publication of the Communist Manifesto on February 21 1848, with the Sun conjunct Neptune. It was a year of sweeping revolutions throughout Europe.

At the heart of these uprisings, which abolished the French monarchy, were basic rights such as freedom of assembly, freedom of the press. European unrest was triggered via an oppressed majority living under the authoritarian rule of a privileged minority. These days we call them the ‘one-percenters’.

Since then, the Saturn Neptune conjunction has been at the forefront of two Russian Revolutions in the 20th century. As power became concentrated so their empire imploded. A similar class struggle is resurrected today, courtesy of widening economic inequality.

If the Sibly horoscope runs true to form the USA will experience a ‘fresh start’ SP New Moon in 2024 in empathetic Pisces and later that year the SP Midheaven will join revolutionary Uranus. It will mark a time of social upheaval directly related to the degree of societal imbalance. This is reinforced in 2025 as a political middle ground is cultivated.


What role does Donald Trump have in this? It may be easier to remove his name for anonymity and just call him Honest John. Now Honest is acutely aware that the big issue is economic inequality. He ran for President on it. But shucks - he’s a billionaire. Somehow he had to continually associate his opponent with the big end of town.

While it’s not a lie, it’s a tactic deflecting the fact that Honest John is the virtual embodiment of big end of town and always has been. So much so that he refuses to release his tax returns for fear they might torpedo his campaign. He claims the public are not interested. What they are really not interested in is the election. Over 90 million people won’t be voting in 2016.

Honest John wears a cap, similar to the political activists Michael Moore and Bernie Sanders. It’s an effective marketing ploy associating him with the worker. The cap works a treat. Somehow fellow cap wearers fail to hear that he is against raising the minimum wage and considers American workers overpaid. And that he plans further tax cuts for the rich.

He’s running for the most important political post in the world but Honest John hasn’t served a day in public office. He’ll use this inexperience to his advantage. He’ll call the whole system corrupt – including his Republican associates. It’s what most people believe anyway. He will disassociate himself from the politicians that he’s cultivated most of his life, then get the same people to nominate him.

After his victory John will pay his opponent, that one he vowed to jail, effusive praise for her contribution to America society. He will appoint the very people he used to denigrate his opponent – Goldman Sachs execs – to his highest financial positions. He will rail against regulations introduced after the 2008 Wall St scandals, claiming they’re hamstringing fiscal growth.

He will challenge environmental policy in the name of profit. Honest John swears to uphold the constitution and immediately introduces legislation that defies it. When his attorney general defends the law he dismisses her. Reverts to the oldest political line in the book. Says he inherited a mess.

Points to Brexit as evidence of the political tide turning. One problem here. Brexit was decided by majority vote – Honest John lost the majority by three million. And as for change, he only received 10,000 more votes than mainstream Republican Mitt Romney did in 2012. I’m sure you get the picture by now. This is all fantastic Neptune stuff.


It'll probably get revolution rolling. But not the one he expects. There is another side to Neptune. It relates to avoidance and complacence. 42% of the American electorate was unaccounted for in 2016. That’s something that changes remarkably when real revolutionary times escalate. Like a sleeping giant waiting to awake from a comatose Neptunian state.

If the election is to be correctly analyzed, via the people who voted for neither Clinton nor Trump, the disassociated would have won 490 Electoral College votes as against 32 for Clinton and 16 for Trump. Disinterest won the 2016 election by an incredible margin. When that changes, via believable candidates, real change will follow.

Next week's column examines the upcoming February 26 Solar Eclipse. It's chart that links in with both the Reichstag Fire and the first World Trade Centre bombing and Islamic State. And that's only for starters. It's a must read. Meantime here's the US election below and the states where the non voters outnumbered the candidate's support. Overwhelmingly so.

FEB 12


Donald Trump's controversial travel ban being ruled unconstitutional is part of a pattern. It will be one of many initiatives to hit 'the wall' during his tenure. Trump was elected during an astrological period that for over a century has proved the undoing of US presidents.

The primary astrological cycle governing law and order is the twenty year generational meeting of Jupiter and Saturn. The current presidential term falls into the closing stages of the Jupiter Saturn cycle.

It's a sure sign that things will not go as planned. Instead it will be the 2020 election that sets the tone for the future. There is a clear reason for this. I wrote on this directly after his election win. This article explains in greater detail.

The next four years represents an ending of an old order, not the beginning of a new one. Such will be increasingly obvious from the latter stages of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. There is ample evidence to support presidential plans going awry from then. It was a recurring theme throughout the last century.


Woodrow Wilson's second and final term covered the closing 'balsamic' stage of Jupiter and Saturn. 1917 saw the Dow drop 22%. Wilson's grand plan of the US heading up the League of Nation's, post WWI, was scuttled in Congress.

Wilson suffered a stroke whilst seeking US support for the Treaty of Versailles, leaving him incapacitated during the latter stages of his presidency. He wanted to run for a record third term, but his party thought otherwise.

Franklin D Roosevelt won a second term in a landslide victory, heading into the closing Jupiter Saturn stage. It began with the US slipping back into Depression as the Dow dropped 33% in 1937. WWII began two years later.

But Roosevelt's personal war was with the US Supreme Court. Several of his New Deal initiatives were ruled unconstitutional. Sounding familiar? Roosevelt then attempted to stack the Supreme Court by adding six new judges.

It was a move that brought him undone with Congress and fellow Democrats. His Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937 was held up in the Senate for 165 days before being defeated. Real change for America – and the world - came via the new Jupiter/Saturn cycle and US entry into WWII from 1941.


Dwight Eisenhower was elected for a second term in 1957. Again the Dow Jones tanked in the second half of the year. But his biggest shock arrived when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 into space on October 4 1957.

The world's first artificial space satellite sparked fears of growing Communist powers and potential surveillance of US installations. Eisenhower implemented his own covert U-2 spy program. During his final year a US reconnaissance plane was shot down in Soviet airspace.

Pilot, Gary Powers, was secretly held captive by the Russians. Eisenhower's administration, unaware of Power's survival, released a false statement, claiming that a weather research craft that had accidentally strayed into Soviet territory before being destroyed.

The truth – now famously dubbed the U-2 incident - became a major diplomatic victory for Nikita Kruschev, ahead of crucial summit talks. Eisenhower witnessed the Soviets take the lead in the space race. He was against what would become America’s crowning technological achievement of the 20th century – man walking on the Moon.

Eisenhower argued, “Anyone who would spend $40 billion in a race to the moon for national prestige is nuts.” The president also suffered a stroke in November 1957, the first year of his second term. It would be left to the following Kennedy administration to set the tone for the future.


Jimmy Carter's first year of 1977 saw the Dow tumble 17%. By the time Jupiter and Saturn had entered their final balsamic phase, American influence in the Middle East would greatly diminish with the overthrow of the Shah and the Iranian Revolution.

Carter's troubles culminated with the American Embassy hostage crisis, as US citizens were held captive for 444 days in Teheran. Carter's rescue attempt – Operation Eagle Claw – crashed and burned in the Iranian desert, along with his re-election prospects.

Carter also witnessed the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and delivered the order for the US to support Osama bin Laden; a resistance movement that would come back to haunt as Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. It was left to Carter's successor, Ronald Reagan, to propel the US, and the economic world, in a different direction.


The last President governing during the closing stages of the Jupiter Saturn cycle was Bill Clinton. His first year delivered the Dow mini-crash. On October 27 1997 all trading stopped after a 7% dive, triggered by an Asian meltdown, activated the NYSE circuit breaker.

The economy recovered and boomed. Yet Clinton's second term is best remembered by his impeachment proceedings as the truth of his affair with Monica Lewinsky became front page scandal. Clinton was further proof that the balsamic phase of Jupiter and Saturn is the undoing of US administrations.

Might we expect the same again? Will it be the lack of Congressional, or party, support that plagued Wilson or the legal challenges that confronted Roosevelt? Will growing Russian influence and diminishing global status, play a role as with Eisenhower and Carter. Is there a scandal or even impeachment attempt ahead ala Clinton?

The predominant theme is clearly of events not going as planned – the proverbial spanner in the works presidency, usually with a financial shock thrown in for good measure. That's the cycle that Donald Trump finds himself elected into. The signs are already showing. Things are not going as planned in a cycle of endings. And those plans that do not eventuate may well be the enduring legacy of the current administration.

January 22


Astrology purports that the start of an enterprise contains the kernel of its future. Therefore the inauguration of Donald Trump holds the keys to the potential of his presidency. The proof of that hypothesis can be found via the swearing in charts of prior presidents.


George W Bush was sworn in at 12.00.24 pm on January 20 2001, with the Ascendant opposing the war planet Mars in vengeful Scorpio. The orb was two degrees. Two years into his presidency, with Ascendant progressing to complete the opposition, the US was invading Iraq on Bush's command.

When Bill Clinton was sworn in for a second time, Neptune, the planet of scandal and deception was exactly on the Midheaven. Clinton narrowly avoided impeachment following his attempted cover up of his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

JFK had a more difficult Neptune. It was squaring the Midheaven by around three degrees, when he took the oath at 12.51 pm. Kennedy lasted slightly less than three years in office. His assassination remains a Neptunian enigma to most Americans. And one planet stands out in his swearing in chart – a way out of bounds Mars.

Richard Nixon had Mars opposite Saturn for January 20 1973 @ 12.15 pm, when he swore the oath. The exact time brought the Midheaven in a precise semisquare to Mars and sesquisquare to the Saturn, a decidedly difficult combination. The Midheaven was also in the final degree of Capricorn and about to change signs. As it did, the US changed presidents.


Before I begin to analyze the primary features of the Trump inauguration chart from the historical perspective, let me make one point perfectly clear. The chart would have been the same regardless of who was sworn in as the US President for 2017.

The predominant outer planetary aspects, for Trump's swearing in, are a tight Jupiter to Uranus opposition, with a close trine from Saturn to Uranus. This has only happened once before at Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration, on March 4 1865.

Lincoln’s second term was cruelly shortened to 42 days. His VP Andrew Johnson was sworn in at 11 am April 15 as Saturn retrograded back toward the trine with Uranus and the Sun came to oppose Saturn.

Does the expansive nature of Jupiter magnify the surprise factor of Uranus? On average appearances it would seem so. There have been three occasions when Jupiter has been in close square to Uranus at swearing in time, which back this up.

The first was James Madison who completed a full second term although his Vice President didn't. The next was William Harrison, the shortest presidency of them all, lasting only one month. The last was Richard Nixon's second term, which lasted eight months, finishing with his resignation.


Another prominent aspect of Trump’s inauguration is the tight square between the traditional malefics, Mars and Saturn, with both connected to the Moon. The Moon is public mood, populace and specifically females. The Moon in debility clearly shows the spirited opposition to this presidency.

Richard Nixon's second inauguration had the two malefics in tight opposition. The only other presidency, featuring a Mars Saturn square, was that of James Buchanan, the one most historians rate as the worst of all.

Buchanan’s term preceded the Civil War. His inaugural address failed to address the glaring polarity of the nation. Instead he deflected to the economy and bolstering the military. It received great media attention, as the first presidential inauguration to be photographed.


As Trump took the presidential oath the Midheaven came into a confronting semisquare to Neptune, planet of smokescreen and scandal. In the last quarter of the year the solar arc of Neptune to this Midheaven will be virtually exact.

As Neptune tends to dissipate and dissolve, rather than solidify, it’s highly likely that this period brings a high degree of uncertainty or controversy around the leadership.

Adding to this, the transit of Neptune will also semisquare the swearing in Midheaven from mid-February. It will come close to repeating the same across the October period. All of this is further triggered by a transiting New Moon squaring the administrative Midheaven on October 19.

It's not only Neptune at play here. Three transits of unpredictable Uranus will square the Midheaven from the middle of May and late October 2017, onto early March 2018.

Neptune and Uranus will repeat their challenging angles to the leadership Sun of the inauguration horoscope in April and June 2018 respectively. All of this points to further instability and the real possibility that Trump will not complete his term.


The Sun of the swearing in chart makes no traditional major aspects to other planets or angles. Theoretically this means that the leader acts more independently, free of the influence of his circumstances or surrounds. The unaspected point or planet, tends to function in 'wild card' manner.

Although there are no traditional aspects from, or too, the Sun; it is in a powerful ninth harmonic alignment to Neptune. The Sun is positioned forty degrees away (one ninth of the zodiac) known as the novile aspect. This has a universal feel. Importantly, it further emphasizes the Neptunian correlation.

The Sun is also positioned at the direct midpoint of Saturn and Neptune. The sole inauguration with the Sun at this midpoint was that of Zachary Taylor, another who through illness, did not finish his tenure.


As Trump came to the presidency under the controversy of subversive covert interference, Neptune is certainly appropriate. Neptune also connects with big oil, with his most contentious appointment to date being Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon as Secretary of State.

The predominance of Neptune adds a sense of unreality to the swearing in horoscope. A billionaire president, claiming to serve the working class, who has stacked his administration with capitalist elites. Collective cognitive dissonance or disappointment with their final presidential choices?

The next few years may be a social experiment of just how far unregulated capitalism can extend. The big question now being - how long will its run last? On the study of past inaugurations there has to be some real doubts hanging over the longevity and/or covert activities of this one. For Neptune dictates that things may not be as they seem.

DEC 23 2016


For the astrologers of antiquity the cycle that determined political trends was the combination of futuristic Jupiter and traditional Saturn. Their heavenly union – once every twenty years - sets off a cycle that triggers a changing of the guard accompanying each new generation.

Exactly what countries, are affected is determined by the zodiacal degree of Jupiter and Saturn’s union and whether it corresponds to a particular nation. All of which made year 2000, and the ensuing twenty we are living through now, rather unique.

On May 28 2000 @ 17.04 hours UT, the Jupiter and Saturn converged in the 23rd degree of Taurus. The relevance of the conjunction is that it fell right on the national Sun of Israel also at 23 degrees of Taurus. Further, the conjunction was in square to rebellious Uranus. Click here for the biwheel.

As the cycle winds to its end the United Nations, on Friday December 23, passed resolution 2334 demanding, "Israel immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem".

All of the UN permanent members Great Britain, France, Russia and China voted for this with only the US abstaining. A furious Israeli Prime Minister Bin Netanyahu immediately summoned the ambassadors of all the countries supporting the motion, including the USA. But really the writing was on the wall from the planetary perspective.


The state of Israel was proclaimed at 16.00 hours on May 14 1948 in Tel Aviv. The event was broadcast live with their first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, carefully diarising the time of 4 pm as the beginning of the nation. Coincidentally, it made the rising degree of Israel – 23 of Libra – equal to the position of his own birth Sun.

The horoscope of Israel places its Sun in the earth sign of Taurus. Think land and security. The Sun is also placed the in the horoscopic eighth house, traditionally representing other people’s possessions, or that which is pooled or shared. This house also indicates major transformational change afoot. Such change was promised once the current Jupiter Saturn cycle began.

Shortly after the 2000 conjunction, the US President, Bill Clinton, hosted the Camp David summit, hopeful of a lasting and peaceful solution between Israel and Palestine. The vital talks, from July 11 to 25, proved fruitless. By the end of the year, the Second Palestinian Intifada had begun, pitting Israelis and Palestinians in open combat.

The advancing angles of the Jupiter Saturn cycle thereafter proved reliable turning points. The square of 2006 accurately timed the Israel and Lebanon war. The May 2010 opposition was equally precise in timing an Israeli raid on a Gaza aid flotilla, claiming the lives of ten protestors and leading to international condemnation.

The opposition clearly displays the crucial issues of the cycle. It brings everything into the open with 'black and white' clarity. During the closing square from September 2015 to June 2016, renewed clashes and lone wolf attacks on the part of the Palestinians erupted. This planetary precision could hardly be accidental.


Following the opposition point, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) voted to grant Palestine full membership of the Paris-based agency. The vote was 107 for to 14 against, with the US threatening to cut funds as a result. A definite political shift was emerging.

The tide continued to turn on November 29 2012, at 16.49 hours in New York. The United Nations recognized Palestinian statehood. The US again opposed this motion eliticing support from minions states, such as the Marshall Islands and Nauru where the entire populations would barely fill a football stadium.

Palestinian support came from countries representing 80% of the global population. The vote was an overwhelming 138 to 9. Palestine celebrated with a symbolic 'birth certificate', after a sixty five year wait. This vote took place within days of a Solar Eclipse at 22 degrees of Scorpio, opposing the birth Sun of Israel.

Last Friday, December 23 2016, just after 2 pm in New York, the United Nations Security Council denounced Israel’s bulldozing of Palestinian homes and ongoing building of illegal settlements on occupied lands. They also called for an end to the violence on both sides.

The United States abstained on the vote, a clear indication they are growing sensitive to world opinion and the importance of international law. Any opposition would appear to be entirely subjective when even Israel's own Supreme Court is deeming the setllements as illegal. But this was a seismic shift for the USA. The horoscope of Israel again holds the key here.


Uranus, the planet of rebellious independence and rapid change, has been moving into Israel's seventh house of international relations from June of 2016. It will remain on the sensitive seventh house cusp until April 2017. Following that will then square the Israeli Midheaven, pressing for a change of leadership and direction.

The Uranus transit represents a climactic turning point in the nation's international affairs. Although it may come as a surprise initially, it signifies that the ongoing increase in illegal settlements has finally evaporated the patience of the global community.

The transit of Uranus must be read in light of its prior appearance at the Ascendant of Israel back in 1973. This was the year of the Yom Kippur War, which had enormous ramifications, driving western economies into recession.

The Arab petrol states imposed costly fuel embargoes on the US and western allies for their direct military support of Israel, resulting in stock markets tumbling, rising inflation and unemployment.

It was the third and final pass of Uranus across Israel's Libran Ascendant, occurring in October 1973, that uniquely timed the Yom Kippur War. Therefore one must pay close attention to the third pass of Uranus opposing the Israel Ascendant in March 2017. Not only is unruly Uranus involved here but also the more recently discovered dwarf planet of Eris.


Although astrologers are still getting their heads around the functions of Eris, symbolically it represents the principle of disorder and discordance. In Greek mythology Eris is the sister of Ares, delighting in rivalry and strife. Back for the 1973 Yom Kippur war Eris was hard angled to Israel's Mars – a fitting aspect for the conflict.

