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Welcome to 2013, a year of extremes and extremists. A year to keep your head about you, as others enthusiastically lose theirs. Cool objectivity may be challenging at times, especially when surrounded by infuriating subjectivity.

Remember you can always turn off the media bias, or have a laugh at those who think it is their god given right to tell every one else how to think. There's a couple of reasons why it's playing out this way?

The dominant planetary influence is the ongoing outer planetary square pitting the rebellious Uranus against the powerful controlling Pluto. Its last appearance, during the 1930’s, synched in with economic turmoil and extremist politics.

Couple that with communicative Mercury and abrasive Mars, duplicating a recurrence cycle from 1934, and repeating global patterns may easily manifest. This period saw a greater divide between right wing zealots and the socialist left.


On the back of this polarising fanaticism rose Adolf Hitler, who assumed command in 1934. Enter the Night of the Long Knives and the war machinations of the Nazi Party. There’s a message in that. Beware charismatic leaders espousing vehement nationalism, and military domination, and sacrificing their people for their fascist focus.

This was the year of the Long March of the Chinese Communists, the Spanish Asturian Miners Strike that led to civil war, and the 1934 West Coast Longshoremen's Strike that gave rise to industrial unionism. The year also that a far right coup failed to oust the elected French government. So even in the most democratic of countries division can be crippling.

Uranus Pluto never gives you the world you take for granted. Instead you get one of cathartic reformation. We will see this strikingly in the Eurozone and the Euro, and in countries that are the bastion of tradition like the United Kingdom, and even in normally laid back Australia. Let's start from the top.


At the moment t he United States is anything but united, as self-interest politicians, lobby groups, radicals and extremists eat away at the country’s core. Note the US has always struggled under the ongoing current signature of the Uranus Pluto square.

It heralded their first financial crisis with the Panic of 1819, and spanned the Great Recession years of the 1870’s, and the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Every time this aspect has formed has spelt crisis for the USA.

President Obama, born August 4 1961 @ 17.24 hours in Honolulu, Hawaii has also has a horoscope literally under the hammer. Obama has had adversarial Mars squaring his birth Sun by solar arc, opposing his progressed Ascendant by progression and also squaring his Saturn.

The events around him have been of a Mars nature – an election won following a ferocious storm, gun debates, and a confrontational Congress.

Obama officially takes office for a second term at noon Sunday on January 20 2013. He does so under an exact Moon square Mars aspect. The Moon is the public and Mars is adversarial, giving this aspect on a swearing in horoscope an abysmal track record.

President’s Harrison, Garfield, McKinley, Harding and Kennedy did not even complete their terms, whilst James Buchanan’s was rated as one of the worst tenures of all. Bill Clinton had Moon square Mars for his second term when he was impeached.

The over-riding commonality is one of people wanting to get rid of the President - one of extremist and obstructionist behavior. President Obama is already feeling that kind of energy. There is a collective anger that the emotional Moon and aggressive Mars already portrays.

Moon square Mars was also a feature of the founding fathers, George Washington’s first term and Thomas Jefferson’s second. Washington's government acrimoniously split into two factions over a national bank, and Jefferson lost support during a second term also beset by economic woes.

The Moon Mars square for 2013 Inauguration horoscope was the primary reason I wrote last year that this was the election where the loser may well be the winner.

Budgetary blowouts are sure to put pressure on a strategic US strength – its military. The United States may house only 4% of the world’s population but they account for 48% of the globe’s military expenditure. US foreign policy is shaped by economic pragmatism, and it always pays to protect your investments.

But containing a deficit, and also a new economic rival is an expensive exercise. China, forecast to exceed the US economy within the next decade, is genuinely challenging the world’s dominant superpower.

Industrial unrest and strikes may be a feature, but it's not all bad news. A mid year supportive trine between the growth planet of Jupiter, and structural Saturn can be a blessing. It impacts favourably mid year upon the USA value and expansion duo of Venus and Jupiter in patriotic Cancer. Last time this occurred was in 1954, a bumper year for stocks.


