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It's all here... the 2014 Yearly  Predictions plus Pluto In Capricorn

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It’s the universal yin yang balancing act. The agents of control are constantly battling the agents of chaos. If your idea of a control agent is Maxwell Smart or Larrabee, then you might understand why KAOS currently reigns. But for those not into 60’s sitcoms - produced at the last Uranus Pluto conjunction - we can blame it on the current square of the same duo, about to be reactivated into a Grand Cross. It can make plenty of people mighty cross as anarchy and bedlam become the universal condition. Welcome to April 2014.

Last week’s commentary dealt with how the upcoming planetary April Grand Cross had also occurred previously in 1648. The same formation accompanied a liberation war of the Ukraine, driving out the Poles and Jews, and eventually bonding the area to the Russian Empire. The link for that article is here. This week further examines the Grand Cross historically, starting with the same time period.


Along with the Khmelnytsky Uprising in the Ukraine, England was experiencing their own civil war. Charles I ruled by divine right. The English parliament had little time for such an absolute monarch and in 1648 imprisoned their king. Charles was indicted on a charge of treason - putting personal interest above that of his country.

Although rejected by the House of Lords, the Rump Parliament’s condemnation led to King Charles being beheaded at Whitehall on the afternoon of January 30 1649. England was then declared a republic, and renamed the Commonwealth of England on May 19 1649.


Across the channel in France, insurrection was also in the air. The Chief Minister was an Italian cardinal named Jules Mazarin. He was profoundly unpopular among the masses for imposing onerous war taxes without parliamentary consent. This resulted in massive riots throughout Paris, known as the Fronde rebellion. The word 'Fronde' means to sling and describes the hurling of stones damaging windows and properties of Mazarin's supporters.

On 22 October of 1648 the royal family were forced to flee Paris. However, unlike England, the Royal Army reasserted control in January 1649. New agreements were reached between the rebelling parties and order was temporarily restored. The Fronde wars would re-ignite from January the following year and the French civil war stretched intermittently until 1653.

Today we are witnessing insurrection in countries where imperious individuals override collective will. Ukraine may be one example, but it will not be the only one. Wherever the balance of power is equally divided the current planetary conditions are supporting anarchy above unity. It is well enough to philosophize that we must learn through history. We actually do. But sometimes it seems necessary to relive it on some level, to reinforce the lesson.


At the heart of the upcoming Grand Cross, lies a dynamic T-Square between self-righteous Jupiter, anarchistic Uranus and covertly manipulative Pluto. This trio are the main players. The problems of inequality in Paris were not fully resolved via the Fronde insurrection. That had to wait until 1793 when Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto next returned to T-Square and the warlord Mars joined the formation.

The previous year had seen the culmination of two crucial planetary cycles. A Uranus Pluto opposition, that often accompanies rebellion against the plutocracy. Add to that, a Saturn Neptune opposition which awakens a new social idealism. Warlike Mars had further activated both cycles from August to mid September 1792.

On August 10 1792, Louis XVI of France was taken prisoner. By September, rampaging mobs had killed three Roman Catholic bishops and over 200 priests. Then the First French Republic proclaimed the abolition of the monarchy. With the Revolution in full swing, other monarchies became anxious to intervene. France found themselves at war with England and the Netherlands.

By mid January 1793, aggressive Mars again come to join the T-Square of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. King Louis XVI of France was beheaded. His consort, Marie Antoinette would follow in October when Mars returned to the Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto formation.

In the ongoing reign of terror, symbols of the monarchy were torched throughout Paris. The country experienced a de-Christianization – a revolt against the wealth, powers and politicalization of the church. Further north in Europe, Germany saw their first democratic republic the same year.


The revolution might have been organized chaos, but it did result in the common person being able to walk through the Louvre. THE English and French revolutions were the result of an unyielding system, no longer appropriate to public need. Revolutions are also the natural consequence of suppression of change, on the individual or collective level. Are the planets timing another?

The answer lies in the countries and leaders holding the rest of the world, and/or their own nations to ransom. By indulging in such actions they are making themselves the prime targets for a revolutionary backlash, where oligarchs are swiftly catapulted from power.

The Middle East is a hotbed of inequality. Absolute monarchs still rule in Saudi Arabia and Oman. Many other Middle East countries are under constitutional monarchies with puppet leaders. The Egyptian people have struggled to find democracy under the yoke of a military rule with dissenters killed or tortured. Syrian streets have been awash with blood.

Revolutions can happen in an instant – they have the nature and suddenness of Uranus. England and France were prime examples. Even developed countries are not immune to anarchy when inequality has reached its limits. Despite the media suppression, and apparent positions of strength and power, the wheel of fate can turn in an instance. History is its witness.



At 3.59 pm Moscow time on Tuesday March 18 2014 Vladimir Putin signed a document confirming the annexation of Crimea back to Russia, after a hiatus of 60 years. On February 19 1954 the Soviets had gifted the Black Sea peninsula to the Ukraine, as a celebration of their three hundred year anniversary of unification. There is a neat mathematical and meaningful astrological connection here.

Firstly the shorter 60-year period relates to the triple cycle of the two great planetary chronocrators of Jupiter and Saturn. For thousands of years astrologers used this cycle for signaling the big geopolitical and economic shifts.

It is no mere coincidence - they used it because it works. War in Europe began in 1939 and again in 1999. The shock aerial attack on Pearl Harbour late in 1941 was repeated in New York on September 11 2001. Both controversially led the US into overseas wars. Pearl Harbour and September 11 have engendered a lot of debate, around who knew what and when. The 60 year Jupiter Saturn triple cycle also also works on the financial front.

The USA had a severe recession in the 1870’s; a six year international monetary meltdown historically referred to as the Long Depression. Come 1930 and the US and Europe repeated the dose with the Great Depression. By 1990 it was the rapidly growing Japan and Asian economies that went into freefall. The Nikkei dropped 50% and in Australia it was referred to as ‘the recession we had to have’.


Should it be any surprise, at least from the planetary perspective, that Crimea set the scene for another cold war showdown? After all it was also 60 years ago, in 1954, that a Republican Senator named Joseph McCarthy was doing his level best to convince Americans that the Soviets were infiltrating the US State Department, Army and Hollywood.

McCarthy’s paranoia led to the reds under the bed humour, but is looked upon as a dark period of American history. In 1954 McCarthy was finally censured and died soon after from alcoholism. Putin’s aggressive actions in reclaiming what has historically been Russian territory was bound to lead to fears of a revived Russian empire, and a new wave of cold war sentiment and sensationalism.

Looking at history, in the bigger picture, provides a clearer and much more rational outlook. The year 2014 actually represents the 360-year anniversary of very significant event - the signing of the Treaty of Pereyaslav, which united the Cossacks of the Ukraine into the Russian Empire. And 360 are the number of degrees in the zodiac. It’s time for a new revolution.

Incidentally, if you’re from England or Scotland and reading this you might be interested to know that Oliver Cromwell created a union between England and Scotland, with Scottish representation in the Parliament of England on April 12 1654 – but that’s another story.


The Treaty of Pereyaslav was a union between Russia and the Cossacks led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky in his revolutionary war against Polish/Jewish domination of the Ukraine populace. The Khmelnytsky Uprising had begun in 1648 with the aim of liberating the indigenous population from the yoke of the Polish nobles and the eradication of their Jewish representatives, and creating an autonmous Ukrainian state.

When Khmelnytsky’s armies made a triumphant entry into Kiev by Christmas 1648 he was revered as the Moses of the Ukraine. But several defeats followed and the Cossack leader made a number of appeals to Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich of Russia, who initially preferred to stay out of the conflict. Eventually Khmelnytsky cut a deal with the Tsar absorbing the Ukraine into the Russian Empire.


In the first quarter of 1648 a Grand Cross was forming in the skies, the like of which is exceedingly rare. It featured the planets of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all in square to each other. The same square will align in April of 2014. It is called the Grand Cross and much has been written about it, but not enough about the Ukraine.

Is it really any coincidence that the Ukraine is drawn into conflict between western monetary interests and traditional alliances? The key to the Grand Cross is the ongoing T-Square between Jupiter Uranus and Pluto. The heliocentric meeting of this influential trio occurred mid November 2013. One week later the Euromaidan protests surfaced in Kiev as a result of the now deposed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich rejecting an agreement with the European Union.

The USA is one country whose horoscope profoundly reflects the Grand Cross come late April. This time, expansion has met resistance, and the reaction has been immediate with economic sanctions. The ramifications are only just beginning. But meantime expect some McCarthy style headlines to dominate the news. Cold war hysteria sells.

MAR 16

I thought hard about whether to write anything at all on the missing aircraft MH370. Many families still await the outcome, clinging to the hope of an incredible rescue. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of them. I finally wrote this abbreviated analysis, under the consideration that the subject has already saturated the media and is a mystery that grips most of us.

Mysteries are a Neptunian concern. Deceptive situations, littered with red herrings, obscured in a fog of unknowing, with a distinct absence of facts inevitably involve the blue gas giant. Neptune - the mythological king of the watery depths governs a dark hidden world far removed from the sun’s light, where sound and sight are non-existent.


At 00.41 minutes on March 8 2014 when flight MH370 took to the skies from Kuala Lumpur, Neptune was precisely positioned at the base of the chart. Forty minutes later, at 1.21 am CCT time, the plane would suddenly disappear off the radar, apparently after having its communication equipment disabled.

At 7.24 am Saturday morning Malaysian Airlines publicly announced that the plane was missing and that they were conducting an extensive search and rescue mission. There is a horoscopic connection between all three moments. It may hold the key.

Typical of Neptune deception, despite numerous leads, the location of flight MH370 remained a mystery. Difficult to believe that in today’s world of high tech communications and global surveillance that an object the size of a jumbo could disappear for over a week without a trace? But that’s Neptune, and exactly what transpired.


There was an astrological pattern unfolding in those early moments when the jumbo first took to the skies. Here it is essential to note the celestial bodies at the chart angles. The plane’s lift-off horoscope has clear indications of an unseen hand, or unforeseen circumstances at the helm. Neptune in Pisces at the base the take-off chart is the most obvious indicator of the confusion and deception, deliberate or otherwise that followed.

The Moon, also significant in any event horoscope was just setting, and in a clear westward direction. The Moon and Neptune in square would certainly equate to a public (Moon) mystery (Neptune) and families dealing with confusion or loss. The Moon was in the information sign of Gemini, and mirrored a typical Geminian ambiguity via the reports, opinion and information that would ensue. Click here for the lift off horoscope

Click here for the astromap showing the positioning of Neptune and the Moon.


The next crucial development occurred at 1.21 am when the jumbo’s transponder, which transmits altitude and location, was disengaged. At 1.22 am Vietnamese air traffic control noticed they had lost contact with MH370. At this time of 1.21/22 am the angles of the horoscope advanced to highlight the position of the Piscean Sun. See horoscope here.

The cutting of the transponder has moved the positioning of the Moon and Neptune considerably to the west although the plane had not travelled to that location. Perhaps this represents an indication of the intended directional shift. Click here for the missing contact astromap.

That final human contact emanating from flight MH370 came shortly after the plane's transponder was cut. At 7.24 a.m. Malaysian Airlines announced that they had lost contact with the plane and that a search and rescue operation was underway. The third horoscope for the public announcement of the missing plane reveals again that the angles have returned to highlight the position of the Piscean Sun. Therefore the Piscean Sun is another clue to the puzzle. See all three horoscopes transposed here and note the returning angles to the Sun position.


A clue can be the repetitive angles accenting the Piscean Sun position, between 17 and 18 degrees of Pisces. The Moon is eventually moving to oppose that Sun positioning come Sunday morning the 16th, the Full Moon occurs in the early hours of Monday morning the 17th of March China Coast time. The Full Moon occurring soon after, will fall exactly over the original flight path. This time frame may provide the key in solving the mystery of flight MH370. See the astromap of the coming Full Moon here returning to the take off location.


Since posting the above article the last contact made from a communications satellite in the form of a blip sent from the engines, occurred at 8.11 am on the morning of March 8 2014. Considering that the Sun and the advancing angles of the respective horoscopes, seemed to time the previous developments, its position may again provide a clue.

Click here for the map now advanced to final contact of 8.11 a.m. noting "the Sun position" rising across the Indian Ocean and upward, whilst Neptune and the Moon (dotted line) appear further westward.


History changing individuals come into the world under powerful astrological signatures. Vladimir Putin came to power under the auspices of a Grand Cross with the August 11 1999 Solar Eclipse. He was sworn in under the kingmaker combination of Jupiter and Saturn in enduring Taurus.

Now in 2014 as another Grand Cross looms in the heavens, Putin is at the heart of a global political shift. This week’s column delves further into the Ukraine/Crimea crisis examining the horoscope of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the origin of the Black Sea Fleet along with Crimean Independence.


Vladimir Putin was born into the astrological signature of socialism, on October 7 1952 @ 9.30 a.m., in St Petersburg. His Libran Sun unites with Saturn and Neptune, the two planets whose cycle has continually defined socialist politics. The Communist Manifesto was written under a Saturn Neptune conjunction, the Russian Revolution (the first overthrow of a capitalist government) occurred under a Saturn Neptune conjunction, as did the eventual fall of the Soviet states in 1989.

Putin rose to prominence under a potent astrological sign. He was appointed Russian Prime Minister two days before the eagerly awaited August 11 1999 Solar Eclipse, forming a Grand Cross in the skies and tracing path from the UK across central Europe, through Turkey, Iran and India. Much was expected, and predicted from this eclipse, including WWIII.

As it was 1999 brought war in Europe for the first time since the end of the Second World War, as NATO reigned bombs over Kosovo. Right now, March 2014, the position of Mars sits opposite it's position of the 1999 eclipse. And Mars is now heading retro, a direction it took for the Kosovo War.

The 1999 eclipse was part of an identical (termed metonic) series, connecting back to 1961 when the Berlin Wall was erected and repeating in 1980 when Polish activist Lech Walesa began a series of strikes leading to the Solidarity movement. The latter was a key factor in the eventual dissolution of the Soviet states, and the repetitive eclipse cycle revealed a definite connection with Cold War politics.

Putin’s eclipse elevation was auspicious for this alone. At the precise moment of eclipse totality, forceful Pluto was rising across Moscow, along the Black Sea and through the Ukraine and Turkey. Click here for the astromap. The effect on Izmit happened within the week in the form of a deadly earthquake that claimed over 17,000 lives.

Political turbulence followed the eclipse path, and continues to. Immediately after, thousands marched in Belgrade, demanding the resignation of Serbian strongman and Russian ally, Slobodan Milosevic. Moscow, the once proud center of the Soviet Empire was now clearly struggling. The collapse of the Russian ruble and raging inflation had plunged a proud nation toward bankruptcy.

From the ruins of Russia, Putin’s ascendancy began. At the following Jupiter Saturn conjunction, of May 2000, he was sworn in as President during a spectacular ceremony of pomp and grandeur, at the Grand Kremlin palace. Astrologically, this inauguration timing is extremely significant. The Jupiter Saturn cycle has long been renowned as the signpost of caliphs and kings.

Vladimir Putin gained national leadership at his Jupiter return - a Jupiter return that brought the authoritative Sun and Saturn along too. He was elected President for the third time at his last Jupiter return in 2012. After fourteen years he remains at the helm. Putin is the longest serving leader of a world power, and is now at the challenging Saturn opposition phase of his dominance.


This year Putin’s horoscope will again feel the powerful eclipse energies. The October 8 lunar eclipse occurs a day after his birthday. Throughout 2014, combative Mars will progress to square his Jupiter, escalating battles or instigating judicial conflicts. The upcoming late April Grand Cross falls upon Putin’s Libran birth Sun and is placing him right at the center of world affairs.

The war planet Mars then becomes the central player. During 2014 aggressive Mars moves across Putin’s birth Sun three times - on January 5, April 22 and June 18. It repeats the pattern with his communicative Mercury on February 1, March 28 and July 12. Little wonder the Russian President chooses the forceful options. See Putin's horoscope here for April.

These combative influences are not about to dissipate. Putin’s Libran birth Sun is also fielding the revolutionary Uranus Pluto square, a primary reason he is dealing with insurrection, as well as being part of it. The Uranus Pluto energy paints him as a rebel on the world political stage, with allegiances rapidly changing.

The western solution to Putin’s intransigence unwittingly reveals what underpins their own political monopolies. They plan on targeting Russia’s oligarchs with economic sanctions, in an effort to isolate and undermine the President’s support.

In the longer term, Putin’s bellicose Mars is progressing toward a supportive trine to his birth Sun, though not perfecting until 2016. If he successfully rides the raging rapids of political turbulence surrounding him, the Mars angle could place him in an even more commanding military position than today. A lot depends upon the Crimean peninsula and the Black Sea Fleet.