Since 2014 and the collapse of US brokered peace talks, Israel has experienced increasing isolation. From 2014 Eris has been opposing Israel's Ascendant and its seventh house of relationships. As Eris is triggered by Mars also entering this seventh house by the end of February and beginning of March 2017, this would seem to be a volatile time to watch.

There are some further developmental clues in the chart of Israel. Currently their progressed Ascendant is self-righteous Sagittarius and joined to the planet of expansion, progressed Jupiter. Adding to this the transit of Jupiter will come to station on Israel's birth Ascendant in late January, and February of 2017.

The double Jupiter effect could indicate increasing territorial expansion in direct defiance of the United Nations resolution. Or there may be fresh legal challenges, unless the stalemate between the two rival factions is broken.


Wading into this is the newly elected US president Donald Trump. Recall I have constantly stated that Trump will be a war president, noting his Gemini Sun and unpredictable Uranus on the US Mars, his candidacy announced on a New Moon conjunct Mars (also on the US Mars) and the birth Mars of the USA was culminating directly over Washington when he won Wisconsin, ensuring him the leadership.

While Donald Trump would be totally dismissive of the Algonquin Indians laying any claim to his beloved New York real-estate as their sacred homeland, he is nevertheless enthusiastically wading into the ideological land battles of the Middle East.

More significantly, he tried to sabotage the vote of the global community, before beginning office. In doing so he sufferred his first diplomatic defeat. In the aftermath, Trump angrily tweeted 'As to the UN, things will be different after Jan 20'.

But there’s more to Trump’s Mars, Israel’s Mars and their hawkish leader, Bin Netanyahu’s Mars, than meets the eye. They all have the war planet conjunct at 27 and 28 of Leo respectively. This combination is like a match to a petrol can, with all set to field the Solar Eclipse of August 2017.

Clearly the times are a changing and some people are not changing with them. Jupiter and Saturn have set powerful forces in motion and the trend is remarkably easy to read. Christmas in the holy lands holds the promise of a different future, given time and patience. Further resistance will be problematic to a just and peaceful solution.

Dec 18


Misinformation is in the news. I mean literally in the news. That's because news isn't always factual. It too often has a bias, or slant that fits the media or government's agenda. From Fox's Bill O'Reilly to the hyperventilating Alex Jones and his Infowars inanities...it's news that simply isn't news. The US is bombarded with 24 hour channels of raves, rants and indoctrination.

Propaganda gained momentum as Pluto – the planet of plutocracy – moved through the Sagittarian first house of the USA's July 4 1776 17.10 hours Philadelphian local time birth chart from the start of this millennium. Pluto was joined at the US Ascendant by Mercury, the ruler of communication, media and the press on December 12 2000.

That was the day that the US Supreme Court interrupted a recount to award George W. Bush the presidency. Credibility began to seriously disappear as the public were sold on the invasion of Iraq. And it was all about the economy.

From the New York Times to Fox News, CNN or MSNBC, the US media were overwhelmingly pushing the Iraq War. That was despite polls showing over 60% of the US public preferred to wait for United Nations approval.

When the inevitable battle began, mainstream media buried the truth of the war under a babble of patriotic fabrication. There were imbedded journalists who censored the facts, writing straight from the Pentagon's run sheet.

Cable TV ran an ongoing coverage featuring decorative animated US flags in corner screen. They needed heroes. There was the invented Jessica Lynch Rambo rescue, ironically ending with the lady herself declaring, “It is time for the truth, the whole truth, versus hype and misinformation."

There was a serious lack of investigative journalism. When '60 Minutes' reporter Steve Croft asked the US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, “What do you say to people who think this is about oil?” Rumsfeld deflected: “There certain things like that, myths that are floating around. I’m glad you asked it. It has nothing to do with oil, literally nothing to do with oil.” End of story - no further questions?

As the war dragged on the truth came to light. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan had a totally different, and infinitely more realistic appraisal, "I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil." That didn't arrive via a media headline. It came via his 2007 memoirs, 'The Age of Turbulence'.

General John Abiziad the former chief of US Central Command and Military Operations in Iraq removed all doubt. Speaking at Stanford University he admitted, "Of course it's about oil; we can't really deny that." But they constantly had. By then Rumsfeld had exited stage right, George W Bush's integrity was rivalling P.T Barnum and the compliant media looked like sideshow alley.


Americans were fast discovering more believable alternative sources such Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, or the revelations of Edward Snowden. And that the reward for spilling the beans on war crimes or spying on your own people, was a prison sentence.

In the case of respected veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas, not joining the conga line of conformity spelt rapid retirement. And when the freedom of the press is so compromised, so is the entire nation.

Over the last three years, as independent Uranus in single minded Aries has squared Pluto, alternative news sources have expanded through the electronic Internet. The unquestioning acceptance of manipulative media moguls like Rupert Murdoch and his ilk has rapidly eroded. A different Middle East narrative has replaced the establishment version.

It's starting to make sense that invading countries like Libya are more about oil grabs and currency protection, than saving or bettering the lives of the ordinary Libyan. Or that the Syrian civil war was fuelled by outside players and rich pipeline deals more than internal insurrection. A clear pattern is emerging that has contradicted the fabrications that mainstream media portrays.

From August 2016, Mercury, the planet governing the dissemination of information, has progressed to stationary direct in the national horoscope of the USA. It has been in retrograde motion since September 1994, not long after the inception of the World Wide Web.

Netscape Navigator was released two months later, followed by Windows 95 and Internet Explorer. The ensuing years have witnessed enormous changes to the world of journalism and the way people source information.

The biggest story currently doing the rounds is how the CIA, FBI Director James B. Comey and Intelligence Chief James R. Clapper Jr. all concur that Russia intervened to help Donald Trump win the 2016 US election. It may well be true. But as this is reported in the mainstream Washington Post – half of America won't believe it.

The irony of it all is that the CIA have cultivated a reputation for unrelenting interference in the political processes of other nations. And FBI Director James Comey's last minute intervention probably had a far greater effect on the US election result than any Russian plot.

So whether it is true or not, the ongoing compromises of mainstream media may as well have it in the comic section. What a dramatic change from Clark Kent fighting for truth, justice and the American way. Life just isn't the same anymore at the Daily Planet.


It was a state secret that even the United States claimed they new nothing about. On October 18 2011 an energy deal was finalised between ExxonMobile and the Kurdistan Regional Government for the development of six oil fields in northern Iraq.

There was one major hurdle. It violated the law of the land. The rogue corporation had bypassed the Iraq Ministry of Oil in search of a bigger cut of the pie. A month later, there was let's say, an oil leak. The Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, was furious. So was Washington when he informed them.

No local governorate had the authority to sign off on a contract on oil that belongs to all Iraqis. And Exxon knew it well before the bargaining began. It would rob the central government of massive slice of revenue and further destabilise the country's new and fragile democracy.

The CEO who initiated the deal was Rex Tillerson, soon to be the new US Secretary of State. Tillerson knew that the Kurds, wanting to start a breakaway nation, would welcome the contracts and the money. National sovereignty or unity were the last things on his mind. So what has this to do with the future of Iraq today?

Donald Trump speaking at Iowa on November 12 said, 'I'd blow up the pipes, I'd blow up the refineries. I'd blow up every single inch. There would be nothing left and you know what? You get Exxon to come in there and within two months, you ever see how good these guys are, the great oil companies. They'll rebuild that sucker brand new. And I'd ring it and I'd take the oil. As I said..I'll take the oil.''

And Donald appointed Tillerson. Shades of George W without the denials. I wonder how the media are planning on packaging that one to the public. Stay tuned.

DEC 11


Ever noticed how the job security of national leadership has been taking a battering lately. The South Korean President Park Geun-hye was impeached Friday by the nation’s National Assembly. It was only three months ago that Brazil’s first female president Dilma Rousseff was removed from office by a rather dubious senate. Then there was David Cameron...and Brexit.

Italy's Mario Renzi was a slow learner on that one. Staking your reputation on referendums is political suicide these days. People just cannot bear being told how to think. Renzi handed in his resignation last Monday after falling on his sword. Of course there are lessons for Cameron and Renzi.

You don't hold a Brexit referendum on a day that is both a Uranus and Saturn opposition of Britain joining the European Common Market. And for Mr Renzi, you don't offer a referendum when the same insubordinate Uranus squares your career orientated Capricorn Sun. And especially when global political instability is the order of the day.

Ghana's President John Mahama conceded defeat in last week's election. Even good old Mr Stability, New Zealand's long time Prime Minister, John Key, decided enough was enough and is clearing his desk this Monday for civilian life.

There are some though who believe in vehemently bucking the trend. In Gambia President Yahya Jammeh fiercely challenges the outcome of last week's election, after earlier conceding defeat. After 22 years in the job, old habits (and opponents) die hard.

Says Jammeh, "After a thorough investigation, I have decided to reject the outcome of the recent election. I lament serious and unacceptable abnormalities which have reportedly transpired during the electoral process." Shades of the USA? Recounts and allegations of irregularities and even Russian interference. Jammeh is calling for another poll, putting a right damper on national celebrations.


These wild and crazy times come as the looming T-Square of judicial Jupiter, jack-in-the box Uranus and power hungry Pluto comes close to reforming in the heavens. Watch out for this around December the 19th when Jupiter and Uranus complete the first of three oppositions, Mercury heads into reverse gear and fiery Mars changes from universal Aquarius into sacrificial Pisces. It will conjunct the USA Moon as it does.

This will set the scene for a political roller coaster right through until April 2017, with late February and early March the climax. The Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square brings political insurrections. It's when people lose their heads. Sometimes literally. It was the time when Maximilien Robespierre ordered a short back and sides for King Louis XVI of France.

When the guillotine fell at 10.22 am January 21 1793, the T-Square was active. Robespierre was born with Jupiter and Pluto together in square to Uranus. He led the 'Reign of Terror' that characterised the French Revolution, until he too suffered the same fate as his former king.

Thankfully, the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square is a rare occurrence. It's more recent appearances were in the early to mid 1930's and from August 2013 through to the Grand Cross of late April 2014. Both periods had a notable effect on France.


On the evening of February 6 1934, with the T-Square highly active, far-right forces began an anti-government protests that turned into a full-scale riot. It was initially feared as a fascist coup d'état by those on the left, and resulted in police killing fifteen demonstrators. The cause of the unrest was a mysterious suicide and a political scandal that ran all the way to the top.

The supposed suicide was Alexandre Stavisky, a Polish Jew, whose parents had migrated from the Ukraine. His dubious businesses interests included a gambling den and being the owner of several pawnshops. Stavisky had also ingratiated himself into influential financial circles selling worthless bonds. He was eventually being put on trial for fraud amounting to the equivalent of six million pounds.

Nineteen times the trial was delayed. Before it was again due for hearing, Stavisky was found dead, with two bullet wounds to the head. The official cause of death was suicide. But news of government involvement in the scandal, led to rioting in the streets. They forced the French Prime Minister, Camille Chautemps, to resign, precisely on the T-Square of January 27 1934.

Shortly before the trial began a senior judge, who was also to be a witness, was given a bogus telegram claiming his mother was very ill. After he responded to the bait, his body was discovered on a railway line close to Dijon. The Stavisky Affair undermined the public’s trust in the government. The replacement Prime Minister, Édouard Daladier, also resigned following the February 8-9 riots.


The last time that Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto moved into the T-Square – between August 2013 and May 2014 - protests mounted against President Francois Hollande. His marriage dissolved as rumours of clandestine affairs went public. The far right parties increased their numbers with massive swings in municipal elections. And with the T-Square heading toward a climax by March of 2014, France’s socialist Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault resigned.

The same period saw right wing politicians lead the Ukrainian Revolution. As the formation reappears, we see a political swing toward the hard right in Europe. With the French elections due in April of 2017, President Hollande was another of the political leaders to announce he won't be recontesting the presidency. Hardline nationalists like Marine Le Pen, or "the right of the right” Francois Fillon are the new front runners.

The swing to the more nationalist and isolationist hard right is a repetition of the 1930’s fear driven politics, following the Great Depression. It's a feeling that governments, indeed the system has failed. And it can lead to political disunity and disintegration, the rise of the cult of personality and fascist leaders.

In a best case scenario, revolutions relieve suppression. In a worst case scenario Jupiter becomes self righteous extremism, Uranus anarchy and rebellion for the sake of rebellion alone and Pluto destruction. And one union under theat is the EU, although it's not the sole one.


And it is not only the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square that helps foster revolution. Usually there are a combination of factors at work. Back before Christmas of 2014 I published this, commenting on the transit of Saturn through Sagittarius.

“Saturn was in Sagittarius both for the March 23 1956 signing of the Treaty Of Rome, laying the foundation of the European Economic Community and its institution on January 1 1958. The first major revision of the 1957 treaty came when Saturn returned to Sagittarius, and the Single European Act was signed in February 1986 coming into effect on July 1 1987. Saturn’s return cycle is setting the scene for a further economic revision of Europe?”

There is another important consideration. This is the first time since 1517-18 that Saturn has followed Pluto into Capricorn, where they will evnetually meet in 2020. The over riding political and economic power of Europe back then was the Catholic Church. But my how those years forever changed the playing field.

Power inevitably changes hands and nothing stays the same. For now I leave it up to your judgement. The clue is in recognising the fault lines in that which initially appears united.

Austria, recognisant of the danger of extremist politics, last week chose their first Green Leader in Alexander van der Bellen. Although even there, the far right has been a growing force, despite the lessons of WWII.

They are looking for a balance between economy and ecology. A step towards a new and different future. More importantly, they are showing that the future doesn't have to be a mindless re-run of the past.



It was early in the year 2001, when an astrological friend from New York wrote to me, asking if I thought the US was heading down the path of civil war. It was in the wake of the controversial 2000 election. An election that was decided by the Supreme Court. And the first in 112 years where the majority vote, albeit by a slim margin, lost.

I based my reply on a traditional timing technique involving sequential Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. I thought the USA was in for a revolutionary period for at least the next twenty years. The 2000 conjunction had direct connections with those of 1762 (which lead to the formation of the nation) and 1861, when the country was bitterly split, north and south.

I didn’t envision a physical war as much as a deep internal schism, a 20-year political polarity, with the election marking the beginning. Some states could even contemplate leaving the union. My astro-buddy considered that the political divide was dangerously fracturing the social fabric. The threat, at least to him, was from within. But such internal reflection was abruptly interrupted.


The events of September 2001 refocused Americans on the enemy without. The common nemesis united the nation behind their leader. Nineteen terrorists changed the world. The president’s depressing polls rapidly reversed. By late 2001 there was little thought of a DisUnited States. Meantime the social division drifted on, silently…stealthily.

Civil liberties were disappearing, virtually unchallenged. Inequality, and cashed up lobby groups, expanded. Wartime privations, such as the surveillance of personal mail, were taken for granted. The very freedoms that the country had stood and fought for, began fading overnight. The individual was becoming dutifully disempowered by central command.


By 2010, Jupiter and Saturn were due to reach their revelatory opposition point. During the preceding year Saturn and Uranus had also formed the first of three oppositions.

At the beginning of a Saturn-Uranus cycle democracy rules. Conjunctions marked the start of the original Athenian democratic revolution, the English Magna Carta and the dissolution of the Soviet Empire. In contrast the opposition phase impedes democracy.

Early 2010, the US Supreme Court decisively changed the electoral process. They introduced unlimited funding, via Superpacs. If you’d ever thought elections were a sellout before that time – now they were legalizing the sale. Their only responsibility was to tell you who was doing the buying. And big business bought in to politics like never before.

The decision was handed down on January 21 2010. Less than a week before, a rather momentous event took place. The longest annular eclipse of the entire 21st century! The astrological implication is the eclipse of leadership. But it was the planetary opposition points that truly depicted this great divide between a system and its people.

By 2015, as Jupiter and Saturn came into square, the two most unpopular candidates in living memory became the electoral choice. One historically linked to the corporate elite and the other a billionaire tycoon who didn’t need Superpacs, but used them anyway. Inequality could hardly be more obvious.

The election delivered an even greater disparity between the people's will and the 'system'. This time by a whopping two and a half million votes. Californians in America's richest and most populous state are examining ways to become a separate republic. Shades of our 2001 exchange. All of this is the accelerant of change.


Donald Trump is that catalyst for change, whether you’re enraptured or repelled by the individual. He ignites national anger and frustration. Trump’s horoscope is the perfect transmitter with the receiver being the USA Mars. For first time readers, let me recount the ways.

Trump’s Sun (along with his Uranus and the North Node) are conjunct the USA’s Gemini Mars, his Moon opposes it.

Trump’s candidacy was announced at 11.21 am June 16 2015 in New York, coincident with a New Moon and Mars - all conjunct the USA’s Mars.

Trump accepted the Republican nomination at 10.19 pm July 21 2016, as the Aquarian Moon (conjunct the USA Moon) was precisely squaring Mars.

Trump’s victory was assured at 02.29 hours on November 9 2016 (by taking Wisconsin) as 24 degrees of Gemini rose over Washington – conjunct Trump’s Sun and the USA Mars.

The repetitious Mars connections are undeniable and obviously dangerous - even for Trump. It’s the same US Mars, that was activated by the leaders and major players of the 1861 Civil War.


The reasons for the US Civil War revolved around inequality and economics. The south refused to relinquish an exploitative slave system that was their financial lifeblood. The north were industrial capitalists. Resistance proved useless and made change cathartic, rather than natural and progressive.

Abraham Lincoln’s horoscopic connection with the USA was exceptional. His Aquarian Sun and Libran Mars formed a Grand Trine with the USA’s Gemini Mars. His Southern opponent, Jefferson Davis, was a Gemini Sun with a Gemini Mars, with his ruling planet, Mercury, directly on the US Mars.

One of the propellants of the Civil War - true to this Gemini connection - was the most widely read novel of its time. The author, Harriet Beecher Stowe, was born June 14 1811, in Litchfield, Ohio. Her birth Sun was conjunct the US Mars, her Saturn opposing it and her Pluto/Nodes squaring it. Multiple connections are an imperative.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin sold 10,000 copies in its first week of release and 300,000 in the US alone, during its first year of publication. It played a pivotal role in the national narrative that preceded the war.

