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September 24


It's as obvious as the nose on your face. The world is rapidly transforming. Rigid power structures are cracking. But not without a fight. An old way of being has to change for survival. That's the principle of evolution. Successful adaptation - not domination.

Law and order along with generational change are governed by the age old cycle of judicial Jupiter and structural Saturn. This week's column shows the power of the planetary heavyweights to define the change we are experiencing.

How they timed the US growing into the world's dominant superpower, under the triple conjunction of 1940/41, with closely matched events. And how the current cycle, beginning May 2000 is bringing inevitable reformation to that status. And most importantly how to read the direction.

It also offers irrefutable planetary proof that the events of 911, the Global Financial Crisis and the election of Donald Trump all synchronize perfectly into the Jupiter Saturn cycle and how they are again changing the world order in a manner not seen since the Second World War. And does so in a way never published before. I hope you like it. Let's begin with...


Jupiter Saturn would meet three times in conjunction spanning, August 8, October 20 1940 and February 15 1941. The first of these unions would ultimately change the course of the WWII and then the entire direction of the 20th century via two significant shifts. On August 8 1940, Hitler's plan to invade the Soviet Union was hatched.

The primary motivation was to curb and counter anticipated British air attacks coming from the East. It would prove to be the undoing of Germany. Aerial battles were about to be escalated. On August 18th what is remembered as the 'Hardest Day', of the Battle of Britain, took place over England.

All three Jupiter Saturn conjunctions were aligned in Taurus with Uranus, the fabled sky god, associated with flight and technology. By August 20 Winston Churchill was addressing parliament with his signature phrase, 'Never in the field of human conflict has so much owed by so many to so few.' But it wasn't only Germany's dream of empire that was evaporating.


Something even more significant was taking place at the time of first conjunction of the planetary heavyweights. On August 4, the famous US General Pershing – famous enough to have his head featured on a US postal stamp – made a nationwide evening radio address, usually only accorded the President.

Pershing claimed that the US should support the Allies war effort through offering 50 US destroyers from their huge fleet. In return Britain would be required to grant a 99 year lease on its military bases in the North Atlantic and the West Indies. By September 2 it was a done deal and empire was changing hands.


The second union of Jupiter and Saturn reached exactness on February 15 1941. On the 9th of February the US House of Representatives voted on a greatly expanded 'Lend Lease' deal to aid the Allied effort financially and with any required equipment and supplies. It effectively ended the US pretence of neutrality.

This one had to be handled carefully, as the largest contingent of US ethnic population was German. It still is. But by February 1941, US polling was showing 54% of US respondents willing to support the Allied efforts. It was left to the third and final meeting of Jupiter and Saturn on October 19 1941 to finalise the act.

The US Senate passed a $5.98 billion supplemental Lend-Lease Bill on October 23, 1941 to be used by the Allies. Roosevelt approved a loan of one billion dollars to Great Britain. He also agreed to include Russia in the Lend Lease plan.

These three conjunctions and the pivotal events that accompanied them are hardly coincidental. They changed the course of the war. They effectively timed the changeover of power from the British Empire to the USA. And it would take another Jupiter Saturn conjunction sixty years later – again aligned with new order Uranus – to begin reforming the status quo.


Why this is so important – certainly from the astrological sense - is that Jupiter and Saturn have a longer cycle of sixty years, venerated in Oriental astrology as well as the western tradition. Over this timespan they appear again in a similar area of the sky and reformat the existing order. The one and only conjunction of May 2000 began that process.

From 1940 through to 2000, US power grew exponentially, to where they emerged the only true superpower, based on military and economic supremacy. From the original British bases the US gradually encircled the globe.

Today those bases number 800, monitoring and controlling the South and North Pacific, Middle East and throughout Europe. But this domination has also attracted opposition due to political meddling in sovereign nations, enforced regime changes, constant surveillance and an unpopular image as the world's self appointed policeman.


The current Jupiter/Saturn conjunction would fall precisely over Washington and in square to rebellious Uranus. The 2000 conjunction began ushering in the changes, beginning with a disputed US election, which politically divided the country. The economic focus was shifting from West to East and opposition was about to grow.

In the month of the conjunction Russia swore in a new president – Vladimir Putin. From the millennium, China's economic growth exploded, leading to a July 16 2001 20 year Sino-Russia Friendship Treaty and military alliance. China needed access to Russian oil and military expertise and Russia could use China's economic support.

The Sino-Russian Treaty came with lethal Pluto and Mars reaching the Ascendant of the USA's birth horoscope and restrictive Saturn nearing the Descendant. Then came the Middle East blowback of the September 11 and life would never be the same again. The 60 year Jupiter Saturn cycle was kicking in.

The invasion of Iraq was undertaken in deference to the United Nations, on spurious evidence and against global protests totaling 36 million people on February 13 2003. Three million in Rome alone made it the biggest ever anti-war protest in history.

Judgmental Saturn had now reached the US Mars and Mars and Pluto opposed the US Mars. The nation was becoming bogged down in never ending wars stretching the budget and leading to further homeland cutbacks and domestic division. Faith in government was reaching an all time low.

It plummeted even further seven years later under the financial tsunami of the Lehman Bros collapse, drowning the global economy. And while the worst kind of PR like Guantanamo Bay remained open, those behind the financial crimes managed to evade retribution.

The market meltdown and buyback fueled even greater inequality. The rich got richer. All of which eventually led to a disconnect between people and governance and eventually to the third desperation shock of Trumpism.

Now for the corker! If you match up the horoscopes of 911, the Global Financial Crisis and Trump's Victory Speech you'll find that they are all linked by successive Jupiter and Saturn squares to each other. Building like a domino effect.

You simply can't make this stuff up. It's all there in front of your eyes with this ancient predictive cycle. One shock building upon the other. An ongoing call to change tack that is being constantly ignored.

Trump's bean counting and inflammatory militaristic address to the United Nations, while fully expected, was everything the organisation and the future does not stand for. It was undermining all the gains and trust built from the shadows of World War Two.

For those interested in astromapping, Trump's threat to destroy North Korea came seconds prior to 10.20 am September 19 in New York, as Mars reached the IC of the Korean peninsula. Knife edge stuff when a small earthquake could trigger something much more devastating.


But perhaps the military-industrial complex veneer is there for all to see, under the one who surrounds himself with generals and puts another 10% into the Pentagon's coffers. The bigger picture is the economic one and the dogged resistance of the changing of the guard. Jupiter and Saturn see it differently. And they have proved to be the genuine guides and potent timers.

In closing I did write well ahead of time that September 6 would be a trigger date re the Trump presidency and Russian investigation. It's all archived by clicking here and scrolling down to the article dated July 23rd. It's now being revealed that it was on this day that Mark Zuckerberg after protesting the Dreamer's decision, gave Robert Meuller access to Russian profiles on Facebook and who paid for them. Stay posted.

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Pisces or Pisces Rising: It's time for a trade off. What can they provide and what can you offer? Ideally this is a mutual benefit deal. It suits swap, buy and sell. It works where one person's meat is another’s poison. There are bargains to be found. But you have to be discerning and don’t be too trusting or overconfident. There are sharks in the water and somebody else out there can be wanting the catch much more than you. It's their assertive Mars up against your dreamy Neptune this week. To look at your own personal horoscope, organise a phone or personal consultation with Ed Tamplin click here for details. Top

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Sirius School of Astrology offers comprehensive astrological education in all facets of Astrology. Students can learn for personal improvement or attain professional qualification.




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