The Black Sea Fleet was formed in Sevastopol, by the Russian military leader Prince Grigory Potemkin, on May 13 1783. It was formed to counter the Ottoman Empire. The horoscope of this military initiative is fitting for naval defense. The determined Taurean Sun sesquisqaures mythical sea-king Neptune and squares Mars, planet of war.

In 1941/42 restrictive Saturn moved across the Sun of the Black Fleet horoscope. Back then, the Axis powers undertook the siege of Sevastopol, lasting from October 30 1941 to July 4 1942. It was one of the decisive naval battles of World War Two. Not surprisingly as Saturn now opposes the Sun of the Black Fleet, throughout 2014, the city again seems under siege.

The last Jupiter/Saturn ‘royal conjunction’ occurring in May of 2000, fell at 23 degrees of Taurus, right on the Sun of the Black Sea Fleet horoscope. This tied the BSF into the current ongoing cycle, along with Putin’s presidency. In 2005, during a testing square of Jupiter/Saturn, Ukraine's president Viktor Yushchenko accused the Black Sea Fleet of being an agent of instability in Crimea, promoting separatism.

Controversy reigned over Russian occupation of significant lighthouse sites. Ukraine parliament decided not to renew Russian leases leading to evacuation by 2017. However, at the Jupiter Saturn opposition phase of 2010 the Ukraine, in an about face, renewed the lease with Russia extending until 2047. The next square is due from mid 2015 to mid 2016.


Although Russia gifted Crimea to the Ukraine in February 1954, conditional upon retaining naval bases, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has its own constitution. On May 5 1992, Crimea declared independence reliant upon a referendum, which gained an overwhelming 80% support. Citizens of Crimea hold dual Russian and Ukrainian citizenship.

The horoscope of Crimean Independence is cast for 7 pm May 5 1992, in the capital of Simferopol – see chart here. The Crimean autonomy horoscope, like the Black Fleet, also features a Taurean Sun, this time opposing Pluto, indicating reliance on a powerful partner. Currently Saturn, the planet of tradition and often restriction, Saturn sits upon the Pluto, as it will all year.

Crimea’s allegiance to Russia is undisputed. During 2006, when US marines entered the peninsula for joint NATO/Ukrainian naval exercises they incited massive protests. Signs adorned the bay proclaiming ‘occupiers go home’. The Crimean parliament declared Crimea a NATO free territory. It forced the abandonment of the exercises, and withdrawal of NATO.

On March 6 2014, the Crimean parliament voted 78 to nil with eight abstaining, to become part of Russia and to hold a people’s referendum on March 16. The decision will be fully decided through the ballot box. As 58% of the population are Russians as against 24% Ukrainian, the result seems a foregone conclusion. The Crimean independence horoscope would also support this as the progressed Ascendant comes to transforming Pluto.

As the EU expands further into the Ukraine, Crimea is a notable absentee, despite protests from western leaders, who in the space of one week seem to be redefining democracy. What seems fine for the Ukraine, even before their May 25 elections, is not so okay for Crimea – despite a pending referendum? But then we’re not really dealing with democracy in any of these developments.


The Battle for the Ukraine sends a frightening message regarding international trust and national sovereignty. On December 5 1994, the Ukraine sacrificed one of the biggest nuclear arsenals in the world - larger than Britain, France, and China combined - following US, UK and Russian guarantees of territorial respect. By June 2 1996 they were a non-nuclear state.

Now the Ukraine is torn between a relentless globalization agenda set by the USA, Eurozone and IMF, and a revived Russia seeking greater global prominence. The unmistakable message is, might is right, whichever side of the political fence you take. Those who willingly hand over their weapons of mass destruction watch as their sovereignty is usurped by superpowers that zealously cling to their own nuclear agenda as the primary means of global control and profit.



The name Ukraine means ‘borderland’, appropriate for a country that borders the geographical and political differences of Russia and Europe. The country’s history is interwoven with both ideologies. The modern Ukraine takes its roots in the aftermath of WWI and the game changing Russian Revolution.

The Ukraine initially became part of the Russian Republic on the resignation of the Russian Tsar during the Bolshevik uprising. But the move for independence began officially on March 17 1917, when a Central Council sought sovereignty, which was opposed by the Russian Bolsheviks. The Ukraine declared national independence on January 22 1918. Click here for the horoscope.

The horoscope of the January 1918 independence declaration features a productive trine between the universal brotherhood Aquarian Sun aligned to expansive Jupiter in loquacious Gemini and warlike Mars in normally diplomatic Libra. Despite the ambitious declaration, the Russian Bolsheviks had other ideas. As a valuable part of the Russian Empire, the Ukraine was too valuable to sacrifice.


To bolster their autonomy the Ukraine negotiated a separate peace treaty with the Central Powers involving Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria. This deal was made at 2 am on February 9 1918, in Brest, Belarus, and made front-page news in Germany. On the same day the Bolsheviks captured Kiev.

Military support from Germany and Austria was essential in clearing the Bolshevik occupying forces from Kiev. Despite the treaty being short lived, due to Central Powers defeat in WWI, the horoscope of this signing is vital when analyzing anti-Russian sentiment in the Ukraine today, and further dealings with western Europe. Click here for this horoscope.

Both the initial horoscopes place the reformative planet Pluto along the eclipsing nodal axis and in square to the war planet Mars. It is little wonder that despite all the best intentions the independence movement disintegrated into civil war and anarchy. Kiev, fell successively to Bolshevik, Germans, Bolsheviks and Polish until the Treaty of Riga, of March 18 1921, stilled the seesaw.


With the success of the Bolshevik Revolution and the spread of geographic communism into Eastern Europe and beyond, on December 30 1922, the Ukraine became a state of the Soviet Union, eventually falling under the iron rule of Josef Stalin. As a result, during WWII Ukrainian nationalists again revolted declaring independence at 6 pm June 30 1941 in Lviv, in expectation of German support.

Instead of recognition, the Nazis transported the nationals into concentration camps, crushing the independence movement. The Soviet Red Army recaptured Kiev on 6 November 1943. Finally, after an exceedingly bumpy ride the Ukraine achieved their independence at 5.31 pm on August 24 1991 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Check here for the final Ukraine Independence Horoscope.


Year 2000 saw a significant combination of Jupiter and Saturn fall upon Uranus – that’s the planet of revolution – in the Ukraine Original Independence chart of January 18 1918. The following year would usher in the original independence proclamation’s Uranus return. November 18 2000 set all of that in motion, starting with the controversial ‘cassette scandal’.

Alleged secret recordings of Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, revealing high-level corruption, sent the leader’s public approval rating plummeting to a record low 9%. Kuchma claimed it was a fraudulent set-up from the west. What followed was the Orange Revolution, a people’s revolt especially popular with Ukrainian youth and fueled by the Internet and mobile phones, creating an independent media.

Ukraine politics has never been the same since. It’s been a hotbed of intrigue and political scandal – claim and counterclaim of insidious corruption on either side. Underneath this entire script run two differing political philosophies, being the West and Russia. Amazing how some things change but underneath they actually remain the same.


The Orange Revolution climaxed in a disputed 2004 election result and the alleged poisoning of one of the revolution’s leaders, in accountant and banker, Victor Yushchenko. The poisoning claim was widely disputed, with conflicting testimonies from medical experts. Nevertheless, a second run off election shortly after saw Yuschenko victorious over Victor Yanukovych.

Yuschenko immediately began a purge of parliamentarians and even promised to remove the Russian fleet from the Black Sea. But his attempts to shift the Ukraine toward pro-western geopolitical and geo-economic structures were unsuccessful. Nominating for a second term in 2010 he received less than 6% of the vote, the worst result for any sitting President in history.


All of which leads us down the road to the current crisis. The 2010 election was won by Victor Yanukovych, narrowly beating Yulia Tymoshenko, the face of the current revolution. Next week’s installment will examine both of their birth charts, along with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The correlations are fascinating. The April Grand Cross will impact on all of their horoscopes.

Meantime the progressed chart of the original Ukraine Independence of January 22 1918 shows Sun squaring Saturn. This suggests a leadership trying to escape from the yoke of a traditional authority, or hemmed in by restrictions.

The Central Power’s Treaty timed horoscope, signifying dealings other than Russia, perfectly depicts the revolution. It has the progressed Sun currently meeting Uranus and also progressed Venus trining Saturn. The latter favors financial assistance from senior partners with restrictive conditions.

Finally the Ukrainian 1991 Independence chart shows Jupiter progressing to the Sun, a sign of considerable expansion. However, there is also a challenging square from Mars to Uranus implying revolutionary battles, and already describing the sporadic violence and killings we have seen in Kiev.

Next week I’ll be examining the political heavyweights in the Ukraine and the horoscope of Vladimir Putin as the issue of Russia, the Crimea and the Black Sea loom even larger into worldview.


It may prove one of the great all time Australian political quotes, if more for its incongruity than its delivery. At 10.15 pm on September 7 2013, during his election victory speech, the soon to be Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott enthusiastically proclaimed, Australia was under new management and ‘open for business.’

Since then the motorcar industry has announced they are parting Australian shores with the announced closures of Toyota and GMH (producers of Australia’s first home-grown car) following Ford. The mining boom is notably slowing and last week the iconic flying kangaroo Qantas shed 5000 jobs as it struggles with massive losses.

Instead of booming business, Australians are looking down the barrel of an austerity budget. But for an astrologer studying the Qantas chart, the company cutbacks would have been blatantly obvious.

Saturn is the planet of austerity, and throughout February and March it is stationing around 23 degrees of Scorpio. When Qantas was formed on November 16 1920 in Winton Queensland, the company’s Sun, representing the heart of the corporation and the CEO, was positioned at 23 degrees of Scorpio.

This Sun position has proved before its sensitivity to planetary transits. The company grounded its entire fleet from 5 pm on 29th of October 2011, during failed negotiations with engineers, pilots and the TWU. At the time a T-Square involving four planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Neptune were impacting on the same 23-degree Scorpio Sun.

Unfortunately for Qantas, Saturn is not about to go away in a hurry. After it moves off from late March it will return in October. And in a similar time frame from September the solar-arced Saturn will join the company’s Venus, the planet of value. Looks like for the immediate future austerity is the name of the game.

As for the capitulation of the car industry in Australia, the applicable horoscope would be that of 2.30 pm on 29 November 1948, when the first locally produced car, the Holden FX, was unveiled before a select audience. The horoscope of the time shows 9 degrees of Aries rising and 10 degrees of Capricorn at the Midheaven. With the current squaring of the reformatory Uranus and Pluto activating similar degrees, and the progressed Sun of this chart opposing Pluto in two years, the timing seems to be written in the stars.

FEB 23


While you sleep, satellite tracking discs, in areas like remote outback Australia, feed information to US intelligence on minute global movements. Individuals can be tracked through their credit transactions, mobile devices, or face recognition technology. The government is adamant that to protect the national interest, and your own future security, the sacrifice of privacy is a small price to pay.

It may or may not have occurred to you, that the meticulous US global surveillance system, which went to the trouble of monitoring the cell phones of allied leaders, seemed to have miraculously missed the early warning signs of a very important event that affected the lives of almost every individual on the planet – the 2008 global economic meltdown.

If the desired aim was to bolster national security – or at least the proceeds of an individual’s working life – then somehow it failed badly. In the myriad of messages, emails and mobile calls from government leaders and society’s elite, you would think there might have been a thread, a tiny hint perhaps, of imminent financial fallout, bank failures or stock market collapse? But apparently not. After going to so much trouble – it was the one that got away.


As a result of that ‘security failure’, the world has changed. And a lot of people have subsequently made an absolute fortune out of that change. All of the economic studies conducted since have concluded that the rich are getting richer, with no forseeable end in sight.

Stock markets are booming, the financial sector is flush, but wealth disparity is greater now than ever. The big investors have an even larger percentage of the national wealth after the worst stock market collapse in most people’s living memory. If something is not adding up for you in all of this, you're not alone. It's making riots a global phenomena.

It was Henry Ford who said, “It is well enough that people do not understand our business and monetary system. For if they did there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” The latests stats reveal that wealth disparity in the US alone has reached its greatest divide since 1928 – the year before the crash leading into the Great Depression.


The Roaring Twenties was a decade of increasing modernity and prosperity. Rapidly advancing technology propelled lifestyle changes such as talking movies, airplane transport, the first TV, robots and even basics home appliances such as hair dryers, electric shavers and sliced bread.

Since the new millennium, personal computers, mobile phones, the Internet and nanotechnology have propelled similar lifestyle changes. But at the end of the Roaring Twenties came the Great Depression. Already we’ve had a taste of that with the 2008 global recession.

Back then there was also a new nation that grabbed the reins of prosperity. In the 1920’s New York overtook London as the most populous urbanized city. The USA became the new economic juggernaut. From 1924 the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index shot up from 100 to a 1929 high of 381 – the year of the stock market crash that ended a spectacular five-year bull run.


Since the DJIA low of March 6 2009 – it bottomed out at 6470 – the market has risen 123% in another remarkable 5-year bull run. History shows that stock market gains generally precede economic growth. Will it continue or is it time for a five year correction?

A closer look at the stock market since January 1 2000 will show that it had dropped a massive 36% leading into October 2002 when Congress gave the go-ahead for George W Bush to invade Iraq. That decision coincided with a 5-year bull run that topped out in October of 2007. The Hang Seng – the Hong Kong Stock Market Index – also topped out in October 2007. But that's where the similarities end.

Following the October high of 2007, the Hang Seng went into a steep decline. From the May of 2008 until the start of September 2008 (that’s before the Lehman Bros collapse in the US) the Hang Seng dropped a full quarter of its value. In short, the Hang Seng preceded the global financial meltdown. It then plummetted further to bottom in March 2009, just like the Dow. But unlike the USA, the Hong Kong market has not ballooned over the past year.

Obviously there will be differences in the two markets representing the world’s largest economies, but globalisation should be a great leveler. Judging purely from the start of the millennium until now, the differences have not been that stark. The Dow Index has grown 37% in the last fourteen years, an average of 2.6% per year. The Hang Seng has grown 41% in the same timespan an average of 2.9%. It's over the past few years that the differences have been marked.

More revealingly, the Hang Seng has never recovered from the October 2007 high. Its index as of February 2014 is still 30% below that October figure. The other Chinese market, the Shanghai Index, is only a third of what it was in October 2007. But in February of 2014 the Dow has well exceeded the October 2007 figure. Is the American economy really that strong? Or is the five year bull about to fold?


Back in the Roaring Twenties New York became the financial hub and the US the world’s fastest growing export economy. Today the role of the fastest growing export economy undoubtedly belongs to China. Already Hong Kong boasts the highest life expectancy and highest average IQ among its more than seven million inhabitants.

China’s phenomenal growth helped western economies sandbag the last global recession. Countries whose trade was dominantly with China (like Australia riding a commodities boom) managed to sail through.

Yet China’s growth is eerily reminiscent of the USA in the 'roaring twenties'. Economies based on export levels, without a balanced internal consumption, eventually hit the wall, as Japan did. And countries that borrow against themselves, like the USA, eventually have to pay the piper. They can’t have it both ways.


The coming planetary Grand Cross of late April 2014 impacts on the horoscopes of both the USA (July 4 1776) and that of the People's Republic of China (October 1 1949). Global financial stability rests on the co-operation of these two economic superpowers. And yet their differences may be bringing something to a crisis point.

Click here for USA horoscope with Grand Cross planets.

Click here for Chinese national horoscope with Grand Cross planets.

Last week I showed the planetary graphs of 1930 and 2014 to illustrate the similarity of their positioning, along with that of the New and Full Moons, plus eclipses across the respective years. The market was strong early 1930, but fell away sharply in April which then put the country into Depression. I'm not saying the same would happen again, just that the April month may send strong signals as to whether recovery is real, or the world has to rethink their economic model.

FEB 16

This week, a change of pace as we take a look at the US economy and a replicating planetary pattern from the 1930's. Also featured is super model Miranda Kerr and the controversy concerning her family, marriage and career. But first...


At 5.27 pm February 11 2014, the US House of Representatives approved raising US debt ceiling until March 2015. In the October 8 weekly update of last year, as the US Congress hovered on the edge of debt default, I wrote...

“...there is an eerie celestial connection between October 2013 and October 1929, the month that heralded the Great Depression.

When heavenly cycles repeat, often terrestrial events coincide, something that may adequately explain the current financial panic. The lunar cycle is emphasizing erratic Uranus. This disruptive combination is acting as the celestial alarm clock for financial fluctuations.

The New Moon of March 31 2014 will be joining Uranus. It was the same March New Moon with Uranus of 1930 when economic catastrophe became irreversible. Unless discretion replaces dysfunction, the USA may again be heading for a similar precipice.”