There are two horoscopes applicable to modern China. The first is that of the People’s Republic of China, declared by Mao Zedong at 15.15 CCT October 1 1949. The second is the Wuchang Uprising from approximately 8 pm on October 10 1911. The Chinese still celebrate this as Double Ten day, remembering the revolution that ended the Qing Dynasty.

The Wuchang Uprising chart last year experienced a progressed New Moon on techno whiz Uranus. This would suggest significant advances in electronic technology, energy plus flight and satellite expertise.

At 10.05 China time, on June 29, China’s space mission returned from a thirteen-day voyage, during which it docked with Tiangong 1, their first experimental space station. China, once lagging well behind the USA and USSR, is coming of age in the space race. 2013 will clearly evidence that.

The Wuchang Uprising horoscope positions Mars at 11 degrees of Gemini – a saber rattling degree that the red planet occupied the day that Hiroshima was bombed. During January of this year transiting Saturn and Pluto form a difficult yod to this degree and Jupiter will also move over in late March 2013. This may create some disturbing diplomatic waves.


The 1949 People’s Republic horoscope also measures the current expansion of China. Progressing their horoscope to 2013 reveals their progressing Midheaven, a measure of status and recognition, arriving at the union of successful growth planet Jupiter.

China recently opened a new building, called the Global Center, in Chengdu. This behemoth is big enough to accommodate twenty Sydney Opera Houses, or three Pentagons. Jupiter suits doing things on a big scale.

On November 15 2012, China unveiled their future government, and a new leader Xi Jinping, born June 15 1953. Xi, also born with military Mars at the beginning degree of cardinal Cancer will move China ahead aggressively. His progressed Sun will be conjunct powerful and focused Pluto throughout 2013, and favorably angled to expansive Jupiter.

China’s growth is essential to western economic recovery, but the new juggernaut’s global investments are changing the geopolitical chessboard. During the recent US Presidential election, incumbent Barack Obama described them as an ‘adversary’ and challenger Mitt Romney promised a ‘trade war with China’.

With China’s economy set to overtake in the 2020’s, the USA is adopting a containment strategy in the South Pacific. The next two years will see interesting interplay between the two superpowers, and around May this year may show signals.

The People’s Republic horoscope does eventually suggest a more challenging period ahead, stemming from events unfolding now. But this will be much more evident in 2014, and especially from 2015 onward. Recently Japan has entered the picture.


The foundation day of Japan dates back to their first emperor on February 11 660 BC. But the most effective horoscope of the nation seems that of the Meiji Constitution promulgated by Emperor Meiji on February 11 1889, and effecting from November 29 the following year.

The different governmental setup, based on the European model, saw the tiny islands grow quickly to an industrial and military giant. Historically the horoscope works.

The Japan Meiji horoscope’s progressed Sun and Moon were semisquare deadly Pluto for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings that spelt an end to WWII and national sovereignty. During the same period, solar arc directed Mars was squaring the Japanese Sun.

For the destructive Sendai tsunami of March 11 2011, and attendant nuclear meltdown, shock factor Uranus was solar arcing to the Japan birth Sun, and the progressed Sun was closing on progressed Mars.

The Meiji horoscope looks volatile for 2013, as the progressed Sun comes right upon the progressed Mars and progressed Mars also squares itself. This is strong from early March this year, with the progressed aspects exact in the early part of 2014.

Mars is the lord of war and the military. These signals suggest a greater concentration on security issues. Expect a more militarized Japan, with belligerent North Korea on the doorstep, and a rapidly expanding China.

Japan’s new Prime Minister is the hawkish Shinzo Abe, born September 21 1954, and appointed on December 26 2012. Abe was PM back in 2006, and is one of a revolving door of Japanese leaders since.