On June 16 1862, with the transiting Sun and South Node departing from the conjunction to the US Mars, records reveal Abraham Lincoln borrowing a library book. It was Stowe’s factual follow up entitled, ‘The Key To Uncle Tom’s Cabin’. Two days later Lincoln would read the draft of his ‘Emancipation Proclamation’ to his Vice President.


Donald Trump and Harriet Beecher Stowe could hardly be more different. Yet they share a cosmic connection. Their horoscopes weave seamlessly into the USA’s Gemini Mars and their narrative agitates the nation – for better or worse.

Geopolitically, they also identify with the north and the south, which may be pure coincidence. But it defines the areas of greatest political polarity today, just as it did a century and a half ago.

I see both as individual playing a role in the larger collective and accelerating the revolutionary process. The issues are similar in essence, involving an entrenched and outmoded capital system, fast becoming obsolete. One that has outlived its time, in the eyes of the majority.

Typically, before the end of something, we experience what I term the supernova effect. There is a flare up of a dying entity, making it appear bigger and brighter. By that stage it has actually exploded. The central mass which held it together is decaying outward. Eventually new stars are born from the debris. May they shine brighter and better - for everybody’s sake.


For the astrology student it may pay to note that the 2000 Jupiter Saturn conjunction is repeating a grand cycle connected back to the 1206 conjunction preceding the Magna Carta. Both conjunctions were in late Taurus at 23 and 26 degrees respectively and both squared rebellious Uranus. The whole 794-year sequence has rebooted.

Trump’s role is obvious. He can either dismantle the inequities of the political and capital system currently in operation, or he can try to reinforce it. Only the former will work in the long run. Making America great again has nothing to do with clinging to its past. The South learned that the hard way. Tomorrow is the terminator of the old, unjust and obsolete. A new world awaits, even if it requires a revolution.

NOV 27


On January 30 1933, the direction of the world dramatically changed. Shortly after 11, that morning in Berlin, Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor. Hitler was a man of little political experience who held enormous sway with the masses during a time of economic turmoil. A classic anti-hero who assiduously channeled national discontent for his own purpose. And so began the Third Reich.

Hitler was Uranian by nature – the planet was rising at his birth. He had already been incarcerated for mutinous behavior, which further emboldened his grandiose plans. January 30 was the moment of power he had been waiting for all of his adult life. A moment that many celebrated and plenty dreaded. And one set to darken the course of the 20th century.

June 17 2015 marked the Uranus return of the birth of the Third Reich. It was the first time that chaotic Uranus had returned to the place it held over 82 years before. And just like 1933, Uranus returned again in a challenging square with ominous and reformative Pluto. Most people would have been blissfully unaware of any peculiar coincidence. But there was.

The day before the Uranus return - at 11.21 am on June 16 2015 - Donald Trump announced his campaign for the moment he too had been treasuring much of his life – leadership of the USA. There are some weird parallels in the zeitgeist. Yet analysts, totally devoid of any astrological connection, have already made comparisons. Click here for the Uranus return chart with Trump's campaign launch.


Trump’s campaign emphasized rampant nationalism, appealed to racist sentiments, mocked the disabled and was primarily aimed at the working class. Trump’s theme ‘Make America Great Again’ mirrored Hitler’s promise to return Germany’s glory. Trump, like Hitler, became the self-styled people’s champion through personality politics. They handed him their power.

And like Hitler, Trump won, not by a majority vote, but by cleverly exploiting the state system. His fiery rhetoric, emphasizing all of the negatives, purposely stirred such emotions, incited violence and created the division he so desperately needed. Meantime the mainstream parties and the status quo backers left Trump’s negatives dangerously unaddressed.


Like Hitler, Trump is Uranian by nature; born at a lunar eclipse with his Sun tightly joined to the rebel planet. Hitler’s Sun was in wide opposition to Uranus and the revolutionary planet was rising at his birth. Both Hitler and Trump have successful Jupiter well angled to their Suns and Moons respectively.

Trump’s Sun attached to Uranus and semisquare to Pluto, taps directly into the Uranus-Pluto cycle, currently predominating geopolitical affairs. Hitler too was born into the Uranus Pluto cycle, having the two planets tightly sesquisquare (135 degrees), within ten minutes of arc. His rise came during the totalitarian Uranus Pluto square of the 1930’s – Trump’s occurs during the current square.

If there is a further concern to all this, it’s that Hitler’s histrionics were initially mocked as a political parody. Trump’s hysterical showmanship was also dismissed as a political joke, until the punch line became all too real. And although the evidence is painfully obvious to me now, I was one caught off guard.

It wasn’t that Trump’s chart didn’t indicate success ahead. It most certainly did. I thought that he would achieve his objective. Yet I had convinced myself that he was in the race for something other than the national leadership. Virtually to the point that Trump and Clinton were in this together - a double act for the big end of town.

I believed that business interests were Trump’s ultimate goal. That may still be the case, but he is now doing it from the most powerful position on the planet. Apathy in the political process led to 42% of Americans not even registering a vote – the lowest turnout in twenty years.

It’s an indifference supported by the fact that the loser polled two million votes more than the winner. What other country would accept such an abuse of voter faith, under the premise of Father knows best?


December 19 is the day the 538 voters of the Electoral College determine who will be the next US President. Already there are rumours of dissension amongst some. This is also the day that Mercury turns retrograde in corporate Capricorn. It does so just before it reaches the complete conjunction with Pluto.

The interesting correlation is that on December 12 2000, as Mercury completed a conjunction to Pluto, the US Supreme Court interrupted a Florida recount and awarded the presidency to George W. Bush, with a close count of 5 to 4.

Leading into the Electoral College vote, a Full Moon forms right across Trump’s birth Sun and Moon opposition on December 13. Mars will also move to oppose his Mars. This double opposition certainly suggests spirited resistance. However, in saying that, they are otherwise well angled to the rest of his horoscope.


More challenging may be the period right before inauguration day. At this time agitating Mars squares off to his birth Sun as Saturn simultaneously opposes it. All of this would suggest that he will survive any ‘faithless votes’ in the Electoral College, but that a determined resistance movement will grow leading into the Presidential Inauguration.

The world has advanced since the 1930’s. This current planetary precedent pits Pluto in opposition to that decade. Time to see through the Reichstag fires, existential threats and false flag assassination attempts that are a prelude to the removal of civil rights. To expose the ‘law and order’ demagogues whose underlying purpose is to the disintegration of democracy.

History serves as an example not to repeat such mistakes. A tyrant like Hitler rode the spirit of his times. But he didn’t make it alone. Others sacrificed their combined will in the vain hope a so-called savior, whose blind ambition in turn sacrificed his country. Surely, the collective consciousness of humanity is not so susceptible to such mass psychosis again.


But as Trump’s horoscope locks so convincingly into America’s militaristic Mars – one has to wonder? Hitler set his nation on a path of self-interest and military increase that initially made him look an all-conquering hero. But one Jupiter expansionary cycle after his Third Reich began, the nation lay broken, divided and governed by outside influences. Too big to fail, as the Soviets rapidly discovered, is an urban myth.

Soon it will be 2017. Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler and history never repeats in exactly the same way. But there are enough peculiar parallels in the sky to indicate a degree of truth between the comparisons. Unless wiser heads are at the helm, America, who have spent so long combating the ‘red scare’, can be leaving itself wide open to the opposite. Click here for the horoscope of Trump’s 2017 inauguration with that of the Third Reich.

Nov 20


When most Americans awoke to the sobering reality of a Donald Trump presidency, there was much ado in the first published horoscope of the USA. Countries, like people, have horoscopes. They correspond to the very beginning of a nation, or a revolutionary change in the national government and constitution.

The USA celebrate their birthday as July 4. The first horoscope of the USA was published in London, eleven years after Independence, by leading astrologer Ebenezer Sibly. It claimed a time of 17.10 hours in Philadelphia on July 4 1776.

The approximate time was further supported via the memoirs of Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers. He claimed the Declaration of Independence, which he authored, was co-signed by John Hancock, the President of the Congress and became legal and binding by late afternoon.


The USA horoscope has accurately portrayed the development of the nation. The 1861 Civil War, which led to more American casualties than all others combined, was depicted by sacrificial Neptune at the base of the chart and rebellious Uranus entering the seventh house of war.

Uranus repeated this for the USA's entry into World War Two and Neptune would reverse its position, appearing at the Midheaven. That the same two planets would reactivate the sensitive horoscope angles for such historical events is hardly coincidence. Especially when one considers the warrior planet, Mars also progressing to the US Midheaven for the entry into the Second World War.


The Midheaven of the US horoscope was again highly active, via the successful scientific combination of Jupiter and Uranus, on July 20 1969 as Neil Armstrong planted an American footprint on the Moon's surface. That technological wonder remains a high point of national achievement and status.

Yet perhaps some kind of great aviation first could have been forecast prior, if one had noted the same two planets at the very base of the US chart for Charles Lindbergh's first flight across the Atlantic in the Spirit of St Louis of May 20 1927. That momentuous journey pioneered the future of international flight.


The effectiveness of Sibly's horoscope was again shown with the tragedy of September 11 2001. Here the destructive Pluto moved across the USA Ascendant and was opposed by Saturn. Simultaneously aggressive Mars squared the Midheaven. Yet even that event had a precursor.

The same Saturn and Pluto combination had straddled the US Ascendant 103 years prior. On that occasion a terrorist act blew the US Maine out of the water in Havana. 260 sailors lives were lost. And so began the US-Spanish War of 1898, America's first major overseas conflict.

The Sibly horoscope of the USA has even been responsive to the unusual death rate of serving Presidents. Eight of forty three - almost 20% - have died in office, with four being from an assassin's gun.

In six of the eight cases dissipating Neptune was making a tight and difficult aspect with the US Midheaven - the symbol of national leadership and administration.


So surely the horoscope of the USA had something strong to say about a Donald Trump presidency. It did. Much stronger than the candidate's personal charts. Firstly the progressing Moon of the USA was opposing Uranus, the planet of shock and surprise. Uranus virtually guarantees the unexpected.

Secondly the progressing Midheaven of the USA had just moved into Gemini. In fact that happened on the very day of the election - November 8 2016. Donald Trump, born June 14 1946 @ 10.54 am on Queens, New York is a Gemini. Mike Pence is a Gemini. But that's not quite as symbolic as the divided nation that has followed their victory.

Gemini is dual natured. It's the sign of the twins. This is the first time in history that the US Midheaven has progressed into this sign. But the Midheaven's progression has been reasonably true to the national direction in the past.


From the start of the 20th century the US Midheaven had just progressed into Aquarius. The Aquarian phase brought greater international gains via the Spanish American War as the US increased its global territory and influence. It also featured the Wright Bros first flight, Henry Ford and the burgeoining auto industry and pioneered an age of invention.

Coincident with the Midheaven progressing into Pisces, during November 1929, the Great Depression struck. Here the entrepreneurial nation was forced to adopt a more socially inclusive approach, stressing compassion charity and co-operation. And as the Midheaven squared the international relations birth Ascendant, the US entered WWII.

The Pisces period also featured internal division- perhaps symbolic of the two fish swimming in different directions. As the Midheaven opposed socialistic Neptune in critical Virgo, the McCarthy era widened the political divide. The Red Scare was typical of Neptunian rumour and scandal, with little basis in fact.

The Aries Midheaven phase for the USA followed from the late 50's. It was a period of increased military build up against the Soviet Union. It would lead to another war of their own making - Vietnam. This war escalated sharply as the progressing Midheaven came to meet the combative progressing Mars during 1968 and 69.


The Taurean phase began in 1986. It was symbolically depicted by the release of 'Wall St' the same year. The late 80's were the years of the greed is good 'yuppie' and a concentration on material wealth. The collapse of the Soviet states produced a unipolar world, with the US dollar and markets providing the financial hub.

This new Gemini phase is uncharted territory but it does offer some clues. The first being the equally divided nature of the country, so obvious from the last election. Gemini will also demand more flexibility and is indicative of the information age, power of the press and social media. Could it also suggest two presidents in one term?

What is promised in the bigger picture is the eventual meeting of the Midheaven with Uranus. That casts a revolutionary feel upon the years 2024 through 2026. It promises a radical shake up of the administration and national direction. It should also have ramifications for space travel and exploration.

This article obviously just touches on the perimeters of the subject and I'll have much more to write in future columns. As for now I have an early morning lecture to deliver - at 7.30 am Sunday morning Australian time and it's 1.30 am as I finish this.

Nov 13


There's nothing quite like landing in America on election night. There's certainly a big buzz happening. Not exactly of the killer bee kind but it almost got that way. Especially when Donald Trump got over the line as the new President.

It's no big surprise. There was never going to be much in the race, although I thought Clinton could make it. Hillary may have won the popular vote - she currently leads by over 650,000 now - but that's not what takes the candy over the dated Electoral College method.

The elephant in the room on her horoscope was the progressing Sun and Mercury's square to Neptune. I rate it as the great disappointment. And I thought it could have still applied, even had she secured the oval office. It's no walk in the park.

A Sun Neptune aspect is often associated with lowered vitality and illness. That's something that cast Neptunian shadows of doubt around Clinton, well before election day. The messenger Mercury square covert Neptune applied to email scandals and FBI innuendo.

The Sun square Neptune also represents the mistrust that the public felt concerning her candidacy right from the start. On stepping down as Secretary of State, Clinton clearly told NPR interviewer Michele Kelemen, 'I don't see myself getting back into politics.' That was never on.

The stepping down was always the prelude to a fresh campaign. And on Sunday April 12 2015, precisely as the Sun semisquared deceptive Neptune, the Clinton inevitable announcement came through. 'I'm running for President!' So was Bernie Sanders. She had to get past him first.


While Sanders message filled stadiums, Clinton's mainstream meander struggled to draw crowds. But the Democratic machine didn't want to acknowledge that. Leaked party emails proved they saw Sanders as a hindrance.

While Donald Trump was talking of building walls, the Democrats actually built one. To keep the 'Sanderites' out of their convention. At 18.54 on July 26 with the leadership Sun squaring the public Moon, Sanders dutifully nominated Clinton for president. But it was hardly by choice.

The big mistake was cutting Sanders right out of the race. Again it reeks of Neptune, the planet of socialist politics. If you don't flow with the Neptune, it works against you. Sanders could have been an aid. He could have added commitment, experience and integrity. But politics lost the day.

Obama was another who lent on Bernie to throw in the towel and definitely not to run as an independent. The President believes some things are too big to fail. His lesson now is - the Democrats failed.


While most Americans may have voted against Trump, the amount that voted for him, and the States they represented, have got him over the line. There's a potent message in all of that. They were voting against 'a broken system'. The Republicans didn't want Trump, every bit as the Democrats didn't want Sanders. Now he is their President.

The biggest message is listen to the people. If you don't, they will throw a hand grenade into the White House. And that's exactly what they've done. Donald Trump has blown the lid off party machines, advisers and number crunching bureaucrats. Systemic corruption has landed Donald Trump the leadership of America by default.


Trump's horoscope - June 14 1946 @ 10.54 am in Queens, New York - now shows his progressed Moon on Saturn, the planet of responsibility. The transit of restrictive Saturn will also oppose his birth Sun throughout 2017.

We are going to see a different Trump. He will be more restrained, evidenced even in his victory speech from 2.49 am Wednesday morning. Trump's showbiz progressing Leo Sun has moved into the worker bee Virgo sign. There's a big job ahead.

It's something he's never encountered before. There are rules and regulations that will hamstring and curtail Trump's natural Sun-Uranus, 'my way or the highway' style. The checks and balances of working within an old established system will test out his talent of making the deal.


Trump is also coming into his fortunate Jupiter return, evident December, next April and through to August. As Jupiter naturally trines his Sun, this is a lucky and expansive time. His progressed Moon meeting Venus, virtually right on swearing in day of January 20 is further astro-evidence of his win.

But perhaps the biggest plus was his solar arcing Pluto coming to join his Jupiter, making the transiting return all that much stronger. Both candidates obviously had plenty of planetary plusses, which is what elevates them into the public eye so much.

I always figured that Trump was in this for other ulterior reasons. I didn't think he seriously wanted the job as much as to show up the system. That he had another, more lucrative end gain in mind. And that he surely would achieve that end.

Having said that, his horoscope for the year ahead has far more plusses than not. Apart from some challenges in August of 2017 with a Solar Eclipse on his Mars and somber Saturn moving across his Moon, Trump looks to be able to accomplish his objectives. 2017 was always going to be a stellar year for him. Let's hope it also bodes well for America.

My concern for a Trump presidency was how his Sun fell on America's Mars and his Moon opposed it. It played into the violence, gun culture and militaristic mentality. I thought it dangerous for overseas conflicts as well as for Trump himself. And it certainly played into the narrative of America's anger. That's where the moderation is needed. Click here for the biwheel.


There's a clear message to be taken out of this election for the major parties and the media. Listen to the people, instead of trying to constantly manipulate their thinking. The people have had enough of that. And they've thrown a Tyrannosaurus Rex into your congressional coliseum. Let the games begin. Politics will never be the same again.

Nov 6


One time comedian – modern day mystic, Woody Allen, wasn’t fooling around. “More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.”

He didn’t mention the date – November 8 2016. Most prophets don’t. They deliberately leave it as ambiguous as possible. Strangely it’s good for business. Even Nostradamus was so vague on those quatrains that experts are still arguing over them.

Sure, he was clear-cut about his own death. But then who wants a tombstone engraved with ‘July 2 1556 - I told you so’? Weren’t they also the very first words he spoke. Not mummy or daddy…just ‘I told you so.’ Did I promise not to mention the American election? I’m trying.


I do have some personal advice for the combatants. Donald, we’ve all done things where enthusiasm belies incompetence. Sometimes we get lucky. But not for four years! There are other presidential roles that haven't been advertised yet. Aren’t they still looking at regime change in Syria. And there’s a lot of building work needed.

Now Hillary. If you win it could be twelve years of Clintons onto twelve years of Bushes, with a brief break for the change we ended up not believing in. Couldn't you do something spectacularly different. Tell them you’ve changed your mind. After the swearing in of course – just to prove a point. Why not make your next world trip a 'real' holiday.

And the alternatives? Tim Kaine? Looks eerily like the Joker with that unhinged smile. And while on Gotham City. Earnest Mike Pence is the perfect straight man. Straighter than Commissioner Gordon. Should they form a comedy duo to unite the parties? It might get America smiling again. Now down to more serious astro-cycle stuff.