Congress eventually passed an 11th hour deal allowing the government to continue functioning, with the debt limit expanded. But the planetary patterns that dogged 1930 are strangely repetitious in 2014. While most economists and politicians preach that the US is in the midst of a sustainable recovery – just what kind of recovery are they talking about?


As forecast in World Predictions 2013 the Dow was set for a bumper year. A planetary pattern of 1954 featuring Jupiter and Saturn was repeating. For the year the Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 23%. The last five years have seen an 82% profit. Since the 2009 March low the DJIA index has more than doubled. Some people are making an absolute fortune just trading stocks.

Those kind of figures spell a Bull Run very similar to the Roaring Twenties, when 'some people' also made a fortune trading stocks. So why is the US still registering 6.5% people seeking employment, and why are over 20 million people reduced to food stamps, as the Fed continues to drip feed the economy? Something is not adding up here.

These three 90 degree planetary graphs below depict the New and Full Moons, plus eclipses and outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto covering 1930 and 2014 respectively. You don’t have to be an astrologer to recognize the unmistakable similarity. The third graph overlays 2014 onto 1930.




The last graph highlights the similarity of planetary conditions as each New and Full Moon, plus eclipse, occurs within degrees of the 1930 ones. Uranus, back in Aries as it was then, is following a virtual identical pattern. Both Neptune and Pluto are actually opposing their 1930 positions, but that in itself places them in a similar relationship with the soli-lunar cycle.

I'll explain this in greater depth next week and also introduce the Hang Seng market to the mix, along with a comprehensive analysis. But on the mere planetary evidence above, the economic roller coaster is far from finished and may still roll off the track.


Miranda Kerr is one of the world’s most photographed people. She was born with an exact and supportive trine between the Sun and the planet of image - Neptune. After a stellar Australian career that splashed her all over the front pages of Elle, Harpers’s Bazaar and Vogue, she became the first Australian to model for Victoria’s Secret. For 2013 Kerr was ranked at #2 on the Forbes directory of top earning models.

Miranda’s star has been on the rise since her teens, when she won the 1997 annual Dolly Magazine/Impulse Model Competition, as a Gunnedah teen destined for the big smoke. Despite her enormous success, Miranda Kerr’s horoscope explicitly shows the difficulty she faces with the ‘establishment’, control issues and other people’s expectation.

She was born in Sydney on April 20 1983. Her pioneering Aries Sun is tightly opposing both Saturn and Pluto. She has a meticulous hard work ethic, but acutely feels limitation from outside control. These are traits she has inherited from her mother Therese, also of an entrepreneurial bent. Father John, a home and family man, is truer to Miranda’s Cancer Moon.

People with strong Sun and Saturn aspects work harder to prove themselves, and may rebel against authority – real or perceived. When Pluto is involved with Saturn – we’re talking the ancient and modern rulers of death – complete life transformation becomes a mission. The Sun Saturn connection is crucial to Miranda’s life.


Saturn has long been renowned as the most fatalistic of planets. Babylonian mythology depicted him challenging the world of chaos by recapturing the tablets of destiny. The critical years are when the ringed planet comes to oppose or return or its natal position at ages of 14/15 and 29/30.

When Miranda won the Dolly competition, launching her stellar career, it was glamorous and phantasmagoric Neptune that was initially squaring her Sun and Saturn. But as Saturn came to join her Sun throughout 1998/99 she was transported from the rural life of outback Gunnedah, toward a media world of fame and fortune.

For Miranda it was putting an old head on young shoulders, but it came at a price. Gone were the carefree country days, replaced by the commercial, competitive city and driving worldly ambition. As Saturn opposed itself, it also invoked the deeper opposition involving Pluto.

Pluto is the planet of total reformation with a no turning back ‘black hole’ feel. Pluto was by now opposing her Venus, the planet of love. These celestial oppositions are uncanny for the severance of a crucial relationship. Miranda’s first love and longtime sweetheart, Chris Middlebrook, was unexpectedly killed in a car accident.


Until that shock she’d dreamt of being a farmer’s wife, but fate was playing its part. She said it felt like her heart was torn out, but in spirit he would always be there. "Chris’ death taught me that the people who touch your life are always with you. It taught me that I have the choice to be grateful for the time I had with him instead of dwelling on losing him."

Kerr’s horoscope features a Venus Uranus opposition. It attracts her to strong individuals, but also can spell rapid relationship reversals or call for freedom within partnership. After Chris’ death, she wrote a letter to him promising to name her first child after him. On January 6 2011 that child was born Flynn Christopher Bloom.

By July 2010, exactly at her progressed lunar return, Miranda had married English screen star Orlando Bloom, after a brief one-month engagement. She was the envy of the female population and she was expecting. In October 2013 they announced their separation after six years together. It happened the same month that Miranda’s three-year contract with Victoria’s Secret ended.


These momentous changes come on the heels of Kerr’s Saturn return, the assumption of responsible adulthood. Miranda is finding her own sense of authority. Along with her marital bust, the planet of self-sufficiency has also coincided with a removal from family support, toward a more autonomous approach.

In January 2013 Miranda replaced her mother Therese as the head of Kora Cosmetics. Therese now has her own line of health and beauty products. As their daughter becomes increasingly self-reliant, the tight knit family expressed their concerns publicly in an ABC documentary where they virtually made a public appeal for her to come home.

The documentary created a public polarity between an ungrateful superstar or controlling family members, but life is never so black and white. It’s easy to be judgmental. To take sides and not see the bigger picture unfolding. Media hosts perpetuate that kind of falsity to stir the passions of listeners or viewers.


Her mother summed it up when she mused, “What I have to do is let go and allow her to be assertive and lead her own life. And I guess for any mum that's a little bit challenging sometimes to do that.” Father John wistfully says, “I wish she was just a normal, everyday girl, I really do.” But that fate was sealed by her mid-teens, perhaps even at birth. She is normal, and true to her horoscope.

A powerful Sun/Saturn/Pluto shows how important it is for her to be her own person. It lies in a testing square to her Cancer Moon. One may occasionally come at the sacrifice of the other, and it’s bound to happen around thirty years of age. But those with a Cancer Moon will always feel the pull and push of family connection, and the heartfelt association with their roots. But to do that it is also imperative to honor yourself.



Stating the obvious is saying that the Australian public has a fascination with Schapelle Corby. Obsession is more to the point. Since her arrest and prosecution for alleged drug smuggling in Bali, the beach girl from Tugun has been subject to virtual ‘big brother’ media scrutiny. A merry-go-round of colorful and dubious characters have played bit parts in her bio. A story that has finally taken a fortunate turn.

According to Australian astrologer Nancy Dunn, relaying information from Schappelle’s mother Roseleigh, Corby was born just before noon on July 10 1977 at Brisbane. This puts her Cancerian Sun right at the top of her horoscope conjunct the very ‘universal’ Midheaven. She also has the planet of media, Mercury, in the same area. Click here for her horoscope.

All but two of Schapelle’s planets lie above the horizon, supporting a more public life. Corby’s chart shape is the driven ‘locomotive’ pattern, led by the family orientated Moon in her seventh house of close relationships and finished by Neptune planet of mystery, along with receational drugs. However, the Moon is opposite the more erratic Uranus, suggesting sudden family and/or home changes.


As the progressed Moon completed its first cycle of her horoscope, nothing could prepare Schapelle for the rapid change of residence accompanying her arrest on October 8 2004 at Denpasar airport Bali. From that point her new ‘home’ would be a cell at Kerobokan Prison. Thrust into a media spotlight she would become an immediate and unwitting celebrity.

At approximately 2.30 pm Bali time Schapelle Corby was taken into custody after 4.2 kilos (over 9 lb) of cannabis was found in her boogie board at the airport check out. Typical to the Moon connection, she was visiting for her sister Mercedes's 30th birthday that very day. Corby claimed the cannabis was planted on her - the Indonesian justice system saw it differently.

On October 8 2004 the astrological transits for Corby were not good. Saturn, the planet of authority, was together with the Moon – both on her communicative Mercury. The Sun, Mercury and Mars were all positioned on Pluto, in her house of incarceration. Her conviction captured the headlines and sparked a diplomatic crisis.

There were multiple factors explaining Corby becoming a national cause celebre. Australians were only just recovering from the horrific Bali terrorist bombing attacks of October 12 2002, which had claimed 88 Australian lives. Corby’s arrest fell mere days before the second anniversary of this tragedy.

The Indonesian prosecution was pushing for a death sentence for Corby, in light of the country’s tough anti-drug laws. The presiding judge, Linton Sirait had handed down a death sentence to Bali bomber Imam Samudra. It seemed incongruous that Corby could be possibly subject to such judgment for something far less threatening.

There were conflicting reports from the customs officials and Corby’s witnesses. Forensic tests were not carried out. The fact that Schapelle was female and attractive only added to her media appeal. Feelings ran high before and during the trial, broadcast live in Australia and New Zealand.


The climax arrived at 11.39 pm on May 27 2005, when a guilty verdict was handed down. Corby got twenty years. Anomalies abounded – the bags were not fingerprinted, the marijuana was not tested to determine its source. Her defence counsel suggesting bag tampering on the trip. All this proved to no avail.

The subterfuge, mystery and red herring characters that came in and out of play were little surprise, considering Schapelle Corby’s horoscope relocated to Bali. It places the planet Neptune exactly at the base, or home area. Neptune is the planet of obfuscation, sacrifice, deception and drugs. But Neptune’s mystique is also the stuff that legends are made from. See the astromapping here.

With Corby behind bars, camera crews were ever present, current affair shows paid lucrative sums for inside stories and magazines frequently ran features on her progress. Despite an appeal being squashed, she was granted multiple remissions on her sentence. The horoscope of her conviction supported clemency, or an early release.

In November 2006, as Jupiter supportively trined her Sun, Corby’s autobiography ‘Schapelle Corby - My Story’ was released by Pan Mcmillan. It sold over 100,000 copies, and $267,500 was deposited in the bank account of her brother in law, Wayan Widartha’s, bank account. But the Australian government froze the proceeds, under laws prohibiting profit through crime.


In time opinion changed regarding Schapelle’s innocence, but not her martyrdom. Stories came to light around family member's involvement and arrests on drug charges. Most Australians believed she was probably guilty, but taking the wrap for others. In the bigger picture it was looking as if loyalty ran thick for this Cancer, with a prominent Moon. Her sympathy and popularity survived.

By 2008, as her progressed Midheaven moved over somber Saturn, Schapelle was suffering from depression. She was taken from her Bali prison to a hospital. The symptoms would remain until the progressed Sun began to move away from the conjunction to Saturn, a planet of containment.

During this time a plea for clemency was put to the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. As her progressed Sun departed Saturn, in 2012, the President cut five years off her sentence. Things were finally looking up.


In 2013 Schapelle Corby was due for a progressed New Moon – a once in thirty-year occurrence. Something had to give. New Moons are literally about fresh starts – they can be likened to a rebirth. Rumors abounded about an early parole, but were bogged down in bureaucratic red tape.

By December 2013, judicial Jupiter had moved to join her Sun and Midheaven in Cancer. Saturn, the planet of authority was forming a supportive trine. This would undoubtedly bring good news and possible favors from the government. In December the appropriate papers were filed.

On February 7 2014 3.19 p.m. Jakarta time, with the planet of independence Uranus directly above, the Indonesian Law and Human Rights Minister Amir Syamsuddin, announced parole for 1700 prisoners. Schapelle Corby was among them.

For diplomatic reasons the minister did not want to single out Corby, but the story of her imminent release ran from the Jakarta Post to the Wall St Journal and the BBC. Her very public horoscope was active again. She is going to be one very busy woman, as from mid February to mid March Mars stations on her Ascendant.

It is not until 2016 that Venus finally progresses to Schapelle Corby’s birth Sun. Her sentence fully expires by July 25 2017. She can then return to her home in Australia permanently, should she elect to do so. Venus to the Sun can make Schapelle a very rich lady. A lot richer than any boogie board could possibly contain.

Meantime she would be best keeping a low profile, going underground and recovering first, before dealing with everyone else trying to make a buck off Schapelle Corby. That's what this media circus has so often been about.


Schapelle Corby was granted her release at 8.24 am Bali time on February 10 2014 and left the parole office at 09.44 the same morning. She is rumoured to be receiving near three million dollars for an exclusive television interview, and to be living with her sister Mercedes.

The horoscope of sister Mercedes (born October 8 1974), when compared with Schapelle's, holds compelling correlations. Mercedes horoscope puts controlling Saturn on Schapelle's Sun and Midheaven. Mercede's volatile Sun, Mars and Pluto combination are all in Schapelle's twelfth house of incarceration. Mercede's Libran Sun and Mars are also a testing square to Schapelle's Cancer Sun.

These are generally considered very challenging aspects and yet the sisters seem to relate very well. Yet when there are so many aspects exchanged between planets, especially involving the birth Suns, then a complex personal pattern is interwoven. Schapelle's Sun on Mercedes Saturn is also teaching her elder sister lessons around responsibility. It was on Mercede's maturing Saturn return that sister Schappelle's life changed forever.


Whilst on Indonesia, the national horoscope of August 17 1945 @ 10.04 am Japan time, is showing signs of greater volatility. This is crucial in light of deteriorating relations with Australia, but also may trigger internal unrest or uprisings.

The progressed Sun of Indonesia has just moved into Scorpio, a sign traditionally ruled by Mars. The Sun is also making a difficult sesquisquare aspect to Mars - the planet of war and the military. As this plays out the public progressing Moon is moving across the country's Mars. The progressed Ascendant is also spotlighting Mars. Normally this would suggest a heightened security alert, or a significant increase on armaments and expenditure on military technology. Click here for national and progressed charts with the Mars axis.



Revolution in Egypt is nothing new. The difficulty lies in the common people deriving some benefit from their actions. History has shown them to be pawns in the hands of major powers with their own agenda.

When it comes to power changing hands in the land of the Nile, it can be uncannily timed to a 60-year cycle. The sixty-year cycle has been astrologically linked to Jupiter and Saturn from Babylonian times. This is the average period that it takes for the planets two largest planets in the solar system to return together to the same position in the skies.

It is also noted in Chinese astrology, via the twelve-year animal signs and five elements making up sixty. In the history of Egypt, the half-way point of thirty years (the Saturn cycle alone) is also significant.


Although Egypt had an established monarchy in the 19th century, it was very much a puppet state of Britain. In April 1892 Brigadier Lord Kitchener became Commander in Chief of the Egyptian Army. The iconic Kitchener effectively ran the show, establishing control over the Sudan and securing the Suez for Britain. He was one in a line of military leaders who have effectively controlled Egypt.

But by the conclusion of WWI Egyptian nationalists demanded independence. This led to a crackdown by the British troops and the expulsion of independence leaders to the isle of Malta. Between March the 15th and 31st of 1919, more than 800 Egyptians were killed in clashes with the authorities.

The voice of the people would not be silenced, leading to the British granting independence on February 22 1922. On March 15 1922, having gained self-government, Sultan Faud I became the first King of Egypt. This was thirty years after Kitchener’s appointment, but at the next sixty-year mark, military rule would be re-established.


Faud remained a puppet king for foreign interests. In 1930 he tried to abrogate the Constitution to weaken the power of parliament but encountered stiff public opposition and was forced to restore the constitution five years later. Nevertheless under his powers parliaments were dissolved at a royal whim, never serving their full 4-year term.

On April 28 1936 Fuad I died and was succeeded by his 16 year old son Farouk. Farouk followed in his father’s footsteps, until 1952 when the CIA assisted a military plot to overthrow him. Already the Free Officer’s Movement were expanding in influence and power, and a young General Nasser had his own ideas on Egypt’s future.

As America’s foremost professor on Middle East politics, George Lenczowski of Berkley, wrote in his book ‘American Presidents and the Middle East’, US policy in the 50’s was to prevent the spread of communism, support the birth of Israel, and protect petroleum. Nothing has changed today.


From 7.30 am on July 23 1952 General Nasser led the Free Officer’s Movement in a a military coup d'état. The effect of this was to end the monarchy, along with British occupation, and eventually centralize powers by establishing a Republic. The Revolution is commemorated each year as Revolution Day with a national holiday on July 23.

The Free Officer’s enlisted the support of the Muslim Brotherhood in their covert operations to overthrow the King. But in the spoils of victory, the Brotherhood were cut out of the deal, despite some members of the officers being members. This resulted in street riots throughout 1953, until in February 1954 when the Muslim Brotherhood were outlawed.

These momentous events occurred at the sixty-year cycle’s return. Look at the events in Egypt at the return of that cycle – namely 2012, 2013 and 2014. The script seems the same with only the character names changing. The positive part was that Nasser became a hero to the Egyptian people and his country’s influence grew under his strong leadership.