Politically Japan is increasingly heading to the right following their fifth recession in fifteen years. Abe stated that he considers relations with China as the biggest challenge for 21st century Japan. He intends advancing military ties with the USA, and is even contemplating returning to nuclear power.

Japan’s Sep 11 2012 nationalization of the disputed Diaoyu (or Senkaku) Islands, annexed by Japan on January 14 1894, but also claimed as sovereign territory by China and Taiwan, has created a critical schism between the juggernauts of Asian economy. Riots ensued in Shanghai and diplomatic barbs, extending to rumors of war, have circulated since.

Japan have held regional dominance in Asia since victory in the first Japanese-Sino War, fought from August 1 1894-April 17 1895. They reinforced this during the Second Sino-Japanese war beginning 11 pm on July 7 1937. That dominance all began to change markedly when China’s economy surpassed Japan’s as the world’s second largest by 2010.

The two previous Asian wars were marked by a curious astrological recurrence of outer planets, Uranus was opposed to Uranus, and Neptune squared Neptune in the comparison of the respective war charts. This time around outer planets will again align, with Uranus conjunct Saturn, and Saturn opposite the Uranus of the last conflict.

The May 2013 solar eclipse opposite the Mars of the last battle also makes this situation one to watch closely. That and a transiting New Moon joining the Mars of the first Sino-Japan War, can make April 10-15 2013 a volatile time window, even in the worldly sense.


Multiple declination cycles are useful in analyzing specific causes of geopolitical transformation. Most wars fought over the divide of capital and labor, or the balance between privileged and proletariat, occur at the junction of Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. This trio immediately preceded the Reformation, and underscored the Napoleonic Wars revolutionizing Europe, the USA Civil War and the First World War.

The Saturn Pluto declination union alone, apart from being evident during all of the above, also marked WWII and the height of the Vietnam War. These two will meet again from late 2015 through to 2020. This implies another major conflict and the gathering signs of that should provide ample indications of the combatants.


The Euro came into force from midnight January 1 1999, and as the European Central Bank is situated in Frankfurt, Germany this can be used as the location. During 2013, and for the first time, restructuring Pluto will move across the Capricorn Sun position of the Euro, with fluctuating Uranus also in square.

The progressed horoscope of the Euro also brings rough riding Mars to the value planet of Venus, and the progressing Sun to square the same. All of this means that we really haven’t seen anything yet, despite a GFC that hit four years ago. The positive out of this is that the Uranus Pluto square does produce effective and essential change, suggesting some essential restructuring of the Euro.

Greece became an effective member of the European Union from midnight January 1 1981. A horoscope drawn for this moment features a tight Sun/Mercury in corporate Capricorn but in a challenging square to the law and order duo of Jupiter and Saturn. Whether Greece will stay in the European Union long term is the vital question, as the Uranus Pluto square impacts from April-May this year.

Based also on the similar Capricorn Sun placement of other countries admitted to the European Union on January 1, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Great Britain can be part of the shake up. On this evidence alone 2013 is the real crunch year for the European Union.

As for the United Kingdom they also have the Uranus Pluto ‘collapse of an old order and formation of the new’ affecting the 1801 UK Union chart. Additionally dissipating Neptune is moving across the Venus of the UK-Scotland Dynasty horoscope and the commercial Mercury of the Scotland horoscope. This is probably mirroring some sentiment of the upcoming 2014 independence referendum for Scotland.

The European Central Bank was established June 1 1998, with a strong T-Square between a Gemini Sun/Mars opposite powerbroker Pluto and square the eclipse factor Nodes. In 2013 the progressed Sun of the ECB squares inflationary Jupiter. Even toward the end of last year a difficult planetary yod formation, again featuring excessive Jupiter affected the Gemini Sun of the ECB.

So while we may have had a taste of the reformatory energy of the Uranus Pluto square, it’s real impact isn’t felt on significant world horoscope until 2013 onward. It’s only then that we may see the real change that leads to new ways of being.


