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Last week I wrote how the Jupiter Saturn cycle was long regarded as the arbiter of caliphs and kings. For our astrological predecessors it provided the key to political prophecy. The current cycle began in the year 2000 and is connected to a much longer cycle of 794 years when two planets were again in a similar zodiacal positioning.

That cycle takes us back to 1206. It was the year a Mongol leader by the name of Temujin was dubbed the Great Khan, for uniting the tribes of Northern Asia. Genghis Khan would be subsequently recognized as one of the greatest generals of war. He founded the largest contiguous empire in world history. That makes year 2000 important in both the military and empire building sense.


Ironically, year 2000 was designated the Year of the Culture of Peace by the United Nations. It didn’t start that way. Between January 5 to 8, in Malaysia, the al-Qaeda Summit took place, involving two of the hijackers responsible for the September 11 attacks on the USA.

But it was in Moscow that a new military leader would be inaugurated right at the vital conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Vladimir Putin had risen from relative obscurity to be nominated Prime Minister on August 9 1999.

This was two days before the Solar Eclipse made famous in the oft quoted Nostradmus quatrain, that read

"The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck."

I’m no great fan of Nostradamus’ quatrains. In a recent conference talk I referred to them as another version of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. They are very open ended, although there are plenty who make a lucrative living out of re-interpretation.

But this one held a particular fascination for its clear timing near the great August Solar Eclipse of 1999 that cut its swathe directly through Europe and the Middle East. As the eclipse formed a potent planetary Grand Cross and warplanes flew over Europe for the first time since WWII in 1999, it may prove auspiscious.


By May 2000, Vladimir Putin was sworn in, with pomp and ceremony, as the new President of the Russian Federation. The following month Bashar al-Assad succeeded his father Hafez, as the new President of Syria. Both came to full power at the Jupiter Saturn conjunction, something that would not be lost on the astrologers of old.

Last week’s column concentrated on the Israel/Arab relationship and its peculiar consistency with the Jupiter Saturn cycle. We can also look at Putin, al-Assad and the Syrian War. The Jupiter Saturn opposition came to meet for a third and final time in March of 2011. It was during this month that protests began throughout Syria, and triggerred the Syrian Civil war.

The result was a strengthening of Syrian and Russian co-operation involving Putin and al-Assad. By the time the closing square of the Jupiter Saturn cycle began in 2015, Russian jets had joined the war and were bombing rebel held positions. This was a test of the leader's power, originally inherited at the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of 2000.

Jupiter and Saturn will again square from late March through to early June 2016. It is why we have seen, and will continue to see, an escalation of the conflict in Syria. It is why scheduled peace talks have been put on hold. What began at the Jupiter Saturn opposition, involving key players elected at the conjunction, will be truly decided at the square between March and June.


The Zika virus is the new pandemic sweeping through Brazil and Latin America. Commonly transmitted by mosquitoes, it has symptoms of high fever and general debility with joint pains, rashes and headaches. The virus contagion has now been linked to birth defects, such as microcephaly, meaning children born with a reduced skull. It is also associated with neurological conditions among adults.

Currently there is no known antidote for the Zika Virus. It was originally isolated in April of 1947, in a rhesus monkey from the Zika Forrest district of Lake Victoria, Uganda. During the month of its discovery, there was a union of Mercury, the transmitter with infectious Mars, with both in close opposition to boundless Neptune.

Viruses, or more specifically global pandemics, are associated with the unbounded qualities of Neptune. The ethereal blue gas giant represents the principle of the infinite and the indefinite – invisible, yet permeating all. The Saturn and Neptune cycle is the major one historically connected to global pandemics, from the Great Plague to the Spanish Flu.

Their sociological correspondences are restrictions and quarantines, which is very much a Saturn phenomenon in order to counter the spread, that is naturally associated with Neptune. Saturn also represents structure and Neptune typifies dissolution, with such illnesses representing a breakdown of structure, at least in the physical sense.


During 1952, the year of a Saturn Neptune conjunction, the Zika virus was identified to have transferred to humans. But it would take sixty years from its initial discovery to suddenly spread from Africa and Asia into Micronesia and then across the Pacific. Up until 2007 there were only 14 known humans to have contracted Zika.

In the March of 2007, Mars, the planetary ruler of fevers and infections, had joined with Neptune and both opposed Saturn. By April of 2007, there were 49 confirmed cases with 59 unconfirmed in Micronesia. The astrological signature of the pandemic was ignited. Art also imitated life with the much-acclaimed US movie ‘Pandemic’ premiering on May 26 2007 at 8 pm, with Saturn still opposing Neptune.

Early in 2015 a fresh outbreak of the Zika virus reignited in Brazil. Saturn was within two degrees of squaring Neptune. By the end of the year, with the square complete, Zika had spread to other South American countries and into the Caribbean. It now threatens international tourism and the Rio Olympics. Additional cases are being diagnosed on mainland USA and even Australia.

The prevalence of Zika may be timed, by not only Saturn and Neptune square – which will not begin to depart until mid September 2016 – but by additional planetary triggers. For example, Mars will join the Saturn in squaring Neptune for the final week of August 2016. The September 1 solar eclipse will activate the Saturn Neptune square. This may signal the climax of the Zika phenomena.


The world’s greatest and deadliest pandemic was Spanish Influenza. It claimed more lives in the single year of 1918 than the dreaded Bubonic Plague did at its height over four years from 1347-51. In all one fifth of the world was infected in the two years that it surfaced. One in four Americans was affected, with the US death toll of 675,000 higher than the Civil War.

In the US it began the morning of March 11, 1918, when company cook Albert Gitchell reported to his infirmary at Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas, with a temperature of 103. Waiting behind in the sick bay were Corporal Lee Drake and Sergeant Adolph Hurby. By midday, 107 soldiers had reported ill. Within two days, the numbers swelled to 522.

Spanish Influenza raged rapidly across battlefields and continents. It eventually claimed a conservative estimate of more than 21 million lives - eight million in Spain alone – from where it took the name. In 1997, the lungs of an army private killed by Spanish Influenza in September 1918, were used to obtain its genetic code.

The US experience of Spanish Influenza climaxed six months after it began. It was then that the disease 'went public' and Massachusetts Department of Health alerted newspapers to the epidemic. The Health Commissioner of New York City, Royal Copeland issued a contrary statement saying, "the City is in no danger of an epidemic. No need for our people to worry."

That was September. By October, 851 New Yorkers would die from Spanish Influenza in a single day. It got so bad that funerals were limited to fifteen minutes and there was a shortage of both coffins and grave-diggers. One of the other problems connected with pandemics is misinformation. It’s also one of the by-products of difficult aspects between straight shooting Saturn and phantasmagoric Neptune.

Zika is nowhere near as dangeous as the Spanish Flu. But while the caution of Saturn squares the free floating anxiety of Neptune there will be a concerted effort to contain the reach of Zika. By the end of the year as the SaturnNeptune square evaporates so may the dangers. Meantime it is something you don't want - as the saying goes - coming to a theatre near you.

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