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DEC 10

Was Donald Trump thinking of the children of Gaza when he declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel? Or of peace at Christmas? Or of his sliding evangelical voter base ahead of an Alabama election. Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem became official with the finish of his signature as the clock shifted from 1.18 pm to 1.19 pm on December 6 2017 in Washington.

Trump's announcement comes after his team requested 'more time' prior to the last United Nations meeting. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was getting anxious with the US ambiguity of not criticizing Israel's illegal settlements, nor mentioning the two-state solution. Now he has his answer.

On the heels of Trump's announcement came a strange statement from Israeli Prime Minister Bin Netanyahu. One which would surely fail the Pinocchio test. “Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over 3,000 years.” No doubt he was referring to the BC years of King David and Solomon. And conveniently eliminating, the last two millennia.

This week's column examines the global aftershock and future critical dates from the two planetary cycles involved.


First – some literal home truths. Jerusalem as Israel's capital for three thousand years. Here's the fact check. Only the uneducated are falling for Netanyahu's revisionist fallacy. Most of the Old City of Jerusalem was built during the Roman rule of Hadrian, the same Emperor responsible for Hadrian's Wall in the UK.

Hadrian also had a large temple built for Jupiter, on the site of the Temple Mount. He renamed Judeah as Syria Palaestina and Jews were only allowed to enter Jerusalem for one day a year. And so it remained during the Christian Byzantium rule through the 4th and 6th centuries.

In 638 AD Jerusalem became one of the early cities conquered during the Islamisation of the Middle East. By 691 AD the Islamic shrine Dome of the Rock was constructed on the site of the old Roman temple, Jupiter Capitolinus. Netanyahu's history book is missing all these chapters...and more.

The Crusades delivered Jerusalem to the Christians in 1099, with a slaughter of Muslims and Jews alike. It was left to the Islamic warrior Saladin to reclaim the Holy City in 1187. It remained under Islamic rule for over seven hundred and thirty years until falling to the British Empire on December 9 1917.

Just prior to the taking Jerusalem the British concluded the Balfour Declaration, originally drawn up by Lord Rothschild and officially declared on November 2 1917. This duplicitous document, drafted whilst enlisting the help of Arab forces to overthrow the Ottomans, promised a homeland the Jewish Zionist movement in the Palestinian territories.

As is common to colonialist custom, nobody asked the natives - 90% of whom were Palestinian. Now THAT is the TRUTH. Netanyahu's incredulous claim that Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over 3,000 years is not only blatantly dishonest, but shows scant respect for the last two millennia, its people and its customs. Now to the planetary cycles, so well describing these developments.


Every entity has a birth-time, be they person, enterprise or country. That cosmic kernel contains the inherent potential, as surely as an oak seed will only grow to an oak and an elm to an elm. The birth horoscope is a schematic that will also interact with important planetary cycles promising fertile springs and/or harsh winters.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle, relating to the politics of law and order, began on May 2000, right upon the Taurean Sun of Israel's foundation horoscope. Taurus is the first of the fixed earth signs. Think earth, land and security. Positioned in the eighth house of the horoscope – traditionally associated with death and other people's property.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle runs twenty years, ending in December 2020. At its inception, in 2000, negotiations between Israel and Palestine, over the status of Jerusalem, broke down. These shattered hopes led to open hostilities, as a Palestinian uprising eventually erupted, setting the tone for what was to follow.

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The desire for a homeland for the Jewish diaspora was exacerbated by the Russian pogroms of 1881. The largest of these began in Kiev on April 26 1881. It came with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction again in Taurus.

The Jupiter Saturn cycle is an outstanding guide to Middle East politics of the 21st century as the US/Israeli/Western combination asserts its dominance over the Middle East. Here's how well the cycle's aspects and timing works.


JUPITER SATURN – WAXING SEMISQUARE – Exact on October 13 2002, March 27 2003, July 9 2003.

These three dates correlate outstandingly with the planning and subsequent invasion of Iraq, removing renowned enemy Saddam Hussein. The military action was approved by the Senate at 12:50 a.m. EDT on October 11 and was signed into law by President Bush on October 16 2002. The invasion took place March 20 2003. On July 2 2003 President Bush announced that US troops would remain in Iraq and that month an interim government was formed.