On Australia Day of 2013, the reformative planet of Pluto will transit across the Australian Federation Sun (January 01 1901 @ 13.36 AEST Sydney) at 10 degrees of Capricorn, something it repeats both in the July and October before the year is out. Pluto’s last hard aspects to the Sun have resulted in changes to the national leadership.

In 1923, as Pluto opposed the Federation Sun, Prime Minister Billy Hughes resigned when the Country Party refused to govern in coalition with him. In 1975, as Pluto squared the Capricorn Sun, the then Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, was sensationally dismissed from office by the Governor General.

It is not only transformative Pluto that moves across the Sun, but also ‘surprise packet’ Uranus squares it in late April and again October, along with an opposition from Jupiter in early August. On the basis of these transits, and the certainty of a federal election before November 30 2013, a change to the position of Prime Minister would seem highly likely.


The current Australian PM Julia Gillard was born September 29 1961, in Barry Wales, at sometime around noon, according to a friend of her mother and relayed to Australian astrologer Jill Amery. Over the last year, her fluctuating fortunes have been linked to the Uranus opposing her birth Sun, beginning from April with the Peter Slipper affair. Uranus returns briefly in February.

In the February of 2012 Gillard orchestrated a leadership showdown with former PM Kevin Rudd, which she easily won. Standing in the shadows of this was former AWU National Secretary, and Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Bill Shorten. He has been touted as a future Labor leader.

Shorten, born May 12 1967, will this year experience a Solar Eclipse on his Sun. This last occurred in 1994 when he began his career working for the AWU. Expect 2013 to be significant for Shorten should he elect to challenge for the leadership early in the year, or around his birthday. Eclipses on one's Sun are classic repositioning statements.

Julia Gillard attained position of Prime Minister in her own right as the planet of responsibility moved to join her Libran birth Sun in mid-September of 2010. Ironically the same planet will be moving over the birth Sun of her political nemesis Tony Abbott, in the February March and again October of 2013.

Liberal leader Tony Abbott was born at 4 am in London, on November 4 1957. He has a pugnacious Scorpio Sun in a testing square to rebellious Uranus. Abbott also has a fiery Aries Moon.

Although he frequently ranks below Gillard in polling, his party regularly places higher. Abbott however, with his unrestrained Sun Uranus square, is viewed as an obstructionist. The transit of Saturn is advising him to adopt a more measured, conservative and controlled approach in order to attain the responsible PM post.

There is a further consideration to the reformatory duo of Uranus and Pluto to the Australian Federation Sun and Saturn. That may bring constitutional change, or effect a significant adjustment in the relations between Great Britain and Australia.


Modern Australia was born with the First Settlement at daybreak on January 26 1788 with the establishment of Sydney Cove as a British colony. Pivotal events in Australia’s history rectify this time to around 5.23 am. In light of the current Uranus Pluto square, the last time this duo impacted on the Australian Settlement horoscope they created enormous transformation.

The 1850’s gold rush saw immigrants from all over the world descend on the Great South Land. The population doubled in a decade, and a true multicultural society was born from this. The Sino-Australian connection was firmly established, and in light of China today being Australia’s largest trading partner that is significant.

Both the First Settlement horoscope and the People’s Republic of China share the same Aquarian Ascendant, and Australia’s Aquarian Sun sits right on the Chinese Aquarian Moon. Both will field a testing square from restrictive Saturn during the May through August this year. As well as reinforcing leadership crisis, this also may impact on Australia/China trade relations.

The ongoing Uranus Pluto square links up with Australian Settlement’s Cancer Mars. The same Mars was activated (via a square from the progressing Moon) during the Bali bombing. That’s not to necessarily forecast another attack, but it does point to a military build up. Uranus is the planet of technology and Australia may seek to modernize their defense capabilities under such transits. Australia’s Mars return due the end of July could frame the time.