Sixty years later we see the Muslim Brotherhood come to power at the second Egyptian Revolution. Mohammed Morsi is elected president on June 24 2012. But just over a year later he is removed by a military coup. 2013 becomes a year of riots and military suppression. In February 2014 Morsi is put on trial by the very judges he opposed as cronies of the former Mubarak regime.

Does this seem like history repeating until humanity learns the lesson? General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the man behind the military coup, is regarded by many as a hero. That’s despite his takeover of the media and imprisonment of any foreign journalists who dare to show both sides of the story. Despite court cases where a deposed President is bizarrely locked inside a soundproof glass box.

The horoscopes of former President, Morsi, and the man tipped to become the next President, General al-Sisi, are definitely at odds with each other. Morsi’s Sun at 26 degrees of Leo, and al-Sisi’s at 26 degrees of Scorpio are in a challenging square. Morsi, with his Sun hard angled to rebellious Uranus, remains the revolutionary. General al-Sisi with his Sun squaring both Mars and Pluto can be ruthless in his execution.


Whether by design or coincidence, on American Independence Day - July 4 2013, an interim President, Adly Mansour, was sworn in. It is always useful to note the zodiacal position of the Sun on such an occasion. The Sun was opposed to Pluto and square to insurgent Uranus when Mansour took his oath. It virtually promises a major governmental crisis upcoming with the planetary Grand Cross of late April of 2014. The revolution of Egypt may be derailed, but it is not over yet.

JAN 26


In the glitzy show business world it is hard to know what is real and what is not. So when pop idol, Justin Bieber, is arrested for drag racing and behaving in a drunken and disorderly manner – is it yet another publicity seeking exercise? After all Bieber will be all of twenty this year, and may need a drastic makeover.

It’s the usual fare for the clean-cut teen stars to hit the booze and drugs as soon as they can legally do so. More than once the police have been used as fall guys to propel a fading star onto the front page. Not that Bieber is exactly being swallowed into any black hole just yet. Just an occasional orange jump suit for a smiling photo shoot.


Bad boy images can win you a whole new legion of supporters. Back in the 50’s that old fox Colonel Tom Parker made more money from ‘I hate Elvis’ badges than he ever did the 'love' ones. Wild ones from James Dean to Charlie Sheen have hogged the headlines.

Bieber’s latest escapades of allegedly pelting a neighbor's house with eggs (and not the Easter variety), and facing charges of street racing a Lamborghini, is enough to make ‘Entertainment Tonight’ hosts salivate with expectation. Bieber’s smiling snapshot in an orange jump suit might not get him Guantanamo bay, but it has made worldwide news.

Yes I know there are more serious matters in our world, but I thought it might be worthwhile checking the horoscope for some rare celebrity insight. After all, when Brittney Spears' Sun progressed through radical Uranus, look what happened to her. She lived the wild card planet, shaving her hair, forgetting her lines and even at times..her pants. Surely not Justin?


Justin Bieber was born March 1 1994 at 00.56 hours in London, Ontario, according to Astrodatabank. The fact is, Justin’s horoscope does have both his Piscean Sun and Libran Moon, hard angled to Uranus the rebel. So it’s part of his nature, despite the cultivated appearance. Brooding Pluto also sits at his intense Scorpio Ascendant, suggesting one who is more in control than might appear the case.

Bieber was going to break that carefully crafted image one day, and it has been happening since Mars (the planet of cars and aggression), progressed into conjunction with Uranus. This would imply more impulsive and feckless behavior, aggression and competitiveness. My way or the highway stuff.

Bieber is no longer a Pisces, as his Sun progressed into Aries from October last year. This is also around the time that Mars hit the Uranus. Both Aries and Mars were renowned as war gods in ancient mythology. Add to that, again from October last year, the transiting Uranus Pluto square (which has been driving half the world agro) has also impacted on Bieber’s Mars. Voila. Click for his natal and progressed charts here.

Mars has a little while yet to play out in the life of Justin Bieber. But the fact that his Sun is now in Aries will witness a lot more of him doing his own thing, rather than being ‘managed’ by others. The progressed Moon, now in Cancer, can also accompany an important home change or purchase. The planet of discipline, Saturn, is moving through his twelfth house of self-undoing. The twelfth house also designates prisons, or more secluded surrounds.

Ultimately Saturn will arrive at his Ascendant, by the end of 2015. By then we should see a much more controlled Bieber, and a new career direction emerging. Despite his phenomenal success, I belive Justin is more a writer than an ‘out there’ performer, preferring a much more private life. This will become increasingly obvious over the next two years.


Venus will this week resume direct motion, but initially remain stationary around 13 degrees of Capricorn. What is important about this degree area is that the Grand Cross, occurring exact from April 20 2014, will also emphasize that same degree area.

Venus, is the planet of peace and conciliation. However, we can see global trouble spots that show the opposite of this. For example as the world debates a solution for Syria, democracy in Egypt seems a lost cause and unrest rocks both the Ukraine and Thailand.

Venus in governmental Capricorn is seeking solutions. What is not solved, or at least eased, as Venus stations this week, will probably explode around late April when the Grand Cross brings matters to a crisis point. All of which makes the week ahead one to watch for future clues.

JAN 19


It was 10.40 pm March 8 1971 at Madison Square Garden, New York. The heavyweight fight of the century, between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, was about to begin. Reporters who covered the event claimed they had never heard a crowd buzzing so much with excitement. Even Frank Sinatra, who couldn’t get a ringside seat, was moonlighting as a photographer for Life magazine.

While America’s attention was glued to the main event, another extremely significant one was taking place in Maine Pennsylvania. Taking full advantage of the alpha male distraction, Keith Forsyth, a Philadelphia cab driver, was picking the locks of a federal agency building. That night a treasure trove of documents was removed by the Citizens Commission to Investigate the F.B.I.

This small group of ordinary Americans would expose the sometimes-devious dealings of the FBI. The dossiers were hard evidence of the activist’s claims that, ‘as long as great economic and political power remains concentrated in the hands of a small clique not subject to democratic scrutiny and control, then repression, intimidation, and entrapment are to be expected.’

As the Washington Post began to publicize the files, (the New York and LA Times returned them to the FBI), Uranus the planet of the freedom fighter, was squaring itself in the chart of the FBI. Despite a concentrated manhunt the original culprits were never apprehended, but today (at the Uranus opposition to the break in) in the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations, several have gone public to explain their brave actions.

There is a planetary connection in this and it is ongoing from April this year. The planet of individual rights, rebellion and shock revelations and discoveries is Uranus. The blue gas giant is playing a vital role in the politics of the USA at this very moment. It is back in a challenging angle to the horoscope of the FBI’s formation chart. There is more to come.


The FBI was originally named the Bureau of Investigation, when formed on July 26 1908, by then Attorney General, Charles Bonaparte. It was an autonomous investigative unit to crack down on anarchists, in the wake of President McKinley’s assassination. The planetary positions on the formation date not only describe the secrecy of this organization’s operations, but also the timing of the most important events in their long history.

The over- riding feature of the FBI horoscope is a tight opposition between Mercury and Neptune, facing off to Uranus. Mercury is a planet concerned with data gathering and information. Mercury aligned with secretive Neptune in the patriotic sign of Cancer, depicts the clandestine nature of how this is done – phone taps, message interception, secret surveillance.

Mercury Neptune refers not only to top-secret dossiers but also governs propaganda and misinformation. The Mercury Neptune is in close opposition to Uranus, a planet aligned with rebels, radicals, and those who think outside the square.

Freedom fighters and outspoken critics of the system fall under the Uranus banner, especially with Uranus positioned in governing Capricorn. Each time Uranus activates this formation, by conjunction, square or opposition, the FBI enters crisis mode. They first did this in the 1930’s, but surprisingly the biggest target, the American Mafia was not on the hit list.


Coincident with the first Uranus square of 1930/31 was the formation of ‘The Commission’. These were five New York families, plus Chicago’s Al Capone and Stefan Maggadino from Buffalo, representing the seven directors of the American Mafia. The meetings of this committee oversaw the operations of the network.

Al Capone was jailed on tax evasion charges in 1931, but the crime organization multiplied its numbers and influence. Although tipped off by one of his own agents, of the existence of the Commission, FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover, incongruously denied that organized crime existed. Instead the FBI concentrated on jailing individual outlaws.

The 1930’s Great Depression had led to a Mid-West crime wave. The unpopularity of the banking industry with life savings lost and foreclosures abundant, led to a rise of underworld cult figures, such as John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Bonnie and Clyde. All became FBI targets, and contributed to the growing fame of Hoover and his G-men.

The reasons offered for the FBI’s ‘blind eye’ to organized crime center around J Edgar Hoover’s rumored homosexuality and a fear that the Mafia would publicly out him with incriminating photos. It negates the fact that the horoscope of the FBI clearly shows it was more about crushing anarchy and maintaining the status quo.

The Mafia and their network, politically and economically, were very much part of the system. Hoover and his FBI could have been political deadmeat early in the piece had they bitten the hand that fed them. Instead J Edgar’s first major case involved deporting Communist sympathizers in the wake of the Russian Revolution. Those sentiments never really ceased.


By 1952/53, insurgent Uranus was moving opposite to its birth position and joining the propaganda Mercury Neptune conjunction in the FBI horoscope. It resulted in some of the darkest days of American politics – the era of McCarthyism. The term, coined after extreme right wing Republican Joseph McCarthy, involved a paranoid targeting of any public figures with the slightest socialist leanings. A lot of fine Americans were pilloried as communists.

Historian Ellen Shecker later wrote, "Had observers known in the 1950s what they have learned since the 1970s, when the Freedom of Information Act opened the Bureau's files, 'McCarthyism' would probably be called 'Hooverism'. J Edgar Hoover even banished Charlie Chaplin from US shores. Chaplin who had parodied dictators in film, was now the victim of one.

So it was at the next square of Uranus in 1971, in the wake of anti-war protests that a group of ordinary and concerned US citizens took to infiltrating the FBI. Their security leaks would reveal an operation codenamed COINTELPRO, bent on social control. Martin Luther King became an FBI target as soon as he made his famous, ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. His dream was Hoover’s nightmare.


By 1992 the FBI was experiencing its Uranus return. It would synchronize with the bungled Ruby Ridge shootout and siege, resulting in the death of farmer Randy Weaver’s wife Vicki, whilst holding a baby in her arms, along with his 14 year old son Sammy shot in the back, and the killing of US Marshall William Degan.

People traveled across America to support the Weavers, holed up in their cabin, surrounded by a paramilitary siege involving over 400 agents. The Ruby Ridge incident sparked an anti-government movement unheard of since the Civil War. The government admitted wrongdoing and paid compensation to the Weavers whilst FBI chief, Louis Freeh, was critical of his agent’s actions.

Then, as Uranus was leaving its return position a 51-day siege at Waco, Texas hit the headlines. It resulted in the incineration of the Mt Carmel compound of the Branch Dravidian cult, taking 87 members lives, with 4 agents killed and 16 wounded. The combined effect on Waco and Ruby Ridge, inspired a crazed Timothy McVeigh to instigate America’s deadliest homeland terrorist attack – the Oklahoma City bombing on the second anniversary of Waco. Overkill led to overkill.


As Uranus returns again to square itself from April 2014 until April 2015, the now ageing activists from 1971 have come public, to explain their reasons for blowing the lid on the FBI operations. The overnight locksmith Keith Forsythe claims, “Our government is again conducting mass surveillance of Americans and again lying to Congress. We hope that by coming forward we can contribute in some small way to a debate that is essential for the health of our democracy.”

In the wake of Edward Snowden’s startling revelations of a nation gone surveillance crazy, the issue of human rights is a massive one – and not only for Americans. Is the cure now worse than the problem? Their timing could not be better, as the April Grand Cross comes to spotlight the horoscope of the FBI. But on past evidence of the Uranus cycle, it will inevitably bring another crisis.

JAN 12


When photos of monster squids washing up on California beaches are actually believed we can expect Godzilla to soon follow. That’s precisely what happened as a doctored photo of a 160-foot sea monster received 100,000 Facebook likes. It was supposedly all due to the excessive radiation of Fukushima.

The Internet may soon get a reputation of misinformation to rival that of mainstream media. There’s always someone out there to ‘fox’ the unsuspecting. But one of the most seriously secretive industries of all is the nuclear one.

How else could they encourage such government and private investment without sexing up a highly dangerous product? The history of the nuclear age has a clear planetary map. And it centres around 9 degrees of Gemini.


The first controlled nuclear reaction was demonstrated at 15.25 hours on December 2 1942 in Chicago, and a coded message was relayed to the national Defense Research Committee. It said, ‘The Italian navigator has landed in the new World’. What a world it would turn out to be.

The initial chain reaction could not have powered a single light bulb, but Chicago physicist Samuel K. Allison wrote, “All of us . . . knew that with the advent of the chain reaction, the world would never be the same again.” The race for world supremacy was on, with the fate of the whole planet at stake.

Two and a half years later at 05.29 (MWT) on July 16 1945 the mountains around Alomogordo, New Mexico lit up with an unnatural eerie light, brighter than daylight. The first nuclear bomb had successfully exploded with a force of twenty thousand ton of TNT. The shockwaves were felt up to 160 kilometers away.

Compared to the bombs of today that explosion is kid's stuff. It would spell an abrupt end to WWII and introduce a race for nuclear supremacy which still haunts tomorrow. But back then it was touted, with Barnum and Bailey subtlety, as the biggest breakthrough since the wheel.


The first nuclear chain reaction was a triumph for America’s Manhattan Project - the race to develop the bomb. The astrological significance of the moment is captured when shown via a biwheel with the first published horoscope of the USA. The Libran Moon is with secretive Neptune (soon to be the mushroom cloud) right on the USA's Midheaven, or highest aims. See the two horoscopes.

The Sun and cerebral Mercury sit exactly at the Ascendant of the US horoscope and Jupiter the planet of success lies on the US Mercury. Lastly Saturn has reached Uranus, the planet aligned with scientific ingenuity and technological process.

Yet Neptune at the Midheaven would also indicate subterfuge and cover-ups surrounding the whole nuclear industry. It began as a quest for power in every sense of the word. But it wasn’t sold that way to the world.


Nuclear technology was spun as the cure all to the world’s energy problems. It was touted to replace fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas. The public was gleefully informed that electricity meters would be a thing of the past because power would be ‘too cheap to meter’. Even Ford was planning a nuclear car. In a scene that seems incongruous today, Iran was encouraging the US to go nuclear.

With huge investment, both government and private, plus weapons technology at stake, the dark side of nuclear research was kept under wraps. That is until 1974, when a chemical technician, named Karen Silkwood, decided to blow the lid on the dangers of the whole nuclear industry to the New York Times.

Silkwood had collected vital documentation over years, revealing the slackness of operational security and worker's exposure to radiation. It never saw the light of day. Her body was found in her new Honda Civic, crashed into a culvert on the way to the meeting. The car showed signs of being rammed from behind and her documents were mysteriously missing.


World opinion on the perils of nuclear energy began to change following the Three Mile Island incident. The reactor, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania began leaking radioactive iodine and gases at 4 am on March 28 1979. The clean up would take fifteen years, finishing in 1993, and coming at a cost of one billion dollars. But worse was to come, with a disaster that would forever change world opinion regarding safe nuclear energy.

At 01.23 am on the 26th of April 1986, an explosion at the Chernobyl reactor in the Ukraine, led to an eventual death toll of 4000. The Chernobyl meltdown rated as the worst disaster in nuclear history. The immediate government cover up led indirectly to 'glasnost' and the eventual disintegration of the USSR.

Chernobyl occurred as the Sun opposed deadly Pluto and Pluto semisquared Uranus. That’s relevant today, as Uranus is now again in a hard square aspect to Pluto. But it’s the comparison of the chart of Chernobyl with the first ever nuclear reaction that clearly was showing a clear pattern. The Plutos comparing each chart are in square and the Saturns are opposite.

The horoscopes paint a picture. The Saturn of Chernobyl represents the lessons of experience, as it falls upon the Sun position of the first nuclear reaction. Also, by opposing the Saturn of the first nuclear reaction it is placing new boundaries and restrictions around the dangers of nuclear fission.


The birth of any project will inevitably follow a patterned progress. Once the pattern is discovered it can be expected to recurr. There will be zodiacal degree areas emphasized that tend to time significant turning points of the story. Astromapping should also reveal potential trouble spots.

Running a world map, using Mars as the planet related to either accidents or war, paints an uncannily accurate picture of the global areas affected by nuclear incidents. The attached diagram shows Japan, Chernobyl and Harrisburg falling along the Mars lines. Mars was either rising, setting, directly above or below at these locations at the birth of the nuclear age from the first controlled reaction in Chicago. See world map and Mars line.

The zodiacal thread that runs through nuclear development is the area around 8-9 degrees of Gemini. This also corresponds to one of the most revered fixed stars in the heavens – Aldebaran – the red eye of the bull. This bright star, 44 times the radius of our Sun, was one of the four royal stars of Persia and a seasonal marker of the ancient world.