The division that currently characterizes American politics can be linked to two planets. The first is firebrand Mars. Trump owns this one of course. He was born with Mars rising. Those rants have gone viral like a raging bushfire. He’s not so much the rebel without a cause as the one without a solution. Didn’t that eagle give him a Mars kind of hint?

The other is Mercury, the planet of communication and commercial transactions. This ‘trickster’ belongs to Clinton and not just because of the whole email controversy. She has had some handy business deals and connections too. And if her morning birthtime of near 8 am is correct – Hillary has Mercury rising.

But it’s much more than their birth charts playing out in the national narrative. Mercury and Mars are together repeating a recurrence cycle that replicates every 79 years. Meaning the two planets do the same thing, in the same sign, on virtually the same calendar dates. So they mirror the inclination to articulate (Mercury) anger (Mars) in a similar manner.

Mercury/Mars is more akin to an argument that a rational debate. Passions stirred can blur the facts. Reasoning is influence by impulse. There is a trend of jumping to conclusions without sorting through detail. It’s like the publisher’s axiom – why let the facts get in the way of a good story?


So it’s worthwhile checking out the only three times this cycle has occurred across US history - 1779, 1858 and 1937. The obvious standout is 1858. This was the year of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates.

There were seven in all. They centered on the divisive issue of slavery. It was an issue so contentious that it eventually drove the country down the road to civil war. 2016 has been the year of the contentious political debates, even before the party nominations.

1858 was also the year of Lincoln’s famous ‘House Divided’ speech. He quoted the biblical line, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Adding later “ I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other.” Eventually he was proved correct.

The last Mars/Mercury recurrence cycle of 1937 brought a great divide between President Franklin Roosevelt and the Supreme Court, after it stymied some of his New Deal legislation. Roosevelt launched a plan to replace the aging conservatives with younger and more liberal judges.

The polarity between the President and the interpreters of constitutional law was classic SCOTUS v POTUS. But 2016 has seen both candidates protesting against the FBI. And the FBI trying to influence an election.


The same cycle polarised way back in 1779. The newly formed nation was in the midst of a revolutionary war. A senior war general, General Benedict Arnold, had secretly switched sides in May 1779 and was spying for the British.

Benedict had plans to surrender West Point to the enemy. The plot was uncovered the following year and Arnold defected. National unity doesn’t do quite so well during this Mercury Mars repeat cycle.

These days there’s talk of Trump being in league with America’s traditional nuclear foe Russia. Perceptions and deceptions abound. And everyone has an opinion..even Julian Assange. And frankly most people are getting sick of getting told how to think. They’d rather watch old Elvis movies. Well…not quite. But it could get to that extreme.

You already have my view. Planetwise, I think Hillary will get the nod on Tuesday. That's based on her venus and Jupiter cycles, plus planetary phase. And it's even allowing for her progressed Sun squaring Neptune, which usually spells great disappointment. The surety is - one half will be disappointed.

The way things are going…who in their rational mind would seriously want the job. Suddenly 'Fun In Acapulco' or even 'Clambake' are looking the more attractive propositions.

OCT 23


The morning Sun dawned over Mosul, Sunday October 16 2016, millions of leaflets were strewn across the city. They advised of the coming invasion and what contingency measures could be taken. At dawn the Moon was Full and aligned with the sky god Uranus – the planet of insurgency and rebellion.

The Battle of Mosul was about to begin. Iraqi Prime Minister officially announced the offensive at 1.30 am Monday morning, local time, in a televised national address. It would be the largest conflict in Iraq since the US led invasion of March 2003.

Mosul is Iraq’s second largest city. It houses well over a million people and was nearer to two million before 2003. On June 4 2014 insurgents engaged the 30,000 strong Iraqi army and won. On June 10 the military deserted and the city fell to ISIL. Over half a million people were displaced.

The fall of Mosul revealed the thin veneer of Iraqi security. The attackers were outnumbered over 15 to 1, yet prevailed in less than a week. The victory enabled ISIL to capture over two thousand Humvees and US supplied weapons, loot the city bank and establish a stronghold in northern Iraq.

The fall of Mosul occurred as the war planet Mars moved to oppose rebellious Uranus and square explosive Pluto. ISIL soon took control of the nearby oil supplies and began selling cheap oil to willing customers. This fight was always over oil, because northern Iraq has some of the richest oil-fields in the world.


The cruel irony of the forthcoming fight, is that the operations began on the day following the anniversary of Iraq’s first ever oil strike. That took place not far from Mosul at Baba Gurgur, at a place they call the Eternal flame. For thousands of years fires have burned through gas escaping through fissures in the earth from the oil below.

At 3 am, on October 15 1927, Iraq experienced its first oil gusher. It was an environmental disaster and perhaps an uncanny omen of things to come. All hell was literally breaking loose. Oil flowed uncontrollably across the surrounding sandhills. Over fifty thousand barrels a day from a 43-meter geyser.

On that day the Libran Sun was joined to the warlord Mars. It was not only symbolic of the immediate environmental damage and fatalities, but also a precursor of the intense competition for ownership of the oil. Had rain fallen it would have polluted the waterways of the entire country. It took ten days finally cap the flow.


The recent Full Moon fell right across the Sun/Mars axis of Iraq’s first oil gusher. But it also highlighted the inception horoscopes of the two militant organizations that have evolved out of the oil wars of Iraq. On October 15 2006 the Mujahideen Shura Council and Al-Qaeda proclaimed the Islamic State of Iraq.

The announcement, coming on the 79th anniversary of the first oil discovery, meant that the Sun, Mercury and Mars all occupied the same place in the skies. This curious ‘cosmic coincidence’ can hardly be overlooked, seeing that the objective was the establishment of a new state to control the northern oilfields.

On the mid-morning of April 9 2013, (the 10th anniversary of the destruction of Saddam Hussein’s statue in Bagdad) the paramilitary group publicly merged into Islamic State. Still the same planetary positions would emphasize the same axis of the zodiac.

Again the Sun would join with Mars, this time in battle hardened Aries and precisely oppose the Sun and Mars of both the first oil well and their earlier incarnation.

These positions are hardly coincidental. They can be used as timers for increased activity concerning Islamic State and also the fate of the northern Iraqi oilfields. The recent October 16 Full Moon spotlighted all three. It was an appropriate time – astrologically speaking – for the Battle of Mosul to begin.


There is one other planetary factor to consider, although not as well documented. It is the dwarf planet Eris, named after the mythological goddess of strife and discord. They got that one right. Due to her discovery, the subsequent demotion of Pluto to minor planet classification, led to immediate acrimony among leading astronomers.

The 2013 Islamic State formation chart places antagonistic Eris right with the Sun/Mars and Venus. Right now insurgent Uranus is aligned with Eris and the October Full Moon fell right upon them. Uranus was also with Eris when oil was first discovered in Iraq. Click here to see the two charts.

The final plan is to have Iraqi oil flow from Mosul to the Mediterranean. The eternal flame of Baba Gurgur presents a forever burning question. Who gets the final proceeds? Terrorists in battle garb or terrorists in business suits? The surety is always those who pay the price.


The goddess of strife, Eris, currently sits with Uranus, the planet of technology, electronics, and satellites. It's naturally playing a role with Internet connections. On the personal level Uranus relates to independence and rebellion.

Over the last week the world's most famous rebel - Julian Assange - had his Interent connection severed by Ecuador. The reason given - they didn't want his Wikileaks posts interferring in the upcoming US election. Assange's dislike for Hillary Clinton - who has publicly called for his head - was playing into Donald Trump's hands.

The upshot of that was Internet interruptions across the the USA, affecting mainstream media outlets the social networking giant, including Twitter and also Paypal. The attacks occurred around 2.30 pm East Coast time on Thursday, when Mercury, the lord of communication and networks came to oppose Uranus and Eris.

At 21.09.49 Universal Time on Friday October 21, a message appearred on the Wikileaks page. It urged supporters to stop the outages. The planetary symbolism was potently evoked in this cyberwar.

If Wikileaks supporters were responsible, it's a reminder of how vulnerable the system is to well funded and state organised infiltration and attacks. Something Edward Snowden made us all well aware of, not all that long ago

OCT 16


The candidates are calling November 2016 the most important election in the history of the nation. Swallowing that hard sell may lead you directly to the complaints department. Most voters consider it the most uninspiring imaginable. And the planets predict that whoever wins, it will be the 2020 election that will provide real difference for America.

From ancient days, astrologers based political forecasting on the generational makers of Jupiter and Saturn – the planetary pointers of caliphs and kings. The two planets of law (Jupiter) and order (Saturn) - liberalism and conservatism – future and past – come together every twenty years.

Their union polarizes US politics internally as well as creating a common enemy externally. Important policy pivots take place at those twenty-year junctions and the nation repositions itself internationally. Such has been the case from the dawn of the last century.


In 1901 Jupiter and Saturn united in the heavens at 14 degrees of Capricorn – opposing the US Cancerian July 4 birth Sun. America had just concluded their first imperial war – victorious over the crumbling Spanish Empire. It was a time of military expansionism when their ‘Manifest Destiny’ ideals began taking on global ramifications.

The common enemy of 1901 became the people they had been fighting alongside – Filipino nationalists. On March 23 that year, the US military forcefully dissolved the first Philippine Republic. The annexation of the archipelago stirred bitter domestic debate from prominent Americans, like Mark Twain, who opposed colonial rule.

Asian commercial opportunities overrode any ethical arguments. President McKinley’s campaign posters featured him standing on a gold coin with the words – prosperity, commerce, civilization. The war was sold to the American public as the result of ‘insurrection’. It was the establishment of America as a Pacific and world power.


The Jupiter Saturn conjunction of 1921 introduced one of America’s most corrupt administrations. Republican Warren J Harding had been elected by the largest margin in history. It was a time when the Russian Revolution had thrown the capitalist world into panic.

The US populace was experiencing - and its media manufacturing - their first Red Scare. Socialists and communists became the common enemy in the American psyche. Anarchists had even bombed the New York Stock Exchange. Conservative Harding thought he had the answers.

Harding’s formula was “less government in business and more business in government.” He lowered the tax rate of the rich, introduced protectionist tariffs and began laying the platform for the unprecedented capital investment.

The Roaring Twenties produced enormous wealth for the select few and spawned the greatest economic inequality for the remainder. Harding's government would be caught up in the bribery scandals with oil investors. But Harding’s successors continued the laissez-faire financial doctrine.

By the time Jupiter and Saturn moved into opposition in 1930, a fast faltering US economy and multiple bank collapses plunged the world into the Great Depression. These polarized policies required a radical readjustment. They inevitably do come opposition time.


The next Jupiter Saturn conjunction took place in 1940/41, with WWII raging. The election promise of Franklin Roosevelt was to keep the US out of the war. The Pearl Harbor attack put paid to that idea. America’s new enemy was Japan. Roosevelt maintained office, but the international role of the USA was taking a major U-turn.

America emerged from WWII as the leading economic and military nation of the western world. The Soviet Union also grew in strength, further fueling the political divide between capitalism and communism. The ensuing Cold War climaxed by the next Jupiter Saturn conjunction of 1961. A youthful JFK would take America into important new directions.


Kennedy gave the go-ahead to the CIA paramilitary invasion of Cuba to unseat the communist revolution of Fidel Castro. The invasion failed but Cuba remained in the spotlight, with the 1962 missile crisis bringing the two superpowers to the edge of nuclear war.

The insanity of that prospect would be countered just as Jupiter and Saturn moved past their the opposition point with Nixon/Breshnev SALT treaty.

Under Kennedy the US became more involved with the politics of Vietnam and containing the communist threat. He sent 1000 'military advisors' to prop up the South Vietnamese government, despite advice from France that this could turn into a "bottomless political and military swamp".

By 1962 he secretly increased the 'advisors' to 12,000. Vietnam was the new enemy. The war would drag on until the opposition point of Jupiter and Saturn saw the US withdraw as Vietnam became a communist state.

The 1980/81 Jupiter Saturn conjunction saw the US swing hard to the ‘right’. Republican Ronald Reagan came to power with a platform of deregulation and privatization. Tax cuts were in and government expenditure was out - with the notable exception the military. Reagan’s Hollywood approach now branded the Soviet Union as the Evil Empire.


By the time the Jupiter Saturn opposition perfected the Evil Empire was no more. The seeds of a new enemy were planted in the Middle East via Operation Desert Storm – the first Iraq War. The opposition would also coincide with the Savings and Loans crisis, a financial collapse that cost the US taxpayer $132 billion dollars and plunged Texas into recession. Yet again financial deregulation had its balancing blowback at the opposition.

The last Jupiter Saturn conjunction took place in 2000, the year Republican George W Bush controversially came to power. Government policy would again take a major overhaul. Like his fellow Republicans, Bush lowered the tax rates and pursued an economic policy that eventually led into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

The 911 attacks created the world of terror, citizen surveillance and the Patriot Act. America was again at war. The combination of Jupiter and Saturn had again coincided with a presidency rapidly re-aligning the course of the country.

Evidence dictates it will be the 2020 election and not the 2016 one that will change America. The closing phase of Jupiter and Saturn has little impact along with the Presidents elected.


Woodrow Wilson was returned in 1916, but his second term was less productive. Reluctantly he committed the US to WWI only to see his grand postwar initiative, the League of Nations, defeated in the House. The US became a non-participant and Wilson suffered a debilitating stroke toward the end of his tenure.

In 1936 FDR was elected by landslide for a second term, which proved singularly unspectacular. The US drifted back toward recession in his first year and many of his reformist programs were overturned by the courts. Roosevelt’s opponent was keen to enter WWII but FDR promised he wouldn’t send ‘boys into a foreign war’. That got him re-elected.

Dwight Eisenhower served a second term winning the 1956 election. Eisenhower suffered a stroke and had a further abdominal operation. He welcomed Kruschev to the USA but their European summit collapsed following the embarrassing U-2 incident. A US spyplane was shot down over Russia and the pilot detained whilst on a spying mission.

Eisenhower's last national address reflected his frustration at the direction of the country, "we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military–industrial complex.”


In 1976 Jimmy Carter came to the presidency with high hopes. Global conditions quickly swung against the US, with the Iranian Revolution and Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Stagflation dogged the economy and his bungled attempt to resolve Iran hostage crisis ensured Jimmy departed as a one-term president.

1996 presented Bill Clinton with a second term. It is best remembered for his forthright claim, “I did not have sex with that woman.” Clinton’s credibility collapsed leading to his House impeachment that stalled in the Senate. Clinton finished his term by repealing part of the Glass-Steagall Act, which had regulated the banking industry.

That compelling timeline suggests this election will not define America. It may explain why progressive policy is markedly absent and personality politics and ambition has taken precedence. Also why many Americans feel that a vote for either candidate may make little difference to their lives. On past evidence – they’re absolutely right! We are entering lame duck territory and the big show doesn't debut until 2020.



A fortnight ago, Americans broke television ratings records. Eighty three million people watched the debate of the two most despised presidential candidates of modern history. Dallas pulled the same figure of eighty three million for the who shot JR episode. There's a fascination with the people you love to hate. And it's bound to be repeated this Sunday. But in some countries it’s a lot worse.

Imagine living in a land of opportunity where the leadership stays the same for thirty years. And when the big change comes - it is a son replacing his dad. Sounds a bit like than Bush to Bush or Clinton to Clinton. It shouldn’t be too hard to contain the excitement right? That’s one reason why plenty of the locals were getting restless in Syria.

Then throw some western-armed mercenaries into that mix. Plus a lucrative pipeline proposal from the gulf monarchies that Bashar Al-Assad knew wouldn't play ball on, preferring one from Iran instead. It adds to a recipe for disaster. And there’s a pattern? By pattern I mean a cyclic blueprint to the political development in Syria.

Often the future of states and leaders can be shown to coincide with some mysterious alignment of unseen universal forces. Like a planetary clock. Syria is a case in point. The pattern began on November 13 1970 when power changed hands in the streets of Damascus. It was a bloodless coup dubbed the Corrective Movement.

The military takeover was orchestrated by Hafez Al-Assad, father of the current President Bashar. The only hint that anything had really changed was the collective silence of radio stations, newspapers and TV. A bit like Egypt and General Sisi of more recent times.


The Corrective Movement took place with Saturn positioned at 19 degrees of Taurus and directly opposite the Sun and Jupiter at 20 and 17 of Scorpio. This planetary axis would provide vital clues to further political change in years to come. It still does.

Hafez al-Assad was born on October 6 1930 in Damascus. He started as a young political activist being President of the Union of Syrian Students from 1949 to 1951. His initial career choice was doctor but family finances dictated otherwise. Hafez joined the Syrian Armed Forces and distinguished himself as an aviator, flying missions during the Egyptian Suez crisis of 1956.

Although a member of the minority Alawite sect, constituting only 12% of the population, Assad cultivated strong Sunni alliances. When sworn into the presidency, on March 12 1971, he appointed Sunnis to important government posts. In time, he reshuffled the Alawites into the key military and intelligence positions.

Syria became a one party state. But Islamist uprisings – in the form of guerilla warfare - began in 1980, culminating in an attempt on his life. Assad accused the US of fomenting a revolution and brutally put down the insurgents. The Hama Massacre of February 1982 was his High Noon, with thousands of rebels killed and a city left in ruins.

This is where the cycles come into play. Aside from being another Mars return (the planet of war) to his original coup, the timing of the Hama victory was closely preceding the Corrective Movement’s Jupiter return. Assad was successful – but at a terrible price. In fact, bang on the Saturn return of the Hama massacre, in 2011, his son Bashar would be in an identical position. Battling Islamist insurrection and also blaming the US.


The Saturn cycle defines the key turning points of the elder Assad’s command. When Saturn moved into Scorpio – opposing the original position of his coup – Hafez encountered opposition from an unexpected source. He suffered a heart attack, triggering a succession crisis. Then posters of his brother Rifat began appearing in the streets of Damascus.

The younger sibling was making a blatant play for the Syrian leadership and the military were having none of it. Rifat had married into one of the richest families in Syria and his business monopolies were under scrutiny. Hafez recognized the treachery and Rifat was exiled from Syria to Geneva. He later moved to Mayfair and Paris.