The Australian Settlement Mars is closely aligned to the USA Sun position, and the country has forged a military liaison with the US from WWII onwards. The leader of the Pacific command during the war, US General Douglas McCarthur was born on January 26 – Australia Day. Over half a million US troops were stationed in Australia, and now they return to Australian shores due to a recent US/Australia military agreement.


Venezuela lies on the northern coast of South America. It’s a country of close on thirty million people, colonized by the Spanish in 1522, and the first of the Latin countries to declare independence on July 5 1811. Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves and second largest natural gas assets. Its importance to world energy supply is critical.

The independence horoscope shows a patriotic Cancerian Sun (virtually matching that of the USA) with the Moon in the opposing sign of Capricorn. Political crisis, coups and dictatorships have littered the national history. In 1989, as Saturn and Neptune together opposed the Venezuelan Sun, riots led to the death of 3,000 people.

The Uranus to Sun opposition of 1991 featured further instability until the eventual impeachment of President Carlos Andrés Pérez in 1993, removed by the Supreme Court, as both powerbroker Pluto and authoritative Saturn came to meet the Mars of the national horoscope. Twenty years earlier Perez had nationalized the oil industry, which brought his country a financial bonanza.


One of the men who plotted his downfall was current Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Chavez was born July 28 1954, in Sinamaica. His proud and fixed Leo Sun squares the more controlling Saturn in calculating Scorpio. Chavez has implemented sweeping political reforms in what he terms his socialist Bolivarian Revolution, beginning with a fresh Constitution approved on December 15, with 72% of the popular vote and effective from December 20 1999.

Chavez was inaugurated as President at 10.45 am February 2 1999 in Caracas. This horoscope features the leadership Sun and oratory Mercury united with the rebellious Uranus, in the universal brotherhood sign of Aquarius. On January 10 this year the agitating warrior planet of Mars transit across this trio.

The progressed inauguration horoscope reached New Moon stage by the last presidential elections of October 2012, suggesting a leadership change. With over 80% of Venezuelans turning out to install him as an easy victor it could only be a change that came unexpected, and within his own party.


Chavez, and avowed socialist, was himself victim of a capitalist coup attempt on April 11 2002, when senior management of Petróleos de Venezuela (PVDA), backed by the private media tried to overthrow him. A right wing cabal installed Pedro Carmona, President of the Chamber of Commerce, sworn in at 17.51 hours on April 12.

The US immediately endorsed the new leader, whilst Venezuela’s Latin neighbors, all voiced their apprehension at the removal of a democratically elected head of state. The puppet leader had his own authority dissolved within two days. Chavez was reinstated at 4.35 am April 14. People power returned Chavez to presidency. Carmona later resurfaced in Miami, Florida.

Historically, the ten-year period is an important one for Chavez. He failed in a 1992 coup, was the victim of one in 2002 and in 2012 comfortably won re-election, only to have to hand it to his deputy through illness. As he recovers from major surgery Chavez’s progressed Moon moves through the health conscious sign of Virgo. It is now in the closing balsamic phase, suggesting a release and moving on, or that he will step down for a successor.


If Venezuela were to lose a charismatic leader like Chavez it would create a power vacuum in the resource rich country. Their national horoscope is fielding powerful revolutionary transits, initially from unstable Uranus from the middle of the year. The following year, 2014, they see the full weight of the transformative Uranus Pluto square impacting on the Venezuelan leadership Sun.

The ramifications are obvious. The USA remains Venezuela’s main oil customer, although China will match that by 2015. The US has also placed a weapons sales ban on Venezuela which has seen the country now purchase fighter jets from China, along with allowing Chinese investment in infrastructure such as railways.

China’s increasing trade with Venezuela has seen the two countries launch a second communications satellite in November of last year. China has supplied a massive $42.5 billion loan, charging 6 percent interest, or half the international rate. Venezuela pays back in oil. Even though China did not import a barrel of oil prior to 1999; the growing industrial giant will soon become Venezuela’s main trade partner.