There is also another super giant red star, named Anatares, which lies opposite Aldebaran. Antares is 883 times the radius of our Sun and 10,000 times the brightness. It lies at 9 degrees of Sagittarius, and was also one of the four royal stars. Nuclear incidents tend to feature planets either in or square these positions. Even importnat people involved in nuclear issues show the same pattern at above chance factor.

JFK was born with his Sun at 8 degrees of Gemini and took the world to the brink of nuclear war during a tense stand-off with Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev. The Russian leader was born with lethal Pluto situated at 9 degrees of Gemini. The pattern shown below indicates the prevalence of the pattern.

First nuclear reaction = Saturn 9 Gemini

First nuclear bomb = Venus 9 Gemini

Hiroshima bombing = Mars 9 Gemini

Harrisburg Incident = Saturn 9 Virgo

Chernobyl Meltdown = Saturn 9 Sagittarius

Which brings us back to Fukushima and March 11 2011.


It was an absolute freak of an accident that such a powerful undersea tsunami should wreak such havoc. Neptune had solar arced to the Sun degree of the first nuclear reaction, when it happened. Mars in oceanic Pisces was transiting square the nuclear degrees and during the time that the reactors were exploding the Moon was moving through Gemini and across the degree axis.

Using the recorded reactor dates, it is Fukushima's Reactor Number 3 that aligns closest to the nuclear axis degrees. It achieved criticality on September 6 1974 with the Sun at 13 of Virgo and Jupiter opposite at 13 of Pisces, both squaring the nuclear axis degrees.

When the Sendai tsunami damaged the plant, Fukushima Reactor 3 would have experienced the Mars transit on its Jupiter in Pisces – appropriate for the surging sea. But at the end of 2013 steam was again photographed coming from Fukushima’s reactor 3, with the Japanese government now censoring information regarding this ongoing crisis.

The most active period ahead regarding nuclear news is May of 2015, when the planet of the sea Neptune squares the nuclear degree axis, along with a retrograde Mercury, with the Sun and Mars adding to the mix. By the end of the same year Saturn returns to the degree it occupied when Chernobyl exploded.

All of this may not evoke Godzilla or a Giant Squid, but it promises to be the next vital stage in the history of the nuclear story. For this week the final word belongs to Albert Einstein. "The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking...the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker."



The New Year began with a New Moon, conjunct destructive Pluto, squaring erratic Uranus and volatile Mars (the planet of storms and tempests) whilst opposing excessive Jupiter. It was a formula for a tumultuous opening to 2014.

Chaos reigned in the US and Canada as blizzards and snowstorms blanketed the northeast and brought traffic to a standstill, halting holiday flights and stranding millions. What a day for the New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, to be sworn into office. If that were an indication of his future tenure – astrological theory would dictate that it is – then perhaps he needs a decent astrologer.

On the other side of the Atlantic wild tempests battered the coastal communities of England and Scotland. Storm surges and flood warnings created unprecedented conditions as residents raced to sandbag against further damage.


A building exploded in Minneapolis, on the Monday a train exploded in North Dakota causing mass evacuations. Even a giant rubber duck meant for New Years display exploded in Taiwan. In Manila two infants were accidentally shot and killed during riotous New Year celebrations. But what was happening on a terrestrial level was mirrored in the human condition and political developments.

In Bangladesh, where elections are scheduled for this Sunday, polling booths were torched, with the opposition pulling out of the contest. Over one hundred people have been killed in pre-election turmoil. Peace talks in the Sudan, where over one thousand have already died in the last fortnight, sadly broke down, with no sign of a ceasefire. In Iraq, Al Queda forces captured the western city of Fallujah.

Leading into the New Moon dual suicide bombings in Volgograd, Russia cast a cloud over the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics. In Sydney, Australia a massive police presence cracked down on a surge of alcohol fueled violence. Meanwhile Egypt witnessed the deadliest clashes in two months as protestors were killed in Cairo, Alexandria, and the Suez Canal city of Ismailia.

This collective antagonism is a sign of the times. It’s the dark side of the insurgent Uranus Pluto square, currently ignited by the New Moon and impulsive and combative Mars. Certainly those in North America don’t need to chill out, but plenty others could well take this advice. But there is something else underpinning this uncontrolled energy. It’s an attempt to hold back essential change and it creates a time bomb effect.


One of the hardest problems humanity has with the past is learning from it. At the moment the Japanese Prime Minister is rewriting war history; doing a better job than Hollywood and with good reason. But it’s easier to learn from history, by recognizing and honoring the truth.

Underpinning the recent New Moon is a continuing Jupiter T-Square with Uranus and Pluto that began in August of last year. This occurs when Jupiter moves into retro motion and moves across the ongoing Uranus and Pluto square. The time frame is from August 2013 until the end of April 2014.

This enduring triple aspect has historical implications. It was evident throughout 1793 at the height of the French Revolution and also during 1648 ushering in the English Revolution. The victims of both periods were the respective Kings Louis XVI of France, along with consort Marie Antoinette and Charles I of England. They paid with their lives.


As the three planets lined up again in T-Square from August of 2013 and agitation followed. Islamic militants led an attack at a Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi killing 62 civilians. In Egypt a democratically elected President was deposed by the military. While western diplomats and media commentators seemed incongruously concerned with the semantics of whether it was actually a coup or not, hundred of Egyptians were being slaughtered.

But who would want to be a leader, or power broker in a country torn by division in such revolutionary times if history was any guide. Apart from the revolutions the last time, these two planets were in square when Stalinist secret police conducted midnight purges and the Nazi party eliminated all opposition. Military dictatorships were commonplace.

Perhaps that’s why we see the same thing happening today. North Koreas's Kim Jong-un was one who cut family ties, committing his uncle and mentor to a firing squad. In Pakistan former leader Pervez Musharraf, now on trial, must equally fear for his life. Mohammed Morsi has gone from becoming the first democratically elected leader of Egypt to a prison cell, with murder charges hanging over his head.

The zealousness of Jupiter masquerading as justice, combined with intransigent Uranus and the lethal reformer Pluto, is a power hungry combination. An over inflated sense of righteousness needs to be kept in perspective – but seldom is. Remember the 1930’s and the last Uranus Pluto square.

It was under such conditions that the cult of personality and a massive propaganda campaign propelled Adolf Hitler to hero status, when he was everything but. Since August of 2013 we have the conditions for the same situation developing. People worshipped as heros are anything but. For more on this and my take for next year check World Predictions 2014.

DEC 29


He was born on June 23 1912 at 2.15 am in Warrington Crescent, Maida Vale, London. A blue plaque marks the birthplace. It simply says Alan Turing 1912 – 1954. Codebreaker and pioneer of computer science was born here. He was a man who would change the world, and arguably do more to save Great Britain from defeat during WWII than any one individual.

Genius is a rare commodity. It shows the ability to think outside the square. Originality is astrologically linked to Uranus, the planet often dubbed the Great Awakener. The brilliance of Einstein may be connected to a prominent Uranus as his focal planet, situated in the astrological house of the mind in his birth horoscope. Uranus was also alone and placed the very top of Alan Turing’s birth chart.

Individuals born with planets precisely on angles, tend to exhibit the quality of these planets powerfully in their lives. Two potent examples of this are Edward Snowden and Bob Dylan, born with Mercury the messenger rising and setting respectively, in the information sign of Gemini, which it rules. Dylan wrote and delivered message songs. Snowden revealed the most important message of all regarding global communication.


But it wasn’t only Uranus on one angle that played a pivotal role in Turing’s chart. He had fortunate Jupiter on another – it was setting at his birth. The condition of two planets on separate angles - rising, setting or culminating - is known under the ancient Greek term of ‘paranatellonta’, generally shortened to paran. A paran is one of the most powerful indicators in delineating a horoscope. Click here for his horoscope.

The guru planet Jupiter and the originality of Uranus incites an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. It is the signature of technological breakthroughs and scientific invention. Alan Turing was born with the planetary gift for science and invention. His Uranus was also nicely aligned to logical Saturn, a planet statistically linked to research scientists, and those capable of carrying out painstaking mental work.

An early clue to Turing’s perseverance occurred on his first day at Sherborne high school, at age thirteen. It was during the 1926 General Strike in England. Undeterred, Turing rode his bicycle 97 kilometers to ensure he started on time. Throughout his life he would maintain his bike riding and fitness, often running marathon distances.

His school demeanor however did not adhere him to teachers, as his interest was science rather than a classical education. He gained first class honors in mathematics from Cambridge. As a teenager he understood the laws of Einstein before having fully read them.


By 1935/36 Turing’s progressed Sun had reached a conjunction with Neptune, the planet of invisible connections. Neptune is prominent in horoscopes of the birth of both the Internet and World Wide Web. By now Turing’s Ascendant had also progressed to the union of his expressive Sun and deep thinking Pluto, bringing him to scientific prominence.

On May 28 1936 Turing submitted a groundbreaking paper ‘On Computable Numbers’. This thesis laid the platform for the modern computer. He went on to receive his PhD from Princeton University in the June of 1938 with his status bearing Midheaven trine the approval planet of Venus.

By 1938 Turing was also studying cryptology and in the September of the same year started working for British intelligence as a code breaker. It was his brilliance in this field, especially during WWII, that would prove so vital to Great Britain’s national defense.


Polish scientists had deciphered the early German ‘Enigma’ codes and shared this breakthrough with the British. But as the codes changed and became increasingly complicated it was left to people like Turing, at the coalface of Britain’s top-secret “Ultra’ program to stay one step ahead.

He laid the blueprint for sophisticated codebreaking computers. This work was said to have shortened WWII by two years. In the words of wartime leader Winston Churchill, "It was thanks to Ultra that we won the war.”

Turing’s papers on deciphering the German Enigma code were so secret that they were not released until April of 2012. After the war, he continued his experimental work with artificial intelligence and further investigated the Fibonacci number sequence in the formation of plant species.

Despite Turing’s colossal contribution to the security of his homeland and the new advancing field of computers, it was a break in of his own home that led to his demise. On January 23 1952 Turing’s house was burgled by a 19-year-old unemployed man named Alan Murray.


During the police investigation Turing admitted to previously having had prior sexual relations with Murray. At this time Turing’s progressed Venus had come to join Mars, often the signature of a relationship. Both were convicted under the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885 of 'gross indecency'. Turing, rather than trying to defend himself, was openly honest about his sexual orientation.

While Murray was given a conditional discharge, Turing was found guilty and offered a year’s prison, or hormonal treatment for his ‘condition’. He took the latter and was rendered impotent. Turing’s security clearance was removed and cryptography work ceased. He was also barred from entering the USA. The man who had helped save Britain was now considered a security risk.


On June 8 1954 Turing’s cleaner discovered him dead at his home. The official verdict was cyanide poisoning through eating a poisoned apple. Stories circulated of Turing’s fascination with the tale of Snow White and the wicked witch who dips an apple into poison. An inquest returned a finding of suicide.

The apple story is so attached to Turing’s death that Steven Jobs was even questioned as to whether it inspired him to name his own computer firm Apple, in honor of Alan Turing. Jobs claimed it was pure coincidence.

The astrological indications around Turing’s death (the sensitive Moon in hard aspect to Saturn and itself) support his feelings of isolation, even though stories abound that he handled it all with grace and just got on with his work. People don’t take their lives because they are happy. But with Jupiter passing over his Sun and Saturn also in trine, Turing may have seen suicide as a final ‘release’.


It’s been 60 years since Jupiter, the planet associated with justice, formed a trine back to judgmental Saturn in lethal Scorpio, as they did on the day back in 1954 when Alan Turing died. But now the two planets have returned to the same formation and in the same signs. It was the heavenly time for justice to be reviewed.

On Christmas Eve 2013, following the urging of prominent scientists, thousands of petitioned signatures and persistent public pressure, Alan Turing was granted a formal pardon from Queen Elizabeth. The man most Britons rate as one of the most important of all has been cleared by the ‘establishment’ that he protected so well.

Alan Turing was only 41 when he took his life. He was at his mid-life Uranus opposition point. Uranus – it’s the planet of eccentricity, genius and difference. It played a starring role in his uniquely gifted life, from Alpha to Omega.


This week the calendar will turn into 2014. It is rather a tumultuous welcome, one that I'd rather was much different. My advice, for the coming week, is to slow down, think twice, take it easy and don't get caught up in avoidable dramas.

On New Years Day the New Moon will unite with the intensity of Pluto as it also squares fiery Mars and departs from erratic Uranus. This volatile combination, which has been in force since just after Christmas, is one reason we may witness an increase in street violence, and a stepping up of bombings and rebellious uprisings, especially in countries already wracked with internal insurrection.

More now than ever the simple lesson of being 'kind to each other' needs to be recognized and respected, across the brief window of time, on the individual level. On the collective level - when expressed in the negative manifestation - this planetary indication is one of tempers frayed, gratuitous violence, or impetuous actions and needless accidents.

Best to avoid risky situations and dangerous locations until after the first week of January. Take your time, chill and steer clear of people with obvious 'issues'. In this way we can individually celebrate the positive potential of the coming year. Thanks for your support throughout this one. What follows is a brief synopsis of the year ahead for all signs.

DEC 22


“In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.” Douglas Adam’s ‘Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ story of creation slightly differs from the biblical version, although the racial zealotry remains.

“Space,” says the Guide, “is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.”

To astronomers space is almost infinite. The current radius of the universe is estimated at 78 million ‘light’ years - a space walk to eternity. And according to science it’s been expanding ever since the Big Bang of nearly 14 billion years ago. So have telescopes and observatories.


On December 19 2013 at precisely 09 hours 12 minutes and 14 seconds universal time, the world’s most sophisticated space telescope departed the planet from its Kourou launch pad. Gaia, ESA's space observatory, is on a five-year mission to provide a 3D map of more than one billion stars. And that’s only 1% of the Milky Way.

Gaia is a far cry from the Sumerian stargazers atop the ziggurats of Ur in the 21st century BC. But it was they who initiated the study Professor Francesca Rochberg rightly dubbed as, ‘the longest continuous scientific experiment of all time’ – our relationship with the heavens.

Such was the skill developed by the ancient Babylonian astrologers that they could accurately calculate New Moons to within seconds, forecast the exact location of solar eclipses and laid the groundwork for a complete mythology and meaning of the sky.

Today, we take the time for granted. Yet it was these ancient pioneers who provided the circular clock face of twelve hours, and the measured the calendar of twelve months. Cycles of time corresponding to the twelve zodiacal signs. And the ancient astrologers would have applauded the launch date of Gaia – possibly even selected it. Click here for the launch horoscope.


The launch of this modern observatory was not planned for December 19. It was originally scheduled to lift off in October. But fate stepped in. The date was changed due to the replacement of two transponders. When Gaia eventually blasted through earth’s stratosphere at the rescheduled December 19 from 9.12 am UT the Sun had moved to 27 of Sagittarius.

The 27th Sagittarian degree is the position of the Galactic Centre - the rotational pivot of the Milky Way. The Galactic Centre is a massive black hole surrounded by rich star fields birthing new worlds.

Is it uncanny astrological coincidence, or by intelligent design, that the machine designed to gather information on the origins of our existence is launched precisely on the day that the Sun comes to the horoscopic degree of the Galactic Center?

At the minute of the launch, an appropriately out of bounds Mercury in Sagittarius was rising at the Guiana Space Centre location. From ancient times Mercury has been renowned as the transmitter of information, the emissary and scribe.

Gaia’s data archive will eventually exceed one million Gigabytes, equivalent to about 200,000 DVD’s. Sagittarius is the sign pertaining to distant travel, faith and higher knowledge. Think Sagittarius the Archer - forever aiming skyward.


At Kitty Hawk when Wilbur and Orville Wright defied gravity for the first mechanical flight of 10.30 am December 17 1903, both the Sun and Moon were in Sagittarius. Perhaps by divine coincidence the Sun was positioned at 25 degrees of Sagittarius aligned with Uranus the sky god and both were pointing at the Galactic Centre.

The airplane would usher in a new method of global transportation. It’s hard to imagine that 110 years later, virtually to the day, humanity would be set to explore the infinity of deep space to such an unprecedented degree. The eye of Gaia has a billion pixels. It can pick out a human hair at 1000-kilometer distance. As digital cameras go, it carries a billion dollar price tag.

“Make no mistake, we are at the dawn of revolutionizing our understanding of the history of the Milky Way.” were the words of Alvaro Giménez, ESA’s Director of Science and Robotic Exploration. The lift off occurred with the planet of rocketry, Mars and the planet of technology, Uranus, at the geocentric midpoint of the Sun and the Moon with expansive Jupiter. The ancients would surely marvel.