The Saturn cycle would ultimately time the end of Hafez’s rule. As Saturn returned to the same degree of his 1970 coup, Assad again fell ill. This time a heart attack would prove fatal. On June 10 2000 with Saturn and Jupiter together at 24 degrees of Taurus, Hafez passed leaving Syria in the hands of his appointed successor – son Bashar.


Bashar al-Assad had come to power under a potent conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in enduring Taurus. Yet both were squared by Uranus – the planet of uprisings and insurgencies. Another world leader rose to be President of his country under the same conjunction. His name was Vladimir Putin.

In March 2011 as Jupiter and Saturn were in direct opposition, political opposition simultaneously arose in Syria. It hasn’t stopped since. By September 2015, as Jupiter and Saturn moved into the final square of the current twenty-year cycle, Putin and Assad became military allies in the most dangerous conflict of the twenty first century.

The Syrian civil war is the greatest humanitarian crisis since WWII. Some commentators fear it could spawn a global war, as the US and Gulf states butt heads with Russia and Iran. After five grueling years, Al-Assad remains the sole Arab leader to survive western military interventions.

Assad has endured via Russian assistance. That, plus a dawning realization throughout the western world that furthering this civil war has birthed ISIL and created a humanitarian crisis that threatens to fracture even their own alliances. It has to end, just as any cycle ends. But that’s not until 2020 when the gas giants of Jupiter and Saturn again unite in the beginning degree of Aquarius.

The year prior dissipating Neptune will be opposing Bashar’s Virgo Sun. There may be a sacrificial stepping down from the presidency of a much different Syria by then. And why has the US found itself drawn into multiple wars since that 2000 Jupiter Saturn conjunction at 23 degrees of Taurus?

There are historical correlations. Jupiter was right there for their first Revolutionary War and Saturn was right there for the Pearl Harbour attack. A precedent was set, like a planetary alarm clock. Hardly anything happens without that kind of defining and exact cyclic connection.


Lunations that fall on the planet of shock and awe – Uranus – usually accompany unexpected events. And that extends to weather. Uranus was the mythical sky-god which means that unusual events concerning aviation and the heavens can be expected. Violent storms can be a feature within that cycle – within fifteen days either side.

Last year the New Moon of October 13 fell in partile opposition to Uranus – meaning to the exact degree. Ten days later Hurricane Patricia registered as the most intense ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere with winds measuring 215 mph.

Luckily Hurricane Patricia eased considerably before landfall on the Mexican coast. But not before producing torrential rains and mudslides amounting to over five billion dollars in damages.

On October 16 there will be a Full Moon falling within the degree of Uranus. Hurricane Matthew is already front page news. It came right at the beginning of the current lunar cycle. The storm front has caused close to one thousand deathsand untold damage in the Bahamas and created chaos and power outages on mainland USA.



For all those who are concerned about the NASA report doing the rounds that their zodiac signs are wrong and that some are born under the 13th constellation of Orphiucus…relax and read on. It’s the usual misinformation put out every couple of years by those blindly opposed to the study of astrology.

Firstly, I like NASA. I have seven telescopes myself. I love looking into night sky with the technology of today. It teaches us a lot about the universe, life and everything. But there’s a problem when scientists deliberately try and obfuscate the obvious, due to an ‘agenda’ against astrology.

You are born under one of the twelve signs from Aries to Pisces. The first thing you might notice is that all of these zodiac signs are equal in length. Meaning if you divide a year up into twelve even portions – you’ve just described the zodiac, with each sign spanning around 30 days.


Unlike the uneven constellations in the sky, sun signs are all the same size. If you’re a Taurus, chances are you were born around April 21 to May 21 –a Leo from the 23rd of July to August 23 – give or take a day. Signs are based on time and the date you were born.

The sky is different. Grab a sky map or software. You’ll note there are 88 constellations in all. They are all different sizes. Some super big – others really small. This isn’t a new discovery. Ptolemy wrote about it around 140 AD, in the first influential astrological textbook.

And that’s all you really need to know on this one. Your sun sign, although it bears the same as a constellation in the heavens, is not actually that constellation. It is based on the earth’s relationship with the sun, which is why it’s called a sun-sign.


Your sun sign is an even division of the year. The sneaky part is that – scientists know that too – but they keep on trotting out this tired old constellation myth.

The earth’s relationship to the starry constellations has changed across the millennia, But the earth’s association to its own Sun has hardly changed at all. That’s why the first moment of winter light still filters through the chambers of Newgrange just as it did three millennia ago.

Ancient monuments, built to accurately time seasonal change, (such as Stonehenge) are as exact today as when they were built thousands of years back. And your sun sign is also thousands of years old and is as accurate today as it was then. So why is this misinformation spread by a respected organization such as NASA?


The real reason that scientists – thankfully not all of them – are anxious to debunk astrology is philosophical. They refuse to believe that the planets have any influence on human affairs. Even though they are quick to point out that we ‘are all made from star stuff’.

I was a skeptic. But compelling evidence over the years has convinced me that we are all part of the universal dance. And I think it’s directly related to that fact that we are all made from star stuff.

It’s why I’ve published predictions well in advance, like Tony Abbott leaving office by September October 2015. Or that Malcolm Turnbull would scrape home by the barest margin in the 2016 election, but will probably not last long as PM. Or that September 2008 would be the crunch time for the world recession.

They’re considerations based, not on any spurious political belief, but on planets and mathematics. Someone else who also delved into political predictions on a regular basis was Johannes Kepler. He published a yearly astrological almanac back in the days of the Renaissance.

Kepler is well known to scientists – being among the greatest ever. Kepler was the first to formulate the precise movements of the planets. Without his genius, sending rockets past Pluto would be a dream. And Kepler used the same twelve sun signs that modern astrologers use. But you won’t read about that on the NASA site.


In the last fortnight I have written of how much planetary noise the USA’s national horoscope is fielding. It’s as if something big is about to go down. The upcoming dates of October 5 to 8 2016, really fall into this category. It’s been snowballing since the September 16 lunar eclipse and the political fallout connected to potential Saudi involvement in the 911 attacks.

At 12.02 pm, on September 28, the US Senate overrode President Obama’s veto on the bill by 97 votes to 1. At 15.01 pm that afternoon, the US House of Representatives voted 348 to 77 in support of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. The vote was a massive rebuttal for the White House. And for the final vote reformatory Pluto was rising, which suggests further ramifications.

The September 16 lunar eclipse, created a Mars opposition and Grand Cross with the USA’s Gemini Mars and was a Mars return for the 1775 formation of the US Marines. Obama’s overriding concern was that the bill would have a 'devastating impact on the Dept of Defense'.

This Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act supplants the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act originally introduced before the House on December 19 1975. Fittingly Mars was at 21 degrees of Gemini back then – right on the USA’s Mars.

Interestingly when old Foreign Immunites Act was signed into law on October 26 1976, Neptune, the planet of oil and obfuscation was at 12 degrees of Sagittarius passing over the USA's Ascendant. This act was used by a Manhattan Court on October 14 2008 to exclude the Saudi royals from prosecutionrelated to 911.

Neptune is now squaring the position it held in 1976, dissolving the old law and supplanting it with a new one. Now judgemental Saturn is at 12 degrees of Sagittarius and on the USA's Ascendant. For more on the US/Saudi history click here on political astrology to read last week's full article.


The other chart deeply impacted by the lunar eclipse was Donald Trump’s campaign launch of June 16 2015. The eclipse cast a Grand Cross upon his presidential ambitions. It certainly looked that way as Trump was trounced in the first presidential debate. So decisively that it makes one wonder whether these two aren’t actually in this together.

SEP 25


It was an alliance built in the final year of WWII. On February 24 1945, US President, Franklin Roosevelt, invited the Arabian King Ibn Saud aboard the U.S.S. Quincy in the Suez Canal. The US was at war in the Pacific and war required lots of oil. It still does. And the world’s largest oil fields are in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis provided the lifeblood to the US military and the US provided riches and security to the royal family. It was a marriage of convenience, which was to survive ideological differences. One of Roosevelt’s guarantees, to the Saudi King, was that the Palestinians would never lose their homeland. But two months after that meeting Roosevelt was no more.

When Crown Prince Faisal arrived at the United Nations for the crucial 1947 partition vote he was further assured by the US Secretary of State, General George Marshall, that their country would not support the independent state of Israel. Instead, wary of a cliffhanger election, President Truman backed the partition plan, leading to Marshall angrily opposing Truman and Prince Faisal storming from the UN.


Faisal would be back, following the Suez crisis of 1956 and a Pan-Arab movement powered by Egyptian President Abdul Nasser. He wanted Saudi oil and that’s when Prince Faisal was invited to Washington to meet with President Dwight Eisenhower. These were Cold War days and Eisenhower was keen to renew the US lease on the Dharhan air base. On February 9 1957 a military alliance was formally signed.

The Saudis would suspend aid to Egypt and the Pan-Arab movement. The US would provide military equipment and training for the royal army. For the day of the meeting Jupiter had just entered Libra and Saturn was in the 12th degree of Sagittarius. Today, the US/Saudi alliance is under fire. Jupiter has just entered Libra and Saturn is at 11 degrees of Sagittarius.

Spooky! Well planets tend to be reliable timers of such events. But it’s not the only occasion that around 12 degrees of Sagittarius has been a game changer in US/Saudi relations.


The Saturn return of the original Eisenhower/Faisal contract occurred in 1986 – a catastrophic year for oil in America. The Saudis opened the spigots triggering a price war and plunging the price of crude to just under $11 a barrel. It put many US firms out of business. The industry laid off 100,000 workers and the price collapse forced the US back to importing oil.

The second Saturn return is upon us. Saturn came back to 12 degrees of Sagittarius from January this year. Brent crude was selling at under $29 a barrel - down from the June 2014 high of $115.

The Saturn position isn’t just useful for tracking oil fluctuations. On September 11 2001 Pluto moved across 12 degrees of Sagittarius with Saturn opposing it. We all know what happened then. But what was happening days before is not so well documented.


On August 27 2001 Saturn was opposing the position of the agreement. Saudi Ambassador to the US told George W Bush, “the Crown Prince will not communicate in any form, type or shape with you, and Saudi Arabia will take all its political, economic and security decisions based on how it sees its own interest in the region without taking into account American interests anymore because it is obvious that the United States has taken a strategic decision adopting Sharon’s policy.”

This came a month after both the US and Israel had walked out of the United Nations meeting on Racism after the Israel Palestine issue was brought up and labeled apartheid policy. President Bush went into immediate damage control following the Saudi communique. He tabled an official reply in the form of a two-page letter to Prince Abdullah.

“Let me make one thing clear up front: nothing should ever break the relationship between us. There has been no change in the strategic equation. I firmly believe the Palestinian people have a right to self-determination and to live peacefully and securely in their own state, in their own homeland, just as the Israelis have the right to live peacefully and safely in their own state.”

Bush had gone further than any other President in actually suggesting a homeland for the Palestinians. But before the differences could be resolved, with Pluto moving across the Saturn of the US/Saudi Military Agreement chart, 911 happened.


It forever changed the relations between the United States and a key ally to their military and economic power. Saudi Arabian petrodollars had enabled Nixon to break with the gold standard, as OPEC countries traded oil exclusively for American dollars. So when 15 of 19 hijackers, carrying out the 911 attacks, were of Saudi Arabian nationality, questions had to be asked. They weren’t.

The mainstream media conveniently developed collective amnesia. Nobody thought to recall the symbolism of four planes being simultaneously hijacked and burnt at Dawson Field, Jordan by the Black September movement of the PLO – again in September 1970 - seeking global publicity for the Palestinian cause. Back then the hostages were released.

But 911 produced 2,966 fatalities. Yet George W ensured that the full details of the 911 investigations were never publicly released. Last Friday President Obama vetoed a bill allowing families of 911 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. Obama feels this will also open the USA to charges for their own military interventions. But his veto looks to be merely delaying the inevitable.

Saturn is coming back to 12 Sagittarius. It’s almost there. Jupiter has just entered Libra. The two planetary giants are returning the place they occupied when the original USA-Saudi military alliance was formed. It can hardly pass without a major change to the collaboration.

SEP 18


Sometimes astrology is just too accurate. If there was one thing that the heavens promised for the US electional race, it was Hillary's Neptune moment. An event shrouded in innuendo, that would throw her campaign into disarray. That is the nature of Neptune...it dissolves realities.

The obscure gas giant accompanies a cloud of confusion, unknowing and uncertainty. It came following the September 11 memorial, as a video of an unsteady Clinton being escorted toward her black limo went viral. It also proved something once and for all. Hillary was definitely born around 8 am and not 8 pm. Based on 30 pivotal life events, I have always made that time 8.06. am.

The morning birth time meant that from August 25 to October 7 2016, Clinton's secondary progressing Moon would join both her progressed and natal Neptune. During that period she would face increasing rumour, a possible scandal or a health problem as Neptune tends toward energy loss and respiratory ailments. Clinton went down with pneumonia.

And then came another Neptune phenomena - doubt. Can she handle the job? Is her body up to the demands? That doubt was immediately reflected in the polls, putting Donald Trump in with a real chance. Neptune will pass as October unfolds. But for now...uncertainty hovers. As it always promised it would.


On September 16 at 19.05 hours Universal Time a Lunar Eclipse squared the war planet Mars. This formation resembles a T-Square shaping in the heavens, with the Sun and Moon in exact opposition and Mars positioned directly between the two. The eclipse will hold sway for the next month. Its the positioning in the zodiac makes this one vital in regard to the USA, guns and military affairs.

For the current eclipse, Mars is positioned at 23 degrees of Sagittarius, just past the opposition point that the red planet occupied when the USA was birthed on July 4 1776. The USA's birth Mars is positioned at 21 degrees of Gemini and when the current eclipse is overlaid with the horoscope of the United States the martial influence is obvious. Click here for the chart overlay.

Historically, Mars in Sagittarius and directly opposing the US Mars bears a significant connection with military matters. Mars was at 22 degrees of Sagittarius on November 10 1775, the founding date of the US marines. Mars was also here when the building of the Pentagon was completed on January 15 1943.

Mars was at 21 Sagittarius when a US spy plane was captured by China, along with 24 military personal on April 1 2001. The incident sparked a tense ten day stand off between the two nations. Mars was even opposing the US Mars when JFK was assassinated. Even the controversial Second Amendment horoscope locks in with this eclipse, emphasizing war and weaponry.


The most important current military strategy for the USA is their preservation of Pacific dominance, established in the closing stages of WWII. The rapid rise of China presents the most serious threat yet to that US control of Asian trade. And with all of this martial energy unleashing during the eclipse, their ideological foes Russia and China are conducting an 8 day joint military exercise focusing on island defense.

These escalated activities come in wake of the Hague International Tribunal ruling (at 11 am July 12 local time) against China's historical claim to disputed islands in the South China Sea. The ruling was immediately rejected by both Taiwan and China. The case against China was initiated by the Philippines. But a change of government in that country has US military planners deeply concerned.

The new Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte, recently rebuked Barack Obama and last week requested that US military leave the island of Mindanao. He has initiated bilateral talks with China, to ease international tensions, and withdrawn his nation from joint US patrols of the South China Sea. Duterte requested his defense secretary to look at buying Russian and Chinese military equipment and claimed that as long as the US remain in the Philippines his country will never know peace.

The Philippines has long been a Pacific stronghold for the US, since they seized the country from Spain, officially on December 10 1898. Thereafter the Philippines became a colonial possession, with the US relinquishing sovereignty over the islands at 9.15 am on July 4 1946. But the country still housed the largest US military bases in the Pacific.

Whether Duterte is simply playing one superpower against another remains to be seen. Duterte won the presidential by a landslide with a powerful nationalistic agenda. And despite the US having considerable sway within the Philippines military establishment, he has the Pentagon concerned.


The current lunar eclipse is firmly focusing on the horoscope of Donald Trump and his campaign launch. When Trump elected to run for POTUS, he did so the day after his birthday. By chance, or intelligent design, he chose June 15 2015 @ 11.21 am in New York. It was the day of a New Moon conjunct volatile Mars. Trump was going into battle. This was a war chart.

Trump's campaign has emphasized divisory martial themes. He is the candidate of anger and frustration. His plan to make America great is built on competition - not co-operation. This confrontational abrasiveness is a Mars characteristic. Trump's campaign launch came at a US Mars return. You couldn't really get any more 'martian' than that.

That's why so many people envisage a Trump victory as starting WWIII. His own horoscope and that of his campaign launch is irreversibly linked to the US military and issues involving guns, weaponry and conflict.

So when a lunar eclipse comes along that throws Mars in opposition to the New Moon/Mars of Trump's campaign launch, it is bound to bring fireworks. And when the same lunar eclipse also ignites the USA's Second Amendment horoscope, as this one does, it ups the ante even more.

That's why you may see this agitated impulsiveness around. Almost like an accident waiting to happen. Mars acts precipitously in the heat of the passionate moment. And this eclipse is bringing Mars to prominence, when most of us would prefer cooler heads to prevail. Click here to see just how the eclipse ignites the Trump campaign.

September 11


The zodiacal sign of Libra, analogous with judgement and equality, was originally created from the Scorpion's claws, the fixed stars alpha and beta. Together they symbolise the scales of justice.

The planet representing justice was Jupiter, regarded by the sages as the ruling imperial magistrate. Our everyday words such as judicial and judgement are derivatives of Jupiter.

It figures that when Jupiter appears in Libra, as it does approximately once in every twelve years, matters of equality, balance and liberty assume greater importance. From September 9 2016 until October 10 2017, Jupiter will transit Libra.


Jupiter was in Libra on September 22 1862 when Abraham Lincoln first issued his famous Emancipation Proclamation granting freedom to slaves. Equality was again stressed on October 28 1886 when the Statue of Liberty, sacred to this principle, was dedicated in New York Harbor.

Even the United Nations, representing international cohesion and law, was formed on October 24 1945 with Jupiter in Libra symbolically setting on the western horizon. Those born with it strong in their personal horoscope may feel drawn to just causes.

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader, who successfully challenged and transformed the powerful US automobile industry was born with Jupiter in Libra. So was the famous nuclear activist Karen Silkwood. It's not a common Presidential signature but George Washington found his Jupiter in Libra impossible to ignore.


Astrology works on multi-levels and often in a subtle, enchanting manner. Born in the same Jupiter period as the Statue of Liberty's dedication was Erle Stanley Gardner. Gardner was an attorney. But he became the most prolific author of his time, penning over one hundred novels topping the million mark.