JUPITER IN WAXING SQUARE TO SATURN – Exact on Dec 17 2005, June 22 2006, October 25 2006

A critical turning point beginning December as Israel's PM, Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke from which he never recovered. On June 25 an Israeli soldier was captured on the Gaza border (he would be returned at the Jupiter-Saturn opposition) leading to 'Operation Summer Rains', a brutal war on Gaza from June 28th. The Israel-Lebanon war in the same time period was even more lethal with over one thousand, mostly civilians, killed.

JUPITER AND SATURN IN OPPOSITION – Exact on May 23 2010, August 16 2010, March 28 2011.

This aspect, due to its polarity, brings matters to a 'face-off' as it concludes the waxing part of the cycle. Correlating remarkably close to the opposition's first appearance, on May 20 2010, Israeli commandos raid a 'Freedom Flotilla' bound for Gaza with humanitarian aid. They kill eight activists, a ninth dies later of injuries sustained in the raid.

In August of 2010 the lead ship, the Mavi Marmara is returned to Turkey after diplomatic relations were severed. Global criticism follows with the raid taking place in 'international waters' and all media confiscated. Regardless, the plight of the people in Gaza achieves international recognition.

The opposition finishes with the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, in March 2011. The same month sees NATO warplanes bombing Libya, with additional regime change planned for Colonel Gadaffi. Western governments and their gulf allies sponsor rebel groups and arm mercenaries in Syria and Libya.

JUPITER AND SATURN IN WANING SQUARE – Exact dates - August 3 2015, March 23 2016, May 26 2016.

Another critical turning point, as by September of 2015 Russia enters the Syrian War. Russian media will soon expose the 'fake news' reports, as they reveal aerial photos of oil tanker convoys stealing Iraqi oil for western consumption. Ordinary punters begin questioning, just who is 'really' behind ISIS?

On March 24 2016 – right on the second square – a video of an IDF member killing a prostate and wounded Palestinian rival goes viral. The soldier is court-marshalled and later jailed.

On May 25 2016 a New York Times headline leads, “A Split Over Israel Threatens The Democrats Hopes For Unity”. Bernie Sanders representatives are critical of constant US bias toward Israel. They intend to redress it as part of the party platform. Sanders, who is Jewish, and supports a Jewish homeland, is also an outspoken critic of disproportionate force.

One of Sanders team complains that, “because of the role of money and lobbies there is difficulty in a candid dialogue.” The same person, Dr Cornel West, once branded Bin Netanyahu as a war criminal. Sensitive to any change in political discourse, the story does the rounds of the American and Israeli media on the final square.

JUPITER AND SATURN WANING SEMISQUARE – Exact December 22 2017, March 14 2018, September 3 2018.

Trump's predictable declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, continues the pattern of this security conscious, land focussed Taurean cycle. It seems to set the scene for December and the first quarter of 2018.

Look to significant developments around the aforementioned dates. With one pivotal provision. The second semisquare of March 14 2018, brings Jupiter to 23 of Scorpio, opposing the degree where the whole cycle began. This makes mid-March a most important time.

If the Palestinians cannot achieve justice through diplomacy, they may seek it through the International Courts.

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I have written before that Israel's Mars, Netanyahu's Mars and Trump's Mars are all positioned in the late degrees of Leo. Mars is the militaristic planet. On February 15 2018 an Aquarian Solar Eclipse will oppose the Mars degree of all three. This reinforces the crucial time frame above.


There is one other critical cycle important to this matter. Perhaps even moreso that the one I have described above. It is the cycle that Athenian democracy was born under in 507 BC. The cycle operative in 1215 when the Magna Carta underpinning common law came into being. And the cycle that coincided with the beginning of the break up of the Soviet states.

Establishment Saturn and insurrectionist Uranus were coming together for the first Palestinian Intifada on December 9 1987 to begin their 45 year run. Trump has inadvertently made his announcement during the Saturn return of this cycle. There's always time for him to balance the bias and declare Jerusalem as also the capital of Palestine. Bet you are holding your breath..waiting for that one?

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