DEC 15


Gun violence in the USA is frequently connected with Mars being in aspect to the 22nd degree of Gemini position that it occupied in national birth horoscope of July 4 1776. The infamous Chicago St Valentine’s Day massacre, on the morning of February 14 1929, took place with Mars at 22 degrees of Gemini. It was a macabre reminder of the gun planet returning to home base. But it only needs to oppose or square this degree area to spell potential trouble.

The three shots of the most controversial assassination of the 20th century reigned down on US President John Kennedy with Mars at 22 degrees of Sagittarius, precisely opposite its Gemini birth position. Ironically Kennedy was one of eight US presidents who was a member of the powerful gun lobby – the National Rifle Association. But little has changed America’s ideological attitude towards guns since its founding days.

The oft quoted Second Amendment, adopted during the revolutionary war, stated “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It came into force on December 15 1791, with a Sun square Mars. The red planet was positioned at 22 degrees of Virgo, exactly square the USA’s 22 degrees of Gemini Mars. See chart here.

The most outspoken advocate for the right to bear arms was NRA talking head Charlton Heston, born October 4 1923, with Mars appropriately at 21 degrees of Virgo, and again square the US Mars . Ironically, the man now calling for greater gun control is President Barack Obama, born August 4 1961, with Mars also at 22 degrees of Virgo.

The shooting that questioned the whole right to bear arms ideology, in today's world, was the slaughter of 20 children and 6 school workers at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14 2012. It was the day before the anniversary of the Second Amendment. The Sun was positioned at 22 degrees of Sagittarius as in the Second Amendment horoscope and opposite the US Mars. More than any other shooting it brought a changing mood to the country.

All of which leads up to the latest school shooting. On Friday the 13th, again reflecting the same date, at 12.23 pm in Arapahoe High School, Colorado, a shooter wounded two students before killing himself. The Sun was at 22 degrees of Sagittarius, igniting this vital degree area.


On July 1 2013 Colorado’s new gun laws came into effect. They followed the deadly Sandy Hook school shootings and the prior July 2012 Aurora theatre massacre. The position of Mars for the start of these new gun laws was 22 degrees of Gemini. Yes, that’s right back to the exact position of Mars in the birth horoscope of the USA, with the Declaration of Independence. It's a sure sign that they will be significant in the national gun debate.

Colorado’s new gun legislation requires a universal background check, and the limiting of ammunition rounds. When the laws were instituted, Colorado gun and ammunition sales rocketed, and 54 of the 64 counties contended the laws violated the Second Amendment, threatening legal action. It’s a bitter divide for the state and country.

The US economy, and its global influence, is modeled on weaponry. In stark contrast to political fabrications of seeking and destroying weapons of mass destruction, they are instead the manufacturers. Where Rome's empire had its coliseum, promoting a culture of violence to the masses, the US has Hollywood. But perhaps it is no astrological coincidence that the centre of domestic gun debate lies in Colorado.


Colorado was the 38th state, admitted to the Union on August 1 1876. Local history reveals a time around noon, reported in Marc Penfield’s ‘Horoscopes Of The Western Hemisphere’. A chart drawn for Colorado’s admission shows a Leo Sun joined to Mars, the planet of guns, and Mercury the newsmaker.

Colorado’s Mars is also united with Uranus, the volatile planet of the unexpected. Uranus is also the planet of fierce independence. This tight quadruple cluster, in the fiery sign Leo, has been activated every time Colorado has made headlines for deadly shootings. Click here for Colorado's chart.

The one that set the scene was the Ludlow massacre on April 20 1914. It was the most significant event of the Colorado Coalfield War. The Ludlow massacre is still recognized as the bloodiest labor conflict in US history, claiming between 69 and 199 lives, depending upon your reference source.

Ludlow became a lasting monument to labor’s struggle against corporate power. The shootings took place as Uranus, the planet of rebellion opposed Colorado’s Sun, Mars and Uranus. But who would have guessed that on the very same date, many years later, Colorado would again make the news for another mass shooting.


From 11.21 am on April 20 1999 Littleton, Colorado was splashed across the world news headlines. Two crazed students armed with semi-automatic handguns and a pump action shotgun, embarked on a shooting spree, killing twelve students and a teacher at the Columbine High School.

The grisly murders were the inspiration for Michael Moore’s ‘Bowling For Columbine’, revealing the dark political underbelly of the US gun lobby. As the Columbine carnage unfolded, transiting Mars – the planet of guns, was in a testing square to Colorado’s Sun/Mercury/Mars. Sacrificial Neptune was opposing the same lethal cluster. It was an eerie astral portent of a ground level reality.

On July 20 2012 Colorado literally shot back into the headlines. The Aurora theatre massacre, at the midnight screening of ‘The Dark Night Rises’ again ignited Colorado’s Sun, Mars cluster. The transiting Leo Moon and newsmaker Mercury were moving over it at 00.35 hours as it happened. Uranus, the planet of shock and awe was in an accommodating trine to Colorado’s Sun, Mercury and Mars. Even the transiting Mars and Jupiter were positioned sextile (60 degree angle exact) to Colorado’s Sun.

Eighty-two people were wounded – ten dying at the scene, and two later in hospital. Amazing to some, Colorado gun sales increased 43% in the week after the shooting. As fear multiplied so did the weapons. Fear is the familiar factor that fattens the coffers of the gun manufacturers, and the power of the gun lobby. And sadly, fear will continue to propagate a problem that seems to be benignly accepted as the norm.

The Friday the 13th school shooting was really a lucky escape. The assailant turned the weapon upon himself before injuring or killing any others. The truth is that since Sandy Hook there is a school shooting every two weeks in the US, they just don’t get reported as much. That's why the nation doesn’t have to look abroad for weapons of mass destruction. They are right in the home backyard. And with Mars coming back into a violent T- square formation with radical Uranus and deep brooding Pluto, they may be more prominently displayed.

But US President Barack Obama was born with his Sun on Colorado's Mars. He was born with his birth Mars right on the Mars of the Second Amendment. All of which means that he has a prominent role to play in American gun legislation. And as he was sworn in for his second term with the Moon squaring Mars, there is more to come on this one.


In my feature articile 'World Predictions 2013' I wrote about the rapid advances China would make in space technology. Here's an excerpt, but for the full article click here.

"There are two horoscopes applicable to modern China. The second is the Wuchang Uprising from approximately 8 pm on October 10 1911. The Chinese still celebrate this as Double Ten day, remembering the revolution that ended the Qing Dynasty.

The Wuchang Uprising chart last year experienced a progressed New Moon on techno whiz Uranus. This would suggest significant advances in electronic technology, energy plus flight and satellite expertise.

At 10.05 China time, on June 29, China’s space mission returned from a thirteen-day voyage, during which it docked with Tiangong 1, their first experimental space station. China, once lagging well behind the USA and USSR, is coming of age in the space race. 2013 will clearly evidence that."


On December 14 2013 at 9.11 pm Beijing time, China became the third country to effect a soft Moon landing. The was the landing of a lunar probe on the Moon in 37 years and consolidates China's long term plans for lunar exploration for energy sources. It is also confirmation of China's increasing development in satellite tracking and space technology. Click here for the horoscope and note the Moon right at the top.



Pluto symbolizes the power to transform. Pluto is the governor of the shadowlands of imprisoned souls and treasures, buried deep below the surface of visibility. Pluto is also the planet of emergent rebirth, in a more potent form, as a consequence of cathartic experience. Pluto embodies the principle that what doesn’t kill us, ultimately makes us stronger. Nelson Mandela’s life exemplified the transformational power of Pluto.


Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born on July 18 1918 at Mvezo, South Africa. He was born with Jupiter, the planet of justice, exalted in the caring sign of Cancer, united with regenerating Pluto. True to judicial Jupiter and reformative Pluto, Nelson was a lawyer, but one who would change the law. True to Pluto in homeland Cancer – he was a nationalist, but one who would transform his nation.

The two planets that stood at the zenith of his horoscope, defined the public life of the man. The other was Mars the fighter, placed in the balance sign of Libra – the scales of law – rising at his birth. Mars rising depicted his love of boxing, a sport he successfully embraced in his youth, and his athletic appearance. More importantly, Mandela was a fighter for equality, the highest Libran realization. Click here for the horoscope which I have timed at 10.41 am


In what might have been a message from the heavens, Mandela was born the day after the repressive Russian Tsar Nicholas II, and his family, were executed in the course of the Russian Revolution. The seeds of that revolt were sown with Tsar’s Imperial guard’s slaughtering of hundreds of unarmed protestors, on a day notoriously named Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

Mandela’s legacy was also earmarked by an infamous massacre of hundreds of black South African apartheid protestors. It occurred outside the Sharpeville Police station at 1 pm on March 21 1960, killing 69 and injuring over 180. These days, it is commemorated as a national holiday in honour of human rights. The Sharpeville massacre led to the immediate banning of the Mandela led African National Congress Party.

The ANC had originally formed on January 8 1912, to give a voice to black farmers forced from their rural lifestyle under iniquitous colonial laws, to work as cheap labor for the dominant mining industry. On May 26 1948, white South Africans elected an apartheid government. It was from this oppressive political cauldron that Mandela, and his numerous supporters, achieved a truly Plutonic regeneration.


Nelson Mandela was of royal lineage. His great grandfather was Ngubengcuka, the king of the Thembu people. His father was counselor to the tribal Thembu king. When Nelson was nine his father died of lung disease, something that would eventually claim his own life at the grand age of ninety-five. He was adopted by the acting regent of the Thembu people. It assured him a fine eduction. But upon manhood left the tribe to walk his own path. In 1942 as his worldly Midheaven met his core issue Cancerian Sun, Mandela joined the ANC.

In the 1950’s, with Mandela at the helm, the ANC quintupled its membership from 20,000 to over 100,000. During this period, Uranus, the planet of independence and freedom would move across Nelson’s public orientated Midheaven and square his courageous Mars in his first house of pro-active self direction.

On June 22 1952 he was first arrested, and briefly imprisoned, after addressing a rally of 10,000 people. On this day a transiting New Moon joined Mandela’s Jupiter on his very public Midheaven. Popular Venus had progressed to his birth Sun, as the people embraced his message. Saturn, the planet of personal accountability and commitment, had just transited to his Ascendant. Incarceration was to become his calling card.

The tyrannical South African government was cracking down. As with most elitist societies, any thought of sharing the fruits of labor is reflexively denounced as a treacherous plot, and its perpetrators outlawed. With jackboot surety, Mandela was again jailed on July 30 1952 - this time under the Suppression of Communism Act.

In August 1953 he became a partner in the only black African law firm in Johannesburg. But their office was soon removed under residential relocation rules. Following the further demolition of Sophiatown, an all black suburb of Johannesburg, Mandela’s patient resolve would eventually turn toward armed resistance. Yet as his political commitment grew his personal life suffered.

By 1955/56, with progressed Venus coming to dissolving Neptune and his progressed Ascendant moving to square independent Uranus, his first marriage irretrievably broke down. Rebellious Uranus was also moving across his birth Sun. Mandela would go on to wed fellow revolutionary Winnie, who proved a loyal partner.


On December 5 1956, Mandela, now with his progressing Ascendant still squaring radical Uranus, was arrested for crimes of ‘high treason’ against the state. Although granted bail a fortnight later, the government pursued the charges. Meantime, Mandela continued with his apartheid mission.

On March 30 1960, barely a week after the Sharpeville massacre, he was again impounded, along with other party officials. The government enacted emergency laws and banned the ANC. But temporary relief was to follow. As the progressed Moon came to his beneficial Venus in the ninth house of law on March 1961, Mandela’s high treason charges were overturned. Victory was sweet – although short-lived.

By July 1962 Mandela’s Midheaven had reached the conjunction with containing Saturn. On August 5 he was again arrested for inciting workers to strike and leaving the country without permission. While still serving sentence, on June 12 1964, he was found guilty of sabotage and conspiracy to violently overthrow the government. Mandela was given a life sentence. His prolonged incarceration would sound the death knell to apartheid.


A person's sense of home, early life and emotional connection can be defined by their Moon placement. In Nelson's case his Scorpio Moon is configured by hard aspect to Jupiter/Pluto and all the vital angles. See his cosmo dial here. This axis times important home moves by the mid-forties. And that is certainly how it played out.

From 1962, when Mandela was first imprisoned, until his eventual release on February 11 1990, the progressed Moon would travel from his tenth house Jupiter Pluto conjunction and back again. He would spend over 27 years, one entire progressed Moon cycle of the zodiac, in jail. But his indomitable spirit prevailed. Even the bribery of personal freedom would not deter Mandela from his cause, which he vowed to die for if necessary.

The longer Mandela remained silenced the louder his supporters, around the world, sang his song. Against the rising tide of global opinion, the unjust apartheid regime began to crumble.


It was left to President Frederik Willem de Klerk, born March 18 1936, in Johannesburg to pardon Mandela, legalize the ANC and further eliminate apartheid from South African society. Pluto again played a role. F. W. de Klerke’s transformational Pluto sat precisely on Mandela’s Sun. This powerful duo would later share the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize for their role in the rainbow revolution.

1993-94 marked the height of Mandela’s political eminence. Pluto now moving through Scorpio was opportunely trining his Cancerian Sun in his tenth house of command – progressed Venus had moved into a supportive sextile with the same Sun. On May 10 1994 at 12.18 pm (a day of a Solar Eclipse) he was sworn in as the first black President of South Africa. Four hundred years of minority white rule was finally over.

At 8.50 pm December 5 2013, in Johannesburg South Africa, Pluto sank beneath the western horizon. Nelson Mandela took his final breath. Minutes later joyous Jupiter rose. The life of the father of South Africa was already being celebrated. At the same time the film of Mandela's life, 'The Long Walk To Freedom' was premiering to future kings in London. Nelson Mandela truly was a man born to rule – he did that with honour. He gave his country new meaning. He gave humanity new hope.

DEC 01


Last week's column addressed the global consequences of the ongoing Uranus and Pluto square. Analyzed was the lesser-used heliocentric square occurring on November 24. The thrust of the article discussed how the period of the heliocentric square will often produce the leading global players, and set the scene for the crucial world events. A dramatic event took place less than 24 hours after the article was posted.

At 4.30 am November 24 2013 in Geneva - Switzerland, the US, UK, France, Russia, China and Germany signed a six-month nuclear containment deal with Iran. The new deal required Iran to freeze their nuclear development program, in exchange for more economic co-operation from the world powers. This historic paper theoretically buys time, allowing UN inspectors vital access into Iran’s uranium enrichments plants. Click here for the chart.

The Sagittarian Sun of the temporary truce is semisquare the vallue planet of Venus square to nebulous Neptune, the planet of oil. China, which in September became the world's largest oil importer, along with India and Japan have welcomed the deal. The world oil price has already slid, also aiding US and EU trade and economic recovery. Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil supplier, is not so happy. And is Sun/Venus/Neptune a dream of peace, rather than a reality?

The horoscope of the moment has 24 degrees of the diplomatic sign Libra rising at the Ascendant, and the brilliant fixed star Spica attached. The classical astrologers considered this eclipsing binary star a great benefic influence. Coincidentally, the modern state of Israel was also formed with Spica rising at a Libran Ascendant.

The Geneva agreement has a particular relevance to the horoscope of US President Obama. The Sun was at his status bearing Midheaven, and the Moon moving across his Sun the every moment it was signed. The consensus has been hailed as the most important diplomatic breakthrough for the USA and Iran since the 1979 Revolution.

But it’s not all so peaceful. Mars was also placed right on Obama’s Mars, and square the Mars of the USA horoscope on November 24 in Geneva. It is bound to create homeland opposition and put him in the firing line. Already the sparks are flying. Saudi Arabia, traditional enemies of Iran, have denounced the deal. But the most vehement critic is Israel’s Prime Minister Ben Netanyahu labeling it ‘an historic mistake’. Click here for Obama's chart with the agreement.

Prefacing this agreement on September 30, at the United Nations in New York, Netanyahu made his feelings clear, proclaiming ‘If Israel is forced to stand alone – Israel will stand alone'. But would Israel risk a pre-emptive attack on Iran without international backing? This week’s column looks closely into the horoscope of their leader.


Bin Netanyahu was born in Jerusalem on the morning of October 21 1949. From my work on his horoscope the time of 10.18 am seems the best fit, considering the principle events of his life. Click here for his chart.

Netanyahu is a leader whose horoscope interlocks very closely with the country he governs. It is not surprising that he was the first Israeli Prime Minister actually born in the modern state. He was also the youngest when elected, and has held this post more than once.