They were based on personal court experiences. In 1933, again with Jupiter in Libra; he introduced his alter-ego, exultant attorney Perry Mason. The book title, which would have done the ancients proud, was 'The Case of the Velvet Claws'. Recall the two stars in the Scorpions claws that signify the sign!

At 7.30 p.m., on the evening September 21 1957 the CBS network unveiled Perry Mason as their inaugural law drama series. With Jupiter (success) yet again in Libra (scales of justice) Perry never really lost a case in a nine year run. Art impersonating life or simply mirroring the heavens?


But Jupiter isn't only about social justice; it's about exuberance and popularity, and Libra embraces art and pleasure. Whilst the precise Jupiter in Virgo produced a prolific list of female tennis greats, in the more artistic sign of Libra it pumps out the popstars.

From legendary Judy Garland to daughter Liza Minnelli, Cher, Bette Middler, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton and Madonna, the list goes on. Among the guys, the softer folksy type were more predominant, such as Don McLean, Donovan, Jimmy Rodgers and Leonard Cohen.

A naked John and Yoko publicly invited everyone to join them in a 'love in', as Jupiter found Libra. During the last Jupiter in Libra cycle the law (Jupiter) of marriage (Libra) was being challenged by gay rights activists. And the once deadlocked wedlock of Royal Prince Charles and long-time lover Camilla saw the church (Jupiter) waiving its prior objections.


The fight for international justice is making the world more painfully aware of its obvious division. Jupiter returning to Libra signals the Jupiter return of the United Nations. It will test their relevance. Not only in matters concerning maritime law and the South China Sea, but also the long standing inequalities such as those prevalent in the Palestinian territories.

It was with Jupiter in Libra on Sep 13 1993 that Oslo Accords were agreed, before a hopeful Bill Clinton on the lawns of the White House. Israel President Yitzak Rabin was later assassinated and Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat mysteriously poisoned at the following Jupiter in Libra return. For this current revolution to represent 'evolution' a new generation has to rise above the narrow thinking of the past.

The above just touches on a few Jupiter in Libra themes. There are many more to cover, including the economic ones. The Dutch Tulip crisis was a Jupiter in Libra affair, as was the formation of the New York Stock Exchange, World Bank and IMF. But that is for another column and another day.



Last week’s August 18 lunar eclipse ignited some important political charts. Not the least of these was the negotiated ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine, officially beginning at one minute after midnight back on February 15 2015. The eclipse fell across the Sun position of the agreed armistice.

It has coincided with Ukrainian President Poroshenko threatening martial law to contain pro-Russian separatists. Over the last two Friday evenings, Poroshenko has been on the hot line to US VP Joe Biden also discussing ways to reclaim Crimea.

Meantime, the separatists counter claim that Kiev’s forces have fired upon rebel held territories. It’s something that I had forecast for August in the article World Predictions 2016, and am revisiting this week.


Modern Ukraine declared independence from the former Soviet states at 17.31 hours on August 24 1991 in Kiev. In 2012, as reformative Pluto transited over the Ascendant of that national horoscope, jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko went on a hunger strike.

National tensions bubbled over and European leaders criticized the incarceration of Tymoshenko. She was a poster girl for the west. They had supported her role in the initial 2004 Orange Revolution. It didn't have the desired result but her strike and the October 28 2012 Ukrainian elections would widen the country’s political divide.

The Communist Party doubled their vote to 13%. The ultra-right nationalist party of Svoboda, multiplied theirs tenfold, jumping from 1% to 10%. Svoboda had registered as a political entity on October 16 1995, when warlike Mars was meeting lethal Pluto in extreme Scorpio. Their birth Sun squared rebellious Uranus and dissolving Neptune.

But it was the Ukraine unity that was ultimately dissolving – torn between historic cultural ties, European capital and US influence. Tymoshenko was a proponent for the Ukraine’s inclusion in both the NATO alliance and the European Union. The Pluto transit would correlate with an impending national revolution.


In the opening months of 2014, just preceding the momentous Cardinal Grand Cross of April that same year, the inevitable revolution exploded, with the streets of Kiev becoming a fiery battlefield. It was a case of history repeating under identical planetary auspices.

The four planets comprising the Grand Cross – Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto – had produced such a formation before, in the beginning months of 1648. That was the time of the Khmelnytsky Uprising, resulting in a new state formed by the Cossacks of Ukraine. Khmelnytsky is honoured as a national hero on banknotes, with a statue in Kiev Square and a city bearing his name.

The Khmelnytsky Uprising changed the entire political balance of Europe, usurping the Polish Commonwealth and creating new power structures. Although the rebellion was to break the yoke of foreign occupation, the Ukraine eventually became part of a greater Russian empire, in the years that followed.

The events of the opening months of 2014 echoed a similar theme, regarding the political and economic tug-o-war between eastern and western interests. The modern Ukraine was born from the dissolution of the Soviet Empire, which just so happened to coincide with the birth of the European Union.

Since the April 2014 Grand Cross, 9,553 people have been killed in the battles of eastern Ukraine. Over a million people have been displaced. But the country is no closer to a political solution.


In the opening week of 2016, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko released a photoshopped cover of the ‘The Economist 2016’ with his face replacing Russian President Vladimir Putin on the cover. Poroshenko has banned the Communist party and removed historical ties to Russia. The Odessa statue of Vladimir Lenin has been symbolically remodeled into Darth Vader.

On December 7 2015, Poroshenko met with the US Vice President Joe Biden, by then on his fifth trip to the Ukraine. Biden’s son, Hunter, was already on the board of the Ukraine’s largest private energy company.

On the same day in Washington, the Ukraine embassy dedicated a day to their armed forces. Speakers from both nations pledged military allegiance, with the US supplying close to $700 million through foreign aid and military training and advice in 2016.

The 1991 horoscope of Ukrainian Independence now has its progressed Sun meeting Mars, fitting for heightened military activity. Transiting Jupiter came to meet the same Ukraine Mars on August 16. That segues right into Biden and Poroshenko's conversations.

But perhaps it’s Poroshenko’s connection with his country’s horoscope that is even more inflammatory – warrior Mars and extremist Pluto swap places in the overlay of both charts.


Petro Poroshenko was born September 26 1965 in Bolhrad, Odessa Blast. An oligarch billionaire, he is the sixth richest person in the Ukraine. As the owner of the popular television news Channel 5, he became the key media player in the Euromaidan protest movement leading to the overthrow of the government.

In the second half of 2016 Poroshenko’s progressed Sun is heading toward his birth Mars, as his progressed Mars also moves to square his Mercury and eventually Sun. This is a volatile and warlike combination for any national leader, let alone someone intimately involved in the NATO/Russia divide.

Without Porshenko’s confirmed birth time, one can only guess when these progressions perfect, although some should complete sometime next year. That doesn’t leave a great time window for peace, but instead seems to indicate a leader drawn toward a battle.

On August 24 Ukraine celebrate the 25th anniversary of their independence. Even that solar return chart shows the Sun in a testing angle to reformatory Pluto. It also has Mars conjunct Saturn and both angled to unpredictable Uranus and smokescreen Neptune.

The world has been focusing on the Rio Olympics during August 2016. But perhaps the real global contest is brewing on a distant and far different combat zone. But one we may soon be watching.

August 14


It was February 27 1933 in Berlin. Fifty-nine minutes after midnight the fire station got an emergency call. The Reichstag was ablaze. It was a highly symbolic fire. A month earlier, on January 30, the new German Chancellor Adolf Hitler, had called for the dissolving of parliament. Now its house was literally burning.

Fresh elections were due March 5. Hitler’s plan was to secure a majority for his National Socialist Party whilst eliminating the communist opposition. The Reichstag fire played right into his hands. As the police searched the scorched interior, they discovered an unemployed bricklayer, walking among the ruins. He was arrested along with four Communists.

Marinus van der Lubbe was a recent Dutch immigrant and Communist sympathizer. He confessed to burning the Reichstag as a call to unite workers to rise against Fascist rule. He paid for it with his life – guillotined in a Leipzig prison on January 10 1934. The Reichstag fire became one of the most debated events of modern history.

Historians agree that van der Lubbe lit the Reichstag and had a record for arson. But Germany paid an equal price. Hitler used the burning of parliament house to enact immediate emergency laws. His Nazi Party was elected in a landslide. The day after the election Hitler began banning the communist party. By July 14 1933, Germany became a one party state.


This single event is a history lesson on how governments use ‘terror’ to brainwash the unthinking to blindly follow their dictates. The Third Reich wrote the master plan for mass media manipulation and government misinformation. It began with their first press release following the Reichstag blaze.

“The burning of the Reichstag was intended to be the signal for a bloody uprising and civil war. Large-scale pillaging in Berlin was planned for as early as four o’clock in the morning on Tuesday. It has been determined that starting today throughout Germany acts of terrorism were to begin against prominent individuals, against private property, against the lives and safety of the peaceful population, and general civil war was to be unleashed”

The next move was to disengage any public liberties that may oppose the establishment of a totalitarian state. They include dismantling the basic rights of habeas corpus, the freedom of the press, public assemblies and rights of association, along with taking away the privacy of communication, post and telephone etc. The German President Paul von Hindenburg, signed off on all of this on his Chancellor, Adolf Hitler’s advice.

The key to all this is the crucial or catastrophic event that throws the public into disarray and panic. Note the references to the threats to private property and the certainty of civil war. All of which provided sufficient fodder for the populace to be 'sieg heiling' Hitler as a national saviour by the 1934 Nuremberg rallies. What does then have to do with NOW!


Astrologically the answer is a whole LOT! Back in the days of Hitler’s ascension of 1933 rebellious Uranus was locking horns with the puppet master Pluto. There was a squaring off between the planet of individual freedom with the dark forces of unrelenting control. Powerful Pluto held its ground longer and the world marched headlong into a Second World War.

Not through the will of the people, but through the manipulation of their fears. Minority groups became the persecuted. Not because they represented a genuine threat to society but because they stood in the road of totalitarianism. But what if such planets realigned today? How might we handle it and where might it appear?

Well Uranus and Pluto now back in square have been promising such for the last couple of years, but it would take another planetary domino to slip into position to complete the picture – judicial Jupiter in hypercritical Virgo. Jupiter in Virgo runs square to its rulership of Sagittarius and opposite its traditional rulership of Pisces. It is astrologically out of place.

It was here for the Reichstag fire and it came back to the exact same degree for another event that would shake the world on July 16 2016 – Turkish coup d'état attempt. It began on the evening of the 15th local time at around 2100 hours when Salih Zeki Çolak, the Commander of the Turkish land forces was captured.


Two hours later military jets were flying over Ankara and the Bosphorus bridge at Istanbul was closed. At 03.08 the next morning the Turkish house of parliament was fired upon and bombed at 3.23 and 3.33. This prolonged attack, claiming over 300 lives, was much greater than the Reichstag fire and President Erdogan put a call to the people to take to the streets to protest the coup. By sunrise the President was back on home soil and in charge.

A state of emergency was naturally enacted by the Grand Council and civil liberties curbed for three months. It gives parliament full control over the military. The result of the Turkish coup has been a purge of the military and an elimination of opposing forces. Ironically, the message from Germany is “nearly every day we are seeing new measures that flout the rule of law and that disregard the principle of proportionality”.

A day after the coup 2745 judges were recalled and 67,000 officials reportedly suspended or dismissed. Television and radio stations have been shut down with the biggest purges occurring in the education departments amongst schools and universities. It is eerily similar to the reaction of Germany back in 1933. The astrological signals are remarkably similar, virtually to the degree. Click here for the biwheel.

When the Reichstag burned Jupiter was at 19 degrees of Virgo and when Turkey’s parliament house was bombed, Jupiter stood at 19 degrees of Virgo. For both events the sudden shock planet Uranus was in the final decan of fiery Aries and in square to Pluto and the nodal axis emphasized the signs of Virgo and Pisces. The victims were ordinary people, caught in a power grab.

The Reichstag fire is now synonymous with false flag operations - events that polarize public opinion and encourage absolutism. There are many that still contend the Reichstag was petrol bombed by the Nazis. The evidence suggests they didn't. It was what they did after.

The unquestionable fact is how the Nazis used it to erode civil rights and liberties in their establishment of total control. And it’s a lesson today for all who grant government power over their hard won freedom on the basis of fear and terror. Especially under the current configurations.



It was Saturday June 23 1894 at the Sorbonne in Paris. Competitive Mars was just entering initiating Aries, as the Sun squared whilst entering Cancer. The French aristocrat Pierre de Coubertin had convened a meeting of European sporting representatives. A special occasion was the first performance of the Homeric Hymn to Apollo, only discovered in Delphi the year before. On that day the modern Olympics was born.

De Coubertin, an avid historian, had a dream to restore the ancient Olympic tradition. He had studied the methods of headmaster Thomas Arnold of England’s famous Rugby School. Arnold was a proponent of physical education and exercise being essential to good health and character. Baron de Coubertin saw the British Empire’s strength emanating from its playing fields.

Moreover he also saw that sport gathered people of different classes on 'a level playing field'. De Coubertin’s hope was that international sport could help integrate nations. He envisioned cross-cultural competition as promoting peace. The Baron was also born with Mars in Aries in close opposition to Zeus, the Greek equivalent of Jupiter.


The ancient games of Mt Olympus was a once in four-year festival held in honour of Zeus, king of the Greek gods. They were open to any freeborn Greek male and attracted athletes from Iberia to Anatolia in the competition, mainly between the Greek city states.

Olympic records date back to 776 BC when local cook and baker, Koroibos, won the 190 metre footrace known as the stadion. This was the only event for the first thirteen games.

From 720 BC on the games became a nude-a-thon, with married women forbidden to watch in fear of the death penalty. The victors were rewarded with an olive wreath or crown. But they were also revered in their home town, often receiving large financial bounty, having statues dedicated or poems written in their honour.

Although the games seemed exclusively male, there is one record in 264 AD of a Hellenistic courtesan named Bilistiche winning two chariot races and later becoming a mistress of Ptolemy II of Alexandria. The Olympics grew with further contests including javelin, jumping, wrestling, boxing and a combination of both called pankration.

The combative sports could get extremely brutal, and in the case of a contestant dying his corpse was immediately declared the winner. Political influence dates back a long way too. Emperor Nero is famed for being awarded a chariot race despite falling off before the finish line. It was judged that had Nero remained in his chariot – he would have won.


The opening ceremony of the ancient games involved a sacrifice of one hundred oxen to Zeus and the final day consisted of feasting on the proceeds. The 13 metre high Statue of Zeus, completed in Olympia in 445 BC and covered in ivory and gold was numbered among the Seven Wonders of the World. But in 393 AD the Roman Emperor Theodosius banned all pagan festivals and the Olympics died with his edict.

Earthquakes, erosion and neglect left a layer of silt over the site of Olympia, until rediscovered in 1766 by the English antiquarian Richard Chandler. One Saturn cycle later in 1796 the anti-Christian French First Republic created their own version of the games. And again it was in France that Pierre de Coubertin revived the ancient concept that would eventually see Athens play initial host to he modern games, on April 6 1896.


Only 14 nations competed at the first modern games in Athens with many of the world’s leading athletes not present. There was no allotted village and competitors found their own lodgings. The swimming events were conducted in the open seas.

In the overall sports, the United States with eleven wins pipped the host country by one, although Greece took the most medals overall. The winners received a silver medal inscribed with an image of Zeus, with a copper medal awarded for second place.

The next Olympics was held in Paris, as part of the 1900 World’s Fair and was also the first to allow women to compete. The following games, the first held outside Europe, were also part of the World’s Fair of 1904 in St Louis, and the host nation easily topped the medal count. This was repeated by Great Britain at the 1908 London Olympics with 146 medals against a next best of 47 by the USA.

By 1912 and Stockholm the Olympics were becoming an institution, with over 2,000 athletes and more than 100 events. Japan competed for the first time. But their marathon world record holder Shizo Kanakuri went mysteriously missing in action, after collapsing and secretly leaving the country to avoid national shame.

Fifty years later he was offered to complete the course, which he did taking 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes and 20.379 seconds, and adding "It was a long trip. Along the way, I got married, had six children and 10 grandchildren."


It is now 120 years since the Olympic revival. The games have had many modern heroes. Swimmer Michael Phelps is currently the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals - 18 of them gold. Phelps was born in Baltimore on June 30 1985 @ 05.55 hours. His Sun is in the water sign of Cancer opposing king of the seas Neptune and rising with athletic Mars at his birth. It’s appropriate.

But perhaps the most amazing single performance was that of the US long jumper Bob Beamon, leaping 29 feet and 2 ½ inches and breaking the world record by a phenomenal 21 inches. His rivals were unable to get within two feet of Beamon’s distance. Neither were the electronic sensors designed for that length and his jump had to be carefully hand measured.

That miracle happened on October 18 1968, in the rarified atmosphere of Mexico City. Beamon's world record stood for the next 22 years and 316 days. It still remains the Olympic record even today – a full 48 years later. Perhaps Zeus – or Jupiter – was playing a mystical role.

Beamon was born August 29 1946 in New York. On October 18 1968, when he astounded the athletic world, Jupiter was closing to conjunct his progressed Sun and the transiting Sun was on Beamon’s birth Jupiter.

When the 2016 Olympics began at 20.16 hours Friday August 5, in Rio De Janeiro, Jupiter was only a degree from the same Virgo position it occupied for Beamon’s record. May it make for such a memorable moment in the days to come.

Jupiter will arrive at that position exact on August 14/15 when Usain Bolt will attempt what no other modern sprinter has done - to win the 100 metres gold for a third time. He will experience this time as his Jupiter opposition.

If so he may be ranked with Leonidas of Rhodes one of the legends of athletic antiquity. Leonidas triumphed at four consecutive Olympiads spanning 164-152 B.C. winning the stade race, the diaulos race and the armour race and collecting a total of 12 Olympic wreaths.

The Olympics will give us new sporting heroes, that's an inevitability. But it's not just about the winners. Pierre de Coubertin revived a connection that now dates back almost 2800 years. The spirit of Olympia is reflected in his words, which are more than an Olympic creed.

"The most important thing .... is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."



It was the conventional convention - at least on the surface. Everybody said the right thing at the right time. Even the defeated opponent gracefully, and dutifully, interrupted proceedings to nominate Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.