All of this makes Venezuela, and it’s politicians the ham in the sandwich of a bigger global battle – one for worldly economic supremacy between two superpowers. The stakes are high for more political double-dealing behind the scenes, where the only losers are usually the people.


Modern Israel was born with a proclamation of nationhood from David Ben-Gurion on May 14 1948 from 4 pm and concluding at 4.32 pm in Tel Aviv.

The horoscope of modern Palestinian Independence was timed for 01.38 a.m. November 15 1988 (CET) in Algiers. Israel and Palestine’s fixed zodiacal Suns are exactly opposed, which mirrors the appropriate ‘as above so below’ happenings on planet earth.

The two fixed signs portray Israel with a possessive Taurean rigidity regarding land and property, and Palestine a resurrecting Scorpion, engaged in a life and death battle for their rapidly diminishing native soil. The New Moon cycle and its recurrent Taurus/Scorpio solar eclipses provide an accurate celestial clock for terrestrial developments between the bitter foes. These eclipses occur in opposite degrees in successive years, but spaced over a recurring 19-year interval.


The November Solar Eclipse of 1947 synched with the original United Nations partition plan of a divided Israel/Palestine. The world body then stipulated, “The City of Jerusalem shall be established as a corpus separatum under a special international regime and shall be administered by the United Nations”. Instead Israel prematurely declared statehood on May 14 1948, in line with the Taurean Solar Eclipse that year.

The following 19-year period coincided with increasing hostilities and border raids from the November Scorpio Solar Eclipse of 1966. It culminated following the May solar eclipse, with Israel’s stunning triumph in the ‘Six-Day-War’, which increased their land holdings by one third, between June 5-10 1967.

The next Metonic cycle, of 1993/94, witnessed the memorable handshake on the White House lawns between Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO leader Yassar Arafat that signaled the Olso Accord Peace Plan. During the following May, Palestinian autonomy was agreed upon, with the Gaza-Jericho Agreement a few days before the solar eclipse. But the Accord was never implemented.

The current Metonic cycle began with the November 14 2012 solar eclipse. It almost immediately set the Gaza ablaze as Israel launched “Operation Pillar Cloud”, on the day, with the targeted assassination of Gaza Defense Chief Ahmed Jabari. Over the ensuing week of fierce bombing, five Israelis and one hundred and forty Palestinian lives were lost, and much of Gaza reduced to rubble.


World reaction was emphatic when the United Nations General Assembly voted 138 for to only 9 against, in upgrading Palestine to non-member observer status, at 16.59 EST, November 29 2012, in New York. The overwhelming vote left the US and Canada embarrassingly isolated in their resistance to Palestinian statehood, supported by only a few island nations such as Nauru and the Marshall Islands whose combined populations would barely fill a football stadium.

But the horoscope of Palestine’s historic diplomatic victory also featured a potentially hostile Mars Pluto conjunction in a difficult yod formation, foreshadowing future difficulties. As a result of the UN vote hawkish Israel PM, Bin Netanyahu, has pressed ahead with illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, and plans for further division of Palestinian territory.

Netanyahu, born October 21 1949 sometime between 9.30 and 11.45 am in Jerusalem, positions his war planet Mars right on the Israel birth Mars. His last progressed New Moon was square his own progressed Mars. Netanyahu’s agenda is unashamedly tied into his fiery Mars astro-aspects. He is pushing on increasing Israeli sovereignty, regardless of international law or opinion.

Last year regarding 2013 Bin Netanyahu I wrote, “The planet most active for the year ahead, in Netanyahu’s horoscope, is Mercury. This is the planet of communication, negotiation, ideas and contracts. It will be fielding the reformatory Uranus Pluto square for most of 2013. This is suggesting intense talks and outside pressure and the need to replace an old way of thinking. He will not be able to take anything for granted here.”