Despite his close connection with the horoscope of his homeland, most of Netanyahu’s education took place in the USA. He lived in Philadelphia between ages 7 and 9, and also 14 to 18. Netanyahu later returned to the USA to further his education in business management and architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He interspersed this period serving with the IDF in the Six-Day War of 1967, and also the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

He was born with the Sun and Moon conjunct in Libra, which well describes his focused objectives. The Sun is tightly (within the degree) sextile to martial Mars in fiery Leo. The same trio link neatly to the chart of modern Israel, which came into being on May 14 1948 @ 1600 hours in Tel Aviv. Netanyahu’s Sun and Moon sit at Israel’s Ascendant, as did the Sun of their first Prime Minister David ben Gurion. Netanyahu’s Mars is also conjunct Israel’s Mars. Click here for the two horoscopes.

Mars, the planet of war, would play an integral role in Netanyahu’s life. Mars solar arced to his Midheaven in July 1976, and the progressed Mars squared his Ascendant. This year was to change his life forever. His elder brother Yonatan was killed in the daring counter terrorist raid, Operation Entebbe. He was the only Israeli casualty.

This much-celebrated rescue, released over one hundred Jewish hostages held by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine from Entebbe Airport Uganda. It also cemented Netanyahu’s attitude around Israel/Palestinian relations. The commemoration of Operation Entebbe, for Netanyahu, is a stark reminder of sacrifice for his homeland.


Netanyahu’s horoscope conforms to a what the astute US astrologer Marc Edmund Jones defined as a ‘Bowl’ Pattern. This is where all the planets occupy only one half of the signs, leaving the rest blank. The life lesson of the bowl pattern is in seeing both sides of an issue.

Famous ‘bowls’ were Abraham Lincoln who presided over a divided USA during the Civil War. Even the chart of the first shot of the US Civil War on April 12 1861 conforms to a bowl pattern. Oliver Cromwell was another born into the ‘Bowl’, who governed a divided England. North and South Korea were created under this same pattern. I think you get the idea.

In further dissecting the bowl pattern, the significant planet is the one moving clockwise toward the empty space. In Netanyahu’s case this planet is intransigent Uranus, the rebel with, or without, a cause. Uranus is famous for playing by its own rules. It can signify a highly original, even ingenious approach, or the inflexible eccentric. Either way a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude is not uncommon. Uranus squares Netanyahu’s Mercury, it colors his thinking.


Netanyahu’s rise and fall and rise again, have coincided closely with his 30-year lunar cycle. By the time his horoscope had progressed to its New Moon phase in 1979 Bin had formed an anti-terror institute named after his late brother. Through this organization he had held a number of international conferences on the subject of global terrorism.

Midway through his first quarter progressed Moon phase, during 1988, Netanyahu joined the Likud party. By his progressed Full Moon phase, on the 18th of June 1996, he has succeeded to Prime Minister of Israel. This shock win had been preceded by a number of suicide bombings, which weakened the authority of his opponent Simon Peres.

If Netanyahu’s rise was rapid, his fall was equally fast. Following a vote of no confidence in the government, he was soundly defeated in May 1999. He left office under a cloud of corruption charges, marriage scandals, and a stalling peace process. But he would rise again.

As his horoscope suggested, Netanyahu returned as Prime Minister of Israel for a second time, at 11.20 pm on March 31 2009. He was only a fortnight away from his latest progressed New Moon. This was a telling New moon. It was square his progressed Mars. The martial planet was about to feature strongly as Netanyahu was to adopt a more militaristic approach second time around.

All of which marks Mars extended transit through Libra, (from December until late July next year), extra important for Netanyahu, Israel and the Middle East. Why? Because during the latter part of February and early March, the red planet will station on Netanyahu’s Libran Sun, and throughout May it will station on his Mercury. Remember, Mars is the warrior.

Across 2014 Netanyahu’s progressed Sun will form an opposition to intransigent Uranus, and sesquisquare obsessive Pluto. This combination will deliver the most testing time of Netanyahu’s tenure. He is being pressured to change himself and yet these are the signals of the revolutionary. Netanyahu has modeled his entire political career on the defense of Israel. The less they are threatened, the less his political relevance.

The Iranian nuclear deal - now known as P5+1 - is testimony that global economics and trade override national politics from Washington, Beijing, Mumbai to Teheran. But Netanyahu has made it clear that nuclear power in Iran, in any form, is a no go. His commitment to that end, along with the deep resentment of Saudi Arabia, are the catalysts of future crisis. February of 2014, and the April 22 Grand Cross activating Israel's Mars and the USA's leadership Sun highlight the times of such challenges.

NOV 24


The ongoing Uranus and Pluto square from 2012 through 2015, is the dominant planetary theme. Pluto, is traditionally associated with power, control and cathartic change, Uranus represents freedom and revolution. We can certainly witness that on the global stage as the rights of the individual are facing off against the powers of the state. It’s the national theme of Egypt, Greece, Spain, Syria and to a lesser extent the USA and its partners, following repressive big brother revelations.

Previous Uranus Pluto squares of 1819-21 / 1876-77 / 1932-34 have coincided with political reformation initially driven by economic chaos. But how do we dig deeper to the core issues of today? Is it logical to conclude that when the aspect comes to exactness, and theoretically is at its most powerful manifestation, the main themes and players will be elicited? And would the single heliocentric square of Uranus and Pluto, occurring this week, throw further light on the overall cycle’s manifestation?


The geocentric square, meaning the square as seen from planet earth, first reached exactness on June 24 2012, the very day that Mohammed Morsi was declared the President, in Egypt’s first ever truly democratic election. Earlier in the month protestors were packing Cairo Square protesting ongoing military rule, following the repressive Mubarak regime. Morsi’s election, as a member of the previously barred Muslim Brotherhood, came as an unwelcome surprise to the west.

Not surprisingly Morsi and his Brotherhood members governed for barely a year. Inexperience, coupled with entrenched power bases, proved a toxic mix for democracy. Now, as the square has returned to exactness, starting this November, Morsi is under trial and the western backed military have returned to control Egypt. The new leader General Sisi is, for the moment, held up as a hero.


Also at the first square of June 24 2012 the United States admitted that they had infected Iranian nuclear research computers with the Stuxnet virus, in the most publicised example of cyber warfare. Think Uranus as technology and Pluto as the subterranean virus on this one. This was the follow up after targeted assassinations by Mossad and the CIA had failed to deter Iran’s underground (Pluto) uranium (Uranus) enrichment.

Cyber warfare will be an escalating theme of this square. Uranus is technology and battles are being fought technologically, with drones, satellite surveillance, and computer controlled weaponry at the helm.

On June 25 2012, Cyprus asked the EEU for a financial bailout, a pivotal event that would eventually lead to bank accounts being taxed. The theme here is government intrusion on public wealth. In Ulster, due to a technical glitch depositors could not withdraw cash from their banks and automatic payments were delayed for weeks.

The share price of Barclays bank plummeted 17 per cent, after being hit with a record fine for bending interest rates to fix international markets. Who really owns your money? Meanwhile Julian Assange sought refuge in the Ecuador Embassy in London. All of this happened on the first square of Uranus and Pluto and it laid a platform for the future core issues. More on Assange’s plight later in this article.

The first square of June 24 2012 would occur in a similar degree of the zodiac to the fourth square of November 2013, so look for these events to move to the next level, being Egyptian crisis, Iran uranium issue etc. - and they are.


The second square arrived September 19 2012, with a Middle Eastern backlash against the United States. On September 11, Libyan attackers burnt out the US Consulate in Benghazi, killing the US Ambassador Chris Stephens and three others. The US Embassy in Yemen was also breached following drone strikes killing not only Yemeni dissidents, but also innocents.

On high alert around the globe, the US evacuated its embassies in Tunisia (home of the Arab Spring) and the Sudan, following Muslim protests over an anti-Islam film. It wasn’t simply the United States who suffered, but also diplomatic missions of Switzerland, Germany and the UK. By May 2013, when the aspect recurred for a third time, so did billionaire Nawaz Sharif. He was installed as the third time Prime Minister of Pakistan. Here’s where the heliocentric cycle also kicks in.


It was at the last heliocentric square of Uranus and Pluto of January 1933 that a pamphlet entitled ‘Now Or Never – Are We To Live Or Perish Forever’ was circulated by the devout Muslim Choudhary Rahmat Ali. In it he proposed a Muslim state with the name Pakistan, being an amalgam of the Punjab, Afghanistan and Kashmir. The upcoming heliocentric Uranus and Pluto square will be exact on November 23 and events in Pakistan may play a key role here, with 2014 the primary period.

The heliocentric square also synchronized with the rise of two dominant global leaders, each of whom was to play a vital role on the 20th century political stage. By January 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt had been recently elected and was on the dawn of becoming the longest serving President of the USA. He would serve an unprecedented four terms, leading his country through the Great Depression toward becoming the major economic and military superpower by the end of WWII.

At the last heliocentric square Roosevelt made it a crime for any US citizen to own substantial amounts of gold, and introduced his New Deal policies. Eventually under Roosevelt came the economic blocs such as the IMF and World Bank, such a dominant force in international politics today. But the square itself was more importantly signaling his arrival.

The other major player was Adolf Hitler, appointed Chancellor of Germany on January 30 1933. Adolf Hitler also rebuilt his country's strength, but then totally overplayed his hand militarily, plunging Europe into WWII. Hitler aimed for world supremacy – Roosevelt achieved it, but never lived to taste the fruits.

The heliocentric square may coincide with charismatic leaders wielding great dominance and control, initially viewed as saviors. Watch for important global leadership shifts especially where accompanied by military expansion. The incoming leaders, or those elected to powerful posts, may play an absolutely critical role in the global direction of the 21st century.

The November helio square of Uranus and Pluto, links in with Jupiter and the geocentric square of late April 2014 will do the same. This may well set up a connection between the events of November this year, and those of late April next year.

Before leaving the heliocentric square it’s useful to examine its recurrent cycles from 1820. There is a pattern of involving the trine angle and fire signs. This was a feature throughout the last millennium. More recently the squares appeared at….

Aug 1820 – 28 Sagittarius
June 1877 – 24 Leo
June 1933 – 22 Aries
November 2013 – 11 Aries

The last one to appear at 11 Aries was back in 1679, the year that one of the most important changes to law was introduced – the ‘Habeas Corpus Act’. It addresses issues of lawful and unlawful detention.

The so-called war on terror, is increasingly removing basic human rights. Included in this is the issue of illegal detention, relating not only to political prisoners, but also refugees and victims of civil war. Is this Uranus Pluto helio square forcing new solutions on this contentious issue? Will not only refugees, but also Julian Assange play a role?

NOV 17

November 22 is the 50th anniversary of the most controversial political assassination of the 20th century – the Dallas shooting of JFK. Today, despite four government investigations, the events of Dealy Plaza remain shrouded in inscrutable conspiracy theories. When it comes to Presidential assassins, there are more suspects than Elvis sightings. But the subterfuge really began not with Kennedy’s shooting, but that of Lee Harvey Oswald.

At precisely 11.21 am November 24 1963, as nightclub operator Jack Ruby, killed an unsuspecting Oswald as he was being transported from a Dallas holding cell, Neptune, the planet of enigma, was positioned directly on the Midheaven of Dallas in deadly Scorpio. Neptune in Scorpio is an apt astrological autograph for “murder mystery”. Obscure Neptune was also squaring Saturn, the planet of the establishment, and while Ruby may have been acting out of self-interest, the cryptic cloak and dagger atmosphere endures today.

This article examines the horoscopes of the two motorcade victims and the man accused of killing the President. It also examines the role that Neptune played, even in the instigation of the Warren Commission. It’s a long read so grab a cup of coffee. But let’s begin with a man who had Neptune at the top of his own horoscope, and was both the legend and the victim.


John F. Kennedy was born May 29 1917 at 3 pm in Brookline Massachusetts. Kennedy’s horoscope with the eloquent Gemini Sun semi-squaring his public Midheaven and responsible Saturn conjunct the same, clearly displays the promise of high achievement. It also documents a high potential for lethal threats between ages forty-six and forty seven. The crucial factor here being the Sun along with half of his planets occupying the eighth, or traditional house of death. Click here for Kennedy's horoscope.

The critical timing indicator is Mars, the planet of aggression and weaponry, exactly semi-squaring the fatalistic Pluto from the eighth house cusp. Mars was due to arc to meet Pluto between 46 and 47 years of age, becoming active from November 1963. Kennedy’s 46th solar return chart also revealed the heightened potential of danger around the late November period. There were numerous signals.

Kennedy’s secondary progressing Moon was moving through his eighth house and meeting his birth Sun by late October 1963, lasting through November. The transits to his progressed horoscope (Uranus stationary on SP Mc), further substantiated the sudden, unexpected events of November. By the 22nd hostile Mars, transiting through the sign of the Archer, would move to exactly oppose the President’s progressed Mars. That’s when the ancient symbolic archer became the modern day marksman.


Texan Governor John Connally was the second shooting victim, that fateful day in Dallas. He was seated in front of the President and had turned to his left, looking in the general direction of the Dallas Book Depository, when he was hit. Connally suffered a bullet wound to his back, which traveled out through his chest, shattering his wrist and ending in his thigh.

Connally, was born at 2 am February 27 1917 in Floresville Texas, with a Piscean Sun tightly joined to military Mars. Pisces is a water sign and Connally was appropriately the Secretary of the Navy, serving under JFK before resigning to become the Governor of Texas. Like Kennedy, Connally’s horoscope indicated a high probability of danger in an identical time frame.

In November 1963 Uranus the planet of surprise, often likened to a lightning bolt from the blue, was closely opposing Connally’s Sun and Mars. Connally’s solar arc directed Sun and Mars were each squaring Saturn, a planet they were in difficult angle to from his birth. His progressed Mars had also moved to activate his volatile Mars/Uranus midpoint. These multiple indicators suggest Connally was extremely lucky to have survived to tell the tale. The man who could provide most of the answers didn’t.


Lee Harvey Oswald was born October 18 1939 @ 9.55 pm in New Orleans. It was the day after ‘Mr Smith Goes To Washington’ debuted, but Oswald was to have a more stunning effect on Capitol Hill. His horoscope seems remarkably consistent with his life, both in character and events. Click here for Oswald's chart.

Oswald’s father, who bore the name of Confederate General, Robert E Lee, passed on before his birth. There were two elder siblings. All three were placed in an orphanage for over a year when he was two. Lee Harvey was thereafter constantly on the move, transferring from school to school, home to home. By thirteen he was playing truant in the Bronx, which led to him being detained for observation at Youth House.

A psychiatric report of May 1 1953, prepared by Dr. Renatus Hartogs, profiles the teenager possessing "personality pattern disturbance with schizoid features and passive-aggressive tendencies." Social worker Evelyn Seigel added, ‘This is a seriously detached withdrawn youngster who has preserved some ability to relate but is very hard to reach.’

Oswald’s lack of early foundation is mirrored in dissipating Neptune at the base of his horoscope. This area is traditionally associated with the father, and appropriately Oswald’s missing father was a Pisces, with his own Sun square Neptune. Young Lee’s dualistic Libran Sun opposes Saturn, suggesting feelings of repression with rules, structures and authorities. The modern psychological term is ‘oppositional defiance disorder’.

Lee’s Capricorn Moon is further confirmation of the emotional self-sufficiency and control that was evidenced in his withdrawn solitary nature. Venus, the planet of love and affection, is square to impulsive Mars and brooding Pluto. His Mercury also squares Mars, implying a combative intellect. Oswald’s horoscope matches his profile and biography.

At fifteen, as transiting Neptune (also politically associated with social idealism) moved across his birth Sun, a young Lee embraced Marxism with a passion. Two days after his seventeenth birthday he left school and followed brother Robert into the military. It is within this duplicitous area of Soviet leanings and US military involvement that leaves many wondering whether Oswald was actually living the double life of a spy.


Fast forward to two days before his twentieth birthday. Oswald arrives in Helsinki, seeking Russian citizenship. But when he is denied this, on October 21 1959, he slashes his wrist, and is institutionalized, until things can be ‘sorted out’. He remains on a temporary visa from January 4 and is eventually moved to Minsk, where he is allotted work.

Oswald writes to his mother and brothers saying he doesn’t want to contact them again – he is starting a new life and wants no part of the old. He is now in his progressed ‘balsamic Moon phase’ a time of moving on from past experiences, where familiar people, places and situations fade away. A year later to the day, when finally offered Russian citizenship, he turns it down, preferring to extend his visa. That extension would prove fateful.


On the late evening of March 17 1961, he meets wife to be Marina, born July 17 1941. She is someone he can relate to. He writes in his diary that he talks about himself, and she talks about herself – a lot. Marina’s Mercury, the planet of communication sits directly on Oswald’s Cancer Ascendant. Their birth Suns are in tight square depicting a challenging but dynamic relationship. Their emotional earth Moons are nicely aligned. She accepts his rapid marriage request on April 15.