It happened at 18.53.51 hours (EST) on July 26 in Philadelphia. But you couldn’t fool the heavens. As he did, the public Moon formed a testy square to the leadership Sun. The Moon, then in early Taurus also opposed Clinton's birth Sun.

Outside the Democrats had built a metal wall. It was to contain the protesting ‘Sanderites’. Inside at 22.47.30 hours, on July 28 2016, the inevitable happened with the Moon now forming an easier sextile to the Sun. Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination as the Democratic candidate for the November 8 election.

The party glitterati were out in force. Endorsements flowed like champagne. From the Obama’s, fellow Clinton’s and even Sanders himself. Political clichés runneth over. History was made with the first female presidential nominee. But something was missing.

According to Gallup poll records Americans were left with the choice of the two most unpopular candidates for national leadership in living memory.


In the red corner, the unpredictable iconoclast Donald Trump, via his unruly Sun Uranus combination opposing a gumboot in mouth Sagittarian Moon. Born under the emotional intensity of a lunar eclipse, Trump cannot help but stir the same in others. His self-aggrandizing Leo Ascendant hosts the warlord Mars, more suited to world championship wrestling than global diplomacy.

Trump launched his campaign under a New Moon conjunct fiery Mars. All were joined to the USA’s birth Mars. He was on the warpath, tapping into a collective American anger. Trump's ace card is in his radical rebellion against the hypocrisy of the political elite. Although it’s totally incongruous for a billionaire to represent the disenfranchised, in many areas he does.

In the blue corner, the avidly ambitious Scorpion - Hillary Clinton. She resigned her role as Secretary of State four years ago, supposedly to spend more time with family. But everybody knew she’d be back - as surely as Nosferatu arrives at nightfall. There were dynasties to maintain and the Democrats couldn’t let liberals like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren hijack their honeypot.


The Democrats Convention was a divided affair, despite the best efforts of the Firm. It wasn’t quite the train wreck the Republican’s served up. But even among traditional supporters there was clear separation. It’s a partition that divides America. And it’s why Hillary’s claim of national unity held as much hot air as the balloons that followed her acceptance speech.

The big production number is politics American style – minus the people. It’s why when the twenty-year studies of Princeton and Northwestern University professors Gilens and Page concluded in April 2014, that the USA is an oligarchy, it was already old news to the disenchanted populace.

For in April 2014 a Grand Cross appeared on the horoscope of the USA. It featured the planet of stealth and wealth, Pluto in opposition to the USA July 4 birth Sun. While the plutocrats had plundered the power and resources of the nation, rebellious Uranus also squared the same Sun, and insurrection was brewing.

The big changes involved America’s global positioning and interest in the Ukraine. Right at the Grand Cross they announced economic sanctions on Russia and birthed a new Cold War overnight. But on the inside many were questioning this unyielding Manifest Destiny and their own political non representation.

What was the purpose of world domination, if only to benefit an elite group. Since 1988, 28 years now, only Barack Obama has separated two dynasties dominating the White House. Yet awareness is the mechanism of change. More of the same will make a grass roots change inevitable, even if not via the immediate ballot box.


Between the 1840’s and the 1890’s around 80% of Americans voted. Faith in the system began to erode from 1896 onward. By 1920, shortly after WWI, only 50% of the eligible voters bothered making an effort. Voting in the USA would never again reach 65%. During the late 80’s and mid 1990’s it plummeted again to only half of the voting population.

Barack Obama’s 2008 victory represented the highest turnout since the 1960’s. But the ‘change to believe in’ was rapidly replaced by the excuses of ‘too big to fail’. Trust was again lost. But if the facts be known the federal voting system has never been democratic. The democracy myth is a colloquial fallacy.

Founding father James Madison feared true democracy in what the political writer Alexis de Tocqueville termed "the tyranny of the majority". Factually speaking, the United States is a republic and not an open democracy. It's checks and balances maintain established power blocs in the political and justice systems. It protects the opulent minority.

The Electoral College system violated the principle of one-person one vote. It is why four times in American history the majority vote has lost the election. And although over 70% of Americans would prefer a popular vote for President, this addicted adherence to the dated Constitution remains.

The electoral dysfunction blatantly favors ‘establishment insiders’. Similarly the Democrats selection process was biased from the start. A wall remains between the will of the people and the machinations of money.

It's why most free thinking Americans are justifiably suspicious of their governments. And as victorious Jupiter moves across conservative Saturn in the tenth house of American administration come November 8 2016, nothing will really change. For now….



I wrote at the beginning of the year on the Republican Party Convention, which has just concluded. The original thoughts are in World Predictions 2016 article, along with other articles on Trump etc in the political astrology files of 2015 and 2016. My perception was that the Republican Party would be in meltdown. I briefly want to remind just why.

For the Republican Party I use a horoscope based on the first meeting at a small hall in Ripon on the evening of February 28 1854, commencing around 6.30 pm. There were subsequent gatherings leading into a mass meeting of over 10,000 attendees on July 6 at Jackson, Michigan that same year. There are important connections between the February 28 beginning and July 6 1854.

Both horoscopes stressed the Sun’s connection to Neptune. As the Sun represents central purpose, the Neptune connection can well depict their initial anti-slavery platform. The cycle of Neptune also shows when they need to return to those social reform roots and times whenever the party loses their way in an obfuscating Neptune manner.

For example, in 1974 when Neptune squared the February 28 Republican birth Sun, the US President Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace over clandestine Neptunian activities known as Watergate. In 1933 when Neptune opposed the February 28 Republican Sun, Herbert Hoover was voted out of office, triggering a Democratic domination for the next twenty years.

In Hoover’s case he led an avaricious America blindly into the Great Depression. He had also purged black Republicans from leadership roles in southern states. So when Neptune came to meet the Sun of the Republican chart during 2016 I thought melt down was the appropriate term. The planet had run its full cycle and was time for the Republicans to reinvent themselves or disappear into oblivion.

The analysis of their convention date for 2016 matched with one significant horoscope in my data file, for having the Sun configured in a quadriform aspect and at the Saturn Neptune midpoint. That horoscope was Operation Eagle Claw. It was Jimmy Carter’s aborted attempt to rescue US hostages from Iran. It crashed and burned spectacularly, costing Carter his presidency.

As 2016 began it might have been hard to imagine senior Republican’s, including ex-Presidents, boycotting the GOP convention. Or that the same convention would begin with an attempt to prevent the nomination of their leading candidate. Or have their second most popular nominee booed off stage for refusing to endorse Donald Trump. But that’s exactly the way the Republican convention went down. Spectacularly! Meanwhile the Democrats and Hillary are about to get some Neptunian wikileaks.


Hillary Clinton has officially named her veep running mate. It’s Virginian Senator Tim Kaine. Thanks to the sleuthing of that insightful political astrologer Patrick Watson, Kaine’s birth time is revealed as 07.59 on February 26 1958, in St Paul, Minnesota. Sometimes looking at a running mate’s horoscope can be just as revealing as the main candidate.

Timed birth charts are the key to accurate astrology and the Senator from Virginia has a lot happening. His Piscean birth Sun/Mercury combination forms an accommodating, virtually religious aspect, to their classical ruler Jupiter and modern affiliate Neptune. This flowing water trine suggests a natural empathy with people of all levels and background.

Tim Kaine is a Harvard law graduate of Scottish/Irish ancestry who has served as a missionary with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Honduras, prior to his legal and political career. He is a centrist Democrat softening Clinton’s harder image. His selection implies a tactic of appealing to disenfranchised Republicans as well as strengthening the Democrats security platform.

It wouldn’t be without some misgivings from the Sanders supporters. It comes as Wikileaks have launched an assault on Clinton, using emails regarding Sanders. Astrologically, this is portraying Hillary’s progressed Sun and Mercury squaring destabilizing Neptune, across the next two months. Tim Kaine is there to steady the ship.


For Tim Kaine, a pivotal repositioning was inevitable in 2016. His Aries Ascendant ruler, Mars, is exalted in his tenth house of public acclaim. Throughout 2016, puppet master Pluto has been moving across this Mars, fuelling an intense career focus. As it does, Kaine’s progressed Mars also opposes his progressed Pluto.

The proliferation of the volatile Mars Pluto aspects by transit and progression are interesting enough by themselves. They may indicate a determined opposition from the NRA (weaponry is Mars stuff) considering that organization already gives the Senator their worst possible rating. That’s because he has successfully passed gun restrictions in his home state.

Powerbroker Pluto frequently features in Kaine’s career moves. He was born with the planet in beneficial trine to his Midheaven. When it finally reached his Midheaven in 2009, he was elected chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, after being suggested as a potential deputy for Barack Obama. Prior to that, with Pluto on his Midheaven ruler Saturn, Kaine was elected and served as governor of Virginia.


Kaine’s birth Sun fields the February 2017 solar eclipse and will soon be opposed by an upcoming eclipse on September 1 2016. Synching with the eclipses, come key life changes. The last time he experienced eclipses on these same degrees was in 1998, when he began his political career as mayor of Richmond Virginia. This is taking that career to another level again.

The upcoming September eclipse signifies political partnership, most likely decided in early June, when Clinton secured sufficient delegate numbers. It was officially announced via her Twitter account at 20.11 hours Friday July 22 (EST), right as the Pisces Moon moved across Kaine’s Sun and Mercury. Yet Kaine has ideal aspects for further elevation.

His solar arcing Midheaven is now moving into an opportune trine with its current ruler Jupiter. Pluto will reconnect with Mars in his career tenth house by December. On the January 20 2017 swearing in day, Kaine will be at his second Saturn return. Saturn is his birth Midheaven ruler. There are numerous other supportive aspects coming to roost, all suggesting that sometimes the running mate’s chart should be the one to examine, prior to an election.


On July 19 2016 Australia honoured the memory of the Battle of Fromelles. It was not only the worst day in Australia’s military history, but the most tragic in the entire nation’s history. Sacrificed like lambs to the slaughter 5,533 casualties of war fell in a single twenty-four hour period. They were victims of an ill-conceived British plan to attack a German machine gun stronghold.

Their impossible task was to run a quarter mile through a hail of bullets on an open field. It was military madness from a clueless and callous command. Such was a common by-product of the imperialist war for empire’s sake. Australia commemorated the centenary last week, but Britain was left off the invitation list.

The fateful Fromelles campaign began at 6 pm July 19 1916, with the Cancer Sun wedged at the exact midpoint of somber Saturn and sacrificial Neptune. The Sun was aligned with the eclipsing nodal axis when those soldier’s lives were similarly eclipsed. Last week the Sun came back to the Saturn Neptune midpoint as those two planets aligned square to each other. And the eclipsing nodal axis emphasized the square.

Joe Biden touched down in Australia. American Presidents and VP’s don’t arrive for ceremonial purposes. LBJ came here to sell the Vietnam War. George W Bush came to support the Iraq invasion. Barack Obama to announce the eventual deployment of permanent US troops on Australian soil for an Asian pivot. The PR sell was Australia also announcing an official day to commemorate the Japanese bombing of Darwin.

Biden’s visit comes a mere week after the International Court’s anticipated ruling in the Hague, that China did not have historic rights to the South China Sea. The Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull had barely been sworn in, when he was drawn into defence talks with Biden. Fromelles was but a distant memory…another age…another time. But should it be?

June 17


There was always going to be fireworks when a powerful Scorpio Mars formed an uncomfortable inconjunct to rebellious Uranus in impulsive Aries – and stayed there. This agitating aspect was alive for a month between June 19 and July 16. It still has a few days before it moves fully clear. Insurrection rules.

It started with Brexit, throwing the European Union into damage control and shocking the British establishment. Then came the June 28 terrorist attack on Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, killing 45 people and injuring hundreds more. Islamic State was quick to claim responsibility.

The same organization was at it again in Baghdad on July 3 with terrorist bombings claiming over 300 lives in the deadliest attack since 2007. They came simultaneous with the British Chilcott Report removing any shred of credibility that George Bush and Tony Blair had for opening the whole Pandora’s box on Iraq.

July 14 saw France’s Bastille Day celebrations marred by a maniacal truck driver mowing down civilians on the esplanade at Nice. And almost immediately the action shifted back to Turkey with a military coup that was quashed virtually as soon as it began but taking 265 lives with it. In those chaotic moments, the world was on tilt.

Under similar unstable planetary signals, Theresa May was sworn in as the new British PM, with Boris Johnson her international emissary. And as Mars inches clear there is still the Republican convention in Cleveland to follow and a new/old Australian government to be sworn in. Their timing is impeccable and we can hardly expect surety and solidarity to come from this.


The increased activities involving ISIL around this time relate to their official formation between the 8th and 9th of April 2013. Their progressed Mars is in Aries and fielding the transit of rebellious Uranus. And with Mars in Scorpio inconjunct, it’s to be expected that they would be more active at this time.

The Istanbul airport bombing also took place a day prior to the third anniversary of ISIL declaring a caliphate. Modern Turkey is a secular state, formed by dismantling the rule of the caliph.

Mid July was outlined when I was compiling the article World Predictions 2016, with particular reference to France. You can read the full article via this link. The French First Republic horoscope was experiencing the third of its volatile Mars returns for 2016. It coincided with the Bastille Day attack on civilians at Nice. The horoscope of the country and the event is shown here.

The triple Mars return has not only played out with the threat of terrorism in France. It has also brought considerable industrial unrest and strikes as the France battles economic hardship and youth unemployment. This social unrest has marred President Hollande’s legacy. In Turkey, Recep Tayep Erdogan is faring better economically, but his control of the country is under threat.


Turkey is no stranger to political coups. The country has had four in its short modern history. This was hinted at when the Grand Assembly of Turkey was first formed in April 23 1920, following Friday prayers. On that day the Sun was in a close opposition to Mars. It was a symbolic precursor of the ruler, represented by the Sun being opposed by the military Mars.

The Republic of Turkey came into being in Ankara, on October 29 1923 at 20.30 hours. This national chart also has Mars in square to the Ascendant and placed in Libra – the scales of balance. Mars is at the center of the horoscope and the armed forces are central to the national character. The Republic chart also features unstable Uranus at the governing Midheaven.

Turkey’s first coup came at 3 am on May 27 1960, as Neptune had been moving across the Sun in the chart of the Republic. Prime Minister Adnan Menderes ten-year reign brought increased industrialization and financial growth but also greater authoritarianism. American financial aid was running dry and the Prime Minister was planning on visiting Moscow. He never made it.

The coup, organized by 38 young officers, succeeded without the loss of life. However, Menderes was executed by the military junta on September 17 1961, despite protests from international leaders. A decade later, on March 12 1971 a second military intervention took place. It came as ongoing violence between radical left and right wing groups reduced Turkey to a state of anarchy. Although this coup would impose martial law and crack down on dissent, it did little to prevent the polarization of Turkish society.


A third coup was carefully planned in 1980. It took place on September 12. Martial law was established, the constitution abolished and political parties and trade unions banned. This coup also welcomed the IMF and international bankers into Turkey and foreign investment was encouraged. Hundreds of thousands of people were tortured in this violent crackdown with over one and a half million Turks blacklisted.

The September 12 coup came with the US blessing, following the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The US CIA chief in Turkey cabled Washington to declare, ‘our boys in Ankara did it’. The head of the Turkish air force had traveled to the US just before the coup. The embassy was notified the day prior and on that same day 3000 US troops conducted maneuvers inside Turkey.

Turkey’s next coup took place without a shot being fired, on February 28 1997. It removed the Islamist Prime Minister, Necmettin Erbakan, on the grounds of violating the separation of religion and state. Erbakan was charged with moving Turkey away from the western values, toward closer connections with Muslim countries while opposing Zionism. He was banned from politics. The ban was upheld by the European Council of Human Rights.


That brings us to the evening of July 15, when the sudden announcement of another military coup shocked Turkey at 11.25 pm. Twenty six minutes into the new day, President Recep Erdogan appeared via Facetime urging people into the streets to oppose a military takeover. The Turkish parliament was bombed. Chaos reigned throughout the night but by 6.32 am Erdogan was publicly announcing the coup had been defeated.

The reasons behind the coup are just as mysterious as its abrupt defeat. Is it to purge the army of dissidents or was it just poorly planned. Are there outside influences at work to remove Erdogan and did they underestimate his influence? Are 'they' giving him a warning? Either way Erdogan can use this as effectively as Hitler utilized the burning of the Reichstag, to try and reinforce his authority.

But his horoscope (February 26 1954 @ 4.25 am Istanbul) would suggest he is not completely out of danger. His progressed Sun is still to oppose his birth Saturn. The last time his secondary progressed Sun opposed progressed Saturn was 2013. That year Turkish protests were beamed around the world. It was a people’s uprising against the authoritarianism of Erdogan, who was forced to modify his approach.

Over three and half million people took part in over 5,000 demonstrations lasting months. Erdogan and the media played down the protestors to begin with. Then they began hosing them down. Riots followed. They were the most demanding days of his ten-year political tenure. The same Saturn angle returns late 2016, strengthening early 2017.

During late August this year, Erdogan will experience his third Mars return. Mars is the planet of war, police and armed forces. It reinforces his increased involvement in such areas. The Solar Eclipse of September 1 also opposes his Piscean birth Sun.

In the worldly sense September 2016 will bring extreme tests on established orders and the status quo in many countries. It's when the agitating square of conservative Saturn to socialist Neptune will become exact, with both hard angled to revolutionary Uranus.

The last approaching square of Saturn to Neptune produced the Iranian revolution and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Global unity was fractured with multiple countries boycotting the Moscow Olympics. And it was also the year that Turkey experienced a military coup, supported by foreign interests.

July 11


Confrontational Mars is in Scorpio – a sign that it rules. Scorpio is deep and brooding. It does little by half measure. If Scorpio does not have your back, you’d best to keep it covered. For when the anger of Mars filters through the turbulent waters of the Scorpion, vengeance is a dish served chillingly cold.

Mars has been spending longer than usual in Scorpio due to a retrograde cycle. At the end of June Mars began to station and move forward. And as it did so, it formed an uncomfortable inconjunct to the insurrectionist Uranus in impulsive Aries. Consider the recent headlines from the USA alone.

July 6 @ 00.35 pm in Baton Rouge – The Louisiana police shooting and killing of Alton Sterling.