The May solar eclipse will be the second in the current Metonic cycle. It will occur near the Israel Sun, and supply the timing of the next significant development, if history is any guide. With the tide of world opinion moving to counter Israel’s illegal settlements and international belligerence, something has to give.

In order to garner support against their arch rivals Iran, Israel will come under increasing pressure, possibly even through the US, to curb the illegal settlement activity, and show greater signs of acknowledging the right to Palestinian statehood. The May period may also heighten tensions with their Arab neighbors, Iran looking a formality.


On February 11 1979, at 2 pm, the Iranian Revolution was officially announced in Teheran, as the Iranian Army refused to support the government. The horoscope shows a radical Aquarian Sun joined to martial Mars and both square the rebellious Uranus. The Descendant, indicating allies and enemies is positioned at 7 degrees of Capricorn.

In September of 2012 the nemesis planet, dark Pluto, moved across this Descendant accompanied by sudden surprise Uranus. Right at this time the Israel Prime Minister Bin Netanyahu spoke before the United Nations holding a diagram of a bomb and urging greater action against Iran. Iran also threatened to return any pre-emptive strike from Israel.

Pluto represents a remorseless enemy, and the Revolution horoscope also is due for a rebirthing New Moon, as they celebrate their 33rd anniversary. During January 2013, the fiery war planet Mars will move across the Iranian Revolution Sun position, but it is the additional horoscope of the Iranian Republic that also shows crucial planetary activity, suggesting a fast change within the country.

The Iranian Republic was proclaimed April 1 1979 at 3 pm, with the Sun in assertive Aries. The Sun placement of this horoscope will field the insurgent Uranus-Pluto square impacting strongly from mid-May 2013. Additionally the progressed Mars of the Republic chart will also have a transiting New Moon highlight the Mars around April 10.


From August this year, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto will meet in hard aspect in a formation that only repeated three times in the last century – 1903-04, 1930-31 and 1934. Visionary Jupiter squaring innovative Uranus with far reaching Pluto in the mix was well described by German cosmobiologist Reinhold Ebertin as ‘an unusual striving for knowledge and understanding, a strong awareness of purpose or objectives in life, far seeing creativity’.

This cycle will continue through until April 2014, so much of what begins in August may fully manifest at the latter date. Jupiter Uranus alone is an interesting combination for science. These planets were together when Armstrong first walked upon the Moon, just as they were when Charles Lindbergh first flew the Atlantic. They were together when Johannes Kepler published the laws of planetary motion, and when Galileo made first use of the telescope. They were together when CERN was born.

The Large Hadron Collider became a reality shortly after the Jupiter Uranus conjunction of 1997 and construction work commenced the following year. Although it began operating in 2008 it was shut down for repairs and maintenance, firing up again in 2010, as Jupiter and Uranus came together again for the first time since 1997.

The announcement of the apparent Higgs boson discovery took place as Jupiter was forming its first major aspect (the sextile) since the 2010/2011 conjunctions. The next major aspect between this dynamic duo of discovery will be the testing square, beginning August 2013 and climaxing April 2014. We might expect further breakthroughs as to the nature of ‘life, the universe and everything’.

But the triple combination with Pluto has also signified great advances in aeronautics, with the Wright Bros First Flight taking place in 1903, and in 1931 when they met again, Wiley Post becoming the first aviator to fly around the world. For that reason alone we can expect a major achievement in space and flight technology to manifest during the upcoming triple cycle.

Thanks for your support throughout this year. The site continues to grow thanks to your interest in planets and world affairs. I wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2013. May the force be with you!

For those interested in exploring the predictive potential of political astrology even more, there is a massive page containing over 50,000 words on my weekly summations and predictions on all the events of 2012 as well right here on this website.

Copyright – Ed Tamplin January 1 2013

Horoscopes utilising 'The Book of World Horoscopes' by Nicholas Campion - published by The Wessex Astrologer.

































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