This is Oswald’s second proposal. The day after New Year he asked to marry another girl, who he had also only known a few weeks, and fallen in love with. He writes in his diary that he married Marina in defiance – but he is now getting to like her more. Oswald’s progressed Moon is moving through the partnership sign of Libra and uniting with his Libran Sun. Sun and Moon = man and woman. His progressed Venus is in opportunistic trine with life changing Pluto. They are married at her aunt’s home on April 30.

On February 15 1962, at 10 am, Marina gives birth to a daughter – Oswald is now a father as joyful Jupiter trines his birth Sun. But by June 1 the Oswald’s are U.S. bound. He arrives at Love Field Airport, Dallas, on June 14 1962. His Russian defection had reporters knocking on his door and made the US papers. He is surprised that there were no reporters to cover his homecoming. But his imminent New Moon lunar phase will put Oswald in the headlines for decades to come.


By December 1962 Oswald would exit his balsamic lunar chapter and experience a progressed New Moon in Scorpio. This subjective, focused and initiatory New Moon is in opposition to Uranus, the planet of rebellion. By early 1963 he becomes increasingly politically active in support of the Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro. Oswald has also bought a handgun and rifle via mail order, using an assumed name. His New Moon falls exactly, to the degree, opposite President Kennedy’s Mars.

On April 10 he tells Marina that he has shot at a right wing extremist general’s home. They argue and separate. Oswald has also become violent towards Marina. They live apart, and only see each other on weekends. She has given birth to a second child in October of ‘63. But Oswald’s solar arcing Ascendant has now reached obsessive Pluto. The Mars Uranus midpoint, indicative of freedom fighters, has arced to oppose his birth Sun.

On the evening of November 21 Oswald pays a surprise visit to where his wife is staying. He offers to repair the relationship, but she rejects his advances. He leaves behind his wedding ring and an amount of cash – but he secretly takes his rifle. At 12.30 pm the next day the Moon will pass over Oswald’s birth Mars – planet of weapons and war.


If Confucius says ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, in America it makes millions. Even after a 26-volume investigation concludes with multiple eyewitness reports of the gunman, the Neptunian fascination remained with the 26-second Zapruder film. On November 29 1963, when LBJ proposed the Warren Commission, the authoritative Sun was squaring rebellious Uranus, and the public, Moon, opposed nebulous Neptune. Nobody was ever going to believe them. Possibly with good reason.

To comprehend the Dealy Plaza mystery you have to imagine a world fresh from the brink of a possible nuclear holocaust. Suddenly America’s Camelot imploded. Those impossible moments spawned a collective incredulity. How could the world’s most powerful man be eliminated by anyone so powerless? There must be a greater authority behind it.

Oswald started the fire with his denials. Ruby poured petrol on it with his possible cover up killing and later conspiracy claims. Grassy knolls became surreal shooting galleries. Unlike other assassinations, nobody wanted to admit to killing the great man. But almost everybody, even the chauffer, became a suspect.

When it comes to who killed JFK, who do you believe? It’s mainstream now to think conspiracy. But the public also thought that ‘War of The Worlds’ was for real? At 12.30 pm Dallas time November 22 1963 Mars was on the Midheaven above Havana. The reality may lie with Jack Ruby’s noted gun-running activities into Cuba - the people connected with it – and Ruby’s alarm that a convicted Oswald would talk. And when you think Nicaragua and Oliver North – sometimes weapons smuggling leaves a long and highly embarrassing trail.

NOV 10


When I began studying Indonesia I was hardly expecting to find a planetary combination that seemed to recur in the birth charts of their most famous politicians and the horoscope of their national independence. But that's exactly what I discovered, and it's likely to play a decisive role in the election of their next leader. Mars and Uranus together spell war of independence, and they are about to influence again.

Indonesia is a collection of over 17,000 islands comprising almost 240 million people, and the largest Islamic country in the world. For centuries it was under the rule of the world’s first multi-national firm, the Dutch East India Company, the greatest source of wealth and power for the Dutch Empire. All of that ended with the Japanese invasion of WWII, the turning point for Indonesian nationalism.

On August 8 1945, the two main independence fighters, Ahmad Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta, were summoned to Saigon to be instructed that Japanese regional command supported their nationalist agenda. At 10 am, on August 17, only days after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Sukarno, proclaimed Indonesian independence, from the doorstep of his own home, before an audience of 500 supporters. Check the horoscope here.

The horoscope of the moment featured the war planet, Mars, appropriately joined to the planet of independence, Uranus, in a tight conjunction, at 16 degrees of Gemini. This energized degree area of the zodiac was to continually recur, and be mysteriously connected to the horoscopes of national leaders and events. It was also a precursor that full independence would not arrive without further struggle.


The Dutch and British were not about to relinquish their economic footholds to the island group's abundant natural resources, and immediately tried to reclaim authority following Japan’s demise. The colonial powers were reasserting control of Indonesian cities, fostering ongoing battles and a needless loss of lives. Thousands were killed from an uprising in Surybaya, erupting October 28 1945, and prompting a British counter offensive lasting from November 10-24.

On December 19 1948 both nationalist leaders Sukarno and Hatta were arrested by the Dutch and held in captivity. But world opinion was firmly behind the emerging Indonesia. Finally on December 27 1949, at 17.22 hours Jakarta time, Queen Juliana officially recognized the United States of Indonesia, by signing a transfer of sovereignty. President Sukarno returned to a hero’s welcome with a motorcade through the streets of Jakarta.


There are remarkable planetary correspondences in the history and characters of Indonesia. They are connected to the Indonesian horoscope’s union of the warrior planet Mars with independence planet Uranus, together in Gemini. Nationalist leader and first President, Sukarno, was born June 6, 1901, with his Gemini Sun and transformative Pluto, falling on the Mars Uranus conjunction of the August 17 1945 Independence horoscope. Check the overlaid horoscopes here.

Sukarno was the first of many leaders to exhibit this correspondence. He ruled for just over 21 years, and his downfall was sealed with a military coup of October 1 1965. It was supported by western powers at the lead in to the Vietnam War. The wheels had already begun to fall off Sukarno’s command when he withdrew Indonesia from the United Nations on January 1, 1965.

Sukarno had committed to an anti-imperialist alliance with China, moving away from western allies. However, the Indonesian military had a different agenda. By March 12 1966, the day that Sukarno officially handed over power to his successor, General Suharto, the reformatory duo of Uranus and Pluto were squaring both the President’s Sun, and the Mars Uranus of the Indonesian horoscope.


The new leader, General Suharto, was born June 8 1921. Like Sukarno, he also had a Gemini Sun and also like Sukarno, his Sun and Mars fell across the fiery Mars/Uranus union of the Indonesian national horoscope. Suharto would rule with an iron fist for over 30 years, via a centralized military government, during which millions of dissidents lost their lives. Check his chart with Indonesia here.

Suharto presided over a New Order, where foreign investment flowed and his own family amassed record wealth. The anti-corruption supervisory body, Transparency International, later nominated Suharto as the world’s greatest kleptocrat, with an accumulated fortune of up to $35bn. The family controlled hundreds of businesses. Amazingly, Suharto never stood trial for this corruption. His story of unparalleled riches via long term military domination rivals that of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak.

The Asian financial crisis of the late 90’s, and the collapse of the Indonesian rupiah, finally brought an end to Suharto’s brutal regime. As foreign investment deserted, economic collapse led to riots and nationwide student protests. The President resigned his commission on May 20 1998, his deputy Vice President, Habibe, was commissioned the next day, as an interim measure. Finally a new leader, Abdurrahman Wahid, emerged as the new President sworn in October 20 1999.

Wahid, born September 7 1940, had his Virgo Sun and Mars in square to the Gemini Mars/Uranus of the Indonesian Independence horoscope. With over fifty years and only two leaders, Wahid was bound to suffer from entrenched power bases. His presidency was the result of a bartered deal, with the most popular candidate, Megawati Sukarnoputri, relegated to Vice Presidential duties. It led to him eventually announcing that the country could be on the brink of anarchy.


By 2001, the second year of Wahid’s presidency, reformatory Pluto was coming to oppose the sensitive Mars/Uranus degrees of the Indonesian horoscope. Additionally revolutionary Uranus was moving to oppose the Leo Sun position of the national chart. This would result in the impeachment of the President, who tendered his resignation on July 23 2001. In his place was Sukarno’s daughter – Megawati Sukarnoputri. Then followed a time of agitation and turmoil.

The exact opposition of fatalistic Pluto to Mars/Uranus took place late in 2002. This brought Indonesian terrorism to world headlines via the deadly ‘Bali Bombing’ of 11.28 pm, October 12 2002. It came the day after US Congress gave President George Bush the go ahead to invade Iraq. A collection of homemade bombs, planted by Islamic extremists, blasted a Kuta nightclub, killing 202 and injuring 209 others. Further bombings followed.

On August 5 2003 the Hotel Marriot was bombed. On September 9 2004 at 10.30 am local time, a one tonne car bomb was detonated outside of the Australian Embassy. On October 1 2005, from 6.50 pm local time a further three bomb attacks took place within the half hour. All of the attacks were aimed at western targets.

Indonesia’s current President is Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, born September 9 1949, in Patican. His Virgo Sun, at 16 degrees, makes a precise square to the Mars/Uranus of the Indonesian Independence horoscope, and continues the prevalence of important leaders whose horoscopes activate this pivotal point. He also has his Sun with controlling Saturn, and politically Indonesia has been relatively stable in recent years.


Yudhoyono has been supportive of western alliances, even to the point of being awarded a British knighthood and Order of Australia. He is ineligible for a third term when new Presidential elections take place in July of 2014. The projected horoscope of Indonesia shows that this will be a crucial election, with both solar arc directed Uranus and Mars arriving at the Leo Sun of the Indonesian national horoscope. Check next year's horoscope here.

This decisive and recurring Mars/Uranus combination may well describe the next Indonesian President. A possible candidate, Joko Widodo, the current Governor of Jakarta, was born June 21 1961, in Surakarta, with a Mars/Uranus conjunction in Leo that also sits neatly on the Indonesian birth Sun, and would seem to fit the recurring astrological pattern. Check his horoscope with the Indonesia chart here.

Widodo has not yet been nominated for President. That’s because former President Megawati Sukarnoputri currently leads his party. However at 66 years of age, it is possible she could step aside for the more popular Joko. That would allow the celestial connection of Mars/Uranus to be repeated in the leadership of Indonesia. It may also revive the struggle for true independence. With South East Asia, the scene of a global battle for economic supremacy, the next Presidency could be the most important since 1945.



The awe inspiring phenomena of the Moon extinguishing the Sun’s life giving rays has always fascinated humankind. Solar eclipses have been noted, throughout diverse cultures since the beginning of recorded history. Greek historian Herodotus records an eclipse of May 28 585 BC as immediately ending the war between the Lydians and the Medes. It was interpreted as a divine sign to put down weapons.

In Mesopotamian cultures, at the dawn of astrology, eclipses were feared if they fell with the wrong planet. Substitute kings were sworn in for the day, and later ritually sacrificed to maintain the monarchy. As far back as October 22 2137 BCE the oriental astronomers Hsi and Ho were beheaded for failure to correctly forecast an eclipse for the Chinese Emperor.

Even Biblical allusions to eclipses were ominous, such as the 8th century BC Hebrew prophet Amos’ harsh judgment on Israel. “On that day, says the Lord God, I will make the sun go down at noon, and darken the earth in broad daylight. I will turn your feasts into mourning, and your songs into lamentation.” So the ancients opinion of the 12.50 pm November 3 2013 Solar Eclipse joined to severe Saturn in the foreboding sign of Scorpio, might not be cause for party hats.


Solar Eclipses are a biannual event, and no cause for end of the world prognostications, but those linked to Saturn come much rarer. But they have all coincided with significant historical events and so this November eclipse bears watching for that reason alone.

Traditional astrology rates Saturn as the Greater Malefic. He was the Grim Reaper, the planet of privation, perseverance, hard work and discipline. Saturn looks both ways, even when crossing a one-way street. But he who gathers the withered rose does have saving graces. Responsible Saturn will bring at least life jackets to the pleasure cruise.

Saturn was the ruler of mountains and rocks, mining and the underground. Under his Babylonian name of Ninurta, it was he who rescued the stolen Tablets of Fate, and thereby restored order to the formless, chaotic universe. Saturn is structure and surety. So an anarchic eclipse on Saturn can upset the applecart big time. The previous ‘Saturnine’ eclipses going back to 1900 have a tragic track record.

The February 23 1906 eclipse brought not only the Sun and Moon, but also Mercury and Venus to the Saturn. This was a doozy, astrologically speaking. Within a fortnight of the eclipse date at 6.30 am on March 10, the Courrières mine explosion, became Europe’s worst mining disaster with over one thousand fatalities. But it was just one of Saturn’s earthy catastrophes in the weeks that followed.

On April 7 Mt Vesuvius erupted destroying parts of Naples, and taking 218 lives. Eleven days later the San Francisco Earthquake left hundreds of thousands homeless, and claimed another 3000 victims. The eclipse was preceded by a mega thrust 8.8 earthquake, along the Nazca Plane taking over 1000 lives across 500 kilometers in South America. A resultant tsunami was felt as far as the coast of Japan, with 2 metre waves recorded in Hawaii.


Saturnized eclipses do not always effect the geography of the planet, they may be considered geo-political, and indicate shifts of power. The Mexican President Porfirio Diaz was ousted from rule during the Mexican Revolution of 1911. The eclipse occurred April 28, and Diaz had resigned within the month, after Pancho Villa’s revolutionary forces had taken control. Diaz, who had ruled for 36 years, was exiled to France.

The 1911 eclipse can also be linked to the April 27 Huanghuagang Uprising, which later that year became the Wuchang Uprising, spelling the overthrow of the centuries old Qing Dynasty. This was the end of Chinese Emperor rule and the foundation movement toward the modern Republic of China. Is it any wonder that the ancient kings feared eclipses – but particularly those that came accompanied by Saturn?


It wasn’t until July 9 1945 that another Solar Eclipse would appear alongside the Greater Malefic. The desert of New Mexico was the scene for this groundshaking event. With Saturn rising in the east, at 5.30 am on July 16 at Alomogordo the USA detonated the first atomic bomb. Within the month it would be used to devastating effect on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Another Empire was about to crumble.

The last two Solar Eclipses with Saturn have maintained it’s foreboding reputation. On January 15 1991 the Solar Eclipse occurred on the same day of the United Nations deadline of Iraqi withdrawal from occupied Kuwait. Operation Desert Storm began within the day signaling the start of US and allied forces Middle East incursions that continue today. The June 11 2002 Solar Eclipse with Saturn preceded George W Bush’s plans to invade Iraq.

The events occurring around this eclipse may have continuing ramifications. They represent the overthrow of leaders, and have coincided with both natural and man-made disasters. The November 3 eclipse, also at the Mars Pluto midpoint has volatile potential. It calls for the other, wiser side of Saturn, responsibility and restraint. But usually such qualities are eclipsed.


Weapons are already in the news. At the time of writing the UN Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons claims that Syria are ahead of target for destroying their chemical arsenal. Equipment and sites for production are being rendered unusable. The international watchdog reports over 1000 tonnes of toxic material have now been sealed.

Israel are conducting clandestine pre-emptive bombing raids on another sovereign state, reportedly causing great concern in Washington. It may inflame a fragile diplomatic situation, not only with Syria, but also the USA and Russia. Saturn reminds us of the fear. The Middle East would be better free of nuclear, as well as chemical weapons. Is this elephant in the room situation a virtual powderkeg in waiting, as Iran also chase the bomb, and Saudi Arabia spend mega dollars on armaments?

The degree of the eclipse is important when comparing with past events and individuals. This eclipse falls a day before the anniversary of the assassination of Israel Prime Minister and peacemaker Yatsik Rabin, by a right wing extremist. It also occurs the day after the controversial Balfour Declaration, a prelude to modern Israel. It is on the Ascendant degree of the largest man made explosion of all time – the Tsar Bomb.

That's why it is even more important that not weaponary that inflicts absolute destruction, not just chemical but also nuclear, is eliminated. The historic cradle of our civilisation should not become the crucible of the same. The countries feeding the frenzy need to re-examine their own priorities. Saturn then could be restraint rather than destruction.

Saturn is also the planet of accountability - the hard brick of reality. It also falls on the birth Sun of Tony Abbott. That eclipse cycle was one reason I thought that he would become leader. And for the new Australian Prime Minister, this is where the heavy lifting really begins. Perhaps it is also describing his restraint and apparent cone of silence. Sounds scary, but that's Saturn, the planet of fear. Or wisdom born of experience.



If you've always wanted to learn astrology from the ground up, or are keen to resume studies, the Sirius astrology school will be back on track during February. Click on this link for details.

Finally, if you're still getting that old zodiac debate throw at you have a read of this. I'll be leaving the link here for a while for the open minded, as good ammunition to direct at the more closed craniums.



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