July 6 @ 21.06 in Falcon Heights – The Minnesota police killing of Philando Castile streamed live on Facebook goes viral.

July 7 @ 20.58 in Dallas – The Dallas revenge shooting of twelve police officers and two civilians, with five officers killed.

These events have brought the racial divide in the USA to a knife-edge. All of this comes as agitating Mars and newsworthy Mercury repeat the exact same cycle they uniquely traced both in 1858 and 1937. What is important about those years in light the current events? Plenty, if your interest is in social evolution and civil rights.


1858 was the year that Minnesota became the 32nd US State. It was also the year of Lincoln’s epic ‘House Divided’ speech. Typical to confrontational Mars with messenger Mercury, those words also stirred plenty of anger. For the record Lincoln extolled…

“A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other.

Either the opponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become lawful in all the States, old as well as new — North as well as South.”

Lincoln’s speech, delivered on June 16 1858 in Springfield, Illinois served as a both social commentary and enlightened prophecy. The United States had a choice between imposing slavery or encouraging freedom. And at the root of this issue lay racism and a belief in privilege and inherited rights.

In the July of 1858, at London’s Linnean Society, Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace were presenting their joint papers announcing the new theory of evolution. It challenged a belief of inherited superiority advancing one of natural selection. Fitting then that Darwin and Lincoln were born on the same day and in the same year.

1858 became the year of the famous Lincoln debates against Democrat Stephen Douglas. They mirrored the political divide encompassing America and became the model for the presidential debates of today. The status quo was changing. But by the time Lincoln was elected President in 1860 the country was hovering on the brink of civil war centering on social inequality.


In 1937 Mars and Mercury would together retrace their identical steps for the first time since 1858. The issue of race would resurface. On July 24 1937, Alabama finally agreed to the dropping all charges against four black men, known as the Scottsboro boys, who had been previously condemned to death row. But five remained incarcerated.

The trial of the Scottsboro boys has been the subject of numerous plays, documentaries and songs - the latest being the 2006 film 'Heaven's Fall'. They were nine black teenagers accused of raping two white girls whilst traveling on a train through Scottsboro, Alabama. In the hasty trial that followed eight were sentenced for the electric chair. Thankfully, that wasn’t where it ended.

Their denial of a fair hearing soon attracted international attention. No case in US judicial history would produce as many retrials and reversals. It led to the Supreme Court ruling that race should not be attributed to the exclusion of any person from jury duty in the United States. And that was a ruling that amazed many Southerners at the time.


During the numerous retrials, the lawyer for the defense, Samuel Leibowitz, gradually prised apart the prosecution's case. He compared a 1933 guilty verdict to "like spitting on the grave of Abraham Lincoln." It inspired him to fight for the defendants, "until hell freezes over".

In the execution of his duty, members of the National Guard protected Leibowitz from a potential lynch mob. Finally one of the girls admitted the whole rape story was concocted. The slow course of justice led to the initial 1937 release of four defendants. Eventually every one the 'Scottsboro boys' would be officially pardoned.

The entire affair is frequently cited as the perfect example of an overall miscarriage of justice in the United States legal system. In its day, the Scottsboro saga was front-page news, bringing civil rights back right into the American narrative.

For the first time since abolition, whites and blacks marched side by side for social justice. It introduced greater interracial unity. The mothers of the defendants embarked on national speaking tours, one travelling all the way to Moscow.

Today in Scottsboro, Alabama, there is a Museum and Cultural Center dedicated to the memory of the entire phenomena. So in the light of recent events it pays to reflect upon the history of this Mercury/Mars repeat cycle. It is recurring as you read these words.

As shocking as the events of the last week have been to many in the US, perhaps in the bigger picture they are providing the catalyst of a positive cultural reform. It is also a call for conscious calm and objectivity in the eye of the storm. For what is the alternative? The house divided certainly cannot stand.

July 4

As I write, the Australian election has been dubbed too close to call. Yet it was called in the Federation of Australian Astrologers quarterly journal. For a decade the organization have generously allowed me to write the ‘Eye in the Sky’ mundane column. This article - below the heading Look At When The Battle Begins - is an abbreviated excerpt from the last edition written back in May.

It shows the methodology of picking elections without necessarily depending upon the charts of the contenders. It also looks back over the years at how the results could have been determined by looking at the original nomination of the election and also the planets on Election Day.


"The advantage of every Australian government is that they get to call the election date, within their three-year period. That first call represents the commencement of the campaign. It’s when the battle begins. The starting horoscope will show the main issues and whether the call was the correct strategy.

At 13.03 hours on August 28 2004, John Howard called an election for October 9. He had been lagging behind opponent Mark Latham in the polls for most of the year. Howard made the call as the status bearing Midheaven came to join opportune Jupiter and was comfortably sextiling both popular Venus and conservative Saturn. He comfortably retained office with an increased majority.

Howard wasn’t so successful next time around. He called his last election on October 14 2007 for November 24. The PM made that call with the Sun in close and challenging semisquare to Venus and Saturn and sesquisquare to the North Node. That’s a planetary signature of saying goodbye. Howard said farewell to federal politics, losing his seat in the process.

Julia Gillard called an election, at 12.05 pm on July 17 2010, with the Sun at the Midheaven and moving into trine with erratic Uranus. The trine would eventually prove fortuitous. But the very public Moon was involved in a departing T-Square with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. That was the start of her problems, as the nominated date of the election could have hardly been worse.


Election day - August 21 2010 - saw Mercury stationary retrograde, with the leadership Sun precisely opposing Neptune. Nebulous Neptune uncertainty almost dissolved her position. The election produced a 72-72 seat all hung parliament. For weeks the nation watched protracted negotiations, concurrent with the retrograde Mercury. She was finally sworn in on September 14 – the day that Mercury went direct.

Mercury was Gillard’s natal Midheaven ruler. While it temporarily froze her ambitions, it did come to meet Venus in her birth chart. In harmony with that, Venus also transited to her Mercury. These dual Mercury Venus conjunctions timed her survival, via her mediating skills.

Gillard’s January 30 2013 election call had the Sun posited in the tenth house and in a tight approaching square to Saturn within one degree. Saturn had dominion over the Aquarius Midheaven and Sun. It played out just as the launch chart suggested. Conservative Saturn, in the form of Tony Abbott, decimated Labor, registering their lowest ever-primary vote.


Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull formally announced a double dissolution election for July 2 2016. He made the official call at 14.31 hours May 8 2016 from Canberra. That chart is obviously important. But there is also a convincing case for examining March 21 at 10.41 am, when Turnbull recalled both houses of parliament as the prelude to an early election. Both charts merit close attention.

The March 21 chart was close to the traditional Aries Ingress, occurring the previous day at 15.30 hours in Canberra. The Aries Ingress – a traditional indicator of the year ahead – placed reformative Pluto at the Descendant and Uranus squaring the same. All of this has a revolutionary feel; as if something is about to upset the applecart.

As Turnbull’s election ploy was hatched at 10.41 am, the day after the Ingress, many of the same planetary aspects remained. The big difference being that the dissipating Venus Neptune moves into the tenth house of government.
The leadership Sun is trine Mars, which can be counted as a plus for the government. Yet the public Moon is in critical Virgo, closely squaring Mars and moving to square Neptune. Health and social services should be hot election issues.

Saturn, the classical Midheaven ruler, is being tightly squared by a retrograde Jupiter. It would seem here that the Jupiterian legislators of the Senate will be placed at odds with the Saturnine status quo, or conservative party. Gaining control of both houses of parliament, Turnbull’s primary objective in his power play, seems problematic.

Was Turnbull’s parliament recall such a smart idea? The aspects formed between Turnbull’s parliamentary recall and his own swearing in chart of September 15 2015 @ 13.34 hours Canberra, would cast doubt on this hasty honeymoon move. He did so as the eclipsing North Node was moving across his swearing in Sun, and as the Sun of the recall simultaneously met his swearing in South Node.


The official election call, was made in Canberra at 14.31 on May 8 2016, during a Mercury retrograde period. The Taurean Sun is in Grand Trine to Jupiter and Pluto – a positive indicator. But the Sun is moving away from Jupiter, and is also departing Pluto and moving into conjunction with the retrograde Mercury. Remarkably, this election call horoscope neatly matches the birth chart of his opponent Bill Shorten. Click here for the comparison.

This does not guarantee Shorten victory, although he has a lot of heavenly support. It is showing how can recover from where his own party leadership was teetering on the brink, toward a position of strength. Turnbull is risking losing substantial Liberal seats in a firm electoral swing back to Labor.


The next step is the Election Day. I cannot overestimate the importance of these charts. Take the Babylonian tip and pay particular importance to ‘the Sun’ as the natural significator of the leader. Two outstanding examples of this were the November 26 1966 election and the succeeding one of October 25 1969.

The former was a landslide Liberal victory to Harold Holt, greater than even Robert Menzies had experienced. Holt’s election day coincided with the Sun conjunct Venus and in approaching trine to Jupiter within the degree. Conversely, the following 1969 election saw Liberal’s lose 7% in the biggest swing of electoral history as the Sun opposed Saturn on election day.

The 1969 results provided the platform for Whitlam’s eventual 1972 victory. Whitlam virtually governed from the opposition benches leading into December 2 1972. On his day of triumph the Sun was departing from the conjunction with Neptune. It showed the dissolution of the incumbent leader and the preference for Neptune’s socialist policies.

Whitlam’s extreme haste to lead saw him sworn in just three days later on December 5 under a Balsamic Moon. When Neptune transited the Sun of his swearing in chart by late 1975, he disappeared in Australia’s greatest political scandal – the Dismissal. Click here for the chart.


The election polls open at 8 am on July 2. The aspects on the day show the Sun moving into mundane opposition with Pluto with Venus already tightly there. This is certainly challenging for the leadership. But the opposition is not exact and the closest aspect of the commanding Sun is a trine, almost to the exact degree, with Neptune, noticeably favouring socialism.

Coincidentally, when voting begins, the Moon is in the same Gemini place it was when the actual election was called. The divided Gemini Moon, representing the public mood, is moving to oppose Saturn and square Neptune as the polls close. It’s one reason why this election may be the double disillusionment.

At this point we can factor in the charts of the two contenders, despite the fact that neither has supplied a time. Either way Turnbull (October 24 1954) is in the Balsamic phase of his progressed Lunar Cycle. Think – closing time, moving on, release and relinquishment and planting new seeds. Even Robert Menzies, who strode the Australian political stage like a colossus, was brought to the barest possible margin at the 1961 election passing from Balsamic to New. But Menzies had been in the job for twelve years.

Bill Shorten (May 12 1967) is in the three-quarter Moon phase, which as a tenth house achievement feel to it. Shorten also is on the last leg of a triple Jupiter trine to his birth Sun and Mercury. Shorten has the lucky Jupiter Uranus conjunction as part of the Jupiter to his Sun. Pluto, the powerbroker, is also moving toward the trine with Shorten’s Sun, although that aspect will not perfect in 2016.

The summation is that Turnbull’s power play will not pay off. He will be lucky to escape by the skin of his teeth, leading to his potential loss of authority and leadership within his own party. Shorten benefits greatly by the experience. Even his deputy, Tanya Pilbersek, whose SP Sun trines Pluto as SP Venus sextiles birth Venus seems to do very well out of the whole election exercise."


The full election results may not be finalized until the middle of next week. At 00.24 hours July 3 as the power planet Pluto reached the Midheaven, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull appeared before the public promising victory. He then went into a rancorous speech against trade union corruption.

Deep down he knew that his cunning power play had not worked as expected. Note in this biwheel how a big winner from this is his Treasurer at the moment Scott Morrison. As if he wouldn't be rubbing his hands at the leadership prospect. Click here for the chart.

It leaves Turnbull's hopes of lasting leadership hanging by a thread. The headlines today read ‘Labor Is Back’ and Turnbull's Power Play Backfires Spectacularly'. They didn’t add thanks to Malcolm's timing. But it was pretty much what the planets had promised all along.

June 26


Brexit was a bigger headline than Charles and Diana’s royal divorce. And just as hard to swallow. Britain's semi-detached European marriage was over. On the eve of the vote the political analyst Peter Kellner tipped Remain to prevail by 8.5% - plus or minus 6. He claimed if that wasn’t clear enough – flip a coin or ask an astrologer. Truer words were never spoken. They seemed to have a better idea.

What went wrong with the mainstream media push for Remain? They were backed by the establishment, the bankers, the political analysts and the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. At the moment he probably cannot get Cher's, ‘If I Could Turn back Time’ out of his head. For Great Britain are out of the Union and Cameron is out of office.

The European Union began with the Treaty of Rome, which took place at 18.30 hours on March 25 1957. There was always going to be some changes to the formation of the union when Saturn came back to Sagittarius in 2016. It’s a transit that has prefaced the Protestant Reformation and disintegration of the Soviet Empire. I mused about this at the end of 2014 in an article entitled…


“Saturn was in Sagittarius both for the March 25 1957 signing of the Treaty Of Rome, laying the foundation of the European Economic Community and its institution on January 1 1958. The first major revision of the 1957 treaty came when Saturn returned to Sagittarius, and the Single European Act was signed in February 1986 coming into effect on July 1 1987. Saturn’s return cycle is setting the scene for a further economic revision of Europe.”

Fast track to February 2016, as the Treaty of Rome begins to field its second Saturn return cycle. In this return, the ringed planet is making a series of three passes over the position it occupied when the EU was birthed. The Saturn return came to exactness at 15 degrees of Sagittarius in February, as the Brexit campaign launched.

Saturn is the planet of structure. But, for most of 2016, Saturn is caught in a testy T-Square between Jupiter, the lawmaker, the eclipsing Nodes and Neptune. All of which tends to dissolve central control. The obvious correlation is that the Treaty of Rome is under unprecedented pressure for systematic change. Its ‘solidarity’ is shaken to the core. And as Neptune tends to dissipate and disperse, current conditions cannot continue.


The last Saturn return, for the Treaty of Rome, arived in 1986 when the Single European Act was conceived. The objectives of this revision were to free up trade between the member countries and work toward a single market. The Act aimed to unify laws and guarantee greater cohesion, leading to the modern European Union that exists today.

The Single European Act soon became subject to national debates and delays. Referendums were held in Denmark and Ireland. This careful deliberation accompanied the Treaty of Rome experiencing its first ‘organizational’ Saturn return. Saturn would finish its homecoming cycle as the Single European Act began on July 1 1987.

On that evidence alone the current Saturn return, from February 2016, promised a major shakeup. That was the month that David Cameron announced the June BREXIT referendum. In astrology, timing is everything. Denmark, who joined the same day as Britain, opted out of some European Union conditions in their recent December referendum. Cameron should have seen it coming.


Great Britain joined the European Union on New Year’s Day 1973, the same day as Denmark. The position of Saturn on the day of their joining was the 16th degree of Gemini. It was closely opposite the 15 degree Sagittarian Saturn for the 1957 Treaty of Rome. Click here for joining biwheel.

This made the 2016 Saturn return doubly important. Not only was it affecting the original Treaty of Rome agreement, but also the date of Britain’s inclusion. But it wasn’t only Saturn.

Last week’s column also pointed to the Uranus opposition point of Britain joining the Union. The planet of rebellious independence factored powerfully. In an individual’s life, the Uranus opposition point is when one rapidly and willfully reacts against perceived restrictive circumstances. It differs little in a national horoscope. See the joining and Brexit charts here.

This wasn’t the first time Britain had held a referendum on leaving. They did so on June 5 1975, as the Gemini Sun moved across the Saturn position of their joining. That vote was an overwhelming endorsement of unity. The leaving time comes as Saturn opposes the Gemini joining position. The following paragraph is also taken from the 'Saturn in Sagittarius' article.

“Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, thrives off futuristic endeavor. When its dream is found wanting by the critical rationale of Saturn, upheaval is inevitable. This results in a weakening of the ‘central command’.

Vassal states detach from the empire as the human costs outweigh the financial benefits. New and different allegiances are formed. Religious and economic oppression or inequality is countered and might is once again proven not to be right.”

The last time Saturn moved through Sagittarius signaled the beginning of the break up of the Soviet Union. This came as a shock at the time, although it was forecast by the French mundane master Andre Barbault, well ahead of time. His work on the Saturn Neptune cycle led to reliable prediction, without polling or flipping coins.

There is more to write - re the EU and the Maastricht Treaty - but something else is also on the agenda.


Australian voters will return to the polls to elect a new government from July 2 2016. Some may be wondering why, as the parties usually displace their leaders in the interim. On voting day, the transiting Sun will oppose its position when the first federal administration was sworn in on January 1 1901. The implication is that there will be a swing away from the current government accompanying this solar opposition.

Such was hardly imaginable last year, when Malcolm Turnbull became the national leader. His preferred Prime Minister rating was 76%, dwarfing a virtually non-existent 14% for Labor opponent Bill Shorten. But again astrology is a matter of timing. Turnbull, buoyed by his own popularity, became determined to force a double dissolution to gain total control of both houses of parliament.

I envisage this election to be more akin to a double disillusionment for the public and in the long-term, Turnbull too. Malcolm was born October 24 1954, meaning that his progressed horoscope is now in its closing balsamic lunar phase. That’s the time for moving on from something, ideally to plant new seeds. His SP Sun is also moving into a difficult semisquare to restrictive Saturn.

While Saturn aspects bring responsibilities suited to administration, the semisquare tends to be a limiting aspect. By November this year transiting Saturn will also semisquare Turnbull’s birth Sun which has progressed Mars also negatively affecting. All of this propels my thinking toward further obstructions, difficulties and his eventual replacement.

Turnbull called the election at 14.31 hours on May 7 2016 from parliament house Canberra. This timing remarkably overlaid with his opponent Bill Shorten’s horoscope – the Sun’s and Mercury’s were conjunct. And it gave Shorten the early running with surprisngly improved polling that gave the underdog a longshot chance. Click here for the election call and Shorten's chart.

My summation is that Captain Bligh’s power play backfires. Like his namesake Malcolm will eclipse himself. He will be lucky to escape by the skin of his teeth, leading to the eventual loss of his authority within his own party. When Turnbull took the oath as Australia’s 29th Prime Minister, at 13.34 hours September 15 2015, the surprise packet of Uranus was at the base of the swearing in horoscope. It’s a sign that he can go, just as suddenly as he came.


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